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By Stock, Sholor Hughs & Sholor. ^__WALHALIiA, SOUTH CAROLINA, WKftXESUAV, MAY 17. 1022._, _ Now Series No. ?1)1.-Volunto LXXIL- No. 20.
Wc have a large a
Play Suits? in Tan, Brow
$1.25 and $1,50 per Si
well made and cheap at
C. W. & J. E
It Pays to 3
?J. ?J? ?J? ?|? ?J. ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J. ?J, ?J? . Y? r. J., ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J?
.I- * * * * * * * * * * 4? * *
* * * * * * * * 4 * 4* * 4? *
County Meeting of Cotton Growers.
Signers of tho co-operative mar
keting contract will meet at titi
Court House on Tuesday, May 23d.
at 12 o'clock noon for the purpose
of electing del?galos to tito district
convention and tim selection of per
manent county officers.
It ls very important that every
member bo prosont. At this meeting
delegatos will bo selectod for the
district convention, which will bo
,;ULUeld one week later at Clemson Col-.
lege." ''0*?hW c?unty' ?S ' ? "grouped
along with Anderson, Plckens and
.Greenville counties, being known as
District No. 2, there being ten dis
tricts in tho Stato.
Deo Meetings.
A transferring demonstration will
be held on Wednesday, May 17th,
beginning at 10 o'clock a. m., nt W.
S. Benrden's, at Onkway. The fol
lowing day, Thursday, May 18th, at
tho samo hour th oro will be a similar
demonstration at D. M. McGuire's,
nt South Union.
, Friday, May 10th, at 10 o'clock
a. m., at J, A. Patterson's, at Earle's
Grove, there will he a similar demon
Those interested In making profits
on bees should attend one of these
meetings, especially If your bees are
now in old box gums.
"Seeing Oconce" Series."
Those interested In starting nitro
gen factories on their farms should
observe tho many flue fields of vetch
and clover scattered over the county.
Practically all who grew vetch last
year are growing it again, and there
are sovoral good clover fields in tho
county-fow of them largo enough,
IP, A. Brown, of Keowec School
District, has a fine field of vetch this
year. So have somo of lils neigh
J. L. Kell, of Hie samo school dis
trict, made a great success of crim
Infants' Rib
Socks, 5c. per pa
Ladies' Hos
Half-Hose, 3 i
and up.
Ladies' Pur
Herrick He
?T? ?J. ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?|? ?J. ?J. ?J? ?J? ?% ?t, ?J. ?T. ?T, .J?
**** ^^*444444*44**
ssortmcnt of Children's
nand Blue, at $1.00,
nit? These Suits arc
thc price.
!? Bauknight,
LA, S. C.
uy for Cash. JZ?JZ?
?J? ?j? ?j? ?j? . j. ?j? ?j? f>|? ?j? ?j? ?j? .j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j?
son clover the year before, Ami.grew
a great deal of it this year. Many of
his neighbors have patches started
from seed ile distributed.
\V. M. Brown, formerly mayor of
Walhalla, hus probably tho greatest
success of any one in the county who
has tried crimson clover. Last year
he gathered great quantities of bay
and seed and enlarged his acreage
this year. Those traveling along the
new highway between Walhalla and
Salem will seo the brilliant red clo
ver field. A fine corn crop is grown
following the clover.
Wi L. Vorner bas an excellent crop
of vetch and oats this year. Several
.citizens; of . Walhalla, hav/? this ,won
derful lumbmwtl?n aop-gro'Vrilrrg-'otr
vacnnt lots, and lt is hard to find a
hotter winter crop.
A. P. and P. A. Martin, farming
near Oakway, had probably tho larg
est and best fields of Abruzzi rye in
tho county for the size of the farm,
practically three-fourths of the farm
being sown down.
Goo. R. Briggs,
County Agent.
Entertainment at Richland School.
?Richland, -May 15.-Special: The
following program is to be rendered
b> the Richland school pupils on tho
evening of May 19th, beginning at
8.30 o'clock, promptly. The public is
cordially Invited:
1, Introduction - Howard Davis.
2, Reading-tLoil Ellen Boll.
3, Chorus-Primary grades.
4, Lecture-Gladys Maxwell.
f>. "Educating Sally Ann"-Mar
garet Davis.
G. Doll Burlesque-"Primary boys.
7. "Mother Wins. (Play.)
8. A 'Proposal and Acceptance in
Song-?Primary grades.
9. Motion Song-iPrlmary grades.
10. Patriotic Display.
11. "Buy a Paper"-Newsboys.
1 2. Chorus-Male voices.
13. "Grandmother's Stroll."
14. Special mention of honor pu
15. Prayer.
16. Chorus.
bed Hose and
ir, and up.
e and Gents' j
>airs for 25c, j
e Thread Silk
Cordovan and j
per pair. j
>sieiy Mills,
L.LA, S. O.
McMnhan-Pickett Marriage to b? Sol
tmniifictl Thursday-Locals.
Sonoca, May IG. - Special: The
month of May not only brings May
dowers, but the picnic season ripens
and- everything goes merrily for. the
young folks-so long as thoro ls a
picnic on hand. Thoro were several
picnic crowds, representing tho vari
ous grades In school, who enjoyed
an outing on tho different streams
and In shady nooks in tho woods
tho past week.
Dr. and Mrs. D. P. Thomson will
open tholr hospitable homo for tho
junior-senior reception on Friday
evening, Their spacious home and
broad verandas are well fitted for an
occasion of (his kind. The senior
class is the largest on record of the
Seneca school, numbering fifteen -
nine girls and six boys-who will re
ceive diplomas on Wednesday night,
May 21th.
The members of the graduating
class will be honored again when
Rev. and Mrs. H. li. Hardy entertain
for them at their home. This will bo
a delightful attention to tho "sweet
girl graduates" and the boys. ,
Mrs. J. Q. Adams left last week
fer St. Louis, where she entered a
hospital for special treatment. Mrs.
Adams will probably be away for a>
month or two. It is sincerely hoped
that fjlie will be permanently bene
fited by tlie treatment she, receives
while in the hospital.
A marriage which will bo of in
terest to many in Oconee will be sol
emnized to-morrow (Thursday)
evening at the home of Mr. and .Mrs.
Lawrence McMahan, in the Fairview
section, when their daughter, Miss
Virginia McMahan, will be united in
marriage to Frank L. Pickett, a son
of Oconee, but who for several years
j has been residing in Rockingham, N.
C., where he has business interests,
i Miss McMahan is well and favorably I
known and is numbered among Oco
nee's successful teachers, having
been a member of the Salem school
faculty the past year. Mr. Rickett is
the fifth son of Mrs. J. B. Pickett
and spent his boyhood and early
manhood days near Seneca, and later
located In North Carolln\. Ho enlist
ed as a "Y" secretary,lu, tho .???ildl
?WlrrT^servT?Tm the 3?2th Machine
.Gun Battalion, 79th Division, and
was there on their first entry into
the front lines, going over tho top
and doing heroic work throughout
the war. Only the immediate fami
lies and a few near relatives will be
present nt the marriage. The best
wishes of their numerous friends go
with them for a happy and prosper
ous married life.
Tho pupils of Mrs. Julia! Dendy's
music class will give their semi-an
nual recital on Monday evening at
S o'clock In tho Presbyterian church,
und this pi omises to be one of the
plesning features of commencement
week. The program will be attrac
tive and enjoyable, and will, show
the splendid progress made by Mrs.
Dendy's pupils. A small admission
fee of ll) cents will bo charged,which
will bo used toward the School Jour
nal fund.
Final examinations are on this
week and Oe commencement exer
cises of 1922 will begin Sunday mor
ning with the Baccalaureate sermon,
ar?d will closo Wednesday night,
when tho graduating class will be
awarded diplomas. Your correspon
dent regrets not having a program of
tho exercises of the week.
Tho meeting which was announced
for last Friday for tho purpose of
organizing a U.D.C. Chapter In Sen
eca was not carried out, owing to a
terrific hail storm which occurred nt
about the hour for assembling. Tho
invitation is again extended to all
tho women of tho town and commu
nity who aro interested In Joining
tho chapter to meet Frida) if this
week at the home of Mrs. W. P.
Reid at 1 o'clock, for the purpose of
organizing a P.D.C. chapter. It ls
hoped that lhere will be a large en
rollment i>f charter members.
The various churches of the town
observed Mothers' Day appropriately
at the morning hour for service last
Sunday. The day was brought lo a
closo willi union services in ibo Pres
byterian church at night, tho church
being filled to capacity. This ser
vice was under the auspices of tho
Boy Scouts, While all Hie local min
isters had a part in tho service, tho
sermon was delivered by Rev. II. IL
Hardy, of the Methodist church, and
was a splendid message to Ibo boys
and men. The Scouts marched into
the Church in a body, occupying tho
front seats, and some, of tho mem
bers added greatly to the, music with
their violins and cornets.
Fd I tor Keowee Courier:
Little Helen and I wish io express
our thanks lo tho host of frlonds who
wore so helpful to us during tho sick
ness and nt tho death of our good
mothor and wife. I wish that I could
roward each of our friends in somo
moro substantial way than by morely
seeking to oxpross gratitude; but mny
He who said, 'Those that givo a cup
of water in My Namo shall not loso
their roward.," bless and roward each
I Wost Union, S. C., R.F.'D. 1.-adv*
Curd of Thanks.
Holen and 'Father,
M. J. Stansell.
Member* Called to Meet at County
SQtUs on Tuesday, May 23d. '
Columbia, May. 1 ?.--Special: Tho
members of the South Carolina Cot
ton Growers' Co-operative' Associa
tion have been called by." Ufo organi
zation1 commit teo of tho ."association
to assv/mble in their respective coun
ty seat? on Tuesday, May 23d, nt the
noon hour, for tho purpose of setting
tho machinery for a permanent or
ganization in inotiqn.
. Each county convention will on
that date elect delegates to a district
convention, tho basis for representa
tion hoing ono delegate for each
county, and one dolegate for every
2,000 thales or majority fraction
thoreoj. Thus Greenwood county,
with ?i?02 bales signed up, will bc
cntttien to ten delegates to tho dis
trict cfiiivmtion. Aiken county, with
8,1.59 pales signed up, will be enti
tled toe nine delega les.
At ep\ch of the district Conventions
to bo ?Obi on Tuesday, May 30th, nt
the dlAiict centers which have been
desigrnied by the organization com
ndtte?fgwo candidates will lie named
and fallowing the district conven
tions ^alpost card ballot will be sent
every'member of the association,'mid
ho \y\\i ho asked to designate his
choice ol' tho two candidates from
his district. Ifcneithor is acceptable
to him, he may scratch both and
writeT tl?b nu me of his choice.
TheflStale b is been divided into
ten districts, and ten directors are lo
bo elected. The districts aro as fol
lows: j?
District No. 1-Marlboro . aTid
Chesterfield counties.
" District No. 2-^Greenville Pick
ens, Oconee and Anderson counties.
District No. 3-Spurtanburg, Lau
rens, .Knion, Newberry and Cherokee
. Di?tfciQt No. I-Abbeville, Green
wo.odi/ilcCornilck, Edge?lcld, Saluda,
AikOij?inrnwell and Allendale coun
Db$&l<K Ne. 5-Darlington and
DjsSjjct No. G-'Dillon, Marlon and
Floran^, iHoiJL'y and Georgetown
DKKrtct No. 7-ORlchlnnd, Loxing
lvt?j^?^VG?lb?un counties/.-. .
^^Bnl?c ?o. 8-Orangefjurg, Dor
chester, Colleton, Bamberg, Hamp
ton counties.
District No. 9-Sumter, Clarendon
and Williamsburg counties.
District No. 10 -York, Chester,
?Lanaster, Fairfield and Kershaw
Commencement Exorcises Will Begin
Friday Night of this Week.
Commencement exorcises of the
Walhalla High School will begin on
Friday night of this week, May 19,
and will continue through the follow
ing Tuesday night, tho 23d. These
exercises will bring to a close a very
successful term of the school.
-On Friday night tho senior class
will give a play, "Kentucky Hello."
On Sunday morning at 1 1 o'clock
the commencement sermon will in;
delivered in tho 'High School Audi
torium by Hov. Geo. H. Zachary, of
Clemson College.
The Class Day exercises will be
held on Monday afternoon at six
On Monday night {In the High
School Auditorium tho pupils of tho
first, second, fourth and fifth grades
will give a varied and entertaining
On Tuesday morning nt tho chapel
hour, promotion cards will be given
oui ie the children, and tho members
of thc third grade will present "Mo
ther Goose Gosltns,'
On Tuesday night at 8.30 o'clock
the graduation exercises will be held
in the Auditorium. The address to
the graduating class will ho deliv
ered by Dr. .John G. Clinkscalcs, the
head of tho department of mathe
matics and a well known and very
popular member of the faculty of
Wofford College. Dr. Clinkscales is
hy no means a stranger here, having
been in Walhalla on a number of oc
casions. Ho is a forceful and logical
speaker, and tho fact thal he will
add ross tho graduating class this
year will attract many who aro not
directly interested in the school. He
is always a most welcome visitor in
Walhalla, no mattor what the occa
sion may be that brings him.
After tho address by Dr. Clink
scales tho following members of the
clo von th grade will he awarded di
plomas: Willie Ale ander, Lillian
Bischoff, Bilby dioatty, Richard
liarle, Grace Grahl, Frank Hunt, .1.
C.lvester, Wllllo Keaton, Agnes Lips
comb, Mary Ellen Mulko)', Mary Ne
smit h, Bessio Bitter, Grace Ray,
Irene Reeder, Frank Todd, Viola
Todd and Gary Watson.
Tho Walhalla High Schools have
been in chargo during tho past year
of supt. Marlon K. Fort, on alumnus
of Wofford Collogo, and ho has been
j ably assisted by a corps of nineteen
teachers. Tho enrollment during the
past session has boon G75 pupils,
theso ombraclng tho several grades
from the first to the olovonth.
Mombors of parliament in Austra
lia re?oive $5,000 a year for their
Don't, G
with your Spring plowi
have several good used
merits which can be bot
good mule. At this pri<
tor itself within the first
For those who desi
Harrowing done within
halla, I will be glad to c
rowing or terracing f
charge an acre or by the
?BMIIII? I???un -wu im iiimMw-mn
* * * * * * * * * * *
?. ?}. ?j. ?i* -I* ?j. ?j? .j. .j- *i> ?J? ?J. ?!?
-Tho Walhalla branch of the Na
tional Kunu Loan Association has
been authorized to accept a limited
number of applications for Federal
tarta loans. Interested parties should
BOO J. 'It. Earle, ol' Wahlalla, at once.
-Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Pitchford,
Mr. and Mrs. S. C!. Pitchford and
Miss ldah Pitchford, of Greenville,
spent tho week-end with their par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Pitchford,
of Walhalla. On Sunday Mr. and
Mrs. Pitchford had their entire fam
ily to dine, with, them", this being tho
third reunion they bnve had since
tho return of their sons from over
seas military service in France. All
of theso young pvoplo have many
friends in Walhalla who are always
delighted to meet them.
. -There will be union services at
the' Walhalla Baptist church* next
Sunday evening at the usual hour
for service It is hoped that Rov.
Geo. It. Zachary, of Clemson Col
lege, who will deliver the sermon to
the graduating class of the Walhalla
High School, in tho auditorium, at
the morning hour for services, will
be .able to remain over and conduct
the union service at tho Baptlsf
chruch. Rev. Mr. Zachary is rector
of tho Episcopal church at Clemson,
and until recently also sewed as rcc
vtor of tho Walhalla church, and is
well and pleasantly known here. The
service has been planned to be held
in Hie Baptist, church because of tts
sizo and central location. Everybody
will he most cordially welcomed at
this union service next Sunday night.
-iA May-Day party of loveliness
and delightfulness was given tho
Teachers' Training Class by Miss Hal
lie Sti'lbling at her home, "Li bor ty
Lodge," on Wednesday afternoon of
lust week. A variety of games were
played. These games were charming
in that they carried one back to the
days of childhood. Miss Stribling in
vited her guests into tho dining
room to dance the "May Pole Dance"
with her. When the ribbons wero
pulled each guest found a lovely
miniature May basket flllfd with flp
licious mints. Yellow and white
block cream with angel-food cake
was served. All during the afternoon
beautiful victrola selections were
played. Mesdames Stribling, W. L.
Vernor, John Dendy and Miss Ennui
Stribling and Miss Daisy Strong as
sisted in entertaining. Miss Strib
ling was indeed a charming mid hos
pitable hostess. Tile members of tho
T. T. C. are: .Mesdames C. W. Reid,
Harry Hughs, Frank Wyatt, eld
ridge Addis, Misses Alma Alexander,
Hula Ables. Nina and Lona Abbott,
Mora Calla ha in, Clara H. Burley,
Dora 0 rood love, Ma?llo and Lillian
Grant. Inez McAllstor, Nellie Pow
ers, Della Perry, Edith Lumpkin,
lilith Hopkins, Jessie Mae Ward, Jes
sie and Maude Koo wu, Courtenay
Smith, M. 10. Smith, Clara B. Snead,
Lisie Fretwoll, Anna Southard, Sara
Nicholson, Jeannette Howland, Fran
ces Kaufmann, Koiffbr Whitfield,
Miltie Wood and Thelma Graham.
- -A telegram was received in Wal
halla last Wednesday afternoon an
nouncing the death of Harry da
Ponle, Sr., of New Orleans, which
occurred at 1.30 p. m. that day. Mr..
dnPonte was in his 60th year, and
had been in failing health for somo
months, suffering from an affoceion
of tho hoart, and having had several
severe attacks within Hie past fow
months, though his condition was
thought to bo much bettor for a
week or moro, and bo had rocontly
been able to bo out. Doath carno sud
denly as tho result of a sevoro hoart
attack. Ho was a nativo of -New
Orleans, having mndo that city his
homo practically all of his life,
though ho had traveled extensively
and had business connections in the
South American countries which fre
quently called for extonded trips out
of tho United States. Ho was a son
of tho lato Durant daPonte, who
died many yoars ago. His mothor
was well known in Walhalla, ?ho
iet> Any
np; and harrowing. I
Tractors with imple- j
ight at the price of a j
:e a Tractor will pay ?
re to have Plowing or
the vicinity of Wal- !
lo your plowing, har
or you at a nominal
: hour.
a, S. C.
ets the Pace."
having spout ? number of years hero
and having died here. She hud mar
ried a second time, lier second hus
band being Capt. Lockwood, nlso of
Now Orleans. .Mr. dal'onle is sur
vived by four children'-Lorenzo IL
dul'onte, of Tacoma, Wash.; Mrs. J.
A. Sleek, of Walhalla; Mrs. F. A.
Uerne, of Ogden, Ulah, and Harry
dal'onte, of New Orleans. There aro
many in this and other sections of
tho country who will learn with re
gret of Mr. da F on le's death. Ile was ?
widely known in business circles of
Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and In
-There aro many in Oconeo and
other counties of Upper Carolina who
will learn with deep regret of the.
death of Mrs. Elizabeth A. Bell, who
died at her home in Walhalla last
Friday morning. While il was known
by many that she had boon an inva
lid for a 'number of years, duo to a
fall," which.at her advancod ago, had
rendered her almost* -holplesBy-StiH ? '
the seriousness of her last illness, of ' . ..'
only a few days' duration, was not
generally known, and tho announce
ment of her death came as a shock
and source of deep sorrow lo all'
Mrs. Bell before he'r marriage to Dr.
Bonjamin Bell, of Clayton, was a
Miss Bleckley, being a sistor of the
late Judge Logan Blockloy, of tho
Georgia Supremo Court, and of the
lats Sylvester .Bleckley, of Anderson.
She is survived by the following chil
dren: Dr. Jj_W. Bell and Miss May
Boll, of Walhalla, and Mrs. D. G.
MoAlister, of Columbia. There aro
many other close relatives to mourn
her passing, most of (hem residing at
Clayton, Ga., and in Unban county,
tho home of tho Bleckley family.
Mrs, Hell was an humble Christian,
living daily ibo profession she had
made many years ago, when she be
came a member of Hie Methodist
church, of which she was a consis
tent and devoted member at tho time
of her death. She was one of those
women whom to know was to lovo
and revero, for h.or every word and
deed was so characteristic of tho
Christianity slio professed that ono
could but know that her heart and
soul were pure, reflecting in her dally
life tho principles of tho lowly Naza
rene and showing forth lils teach
ings. She was in her 82d year, and
her long Ufo was lived so thal, thoro
was none who knew her who did not
know and rocognize tho storling qual
ities she possessed. In hor passing
ono of the "mothers in israel" has
been removed from our midst and
called to her reward, which is suro.
Tho bereaved ones have the sympa
thy of many friends in their sorrow.
Funeral services were conducted flit
the home at 10 o'clock Friday morn
ing by ber pastor, Rev. A. W. Barr?
after which the remains were lukon
to Clayton, fla., for Intormonl.
Innocent Man Almost Lynched,
Greenville, May Iii.- After hav
ing narrowly escaped hoing lynched
al the hands of an infuriated mob,
and later being Incarcerated in Ibo
Greenville county Jail for the night*
on a charge of incest, l\ E. Barker,
a young white man of the Fork
Shoals section, was to-day. released
from custody. Officials said it was
established that the man was entire
ly Innocent, and that tho chargos
against bim had linen brought hy
his enemies.
Names of Surviving Members Sought
Any surviving mombers of Capt.
C. ts, Holllngsworth's company of 1 G
yenr-old school boys from Clearmont
Academy, Oconoo county, S. C., in
Ciifedernlo War will confer a favor
by communicating with Mrs. Ida Hol
lingsworth Smith, (Mrs. lt. F. Smith)
Easloy, S. C.
(Other Oconoo papors requested
to copy.)
Storm lilts Church, Killing One.
Kaloigh, N. C., May 14.-Ono no
gro was killed and fifteen others In
jured when a severe windstorm un
roofed the church In which thoy and
a large congregation were attend
ing services at Prlncoton, 30 milos
east of hore, about noon to-day;.

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