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"I was never
able to bake a
good cake until
using Royal* I
find other pow
ders leave a
bitter taste."
Mrs. C. P.
Baking Powder
Absolutely Pure
Contains No Alum
Leaves No Bitter Taste
Send for New Royal Cook Booh
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For Governor-lins Dellnitely M ad o
.V nnniincoincnl-Kducal ion.
Columbia, May I.".. State Supor
iu tendon I ot' Education .lohn E.
Swcuringon to-night dollnitoly an
nounced bis candidacy tor Governor.
Ile is going to bo a formidable and
to-be-counted candidate, 'lluro will
bc no "also ran" candidacy about
him. He !s running on bis personal
worth aim bis record as State Su
perintendent of Education. His an
nouncement is characteristically
torso and states:
"1 shall ho a candidate, for Gov
ernor in the Democratic primary.
Tho Governorship is the highest
honor tn the .'itt of the people. I
invite the voters to investigate my
charactor and record. For fourteen
years the people have allowed me to
work ?ls Slate Superintendent of Ed
ucation. Of tho modest standards
a light fdr tho combon ?sell oo j ii ia
om , and l pi ." i lo mali . thia light
i? the reen !)..;.? . '.ii.- people i v
bpitu ino progress of recent years !
education is still tho chief need of
the State, lt is the only cure for ig
norance as well as the best and saf
est remedy for poverty and crime.
"Thc tax system should he adjust
ed and equalized so as to lighten the
burden carried hy the small farmer, !
the small home owner and tho small
business man Tin? wealth ol' the
St.io- can easily hf ir and pay the
cost ol' honest and < conomicai gov
ernment without hardship on any
trx-payer. C*ir lax burden needs to
bo justly distributed, conservatively
expended. Not vithsfnndlng business
depression, the ravages ot' du: boll
weevil and the uncertainty of tho
outlook. t!:>- people aro not road y
yoi lo rbis.' our schools and colleges
or to pull down our institutions. Tho
direct lax now burdening visible
properly must bo shifted so as to
tap otrcr sources of revenue. Second
only to education and taxation stand
law enforcement, good roads und
publie health. The carnival of crime
should bo checked. The investment
already made in good roads should
bo conserved, Further improve
ments should bo made when funds
become available. The campaign for
public, heal: li should tie prosscd and
every public agency should bo
strengthened. Factionalism, bicker
ing and strife have too long bur1
the Stato, Tho Governor and the
Legislature musl work together it'
anything worth while ls io bo nnder
t. ken or accompli died.
Mr. Swonringeu was horn In (ho
county of Edgellold. near Trenton, in
1 v7. lils father was John C. Swonr
Ingcn, a farmer, Confederate sold or
and captain in ibo lied Shirts. His
niel her was a sister of Senator Roil
Jamlu i:. Tillman, when i :: years
of age bo accidentally lost his sight,
bill that has in no wise interfered
with his activities and wonderful
mind and memory. Ile graduated at
the ITnivorsity ot' South Carolina
with highest distinction.
Mis remarkable work for the
schools of th* Stat,, lias been his.
greatest pride, ile is a Presbyterian.
In 1?H ft be married Miss Hough, and
they have two little boys. Mr. Swear
ingon is keenly Interested in farming
and is himself largely interested in
agricultural ventures.
Tbe Quinine That Does Not Affect the Head
BecAiiseof Us tonic And Inxntlve effect, I.AXA
TIVK BROMO QUININH I? bettet than ordinary
Quinine And does not cause nervotunc*' nor
rinKinjr In bend. Remember thc full name mid
look for the .ignulurc of ii, W. GKOVI?. 30c.
Platform Deals Largely with Finance
lind education-Wilson Praised.
Columbia, May 18.-Tho platform
of ihe State Democratic party, adopt
ed at an early hour this morning, be-1
? fore tho convention adjourned at j
3..'50, deals largely with Stale econ
I omy and flnnnco and education, lt
: expresses sympathy and praise for
Woodrow Wilson, welcomes women
into the party, greets James M. Cox
as a leader of Democracy, charges
tho Republican party with being
owned by the money interests, en
dorses tho agricultural bloc in Oon
j gross, calls on Congress to pr?vido
a system of short-term credits, en
dorses luxury, income a)id exciso
taxes, favors law enforcement, es
pecially prohibition; urges speedy
trhils and hearing of appeal, espe
cially in felony cases, disapproves of
Sunday sessions of tho Legislature,
disapproves of infringement of Fed
eral laws on States' rights, and fa
vors a pledge that the State take no
backward step in the present finan
cial situation.
Mrs. LeRoy Springs, of Lancaster,
was elected national executive aom
mittee-woinnn to succeed Mrs. R. 1.
There were lift y four women dele
gates in tho convention. (Oconce waa
represented by two ladies-Mrs. \l.
I.' Bradley, of Clemson College, und
Miss Addie 'latham, of Walhalla )
Campaign I legi ns dune tit).
Tho political campaign this sum
mer will start .lune 20, and all Can
didates must Hie their cu tri as by
neon of Jillie 10th', according :.> de
cidion of the StaK1 Detnorratic execu
tive com m it t eo, in session at Mid
night Inst night. Thc assessments
for candidates were also fixed as fol
lows: (Each.)
For Ooverwnor.? J 00. 0 ti
Ker other State ollices . .< 1 no . ml
\-\. ? Congress.200 . 00
For Solicitor. 100 .1,11
Edgar A. Brown, of Harnwell, is
the newly elected chairman nf the
commit toe. Harry N. Edmunds, of
Columbia, was re-elected secretary,
und Cea. Wilie Jones, of Columbia,
was re-elected treasurer. T. Hay
good Gooding, of Hampton, was
elected vice chairman.
! A connu it leo to arrange til'1 itin
erary of candidates for the summer
campaign was selected, composed of
Gen. .!> i;cs, \?t l?dnmh'.ls and Ceo.
Bell Ti minor mun, of Lexington; The
campaign will i nd th roo or lour days ,
in Torc iii/ primary, tyhlcb will come
. uloso *~tig. 20th,
Petitions for tho confirmation of
action by tho Charleston executlvo
committee In seating county con- ;
vention delegates from live Charles
ton which had first been declared
without scats were filed with the ex
ecutive committee, and the action
was confirmed, the delegations hoing
declared seated. These petitions
carno from st. Andrews, Awonsday.
James Island. Adams Run and Rdis
lo Island clubs and wore presented
ly Senator Arthur Young, nf Char
leston. Daniel A. Sinkler, chairman
of tho Charleston comity committee,
was allowed to make a statement re
garding tho petitions, and ho made
remarks thal came near precipitat
ing a mild sensation, and which I
brought forth n warning from the
chairman against personal remarks.
Mr. Sinkler stated thal the Charles
ton committee had seated the dele
gations hiing petitions and he
thought tho petitions should bo
thrown <>ut. He stated that lie had
not been served with a copy of tho
petitions, and added: "I'm not sur
prised when a man like Arthur
?S ining presented them." This state
ment brought a loud rap from the
chairman's gavel. The committee
took cognizance of the fact that the
petitions had not been served on
tho county chairman, and that Ibo
delegations had been seated. bu|t
voted confirmation of tho county
committco's action and the seating
ot" Hie del?gales In question. John I.
Cosgrove nppoarod in behalf of Ihe
county committee and slated that
tho delegates had neon (diesen nt
meetings of thc clubs in question
held at limos not properly adver
tised. He stated thal In one case the
club leaders had mbl al church and
changed tho time, for the meeting
Of the club.
The State committee Wednesday
night beard a long debate an pro
posed changos In tho party rules,
and then threw out. all proposed
amendments because of their con
flict with the statutes. The conven
tion was in session into tho wee
small hours of the morning, Hie
adoption of the platform consuming
also lengthy consideration.
Million ami u Half Jersey Ehe.
Perth A m boy, X. .1., May 17.-Tho
white lead department of tho United
Lead Company's plant hero was de
stroyed hy flro yesterday. Tho dam
ago was estimated at $1,500,000.
For Young Mon of South Carolina at
Government Expense.
South Carolina young men have an
exceptional opportunity right now to
enroll for tho' Citizens' Military
Training Camp, which will he held
at Camp McClellan, Ala., July 27th
to Aug. 21>tli. An opportunity will
net only lie given for military train
ing, hut for sports and all forms of
recreation, which will be emphasized j
moro than ever before. Camp Mc
Clellan offers an exceptional oppor
tunity for both training and recrea
tion, since, among other Dungs, it
has a line lake in tho center of the
Young men who attended Camp
Jackson ai Columbia, S. C., last sum
i.,er were greatly benefited physi
llv and wonderful Indorsements
re come both from them and their
pi? rents.
Young men who go to camp will
not in nny way obligate themselves
to jilli tho organized reserve or the
national guard, although the pur
pose of the work is to train men to
become reserve olllcers in tin oe sum
mers (Ked. While and then Blue'
Camp). Any young man from IT to
2."? is oligiblo for the Red Camp. No :
previous experience is necessary.
Application for Admission.
Sine.' on',y a limited number of I
boys will lu? admitted to cai: ;>. each
applicant should send to tho ..' dr' s-,
holow for a tentative application
blank at once. This should ho Ulled
t;'u aiul returned immediately with
the understanding that after notifi
cation of tentative acceptance, thov
will receive smallpox vaccination
and paratyphoid inoculation before
entering camp, at his own expense.
In most communities local physi
cians will be glad to do this work if
the men will request it and pay for
tho medicine.
To Camp- (a) Government willi
furnish transportant nul 1 ie-,
imhurse for meals Upi il at
camp al rale of not .<> . "i.'iO
per day, upon prese . pro
per receipts; or (b) did may
pay Iiis own way to < 1 . e re-j
Im bur sod at rate o . per
mile by the shortest v ll> 'oled
To Homo-'Applicni .. I na id
nt rntc of r joni pi '.o
; . test usu;.i!y tr., wind remo be
fore leaving camp.
The govern na eh t iii provide uni
form; meals, oqulpinot . ttfui
tion, etc., tho candida , o furnish
underwear and persona! ?lot irti
?Remember, men wh > \ ttld Ilka
to go to camp will hav . a best op
portunity if they apply 1 v. v ite
to-day for information an an appli
cation blank.
Address- Reed :
Extension Dept. S. C. U i'y,
Cohn i ?.
No need to suffer from that tired,
dead ache in your ' .ck, "<!.nt lame
ness, those distressing urinary dis
orders. Walhalla people have found
bow lo got i lief. Kollow this Wal
halla resident's example.
Mrs, C. E. Alexander, 13 James St.,
says: "1 had a had limo with kidney
complaint. My back wan in bad
condition and ached a good deal. 1
felt run down and when I bent i
could hardly straighten again as tho
?iain would almost lake my breath
away. 1 was weak und nervous
spells bothered me. Black specks oft
en appenivd booie m. eyes and my
kidneys didn't tic: ri !>;. ?{earing o.r
Donn's Kidno> i i i.- I got i supply
and begnn taking th tn ?uni they
soon entirely cured me."
Price OOc, at all <l alors. Don't
simply ask for ti kid: oj c >ody-ge!
Donn's Kidney Rilli .. anio that
Mrs. Alexander had. .* tor-Mllbttrn
Co., Mfrs.. R. iffnlo, N. v.
Sile Saved lier 1 lowers.
(Columbia State.)
When Mrs. Calhoun spoke on Ta
tnassee nt tho I). A. lt. Continental
Congress, recently held, dio presen t
et Mrs. George Maynard Minor, the
president general, with a corsage
bouquet of organdie Howers made
for her by the girls of TaniASSOb,
On the following Saturday nigh'.,
when tire was discovered iii the Now
Willard Hotel, where Mrs. Minor was
a guest, people rushed from their
rooms, seizing only ;t p.w artlclo-i
they could carry in their arms. As
the ero .d gntbored In the hall en
tho main floor they began to realizo
what they had saved. Mrs. Minor
found herself clasping her pres
ident general's badge in ono
hand and Hie ?bunch of Tamnsseo
flowers In tho other! Wo foci much
Haltered that her sub-conscious mind
treasured this gift from tno girls so
Columbia Chamber o? Commerce ot
Work for HU; Radio SUitioii.
"There'll be muelo' (ti tho air" all
over South Carolina, according to
tho Columbia Chamber of Commerce,
which is making ready to begin a
?12,000 reimest for Ibo erection of
a radio broadcasting station. Tho
wireless apparatus will bo preseutod
l>? tho University of South Carolina
and will bo erected on tho college
When completed a daily program
will be broadcasted, consisting of
lectures, sermons, political gossip,
sporting results, market, weather
and crop reports instrumental and
vocal music, and dully talks by Co
lumbia business and professional
The campaign is being made a no
vel one. Moffatt B. DttPrO, newly
elected councilman in tho Capital
City, is Radio Chief, taking up the
duties of tho usual chairman. J. Ir
win Sutphen, cashier of the National
State Bank, is Mead Rocoiver, other
wise known as treasurer, and Frank
A Pierson, as Broadcaster, performs
the duties of publicity manager. The
committees aro designated as Ampli
fiers. Every community in the State
will be brought into direct touch
with Coln tibia daily.
A Fearfully Shaped Dam.
(Anderson Daily Mail.)
Tho iScorgin rower Company is
building a big dani across Tilgaloo
river, between Oconco county and
Coori;la, to develop enormous horse
power. 'I'he dam will bo over ino
feet high and will cost. $2,000,000,
and is tin? biggest thing ol* the kind
in this section.
A great deal has been printed in
Mn- newspapers in reference to this
big dam recently, and among others
a Cl reen wood paper says it is to bc
122 feet wide at the bottom and 350
foot at the top. The Manufacturers'
Record goes tho (J reen wood paper
several better, and says it will be
"132 feel wide at the bottom and 850
ftet across tho top."
Tan, Freckle??
Pitnplaa.BI&cl h.. . >,oto.
Hagan's Magnolia Y \\m m
! ' tntlyco ils >; .! >lhw di v,
Bimini;*>:in. fiJvtitutotiww
well nu ;i rtmwy, Kcmovi?
hlep isl ra, Makes A\n
?im! complex lon clear, velvety,
bc.Yutilul. imparts delicate,
lasting fragrance to thc per
son. Won't rub oil. Im?
possible to detect.
LIQUID Face and
d clore: T?runctte,
While. I'ink, ;ui(j
Rose Red fur lip^
Checks. Suhl hy ali
dealers, ur direct
from us, 7 s cents,
A?. So. Fifth St.
(j. D. Knight, Dean ol' Anderson.
(Greenville Piedmont, May is.)
Dr. Craves L. Knight, of tho fac
ulty of Balley Military Institute, will
become donn of the faculty and also
treasurer of Anderson College for
Women, beginning his duties there
on June 1, according to announce
ment to-day. Dr. Knight's family is
at present living in Laurens, but he
will probably move thom to Ander
son, he states.
For tho past four yours Dr. Knight
has been ?i member of the faculty
and chaplain of Hailey Military In
stitute. Previous to his connection
with Bailey ho had held Important
posiiioas in the schools of Ibis State.
For a nu inlier of years ho was super
intendent of schools at C?ranitovillo.
l"or IS years ho was a member of
tho hoard of education of Aiken
couniy. and for olghl years ho was
a member of tho State Board ol' Ed
A Hoi- Dr. Knight's graduation
from F ti rina ii University in I SK.", he
entered tho ministry of tho Baptist
denomination. Ho was pastor of the
Highland Home Baptist church, Lau
fen! Baptist church and Waterloo
Baptist church in Laurens county.
Throe years ago he was honored willi
the degree of doctor of divnity by
Fu rm a n University.
Methodist Revival ut Walhalla.
There will bo a revival meeting
nt the Walhalla Methodist church
for fifteen days, beginning May 2Slh
and ending Juno 11th. The preach
ing will be dono by Rev. R. E. Mor
ris, of tho Shandon Methodist church
in Columbia. Brother Morris U u
strong young preacher. All who
hear him will bo helped. The other
caurehes of Walhalla aro invited to
co-oporato as fully as may be possi
ble. A. W. Barr, Pastor.
A year ago
almost unknown
Today - a leader
A sweeping verdi'
Of Savings OM I ?Meatos, $;LOO0-M r.
Flint, Postmaster, Congratulated.
Postmaster X. Fant, of tho Wal
lu lia postoflico, has been congratu
lated on his energy and efforts in
tho government's savings system
campaign on Hie result of his sales
in treasury savings certificates,which ,
totaled $"J,00u for April.
Howard T. Cree, director of tito
government savings organization,
Fifth Federal Reserve District, in a I
letter to the local postmaster stated: J
"I congratulate you on tho tine show
lng made by you and your associates !
in the salo of these savings certiti
eales. Your oihee led all post?nicos
of tile third class in South Carolina."
"This record," said Postmaster X.
Fant, "not only reflects favorably on
the financial situation of our com
munity, but Indicates that our citi
zens are oil lek to take advantage of
a high class investment, in tito form
of a government security, absolutely
safo, guar.m against deprecia
tion and yielding a high fi to of in
ti.rent. Whoo our people recognize
that ninney invested in these cert!fi
ca ta increases 2fi per cont in Ave
years, and can bo cashed nt any
time, I believo our sales will go far
beyond what thoy havo boen. Ono
ot the best things about this offer
ing is that an individual with hut
$20 to Invest is offered thc same
protection, enjoys tho samo privi
leges and receives the same rate ol
lr tores t as a man with his thou
"I would Uko to soo moro of our
young people buying these .$2."? cer
tificates for $20," said Mr. Kant,
"and I wish to call their attention
lo these words from .J. J. HUI:' 'If
you want to know whether you are
desttnod to bo n success or not, you
can easily (Ind out. The tesl is sim
plo and is infallible. Aro you able
to save money? If not, drop out. You
will lose. You may think not, but
you will lose as sure ns fate, for tho
seed of success is not in yon'."
All new buildi
with our own
Southern wood
It's equal to an i
against a lot of i
on. For true ec
well as "last,"
"the Wood Et(
Buy the Grade T
Often middle 01
"just right for t
Write for list of FREE P]
Southern Cypress Mf
200 Graham isuildii
ct for QUALITY
Thirty Persons Dropped Into Brazos
River when Bringe Collapsed.
Marli?, Texas, May 1 7. - Parties
searched tho Brazos rlvor to-day for
the bodies of persons hellovod to
have been drowned yostcrdny when
tho Marltn-Bolton bridgo, live miles
west of here, collapsed, dropping
about thirty men, women and chil
dren into tho river. Two bodies had
been recovered to-day, lint many
moro wero missing and some esti
mated tho number of dead at be
tween twclvo and fifteen. Ten per
sons had been rescued when to-day's
work began. Mayor Prank Stallworth
and Dr. NV. II. Allen, prominent lo
cal physicians, were reported among
tho missing.
About a thousand persons woro
wstching the workmen repair tho
bridge when it collapsed. The Bra
zos has been at flood stngo for sev
eral weeks.
Many Accounted for Later.
Marlin, Toxhs, May i-Four
dead o>- missing waa the Uuciuj esti
mate to-day of casualties in thc col
lapse of a bridge across the BJ I zog
nita)- hero. Persons reported missing
last night had all been accounted for
to-day, it was believed.
Every package of "Diamond Dyes"
contains directions so simple any wo
man can dye or tint her worn, shabby
dresses, skirts, waists, coats, stock
ings, sweaters, coverings, draporlos,
hangings, everything, even if sho has
never dyed before. Buy "Diamond
Dyes"-no other kind- then perfect
home dyeing is suro, becauso Dia
mond Dyes" aro guaranteed not to
spot, fade, streak, or run. Toll your
druggist whether Ibo material yon
wish to dye is wool or .silk, or whe
ther it. is linen, cotton or mixed
Tho imports ol* Connan dyestuffs
to Japan aro Itu .'casing.
'Benjamin Franklin was a vegetar
ian until he discovered that fish ato
ene another; theo he ale them.
ng is best done
nsurance policy
repair bills later
:onomy, first as
simply stick to
srnal" and
hat Fits the Job.
. low grades are
:he case."
LANS for farm buildings.
rs. Assn*
Insist on "Tic!?
Water" Cvprei*
~ you ran identify
lt br thU mark.

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