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Struggle ?N On Between Civil Service
ami Spoil ? Kystom.
A dispatch li'om Washington says: :
A crisis has come in tho everlast
ing struggle l>c .cen civil service
mid tin- "spells system."
Whoa Atlorney General Daugher
t,y told tho house committee on ap
propriations that ho frankly favored
filling government offices with politi
cal appointees under a Republican or
D?mocratie administration, as tho
ease may bo, instead of with civil
service employees, and argued that
tho political selections were the more
efficient, very little significance was
attached to his observations, which
.were regarded for tho moment as
moro or less academic.
Now, however, the biggest sensa
tion has developed in tho govern
ment service since the days when a
disappointed office-seeker assassinat
ed President Garfield and gavo rise
to the civil service system of to-day.
Torn on every side by the demands
of olllce-seokors who served tho Re
publican party in the l!)liu campaign
and wb ? ".y- ppnr tr? *orvr <t oven
morn energetically in tho Congres
sional campaign o f 1023, President
RardlnF lia yielded at leiisi to thc
Importn ai i ie.:-, of iii enlltii-al a.SSOCl
Tho axe fell first on the heads of
twenty-live bureau chiefs and subor
dinate officials in the government's
biggest ei|.uhlishmcnt-'the Bureau
of Printing and Engraving-where
the stamps, paper money and govern
ment bends are made. Without a
word of warning, without a chanco
to defend themselves, these officials,
many ol' whom have been in the bu
reau since boyhood days, many of
whom have never vole.! or affiliated
with political pattie.-, were cast
adrift, and under the law are Ineli
gible for govern atent service again.
The whole government personnel
ls disturbed. Hints aro riven that
tho internal revenue service and the
customs servir,-, (he prohibition en
forcement staff and oilier bureaus
which, like thal of Engraving and
Print ing. rome under the Treasury
Department, are to bo the victims of
a political house-cleaning. Secretary
Andrew Mellon loathes polities. Ho
has declined lo Interfere with what
has seemed to him an efficient per
sonnel. Mr. Harding could not per
suade Mr. Mellon to take a deep in
terest hi party patronage. So Kilner
Dover, regional director for tho Re
publican parly on the Pacific coast,
and one of Hie loading Republicans
of the State of Washington, consent
ed to become nssl t.'iit Secretary of
i o Treasury, and has boen conduct
ing a ri lent le s righi ugalnsl I lemo
crats still In office, in this ho has
Ibo he.'irtj sympathy of Republican
members of Congress, who ar., not
o\or!> fond ot Secretary Mellon any
wa> tit-:, because of lils differences
With Congress over taxation, and.
second, because of his pronounced
opposition to tho bonus bill. Com
missioner Blair, of ibo internal reve
nue ls already at odd- with Mr. Do
ver over the matter (?f appointments,
lt will he remembered thal the in
ternal revenue servie., practically
grew up under the Wilson adminis
tration, duo to the heavy work of
tax collection, and Mr, Blair ls nat
urally unwilling to b i go of experi
enced men when the ret tonslhility
for the efficiency ()f the bureau is
upen his shoulders.
But it is tho upheaval in tho Bu
reau of Printing and Engraving
which has fdr tho moment focussed
everybody's attention on tho drive
hoing made to abolish the politically
obnoxious phases of the civil service
system. So far as is known, Presi
is a difference in
re been using any
sars but my cakes
;r since I bought a
Powder. I recom
ife who thinks she
making with any
dont Harding's order summarily dis
missing tho twenty-live men in tho
Bureau ot' Engraving is unprecodoui -
ed. Senator Caraway o? Ari- naas,
:-. ys ii is plainly Illegal, .?nd wl.en ll
vvr.s pointed oui to hint that Mr.
Harding had nol acted until . Kor
ney General Daugherty had declared
the step was within ?he President's
authority, .Ntr. Caruway said:
"Thc Attpruey General is a poli
tical associate of tho President, and
would probably tell him it was all
right to suspend the Constitution if
he desired to do so."
Members of Congress are curious
tu know what led the President to
dismiss so many men in tho Bureau
of Printing and Engraving, and Mr.
Caraways resolution demanding an
Investigation Will probably draw
forth sonic further statements for
the administration.
"If anybody in tho government
service has been guilty of inefficiency
or corruption, they should have been
dismissed." said Senator Caraway 'o
day, "but no man ought to ho de
prived ol' an honest living through
secret investigation and without be
ing given an opportunity to learn the
par1 icu! ' rs ?.* 'be eli.'.i e.es that ave
lodged against him, and who his
?o users are."
The statutes have boen brought
it h the controversy, for il is con
tended by tho Federal Employees'
I nion that Mr. Harding ignored the
fundamental law. Here is the stat
"No person within the classified
service of the United States shall be
removed therefrom except for such
cause as will promote the efficiency
of said service, and for reasons given
In writing; and the person whose re
moval is sought shalt have notice of
"he charges against him and bo fur
nished willi a copy thereof, and also
be allowed n reasonable lime Lo an
SWOr tho saul?; in writing, and to tili!
affidavits in support thereof."
The reason given publicly by the
administration ls Inolllclency and the
Interest of the servir.-, A 'est ease
may develo)) in the courts lo dis
cover whal tho rights ol' a govern
ment employee really are ns against
an executive order of the President.
lt is true that a Presidential order
supersedes most everything, and that
a Chief Exeetive has the right to ap
point persons to positions inside the
civil service without examination,
and he has tho right to abolish jobs
which were previously covered by
civil service. The President's techni
cal right to take steps at once-abol
ishing positions and appointing new
tren to vacancies by executive order
is admitted by most of the gov
I eminent lawyers.
! But there ls considerable doubt as
to whether HlO President has the
righi of removal without furnishing
evidence of tho chnrges existing
against a government employee. If
ho has. the whole civil service sys
leni, il is contended, rests wholly Oil
?the whim of a President. The ten
dency In Congress has recently been
in Ibo direction of abolishing civil
service requirements wherever it is
possible to do so. The postolfico laws
h..ve been changed so as to enable
the government to choose any one
ol' Ibo first three who pass the exam
ination, thus permitting the Presi
dent if) ignore the highest man if he
ts n Democrat, or oven a Republican
without political influence, and the
House of Representatives has just
authorized the appointment of 100
additional poslofllco inspectors. In
Hie last ten years not more than 3f>
have been asked for, and the charge
ls made hy tho Democrats that the j
increased force of Inspectors ls to
bo used to hound Democratic post
masters and get rid of them on inef
ficiency evidence developed hy the
Ci vii Service May Have Defects, but
Nothing Iiike .'Spoils System."
(Charleston News ami Courier.?
Mr. Daugherty may havo estab
lished a reputation for frankness by
vliat lie has said of the merit sys
tem, but his words nevertheless do
not make a pleasant impression. He
"I believe if lt wero not for
tho civil service wo could get ulong
with less than two-thirds of tho
number of employees now under
civil sorvlce, amd probably get
twico as much work out of them.
* * * * 1 am thoroughly con
vinced thai tho civil sorvlco ls a
hindrance to the government. 1
would rather take the recommen
adtlons of a political committee,
olthor Democratic or Republican
-a self-respecting committee
for tho appointment of a man or
woman than bo compellod to go
through the requirements of the
civil service to securo an em
ployee. "
In spite of tho fact that Mr.
Daugherty ls a member of the cabi
net, and is supposed to be especially
close to the President-though, ac
cording lo some reports not so close
'o him now as formerly-lt is hardly
necessary to assume that his broad
side against tho merit system augurs
an organized and dangerous attack
upon it. lt ls pretty (irmly established
now; und whatever its defects may
bc-and doubtless some, at least, of
Mr, Daugherty's criticisms aro well
founded-tho defects of the (ttethod
which it supplanted were vastly
greater. The abuses of tho spoils
system may have faded from the
minds of many, hut they could be
brought hack to the public's recol
lection very vividly if arv soi
attempt were made to return (<. Ibu
old order.
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reducing thc inflammation and re
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Claims Arrest <\ ''KmmcVp."
Referring to tho fact that Rev. S.
O. Whitman, who had been In the
Oconeo jail for some time charged
with violation of tho prohibition
laws, tho Farm and Factory of last
Thursday says:
"Whitman and his bondsmen were
in Seneca Monday, and the three in
timated that the arrest was the re
sult of a "frame-up" hy tho orphan
head's enemies. Whitman admits
that he was at the still, hut ho ls
liol certain, he says, that whiskey
was being made, since ho was there
only Cor the purpose of observing
work which he had often heard of.
Ho was invited to go lo the place,
he said, and had no intention or de
sire to transgress the law. At the
newspaper office Monday Whitman
was asked the direct question as to
the Identity of those accompanying
him to the still. "That will come
out itself at tho trial, I think, and it
will not bo brought out hy me, eith
er "
inspectors. Thu quarrel over the pro
hibition staff and civil service re
quirements is still at its height. Al
together the civil service system is
fighting feebly for Its life.
Explanation Will Ito Asked.
James L. Wilmeth, director, and
others included among tho twenty
eight chiefs, superintendents and
foremen of tho 'Bureau of Printing
and Engraving, removed from office
several days ago by Presidential or
der, have announced, after confer
ring with Democratic members of
the House, that they will appear at
the White House and demand from
President 'Harding a pul>!?< explana
tion of their removal.
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Preliminary Evidence- ludientes Vil
lainy on Dart of Anny Man.
Oklahoma City, April 5.-Liout.
Col. Paul W. Peck, attached to thc \
aviation soction of Fort Sill, was j
shot to doath hore early yesterday ?
morning in tho fashionable residence
of Jean P. Day, widely known oil
operator. Day is hold at his homo In
custody of a deputy shoriff pending
an invest iga i ion.
According to a statement issued
by lt. W. Dick, Day returned to his |
houso after escorting homo a hum
ber of guests whom his wife earlier
hud entertained at canis, and found
Airs. Day struggling in tho arms of
tho army olllcer. Dick, who is an in
timal-; acquaintance of tho family,
said that Day authorized tho state
ment. ,
Lieut. Deck had long been a close
friend of the Days. He came hero
yesterday hy airplane from Fort Sill
to be one of tho guests at the card
party last night, according to Dick,
and was left alone with .Mrs. Day
when her husband saw their friends
home in hts automobile.
.Upon his return home, Dick said. 1
the former peered through a porch .
window, having been attracted hy
tho cries of lils wife, and saw Mrs.
Day lighting lo break the aviator's
hold on her wrists. Day rushed up
stairs and obtained Iiis revolver, ac
cording to tho statement, and re
turned to tho loom where the couple
were still struggling. Peek made a
motion as if to strike Day. continued
Dick, and Hay si nick him over tho
head with Ibo revolver, the gun ex
ploding. Peck fell io the door and
was dead before the police arrived.
Mrs. Day this morning was in a
state bordering on nervous collopse
and would make no statement con
cerning tho affair.
Day has been prominent in poli
tical and financial circles in Okla
homa for many years. Ho was a
member of tho Supreme Court com
mission and one of the two meo who
framed Oklahoma's first code of
statutes. Ile is ;>0 years old and is
president of thc 'Foursome Produc- ,
lng and Refining Company and vice
president of thc Continental Asphalt
and Petroleum Company. Ile was
active In the political campaign of
former United States Senator Core.
Mrs. Day is said to be a few years
! younger than her husband.
Lleut.-Col. Pock was one of tho
first four aviators In tho United
states ajiny. He had been In tba
I service since 1899, ^iccOrdint lo Iho
?post adjutant.at Port Sill. Dook wont
I to Fort Sill from Arcadia, Fla., in
I July, 1921. 'Ho was a widower.
(Later dispatches state that Day
was released on $5,000 bond for his
j appearance before an investigation
commission in connection with tho
inquest to bo held.)
Three Genera ?icm:,
e Made ChiW-Birth
sier L'y U.sinrj
^ J*^v?b
lu Encounter Which Took Pince Fivo
Miles from Ellorco.
Orangeburg, S. C., April (5.-J. S.
nardin, magistrate at Ellorco, and
W. L. Mallard, Iiis constable, lodged
two alleged highwaymen in the coun
ty jail to-day. Last night about tl
o'clock two men appeared at Hie
home of E. I.. Pull, who lives about
live miles from Klloree, and asked
Mr. Pull to ?.ai ry thom to Parlors to
catch a train, saying that their car
bad broken down. This Mr. Pull
consented to do, and when they had
reached tho Vance Mill dam, which
ls a dark and secluded spot, the two
men started to beat Mr. Pull with
their lists, il is alleged. Then they
tried to choke him. Mr. Pull got his
knife out and cut both severely, on
j their wrists. Mr. Pull then got out
i his revolver and shot ene man lu the
i car and the oilier In tho foot. They
i wero badly cut In othor places. Mr.
Dull was badly beaten and cut up.
Tho alleged highwaymen also had
guns, but did not uso thom. The
men gave their names as Stuart Coy,
of Harrisburg, Pa., and John A. Hob
I lnson, of Plackstone, N. D. Tho men
woro givon medical attention at tho
jail hore to-day. It is thought that
thoy will romain In jail until tho
May term of criminal court. They
would make no statements.
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All persons Indebted to tho Estate
of W. J. Walters, Deceased, are
hereby notified to make payment
to the undersigned, and all persons
having claims ngainst said Estate
will present the same, duly attested,
within tho time prescribed by law,
or be barred.
J,. G? < ; fe Al IA .M.
Administrator of Ibo Instate of \Y. J.
Walters, bocca sed.
April 5, i o s . 14-17
Notice ls hereby given that tho un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. ,Martin, Judi'Q of Probate, for
Oconee County, in t .o State of South
Carolina, at his office at Walhalla
Court House, on EUI DAY, the 21st
day of APRIL, 1922, or as soon
thereafter as said application can lie
heard, for leave to make Filial Set
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fl. C. DROCK,
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Pieck, Deceased.
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