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loung Moa Not Taking Advantage of
Fine Opportunity Offered.
An Intorosting vacation, filled with
pleasure, educational and entertain
ment luaturos and all kinds of ath
letics, as Well as army instruction,
with all expenses paid, ls the offor
made to tho young men of South Car
olina who will attend tho citizens'
military training camp at Camp Mc
Clellan on July 27th to August 26th,
and yet only 28 per cont of South
Carolina's quota has boen Ailed. Our
young mon do not soom to realize
that this ls not an oM-fashloned
army camp, or surely, as in 'Florida
and other States, tho quota would be
Tho object of the citizens' camp
is to train young men in order that
they may bo of greater sorvlce If an
emergency arises. However, any man
who attends camp will not bo re
quired to join the reserves or na
tional guard or anything else unless
ho so desires.
No previous military experience is
required, and any boy 17 years of
ago may apply for admission to tho
"Red" or elementary course. Men
who havo had oxperionco will be
admitted to the "white" course for
non-commissioned officers, or tho
"bluo" course, which trains men for
commissions. Men who start tholr
work this summer in tho "red"
course can take the advanced courses
in succeeding years.
Young men will benefit greatly,
both mentally and physically. The
work ls endorsed by some of our
most prominent citizens, and every
ono Who has tho timo should at
tend. If our young men permit our
Stato's quota lo be filled by another
State, what will bo tho result? Ono
thing sure: If South Carolina's
young men who can attend camp und
get their commissions, and rio not
do it, they certainly will not
becomo officers, and In case of an
emergency they will bo taking or
ders from sonic ono else.
lt will bo much better for men
Who arc not yet settled for life to go
to three one-month camps and get
their commissions and bo ready for
something worth while in case of an
emergency than it will be to walt
until they aro' older, when such
training will lio much harder for
thom, and when thoy cannot got it
under such favorable circumstances.
Certainly mon who fail to make the
host of this opportunity cannot kick
If they havo to serve under less fa
vorable circumstances later on be
cause thoy refused to take this train
Surely what the rest of the South
ern States can do South Carolina can
equal. Toll your friends and help
pull tho State out of the hole. Cot
an application blank, lill lt out and
send it in as soon as possible. For
application blanks and Information
address either tho C. M. T. C. 'Head
quarters, Gainesville, Fla., or 'Major
R. S. Ly tie, Recruiting Adjutant,
Headquarters, Fourth Corps Area:
Fort McPherson, Ga.
Interstate Commerce Commission Is
sues Orders Effective July 1.
Washington, May 24.-(Reductions
in freight rates averaging about 10
per cent were ordered to-day by the
interstate Commerce Commission in
a decision resulting from its inquiry
into tho general rate structure of the
na lion.
The commission's rate cut was
mado horizontally and removes a per
centage of the general increase that
was given to all railroad rates In
Th? cut In froight rates was fixed
by tho commission at 14 per cont in
eastern territory, 13^ por cent in
western torritory and 12 % per cont
In the southern and mountain Pacific
territories. All reductions ordered
aro effectivo July 1, and constitute a
grouter cut than was gonorally ex
The commission in ordoring tho
decreases-which aro on a horizon
tal basis - asserted that thc
railroads aro entitled to earn 5%
per cent on the value of tholr prop
erty rather than the approximate 6
por cont, under tho transportation act
of 1020.
Transportation charges on passen
ger travel and Pullman charges wore
loft unaffected by to-day's decision.
Explaining tho reason0 for adopt
ing tho horizontal method of reduc
ing freight rates, tho commission
said that while alterations in price
levels had unequally affected differ
ent commodities, "tho needs of com
merce cannot bo niel If rates are to
flticluato with market prices of com
modities." UH conclusion was that
"reductions should bo made gonor
ally upon all commodities in sub
stantially equal rallo."
Subscribe for Tho Courlor. (Dost)
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.Rock Hill, S. C., May 25, 1922.
Dear Club Members :
Tho recent publicity given through
the press to tho food poisoning cases
caused by the consumption of home
can ?ed products makes'lt imperative
that the greatest caro and every pre
caution must be usod for canning
foods in tho home and for market.
Wo do not intend for any cases ot
batulinus or ptomaino poisoning to
occur from canning done among our
members. Such disasters havo not
yet arisen, and wo MUST maintain
our record. Therefore wo issue the
1. Poisonous compounds aro often
formed during the process ot decom
position of foods rich in protein by
tho action of certain bacteria. It ls
of tho utmost,importanco, therefore,
to uso for canning only such moats
and vegetables aa are known to bo
absolutely fresh and clean.
Occasionally pcoplo aro found who
think tho high temperature used in
tho canning of food will make them
safe and even wholesome, although
putrefaction has begun. This ls ab
solutely false. While certain disease
producing bacteria will bo killed by
the canning process, still meat, un
less it is fresh and from animals ab
solutely healthy and in prime condi
tion, and vegetables unless they aro
fresh from the garden, should never
be canned. The condition of canned
food when the can is opened should
be carefully noted. There should bo
no bad odors.
2. Practico great care in handling
and preparing products for canning
and work very quickly.
3. Adhere to rules recommending
temperature and timo necessary for
safo processing as indicated in your
time tnblo (Farmers' Bulletin 1211,
Homo Canning & Fruits and Vege
tables, pages 49-50; Farmers' Bul
letin A-92, Homo Canning of .Meats
and Sea Foods'with Steam Pressure
4. Cool all canned products ns
quickly as possible after processing.
5. Keep canned foods in cool place.
Secure bulletins from your Homo
Demonstration Agent, if you havo
one; if not, apply to Homo Demon
stration Dept., Winthrop College,
Rock Hill, S. C.
Yours very truly,
Christino N. South,
Stato Home Domosstratlon Agent.
Clean Baby's Bowels with
"California Fig Syrup"
Hurry, Mother! If baby has colic,
diarrhoea, food souring, feverish
breath, coated tongue; ls restless and
can't sleep because of clogged bow
els, give a half-toaspoonful of Cali
fornia Fig Syrup. It moves the wind
and gas nnd all the souring food,
bile and poison right out of the ten
der little bowels without cramping
or overacting, and baby usually gets
poaceful relief. Contains no narcot
ics or soothing drugs.
Millions of mothers depend upon
California Fig Syrup to keep baby's
bowels clean, sweet and regular. Ask
youridrUggist for genuine "California
Fig Syrup," which has full directions
for Infants in arms and children of
all ages plainly printed on bottle.
Mother! You must say "California"
or you may get an imitation fig syr
--? ? ^
A Strong Pair of Liars.
(An Irish private wont to ask his
colonel for a week's leave, on the
ground that ho had been exceedingly
useful to his wife nt her spring
cleaning in the year before, and that
ho should Uko to bo so again.
"It would give mo tho groa test
possiblo pleasure," said tho colonel,
".io grant your request, but 1 am
sorry to say that I havo received a
letter from your wifo saying that
you were of no uso to hor In tho
spring cleaning, and that sho hoped
you would not bo able to got loavo."
Tho man sorrowfully turned to go,
but stopped nt the door, and, turn
ing to his commanding officer, said:
"May I say just another word,
colonel ?"
"By all monos," answered the oth
"There must be," rejoined the
pr?valo, "two of tho greatest liars In
tho world in this room, for I never
had a wifo."
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
-'A livestock man is known by
tho sires he keeps.
-The best product of pig clubs is
uot betteftplgs, but better boys.
-Fat dairy cows that aro lean
producers should bo sent to tho mar
-'Eternal vigilance is the price of
tho gardener's freedom from Insects
and disouses. "Watch and spray." *
-A timely tip to farmers from
Solomon: "He that tilloth his lauds
shnll have plonty of broad."-Pro
verbs, 28:10.
-'Farmers who don't plant pleuty
of hay crops now for livestock are
likely to hav?" "hay fever" when they
find lt necessary to buy hay ?ext
-A new way to make waste lands
profitable-'Grow timber on tho bad
slopes, inaccessible corners, rocky
lands and other "useless" places on
tllp farm.
-Yes, wc must loam to grow now
crops, but it is dangerous to plunge
in special crops. Gambling is gamb
ling, whether on tho farm or on tho
stock exchange.
-Any farmer who would like to
knowhow it feels to be In "big busi
ness" can find out hy joining the Co
operative Cotton Marketing Associa
tion, which is headed toward becom
ing the biggest business lu the old
U. S. A.
-The five best paying farms
found in a survey in an Ohio county
were the five best yielding farms.
Build up tho soil and build up your
future bank account.
-Tho leading farmer is tho read
ing farmer. -Good material for a
working farm library can be had
from the publications of the Exten
sion Service, thc Experiment Station,
ana tho United States Department of
Spray Grapes for Fruit.
Clemson College, May 27.-If you
would have lino grapes instead of
diseased, poorly developed ones,
spray with Bordeaux, say tho horti
culturists of Clemson College.
Where diseases have caused seri
ous trouble tho preceding season,
make tho first application before the
buds open, the second application as
soon as tho fruit is sot, and addi
tional applications every two weeks
until fruit begins to ripon.
Whore diseases have not caused
serious troubl? or loss In the past,
three applications will bo sufficient.
In this case thc first application
should bc rondo after the fruit is set,
the second three weeks later, and the
third and last just before the grapes
begin to ripon.
Uso Bordeaux mixture as follows:
Four pounds of copper sulphate
(bluestone), four pou.ids of quick
lime, fifty gallons of water. Make
according to directions given below:
Place tho lumps of limo in a vessel
ard slake slowly by using small
quantities of warm water until the
slaking process has boon completed
and all of the lumps thorottghly dis
se, ved. 'Dilute to make 25 gallons.
Dissolve tho bluestone by placing
in a cloth sack and suspending in
a few gallons of water (one gallon of
water per pound,of bluestone), and
dilute to make 2 5 gallons. Use only
wooden or earthen vessels to mix or
dissolve tho bluestone in.
Make tho ?Bordeaux mixture by
pouring together through a sack nt
tho same time equal parts of the
limo and bluestone solutions.
For small quantities uso: Blue
stone, four ounces; quick lime, four
ouncos; wator, throe gallons.
A Diplomatic Husband.
(Harper's Magazine.)
The wife of a Western Congress
man is sensitive on the subject of
her deficiency In orthography and
her demands for information as to
correct spelling sometimes place her
peace-loving husband In a delicate
One day, as sho was writing a let
ter at her desk, she glanced up to
"Will, how do you spell 'graphic'
-with one 'f or two?"
"My dear," was tho diplomatic re
ply, "if you're going to uso any you
might as well uso two."
To Stop a Cough Quick ^
cough medicine which stops tho cough by
healing tho inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should bo rubbed on tho chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing effect of Bnyca' Healing Honey in
fllde the (liront combined with tho healing effect of
Grove's 0 Pen-Trnto Sulvo through tho porca of
tho skin soon atopa a cough.
Both remedien nro jacked In ono enrton nnd ttio
cost of thc comhiucd treatment is 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Tho Aryan Hindus, not tho Arabs,
Invented Arabic humerals,
r The tiro section abo1
the condition ox a Fin
The ofter 20,004 milet
in Chicago.
The section at the i
a new Cord of the S?
measurements show tl:
tread of the tire on th
been worn away after t
test. The carcass is
than 11,000,000 rovolut
Firestone Cords ha
10,000 miles on
30* 3 H FABRIC
30 x 3 size ?58.95
Practico Contrasted with tho Ship
ment of Cream from Parin.
Clemson College, May 20.-Since
thc introduction of the creamery sys
tem of butter making into the United
States, the practice of making butter
on tho farm nas gradually decreased
and a marked change has taken place
in the marketing of the product. Tho
farm-made butter of to-day, instead
of being shipped to the large mar
kets, ls consumed largely at home
and in the near-by towns or is ship
ped to renovating factories. But In
spite of those facts, a considerable
amount of butter is still made on the
Tho farmer is, of course, Interest
ed first and last in obtaining the best
prices for his product. If the product
is to bc turned into butter, ho must
either churn tho cream at home or
ship it to the nearest creamery.
Which shall it be? Tho better the
quality the greater will bo tho de
mand for the product, so that lt ls
of advantage to tho farmer 'to get
butter of tho highest quality placed
on tho market. Can bo do this on
tho farm?
Under average farm conditions tho
farmer is not as well equipped to
rr.ako a high grade product as is tho
creamery. \Ho cannot produce a uni
form product, a very noccssary fea
ture. On the other hand, it is a sim
ple matter for him to produce a good
quality of cream at practically no
extra cost, and tovdeliver it to tho
cicamery in good condition, says W.
.1, Keegan, extension dairy special
ist. Onco in the hands of tho cream
ery In good shape, a first class butter
is assured, and this will holli to In
crease consumption and doman'd, and
thcroforo automatically tho farmer's
profit, resulting in a double benefit.
Furthermore, tho shipping of cream
lo tho creamery does away willi tho
extra labor of tho making and caro
of butter and of finding a market for
The r BI of competition which Amer
ican producers and manufacturers "Ol'
buller aro experiencing is from low
er grades of butter produced in this
country and olsewhero, and from the
so-cnlled butter substitutes. Produc
ers and manufacturers of butter who
tako onough prldo in their work to
/e at the left shows
?tone 38x4Va Cord
y on a Yellow Cab
.lght Was cut from
une size. Careful
lat only 1/8 of the
ie Yellow Cab has
:hi8 long, gruelling
intact after more
ve averaged over
ago Yellow Cabs
00 cabs all Fire
?e equipped). In
> u s a n d s of in
ices, they have
$n from 15,000 to
00 miles.
ook at the tread
ntifically angled
inst skid, massive *
and heavy in
comes, tapere
steering easy
against destr
high tread edg
expanded to 1
paralleling of
is double "gu
that each cor
with rubber.
This ls th
Cords unfailir
mileage. It e
mand of thc
tire buyers fo
values. Tl
Firestone dea]
continue to
the personal
that makes Fi
tire comfort ar?
omy complete.
Marett Hardwan
S. ?J
Insure a high "quality" product " aro
Anding tho demand for their butter
and tho market pri?e of it ia very
satisfactory. Producers and manu
facturers of low grade butter have
no just complaint regarding tho de
mand and market price of their pro
duct, for they are reaping that which
they are sowing. .More than this can
not be expected.
There ls no product of the farmer
on which he gets as much of the con
sumer's dollar as ho gets on his but
ter made in a local creamery, thanks
to the present system of Marketing.
.Hut. the farmer must realize that tho
quality of butter, and therefore de
mand, consumption and price, de
pend first on the quality of tho cream
which he ships to the creamery.
Why, then, should tho dairy far
mer go to the trouble of making his
own butter on tho farm, thus getting
into competition with the high qual
ity croamory butter?
There Can Be No Doubt About the
Results In Walhalla.
Results tell the tale.
All doubt is removed.
The testimony of a Walhalla citi
Can easily be investigated.
What better proof can be had
B. Oelkors, W. Main St., Walhalla,
enys: "My kidneys were out of or
der and my back pained awfully. I
had other symptoms of kidney com
plaint, too. I was advised to take
Doan's Kidney Pills and I did. They
soon completeiy cured me."
Mr. Oelkors said: "I think Just as
highly of Doan's Kidney Pills now as
when I endorsed them bofore. I am
glad to recommend them at any
timo for tiiey surely did me a great
deal of good."
Price GOc, at all dealer's. Don't
simply ftsk for a kidney rom edy-get
Doan's Kidney Pills-the name that
, Mr. Oelkors had. Kostor-Miiburn Co.,
Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
San Francisco has a population of
GOO, 11 0 persons.
Uncle: "How do you stand In thc
school th eso days, Tommy?" Young
Hopeful: "1? tho corner, mostly."
^9^. - ,
rho Quinina That Doo? Not Affect the Head
Ilecause of Its tonic mid laxative effect, LAXA
TIVH ?HOMO OUININIt is bettet tlinii ordinary
Oiiininc mid does not cause ncrvotisnes nor
ritlftltlfl ill bend. Remember the full name and
look for thc signature ol I{. W. OROVI?. 30c.
from Phologr<A/>h
the center where the wear
d at the edges to make
and to protect the carcass
uctive hinging action of
;es. The carcass is air bag
nsure uniform tension and
every individual cord. It
im dipped" to make sure
d is thoroughly insulated
e reason why Firestone
lgly deliver extraordinary
xplains the unanimous de
?ughtful tmm^mmmmmmmmmmmm^mm?
r these ^OLDFIELD "999"^
ie local
1er will
A ecoa
30x31/2 FABRIC
Plut Tax
30 x 3 size ?7.99
Now Prices Plus TAX
v Eflo '
Tooti vo Moy 20
s Company,
Tho Military College of South
.Scholarship Examination.
On July 14th a competitive exami
nation will bo held at Walhalla to
fill ono vacancy in the Citadel Schol
arships for this county. Applicants
must not be under sixteen and not
over twenty years of ago on the opon
ing day of the next College Session,
September 20, 1922. Tho subjects
for examination will be as follows:
Algebra, through quadratic equa
Plane Geometry.
English Grammar, Rhetoric and
Ancient History, and American
The winners of the scholarships
must meet tho requirements of tho
Association of Colleges of South Car
olina for admission.
Application blanks, catalog, and
further information furnished, upon
request. Address
COL. O. J. BOND, President,
The Citadel, Charleston, S. C.
May 24, 1922. 21-27
Tho examination for tho aw.ard of
vacant Scholarships in Winthrop
College, and for admission of new
students, will be held at the County
Court House on Friday, July 7th, nt
0 A. M. Applicants must not be less
than sixteen years of age. When
Scholarships are vacant after July 1
they will be awarded to those mak
ing the highest average at this ex
amination, provided they meet the
conditions governing the award. Ap
plicants for Scholarships should write
to Prosident Johnson before tho ex
amination for Scholarship Examina
tion Blanks.
Scholarships aro worth $100 and
froo tuition. The next sosslon will
open Soptombor 20th, 1922. For fur
thor information and catalogue, ad
Role Hill, S. C.
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worm 9 have an un
healthy color, which indicates poor Mood, ond ns a
rulo, themis moro or I csa stomach disturbance.
lorly fortwoor thrco weeks will enrich tho blood.
Improvothcdlitestton,and actos agenoralStrcn?th
! enlnit Tonicto tho wholo system. Noturo will then
j throw off or dlspol tho worms.ondthoChlldwIllbo
in perfect health, rieosaut to toke. 60o per boule?

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