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(Established 1810.)
Publisher] livery Wednesday Morning
?no Year .$1.0?
Mix .Moni lis .<">?->
.Once MoillllS.510
Advertising Untos Reaisomiblo,
By St wk, Sholor, ll uglis A.- Sliolor.
Com tn un lea lions or a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tri lui tes of respect, oither by
individu?is, lodges o<" churchos, aro
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of one cent a word. Cash mist
accompany manuscript, and al! snob
notices will he marked "Adv." in
conformity with Federal ruling on
such mailors.
'Vaxes Assessed Against I'url les-All
Tuxes t 'onsl Ilute Prior Lien.
County And.tor Ralph M. Pike is
in receipt of tho following letter,
which lie has asked us lo publish
for tho Information of the public of
< (oonoo:
"Columbia, Mardi 30. 1922.
"Our attention lias been called re
cently lo tho fad thal laxes charged
against various persons, linns and
corop ral lons who have gone Into
bankruptcy lu ve liol he.MI paid by
ibe (r?steos In charge of sahl b nk
viipl property.
"Thc laws ni* our Stute make laxes
prior lien on all properly, sa lei lion
Knelling il tho beginning of Ibo
\.:ir dm ie;; which tho tax is bub !.
.Mid said laxes shall bo li rsl paid
H MI proceeds of aale of such prop
"Federal bankruptcy laws also
provide: 'If properly subject to tax
in .-dd tho las should bo paid ort of
he proceeds liefere any part thereof
is distributed to the general credi
tors.' The mandatory provision of
tho Federal act, Section l?4-o, as to
the paynton! of taxes recognizes a
comity that should not require the
assertion of the State of its (daim
for taxes In ail cases to warrant the
order for their payment, hut a sug
gestion thal taxes are owing by tho
bankrupt is sufficient.
"If you have il ny taxes charged
against any person, ll rm or corpora
tion who has lieen declared a hank
nipt, or hereafter may be dec In rod
.i bankrupt, you should notify the
tm toe or I ru sloes that they vvlll bo
held liable for nil taxes charged, ol
io be charged, against such properly.
If '.he trustee bas disbursed all ibo
funds without having paid the taxes,
mill can !><> brought against the trus
tee within two weeks after his dis
"Wo ask your co-operation En giv
ing due publicity to this letter tn
order tba*, all trustees and receivers
ot above-mentioned proporty may
know of their duties In tho premi
sses. Yours very truly.
"South Carolina Tax Com.,
"Walter i ;. Query, Chairman."
t .n il of Thanks.
Madison. S. C., April I, liiL'2.
Editor Kcowco Courier:
Wo desire through your valuablo
columns lo thank our neighbors and
friends for t hoir many deeds of kind
ness and expressions of sympathy
iii tho death and burial of our son,
brother and husband, donn ll. Rey
nolds, who mot !>is untimely ilea'.h.
. >n Mandi 23d, We especially wish
'<> thank the nu-ni be rs of W. <>. W.
Camp of which ho was a inombcr,
"his companions anti others, for the
beautiful floral offerings placed on
bis casket, which were tokens of
Kile high ostoem which they felt for
Slim as a comrade and brother. May
Cod ever bless them all.
Our hearts aro broken, our home
"rn lonely, because wo can seo our
loved one no move. Ho was kind,
noble, loving and true. Our loss ls
Heaven's gain. Wo hopo to moot
Ililli on '.he other shore, where sor
rows come no more, hut where hap
piness, peace .md love shall never
cease to exist, and .Jesus shall reign
Mr.and Mrs. J. W. Reynolds,
Mr. and Mrs. Hen Cleland.
Mrs. Sarah IO. Reynolds.
\lken Winier Hotel Damaged.
H?mago est! mn led ai $2">,000 re?
nu Hod from n fire that, shortly after
midnight on April Lb!, destroyed tho
rear wing of Ibo Highland Park Ho
le!, Aiken's principal winier hostel
ry. Twelve rooms, including Hu?
"Kitchen, were burned. Tho origin of
.tho fire is unknown.
I'pOli llio Homo Market-Funner ls
Gradually Coining to this View.
Editor Kooweo Courier:
I um afraid that soma of our load
ers outside, and some of our statOS
; men inside, have gone off chasing
i political huttorllles instead of fol
?? lowing their weil understood convic
tions. .Many of thom fear that, with
nu election coming on, thc farmers
I have hoon led astray hy the propa
ganda that their prosperity depends
j upon their foreign markets. Tho
i fanner may ho misled for a while,
: but when ho wakes up and linds him
I self, then ho will bo in a position to
take better caro of himself.
' Tho American farmer's prosperity
depends upon his home market, and
he is coming to realize and know lt.
Highly to ninety per cent of his
produce is either consumed on the
farm or in home inurkcts. But re
cently there has been so HUI ch "hot
air" in the press about buying and
stiling abroad thal it ls lime for
soi;:o one to call a halt anil slat" a
few cold facts.
So said, "In 1921 wo exported
from this country to foreign nations
more than 20,000,000 tons of food
stuffs, an amount more than double
our normal pre-war exports. But it
did not bring prosperity to our farm
ers. Wo lacked the homo market
buying capacity of the millions of
mein normally employed In our fac
tories at good wages, who were then,
and now are, unemployed o>- work
ing but half time."
Herbert Hoover, Secretary of
Commerce, speaking before tho In
terstate Commerce Commission,
"Dur farmers who look to foreign j
ii arkels for their surplus should ;
stop lo consider that our home con- 1
option of meal decreased nearly
V a pounds per capita in I '.' _ : ,
..i:- uly owing lo unemployment- and i
[hat ii Lhls decrease could bo over
come, it would bo worth moro than
per cent increase in our exports."
All ( la- es Hurl by Wage tdt-.
Tho "dollation" of labor, while
most injin ions to Hie workers, has
j hud a correspondingly injurious ef
fect upon all our people. The ex
isting paralysis of business can be
? traced lo wholesale wage slashing.
; When tho workers are well paid and
steadily employed there ls prosperity
a ad a good market, tot only for thc
merchants, but for farmers and man
; ufacturers as well. When half thc
workers aro on the streets socking
employment and the other hali are
being paid wages Insufficient to
maintain a decent standard of liv
ing, there is commercial and indus
trial stagnation and depression.
Constituting, as they do, mare
than half tho population of thpfe
country, tho industrial workers and
their familles must consume tho
greater portion of tho products of
our farms and tho output of our fac
tories. All that tiley have to ex
change for food and other necessar
ies is tho reward of their labor.
When workers aro unemployed or
their earnings curtailed they Inevi
tably must consumo less. That con
dition ls immediately reflected on
commerce and industry. To lt can
be attributed almost entirely the
prostration of agriculture and the
impoverishment of our farmers. This
is tho great economic truth which
every statesman must realize. It ls
so self-evident that a child In gram
mar school can understand lt. And
yet it is ignored and violated every
1. To overburden the farmer ls to
destroy tin? whole of prosperity, for
every extra burden placed upon the
producer has tu he ultimately paid
by tho consumer.
If a poople, country, state or
nation be bonded for tho assets value
of its property, tho bond-holders and
not the pcoplo aro tho owners of lt.
3. The biggest material questions
before the world to-day aro money,
dobls and taxation. B. Harris.
Tho name Kersey, as applied to
cloth, ls a corruption of Jersey,where
this material was first produced.
It ls Mercury? Quicksilver - Shooks
Bi ver and Attacks Your Bones,
Calomel salivation Is horrible. It
swells the tongue, loosons tho tooth
and starts rheumatism. There's no
roason why a person should tnko
sickening, salivating calomel when
a few conts buys a largo bottle of
Dodson's Liver Tone-a perfect Hua
stltuto for calomel. It ls a pleasant
vegetable liquid which will stnrt
your liver Just as surely as colomol,
I but lt doesn't niako you sick and can
not, salivate.
Calomel ls a dangerous drug; be
sides it may make you feel wonk,
sick and nauseated to-morrow. Don't
I lose a day's work. Take a spoonful j
of Dodson's Liver lone Instead und
you will wake up feeling great. Xo
salts necessary. Your druggist says.
If you don't find Dodson's Liver Tono i
acts hottor than treacherous calomel j
your money is walting for you.-adv.
-I* "i9 *i* 'i* *?* *i* ?I? *fc ?\* ?I*
*!. . A IATTLE. TALK ?J>
.t* FOU JESUS. ?I*
,|t .j. .?? ?j. ?j.. .j? .j, .j. ?i. ,?. ?j.
Editor Kooweo Courier:
1 have subscribed for your paper
for many years and havo not asked
Cor Hie publication of many pieces,
ll is now on tho very ovo of planting
time, and not much has been done
in tho Heids. Tho -Good Book says
that "Man shall not live by bread
alone, hut by every word that pro
ceedeth out of the mouth of Qed. So
wo need some spiritual food for tho
I saw a vision that illustrates pure
worship and false worship.
I saw two instruments-a string
instrument and a stringless. 1 give
this as a riddle:
Xo. 1-A string instrument illus
trates preparedness for Jesus-.'.lust
in time." lt has the image ot a liv
ing being, yet ii is noted for its
quicknoss, It Hashes like lightning
on a morning, and will bo for a warn
ing, making a small tone.
Xo. 2--A stringless Instrument il
lustrates unpreparedness for Jesus
"Just too late." lt has tho imago
o!' no living hoing, yet it is noted for
Its noisiness, ll is very noisy. Some
times it quacks like a goose turned
loose: yet it saves much time and
labor, leaving tears and frights be
hind it. Yet Qed put it Into man's
mind to lind it.
This is only for a picture. 1 will
show this one tho siroets and make
music as I get an invitation. Who
will toll me what this is and show
one like it and turn me down.
(Kev.) J. L. Hudson.
Tamasseo, S. C.
Colds Cause Grip nnd Influenza
cause. There ls only ouc "liruino Quinlue." E.W.
GROVE'S signature on the box. 30c.
Of Pay for Et rat Timo in Years hy
Henson of c?rent Coal Strike,
Wilkesbarro, l'a.. April ti. One
hundred and llfty-flve thousand idle
mine workers in the anthracite Heids
of Pennsylvania are not alone en
joying the holiday brought about by
tho work suspension order. The mine
nuiles, many of which had not seen
daylight for years, also aro enjoying
it. And, If the capers they cut about
their enclosures aro to be taken as
reflections of their feelings, they aro
even moro joyful than the minors.
Certainly these humble beasts of
burden are not worrying about tho
probable duration of .the suspension,
for everything has been done for
their comfort. Thousands of them
were brought from tho dark levels
in boarder enclosures. To watch
Ihem romping about, kicking and
biting at each other, good naturedly,
was evidence enough that they wel
comed the chance again to get into
the sunshine nnd air, tree from the
coal gases. But there was even a
stronger evidence that tho mules dis
liked their gloomy subterranean ex
istence when an effort was made to
load or drive them toward a mine
opening, for invariably there was a
It was in tho deep recesses of the
mines where trolley lines cannot pen
etrate, or where the sparks from the
electric wires might cause gas explo
sions, that tho mules were employed.
After once being taken into the in
ner workings tho mules are never
removed except In cases of strike or
other trouhlo. Their average life un
derground is about fifteen years.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitulity by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel Its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. Tho blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich lt. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c,
Turpin Wilbuuk.s Douri.
(Tugaloo Tribe?o, 4th.)
Turpin Wilbanks, well known to
tho residents of Tugaloo Valley, died
last Thursday at tho age of seventy
years. Ho had been married twice,
and loaves his widow by the second
marrlago and a number of children.
At tho timo of his death ho was liv
ing on tho Jarrett place. Mr. Wil
banks lived most all his lifo noar
Madison and tho Jarrett Bridgo. He
lived on tho Ramsay and Jarrett
farms for the past several years.
"Sarge Plunked" hoad.
A. M. Wier, widely known all over
the ?louth for his newspaper articled
over tho pen name of .'argo Plun
kett," died at bis '/ionic it Decatur,
Oh., on April 2d. Ho was probably
one of thc best known humorous
wiitci'8 of tho 'South, occupying a
field peculiarly his own.
In Insurance Department-Bfforta to
Reinstate Millions Insurance.
Atlanta, Ga., April G. - Service
men in Georgia, North and South
Carolina, 'Florida and Tennessee will
be asked hy tho United Stales Vet
erans' Bureau to reinstate ten mil
lion dollors* worth of government
Insurance during April, according to
Joe Sparks, liaison olllcor, National
Headquarters of tho Amorlcan Le
gion. The instructions for tho cam
paign, which ls to bo staged April
10th to 17th, havo been sent to tho
Rfth district organization by .M. Bry
son, District .Manager. Chambers of
commerce, civic, organizations and
servico bodies have been asked hy
the bureau and the American Legion
to givo assistance
"I consider this an important
move," said Mr. Sparks, "because all
service men should take advantage
of the government insurance. 1 am
urging tho Legion posts to support
tho movement to the limit. Willi the
proper effort at least $10,000,000
worth of insurance should he rein
stated. It is a very simplo matter
for a service man lo take advantage
ol' lliis generous ol?er hy Hie gov
ern mont."
Tlie Slate commanders of the Lo
gion in the several States have been
asked to support tho movement. The
Governors of the several States will
he asked to issue proclamations urg
ing serviec men to reinstate their In
surance. '
District .Manager Bryson will place
the full machinery of the Veterans'
'Bureau hack of the campaign.
Es! /m. ti^.s^a^^.
? \\,J roi.
r.'/A ouancaa
jSKfl etimi
UH rot a
mitt], vccctoblo laxativo to
relieve Constipation ond BUI
nnil keep tho digestivo uud
niimtlvo_JuncUons normal.
Used for over
o years
Chips off IheOfcT Block
Little KRa
One-third the regu
|lar dose. Made of
samo ingredients,
then candy coated.
For children and adults.
Walhalla, s. c.
Booker Washington statue Unveiled.
TuskogCO, Ala., April 5.-Trans
portation methods ranging from spe
cial cars lo mulohack were utilized
'to bring io Tuskegee to-day a steady
?stream of white persons and negroes
ito attend the unveiling of a statue
I of Booker T. Washington, founder
of tho Tuskegee Instituto.
School authorities said that tho
I gathering was the largest in the Ma
llory of tho institute. Special cars
brought parties from New York,
I Washington, Chicago, At lanta and
|N'OW Orleans, and tho countryside
! rallied in automobiles, on horseback,
mulobnck, afoot and in every con
coivable kind of yohicle.
Tho unveiling took place during
tho afternoon. Dr. Wallace Buttrick,
president of tho general education
board, delivered tho founders' day
?uldross, and Dr .Geo. C. Hall, of
Chicago, and Josephus Daniels, for
mer Secretary of the Navy, also de
livered orations.
President Harding sent a letter,
in which he gave unstinted praise of
the great work dono hy Booker T.
Do you have a dull, steady ache in
the small of the back-sharp, ?tab?
bing twtngos when Blooping or lift
ing-distressing urinary disorders?
For bad back nnd weakened kidneys
Walhalla residents rocommend
Dunn's Kidney Pills. Read this Wal
halla statement.
Mrs. R, C. Stout, 8. Ann St., says:
"I had a dull, heavy ache in my back
and felt tired and languid most of
the time. Sharp pains caught mo In
my back when I bent. My kidneys
acted Irregularly and I Often had
dizzy spells when black specks ap
peared before my oyos. My ankles
swelled and 1 was in pretty bad
shape. Hearing of Donn's Kidney
Pills I got a supply and they made
mo feel like a different person. 1
recommend Doan'f! very highly tot
tho cure (hey gav;? me."
Bric? f?(?e, . i al' dealers. Don't
dimply a? it foi .i kid noy remedy-got
Donn's Kidney Pl.ls--tho .ame that
Mrs. Stout had. Bo. Ur-Milh un Co.,
Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
Subscribo for Tho Courier. (BoBt>
Here's X?i
Progressive Farme
$1.00 year,
The KeoweeOourie
$1.00 year,
Either paper well v
Price of Both. C
National Forest Timber for Sale,
Sealed bids will be received by the
Forest Supervisor, Franklin, X. C.,
up to and including .May fi, 1022, for
all the merolia utah b dead limber,
standing or down, and all Ibo live
timber marked or designated for \
cutting, on an area embracing about
150 acres on Changa Crook, Nanta-i
bala National Forest, South Caro-1
Hun, estimated to bo -127,000 Coot li. j
.M.. more or less of yellow pine. 7,000 ;
feet ?.M., more or less, ol' white oak. j
md 10,000 feet n.M., moro or lesjs. I
of Spanish and black oak timber. No
bid of loss than $3 por M. feel For 1
yellow pine and while oak, and $1.00
per M. feet for Spanish and black '
oak, will be considered, ."fj'iii must ?
be deposited with each bid, to be ap
plied on the purchase pri?e, refund- i
od, or retained in part as liquidated
damages, according to conditions of |
sale. Tho right to reject any and all
bids reserved. Before bids aro sub- |
milted, full information concerning
tho timber, tho conditions of salo, |
an . the submission of bids, should
he obtained from the Forest Super- I
visor, Franklin, X. C. 14-15-78
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty J. R. HA lt DE, ty
ty Attomoy-ut-Duw, ty
ty WA Ll I ADDA, S. C. ty
ty State ?V: Federal Court Practice.
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty ty
ty E. L. II ERNDON, ty
ty A Morney-nt-Law, ?J.
ty Phone No. Ol, Walhalla, S. C.ty
ty ty
ty> ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty J. P. Carey, .1. W. Shclor, ty
?j? Pickons, S. O. W. C. Hughs, .J.
ty Attorneys and Counsellors, ty
ty WALHALLA, S. C. ty
ty State & Federal Court Pracltce. .j.
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty . ' ty
ty W. IL WHITE, .J
ty LAWYER, ty
ty WALHALLA, S. C. ty
ty ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
Austin Bldg. - Seneca, S. C.
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
Walhalla, S. C., March 28, 1022.
Tho following described property,
seized from G. W. Wllbanks under
warrant for distraint for non-pay
ment of assessed taxes due, will be
sold aa provided by Sestion 3197,
Revised Statutes, at public auction,
WEDNESDAY, April 10, 1022, In
front of the Court Hotiso door, Wal
halla, S. C., at 10 o'clock A. M.: -
Ono tract of land, known as tho
homo place, containing 200 acres,
moro or less, and purchased from W.
.1. Dufflo by G. W. Wllbanks, situated
on Cedar Creek, Roper's and Long
Ford, branches of Changa River.
Also, that certain tract of land
situated on Bone Camp Creek, wil
ton) of Changa, bounded by lands
of Clem Wllbanks, V. F. Martin, Ed
ward Callas and others, containing
11 fi acres, moro or less, and pur
chased from J. S. Callas by G. W.
Also, tract of land on Sawyer's
Branch, of Bono Camp Crook, waters
of Changa, adjoining tract, above de
scribed, lands of Estate of A. A.
Rowland, Sam Wllbanks and others,
containing 100 acres, moro or less,
and recorded Bi Book of Doods
D-5C0, pago O, Pl. 108-FF, p. 31(5,
in tho olllco of tho (Merk of Court for
Oconeo County, at Walhalla, S. C.
Deputy Collector.
April 5, 1022. 1 1-16
Kentucky has 16 women clergy
men and ?4 women inwyors.
ir Chance
For 12 Months
vorth Combination
)rder yours now.
Read how Mrs. Albert
Gregory, of R. F. D. No.
1, Blulord, 111., got rid of
her ills. ''During ... I
was Twfully weak . . .
My pains were terrific. I
thought 1 would die. The
bearing-down pains were
actually so severe I could
not stand thc pressure of
my hands on the lower
Fart of my stomach . . .
simply felt as if life was
for but a short time. My
husband was worried. ..
One evening, while read
ing the Birthday Alma
nac, he came across a
case similar to mine, and
went straight for some
Cardul for me to try.
The Woman's Tonic
"1 took it faithfully and
the results were immedi
ate," adds Mrs. Gregory.
"I continued to get bet
ter, all my ills leit me,
and I went through . . .
with no further trouble.
My baby was fat and
strong, and myself-thank
God-am once more hale
and hearty, can walk
miles, do my work,
though 44 years old, feel
like a new person. All I
owe to Cardui." For
many years Cardui has
been found helpful in
building up the system
when run down by dis
orders peculiar to women.
and Metal Shingles.
Walhalla, S. C.
Walhalla, S. C., March 28, 1022.
Tho following described property,
seized from Elijah and Edgar and
D. E. Alexander, under warrant of
rUstralnt for non-payment of taxes
assessed against thom, will be sold
fis provided undor Section 3197, Tte
vlsod Statutes, at public auction, on
WEDNESDAY, April 19th. 1922, at
ten o'clock A. M., In front of tho
Court IIouso, Walhalla, S. C.: -
Ono il) tract of land, containing
".89 ocros, moro or loss, purchased
by Elijah Alexander from R. T.
laynes, .1. II. Darby. John Frank and
others, known as Tracts 13 and 14
af tho ditton lands, and situated near
Salem P. 0., In Koowee Township,
Oconeo County, South Carolina, and
recorded In tho Hook of Meeds In
tho ohTco of tho Clerk f Court for
Oconee County, nt. Wa alla, S. C.
Also, ono traci, of land, containing
f> I acres, more or less, purchased hy
Fdgar Alexander, and adjoining tho
?hove tract.
Dopuly Collector.
April 5, 1922. . 14-16

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