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Malicious Attack Mudo oil Non-Uniou
Men at Columbia.
Columbia, April 19.-A street car
annnncvi by Motorman 'Bradloy, of
Spnrtanburg, and Conductor Liviug
eton. of .Newberry, was attacked to
night about 9 o'clock in front of Co
lumbia College, about a milo north
of tho city, by an automobile full of
armed men, and the motorman and
conductor woro shot, neither serious
According to the management of !
the Columbia 'Hallway, Gas and Elec
tric Company, the automobile drove
past tho car at a fast rate of speed,
and tho occupants opened h re. Brad
ley was shot In tho hip and In tho '?
knee, and a bullet grazed tho leg of !
Livingston. Bradley was takon to a
local hospital and Livingston re
mnined at work. Tho motorman a jul
tho conductor and State Officer WU- j
liam Dnrrough, who was riding on
the car for its protection, opened fire
on tho automobile, bul the car was
going too fast for their shots to be
efff :tivo, they thought. The Winches- ';
ter carried on tho car, they stated, j
jammed, othorwlse they believe they j
could have shot one or moro of tho ,
two or throe occupants of tho auto
Livingston and Bradley took tho
places of striking street car men |
when the company commenced tho
operation of its cars several weeks
ago. This is the first attack made
on tho cars since they commenced
operating under non-union condi
tions. Police protection has hoon af
forded them continuously by tho
Stale, county and city. County au
thorities believe they know the men
who were in tho automobile-a tour
ing ear-and arrests aro expected In !
a short time.
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurl a bl tl Drop n little
"Freezono" on an aching corn, In
^ elantly that corn slops hurting, then
shortly you lift it right off with
lingers. Truly:
.Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of
"Freezone" for a few cents, su (Ucl ont
to removo every lu:rd corn, soft corn
or corn between tho toes, and tho
calluses, without soreness or Irrita
Mother and Children Dio in Fire.
(New York, April 20.-A mother
and two children who wore spending
their first night In their new homo,
wero burned to death early Tuesday
when Uro swept the apartment house
tc which they had Just moved. The
superintendent was unaware that
they were in the building, and after
arousing four other families believed
all were safe. 'Later three charred
bodies were found In tho debris.
Mrs. Florenco Helms, 211 years of
age; Harold, 5, and Florence, 3, wero
tho victims. Mrs. Helms on Monday
moved a bed Into tho otherwise un
furnished apartment lu anticipation
of later moving in tho rest of her fur
California's 1921 melon crop was
shipped in 200 train loads, 50 cars
to tho train-a total of 100 miles of
Como to Blows Behind Scones nt tlio
Local Campaign Meeting.
Columbia, April 19.-Tho munici
pal campaign waged in Columbia for
tho past several months roached Its
climax at tho conclusion of the meet
ing hore to-night whon Commissioner
William A. Coleman, prosldont of the
Merchants' ?auk, and John W. Rich
ardson, former chief of police, candi
datos for mayor, engaged in a per
sonal encounter behind the scenes at
the Columbia Theatre, where the
speaking was held. During the course
of his speech attacking tho candidacy
of Commissioner Coleman, Mr. Rich
ardson, roferring to tho former, said
that ho "thanked God I haven't got
a brother-in-law in tho penitentiary
for stealing and another Jailed for
passing hum checks." This remark
was occasioned by tho chargo that
willie Mr. 'Richardson was chief of
police tho Jail was robbed of some
$00, and Mr. Richardson retorted
that, it occurred while bo, as chief of
police, was at Jacksonville arresting
a brother-in-law of Commissioner
Coleman, charged with robbing tho
city of some $20,000 while assistant
clerk and treasurer, and for which ho
was later convicted and sentenced to
a torin in tho State penitentiary.
After the conclusion of Mr. Rich
ardson's speech, according to eye
witnesses, Mr. Coleman approached
tho former chief and askod what he
meant by defaming Mr. Coleman's
relativos, and Mr. Richardson morely
smiled. Then Mr. Coleman, they say,
bl'; Mr. Richardson, and blows were
exchanged. Tho two mon wore sep
arated by State Constable Tom Ber
Tho Quinine That Doos Not Affect tho Head
Decnuse of Ita tonic mut laxative effect, LAXA
TIV)', ll ROMO OtUNlN'K isticUci '.han ordinary
Quinine and docs not cause ncr volumes' nor
riuRliiK bi head. Remember the lull name and
look tor the signature ol E. W. GROVE. 30c.
Spanish Green Olive,
Beet and Potato Salad
A salad hears the same relatio;
to your dinner as a hat does to
your costume A piece of half-ripe
tomato dropped carelessly on a leal
of lettuce and served as a salad
will detract from a dinner no mat
ter how attractive and tasty the
remaining courses may be. So
many now yet simple salads are
being composed / constantly that
thero is no excuse for neglecting
this feature of your dinner. Here
is one that will appeal: ,
Cut cold boiled potatoes inte
cubes and to two cups add ont
small onion grated, a half pint bot.
tlo of green olives cut in rings, a
teaspoon of capers, and one pickle;!
beet also cut in rings with small
vegctablo cutter. Mix lightly
tak'iig caro not to break the olive
and beet rings, and serve in let
tuco hearts with boiled or French
Rural Carriers to Cather Crop Data.
Washington, April 20-'Utilization
of the services of rural letter carriers
fer gathoring crop data and other
agricultural statistics was authorized
to-day by Postmaster General Work.
"The Postofhce Department real
izes," tho Postmaster General says,
"that tho services of rural carriers
could render would bo of tremend
ous value to agricultural interests of
the country, and wo would be heart
ily glad to have them co-operate with
tho Agrlcullural Dopartment by serv
ing as crop reporters.
It ls understood that tho filling
out of tho blanks requires but a few
moments each month, so that work
of great importance and interest
could bo performed with tho expen
diture of but little time, and without
interference with postal duties of tho
The average person consumes five
and a half pounds of food and drink
eleven cigarettes
Titree Friendly
that fits the pocket
Its the pocket-book
.C?f blend of
i and BURLEY Tobaccos
HE m
"Hereafter th?
W 30x3'/2 'Uscc
r The lowest prie
F a tire of quality
j? standard perform
+ *
And now, witli
Spring, there see
number of "Ne
^ j tires" coming int
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what there cati
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fer It can't be tlu
Y_ "Usco" establi
Y months ago.
Nor quality i
standard perform
more than one fu
new tire to dew
it stands ia qual
* *
IF I With so many t
71 ing into this $10.
Y I United States Tire:
r I or? Good Tires
7 I Copyright
r! . 1922
ll U.S. Tire Co.
Where You
Can Buy
U. S. Tires:
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Oconeo Crock School.
Following is tho honor roll of Oco
noo Creek school for tho month ond
irg April 7 th:
(First Grnde-Katie Bell Orr, Jas.
Owens, Inez Herring, E. J. Rogers,
Jr., Vernor 'Hughes, Elnora 'Rogers,
Annie Nichols, Ralph Kennemoro.
Second 'Grade - Idelle Hughes,
Freddie Morgan.
Alma Alexander, Teacher.
Third Grade - Viola Kennemoro,
Willie Powell.
Fourth Grade-Rossie Owens and
Joyce Hughos and Gladys Taylor.
Fifth Grado - Carl Taylor, Leo
Bell, Evalin? Hall, Pearle Kenne
moro. Eunyce R. Beatty,
Sixth Grade - Edd Boll, Blanch
Hughes, Bruco Murphree, Nannie
Orr, Eula Rogers.
Seventh Grade-Clifton Addis, Eva
Addis, ?Lent Hall, Eunice Johnson,
Ressie Morgan; 'Ernest Murphree,
Richmond Owens, Annio Rogers, Va
die Sherman, Georgo Taylor.
Eighth Grade-Irona Hall, Eugene
Johnson, Ernest Powell, Annio Ad
.Ninth Grade-"Robert Boll.
Annio E. Cason, Principal.
Habitua! Constipation Cured
In 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
I should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to Induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per bottle.
Pound Dead Body Near Railway.
Augusta, Ga., April 18.-Tho body
o? a young whito man, whoso name,
according to army discharge papors
111 his pockets, is David H. Mills, was
found early to-day besido a Southern
railway track three milos from hore.
Tko hoad, left arm and two toes wero
completely sovorod from tho body by
ino i ruin, and an investigation re
vealed what appeared to bo a knifo
wound botweon tho neck and right
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t to este
akers of U? S.
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uncement last
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tn to be quite a
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e wondering just
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ance-fo t i t take s
LII season for any
nonstrate where
ity and value
ires rus h
90 price
field (now that
ises business fr<
car-owner), it is
ing that "Usco'
faith by annot
last fall?
The same in
has made "Uscc
for years.
The "Usco" 1
better than it is
its established
time-tested pcrf
audits price clo
tired i i tune wit
Thc Oldest and Larg
Rubber Organiialiuti in ti
indications Point Strongly to Guilty
Intent of Proprietor.
Augusta, Ga., April 19.-A formal
charge of arson was made by tho po
lico authorities yesterday against 13.
Grablowsky, who was arrested short
ly after midnight in connection with
an attempt to burn his store. Local
insurance companies admit that his
stock was insured, but decline to di
vulgo the amount. 'Grablowsky has
been released on bond of $2,000.
Piro nt 1 O'cloc'l In Morning.
Tho Are in the Grablowsky placo
was discovered at 1 o'clock yester
day morning, and tho alleged subse
quent Anding of clothing and rags
soaked with oil resulted In Grablow
sky, proprietor of the store, at 1106
"Broad street, being hold hy the au
thorities for further investigation.
Quick work on tho part of tho Aro
department checked tho Aro before
any material damago resulted. As
sistant Fire Chief Battle said this
morning that tho Aromen found a
table piled high with children's cloth
ing and saturated with gasoline, a
clothes rack Ailed with coats sprink
led with gasoline, and boxes of loose
paper scattered in different parts of
tho store.
Grablowsky was soon by offlcors
at tho scene of the (Aro, and after
questioning the proprlotor he was
placed under arrest. A family lives
over tho store, and offlcers say they
woro all apparently asleep at the
timo of the fire.
No charge has boen preferred
against Grablowsky so far, but ho
was held in custody until investiga
tion was made, which resulted in se
curing damaging ovldenco against
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund money if PAZO OINTMENT falls
to euro Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Plica.
Instontly rollovcB Itching IMIos. ond you con get
restful sleep ofter tho first ODpllcotlon. IV leo 60c.
.--* -^ . ^
Wind Carries Girl Out of Red.
Centralia, 111., April 18->A daugh
ter of Valontino Schosslor was car
ried out of her bed and ? mile away
by tho tornado yeslerday, it was as
certained from reports received to
day. She was found with hor back
broken and was takon V a hospital,
whore, it was stated, ?ho will die.
J?bber Company
rc /ForW
N, -
. WalnoIIa, S. C.
West Union, S. C.
_. .J
From Terrific Explosion Near Salon
ika-Children ami Soldiers Perish.
Athens, Groeco, April 20.-Advices
from Salonika to-day report groat
loss of life as a result of an explo
sion of war matorial stored 200 me
ters from tho Salonika railway sta
tion. Hundreds of chlldrou wore bur
ied in the ruins of a church on which
shells fell, and it was believed 1,800
soldiers were burled in the ruins of
their barracks, which were demolish
ed, the advices state.
The disaster occurred at noon yes
terday. Details of the damage and
the number of victims aro lacking,
but tho dispatch recQivod here said it
j was known that tho death toll was
vory large.
Tho soldiers wore having dinner
when their barracks wore destroyed,
and a largo number aro known to
hnvo boon killed. Tho railway station
was also demolished. Fires Immedi
ately broke out in sovcral places, and
tho inhabitants fled in panic, as the
entire town was ondangord.
(Tho similarity of tho forogoing
dispatch to on? from Belgrade yes
terday, which reported an explosion
at Monastir, in the southern part of
Old Serbia, when an ammunition
dump blow up, makes it seem possi
ble that both relate to tho same dis
aster. Monastir is about 80 miles to
the northwest of Salonika.)
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
cause. There ls only one "Bromo Quinine." E.W,
GROVE'S signature on tho box. 30c
Marble Floor Finish
Are the FLOORS the
"Jarring Notes" in the
harmony of your home?
?"POSSIBLY some of your other?
A wise beautiful rooms are spoiled
hy dull, worn, shabby floors.
For appearance, und for protection
as well, coat them with Devoe Marble
Floor Piniah Varnish.
It fills the tiny pores and keeps dust
and germs out of the wood. Its
toughness protects the fibres from
wear; and its glowing lustre enriches
the decorative scheme.
Devoe Products are time-tested .and
proven.backed by the 168years'experi?
?nee of the oldest paint manufacturing
concern in the U.S.j Founded 1754.
Walhalla, S. C.

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