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(Established 1 H tl), )
?>ubllsiied Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Year .$?.00
Bix Months .5?5
Three Moults.30
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Ry Stock, Shoior, Hughs At Sholor.
Communications or a personal
character charged for os advertise
Obituary notices, card? of thanks
and tributes of respect, either by
individuals, lodges o?* churchos, aro
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of otto cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such :
notices will bo marked "Adv." tn
conformity with Federal ruling on
puch matters.
WA Ld IA Id iA, S. C.
Again tho call ot' alarm comos to
America t<> save tho lives ol Chris
tians overseas--Arm on ians who have
followed fer gonorations the teach
in!;;; of the Saviour, and have suf
fered persecution for as many gen-;
orations for their faith in Him whom
we PROFESS 'o follow. How many
of i's. though, are following AFAR
O F F '.' How many of us would DIE
FOR THF. FAITH ? How many of us.
as these stalwart-hearted people'
hnvo done day after day, year after
year, generation after generation,
would follow IX ll IS STEPS, and
suffer for it. rather than deny the
Lord of Ilea veti and Garth? How
many of us, pampered, selllsh, care
less and thoughtless - nominally
Christi ms, hui NOT CHRISTIANS
\T Al li would lon}- since hnvo de
nied Him with oaths and said, "l
i.. '? r km w Him," rather than suffer
shat fiad degradation, privations
a ad even starvation ?
those and more-base been
suffered by tho Armenians and oilier
M [dos Ol' the Xi>.ir Gasl. Wo!! may
they lui koa to ir for help we of
1; r . .... ins a nd LITTLE FAITH!
They have received much from us, it
i.< true. We have done something;
we "May even say that wo have done
inch. Rut h ive we "none what wo
Ollld"? Have we gone the limit of
ur ability.' '.lave? wo given In pro
ortlon to tho tenacity with which
1080 "'"'jilos have held to tho faith
f their falliera -the faith wo PRO-1
ESS? Verily not. Else there would
3 no misery, no want, no starvation
Hiking boldy through a devastated
?tl ll try overseas, claiming hundreds
id thousands of victims as tho re
A ! 'FI I that, t bough the body may
irish, is A BL 13 TO SAVE the soul.
I liding far botter than we who hold
irselves hp as the most intelligent
the peoples of thc earth? Thc
Mueuians eau teach ns Christianity
ve doubt if WO Americans have
I . mina and manhood lo learn
Christianity and practice Christian
ity as tho Armenians hnvo-drink
ing deep of the cup of bitterness and
migth substitute tho word "wo" for
tho Saviour's words and character
ize ou rsi Ives as "WE OF LITTb-E
But it is not necessary for ns lo
try to call ourselves to the task of
looking into our lives and activities, j
We direct tho attention to an andie'
elsewhere in this issue signed by ;
Reader. There is a sinniger appeal
than we eau make-a stronger ap
peal from a stronger Christ ian-we j
might better put it. "a stronger ap-!
peal from a Christian," for we hap
pon lo know thal tho writer has been
doing, is doing now. and will con
tinue to do, not only for thc Armen
nos, but for others also. We feel |
safe In saying (hat if we had all
done as "Reader" has done there1
would be no suffering in stricken Ar- !
monia to-day. Read what "Reader"
lins to say, and make a contribution 1
to the noblo work that is being car-!
ried on In tho interest of these starv
ing millions.
We have heretofore received tho
contributions of Oconee people for
this worthy cause, and we are going
to open our columns again in this
cause. Send any contribution you
can to The Courier, and it will bc
acknowledged and turned over to
Miss Tatham for the Near East Re
lief. The call is urgent. Wo need to
be awakened to tho seriousness of
the situation -and to our duty.
We acknowlodgo the following as
.a beginning of what we hope may be
come a very substantial contribution
from Oconee:
The Courier .$10.00
Anonymous. 5.00
A Helper. ?.00
Total to start list.$20.00
'Who will bo the next?
The other day, in talking to one of
our farmer friends concerning the
signing of a contract for tho salo of
his cotton under the co-operative salo
method, ho asked us, "Why should I
.sign away my cotton? 1 prefer to do
vis J plcaso with it."
And this was . good farmer, loo.
He was just mistaken-ho misunder
stood tho situation and did not grasp
tho full meaning and pur poso of this
co-operative selling movement.
And Wo scarcely blaine him for his
attitude. AU those years he bas been
helpless when it came lo Kelling ins
cotton, Ho has sold at prices that
were far below the actual worth of
the staple. He bad (o soil it at what
he could get for it regardless of its
commercial value. And ho has como
:.o regard everybody who approaches
him in regard to cotton as a person
seeking to got his money crop for
less than it is worth. Ho lias lost
I confidence in his fellow-man-and
i by no means without cause. Ho re
gards tho man who talks co-opera
tive selling as ono of thoso wiio aro
out to "?lo him good" and proper,
; instead of ono seeking to impress
upon bim tho fact that the co-opera
tive plan of marketing is hoing ad
, voca ted by real friends of the farmer
; in order that real and lasting good
I may be done for him.
? And that is about all the differ
j once (lune is between tim old system
i of selling and tim now co-operative
[system-tho old system made it pos
sible for the buyer and speculator to
I "do you good," whilo tho now sys
? tem makes it possible for you and
I your fellow-farmers to co-operato for
the common good of all. That's tho
I only difference, and it is all tho dif
ference in tho world; as much differ
ence as between good and ovil; as
between night and day; as between
right and wrong; as between good
judgment and absolute folly.
There are but a few days left to
think over this co-operative selling
proposition, Think fast-and think
right-and before the llrst day of
May sholl have dawned upon us your
name will he found subscribed at ibo
rot tom ot* one of tho co-operative
selling contracts, .lust remember that
liiere are but a few days left in which
to join in this groat movement; and;
if next fall yon find yourself selling
your cotton individually at a lower
price than your neighbor who signed
a contract gets for his, you will have
only yourself to blame.
Wo wisli that we had cotton to
sell. If we had, every pound of it
would bo listed for sale by the co
operative method. That is how much
confidence we have in tho system, in
its effectiveness and In its righteous
ness-no more, no tess.
Several from Community Attending
Closing Exorcises nt hong Creek.
Concross, April 24.-Special: Mrs. i
s. M. Ilunslnger is spending a few
I v willi her daughter, Miss Dew
I y. ul Long Creek, having gone last
.-Minday morning. She wa? necom
|i ii id bj lier niece. Miss Jessi o Har
ker, who is spending some time with
.Miss iiettie Derrick. They arc at
tending commencomont oxerciscs
at tin Lout; ? ?reek Academy.
Wc aro lad lo Im ve Miss Nina
Abbott with us again, her school
having closed at. Isnqueena on thc
14til of ( his month,
Misses Mattie and Maude Hesse
and brother Julius spent last Thurs
day with their aunt, Mrs. Maggie
Robins, of Walhalla.
Mr. and Mrs. Matt. Murphreo and
children, of Wolf Stake, and Mr. and
Mrs. Harrison Morgan, of New Hope,
were welcome guests of relatives in
this community recently.
Miss Kva Arve, of Atlanta, is willi
homefolks this week. She is at homo
to attend tho graduating exercises at
Long Creek Academy, her brother,
(His Arve, being ono of those who
will graduate this year. Other mem
bers of tho family also are attending
I he exercises.
Hurt McLain and family, of Oak
way, spent Saturday and Sunday
with his brother, Ben. McDonald, of
ihis community.
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Ridley and j
little boy wore recent visitors at the j
home of Mrs. Ridley's parents. Mr.
and .Mrs. Baxter Keach, of Coneross.
Fred Roach and wife lia ve recently
moved into tho house with Hie for
t's father.
Walter Sheriff and wife and Sam
Dearden, of ?oar?here, spent Friday
and Saturday with their uncle in
Townvllle. The latter is very sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Montgomery,
Miss Toarle Hunslnger, Mr. and Mrs.
Keith Alexander, Miss Winnie Gam
broil, Miss Lethle Barker and bro
ther, J. C., aro leaving this morning
to attend the exercises at tho Bap
tist Academy at Long Creek, which
will take place this morning and
Mrs. Paul Gambroll has closed her
department of the school at Wost
Union, and the West Union people
speak very highly of her good work
this term. Mrs. Gambroll is an effi
cient teacher, having taught a num
ber of years In different schools in
our county, being at that time Miss
Est h a Arve.
Mrs. Thelma Smith, of near West
Union, spent a few days recently in
this community with her friend, Mrs
B. W. Alexander.
Wc were glad to have Messrs. K.
W. Marett, Dixon and Cook, of West
minster, with us at Coneross Sun
day. Tiiey gave very interesting
talks In behalf of thc 75-million cam
? paign.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hesso have
moved into their now home and are
I ready to entertain their friends, but
tho Coneross G. A 's fool compliment
ed to know that they enjoyed the
first feast in their new dining room.
This was on Saturday before Easter.
They were enjoying a fishing and
egg hunt near the Hesso homo and
were invited to spread their eggs
and a lunch they had also brought
along on their table, for which cour
tesy wo heartily thank Mrs. Hesse,
for wo were all glad to have Mrs.
Hesso and Misses Maud and Zadie
Hesse with us while feasting.
Rev. Mr. Willis, of Seneca, was
with us at Coneross at tho Saturday
preaching services and preached a
very interesting and instructivo ser
mon, taking his text from Revela
Paul Barker and sister, Miss Min
nie, were week-end guests of T. D.
i Barker and wife, of Westminster.
Oconeo S.-A. Singing Convention.
The Soml-Annual Singing Convcn
! lion of Oconeo will meet with Return
church on the first Sunday In May,
tho 7th. All good singers and lovers
' of good song are invited to conic and
Join in giving Cod special praise in
prayer and 80ng,
j W. M. Lcmmons, Pros.
I W. E. King, Secy.
Mrs. Y trtlm C. Simmons Dead.
Thora aro many who will learn
with rogrot of the death of Mrs. Mar
nia C. Simmons, widow of Jordan
Simmons, which occurred at her
homo In tho Cross Roads section of
I Oconee last Friday night, April 21st.
Mrs. Simmons was in hor 85th yoar,
j she having celebrated her s ith on
j April Uh. She was born In tho Town
vRlo section April j, 1S ii S, and had
Spent ber entire life in the section
in which she was bojrn. In 1858 she
was happily married to Jordan SI ni
I mons, who died about twonty years
I ago. She was Ibo mothor of nine
i children, six of whom aro still liv
ing, those b 'ing V. W. Simmons, of
I Erlo, Okla.; NV. II. Simmons, Cross
Roads; T..L. Simmons, Westminster;
J. J. Simmons, Cross Roads; Mrs. C.
A. Whitfield and Mrs. D. F. Richard
son, Cross Roads. Ono sister, Mrs.
Emma Thompson, of Anderson coun
ty, also survives.
Mrs. Simmons was a devout and
consecrated Christian, and sho will
long bo remembered by those who
knew her Intimately, for hoi* life
was a benediction to thoso with
whom she came in contact. Sho had
boen a consistent member of the
Townvllle Raptist church for more
tuan sixty years. In her death a goo l
woman has been called to her reward
and there are many who will mourn
the passing of a trite friend and
faithful Christian worker-a doer of
tho Word, and not a hearer only.
On Saturday afternoon last her re
mains were laid to rest in tho come
tery of the Townvllle Baptist church,
tho service being conducted by her
pastor, Rev. Mr. Royd, assisted by
Rev. W. W. Leathers, of Anderson.
?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?j? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J.
* - *
All owners of Dogs in Oeo- ?J?
.J. nee County are notified to get ??<
.I? Dog Tax Tags at once and put ?J?
.J. on dog's. Don't carry tho Tag ?J.
.J. in your pocket. RUT IT ON ?j?
?J. THF 1 >()(*, attached to ("ollar. ?\.
?I* Timo has already passed for ???
.J? these Tags to bo secured and ?J.
pul on the dOgs, so ACT AT ??.>
?J? ONCE. ??.
Special Officer ls now look- ??.
.J. lng np nil UutuggCtf Dogs. Tag
?j? yours to-day and save trouble. ?*.
?.;> Sheriff Oconee Co., S. C. 4*
(Adv.-17-IS.) .j.
?j? ?J? .jv. ?j. ?|? .J. .t. .J. ?j, ?j? ?j,
The regular Spring Examination
fer Teachers will bo held at Walhalla,
at the Court 11 ou so, FRIDAY, May
12th, and SATURDAY, tfay 13th.
The Examination will cover Primary
and (louerai Elementary Licenses
First. Second and Third Grade. The
Examinalton for High School Certifi
cates will be held later.
All applicants are urged to bo pres
ent promptly at 9 o'clock A. M., as
lt takes two full days to complete the
work. Respectfully,
Supt. of Education, Oconee Co.
April 19, 1922. 1 0-1 0
The State of South Carolina,
County of Oconee. . .
(In Court of Common Pleas.)
By virtue of an Execution issuing
from tho aforesaid Court, directed to
me in tho caso named below, I will
offer for sale, to the highest bidder,
in front of tho Store House of J. S.
Cai ter Company, Westminster, S. C.,
on MONDAY, the 1st day of May,
11)2 2, at eleven o'clock A. M., the
Personal Property herein below de
scribed, same being the property of
J S. Carter Company:
Garland & Wise,
J. S. Carter Company, J. S. Carter
and R. W. Carter.
1 Pair Scales, Computing.
1 Pair Scales, Platform.
of sale. Purchaser failing to comply
promptly with terms of sale immedi
ately, articles so bid in will bc at
once resold at the risk of the default
ing purchaser.
Sheriff of Oconeo County, S. C.
April 1 9, 1 922. 16-17
A piano with tone and t<
A Boston product of ni
finding its largest sale
A piano of utmost struct
durability and cconom
The piano chosen by o1
Educational Institutio
It has been and is being bi
highest-by the sam*
artistic ideals to-day a
And we believe it offers m
superfluous expense tl
?.?j* FOR S
Roy M.
(17-20) Senec
Paint is the
saves you cos
Whether your
"Save the Surf
The cost of pain
must buy a pain!
Pee Gee Mastic I
to be absolutely ff<
genuine linseed oil, <
There is a Pee G
by moro than fifty :
V?.s?t thia sd
State of South Carolina,
County of Oconec.
Ry virtue of Executions issued in
tho cases of
Yalovitz Brothers against J. S.
Carter Company;
Progress Trimmed flat Co. against
J. S. Carter Company;
U.C. Cohen Co. against J. S. Car
ter Company;
Myers-Bridges Co. ngftfnst J. S.
Carter Company;
Old Dominion Paper Co. against J.
S. Carter Company;
Robert H. Ingersoll & Uro. against
J. S. Carter Company;
'Columbia Trimmed Hat Co against
J. S. Carter Company
I ltavo levied on and will offer for
sale, to the highest bidder, for cash,
on Salesday in May, the same being
the first day of May, 1 922, in front
of tho Court House door in Walhalla,
between the usual hours of sales
One Sewing Machine,
Two Barrels of Paint,
One Keg Stock Powders,
One Suit 3-pieco Furniture,
Ono Floor Show Case, glass,
One Organ, Shipman,
One Woodsaw Outfit,
Ono Lylo Hay Press,
One Case Jewelry and Caso,
Two Show Cases.
Levied on as tho property of J. S.
Carter Company to he applied toward
tho satisfaction of tho Executions in
said cases. W. M. ALEXA DIOR,
Sheriff Oconeo County, S. C.
April 19, 1922. 16-17
Duch full of artistic charm?
ition-wide distribution still
; in the discriminating local
ural integrity, resulting in
y of maintenance unexcelled*
ver 500 leading American
ns and 65,000 homes,
jilt in but one grade-the
? interests, with the same
is in J 880, ,
lore intrinsic value, with less
han any piano you will find,
:a? S. C.
! best and cheapest insurance-it prevents
, protects your nome against the elements,
tly repairs and adds to its appearance and value?
property be wood, brick, stucco or concrete
ace and You Save All " with
ting is small compared with the protection it affords, but you
: that will give you longest service at lowest cost per year.
Paint for home exteriors, is a strictly pure paint, guaranteed
se from adulturanta. Io contains a high percentage of ZINC ground in
withstands ali weather conditions and has greatest covering capacity.
iee Product for every Paint and Varnish purpose, backed
i'cars of reputation.
lee-G Hulbert to., Inc., Mfgrs., Louisville, Ky.
ore and let us advise with you regarding your paint requirements*
Ask for Free Paint Books and Color Cards*
estminster, S. C. V? Walhalla, ?. C.
(Phono No. (Phono No. ll.)
F. O. B.
Never Before
A Value LiKe This.
Why should you buy any car but a Ford? Prices
lowest, parts lowest, operating and up-kcep expense
lowest, yet a Ford car will take you any place any car
will go. ^These are sensible, not extravagant times,
and a Ford is the most sensible car for anyone to own.
Terms if desired.
Piedmont Motor Co.
Sales and Service Ford and Fordson
Fertilizer Material
KAINIT (German)
Be sure and get our prices before
West Union Oil Mill,
.TAS, H. DARBY, Lessee,
West Union, S. C.

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