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Balzer, Melony & Comar get Klim
Sales for the Entire State
Balzer, Molony & CGmar of 143
Calhoun Street, Charleston, are be
ing congratulated by their many
friends on having been appointed tho
General Distributors for Klim milk
for the State of South Carolina. Their
years of experience as Klim sales
men moko them invaluable men in
this new capacity.
Chance to Get a Klim Agency
Talking to a reporter the other day,
Mr. Balzer said that bis primary in
terest right now was to find good livo
men and women throughout the state
who would bo interested in selling
Klim. Considerable headway is being
made but he pointed out that thero
were thousands of towns and villages
in tho state where Klim is known to
the housewives, and he wants an agent
in each town. It certainly looks iiko
a good chance for men wno are look
ing for something good to work on,
or women who would like spare timo
work. From what Mr. Balzer says,
tho work is ensy and interesting, and
pays well. Ho wants to hoar from
any man or woman who is interested.
How to Get Klim Now
Until the state organization of dis
tributors is solidly under way, Mr.
Balzer wants it known that he ls
ready to ship Klim by parcel post to
the numerous South Carolinans who
are using it now. The prices which
will prevail for these parcel post ship
ments are as follows:
Klim whole milk - 1 lb., $ .70
" - 2" j lbs ,1.15
*.- 6 ' lbs., :? 80
Until there m an agent in your
town, send Balzer, Molony & Comar
your order, together with ? money
order to their address given in tho
first part of tlii3 article.
Now Organization Means Much
"With every little town ip South
Carolina having a Klim distributor,"
Mr. Balzer went on to say, "much
will have been accomplished towards
giving tho different communities a
steady supply of good country fresh
"According to figures recontlycom
?riled, many of tho farms in tue stato
lave no cows. That means that good,
fresh milk like Klim is needed. Be
causo of its uniformly high standard
of purity and quality somo of our
greatest baby specialists are recom
mending it for infant feeding. You
can be sure that the value of such. a
product will be quickly recognized by
South Carolina housewives. It is just
what is needed to supply the milk
we lack." _ (Adv
Columbia Canal ClWO to U. S. CoUrt.
Columbia, May 6.-Tho Columbia
Canal case has been appealed to tho
United States Supreme Court, J.B.S.
?Lyles, Columbia counsel for tho own
ers of the canal, the Columbia Rail
way, Gas and Electric Co., having
this week filed with tho highest tri
bunal a briof, giving notice that, un
der agreement with Attorney General
Wi'ile, ho would as}- tho court for a
writ of certiorari. Tue Stato Supreme
Court has ordered tho canal property
tc revert to tho Stato, under control
of a commission. Tho present owners
of tho canal are asking tho United
Slates Supremo Court to reverso tho
Stato Court.
Civil Service Examination,
Tho Civil Service Commission in
vites special attention to tho fact
that in an examination held recently
in sevoral citios throughout tho Uni
ted States for domestic scienco
teacher, Indian sorvico, applicants
Were not secured In tho number de
sired, and that this examination will
bo hold again on .lune 7th. Persons
interested lu this or othor examina
tions should apply to tho secretary
ot tho Unitod States Civil Service
Board at tho local post?nico at Son
eca, S. C., for detailed information
and application blanks.
Two clubs Reorganize,
Picket Post Democratic Club was
reorganized on Monday, May 8, and
tho following officers olectod: Ivan
I*. Garrison,^president; Mrs. w. H.
Prince, vico president; Mrs. J. E.
Kelley, secretary; J. E. Kolloy, ox
ccutlvo committeeman,
Oconco Creek Democratic Club *n#)t
on Friday, Mi|v 5th, and elected tho
following ofucor?: E. J. Rogors, pres
ident; J. L. Crow, vico president; I.
13. Donton, socrctary; J. II. Hunnl
cutt, oxecutivo commlttooman.
Conditions A io All But Unbeavnblo.
Where- Lies Responsibility?
Madison, May 8, 1922.
Editor Kooweo Courier:
Please allow me to speak, through
tho columns of your paper, Just a
few words to our honored County
Supervisor and bis board, our county
delegation and tho citizens of Oconoo,
li) rogard to tho road and bridge sit
We are very thankful for tho pros
pects and promises wo nov/ have of
having some work done on tho
"places" that wore once called roads.
We are also mindful of tho many
considerations of tho past, e^on down
to the administration of th\ late \V.
C. Foster, whoso untimely death
marked tho closo of road building
and maintenance in tho northwestern
Corner of Oconoe.
Tho "rJicos1' referred to above,
which will hereafter be termed roads,
aro badly in need of some attention.
Our prosent Supervisor on his cam
paign tour in 1020, expressed him
self of tho opinion that wo had been
given a dirty deal, and to-day <wo
find ourselves holding tho sumo band.
Is lt not time for a "square deal"?
Indeed it island therefore wo experi
enced a pleasant thrill when inform
ed by Mr. Shockley himself that ho
shall bo in our section In a very few
days. Humor has had lt that, owing to!
lack of money, the Supervisor would 1
send tho "chain gang" lo the "peni-j
tentiary," and I shall bo frank to
state that tho comment was general
that in such n transaction justice
would not have boen dono to ibo peo
plo of Oconee unless Ibo Supervisor,
his board nnd tho Oconee delegation
wore sent there, too, for tho remain
der of their terms of ofllce. 'However,
we shall be glad to forgive and for
get tho past, once ..our roads aro
worked out, so push forward, Mr.
Shockley, resting assured that your
good work will bo much appreciated,
and that the name of J. C. Shockley
will take its placo in history along
side that of tho late W. C. Foster
and others as a man who dealt
''square" to all In Oconee.
Yet, with all theso bright and
promising prospects, there is sllll a
frightful, ghostly story in our story
book-one whose sentiment and sen
sational incidents would rival our
most efflcient imaginative fiction
writers; yet wo must record it no?
as fiction, but as reality.
Yours ago it was deemed essential
to tho welfare and prosperity of Oco
nee to construct and maintain a
bridge over Tugaloo river, known as
Ibo Prather Bridge. In tho last days
of 1918 this bridge was washed away
and to-day (1922) wo still have no
bridge. Of course, this bridge would
give us a direct route to Toccoa, Ga.,
thereby benefiting the city of Toccoa
as well ns the citizens of Oconee; but
ls the lack of this br idge benefiting I
Westminster, (Walhalla, Seneca or j
any other Carolina lown? if it is, H
;- nIDst tho expense of tho rural citi
zens ol oar county. The people who
uro most accommodated by this,
bridge reside r.i irom tb roo to twenty
mik from 'Am town of Wcwininster.
Wo have seon our farm products
go to waste for lack of marketing
facilities. We have known our rela
tives and friends to be sick and In
need of our attention and comfort,
yet wo could not go to thom. Yes,
wo have seen our dear little children
sick and suffering-soon our moth
ers suffer and die without the proper
attention of n physician, and all on
account of the lack of this bridge.
Some ono might ask if wo depend
upon doctors from Toccoa, and wo
answer that, for some reason (prob
ably bad roads) the doctors of West
minster do not want the practice of
this corner. Upon making this state
ment to the Supervisor and his board
a few months ngo, lt was suggested
by ono that if wo would pay tho doc
tor ho would attend us. Now, we
challenge this honored member to
' cite us to any of our unpaid doctor
[bills in the State of South Carolina,
in order that wo may at once settle
tho same.
Wo have begged and plead for this
bridge until we are almost exhausted.
Wo have tried to be patient and man
ly. -Wo are loyal to our State and
willingly pay our State and county
taxes at the same ratio as tho rest of
tho citizens of Oconee, and local
school tax that rivals any rural dis
trict in U|e county. Yet we "ask for
bread and are given a stone; we "ask
for fish and* aro given a serpent."
We pleaded with tho Supervisor
and ho referred us to the Oconee del
egation. Wo pleaded with tho dele
gation and they referred us to the
Supervisor. Wo pleaded with them
together. Opposition was made to
levying a special tax for this brldgo
on tho ground that tho boll weevil
bad hit the people of tho lower part
of tho county In tho cotton belt, and
a higher tax would bo a burdon to
them. Just hore let us boast that,
although wo get no consideration at
tho hands of the road and brldgo of
ficials, this "honored visitor," tho
boll weovll, to whom you pay
so much respect, is no rospector
of persons, and is paying us a call,
too. This fact makes lt moro nocos
aary that this brldgo be built, for
how can wo livo on the farm under
boll weevil conditions without sys
tematic marketing, and how cnn wo
market without a market? With tho
above opposition beforo tho County
Board and county delegation, the Su
pervisor and lils board then passed
a resolution lo build this brldgo from
tho "first funds becoming available
for Oconee county." Our noblo Son
otor, hoing present and bearing tho
resolution, complimented us upon
gaining such a stop toward tho build
ing of the bridge, and promised "to
remember this resolution on the floor
of thc Sonnte." With all this, things
looked optimistic to us-. But, alas)
wo ure now told thnt '.here is no bono
on earth for this bridge this year.
Where is tho hitch? Did Senator
Mason "forget" lo "remember" us
and lot tho appropriation bili go on
through without providing any funds
whatever for Oconoo? Did ho re
mombor us and cut Oconoe's appro*
Iprlation complotoly out Just to do
Body of Little Child llcmovcd from
Laurens to Riehluiid.
ConeroBS, Muy 8. - Special: As
next sunday will bo Mothers' Day,
a short program has boon arranged
to bo carried out by tho Cuuoross
Sunday school at 10.30 a. ni, Tho
decoration $vlll bo rod and white,
and the flowers presented to euch
scholar will .consist of red and white
roses. Tho program is as follows:
Hymn, "Mother," (tune, America,
by Laura Mao, Jesse and John Alex
Play, "Mother." Leader, Miss Jes
sie Barker, with Clara Duckworth,
Eramlett Madden, Jessie Alexander,
John Alexander, Maude Roach and
^Howard Maddon.
Hymn, "Mother - Homo - That
Dlost Refrain," Maude and Vera
Scripture-"Honor thy mother."
Floreno Abbott.
Prayer by Thode Abbott.
Hymn, by Florene Abbott, Ophelln
Haynes mid Thode Abbott.
Recitation - "The Dearest 'Mo
ther," by Vera 'Roach.'
Recitation by Odell Maddon.
'Hymn, ".Mother's Love," by Bes
sie Alexander and Clara Duckworth.
Mrs. E. Steward, who. lives near
hero, visited her spa, Alfred Stew
ard and wife, of Westminster, Fri
day and Saturday. Mrs. Alfred Stew
ard ls quite ill. Wo hopo that she
will improve soon. Mrs. Steward
was accompanied home Saturday by
her grandson, nillo Glen, who will
; stay some time with ber during the
illness of his mother.
Misses Beulah and Minnie Barker
and little Miss Bessie Alexander
spent yesterday with C. E. DuBoso
and family, of Seneca.
Mrs. Hattie Alexander and daugh
ter, Miss Ruth, were guests of E. M.
Gnmbrell, of Walhalla, recently.
Mrs. J. S. Abbott and son, Colle,
accompanied by Misses Ada Keith
and Lizzie Barker, visited relatives
and friends nt Seneca recently.
Several of tho ladies of this com
munity attended tho butter demon
stration at Walhalla Saturday.
Miss Tattle Dllworth, of Westmin
ster, spent several days last week
with her grandmother, Mrs. Mary
I Dllworth, and uncle, J. V. Dllworth,
of this community.
J. C. Barker and Calvin DuBoso
will leave this afternoon for Lau
rens in Mr. Barker's truck to have
removed the body of little Virgil Du
Bose, who was laid to rest in the
Laurens cemetery a month ago. They
will bring it to Richland to-morrow,
where it will" be interred in the Rich
land cemetery, near tUp grave.oUts
grandfather, tho late E; C. DuBoso.
Since the death of the little fellow
its parents have moved to Seneca.
Tho father of the child ls a member
of tho Richland Presbyterian church,
Tho body was embalmed and thero
ls no difficulty anticipated in the re
moval from Laurens to Richland.
Tue little body was embalmed in an
ticipation Of ibis removal, owing
to tho very bad weather St the lime
of ibo child's demb. and the fact thai
tho'mother Was quito ill, it w::s felt
that it was best to make temporary
Intermont at Laurens, which was the
home, of the family at that time.
Mrs. S. M. Hunslnger and daugh
ter, Miss Pearle, left Saturday for
Toccoa, Ga., near which place they
will bo guests of their aunt, Mrs.
Martha G ipso ri. They will also visit
in Avalon at the homo of Mr. and
Mrs. lt. A. P. Dean, before their re
turn homo.
T. D. Barker abd wlfo. of West
minster, were recent visitors at tho
home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hesso,
of this place.
Mrs. E. C. DuBoso and four boys
and daughter, Mrs. B. W. Alexan
der, were in Seneca for a short while
recently with relatives.
Misses Bewloy .Hunslnger and Dora
Reece, of Long Crook, spent Thurs
day and Friday with tho former's
mother, Mrs. S. 'M. Hunslnger, of
our community. They were accom
panied by Miss Olivo Bonnie,of Greer,
who was on heh* way nome after hav
ing spent n few weeks at Long Creek
with her sister, Mrs. L. H. Raines.
District Singing Convention.
The District Singing Convention
will meet at Clemson College next
Saturday and Sunday, May 13 and
14. All good slngors and lovers of
good song and music aro invited to
attend. Bring well-flllod baskets and
let's have a day of prayer and song.
R. M. Bolding, President.
feat us? Or are the Supervisor and
his board considering their resolu
tion "a mere scrap of paper" not in
tended to bo fulfilled?
Wo seem almost to tho rope's ond.
Wo have talked to deaf ears until wo
aro disgusted. Is thore not a higher
court than tho county officials to
whom wo might make our plea ?
Yes-wo thank God for democracy.
Wo now appeal to the citizens of Oco
neo county. Brother Oconeeans, sup
poso your brother should be tho vic
tim of an auto wreck. You should
escape only slightly injured, but your
brdthor should bo caught in the de
bris. How long would you listen to
his cries for help .without helping to
free him?" Would you fool disposed
to walk off rejoicing that you had
escaped, satisfied to loavo your bro
ther sufforlng death by degreos? No!
You would go to work at once to freo
Now, Oconeeans, wo aro all riding
In tho same car (Oconco county). It
has been wrecked by doflntlon, boll
woovll, 'Providence and Inefficient
government, nnd wo aro caught in
tho debris, Will you holp us?
It is not tho intention of tho writer
to unduly expose any ono, as tho facts
slated aro open for Investigation, and
T shall bo glad to retract any mis
statement upon its boigu brought to
' my knowledge But, citizens of Oco
1 nee, with this in view, do you not
consider it your duty, In supporting
a humano, democratic government,
to demand tho building of this im
portant bridge?
Wo'vo been given a dirty deal!
s. L, po won.
tire value in the rt
They never had
-with the maker
behind it.
They couldn't t
price - spontaneo
meet the new eco\
* *
A tire that wou
be high value
more than $10.9
At $10.90 it is
United States Tires
ere Good Tires
U. S. Tire Co.
you can
?. S* Tires:
Lcm 's
Grown-up JUMI child SuJTor Broken
AVI/U?*-Missionary Society Met.
Bounty Land, May s..Special:
?Mis.-, .viiiiio MftMahnn, o? Spartan
buri;, is expected in her homo hero
tho i ext week-end. She will bo ac
comp nied by her friend, Miss Zolg
lor, , Isp o? Spartanburg.
und Mrs, Jasper Doyle spent
y in Anderson as guests in tho
of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Mur
nini participated in tlio celebra
te the birthday of Mr. Murphy
lio: i
and Oscar Doyle.
Ml os Nettie Hubbard and Pearl
Bal' ligner visited in Atlanta recently
and ttended grand opera. .Miss Bal
leng? i- visiteo in Douglasvillo before
reta i ning home.
Invitations to the marriage of Miss
Virginia McMahan, of Fairview, and
Frank L. Pickett, of Rockingham, N.
i C., have been received by relatives
in this community, where the groom
to-be was reared and has numerous
friends, who, congratulate tho young
couple in advance of the happy event,
which will take place In the home of
the bride on the 18th.
Chester Owens had tho misfortune
to get his arm broken Friday even
ing and is enduring considerable pain
in consequence.
Little Ralph James fell and broke
an arm a few days ago, and the lit
tle fellow is not doing so well, ac
cording to late reports. Wo hopo for
an carly recovery from the Injury.
Miss Cary Doyle returned from
Anderson Saturday and will spend a
vacation with her parents here.
Mrs. Mattie McDonald is spending
a week or two with her daughter,
Mrs. Hugh Holleman, of Seneca.
The meeting of tho Improvement
Association will bo held nt tho school
house next Friday afternoon at 3
A most enjoyable meeting of the
"Gypsy Smith Circle" was that held
Friday afternoon with Mrs. W. R.
Lynch as hostess. Notwithstanding
tho inclemency, of tho weather, the
attendance was larger than usual,
there being several lady guests from
Seneca, who, aftor our usual study
on missions, gave an Interesting dem
onstration in organizing a mission
ary society, in tho act entitled "Aunt
Polly Joins the Missionary Society.'
The playlet was beautifully given by
Mesdames Renfro, Briggs, Fields,
Hopkins and Miss Gladys Burloy. He
sides tho above montlonod guests
those who wore present wore: Mes
dames D. A. Porritt, W. E. Wool
bright, 0. A. Lynch, Dean Davis, Jas
per Doyle, J. D. Stuart, John Max
well, Mlisos Eula Rankin, Mattio Sue
Marett and Sallie Davis, MTH. Nannlo
Moon and Mrs. Phillips. After tho
reading and demonstration a tempt
ing mona of strawberries, calco and
leo tea woro served. Tho next meet
ing will be. hold with Mrs. Jasper
Wild elephants have frequently
tom up oil pipo Unes in Sumatra.
Tho Tokyo chamber of commerce
has adoptod a resolution favoring
closing all shops on Sunday.
Tho lifo of a New York subway
sfeol rail is throo years. On a stoam
road the same rail lasts ten years.
much wt
MERS who bought a 30x3%
for $10.90 Last Fall have
.ed this by now
iy before ever got so much
eighborhood of ten dollars*
I to question the quality
s of U. S. Royal Cords
telp admiring the
nsly mada to
lomy times?
i ted States Tires
3d Slates @> Rubber Company
TW OUtM ?J tar***
THUR BROWN. - - Walhall?, S. C.
(OTHER <& PHINNEY, West Union, S. C.
tf?litiO?l. JEDI0 ?v?i^JT
make of fcatteiy
You do not have to use a West
inghouse Battery in order to take
advantage of Westinghouse At
tention. It is for all makes of
batteries. Our primary purpose is
not to sell you a new battery but
to prolong the life and power of
your present one. Two Westing
house Inspections a month will
give your battery the longest pos
sible life and the greatest possible
power. If repairs are necessary
their cost will be told you in
/ . j*
Walhalla Battery Service Station, ,v
v. WALHALLA, S. 0.
Moved to Isaqueena Filling Station.
Six Wives Charged to Tatham.
(Atlata Constitution, 7th.)
Members of tho Solicitor's offlco
Saturday were investigating tho re
port that M. L, Tatham, under In
dictment on a blagmy charge, lias a
sixth wife. Tho information upon
which tho investigation is hoing
madO waa furnished by Virgil E. Ad
ams, attorney for Dora Corbin Ta
tham, said to bo tho first, wifo of tho
man under arrest.
Attorney Adams dcclarod to Wal
ter LaCraw, of tho Solicitor's offlco,
that Mrs. Ross^ Loach, 6 Simpson
stroot, was present at the marriage
of Tatham to Miss Mary Dixon, of
Dalton, Ga., In Octobor, 1908, and
that sho stated that there was a
child born of this union.
Tatham still (lonies that he has
committed bigamy.
Davidson Estate $10,000,000.
New York, May 7.-Closo friends
of tho lalo Henry P. Davidson, who
died yostorday from an oporation for
brain tumor, estimated to-day that
tho flnancior loft an ostato of about
$10,000,000. Ho carried a largo
amount of insurance, but tho figuro
has not boon nscortalnod. Mr. David
son's public benefactions wore large.

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