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' By Stork, Shelor Hughs & Shelor. _ ,_ WA LH AH-A, SOUTH CAROLINA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL IS? 11)22._Now Serlos No. 1)5?.-Volume L.XXIL-No. 15.
We have put (
week all $1, fl
$2.50 Ties at
Sale is only f
See Ties in Sh
Also, Ties fo
J. E
It Pays to ?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * <?
4? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?i* ?|? ?j? ?j? ?j? -\? ?j? ?j? 4?
Coming Meetings.
Subject: "Tho Plgge.st Tiling i"
tho South"-Co-operative Marketing
of Cotton.
(At school houses, meetings.begin
ning ut S o'clock p. m.)
Clearmont-Monday, April 17th.
Salem-Tuesday, April 18th.
Return-Thursday, April 20th.
Pine Grove-Friday, April 21st.
It is probable that a visiting speak
er will accompany the County Agent
to these meetings. In any event there
will be a message worth while for
every fair-minded citizen. Those are
some of the final meetings before ibo
close of the campaign. There will
probably be no other meeting on this
subject held In theso communities,
so lt is Important that a representa
tivo crowd ho present at each place.
Every man should consider lt his
duly to himself and his family to at
tend a meeting. . s
livery Signer Called Upon.
The success or failure of this, great
plan for South Carolina in joining
up with seven other great co Hon
growing Slates depends LARGELY
upon tlit> WORK of the SIGNERS
during theso last few days of April.
Numbers of signers in this and
oilier South Carolina counties have
been untiring in their efforts to gel
others lo join. These and other sign
ers must continue to fight the good
light until the 'Until curtain is .-ung.
For Hie best interests of all lt MUST
Only Two Moro Weeks.
Only two more weoks romain for
intelligent farmers to decido whether
they shall support tho old and anti
quated system ot selling their cotton
holnlessly, ignorantly and In compe
tition with every fellow-farmor, or
whether they shall join In tb^o groat
army of producers who aro legally
handing themselves together In niuo
groat Southern States for the purpose
of selling their product, with the same
(logreo of Intelligence as practically
every other class of people employ.
Thero can bo NO ARGUMENT
against lt.. Somo potty EXCUSES aro
J. D. Coghlan, Texas dirt farmer,
of Ennis, Texas, on a tour of fifteen
South Carolina counties, states that,
ho averaged $15.00 a halo moro for
his cotton through tho Texas Asso
ciation than prices paid on the streets
thero for tho snmo grades. How
could tho association do tibs? Sim
ply through an efficient handling of
largo lots, scientifically graded and
stapled, soiling 'DIRECT to largo
buyers or oxporters, giving thom ex
actly what they wanted, quality guar
anteed, In any amount wanted, from
n fow hundred to several thousand
hales, of Uko grade, staple and typo.
The Oklahoma Association is hand
ling 37 classes of cotton. Tho avor
ago farmer turns ovor to the middle
men about three or four kinds only,
and theso middling or below, when
a largo porcontago of cotton runs
ABOVE middling, and tho staple fre
quently commands a premium. This
premium ls now rocolvod hy middle
men and NOT by tho mnn who pro
duced it.
The logltimato buyor, of largo cal
ibre, can continue to buy from tho
association. Only tho small rtnd Inef
ficient buyers, or "pinhookors" will
bo eliminated. Hut whon a salo ls
made, the producer names tho grado,
Htnplo and prico, based upon knowl
edge of valtto equal to any buyer's
knowledge Tho producer Js thon,
)n Sale for this
il.50, $2 and
$1.00. This
or this week.
ow window.
r 25c and 50c.
\. Baukrcight,
.LA, S. C. j|
uy for Cash.
for tho first time In history, ON
Why should any man uphold the
preso nt one-sided system? Why
should any ma,n continue to dump
his chief money crop in complote K3
NORANCE of values?
Where are thc four most prosper
ous counties of tho world? In Cali
fornia, where co-operative marketing
with practically ALL farm products.
Wliy does tho Beaufort farmer soil
his truck co-operatively?
Why does the Georgia peach grow
er selj his fruit co-pperatively?
Why iloes tho Californian sell prac
tically all classes of farm'products
isn't the cotton of the South Caro
lina farmer of ns much value to him
as tho peaches or truck of the other
In Justice to one's family, in jus
tice to posterity, reason demands that
what ls due us, and has been duo us
for marty years.
PLACE. Tho timo is here to DE
CIDE, Alto you, Mr Cotton Grower,
going to sign tho contract or aro you
going to continue in your allegiance
to the present rotten system-con
tinuo to feed the speculators, con
tinue to foster and encourage unfair
dealings, based upon tho ignorance
>f the producer; continue to allow
yourself to be cheated; continue lp
let your family toil and sweat for
nothing, because of your individual
ist io, conceited self?
On Which side ARE YOU? In time
to como your neighbors and fellow
men will remember the side you
took. May you be guided to choose
aright is my earnest hope.
George R. Briggs,
County Agent.
Note? from Chattoogn Section.
Mountain Rest, 'R.F.'D., April fi.-t
Special: Our farmors aro badly be
hind in this section on account of tho
continued rains, and it will bo almost
impossible now for any to got in a
full crop.
Quito a number of this community
aro and have been sick with "flu,"
ontiro families having been confined
In bod nt tho samo time.
Tho ministerial students of Long
Crook Acndomy conducted a series of
meetings nt Double Springs recently,
Rov. and Mrs. L. H. Ralnos and littlo
, son, of Long Creek, hoing visitors at
tho samo timo In this soctlon.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Hughs and their
interesting littlo son, of Seneca, spent
tho wook-Qiul at tho homo of P. G.
(Ranso Rrown is putting the finish
ing coat of paint on our school build
ing, which adds' much to Its beauty.
Tho R.S.I.A. members are urgod to
Como to tho school grounds on Sat
urday, April 15th, prepared to clean
off two acres of land in tho forenoon.
Tn tho afternoon a program of music
and dialogues and speeches - and
two plays, namely, "Taking tho Cen
sus" and "Tho Minister's Call,'->
will bo rendered. Tho last feature
of tho day's program will bo an egg
bunt for tho little children. Tho pub
lic ls cordially Invited to bo with us
on that day.
Meeting Presbyterial Auxiliary.
Piedmont 'Presbyterial Auxiliary
will meet in Piedmont on April 27th
at ll o'clock a. m. A most intorost
Ing program has boon planned. Tho
spenkers for this meeting aro of tho
very best. Sond names of delegates
to Mrs. Sallie Duncan, Piedmont, S.
C, Mrs. E. W. 'Brown,
Great Meeting in Greenville-Num
ber of Seneca People Attended.
Senoca, April ll.-Special: The
Once-a-Week Club mot with Mrs. T.
Leslie Strlbling on Thursday after
noon last. The club is planning to
beautify the town by planting flow
ers in Its waste places, and the mem
bers living in the various wards aro
to competo for the greatest improve
ment. The chief feature of the after
noon's program was the paper hy
Mrs. 13. A. Lowery, her suhjoct being
thc greatest marvel of tho 20th cen
tury In electricity,"Tho Radiophone.'
She said that tho first radiophone
broadcasting and receiving station to
ho installed in a woman's collego was
inaugurated on March 27lh In Bren au I
College, Gainesville, Ga. Dr. H. .1.
Pearce, president of tho Conserva
tory, spoke of the radiophone as tho
seventh wonder of tho modern world,
Ibo other six being the automobile,
tho airplane, tho phonograph, the
X-ray, anaesthesia and radium. The
hostess served delicious cake and
Mrs.xW. P. Reid has gone to Lum-I
berton. X. C.. to visit her daughter,
Mrs. David Wylie.
A radiophone receiving station is
soon to bo installed in .Seneca by
Messrs. Phillips, of Ihe Farm and
Friends are congratulating Dr.
Raskin, of the Shirley Drug Store,
.because of a little girl at his homo in
The friends of Mis.s "Leila Barron
note with pride and pleasure her re
cent election ns president of the s?n
ior class nt Lander College, Green
Quite a large delegation from the
Presbyterian church attended tho
South Carolina Christian Endeavor
Convention in Greenville and report
a wonderful meeting. The organiza
tion is interdenominational in scope,
and Presbyterians, Methodists, Epis
copalians, Lutherans and Christians
aro embraced in its membership. Mrs.
C. N. Glgnllliat and Miss Sue Gign
illlat, who have chargo of the C. E.
and Y. P. work, both attended the
meeting, and the others were Rev.
I. E. Wallace, Mrs. S. K. Dendy,
Francis Wallace, G. W. and Charles
Gignilllot, JJ. f>. .atribUng^^eot?s1<A?*4
ex'and?r* and Clay Dendy from the J
senior department. Nell and James
Henry Whitmire, Eldridge Hines and
Ralph Heller wont over for the spe
cial Junior service'on Sunday. One
special feature of Wie convention was
tho opening address by Dr. Daniel A.
Poling, associate pastor of the Mar
ble Collegiate church of New York
city and nssoclate president of the
international and Interdenomination
al United Soc/ety of Christian En
deavor. Dr. Poling came for tho one
service and returned to Xew York.
THo D.A.R. chapter will hold Us
regular monthly meeting with Mrs.
G. W. Gignilllat on the third Tuesday
of April, the 1 Oth.
Mrs. IL F. Alexander left Monday
for a week's stay tn Anderson.
President's Message to S. S. Workers.
Spartan burg, April ll.- -A special
message from the President of tho
United States to tho Sunday school
workers of-South Carolina will be
read at ouch district Sunday school
associeiton convention throughout
tho S'.ato during the month of April.
Messages will also bo road from
tho Governor of South Carolina and
from ofllclnls In the Baptist, Metho
dist. Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episco
pal, A. R. P. and Christian churches.
These conventions are Interdenom
inational, and each of the 219 Sun
day school association districts in the
State ls expected to hold a meeting,
according to the statement of State
Superintendent Loon C. Palmer.
Tho district association presidents
of Oconee county aro: Dr. W. A.
Strickland, Westminster; E. J. Hop
kins, Senor : Mrs. G. R. PIko, Salem;
Mrs. W. B. ?ongold, Mountain Rest.
Death of Mrs. Quince Barties..
Wort Union, April 8.- Special:
The death angel entered tho homo
ot Quince Barnes on tho 24th of
March and boro away tho spirit of
his wife, Mrs. Julia Barnes. She was
a member of the Wesleyan Metho
dist church and was a loving and
kind yoting woman. She was loved
by all who knew her. Sho leaves to
mourn her death her husband, father
and motlier, four bro'hers and four
sisters, and numbers of other rela
tivos and a host of friends. Funeral
services wero conducted hy Rov. Stu
art ht Poplar Springs, thc body being
lov/orod to its last resting placo thoro
to await the coming of the Savlou*.
"A Lift lo Liquor for Grandma."
Anderson, April 7. - Whon Ward
'Huckabco was questioned as to mak
ing whiskey, nftcr havlng'been found
with a still In the fireplace, ho told
tho officers that "I was Just making
a nip for grandma." Ho also stated
that tho coppor still, which exactly
fitted into an old-fashioned log fire
place, had beon tn tho family for
more than a hundred years, and that
they had always made a llttlo whis
key when lt was needed. The "grand
rtta" roforrod to Ia an old woman 84
years of ago, and needed a llttlo corn
whiskey for medicine, If was said.
Tho age of tho outfit did not keep the
ofllcors from destroying lt, though
thoy stated that it looked every blt
as old as the nian claimed.
?fr,fr?fr ?fr ?J? ?|? ?fr?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr *fr ?fr .J*
* I *
* I - *
1?a Pnliiuifcstn Queen Contest, ?fr
|| Will He-present Oconco, ?J?
y-: Miss Lucille White, of Wal- ?fr
fr halla, won in tho Queen Con- ?fr
*- test ns Oconee's representative ?J?
at Pnlmnfesta, Columbia, April
17-'2i. she will lanko n worthy ?fr i
representative for Oconco, and ?fr1
t?ttr county will bo justly proud ?T?
?fr of our fuir representativo. ?J?
? At thc close of tho contest ?fr
oh Saturday night Inst tho cou- ?fr
pons had pile<l In for tho three ?fr
yoting Indies in tito following ?fr
cj<< order: ?fr
?fr ffiss Lucillo White . . . .24,510 ?fr
?fr Miss Riedle Harris . . . .11^*00 ?fr
?fr Miss Codyo Alexander. 2,580 ?fr
.fr M ?fr
---'We regret to chronicle the death
of Mrs. Laura X. Wilban ks, of tho
Mountain 'Rest, section, which occur
red af her homo on Mareil 2 'th, after
a lingering illness from paralysis.
Sho.toas a daughter of John and Mar
garet Harden and was horn Oct, 15,
1S47? She was happily married to
George NV4 Wellbanks on Nov. 23th,
1 S71., She loaves surviving lier hus
hand ; and ten children - Samuel,
Clem]John, Jeff and Elija Wtlbanks,
anti Mrs. Eva Moore, who r?side in
Ocqn.ec county; Mrs. Etta Borr?nds,
of Kansas; Thomas Wilbanks, of
Ullllsboro, Oregon; B. D. Willhanks,
of Portland, Oregon, and Crate Will
hanks, of Hutte", Mont. One daugh
ter, "Mrs. Laura Thrift, died about
three',years ago. Mrs. ?Vlllbanks was
a member of the Double Springs Hap
tist church for over 52 years, and she
WHS recognized hy those who knew
her well as an humble Christian wo
mamttruc friend and worthy neigh
bor, lier body wns laid to rest in the
cemetery of Double Springs church
on Sunday, March 26th. We Join
with mthers in extending to ibo bc
reav?fl ones sympathy In their hour
ot g'oirjow.
-^Thei'o are many who will learn
.jth^tegret oi tho death of Mrs. Su
san. sfi?eley Smith, which occurred at'
the'^Mio'e of her daughter, Mrs. L. S.
Dq*}(tmA&a'f- bu - Monday night,--April 3.
Mrs/Smith had been a sufferer for a
number df years, having been con
fined to her rolling chair on account
of an injured hip. Her death was
due directly, however, to heart trou
ble. She spent her early life tn tho |
Shirley's Store community, Ander
son county, but for tho past sixteen
years had made her home with her
daughter, Mrs. Boleman. She was a
devout member of the Baptist
church and an humble Christian. The
funeral services were conducted at
the Boleman homo on Wednesday
morning inst, thc pastor, Rev. Mr,
Barnes, being assisted in the services
hy Revs. Burke, Clotfelter and W. B.
Hawkins. The surviving children are:
Mrs. lt. H. Price, Mrs. S. L. Holenian.
Miss Alice Smith, of Towiivillo; .1. J.
Smith, of Starr; J. S. Smith, of Fair
[Play; Mrs. 'Walter* Davis, Westmln
ster; Mrs. Calhoun Wilson, of Long
Branch. She is also survived by Hie
following brothers and sister: Mrs.
Rufford, Calhoun Kails; Jos. Shirley,
Plains, Ga.; S. L. and J. S. Shirley.
Shirley's Storo, and Jefferson Shir
ley, of Townvlllo. The bereaved ones
have the sympathy of many friends
in their sorrow.
(. ?fr ?fr ?J? ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?J? ?fr ?fr ?|? ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?J* ?I?
?fr ?fr
?j. LET'S CO! 4*
?fr Beginning Thursday (to- ?fr
?fr morrow) n?d continuing for ?fr
?fr two weeks, everybody wants to ?fr
?fr co-opcrnto In n real thorough ?fr
?fr clean-up, pa Intrup and keep-up .[
?fr campaign. All promises will ?|
> be inspected and all slackers
\ reported to tho proper authori
Oil Fridays and Saturdays ??
??? all rubbish will bo carted off
?J. that cannot bo burned on tho
premisos, provided it is placed
j* conveniently on the sidowalk.
Join tho procession, catch .'
tho enthusiasm, destroy plague
i? spots, and provont disease and ?j
death, Lot Hmo, the paint ?fr
brush and a few well-directed ?fr
. moments make our town clean- ?j
? or, bettor and happier.
Tho Hoard of Health, all ?j
y physicians, civic and patriotic ?J
j? organizations aro behind this tj
? universal mo vernen t.
j? Walhalla, expects each per
L son to do his duty!
|t JAS. M. MOSS, Mayor. ?J.
fr ?fr
/*sfr ?J? ?fr ?{??fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr
- -- -- - - - -* ?t ?ta- - - -
Texas Towns Suffer from Storm.
Dallas, Texas, April 8.-Sovontcon
porsons are reported dead and moro
than 80 Injured as a result of torna
does and rainstorms which s\vcpt|
from West Texas east into Oklahoma
toward Arkansas early to-day. Re
ports from some of tho strlckon
towns aro meagre, officials said. The
Hst of casualties reported to-night
showed: 'Runnols county, near Row
itta, Texas, 0 dead, 20 injured; Oplin,
4 doad, 20 injured; Electra, 1 dead,
several injured; Cleburne, 1 dead, 1
injurod; Lawton, Okla., 2 dead, 17
Injured; Dallas, 6 injured; Cisco,
with your Spring plov
have several geed use
ments which can be bc
good mule. At this pi
tor itself within the firs
For those who de:
Harrowing done withi
halla, I will be glad to
rowing or terracing
charge an acre or by ti
' Wa I hal
"Oldsmobile ,
When Auto Crashed Int? Ills Ruggy.
Skull Fractured, Shoulder Hrokcn.
Thomas lt. Kol th, one of tho mosf
prominent farmers of Oconoe, was
seriously injured last saturday night
about 9 o'clock, when the buggy In
which ho was riding was struck by
a large Marmon automobile driven
by Henry F. Parker, of Anderson.
The car and buggy were going In tho
same direction, and it ls stated that
the driver of tho car, discovering be
would bo unable to pass tho buggy
on the left side, endeavored to pass
on the right, crashing into tho buggy
and knocking it and Its occupant
over an embankment some 30 feet in
height. Mr. Keith received a frac
ture of the skull and a broken shoul
der, the skull fracturo ranging, we
aro informed, from a point, toward
the front of the hoad almost to the
base q|_tUo bram- lils lujuries are
"considered as very serious Indeed, if
not critical. He was given medical
attention Saturday night at Seneca,
and was taken to the Anderson Hos
pital on the first train Sunday morn
ing. Mr. Parker was badly bruised,
but no bones were broken. He, too,
was precipitated over tho embank
ment, and the car he was driving is
said to have been pretty badly used
up in the wreck.
Tho accident occurred between
Seneca and Clemson College, on the
curve in tho road where the bid road
bed of the Southern railway is used
as a section of the new highway. It
has often been spoken of as a very
dangerous point in tho new highway
system of our county.*
From the Anderson Mall of Mon
day wo clip tho following statement
in regard to tho unfortunate acci
"According to persons who arrived
after the accident, Parker said that
in rounding the curve his lights did
not shine on the road, and as he
straightened out tho lights foll upon
tho buggy. 'He was driving fast and
saw that ho would bo unablo to pass
tho buggy on tho left hand sido, so
attempted to out back of lt on tho
right. Tho bank gave way Just as
the car reached the buggy, tho front
wheels striking tho buggy and
hurling both buggy and automobile
down a HO-fool embankment*
"Parker was thought to bo fatally
Injured nt first, and was not brought
to Anderson, but was taken on to
Seneca. Mr. Keith was brought to
Anderson and placed in tho Ander
son County Hor ?Ital. He is a man of
over r>0 years of age, and though his
wounds aro very serious he is
thought to have a very good chance
for recovery. He has been in a semi
conscious condition since ho was
brought io Anderson, and his condi
tion, according to hospital reports,
remains unchanged. Parker is re
ported as being much bettor. It
seems that no bones in his body wore
broken and his injuries consist main
ly of bruises and shock."
Frlonds in Walhalla wore indeed
sorry to learn of the accldont to Mr.
Keith, who Is an old Walhalla hoy,
being a son of the late Col. and Mrs.
M. C. Keith. Ho is well, known over
Oconoo, and there aro hosts of warm
friends who will join with us In tho
hope that tho gravo fears as to the
ultimate results of his injuries will
prove groundless.
Mr. Keith is a brothor of Mrs. W.
H. Moss, of Walhalla; Mrs. J. R.
Anderson and Jas. H. Keith, of An
derson, and William R. Keith, of
Pastors' Conference.
The Pastors' Conferonco of tho
Roaverdam Association will meet at
Westminster Hnptist church on next
Monday, April 17th, at 10 a. m. Wo
hope to meet all our pastors and min
isters there at that hour.
R. F. Jones, Secretary.
Texas, 2 injured; Ranger, Texas, 1
Injured; Caddo, Texas, 6 injured;
Whitowrlght, Texas, 1 injured; Echo.
Texas, 6 Injured; Brockinridge, Tex
as, 3 Injured; Graham, Texas, 1 in
et* Any
ingf and harrowing, I
d Tractors with implc
>ught at the price of a
ncc a Tractor will pay
it season,
sire to have Plowing or
n the vicinity of Wal
do your plowing, har
for you at a nominal
ie hour.
Ila, 5, C.
Sets the Pace."
??- -- mi ??iiamawBtO?ttatn'uaMWiiBiiwii
Carload Fresh Cement.
Carload Lime.
Carload Uncle Sam Re-Clennodl
Oats to sell at right prices.
Car of Wobber and Columbus
Wagons, High Point Buggies,
Harness, Stalk Cutters, Dise
Hm rows, tho Old Genuino "Oli
. vor" riows and Repairs. "?* '
All I ask is that you como and
lot mo show you. My prices aro
away down.
It w ill bo a plensu.ro to All your
Remember: Hi'own Has It or
Brown Gets lt!
With Hearty Approval - Slayers of
TWO" Human Roasts Acquitted.
New York, April G.-Miss Olivia
M. Stone, who skol and killed Ellis
G. Kinkead, former corporation coun
sel, of Cincinnati, Ohio, on Aug. 5,
1921, to-night was acquitted of mur
der hy a Jury In tho Brooklyn Su
preme Court.. The defondant, In
contrast to her highly nervous con
dition throughout tho trial, received
the verdict calmly. "Thank you,"
was her o"ly comment as she Inclin
ed her head toward tho Jury.
Oklahoma Judge Released.
Oklahoma City, Okla., April 8.
Holding that Joan P. Day, promi
nent attorney and oil man, was Justi
fied in'the killing of Lieut. Paul W.
Beck rft the Day home early Tuesday
morning, a coroner's Jury returned
n verdict here to-night recommend
ing that no charges bo proferrod
against Day.
On tho witness stainr in a pnekod 1
court room to-night Jean P. Day and
his wife told, with emotion, of tho
slaying of Lieut.-Col. Beck. Ina bro
kon voice, but with a gleam of doter-.,
minalton In his eye. Day said that no
killed the army aviator accidentally
when ho sought to drive Beck from
his homo after finding him attempt
ing to attack Mrs. Day early Tues
The verdict road as follows:
"We, thc coroner's Jury, duly em
panelled and sworn to inquire into
tho cause of tho death of Poul Ward
.Beck, aftor hearing ovldonco Intro
duced boforo us from witnesses, and
after viewing the body of Paul Ward
Beck, do, upon our oath, find nnd re
"That Paul Ward Beck carno to
his death at tho hands of Jean P.
Day, and from tho evidence submit
ted to us, conclude that Joan P. Day
was justified in defending his wife
and hlmaolf even though the unfor
tunate affair rosujtod in the death of
Paul W. Beck, and we, therefore, rec
ommend and advise that no charges
bo flied or prosecution instituted
against Joan P. Day."

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