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{Established 1840.)
Published livery Wednesday Morning
Ono Your .$1.00
Hix Months . .p0
Three Mouths.?lu
Advertising Untes Reasonable.
By Stork, Sholor, Hughs ?b Sholor.
Commit u icnliona or a personal
character charged for ns advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
?nd tributes of respect, either hy
Individuals, lodges or churches, aro
charged for as tor advertisements at
rate ot ono cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will be marked '.Adv." in
conformity willi Federal ruling on
such mailers.
\\ l l? ? KSBAY, APRIL ?>>. 1022.
Management, Circulation, etc., ol'The
Kcowee Courier, Published Week
ly a? Walhalla, S. C., Required by
Hie Act of August SM, lOia,
(Statement for April 1, 1022.)
Publisher-J. A. Sleek, Walhalla,
S. C.
lid I tor-J. A. Stock, Walhalla, S.
Managing Kditor- Same.
Business Manager- Same.
Owners Sleek, Sholor, Hughs &
Sholor- (Partnership)-.!. A. Sleek. ,
.1, w. Sholor, W. c. Hughs. T. c.
.- helor, all ol' Walhalla. S. C.
Known bond-holders, mortgagees,
u , : other security holders-None.
.1. A. STUCK,
lOilltor and Publisher.
rn to ? nd subscribed helero mo
Hits ! Olli dav of April. I '.^2-.
i cai i M. it. MCDONALD,
Notary Public for S. C.
lu Armenia-LxliacK tiom Letter of
Thus, Mills, ol' New York City.
"Two ?lays' traveling about and
observing generally Hie conditions ot
Ute refugees In tho city of lSrivnn, I
Armenia, bas been more than sutli
elenl to convince a Held man, long
familiar * with relief work that it is
liol diseaso which is killing off the
inhabitants of I," ri van. lt is plain
"Outside one of the Near Bast Re
lief's soup kitchens I saw shivering
ia tho cold and snow hundreds of
starving children, who cried bitterly
.rom hunger and exposure. They
kept (ealing in from everywhere all
day. presenting a heartrending pic
ture in their scanty rags and shoeless
fee!. The impending end lo many of
their sboii lives was plainly written
in i heir ghi s> and staring eyes
"All possible relief is given to
Ihoso applying al tho Near Fast lie
lief son)/ kitchen, and a bowl of soup
or boiled grits is given out to each
child until the kettles are empty.
Dreadful as it may seem, it is abso
lutely necessary to turn away many,
unied owing to lack of supplies.
"Tho number of orphans keeps in
creasing to such an extent that tile
.Near Last cannot hope to properly
care for all. and many are dying
every day In li ri va n. Fifteen victims
of starvation were removed from tho
central district of the city yesterday."
The above extract was taken from
a letter written Keb. 20th, 1!I22.
Send your contributions to Miss
Addie Tatham. Chairman Near Fast
Itelicf, Walhalla, S. C.
Some Later Facts.
To tho above appeal we take tho
liberty of appending the following
bi;er which comes to us fron the
Columbia o ill co of the state Treasu
rer of the Near Bast Relief:
"Alexandropol, April 0, 1b22.
With tho break-up of winier In tho
mountain villiges of Central Armenia
Near Bnsi Relief investigations re
vealed terrible starvation among the
refugee:; ami orphans. K. A. Downer,
of Kingston, W Y.. returned from a
live-day horseback visit to twenty
villages having a population of ._'.*..
OOO people. Ho says that foodstuffs
throughout tho area aro exhausted.
".Broad ls made from all sorts of
substitutes, Including llax, chaff and
sawdust, having no appreciable food
value. The people are extracting un
digested materials from old refuse
and giving it to tho children. The
health conditions are critical. Gas
tric and intestinal troubles are pre
vailing, duo to malnutrition. A large
per cent of tho people aro suffering
from skin diseases. One-fourth of the
adults are incapacitated and bed-rid
den. Only ono in fifty of the popula
tion is normal.
"In the villages visited there are
1,500 orphans who should be re
moved Immediately if they are to
live. liven in small villages the
weekly death list includes ten chil
dren, in many villages all children
have lost their hair during the win
"Several cases were s0 desperate
that the people resorted l() fating of
human ilesh, which practice was vory
Sharply punished hy ih0 authorities.
Ofllcinls sand thal they ?ne doing all
they can to prevent ii. bul tho people
loso I heir senses iron, hunger.
"At Mahmaudchtik, visited family
of fifteen pei.ons a monti) ago. Now
only throe of the family remain. Tho
dead Include all tho male members
of t ro family.
"AU ?Hinge inhabitants expressed
concern about securing seed and
.?'rain Xor spring planting. Hope ls
expressed Huit the Armenian govern
ment would obtain seed, particularly
..The headman*ot tho largest vil
lage said: "If wo can secure seed wo
shall bo on our fool by mid-summer.
If wo don't get seed, we are doomed
to death. Jaquith."
William M. Gibbes, Jr.,
Treasurer, Palmetto National Hank,
Columbia, s. c.
Habitual Constipation Cured
in \A to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared SyrupTonic-Laxativo for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per bottle.
.Votes from Old Liberty.
Old Liberty, April ll. - Special:
The health of this community is very
good at this writing.
Our farmers are making use of
what pretty days do como, as they
ure badly behind with their work.
Horn, unto Mr, and Mrs. IO. C.
Picketts, on .March 29th, a son.
ll. C. Busch and his crew of hands
have resumed their work on the
school building at this place now, and
with favorable weather will soon j
have i'. completed.
Rev. Jones, of Westminster, assist
in! Kev. Iv. L. Davis in conducting
services at Old Liberty last Sunday.
Two excellent sonnons and a good
dinner were enjoyed by all present.
Misses Minnie Lee Sorrells and
Mildred McYYhorter left Sunday for
their respective homes. as their
school closed here last Saturday
William Powell and Mr. Sorrells,
of Westminster, spent a short while
recently at the home of tho former's
brother, .). P. Powell.
Tho past session of the Tugaloo
school was a success in every respect.
At tile close of the school the fol
lowing program was rendered:
Song. "School is Cut. Vacation's
Come." and Lord's Prayer by school.
Recitation, "Dame Nature's Ito-1
?'lay. "The Train Loaves itt Ten
.Mintii ss."
i;. ell ai ion, "Mandy."
"I un I ?rill." by 1 G small boys.
Play, "O.b. You Teacher."
Kei . ion,".Johnnie's Histoiy l-r'
sch." \
Song, Lot tho Host of tho World
Go Ry." j
Play, "Roys will bo Roys."
! "I'la;; Drill'- by 1 2 little girls.
Recital ion. "My I ?olly."
Play. "Our Awful Aunt."
Addresses by Rev. R. L. Davis and
Rev. Jones.
Song. "Good Rye." by school.
Dismissal. Prayer by Rev. R. L.
For Three Generations
Rave Made O.?d-Birth
Eusier By Using --
ray e$ jn^wrj?)
Charged with Drowning Companion.
Detroit, Mich., April l l. - Three
boys, ranging in age from 14 lo 17
years, are held liv the juvenile deten- j
Hon home herc pending investigation
of charges that they threw Louis Dar
gan, lu years old, into Connors
Creek, on tho Fast Side, after strip
ping him of his clothing. Young Dar
gan's clothing was on tho creek bank
yesterday, but his body has not yet
been found.
The boys detained aro (Edward
Sook, 17; Edward Clark, 14, and
Frank Tamoln, 14. They were taken
into custody after tho father of an
other playmate of young Dargan in
formed the authorities that tho child
had been thrown into the creek at
point where tho water was eight feet
The Quinine That Does Not Affect the Head
Pecausc of its tonic mid laxative effect, LAXA
TIVE 11KOMO QUINlNft is bettet than ordinary
Quinine and docs not cause nervousnes ? nor
riugitiK In head. Remember the full name And
look for the signature of H. W. GKOVK. 30c.
Entertainment at Fairfield.
Following is tho program of an
entertainment held at Fairfield on
April nth:
Recitation, "Welcomo"-By Eddie
Fowler and Sadio Owens.
Song, "Spring Morning"-Ry the
Play, "Examination Day."
Recitation by Wilson Smith.
Song, "What tho Crickets Say"
Ry primary children.
Recitation by M. li. Cantrell.
Quartette, "Tho South Wind
Blows"--?By Misses Southard, Wood
and Blair.
Recitation by Ola Lewis.
Play, "Tom and Rills Courting."
Duet, "Singing 'Neath tho Apple
Tree"--Ry Misses Southard and Blair
Recitation by John Snead.
Song. "Merry Spring Timo"-'Ry
Play, "Xo Peddlers Wan tod."
Recitation. "Little Blossom"--By
Annie Lipscomb,
Play, "Sweet Family."
Music by Mr. Hawkins.
The entertainment was one well
worthy of highest praise.
To Curo a Cold in One Day
stops the. Cough ?nd Headache and work* off th
Cold. h. W. GKOV h S signature on each box. 30/.
A mammoth odible mushroom four
foot in diameter was fou nd.on an es
tato lu St. Germain, Franco.
THE Fisk Premier
Tread is a tire which
yields an honest, generous
measure of service at a low
See this tire and compare
with any at a competing
price. It is your best pur
chase if you want a low
priced tire.
It is a FiskTire, and is Fisk
character clear through.
There 's a Fisk Tire of extra value
in every size, for car, truck
orsspeed wagon
30x3!^- Fisk Premier Tread $10.85
30 x 3 Vt-Non-Skld Fabric . 1-1.85
30 x 3*S - lixtra-Ply Kcd-Top 17.85
30x.3??-Six-I'ly Non-Skid
Clincher Cord . . 17.85
30 x 3><j-Six-Ply Non-Skid
Cord Stralftht Sido 19.85
31 x 4 - Six-Ply Non-Skid
Cord. 27.00
83x4 -Non-Skid Cord. . 30.50
32 x4H-Non-Skid Cord . . 39.00
31 x 4Vt- Non-Skid Cord . . 41.00
35x6 -Non-Skid Cord. . 61.50
Timo to Ro-tiro?
?Buy Tink)
* ?J. %r. * * * .j. * ^
v v ?I- * * v * v * * * * '
Honor '...'II fs.r Zion School.
'Follow ill]
Zion Behool
March '.i i si :
So von i li Cir
Sixth (Jra(h
Kolba White :>
First fl rad
Champ Wh!
o honor roll Tor Inc
the month ending
. Soveuth lirado - Oma McAlister
'.'?'., Ona dcAlislor Ot",, Suo Ellon
Mooro fi.ii, IMnki? 1*00 95.
Eighth t Trade- Henry IRack OG,
Jannie Slmmotui 95, Dorr..re (irani
:>'. M..iK ,: Klee fir?, Hortic Ablcs 90.
.s m : ii Hi a<lo- - Nono.
Milton Nicholson, Principal.
No r.e.
li tl bye Kelley
- Dan Dunlap
Lewis Kelley ll
9 M.
Alice Corbin, Principal.
Second (Irado-Crace Cobb 92, Ce
lia Holbrooks 9 2.
Third Grade-Kay Ross 93, Ruth
Lee 9 3, Frances Sullivan 92.
Fourth Grade -Ray Lee 93\ Ros
coe Dunlop 93, Wade Rois 90, Mil
lie White 93. Carra McKee,
Tea c her.
Kalie's (?rovo School.
Following ls Ibo honor roll of tho
(Carlo's O rovo school:
First Crude-?Ralph Vickery, Cath
erin.- Smith 91, Albert Richey 90,
Emma 13. Richardson li". Hope Smith
90, Louise Simpson 90.
Frimer-Sudle Cari, o 91, Ruby
Illach :?-, Omnlio Outs! 90, >B1U>
Black 90, Eugene Oranl 92.
Eula Todd, Teacher.
Advanced -First Orado-dinby Lee
97, Minnie Ellon McCreary 97, Mil
dred Grant 97.
Second Grade-Emma Black 90,
Earl Black 9">, John .Simpson 96,
iHarvie Richey 96.
Mrs. Swift Marett, Teacher.
Sixth Grade-Lucilo Campbell 96,
Lula Harker 9 6, Ernest Rico 96, Mil
ton McCrary 9t>. Sarah Rico 96, Leola
Ritchie 96.
Fifth Grade - -Wlllet Richardson
96, Clydo Campbell 98, Harrison Lee
96, Nettie Smith 95, James Smith 93.
Sue Ellon Cox, Teacher.
Fourth Grade--Claru Campbell 94,
Eva Kuy :< !. it la n ch Simmons 92,
Hiawatha Simdt 93, Curtis Black 91,
Goorgc Skelton 9~>, Margie 'Whit
worth '.'1, Lexie Crawford 94.
Third Grade- Dorilla Ables 95,
Eunice Graham 9 1, Melvin Whitfield
(10, Glen McCrary 90, Johnnie Lee
9:.. Floyd Leo 90, Azalee Smith 92,
Thelma Rico 94, Jasper Richardson
9.5, Clarence Richey.
Alline Whltmlre, Teacher.
Catarrh is ;i local disease, greatly
influenced by constitutional con
Nil'] DI CTN V) is a Tonio and Blood
Purifier. By cleansing thc blood and
building up tho System, HALL'S
normal conditions and allows Na
ture to do its work.
All Druggists. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
From Rich .Man to Pauper.
Chicago, April 12.- Dr. J. C. Wil
lis, formerly a famous surgeon and
bank president, and ten years ago
worth half a million dollars, died in
tho county jail to-day, where he was
walting trial on charges of passing
$123 worth of bogus checks.
Dr. Willis wrote many m?dical text
books and was a recognized author
Hy on certain nerve diseases. He
lest his fortune through speculation.
That's Why It
Soothes and Promptly
Conquers Pain
Unlike other liniments, Mustang is
made of healing oils-no alcohol,
acids or pepper used. Mustang
never burns or smarts, not even
when applied to open wounds. Pain
ls relieved quickly by Mustang,
which thoroughly permeates the
system and hastens healing. Over
73 years' success guarantees Mus
tang as best for MAN, LIVESTOCK
Sot J by
Actual Size 28c Bottle (Trial),
BOc Mottle holds 3 times RS much
?LOO Uottlcholds8times08much
ns 25c size
riVI . I!, ... ?"lid JJ/M. "I'llT-.n.l-TAKK"
Tonnl.KTOI'-lhalataatcraia. Oat
Ona--l.o ponutar I K*-n?l Kft cont/, at.mn? i-tr coln for
Trial llnltto(llou-lfh-'l'lHlie) MulUnir IJnlm.ntami
?etTwItlla Top, ahmluttlv Srti. IJTOD Util. Co..
1 80. Klith Kt.. ?lrocklrn, N. V.
" S3o Good Old Standby Since J?48 "
LYON iViAHur ACT OKING CO.. Proprf*tor?, 414M? South Fifth St., Brooklyn. N.Y.
"Nil i'i i iiir iiifri?!.! rnrniii-iinjujupn " rrvr*""'-gji?MJgj?g rn
Here's X??
Progressive Farme
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Oourie
$1.00 year,
Either paper well v
Price of Both. C
How to Get Quick Service.
-Man: Hello, give me Centra] 1231.
Operator: Br-r-r-ng. Here's your
Man: ls this Main 5078? I
Voice: Yes.
Tho State of South Carolina, Couti- |
ty of Oconee.- tin Court of Prohato) i
-Hy V. P. MARTIN, Bsa.., Probate
.ludge.-Whereas,\V. 'I'. Hubbard has
inade suit to mo to grant him Lot
tors ol' Administr?t ion ol' the Estate
ut' and Effects ut' Mrs. Alice C. 1-in
slondt, Deceased
These tire, therefore, to elle ami i
admonish all and singular ibo kin- !
??roil and creditors of tho said Mrs.
Alieo C. hillstead!. Deceased, that
they be and appear before mo, in tho
Court of Probate, to he held at Wal
halla Court House, South Carolina,
on Friday, the li 1st day ol' April, j
15)22, after publication hereof, at ll
o'clock In thc forenoon, to show
cause, if any they have, why tho said
Administration should not be grant
Given under my hand and seal this
6th day of April, A. D. 1022.
Judgo of Probate for Oconee Co., 3.C.
Published on tho 12th and 19th
days of April, 192 2, in Tho Koo woo
Courier, and on the Court House
door for tho time proscribed by law.
April 12, 1922. 1 5-16
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
.I* J. R. EA HI iE, .J.
?I? Attorney-nt-Law, ?J.
.j. WALHALLA, S. C. .J.
?J? State ?Si Federal Court Pracitcc. ?J?
* * * * * * * * * * * * 4* *
.I* *
.J. E. Ii. II ER N DON, 4.
-I* Attorncy-at-La\v, ?J?
.j? Phono No. Ol, Walhalla, S. C..J.
4* 4?
?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j. ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j?
4? J. P. Caroy, J. W. Sholor, *
?J. Plckons, S. C. W. C. Hughs,
?J? Attorneys and Counsellors, ?J?
.J? WALHALLA, S. C. .!.
?I- State & Federal Court Pracitco. ?J.
?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?|? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J?
* ' 4?
?J. W. H. WHITE, .J.
?J. v LAWYER, 4*
?j? WALHALLA, S. C. 4.
4* 4
* * * * 4.4. 4. * * 4. * 4. 4. *
Austin Bldg. - Seneca, S. C.
* * 4? 4? * 4? * 4* 4? 4? 4? 4* 4* *
Walhalla, S. C., March 28, 1922.
Tho following described property,
solzed from G. W. Wllbanks under
warrant for distraint for non-pay
ment of assessed taxes duo, will bc
sold as provided by Sestlon 3197,
Rovised Statutes, at public auction,
WEDNESDAY, April 10, 1922, In
front of thc Court House door, Wal
halla, S. C., nt 10 o'clock A. M.! -
Ono tract of land, known as tho
homo place, containing 200 acres,
moro or less, and purchased from W.
J, Duffle by G. W. Wllbanks, situated
on Cedar Creek, Ropor's and Long
Ko d, branches of Changa dtlvor.
Also, that certain tract of land
situated on Bono Camp Crook, wa
tors of Changa, bounded by lands
of Clem Wllbanks, V. P. Martin, Ed
ward Callas and others, containing
115 ncros, moro or less, and pur
chased from J. S. Callas by G. W.
Wilban ks.
Also, tract of land on Sawyer's
Branch, of Pono Camp Crock, waters
of Changa, adjoining tract above de
scribed, lands of Batate of A. A.
Howland, Sam Wllbanks and others,
containing 100 acres, moro or less,
and recorded In Dook of Deeds
D-6G6, pago O. Pl. ID8-KI<\ P. 3 ld,
In tho omeo of the Clerk of Court for
Oconeo County, at Walhalla, S. C.
Doputy Collector.
April 6, 1922. 14-1G
?r Chance
f>0 For
OV Both
For 12 Months
vorth Combination
Irder yours now.
"After the birth of my
baby I had a back-set,"
writes Mrs. Atattie Cross
white, of Glade Spring,
Va. "1 was very ill;
thought 1 was going io
die. I was so weak I
couldn't raise my head to
get a drink of water. 1
took . . . medicine, yet I
didn't get any better. I
was constipated and very
weak, getting worse and
worse. I sent for Ca. dui."
The Woman's Tonic
"i iouud after one bot
tle of Cardui I was im
proving," adds Mrs.
Crosswhite. "Six bot
tles of Cardui and ... 1
was cured, yes, I can say
they were a God-send to
me. 1 believe I would
have died, had it not been
for Cardui." Cardui has
been found beneficial in
many thousands of other
cases of womanly trou
bles. If you feel the need
of a good, strengthen
ing tonic, why not try
Cardui ? It may be Just
what you need.
and Metal Shingles.
HAN Mm d?ooBf
Walhalla, S. C.
Walhalla, S. C., March 28, 1022.
Tho following described proporty,
seized from Elijah and Edgar and
C. E. Alexandor, under warrant of
distraint for non-payment of taxos
assossed against them, will bo sold
as provided under Section 3107, Re
vised Statutes, nt public auction, on
WEDNESDAY, April 19th, 1922, at
ten o'clock A. M., in front of the
Court House, Walhalla, S. C.: -
Ono (1) tract of land, containing
189 acres, moro or loss, purchased
by Elijah Alexander from lt. T.
.Inynos, J. IL Darby, .U' u Frank and
others, known as Tracts 13 and 14
of tho Sitton lands, und situated near
Salem I?. O., In Koowoo Township,
Oconee County, South Carolina, and
recorded In tho Dook of Doods lu
the olllce of tho Clerk of Court for
Coonee County, at. Walhalla, S. C.
Also, ono tract of land, containing
r. i narcs, more or less, purchased by
Edgar Alexander, and adjoining tho
nbovo tract.
Deputy Colloctor.
April 5, 1922. 14-16

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