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New Series No. 940. - Volume LXXL - No. K.
The Keowee Cou:
to be to the best
contract for its Sa
tract. THE T
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Peanut Meal
$1.85 per sack,
for cows and ho;
*At the price
meal you can ms
ing by feeding I
The analysis is
>JZ? It Pays to B
Youngsters Enjoy Easter Party-Tho
ladies Busy With Club Work.
Westminster, H.F.D., April 22.
Special: Tho grown-ups have parties
quite often everywhere, and enjoy
thom to tho fullest, but tho little
folks of our neighborhood had their
cups of happiness simply overflowing
Saturday afternoon when little .Miss
Margaret Mitchell entertained with
an Baster party celebrating her fifth
birthday. She received ber guests on
tho lawn, and immediately thc fes
tivities began. It was indeed a most
beautiful sight to soe about LT) little
folks romping over tho spacious
lawn, playing gaines dear to tho
hearts of childhood, swinging in Ibo
shndo of tho trees and bunting eggs
everywhere. Aller thal carno tho
funniest par! of all. They had an
impromptu stunt party of all their
own. Wo wore again carried back to
tbo days of yore when we, too, wore
"kids," and Celt proud of ourselves;
when wo, too, said, with proper
rythm, "I had a little dog. bis name
was Rover; when he died he died all
over." All of this was saving tho
host for tho last, when Mrs. Mitchell
invited them to tho dining room,
whoro tho tables wore lovely in their
Eastor appointments of rabbits and
eggs, and tho usual cake, lighted
with tho mellow light of five little
candles. Here they wore treated with
delicious refreshments, consisting of
ice cream and cake.
Mesdames Mary Cromor, of the
Ford community; Lonnie Prater, of
Townvlllo; Fant Marett and Owen
Campbell, of Anderson, wero recent
guests of Mrs. R. P, Harris.
Mrs. W. N. Glymph was hostess to
tho Ladies' Auxiliary at tho rogular
meeting on April 15. At the close
of rho program delicious rofrosh
mentS were served. .
On Friday afternoon Mrs. T. A.
Durham delightfully entertained tho
Home Demonstration Club. The sub
ject for ibo afternoon was "Poultry,"
and our Stato agent, Miss Atkinson,
gave a very instructivo and, highly
appreciated talk on this subject. Sho
was accompanied by Miss Rthol
Counts, our County Agent, and wo
wero indeed glad to have thom. Tho
bad roads of Oconeo had kopt Miss
Counts from coming for the past fow
months, and it was a great pleasuro
to havo lier with us again. After tho
meeting of tho Poultry Association,
tho following program was carried
Song-'Rattle Hymn of tho Repub
.Rending, Romeo and Juliet-Mrs.
T. U. Mitchell.
Instrumental solo Mrs. T. A.
Gardening Notos-Mrs. L. B. Mar
Essay, lOastor-Mrs. L.M. Glymph.
During tho social linn, tho host
ess, nsslstod hy Mrs. M. G. Glymph,
sorvod a delicious ?wont ocurso.
Tho May mooting will bo hold with
Mrs. I4. B. Marott.
Rev. Mr. Elliott, of Long Crook,
proachod an ablo sermon to a largo
congregation at Bcavcrdam last Sun
day morning.
$ ? ? w ? ? ? # ? ? ? ? %
viet Heartily Endor
interest of both Pr<
le by Co-operative
in iOO-lb Sacks,
A good Feed
of cotton seed
ike quite a sav
^anut Meal.
Protein . . . .28
1. Gaukn?ght,
.LA, S. C.
xiy for Cash. JZ/JZ?
Gilman Thompson, of Greenville,
and Miss Mary Thompson," of'West
minster, were guests of Mr. aud Mrs.
J. L. Sheldon rocontly.
Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell and
family, of Lavonia, Ga., and Mr. and
Mrs. Gordon Waters, of Toccoa, Ga.,
spent Raster with Mr. and Mrs. T.
U. Mitchell.
B. N. Singleton spent the week
end with homefolks in Westminster.
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Walhalla D?mocratie Club
mot in the Court House nt 3 p. m.,
with \V. L. N'orner as chairman and
M. H. McDonald, secretary.
A motion was made and carried
that the chairman appoint the dole
gates to tho county convention, amt
Gmt those present bo appointed.
Those present wore: W. L. Ver
nor, M. lt. McDonald, J. W. Shclor,
E. L. Morndon, \v. J. Stripling, J. It.
Earle, Frances Earle, J. M. Moss.
The following additional delegates
were appointed: Miss Addie Tatham,
Mrs. J. M. Darby, Mrs. John A. An
sel, Mrs. C. W. Bauknight, Mrs. Jas.
M. Moss.
J. B. S. Dendy was elected presi
dent of the club.
Executive Committeeman-J. W.
Committee on Enrollment-D. A.
Smith, J. S. Abbott, Sam ai. Snead,
All empowered to fill vacancies.
M. R. McDonald, Secretary.
Tho Salem Democratic Club
mot on April 22d, reorganized and
elected tito following oillcors: W. H.
Talley, president; S. S. Moroney, vico
prosidont; A. C. Whitton, secrotary;
P. L. Green, executive committee
man. Dolegates to county conven
tion- P. W. Whitton, W. L. Little
ton, John Callas, J. L. Talley, M. A.
Moss, B?rry Ch lld ross, Harrison Lit
tleton, C. lt. Abercrombie.
W. di. Talley.
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty NOTE& ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
Poultry Calendar.
This is ono of tho best growing
months of tho year for chicks. Dust
all hons and chicks with good insect
powder. Pay particular attention to
hoad llco that may bo on tho baby
chicks. Provide chick slzo charcoal
and ground bono or moat scrops In
the mash hopper; food when practi
cal. Sour milk should ho fod con
stantly. lt ls a good supplomont for
mont scraps. Furnish plenty o? groon
iv i for ?be chicks. Watch for crows
ano ( Clean summer
quarters nt ou^o. spray house ty kill
vermin. Mako spring cleaning in tho
poultry yard.
Tho Dalry Specialist
will ho in tho county from tho 4 th
to tho 6th of May, giving instruc
ses the Co-operati
DcUicer and Consul
Methods. W
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?*
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty i
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
Jiiisl Days of Marketing Campaign.
Daniel Speaks on Marketing,
Dr. D'. W. Daniel, of Clemson Col
lege, well known throughout the
Hate as u speaker of groat ability,
tas consented to deliver an address
>n Wednesday evening, April 26th,
(thia afternoon,) at S o'clock, in tho
Se.ieca High school auditorium, in
he Interest of tho co-operative cot
ton marketing campaign.
There is perhaps no speaker in
this or adjoining Slates who casts a
greater charm over Iiis hearers than
Dr. Daniel. Those who have heard
!iim know that there is a treat in
store foi" bis audience at all times.
This ls the final meeting; of thc
campaign, and persons all ?vcr tho
county should como to hear lils mes
More Signers to tho Contract.
Additional signers to the co-oper
ative marketing contract last week
include: J. A. McPhail, J. B. Shir
ley, Earle Grant, W. H. Rice, Mrs.
Ellie Harris, W. W. Boarden, 'Hayno
li. Martin, Walker A. Sanders, J. P.
Vaughan, D. J. McMahan, ll. L. Coe,
,1. N. McDonald, Dean Davis, E. M.
Smith, W. H. Lynch, .1. A. Sloan, D.
E. Nicholson, B. S. Nichols, M. L.
Land, E. M. Gambroll, J. H. Addis,
Dr. B. P. Sloan, James Phinney, C.
H. Whltmiro, J. L. Duckworth, Ennis
E. Abbott, E. M. Morgan, L. A. Tay
lor, G. L. Addis, J. R. Peay_,....
One hundred and" forty of the lead
ing farmers of Oconeo have signed.
Those wishing to sign can got con
tracts at the banks. THIS IS THE
paign closes this woek. ACT NOW.
Final Days nt Hand.
The campaign for signatures will
and with the last of April, which will
!)o saturday night of this week. The
campaign in the State has assumed
cvhlrlwind proportions during the
past week, and tho present week bids
"air to break all records for the rush
lo the dotted lino for cfllcicnl, busi
ness marketing.
All signers are urged to see that
no one is denied a chanco to sign the
ion tract, during these last few days.
Deon,jo's quota will probably be
reached this week with tho good
work of the signers, all of whom will
liave active charge of the sign-up all
iver the county these final days of
ibo campaign. Contracts are at the
lian ks.
All signers are urged to do their
Tull duty In getting more signers to
tho contract and putting Oconee
across in great stylo.
The. hearty co-operation of thc
business men will ho of great assist
ance in tho success of this cam
paign, and their full assistance is
Help push Oconeo over tho top
with the other successful counties.
(M i M vb aboard, men, for prosperity!
Tho entire South is looking at us
and believes wo shall not fall.
Bee Meetings Scheduled.
Tho bee-keeping specialist, E. S.
Provost, of donison College, will bo
In tho county for a series of demon
strations in transferring boos to
modern hives and other kinds of
work with hoes at the following
meetings next week:
Monday, May 1st, at 2 p. m.-Geo.
Mt. Ansel's, Walhalla.
Tuesday, May 2d, at 10 a. m.-lt.
P\ Lowlo's, Cross Roads.
Same dato, at 2 p. m.-illopkin's
Vineyard, near Seneca.
Wednesday, May 3d, at 10 a. m.
L. P. Rankin's, Bounty Land.
Same date, 2.30 p. m.-Earle Low
ry's, Shiloh. I
Every ono ls Invited.
Geo. R. Briggs,
County Agent.
IVcll Known Baptist Minister Dead.
(Richmond, Va., April 23.-Rev.
las. M. McManaway, D. D., one of
die host known Bapti.it mlnlstors in
dio South and Middle West, died
Hore this aftornoon. Dr. McManaway
Had hold pastorates in Virginia and
Mortli Carolina, Georgia and Missou
ri, and was an associate editor of tho
lonominational papers in tho Middlo
West. Ho was born m Bedford coun
ty, Virginia, in 1855, and was an al
imntis of Richmond College nn/i o?
Louisville Theological Sominary.
lions in scoring and standardizing
butter. Will be glad to hear from
iny communities that are interested,
Ethel L. Counts,
County Home Dom. Agent.
Wt Cotton Marke
tiler. If we ha<
r? believe every (
wm & ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
fi ? -
Last Days of tho Work In ?his State
, Deluging (.ratifying Results.
Columbia. April 2-1.-South Caro
lina is in the throes of tho closing
stages of one of the greatest cam
paigns ever waged in tho history of
tho. State, and which promises, be
fore the end of tho week, to result
in;pno of tho greatest victories over
recorded in tho Stato. The campaign
lo Sign up 400,000 bales of cotton
by [May 1, to bo sold through the
South Carolina Cotton (?rowers' Co
opera live Association, which has
boen in progress since last August, is
closing amidst scenes of the greatest
enthusiasm almost everywhere in
tho Stale-scenes that have never
been equalled in some sections, not
even during tho famous war drives.
Victory in the drive ls declared hy
the leaders to be alpiost cortain, but
taking no chances on the final out
come, the workers aro out in the
field day and night, pushing tho
fight every minute.- Over 150,000
bales of cotton were signed in tho
last two weeks, and this week is ex
pected to see all records smashed.
Hundreds of fnrmers who had been
debating the matter ever sin co the
beginning of the campaign signed up
lastjWeek, and several hundred, moro
aro expected to sign this week. In
ythc drive is beginning to as
tho proportions of a landslido.
Dinkers and business men, be
lieving that the co-operative mar
keting of the State's principal .crop
[mean more tor the future wol
>J! tho State than anything that
^hJ^^Jp^po^ed^^axA. out in the
actively at work. Many loading
business men of tho State have al
most df .'ted their placos of busi
ness th' week and are giving their
full th ' ?> the prosecution of the
"Wo aro on tho very ovo of the
greatest victory ever won in South
Carolina," declared Harry G. Kam
iner, president of the association,
to-day. "Tho farmers of the State
are signing a new declaration of in
dependence. They arc going to have
a say-so in the price of their cotton.
We expect every county in the State
to go over tho top. Wo do not bo
liQVc wo shall bo disappointed."
Korry's Candidato Won HU? Honors
this Year-Delightful Occasion.
Thoro aro many in Oconce who
will be interested in knowing who
won as Queen of Palmafesta in Co
lumbia last week. We clip this item
form Tho Stato regarding the event:
Palmafesta Queen Crowned.
"Robed in a gown of Oriental
splendor, and attended'by tho fair
est of the fair of the youth of South
Carolina, Miss Floramao 'Holliday, of
Calivant's Ferry, illorry county, was
last night crowned Queen of Palma
festa of 1922, and so pronounced
tho most beautiful woman in a Stato
renowned for tho 'gallantry and
courage of its men and tho beauty
and charm of Rs women.'
"The coronation ceremony was in
vested with all tho pomp and dignity
common to tho days when knight
hood was in flower, and had some
knights from tho Court of King Ar
Ihus, clad in armor, stepped Into tho
auditorium at tho steel building
when tho gentle maldon of Worry
county was ascending her throne, ho
would have folt that the old days
had indeed returned, and ho would
have boon happy to have paid hom
age to so fair a sovereign.
"The ceremony in sheer stateliness
and beauty of sottiiig surpassed any
thing of the kind seen in South Caro
lina in many years, and was witness
ed by a throng that literally packed
Hie auditorium to tho doors. An
hour bofore tho ceremony was sched
uled to begin practically overy scat
In thc house was taken, and mon and
women were beginning to seek thoso
places where they could stand and
seo tho Queen of Palmafesta rocoivo
thc homage of her subjects. So great
was the attendance that thero were
hundreds who wore unablo even to
enter the auditorium, and in order
to glvo all Palmafesta visitors an
opportunity to seo so beautiful a cer
emony it was announced last ovon
ing that the coronation would bo re
peated to-night."
Rich' nd Club to Moot April 20.
iFor the purpose of reorganizing
and oloctlng del?galas to the county
convention, the Richland Democratic
Club ls called to moot at Richland
Academy on Saturday, April 29th, at
5 o'clock p. m. J. D. McMahan,
ting Movement.
1 Cotton to sell w<
)conee farmer shoi
$ ? f ? 0 ? ? M ? ? : $ ?
I Don't G
with your Spring plowii
have several good used
ments which can be bou
good mule. At this prie
for itself within the first
For those who desii
Harrowing done within
halla. I will be glad to d
rowing or terracing f
charge an acre or by the
"Oldsmobile 5
Road Tliis-It May Result in Saving
Sonic Lifo and Some Soul.
Tho writer was awfully shocked a :
few days ago when* ho learned from j
a reliable source that there were only i
three"" (3T, persrfns In Oconee county
who aro contributing regularly to
tiio Near East Relief.
The question conies to my mind,
What is the cause of this indiffer
ence? And tho answer, We are all
thinking too much of ourselves, our
social enjoyment, our luxuries, our ,
business prospects,, our anxieties of j
various kinds, to entertain a serious .
thought for EVEN THE STARVING.
Friends of Oconee, let's stop and
think seriously for a moment, Just
Uko we wore at tho Judgment Bar*"
of God-and jift as sure as the
Word of Cod is true wo will have to
face these people there.
When we gather those near and
dear to us around the family table,
spread with substantial, sustaining
food, may tho Lord help us to think
of Ills little ones who are STARV
When we lay ourselves down al
night on comfortable beds for rest,
may tho Lord help us to remember
His little ones who aro in rags and
havo not even a shelter to protect
them from exposure.
When wo awake In the morning
and "lind "all ls well," and we look
out upon a promising, peaceful coun
try, may the Lord help us to think
of His little one3 who aro homoless,
without evon a ray of hope for the
future except as lt comes from the
friends of tho Lord Jesus Christ.
Somo of us can do nothing; some
can do but little; otb ora can do
more. However, lot all who can,
come to tho rescue. Wo will feel bet
ter when wo have discharged this
duty-and every day it is TOO LATE
FOR SOME of thom, and the oppor
tunity for us, so far as they aro con
cerned, ls sealed!
Send your gifts to Miss Addle Ta
tham, county chairman, at Walhalla.
Wilton R. Earle Dead.
(Anderson Mail, April 2 1.)
Wilton lt. Earle, 37 years of age,
son of tho late Proston Earle, and
formerly in business In Anderson,
but for tho past sovoral years a far
mer of Townvlllo, died Saturday af
ternoon at tho homo of his brother.
Ellas Earle, a resident of near doni
son Collogo. Mr. Earle had gono to
tho home of his brother for a short
visit, and while there was taken ill
with influenza,which went into pneu
monia, from which ho died.
Tho funoral was hold Sunday af
ternoon at 3 o'clock, and Interment
was made at Silver Brook comotory.
Tho' deceasod ls survived by his
wlfo and ono child, and a sister, Mr?.
Lowry, of near Soneca; one brothor,
Elias Earle, of near Clemson College.
Mr. Earle will bo remembered In
Anderson, for sovoral yoars ago ho
was ongagod In tho automobile busi
ness In this city. Lator he went to
I Townvlllo. nnfi ?or th? past ecvcviil
years had boen engaged in farming.
Tho above notice of tho death of
Mr. Earle will bo read with deep re
gret by many friends In Oconee. He
and his brother were known a few
yoars ago as among tho'most exten
sive and aggressive {armers of the
i We believe it
e would sign the
lld sigh the con
et Amy
ng and narrowin]
Tractors with it
ght at thc price
:e a Tractor will pay
re to have Plowing or
the vicinity of Wal
to your plowing, har
or you at a nominal
; hour.
a, S. C.
ets the Pace."
Let's Figure?
Carload Frosh Comont. j
Carload Limo.
Carload Unelo Sam Ro-Clcanod
Oats to sell at right prices.
Oar of Wobber and Columbus
Wagons, High Point Ruggios,
Harness, Stalk Cutters, Disc
Hm rows, tho Old Genuine "Oli
ver" Plows and Repairs.
All I ask is that you como and
let ino show you. My prices aro
away down. t
It will bo n pleasure to lill your
Remembert Brown 'Has it or
Brown Gets It!
W. M. Brown,
Reckless Auto Driver Smashes Into
Buggy, Causing Death-Xo Clue.
Rock Hill, April 23.-Frod Hutch
ison, aged C5, unmarried, who re
8idod in tho India 'Hook community,
eight miles from tho city, was almost
instantly killed last night when his
buggy was struck by an automobllo
driven by unidentified persons. Tho
accidont occurred on Oakland Avo.,
near Winthrop Collogo. A man driv
ing n Ford car was seen to strike fho
buggy in which Mr, Hutchison was
riding. The car was hacked out and
turned hack toward tho city, no no
tice hoing taken of tho man struck.
The victim was dying when specta
tors rushed to his aid, and ho oxpired
in a few minutes.
Tho coroner's inquost was hold to
day and tho vordict was to tho effect
that Hutchison came to his death as
a result of being hit by an automo
bile driven by a party unknown. Two
negroes woro some distance away
and saw tho collision, but woro not
close enough to recognize tho driver
or car number. Efforts of officers to
secure a clue to tho identity of the
party so far have failed. The buggy
WAS little damaged, one spo:;o 1? a
roar wheel being broken. Ono lishe
of the automobile was broken out by
tho Impact.
Townvlllo seetlon. Tho Courier Joins
with others in extending to tho be
reaved ones sympathy in their sor
Tw- . . .. i .^u?+^JuAtA

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