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Native Species Are Most Suitable
for the Yard and for Bor
der Planting.
Olfforont Treatments Required Where
nie-ssom? Aro to Br Produced for
Diflci ont Purpotcs--Heavy
Manuring Essential.
Advice ns to the varieties of roses
best suited to a particular region is
best obtained from the nearest grower
or nurseryman. A different typo of
rose ls needed for each of the various
purposes for which roses are used.
Those which are suitable for lawns
or borders will not give satisfactory
cut flowers ; special kinds are best for
arbors or trellises nnd other orna
mental purposes. In the opinion of
the United States Department of Agri
culture, roses are not very satisfac
tory for hedges, ns most types nre
The Hybrid Tea Rose.
neither sufficiently compact nor sufH-.
clent ly branched to make n really good
hedge. * -
Native species, and those least modi
fied by m* n's crossing and selection
ure most .ailtnble for lawn and border ?
pinn!lng. Herder roses should have
little pruning, thc removal of the dead
wood and the cutting of the ?.hole
busb to the ground every five to eight
yeau being the best way of handling
most varieties.
Climbing roses used for arbors and
trellises may be managed either to
give an abundance of bloom or to pro
duce shade, but they cannot do both
satisfactorily, and they are not well
adapted to the production of shade as
ninny other plants. Climbing roses
should be pruned Jnst after blooming
by having the wood of tho previous
year's growth removed.
Cut-flower roses need clean eui tu ne,
severo pruning and special caro; there
fore they should be planted by them
selves In secluded beds and should
not he used to beautify the grounds
In place of the rones appropriate for
lawns and borders. Cut-flower roses
should be cut each spring to within
six Inches or one foot of the ground
for Uncut blooms, or one-third to one
half tho wood should be left if the
object Is a large quantity of blooms.
The essentials for satisfactory rose
? growing aro a_ well-drained retentive
'ou can find a cheaper
nt or a better paint
Here's the offer:
INT half your house with Dovoe Lead
id Zinc Palm; Paint thc other half
any other paint you choose.
voo doesn't take fewer gallons and
ess money, wo will moko no charge
voe doesn't wear a year or two or three
longer-tonger and bettor- we will
you enough Ocvoe to do thc job over.
amt half your house lead-and-oil, th?
half Do vee. 'In thrco yosre the lead?
il hali will be hungry for ' ) paint,
Ocvoc still sound.
, we'll give you enough for the whole
& '
a Products are time-tested and proven,
d by the 168 years' expericnoe of the
i paint manufacturing concern in the
Fnnnrfptt 17^
Walhalla, Si C.
son, thoroughly enriched, preferably
with rotted nu. .ure. Cut-flower roses
particularly need heavy annual ma
nuring. Special care must be exer
cised to prevent the roots from drying
when out of the ground for transplant*
iug. Dormant roses should have from
one-half to two-thirds of the wood re
moved at the time of transplanting.
Watchfulness ls the price of success
with roses.
With Little Attention Hardy Plants
Will Produce Crops That May
Be Depended Upon.
A bcd of asparagus ls known to have
given continuous service for more than
80 years, and asparagus is one of the
first of the ?spring vogetoDies. A row
of blackberries ?tong a garden fence
has produced abundant crops for 12
successive years. A few hills of rhu
barb have provldod a delicious suuee
and helped with tho milking of pir>?
season after season, with very little
cost or attention. Strawberries re
quire more care, but they furnish, tb?
first ripe fruit In the spring, and a j
very Minali plot Of fround in one cor
ner of the garden will supply the fan*
! Hy, says the United States Depart*
I ment of Agriculture.
If you would be s?r? of getting a
crop of egg-plants, cucumbers, canta
loupes, as well ns other garden vege
tables, watcb for plnnt lice. A nicotine
spruy will ;jet them, but don't wuit
until 'he under sides of the loaves are
covered bofore you be^in tho treat
VOU can have a
* Beautiful
-Neck and Arms
Hagan's Magnolia Dalm
beautifies instantly. 73
years' wonderful success.
Removes freckles, erup
tions, sunburn, tan
makes skin like velvet.
Won't rub off. 4 colors:
Brunette, White, Pink,
+/ I and Rose-Red for lips
*??f f and cheeks. Sold by all
dealers, or direct from us,
75 cents, postpaid.
Face and
80. Firth fl?., llrooklyn. N. Y.
Former Pickens Man Killedtfty Mule.
(Easloy Progress.)
News has boon received in Easloy
of thb death of John Brown, which
occurred nt his homo 18 miles south
of Atlanta, last wook. While feeding
his mules Mr. Brown wns kicked in
tho faco by ono of tho mulos, and it
is prosumcd* that ho was killed in
stantly. After hoing absent from tho
houso about three hours, ho was
found dead in the barn. Mr. Brown
was a nativo of Pickens county. He
was married to Miss Cannlo Jonos,
who procodod him to tho grave about
two years. He is survived by alargo
family connection in this county. J.
Alonso Brown, of Catoecheo, ls a
brother of the deceased.
Androw Cnrnoglo's first wages
were $1.20 a wook as a factory boy.
?<-L j
Sent to Master of Greenville County [
to bo Hoard by Him.
OGroenVHo Piedmont, 5 th.)
(In an order written by Judgo F. j
Il Gary, of Abbovillo, and received ;
yesterday afternoon by Clerk of |
Court Harry Dargan, tho civil suit j
of Campbell Courtonay and tho for- ?
mer stockholders of tho Courtenay
Manufacturing Company, nt Newry, j
against W. L. Gassaway and tho pr?s
ent stockholders of tho mill, Is re-,
ferred to tho Master of Greenville
county for trial. A motion that the
caso be ref or red to the M astor was
made before Judgo Gary on April 15
by attorneys for Mr. Gassaway and
tho present stockholders of tho mill,
tho court reserving its decision until
tho Judgo could moro thoroughly
look into tho case. Ho took with him
to his homo in Abbeville all papers
connected with tho motion.
No dato for tho hearing has beon
set by Master E. Inman, though tho
general opinion of attornoys and oth
ers interested ls that tho trial can
not tako placo for several weeks yet.
With the conclusion of testimony
Mr. Inman will simply render his de
cision. It may bo overruled by tho
presiding Judgo of tho Court of Com
mon Pleas or may be appealed from
by either side in the suit.
Tho suit has been on tho docket
of tho Conn of Common Pleas for
the past two sessions. Attorneys for j
Hie defendants argued that lt should I
be referred to Hie Master on account ?
of the great amount of complicated
accounting involved in tho testi
iiie suit grew out of the sale of
tho Courtenay Manufacturing Com
pany in 1920 lo W. L. Gassaway and
tho stockholders of the Isaqueana
Mills for tho sum of $ 1,SOO,OOO.
The plaintiff is attempting to collect
over $250,000 in notes alleged tobo
due on tho purchase price of tho
mill, while in their answer tho de
fendants claim that tho mill snould
be turned back lo its former owners
because of alleged manipulation of
the books of the company by Camp
bell Courtenay to escape income tax,
which makes them Hablo to tho tax,
with penalties.
Stop-Amateur Hypnotist Was Not
Able to "Bring Victim Back."
Durham; Alaine, May 8, -?'After
taking a correspondente course lu
hypnotism Ralph Seaman, of York
village, Maiuo, a freshman at New
(Hampshire College, tried out his
powers on bis room-mate and fel
low-townsman, W. Bryant Hobson,
before au admiring student audience.
The spell worked. Tho subject fell
limp and tho amateur was satisfied
he had acquired tho art. But when
he tried to^ bring his room-mate back
to consciousness Seaman discovered
that all passes, snapping of fingers,
shaking, pinching and shouting were
of no avail. ? druggist was sum
moned and brought stimulants; a
physician was called and gavo medi
cal attention. Two members of tho
faculty were sent for and considered
the case.
In tho ond Hobson was brought
out of the coma by a combination of
all known antidolos for hypnotism
and fainting. Prof. Chas. E. Sum
mers, head of tho college department
of zoology, declared lt a mild caso of
hypnotism, aud Sea niau said that he
was through trying to demonstrate
Body, in Upright Position, is Visible
from Trains at Laurinburg, N. C.
Charleston, May 2-That tho body
of Sarmicca Conceppo, an Italian,
has beon hold by an undertaker at
Lnurlnburg, N. C., for thirteen years
has been charged hero, with tho ro
slin that County Sheriff Joseph M.
Poulnot and local Italian consul C.
Mauro have taken up tho mattor,
Mr. Mauro boliovlng that tho Italian
agonts In Washington will bring tho
matter beforo the Stato Department.
According to C. S. Thompson, of
Charleston, Concoppo, while employ
ed, by a circus, was killod at McColl,
S. C., and tho Laurinburg underta
ker was given tho body to prepare
for burial. ?It is believed that Con
ceppo's father mado at least ono
payntont to the undertaker, who is
reportod to hnvo claimed that until
ho is fully paid, ho will not dolivor
tho body for burial.
Tho body, in an upright position,
Ia vislblo from trains nt Laurinburg,
and thoro is a belief that Conceppo's
body is petrified, Mr. Thompson said>.
I jr thirteon years, Mr. Thompson
said, tho Concoppo body has furnish
ed much comment In Laurinburg and
.- ?. ~^??*---..
All alphabets in use aro derived
from the Phoonlclan alphabet, In
vented about 1500 B. C.
t'so Volvot Roans-Take Every Op
portunity to linprovo.
Clemson .Collogo, .May 4.--During
tho period of depression through
which wo aro now passing it ls ad
visable for farmers to take every op
port tu ity possible to improve tho
fertility of their land in order that
they mn) prepare to produce largor
and better crops when the prosper
ous ?om Hons return. Wo now know
that lhere is a groat deal of land tn
South U colina on which lt will not
pifty t" raise cotton under boll weevil
conditions, because tho yield is so
low that control measures cannot
bo used with profit. It Is, theroforo,
highly desirable, suggests Prof. C.
p. Blackwell, agronomist, that far
inera having such land do everything
possible this year to improvo their
fertility in order that cotton or other
crops may bo grown successfully
next year.
Ono of the best known means of
increasing tho fertility of our soil is
through tho uso of velvet beans.
Every aero of land where velvet
beans can bo grown should bo plant
ed to velvet beans this year. Velvet
benns will add moro organic matter
and 'nitrogen to tho soil than any
other crop that we can grow, and it
will pavo us from buying many (tol
lers' worth of high priced ammonia
next spring. One of the best ways
to grow velvet heans. Improve our
sells and get a crop at tho same
timo ia to plant them with corn.
Every acre of corn should he nil
acre ot velvet beans.
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Warninjt! Unless you see tho name
Baye on package or on tablets,
..'ou Uro not getting genuine Aspirin
preset- cd by physicians for twenty
one years and proved safe by mll
'. -.?. T>':o Ar.plrin only on told in
^..o ?ayei package for colds, head
ache, neuralgia, rheumatism, ear
aohe, toothache, lumbago and for
pain. Handy lin boxes of twelve;
T.-blets pf Aspirin coat
few cont.'; Druggists also sell larger
packages, Aspirin is the trade mark
of Bayer Manufacture of Monoacetlc
n dunster of Sallcyllcacld.-adv.
Sop. erne Court Takes Firm Stand on
<. rounds for Cas os Before Court.
Columbia, May 3.-Thc Supremo
Court yesterday made lt plain that
? i -po n-a to put a stop to tho ap
pel . ng of cases on frivolous grounds,
ii': being brough out by the Court
itt hearing arguments for the dis
missal of the appeal of Jesse Qnppln,
one of tho famous murder trio con
victed of tho murder of William
Prazell, a Columbia taxicab driver,
whoso murder last year resulted in
a man-hunt over two Slates.
Tho-motion of Solicitor Callison,
of Lexington, to dismiss tho Qap
pins appeal was taken under advise
ment by the Court and later the ap
peal was dismissed.
Chief Justice Gary made tho state
ment, during the hearing of tho mo
tion for dismissal of tho appeal, that
the Court proposed to put a stop to
tho appealing of cases on frivolous
gi ou inls, where thero was no merit
in tho appeal. Ho was serious and
intense in his stand against such ap
peals. ?Ho declared that, if neces
sary, the Court would even rosort
to disbarment proceedings. Tho
Court made it clear that Ibero was
no direct reference to tho present
case, but genoral practice was op
posed by tho Court, and that to this
end it had promulgated tho new rul
ing about tho dismissal of appeals
without morit.
Sunday School Day at Center Church
Thero will bo, at Conter church,
near Oakway, on tho second Sunday
in May, (tho 14th), a Sunday School
Day. After tho program wo will have
several good speakers with us. Thero
will bo dinner on tho grounds. Tho
public Is cordially invited to come
and bring woll-illlod bnskots.
N. P. Grant, Superintendent.
Greenwood Man to Dio in Florida.
Doland, Fla., May 3.-<Aubroy
Nichols, of Greenwood, S. C., was
on Monday sentenced to be hanged
by Circuit Judge Porkins,' after ho
had ontered a plea of guilty to a
chargo of rape, resulting from his
attack on a white wongin here last
Aro yon "up to tho nook" In blood In
purities? S. S. S. Is ono of tho groatoi
blood-purlflors known. Try lt?
At Enslcy ls liaised from $11,000 to
$10,000 by Court of Appeals.
Richmond, Va., May 1.-(Rovers- j
lng tbo District Court nt Greenville,
S. C., which allowed the Murray Co.
of Dallas, Texas, tho sum of $11,
?190.75 in an notion against tho Citi
zens' Oil Mill at Basley, S. C., for
balance alleged to be duo on tho pur
chase of cotton seed oil machinery,
tho United States Circuit Court of
Appeals to-day held that tho Dallas
concern is entitled tb recover $!(>,
7 75 on notes figuring in tho trans
action, willi interest from Juno 15,
1920. In addition, tho concern was
allowed $131 due on open account
and the sum ot $009.06 duo lo In
surance premiums paid by^tlio Mur
ray Company on tho account of tho
Citizens' Oil Mill. Tho Appellate
Court also allowed 10 per cent of
the amount of the notes tor attor
neys' foes.
Tho lower court was especially
criticised for failure to direct a ver
dict for the amount of attorneys'
fees instead of leaving tho question
to the judgment of tho Jury. Com
menting on the action of the lower
court with respect, to tills particular
phase of the case, the Appellate
Court said: "A moro Inviting field
could not have been opened up for
the excess of visionary and uncon
trolled Imagination of Jurors."
Tho Highway Department Gives Out
Some Interesting Figures.
(The Stale. i.Muy H.)
A total ol' B?2,S3 nov automobiles
were registered with tho sooth Car
olina Highway Department during
the first four months of 19 22-Jan
uary, February, March and April
according to figures announced yes
terday by L. H. Thomas, secretary
of the State Highway Commission.
This total includes nothing but
"bland new" automobiles.
During January, February and
March 2,3 05 now autos wore regis
tered, and during April 928 now ma
chines were licensed by this depart
ment. This would tend to show, to
a small extent, that the State is not
For April Andcrsnc oounty regis
tered 39 new cars, Charleston 75,
Greenville 79, Spnrtanburg 87, and
Richland 145. For January, Febru
ary and March Anderson county reg
istered 104, Charleston 25 4, Green,
ville 192, Richland 370, Spartan burg
180 and Darlington 78. These were
tho loading counties.
Richland county, it will be seen,
blazed the way for tho first four
months in new cars. Tho popular
priced vehicles far outnumbered tho
higher priced cars, or |n other words
tho "Tin Lizzie" outstripped every
other moko, and also was moro nu
merous than tho combined total of
all other makes. For Instance, in
Oconeo county about 26 cars were
registered in April and 2 4 of theso
were "flivvers."
The Fiddlers' Convention will bo
held at the South Union school audi
torium on Saturday, May 13th, be
ginning at 8 o'clock p. m. We shall
bo glad to have any musicians from
this county who wish to bo booked
as players.
Wo aro expecting musicians from
North Carolina and Georgia and
from threo or four counties of our
own Stato.
An admission fco of 25 cents will
be charged, and tho proceeds of tho
ovoning will go to tho South Union
school. A hearty welcome awaits all
who attend, and wo aro hoping for
an unusually largo attendance.
W. W. West, Manager.
IJOW Kilburn Gets Nico Trip.
(Atlanta Georgian, May 4.)
Govornor Hardwlch yesterday ap
pointed Low J. Kilburn, mombor of
tho Workmon's Compensation Board,
as a dologato to represent Goorgia at
tho annual meeting of tho Stato la
bor offlcials in Harrisburg, Pa. The
convention will bo hold from May 22
to May 26.
?fe Boils!
S. S. S. Will Rid You of Boils, Pimple*,
Blackheads and Skin Eruptions.
B A boll ls A volcano,-your blood ia
J so chuck full of pol Bon? that thoso
' "boll" out Into a boll They'll koop
"bolling up" until you destroy thom
complotoly by tho uso of S. S. S., ono
of tho most powerful blood-cloansora
known to sclcnco, 9. S. S. has stood
tho test of timo. Tho power of Ita
Ingredients is acknowledged by auth
Iorltlcs, Its medicinal ingredients aro
guaranteed to bo purely vogotablo.
Right off, it clears tho skin of pim
ples, bolls, blotches, blackheads, acne,
oczoma, rash and other skin oruptlons.
and does lt thoroughly. It drives out
of tho blood Impurities which causo
rhoumatlsm, makes tho blood rich andi
puro builds up lost flosh. It helps to
, manufacturo now blood cells,-Chaya
*" ono of Its Beeret?. S. S. S. ls sold at
n all drug stores, In,two sizes. Tho lajc-?
gor slzo la tho moro economical.
Aro Proving Attractive to Investors.
Moro Being Taken Lately.
"Moro money was Invested In tho
new offering of treasury savings cor
titlcates in tho 'Fifth F?deral Reservo
District in March than in elthor Jan
uary or February, as a result of tho
nation-wide campaign on tho part of
the postotllco and treasury depart
ments to protect the savings of tho
American people from unsafe In
vestments," says Postmaster X. L.
Kant, of tho Walhalla otIVco.
A letter to Un? postmaster from
Howard T. Cree, government/direc
tor of savings in this district, slates
j that the recent advance in Hie prices
i ot Liberty bonds ls making govern
ment securities more popular, and
tho decline in interest rules goner
ally is making treasury .savings cer
titlcates particularly attractive. Tho
demand for govern mehi securities
has resulted in larger sales of these
certificates tb >n at any Hine sinco
they were placed on the market. Cer
tificates of the treasury savings class
to tho amount of $566,219, matur
ity value, wore purchased In this
district in March, largely t' nigh,
the efforts of the postmasters.
The local postmaster expects very
greatly increased sales hero since a
number of letters havo been distrib
uted to tho patrons of this olllco,
making known to them tho desir
able features of treasury savings cer
"While these certificates yield 4 %"1
per cent interest, compounded semi
annually, or 25 per cent, on purchase
price if hold iq maturity, five yen ra?
from dat- of issue, it IK not gener
ally understood thai they are. guar
anteed against depreciation, beCauser
they increase monthly In cash sur
render value and are redeemable at
owner's option before maturity, in
which event they yield about 3 % per
cent interest, compounded semi-an
nually," says Postmaster Fant.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should bo rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
Tho healing effect of Hayos' Healing Honey in
side tho throat combined with tho healing effect of
Grove's O-Pen-Trate Salvo through tho pores of
tho -'aa soo a stops a cough.
Both remedies aro packod in ono carton and tho
cost of tho combined t rent meut is 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES*
.J? ?J? A A A A ?J? A A A A A A A A A A A ?T?
?J? A ?J? ?J? A ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? A A ?J? mw A A A ?J? ?J?
Tho Newry Graded School.
Following is tho honor roll of tho
Newry Graded School for tho onding
of 4he eighth month:
First Grade-Grady Vaughn 93,
Winnie Sanders 95.
Advanced First Grade-?Esther Al
exander 97, Etta Alexnnder 97, Lou
Ellen Martin 9(5, Charlio Evatt 93,
Ellen Gaillard 95, Clydo Gildon 95,
Newton Cannon 96.
' Olivo Talley, Teacher.
Second Grade-"Rosovelt Watson
Third Grade-'Castor Dllworth 96,
Ernest Gaillard 95, Allard O'Kolley
94, Levis Sluder 93.
Pearl Hammond, Toacher.
Fourth Grade -> Jamos Mattlson
93, Myrtle Sanders 95.
.Fifih Grade-Mozoll Lindsey 97,
Ruth Alexander 95, Wilma Poeblo3
94. Ethel Fant, Tpachor
Sivth Grado-Martha Alexander
92, Paul Hawkins 91.
Seventh Grado - Elmo McClellan
97. Charlio D. Perry,
Income Tax Payment Timo Extended)
Columbia, May 4.-The State Tax
Commission to-day announced an ex
tension to May 15 of tho timo for
paying the State income tax. Tho
extension is granted in view of tho
fact that thero was a slight delay in
getting the tax collecting machlnorg
ia operation.

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