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Hoe, Rake and Spade, the Com
bination Soil Tillers Find Abso
lutely Necessary.
Little Implement Suitable for Small or
Large Garden; Trowels Are Handy;
Spraying Outfits Aie Es
With the first warm days of spring
sounding tito earth call, there ls a
hasty scurrying around for the teols
of tile gardening cult. A gardener eau
get ulong fairly well with four, a spade
or spading fork, a hoe, a rake, and a
trowel. It ls even possible to get along
without the last, but who wants to?
The art -of gardening ls reaching
such a point of special development
that there are tools for almost every
thing and the wise gardener by a care
ful 'selection will ease his work as
much ns possible by securing appro
priate working Implements,
The greatest lubor saver for gardens
of any extent ls a little wheel hoe.
This saves many a headache, does the
work thoroughly, and has appliances
for various purposes Which are Inter
changeable from a little plow share
to cultivators of various kinds. It can
be used in the smallest garden.
There are numerous hoes of various
types and designed for different pur
poses. The pointed hoe for making
rows ls a convenient tool. The hoe
with rake teeth on the back of the
blade ls one of tho very handiest all
around garden tools for light work
there I.s. lt ls particularly well adapt
ed for women gardeners. Three toothed
cultivator hoes dp a tine job of stir
ring the soil. Scuffle or shove boes as
they aro sometimes called that can ho
pushed Instead of pulled, pormlt hoe
ing rows which are too close to walk
between conveniently.
Trowels of various shapes to suit
various plants aro now on the market,
stiff, sharply angled small bladed trow
els are Ideal for splitting off pieces
from perennials which have grown so
large they need dividing for their best
growth. They are fino to set under a
recalcitrant carrot or parstdp whose
leaves are so tender they part com
pany from the root, lenving lt in the
Long bladed trowels are especially
ndaptcd for digging holes for gladiolus
or other hollis in the sining and In
Necessary Garden Tools.
lips and fall bulbs later In the season
and equally useful In digging them up.
. There are little hand rakes, which.
Is Your House
A Home?
The answer is on the walls
T/ALLS ore the background of
V family lifo. They affect the
eauty. cheer and cleanliness of
yery room.
Vhen finished with the soft mellow
nts of Dcvoe Velour Finish (a flat
il paint) walls not only help to maka
ie things in front of them beautiful,
ut become beautiful (liemselvea.
.nd because such walls are washa*
le, their cleanliness and fresh beauty
re easily preserved by the occasional
se of soap, water and a rag.
tcvo? Velour Finish can be applied
n any interior wall or ceiling,
levoe Products are time-tested and
roven,-backed by the 168 years'ex
?rienco of the oldest paint manufact
rin^ concern in the U.S. Founded 1754.
Wal li alla, S. C.
uro Just thc thins for Rand cultivation
aiming plants which need special care
and thc earth kept stirred.
Sprinkling cans und sprays must he
added lo every well regulated garden
out lit, especially a spray.
While looking over spraying outfits
get in a supply of poison for the pests
that devour and for the fungus that
blights. The, seedsman will tell you
what to get. Bordeaux mixture for
fungus pests, paris green or some other
arsenical poison for those that eat the
loaves, and a tobacco poison of some
kind for plant lice ure standard. Often
they can he bought in combination.
National Garden Bureau.
What 17 a hack yard good for? It
may * e made to supply the overage j
ramily with fresh vegetables through j
tlie growing seasou.
Cabbage ls one of the most de
sirable of our early green or leaf
crops and should be included in
every home garden. The seeds
should be sown indoors and the
plants set In tho garden about
the tinte that danger of frost is
past, or a few plants cnn be pur
chased from the seed store. Cab
bage requires a rich soil, and the
plants of the smaller early sorts
should be set 18 Inches apart In
each direction for hand cultiva
tion. It is a good plan to pour
a little water around the roots
of each plant as lt ls being set tn
the garden.
kW a mltd, vegetable laxativo to
y?% rcllove Constipation and WU
ouaneas and keep the digestivo oud
ellmlnatlvofuncUona normal.
I25e. Bo?^^g?5|^^*oyears
Walhalla, 8. C.
Wisdom for Wives.
(Boston Transcript.)
A wise old minister, before part
ing with a young couple he had join
ed in matrimony, used to slip a card
into the bride's hand, on which was
printed this advice: "When you
marry him, love him; after you mar
ry him, study him. If he is honest,
humor him; if he is gonerous, appre
ciate him. When lie is sad, cheer
him; when he ls quarrelsome, ignore
him. If ho is slothful, spur him; if
ho is noble, praiso him. if he ls con
fidential, encourage him; if he is 80
crotive, trust him. If ho is Jealous,
cure bim. If ho favors society, ac
company him. When ho doos you a
favor, thank him; whoo ho deserves
it, kiss him. Lot him think how well
you understand him, but nevor let
him know that you manage him."
Editor Koowoo Courier:
Will you please publish the follow
ing Unos in Tho Courier? I think
tliey lit Into .almost every Ufo, no
matter what ono's sphere or station
may be. Maggie Bell.
If 1 could journey back a little way
Along the road that loads to Yester
Thero aro so many things that I
would do
So many moments I vould live anew.
Th?t I might speak a ilowe- 'udor
My tongue I'd bind WUii patience's
golden cord;
I'd guide a young child by my oidor
I'd give my strongth to held a weaker
And with tho beggar I would share
my bread;
Upon my breast I'd sooth some weary
head ;
I'd wipe tho tears that I saw fall Uko
And with my kiss I'd heal another's
I'd ask of God to make my heart con
In striving that each hour be worthy
To-day I'd smile when Yesterday
And count myself a woman richly
crowned. \
By that imo love so humbly offered
I'd give my service-oh, so full and
Could 1 but journey back a little
Along tho road that leads toYester
Intimation that There is a Seventh
Wife of Muchly .Harried Man.
(Atlanta Georgian, 11th.)
M. Li. Tatham, a cotlon mill work
er, accused of having married six
wives, was found guilty of bigamy
Wednesday by a jury tn Judge John
D. Humphries' division of Criminal
Court, and was sentenced to serve a
term of eight years in tho peniten
tiary. Tho maximum penalty for
bigamy ?3 ten years.
?Four ef thc alleged wives told
the jury detalla of thoir marriages to
The trial lasted only 45 minutes.
No defense was offered except A brie;"
statement by Tatham that his sec
ond marriage, in his opinion,- was '
legal because he had not seen Mrs.
Tatham No. 1 In fourteen years.
The indictment charged that on
Nov, 2, 1921, be married Ira Lee'
Brown, of Atlanta, when ho was mar
ried to Dora Corbin Tatham, of Wal- j
halla, S. C.
Was Divorced by First Wife.
Mrs. Dora Corbin Tatham took the
stand and testified that she married
Tatham in Walhalla on Feb. 22d,
lis05. She said she divorced him
here, however, and a decree signed
by Judge W. D. Ellis, dated Jan. 30,
1921, was tendered in evidence by
the State. Attorney Virgil E. Adams
represented her in . getting the di
vorce, and assisted the State in tho
prosecution Wednesday.
Then followed in quick succession
the testimony of .Mrs. Ira Loo Brown
Tatham, of 09 Alma avenue, Atlanta;
Mrs. Lillian Morris Tatham, who re
sides near Atlanta, on tho River car
lino; Mrs. Bertha Munro Tatham, of
Portordole, who hold her baby in her
arms while giving her evidence, and
Mrs. Ira Leo Brown Tatham, of 88
Evans drive, who said she wanted
Tatham "turned loose If bo will
promise not to marry any moro."
Tatham was living with tho last
named wifo when arrested. He has
boen in tho Tower moro than a week.
Hint Given as to Seventh Wife,
Acting Solicitor Genoral E. A. Ste
phens tendored.ln evidence tho mur
ringo certificates of M. L. Tatham
and Eva Hughes, of Columbus, Ga.,
dated tn 1018. This is tho alleged
sixth wife. Mrs. Eva Ilughos Tatham
wrote several days ago to tho solici
tor general that sho was Tatbam's
wiro, having read in Hie papers that
Mn Lillian . Morris Tatham had
swo n out a warrant charging him
with bigamy.
At tho court house Wednesday,
Mrs. Mattie Underwood, mother of
Lillian Morris Tatham, said sne bad
information thal Tatham *as a sev
enth wife tn Tennessee, and that this
wife had two children by Tatham.
HalPs Catarrh Medicine
Those who aro in n "run down" con
dition will notice that Catarrh bothers
them much moro than when they aro
in good health. This fact proves that
while Catarrh ls a local disease, lt Is
greatly influenced by constitutional
conditions. HALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE is a Tonic and Blood Puri
fier, and acts through the blood upon
the mucous surfaces of the body, thus
reducing the inflammation nnd restor
ing normal conditions.
All druggists. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
(Lake Victoria, in Africa, is one of
tho largest bodies of fresh water In
tho world.
Slam ls ono of tho few monachles
of the tropics.
Kublick Company
Tho human-voiced violin and tho H
elty Instruments, will be featured hy II?
vocal mid instrumental entertainers, w
pearlufi ni tho coming Redpath Chaubv
Thvso Instruments were both Inven
violin closely resembles In tone tho vole
and the Hawaiian stringed orchestra ll
effect usually obtained by an orchestra
otis other novelty Instruments uro omp
addition, H wealth ot' popular vocal nut
Tho Kuhl leif Company will appear
au afternoon concert and a prelude ut
afternoon program will be Bernice Val
Well-Known Artist
Entertainer Coming
Here at Chautauqua
"Wit and Wisdom of the Chalk and
Clay" is the subject of 'an unusual en
tertainment by ,T. Franklin Cavcny,
clever artist who appears hore on the
opening nlglit of the coming Redpath
Mr. Cavcny ls an artist In crayons ;
and clay and In the telling of count-!
less anecdotes, which form an amusing
accompaniment to his rapid sketching.
With "-htuing skill Mr. Caveny's I
crayon reproduce -'any familiar |
scones and fucos; or a lump of clay,
tossed carelessly on his boards leaps In
to the likeness of n beloved patriot.
But among the most entertaining foul
ures of the entire program are fte
crayon portraits which he makes of \ti
rious members of the audience.
Mr. Caveny will undoubtedly be ono
of the most popular attractions on tho
Chautauqua program.
June 15th t<
My house wm for sale and thc ronl
estate man ca lied nie in i be morning
and saul he would bring a buyer In
tho afternoon. As our cellar was full
of water, I Mred a neighbor boy to dip
the water out before the buyer arrived.
When the mon arrived 1 showed thom
the house. At the 'asl tin? buyer sahl,
"Oil, yes, is your cellar dry?"
And I said, "Oh. yes, lt ls as dry
as any cellar ls."
Wi' started clown tho stairs to the
cellar and tho neighbor hoy yelled up,
"Oh, mom, i've hoon dipping water;
for an hor.r unc? n half and the door's
cover'Kl yet."
The man did not take the house,
Came to Win Human Wills.
In spite of man having misused tba
free will which lie gave ld in, God goes
on with His work of love. T?tere la
nothing moro touching than thc pa
tience of God shown In the Incarna
tion. Ile did not destroy the guilty
world ; He came down to win the int'
mun wills back to Bim.-Tho Bishop
of London,
Work and Worry.
It ls not work that kills men; lt 19
worry. Work is healthy ; you con
hardly put moro on n man than ho can
bear. But worry is rust upon thq
bind'*. Xe la not movement that de
gtroys the machinery, but friction.-.
IL W. Beecher.
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tauqua Attraction
nwalian stringed orchestra, unique nov?
inri Kublick and Joan Kubllck, popular
bo comprise thc Kubllck Company np
ted by Mr. Kubllck. Tho buman-voiced
e of Schumann-IIeink In a low register,
?? un Intricate Instrument flint gives tho
of six Hawaiian instruments. Numer
loyed by the Kublleks und there is, In
nbers on tholr programs.
on tlio last day of the Chautauqua In
; night. Appearing with them in tholr
ii, clever lmpersonntor and entertainer.
Noted Clown to
Delight Children
at the Chautauqua
An amusing entertainment given by
Hughie Fitzpatrick, popular clown, will
be one of three unique programs for
children to be given at the coming Red
path Chautauqua.
These special children's programs !
are distinct Innovations Inaugurated
this year by the Redpath manage- I
mont, and Hughie Fitzpatrick, appear
? lng on the fourth morning with Ids
I marvelous feats of tumbling, ids jokes
' mid fun, will make a tremendous blt.
j Stephani Schutze, "wizard teller-of
tales," will give a groat entertainment
for the youngsters on the third morn
ing, und on tlie llftli morning Bernice
, Van, capital' impersonator and enter
: tnlner, will give an .^squally delightful
i program.
! 'Every week In London it is esti
mated that articlos to the value of
I $1,000,000 are pawned.
3 June 20th.
Vt Kansas City in .lune-Tho Official
Route Hus Reen Outlined.
The OfTl cia I route for the South
Carolina delegation to tho Interna
tional Sunday School Convention nt
Kansas City, June 2 1-27. according
to Stato Superintendent Leon C. Pal
mer, is as follows:
Leave Spartanburg, on Southern
Railway, at 11,45 p. m., June 18th,
and arrive Atlanta at 5.26 a. m.,
(whore the delegation will bo'Joincd
by tho delegations from Georgia and
Florida); leave Atlanta 8.45 a. m.
on tho Dixie Flyer, arrivo Chatta
nooga at 1.10 p. m.. Nashville 5.20
p. m., (to bo Joined by tho Alabama
and Tennessoo delegations); leave
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching tho Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, seo how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it Improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonio is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended In syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. Tho blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c *
Hoard-Will Resign .Lino 1-Wilson
G. Harvey Will then lie Governor.
(Columbia State* May 12.)
Governor Coopor v/ill resign early
hi Juno as Governor of South Caro
lina to become a member of the Fed
eral Farm Loan Board, to which ho
was yosterday appointed by Presi
dent Harding, ho said last night upon
Iiis return to the cit>. Wilson G. Har
vey, of Charleston, our prosent Lieu
tenant Governor, will thou become
Chief Executive.
"1 cannot say definitely whoa I
will resign, but it will bo, as early
as possible, depending largely upon
my condrmai'on by tho Senate and
tho arranging of my personal affairs,"
tho Chief Executive said. Ho named
June 1st as a possible date.
"1 know * of no opposition to my
appointment," he said, "and 1 expect
U_ to bo confirmed by Hie Senate
within a short time lu tli3 regular
order of business of similar nature."
Tho Governor said that Senator Dial
had been activoly at work tn his be
half, ns had a number of olbor Sen
ators. Senator Fletcher, of Florida,
and Curtis, of Kansas, took up tho
Governor's name and worked for his
appointment, as did Sonni or E. D.
When tho Governor assumes Illa
new duties ho will uiov? his family
to Washington, as tho bond offices of
tho farm loan board ure located at
tho National Capital.
The South Carolina Chief Execu
tive was ono of forly possible ap
pointees for the place vacated by Mr
Lever. He went io Westlington oh
Tuesday night to confer' v ith Presi
dent Harding, and Wednesday after
noon at LL") o'clock, when he saw
tho President, bo was told by Mr.
Harding Hint he wou'd he appointed,
and. that his nonie would ho sent to
Hie Senate Thursday morning. Tho
Chief Executive left Washington on
Wednesday night with the assuranco *
from the President that he would be
Governor Regrets to Leave.
The Governor regress to leave
South Carolina. "Walle I am grati
fied nt this opportunity to servo the
people of all the States, the South
and my own State, l will sever my
connection with Hie Governor's of
fice with great reluctance [i ls my
purpose before rotlrt.ig to moko a
moro extensive stalom mt to the peo
ple. My interests In 'hs State and
j my affection for the people will not .
be lessened by my retirement from
the Governor's office," ho stated.,
Common Sense
About Eczema
and Eruptions!
\ -
Here'? Something About S. S.S.
That You'll Be Glad to Hear.
You might Just ns woll know It right
now,-tho causo of skin ?ruptions*
plmploB, blackheads, bolls and so on,
ls right in the blood, Thora ls*t?o Ret
ting away from lt. Science has proved
it. "Wo provo It, You can provo lt.
When tho causo of shin troubles and
eruptions is In tho blood, it isn't eom
Lot 8. S. S. Clive You Au Angelic Skint
mon sonso to simply treat tho skin.
A hottlo of ti. ti. S. will provo to you
what is happening In your blood. ti.ti.S.
ls a scientific blood cleanser,-lt drives
out tho impurities willoh causo cczoma,
totter, rash, pimples, boil?, blackheads,
blotches and other ukin eruptions.
When those Impurities aro driven out,
you can't stop several very nico thing?
from happening. Your Ups turn nat
urally rosy. Your eyes sparkle, your
complexion clears, lt becomes beau
tiful, Your faco looks Uko that of a
prosperous, ruddy, welt-fed, refined
gentleman, or if you aro a woman,
your complexion becomes tho real kimi
that tho wbol? world SO admires. ti.ti.ti.
ls also a powerful body-builder, bo
ennso it builds now end moro blood
colls. That's why it fills out sunken
cheeks, bony necks, thin limbs, help.?
regain lost flesh. It costs little to?
bavo this happen to you. ti. ti. ft. io
sold at all drug stores, In two alzos.
Tho lurgor sizo is tho moro economical
Budapest, Hungary, embraces tho
historic town of Ofen, onco a Roman
Los Angeles school children writo
daily on tho blackboard, "It ls dan
gerous to play on tho streets."
Nashville on Special International
Convention Train ovor the L> and N.
nt 8 p. m., Juno 19th, and arrivo at
Kansas City, over tho Missouri Pa
cific, at 9 a. m., Juno 20th.
South Carolina is entitled to 96
delogatos, and all who doslro ap
pointment as delegates should com
municate at once with Loon C. Pal
mer, general superintendent, South
Carolina Sunday School Association,
Spartanburg, S, C. Information re
garding railroad schedules, rates, res
ervations, etc., can be secured from
O. B. Harris, general passenger agent
of the N. C. and St. L. Railway, At*
lanta, Ca.

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