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Why She
"I have alway? used
the cheaper baking
powders, supposing
them just as good as
Royal but I invested
in a can of Royal
Baking Powder and
now find all my bak
ing so much improv
ed that I will use no
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Miss C.L.B.
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Have Been Math;-First Meeting on
Juno ~0-Lust on August -5.
Columbia, May nt. -Thc Stato
Democratic itinerary will bogia ut
Columbia on Tu- -day, .lu.!?' and
torin inn to at Spnrtanburg on Friday,
Aug. 25th-four days before tlio first
primary eloction, according tit ibo
olltcial list given out hore to-day ta
li. X. Edmunds, secretary of tho
party. The meeting at Charleston will
bo held on July 4th.
The first, "swing" of the campaign I
party will bc through the souther'.!
part of the State, ending at Orange-'
burg on Saturday, July Sth, when
Ibero will bo n rest period of eight
days. Then the campaigners will in
vade tho Bee-Bee and Hie counties
on tho North Carolina border, ter
minating at Union on Saturday, Aug.
5th, when there will bo another rest
of eight days. The last lap will bo
rmi in ibo Piedmont pootloi Koorin.
uih& ai Newberry on Monday* Aug. i
I4th. B.Y.? ;.Y"Y?j'? ;?V? ' ' .. :. yu jj
i m: schedule was prepared by Gen.
Willo Jones, of Columbia; Geo. Bell
Timmerman, of Lexington, and H. N.
Edmunds, of Columbia.
Little Interest Displayed.
So far this year very little inter
est has been displayed in tho political
gamo, reputed to be South Carolina's
pastime. The people are busy with
their daily avocations anti learning
how to pass tho corner ol' depressed
markets. However, there are some
whose t houghts tur : ? o poli' irs.
Into tho hull ring for Governor
have so far boen (lung livo hats, oho
of which was lossed with character
istic jesturo by Colo L. Mease, who
announces that lie wants to bc a third
term Governor, The cap of tho edu
cator. John E. Swoaringen, has als)
fallen into tho arena, having been
tossed there by Its owner, ,vho feels
thal the mantle to be discarded by
Wilsen (!. Harvey at the end of tho
Gubernatorial term should descend
upon him. Ceo. K. Laney, of Chester
Held, is also among the Gubernatorial
aspirants, as are also Andrew J.
Bethea, of Columbia, and William
Coleman, of Union, Hie latter a now
man in tho political arena. Others
who are worshipping from afar, bul
who have nol yet publicly acclaimed
their candidacy, arc Judge Mendel L.
Smith, of Camdon; former Governor
Jehu Gu ry Evans, of Spnrtanburg,
? nd Thos. S. i!. McLeod, of Bishop-1
ville. Tin re he also others who aro
casting covetous eyes toward tho
shrine, bm they will hardly bo ini
tiate! into tho inner secrets al Ibis
ct. mpaign.
Since Jolla E, swearlngon, State
Superintendent of Education, an
nounced thal he would outer tin Gu
bernatorial v ic- there hav< been sev
eral announced to .-ncc.-ed him. O.
lb Sony, of Columbia, for a number
of years (.ninty superintendent of
education of Richland county, and
James H. l'ope, holding a like posi
tion in Union for several terms, both
of thom veteran teachers, have defi
nitely decided to nm. Mrs. John
Drake, of Rennotls^lllo, a widely
known club woman, and one who
bas demonstrated her interest in ed
ucation, will enter the race, so she
stated to-day.
For Adjutant General. Capt. Robt.
H. Craig and Capt. Thos E. Marshall,
both of Columbia, have announced
their candidacies. Both aro military
men of wide experience. Capt. Craig
was gassed while overseas.
In tho raco for Commissioner of
Agriculture, B. ?Harris, of Pendleton,
incumbent; nod C?eo. w. Weight man,
Senator from, Saluda, have definitely
announced. \
'Pr?sent Stato officers' who have
announced for re-election, but who :
are so far unopposed, aro Samuel M. j
Wolfe, of Anderson, Attorney Gen-j
ornl; W. Banks-Dove, of Columbia,
Secretary of State; Walter E. Dun-!
can, ol' Aiken, Comptroller Genera,,
and Samuel T. Carter, of Columbia,
Stato Treasurer,
Jennings K. Owens, of Dennetts-,
ville, is tho only candidate so far
announced for Lieutenant Governor, ,
although there aro several others
who are grooming themselves for tho
Tho Complete Itinerary.
Tho following is thc official ?thte- ;
wilie itinerary:
Columbia, Tuesday, . mo 20.
Lexington, Wednesday, Juno 21.
Saluda, Thursday, Juno 22.
Homefield, Friday, June 23.
Aiken. Saturday, Juno 2 I.
.Barnwell, Monday, June 20.
Allendale, Tuesday, June 27.
Hampton, Wednesday. June 28.
Beaufort, Thursday, June 29.
Ridgeland, Friday, June
Waltorboro, Saturday. July I.
Moncks (.Corner; Monday. July 3.
Charleston. Tuesday. July !.
St. George, Wednesday, Ju!v .">.
Bamberg, Thursday, July o.
St. Matthews Friday, July V.
Ornngcburg, Saturday, Jilly s.
i Lest eight days. )
Sumter, Monday, July 17.
Dishopville, Tuesday, July 18.
Darlington, Wednesday, July 19. ?
Bbunellsvlllc, Thursday, July 2<L j
Chesterfield. Friday, July 21.
Florence, Saturday, July 22,
Conway, Mon lay. July 2 1.
Marion Tuesday, July 25.
Dillon. Wednesday, Inly 26.
Kingstroe, Thursday. July 27.
Georgetown, Friday, July 28.
Manning Saturday, July 29.
Camden, Monday. July 1.
Lancaster, Tuesday, Aug. 1.
York. Wednesday, Aug. 2.
Winnsboro, Thursday, Aug. '!.
Chester, Friday, Aug. 1.
Dillon, Saturday. Aug. 5.
( Lest eight days. )
Newberry, Monday. Aug. I I.
Greenwood, Tuesday, Aug. I"-.
Laurens. Wednesday, Aug. IG.
Abbeville Thursday, Aug. 17.
McCormick, Friday, Aug. ls.
Anderson, Saturday, Aug. Itt.
Walhalla, Monday, Aug. 21.
TM Vi fui 4.??>, Aug. 2?.:
Cte : lil?, W <;..;o.sduy. A ur; ?.L j
<<a.<:ii<\. '; nuiKday. Aug. 2-L I
I .......y i.? t>, Friday, Aug, ?a.
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The next dose of calomel you take
may salivate you. It may shock your
liver or start bone necrosis. Calomel
is dangerous. It is mercury, quick-'
silver. It crashes into sour bile like .
dynamite, cramping and sickening
you. Calomel attacks the bones and
should never be put into your system.
If you feel bilious, headachy, con
stipated, and all knocked out, just go
to your druggist and get a bottle of
Dodson's Liver Tone for a few cents,,
which is n harmless vegetable substi
tute for dangerous calomel. Take a
spoonful, and lt it doesn't start your
?ver and 'tralghton you up better
and o a ' ck er than nasty calomel, and'
without making you sick, you just go !
back and get your money..
Don't take calomel! It cannot bo
trusted any more than a leopard or j
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which stn Ightens you right up andi
makes you feel fine. -,ro salts neces
sary. Give it to 'ho children because
it ls perfectly harmless and cannot
salivate.-ad .
$20,000 Gin Plant Destroyed.
(Ilonea Path Chronicle.)
Joe M. H. Ashley lost his gin house
and machinery by lire Thursday
night, causing a ioss of about $20,-1
OOO, partially insured. Mr. Ashley j
liad goiii 'o tho home of his uncle,
L. W. Ashley, who had died that af
ternoon, and was there when ho was
ndvised thal tho building was on fire.
He los: his gin house and machinery
by fin a few years ago, and the out
lit which was destroyed Thursday
night" was practically HOW The ori
gin of the lire is a mystery, as tho
machinery had been idle since tho
close of tho season several months
Governor Harvey's First Act.
Columbia, May 25, - Governor
Harvey performed his first official
act to-day when he signed a notary
public commission for a lady, Miss
M. I). Reid, of Spartanburg. The
Governor was asked by newspaper
men if he had a leaning for tho la
dies, and ho replied that tho signing
of a woman's commission as tho first
in a batch of notary public commis
sions was as a sort, of tribute to tho
now feminine voters of tho Stato and
to tho ladles generally. "But nobody
can accuse me of doing this to cater
to tho femlnlno vote, for I nm not
going to offer for re-oloction," the
Govornor laughingly added.
i i .? II i-., i? ffiU?.
ty ty ty ty ?j? ?j? ?j? ty *|? ?j? ?J? ty
ty MUKKI, Y mi \G. ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
(Tampa, Fin., Tribuno, M y.)
The lit Ho boy who rail to : . mo
tlier with the story that ho . il soon
"a Hon In the park" 1 .?rely liad his
frlghtenOu imagination wiv nt ht to
such a pitch that ho bolle\ d A-hat
he said. Hut when a man \ ?ts ouo
cf the popular crowded w. coast
beaches and then writes lo i. homo
paper about tho women tb when
they go into the bath bou "they
leave all their belongings Mhos,
jewelry, money, modestv, dh ly and
womanhood-and go into t \v;iter
like callie," he is guilty ol' o-s ex
aggeration; and you will v '.rom
the caption ot" this editorial tal ox
aggeratlon is.
J. Hussell Wright, wiitin hi Hie
Keowee Courier, ono of t! oldest
and best known South i roi Ina
weekly papers, tells ol' bis ; to
St. Petersburg, and in< tl tally
takes a slap at Tampa win ?- ns
unfair and untrue aa tho B ..mont
he makes about tho bathli n tch
women of this State, in first
place. Mr. Wright must lu ?on
badly befuddled with some! ! or
he says tho Atlantic ocoai nix
miles north of st. Petorsbi and
that Tampa is a "dirty Me
says, describing tho loch tl A ot.
l 'elersburg:
"Tho gulf is fear ntfli of
the city, and Tampa Ha < -, east
and the Atlantic six miles a? he
ci;y goes right up to th i se I on
the bay. lt is twenty-flv . l oss
tho bay *o Tampa. Taunt.' Hy
a business eily with GO,I Di i de.
Thirty-six thousand of thosi al
iens, and withal it is a dirty
We do not know whore h< his
fl tu res showing there are " six
thousand allens" in il] he
Federal census report doea ow
i\ and certainly at th tim tho
draft, if there had bc; n h ?ny
here, they would have bo? ?und
cut, and the most -found vv ;ne
thlng over a thousand. Th s a
large foreign-born popule In
Tampa, but these people ci futo
one of the strongest ansell the
city. They aro loyal, 'good i leers,
have made tho city fatuous r Its
cigars, over a million a di Hiing
made, and they j ay their tn. with
the rest of us. And Tampa ..I 40,
000 tourists last soaso;'.
Tint !...? liays o? Tami '; !
ls ? tit r i ; ?UftV The h<u>R| record^
?w ?UM i.. luau ft rjurTa v g'-f l
in health litaMstJcs th a fi his ow cl y,
Charleston, and its dcifch rate ls
lower than bis upland city of Ander
son, and lt has the ??, most
shaded, flower-bordere I, a88-1'ned
streets of any city In ti ?nth. Its
streets are woll paved, . ai ; kept
swept, and the trash t ire emp
tied daily, and oftene som,, of
the thickly settled pan < lty.
Did tho writer merely i ov< t to
Tampa on a slumming i and go
into some of the poore rici of
the foreign settlement? nr< ho
did not visit the busiue rition of
Tampa, or go through do ' rk,
thc Heights. Suburb He lt!, mi
n?le Heights, l3ayshoro, ut an> of
the many delightfully clean residen
tial parts and suburb.: of tho city!
Now, we hold no brief for the ultra
In bathing beach costumes. Certainly
enough has been said about tho bath
ing beauties of thc west coast to ac
quaint people with the truth about
them; but we cannot let go by what
this writer says'without calling at
tention to tho exaggeration, to say
the le?\st. We quote him:
"Tho dress for both men and wo
men is made just like tho Indians
wore in the primitivo ages, every
inch of their limbs being entirely ex
posed. Some of them havo hardly
enough clothes on to Hag a train. In
tho pavilion where they dress and
undress is a long alby with little
rooms about six feet square Thc al
ley is about four foot wide, thc loft
hnr.d booths being for the ladies and
tho right-hand booths for thc men.
Fach door bas a lock and key. Here
they leave all ?heir belongings
clothes, Jewehy. money, modesty,
dignity and womanhood. And they
go into the water like cattle."
If that description fits tho class
and kind ho has been associating
with down here. Iben w< advise his
homo folk to ^ei some ono to keep
an eye on tho old gentleman while
he ls out. Certainly tho great rank
and file of the men and women who
bathe in west coast waters uro manly,
womanly, modest without hoing
prudes, and altogether aro as fine,
clean folk as we have ever seen.
When we come to (bink of it, tho
only case wo ever knew of whore a
man and a woman went swlmmin' In
only their "ectoplasm" was up in
his county, In a creek called Changa,
somowhere between tho county seat
and that busy town immediately
south of it!
-mf^~ _
Subscribo for Tho courier. (Best)
The purified
are nausealesi
as Calotabs a<
Beware of ii
sold only in "<
packages bea
Family QtS
SluinVBEON OhAlMS OVEU lo.? 1
\ lei i ms-Sixteen Passengers, Eighty
Six Members of Crow Missing.
Brest, France, May 23.-Tho Brit
ish vice consul hero to-day announc
ed that 102 of tlioso who wore on
board the British steamship Egypt,
sunk off the island of Ushant Satur
day night, aro missing, of whom 1G
were passongors and 80 members of
tho crew. Twenty-eight passongors
were saved, together with 2(M mem
bers of tho crow. Nirs. W, L. Sibley
and .Miss V. M. Moyer, American
missionaries, aro among those miss
ing and aro presumably lost. .Many
of tho dead brought in by boats were
wearing lifo bells, and had evidently
died from exhaustion. The fog was
so thick off UShant Island at the timo
of tho collision between the Egypt
and the French freighter Seine that
tbe inhabitants of tho islands in tho
region had been living for three days
in almost complete darkness, with
all outdoor work suspended. Tho
sudden rise in temperature In North
ern Prance is given as the reason for
tho unusually heavy fog.
Accounts of tho disaster given by
survivors and tho captain's reports
indicate that tho loss of life would
have been much smaller had not tho
fop, been so thick as io hamper the
rescuers. Sailors on the Pre?en
steamer declare thal they observed
several struggles bet woe ll survivors
for places of snfoty on pieces of the
wreckage. Tho survivors' accounts
ind?calo that everything was done by
the ofllcors and crows of the two ves
sels to prevent loss of life, except in
the cases of a few Indian seamen,
who lost their heads and fought for
life belts and places In the boals. A
nun. Sister Rhoda, whose name in
private Ufo was Miss E, H. McXeillo,
refused to take tho placo offered her
in a boat, saying, "Givo it to an
other." Slie was last seen kneeling
in prayer on tho Egypt's deck.
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Constipation. It rclioves promptly but
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to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Toko. 60o
per bottle.
Society among tho ancient Chinese
was tribal.
Written pleadings used in Egyp
tian courts wore greatly similar to
our own.
and refined calonw
j, safe and sure. No *
:t like calomel and SJ
nitations! Genuine
:hecker-board" (bla<
ring the copyrighte
YAVO .Viii: Kltd.l 1-. EIG?I.T UT,
Ia Auto Collision Nour Jackson ville.
Fniluro to Dim the Lights.
Jacksonville, Fla., .May 25.-'Chas.
H. Kersey and Edford McKeel, hoth
ot' Atlanta, Ga., wero killed and eight
other mea injuerd in an automobilo
collision shortly before dawn to-day
on tho highway between Jacksonville
and Pablo Beach.
Kersey and McKeel were in a car
will? three other men, bound to the
city from the boucl). Fivo railroad
special agents wore m the second car
on their way to the heach. The in
jured said that when tho two cars
drew together the outbound car dim
med its lights and took (he proper
sido of the road, but that the in
bound car did not uso its dimmers.
The in-bound machine struck the
other car, ripped the entire left side
off of it, loft tho road nnd turned
over. Kersey and McKeel wero al
most instantly killed. Of tho eight
survivors all were hurt, but not seri
ously enough to be removed to a hos
pital. Tho accident occurred on a
straight stretch of road.
Announcement from Atlanta says
that both men who lost their lives
wero married and had homes in At
True Dills in tho Cases Presented nt
Anderson Against CourteilUys,
Anderson, May 24.-?A bill of in
dictment in which tin: Fedora 1 gov
ernment charges Campbell Courte
nay, St. .lohn Courtenay, Asbmead
Courtenay, Edwin P. Frost, Henry
Rtttlodgo Buist and Francis K. Pel
ze r with conspiracy to defraud the
government was handed tho grand
jury of tho Federal Court of Western
South Carolina district in session in
this eily this morning.
Additional bills charged Campbell
Courtenay and St. John Courtenay
with evading tho income lax, and a
bill charging Campbell Courtenay
with perjury was also handed out.
Tho defendants named in tho bill
charging conspiracy aro namod in
tho indictment as hoing officers and
directors of tho Courtenay Manufac
turing Company of Newry.
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Druggists rofund money if PAZO OINTMENT falls
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restful sleep after tho first aopllcatlon. Pr ico 60c.
? tablets that
?alts necessary
silts combinedo
Calotabs are
:k and white)
d trade-mark,
* Pk't.
T? Hil ?* jtTfl f A N (.'-KANR \ ( POL
Met nt Spnrtunburg - New Officers
Aro Chosen-At Aiken Next.
Spartanburg, May 23.-The Grand
Lodge of tho Knights of Pythias of
South Carolina convened in annual
session here to-day with moro than
2?0 delegates in attendance, every
lodge in the State hoing reprcsnted.
Tho first day's sessions wore taken
lip with hearing the report of tho
(iiand Chancellor, the report of tho
historical commission and hearing a
proposal by the lodges of Columbia
to erect a Pythian Tom pie in that
City by a stock company, to be ap
proved by tho Grand Lodge, out tho
(iiand Lodge lo be in no way respon
sible for tho construction of tho
Governor Wilson G. Harvey is at
tending Ibo convention.
.). C. Guilds Hends Order.
Spartanburg, ?May 21-.LC.Guilds,
president of Columbia Pe?nale Col
lege, of Columbia, was elected as
Grand (Chancellor of tho Grand Do
main of South Carolina, Knights of
Pythias, at the closing session of tho
annual convention boro to-day. Ho
has been holding the Office of Grand
Vice Chancellor and succeeds Henry
C. Tillman, of Greenwood, as the
head of the order in this State.
Other ofllcors elecled to-day were:
Grand Vice Chancellor..lames H.
Craig, of Anderson.
Grand Prelate--.lohn M. Homphill,
of ("hosier.
Grand Keeper of Records and Seal
C. D. Brown, of Abbeville.
Grand Master of 'Exchequer-Wil
son G. Harvey, of Charleston (now
Governor. )
Grand Mnster-aUArms-E. D. Le
macks, of Waltorboro.
Grand Inner Guard - W. I). Mur
phy, of Spartanburg.
Grand Outer Guard-Abe Brill, of
.Aiken was chosen as tho next
meeting placo for the Grand Lodgo.
Three Whiles (Jet. Life Terms.
Ellijay, Ga., May 24.-In Gilmor
Superior Court yestorndy Olen Hay,
2 4 years old; Froddlo and 'Eddlo
Coblo, 18 years of ago, twin brothers,
wero convlctod and sontenced to tho
ponitontlary for lifo for tho murder
and robbery of Pato'Roberts, colorod,
last February, noar Ellijay.
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