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Of Jlm/cli-Sentenced lo Die lu the
Electric Chair Juno 10th.
Columbia, Juno 8.-That .lesso
Gapping, one of tho trio who will go
to tho electric chair on Friday, Juno
l?'.h, for the murder of William Bra
zell, for whom nil effort has been
tmulo to secure a commutation lo lifo
Imprisonment, is just us guilty of
the crime as either FOX or Kirby,was
the substance of a statement made
at the death house Wednesday after
noon by S. J, Kirby, tho oldest of the
ti io. Kirby sent for a reporter and
naked that his statement bo pub
lished. Through the bars of the coll
ho told again Cae details of the crime
and Joined in a rehearsal of tho de
tails. Through tho corridors of tho
death house rang *.he arguments be
tween prisoners as to their parts in
the clime. Gnpptns charged that
Kirby and Fox had made false state
ments as to him, and "if thc truth
were known I'd not go to the chair,"
he declined.
Recently Gappins made a state
ment lo the pre?s to the effect that
be did not have a part In the actual
killing of r.razolle. and on the
strength of this an effort has been
made lo leave Governor Harvey com
inillo ibo sentence ol' Canpins lo lifo
imprisonment. To a repr?sentative
of the press yesterday afternoon Kir
by und Fox denied this, and told tho
gruesome story of Ibo killing, Im
plicating all Ihrec. Tho rcportor was
accompanied lo Ibo death liouso by
Col. \. K. Sanders, superintendent of
tho poultonlinry, ?. ' frequently ho
was called on to hear what C e pris
oners swore was the truth.
"I I .pe to meet Cod with the truth
on my lips," Kirby bogan his recital
lo the reporter through tho double
Pars ol' his coll. "We carno up-town
?MI tho night of August 7th. Cap
pins told mo to go up and see '13lg
Hill,' a taxi driver, and 1 went to
see him twice, but his car was burned
up. Wo went to the Cospel Mission
and then went up Assembly street;
came down Main street, and passed
a big red car. Gappins said, 'That's
the kind of car we want,' but we went
on lo Lady street and then found
sonic while boys who drive qa r.s. 1
had never seen tho Bra/ell hoy he
fore that night, Wo all gol tn and
went to Leesville, and stopped sev
eral times oil the way. We got gas
fri Lcosvliif Ind i im Ii ich lo . bill
. 11
vi oUt "i 111? ?'at Gapni.bj! said he
wouhl not hit. (Jiu boy. lie >; ve Fox
thu Mack Jo ;,, but 1 had given lt to
Gappins. Fox hit the Brazed hoy In
tho hoad and Gappins caught him.
The black-Jack broke all to pieces."
Kirby then went Into details of
how the Brazell hoy was stabbed to
death and tho part all three lui 'n
the crime. "Fox and Gappins ge mt
of tho car with tho Brazell ho..,
the left hand side," Kirby stated. "I
had hold of the Brazell boy and so
did Gappins. Fox stuck Ibo knife in
him, Gappins threw Brazen down
and took money and cigare! les om ol'
bis poi ki t. Then t'appins turned thc
car around and lie and Fox put tho
hod j' of Brazell into tho car."
Al Mils point some words were
passed between cells. "Do you want
'me to tell ii bout the $ 1.50 for tho
black-jack'.*" Kirby shouted across
tho death house to Gappins, and the
reply came back, 'Tell it all; you'v?
got ti) answer to God for this.'
Kirby then told of tho Journey to
Augusta, aller the Brazell boy's body
was hld. Ile told of the break-down
of. tho car at Augusta, and of their
proceeding (hence on fool to a sta
tion near Augusta, and of his plan to
go to still another station to wire
Fox's father for money. "By some
means 1 didn't do this." lie declared.
"Wo passed a chain-gang, after Icav
lng Augusta, and saw a Mr. Itohci'ls,
a road engineer. After leaving tho
lillie railway slat ion ! weill back lo
M i. Iloherls, and told bini ol' Ibo
thing we had done during Ibo night.
Mr. Hobers- phoi-ed for the sheriff
and took mo to ibo ohnln-gang camp.
A flor dinner lhere we wen I for I ho
. ur and whited for t lie shei Iff. I lo
and the sheriff w< ::i after Fox and
GappillS, and We were ail brough; to
Augusta md indeed In J..il. and Inter
I wa. brought hack lo Lexington and
then to Col, Sanders."
Kxpi. .-.ni: regret for tho erinn-.
Kirby said: "Gentlemen, I um sorry
and ashamed (hal i ever gol mixed
np In a crime like Hus: lt's tho sec
ond time 1 have served any time. I
hope my case will bo n waining to
young men never to keep bad com
pany. I have lived a good lifo for
years. 1 am leaving a wife and a
little girl. My wife has been like a
mother to mo, and my last prayer
will hr that Cod will tako care of
Kirby said ho wanted Mr. Rrazell,
father of tho man tho trio killed, to
como and soe him, that ho might ask
that the father of tho murdered boy
forglvo him. Ho said ho wanted to
tell tho fathor how sorry ho .s he
Conviction was 1la<l un Charge of
"Huckotiiig" Cotton Orders.
New York, Juno 7.-Tho American
Cot'.on Exchnngo was convicted of a
charge of bucketing orders by a Su
lireino Court Jury late to-day. Tho
jurors deliberated Just ono hour.
Sen lenco will bo pronounced to
morrow morning, Justico Marcus an
nounced. After 8ontenco has been
passed On tho exchange, those direc
tors of tho organization who have
boen indicted on charges growing
nut of the alleged bucketing practices
..ill lio arraigned for trial. Six aro
under indictment, Including the vico
president of the exchange, 'Randolph
Roso, Sr., and tho secretary, G. Wy
Pratt. The four other defendant
members ot the board ore: A. T. Jen
nings. Martin Goulko, Edwin E. Pat
ton and Raymond Calmer. There aro
two indictments, ono of them under
which tho exchange to-day was con
victed, which charges the six direc
tors with having "crossed sales by
making contracts on tho basis of the
market quotations without intending
tc buy any cotton."
The other Indictment was return
ed against Patton and Jennings, ac
cusing thom of "permitting and in
ducing the bucketing of orders In
Hint on Oct. :'., 10.21, they n. ole a
contract between themselves to pur
chase 300 bales of cotton at tit" mar
ket quotation without any intention
O? making a purchase qr deli v. ry."
.Sr>,?A>o Eine for Exchange.
Now York-, lune s- Supremo Court
Justico Marcus to-day sentenced the
American Cotton Exchange convict
ed yesterday of permitting its mom
ia rs to bucket orders of customers,
to pay a line of ?5,000, the maximum
J y st leo Marcus dismissed a peti
tion of Col. Geo. W. Trait, one of
six members and olllcials indicted for
bucketing, for an inspection of the
grand jury minutes and for aa order
dismissing tho complaint. Ile re
served decision on a motion for a
certificate of reasonable doubt.
Cater Justice 'Marcus denied tho
application for a certificate of rea
sonable doubt. Ho also denied a mo
tion' for a. stay of the payment of tho
flue, ruling that it must be paid al
Mail Warned Not to Ce Seen io (Jib
C iijipntiy ot' Yening! Woman.
Anderson, Jubb ??-'Robert. W Sul
livan, secretary of the Orr Cotton
'Mills, and Miss Ruby Floyd were
kidnapped from an automobile In
front of the young woman's home
hero late to-night by a band of mask
ed men, who "gave them a lecture,"
as they described it, and dropped tho
couple in the woods some three miles
out of town.
The man was warned not to be
seen in the young woman's company
again, he tobi police, but he denied
reports that bad readied thom that
he had been beaton. Ile and Miss
Floyd and ttie latter's mother, Mrs.
Ada Floyd, Informed the police that
ike men were dressed in regalia ro
?umbllng lim I ot the Ku Klux Elan,
and Miss Floyd asserted that she
was positive one of tile men was a
negro. Tho couple said they would
be unable to identify any of their
Sullivan, who is about SI years of
age, was recently taken in custody at
Miss Floyd's home, but no charge
was made against him. A charge of
"disorderly conduct" was made
against the young woman, however,
a? a result of remarks attributed to
her in a conversation with a neigh
bor, who complained to tho police.
She is about ls years old.
Tho masked hand came up to
night ia I we automobiles and four
men put sullivan in one machino,
while three took Miss Floyd in tho
other and rapidly left town. Police
wv re informed by Mrs. Floyd, but
the only clue they bad until Cio cou
ll 0 made theil' way back to tow i was
i he maras of a struggle armin i the
cars. They wer,- unable io ascertain
which way thc cars \ 'lit.
Greenville Hoo/fl ('oes lp in Chi zo.
Greenvlllo, .lune 8-The biggest
booze haul in late years in this coun
ty bad a spectacular finish this after
noon when somebody dropped a
lighted match Into tho stream of
liquor as ii poured out into the street
when tho olllcer.s were disposing of
contraband seized by them. The (luid
blazed with such fury that the Uro
department had to como out to ex
tinguish it.
Subscribo for Tho Courlor. (Desi)
had killed bis son. flo asked Col.
Sanders if Mr. Drazoll could seo him,
and the reply was in tho affirmative.
Tho electrocution of tho trio will
take place on Friday, Juno 16th, pre
sumably at noon.
* .i- M
.f? .RICHLAND. 4?
Editor Keoweo Courier:
iHavlug been invited ou Morel? 31
-'.Carolina Day" - by vb Judy
teachers of 'Bounty (Land s< ?ol to
moko a short talk as to the IR tory
of Bounty Laud and RhH'and booie
I enjoyed tho tinto mosj pie ntly.
In recording tho history 6 nose
memorable old schools l i:u;i ntaUy
told thom ol many-very; ny
long, keen hickories that Ow li l\.
Doyle, tho first toucher at unty
Lund, had worn to a l my
youthful anatomy, lt was I ??>1
and ISf>2 that he first td iii' the
Bounty, Land school.
The lady teachers, Misson I 'lon
ger and McMahan, have do\ I a
great deal of time and mm pati
ence and pains in thorotlgl Itl
sttucting tho children of umty
Land school as to wi it "( ?lina
Day" means. In my sh? ti tal lind
occasion to mention a few e i mt
professional mon of lhe.se iw'" oeali
ties. and since that day t ia- en
requested by several Lo hu
names and professions of lie ?en
and women of Richland rind, ninty
Land. I most respectful!.) as your
por mission lo publish - ne 'he
dear obi fourier, tho first' ne er
I ever read* or saw. ) bftoti ed
on Saturdays, as a bnr< fi to
Hour. ; y Land postoMtce io i ho
Keowee Courier, Old I nott) try
Hughes was tIK? llrst carrlei (rom
Old Pickeus Court llou s ? t'y" li
ol ors' Retreat in 1840, lynd lg
tho li ft ios. The good old inn ii ul
and carried the mail on li? id
s b cuid?is,
In going for the mail : hu > Unn
Seen tho dear old stage !Oa?? . 'r.h
its four large, tine horse? In h n
a sweeping trot from Old Plc! .. - co
the Georgia line. I would ofter li ! ;e
oui in the beautiful green Co I In
oilier to give the old : i. e , h.,
bot h sides of the road. Id tin -g
months tho old public r<nii ?rn
Richland to Bounty Land - it
through much tine forest, br I il
Howers along tho ron ? il) rod
woodbine, pink curly !. eie\ i ) !e,
lovely' wild lilies, palo llii . s,
the pink swoet-williams- -all : i'eat
beauty and profusion.
One h Mov?: ?Veril Iha' . . at
;.. ' ?md v.as ir tSO^-^a FBnVjth of
.Inly e-ilebi dlc<a. My ?ai?:.^. the
primo uvpvoV, assis'-il by the ?dod
o?.; ,>?U?JU thc old p . '
blazers, the old log chun build rs,
the old log school house uildevs^
all decided to comm?morai our o)d?
time Fourth of July. The I a hlg
barbecue, lt being a national holi
day. They bi vi tod tho . :? "u hist
living grand old Rcvolutio ry
diera then living in Picke Diatrlct,
to be with them and enj th big
Fourth of July c?l?br?t Thean
three old soldiers-namoi} on. Ino/!
Vernor, Col. Hen Clovolai and ono
o'hor, a private soldier v o narnu
I cannot now recall. Col. Clov< -
laud read the Docluratio Iud*
pondonco to that largo i'd I int
bad assomhled. I have Ix !":
ed by my dear, loving moi and
my oldest sister, Mrs. lizabeth
Hughes of the above hist which
lg perfectly true. The. tin old sol
diers lived only a few : 9 after
this patriotic ?Fourth of .li ?old ra
tion. A fine stone monun : i a :
standing at Fort Madisoi thc leaf
resting place of this gall; old sol
dier, Ben Cleveland. I wish that I
could reproduce the inscription on
his monument, but I cannot do so.
These grand old patriots wliflkworo
always willingly instrumental iilVhe
building of history for futuro we
bern generations were of Scotch,
Fnglish and Irish descent. They
were the McDonalds, the Abbotts,
tho Hulls, tho Olllisons, tho Doyles,
the Den dys, tho Slriblings, the Vcr
ners,,tho Steeles, the Halls, tho Hol
lands, the MclOlroys, thc McAllstors,
Hie Lewises, tho Slianklins, the Mc
Ciufilns, tho McWhortors, mid others.
Con. John Veiner is buried nt old
Bachelors' Hot rea t, and a monument
is 'here erected to his memory and
to his honor. Tho oilier old soldier
I never knew or hoard where ho was
burled. May they, willi all tho dear
cid patriotic citizens of Bounty Land
and Richland forever rest Ri pence
with our divine Creator.
May the present-day generation
even surpass the professionals who
have passed out of the classic halla
of these fanions old schools of thc
"Blue-Back Speller" days.
It is perfectly logical and very
reasonably (ruo that many of tho
past historic scenes were planned
and a Iso laid in these grand historic
localities-they wore by nature BO
Ideally and geographically made.
Tho first railroad that was evor
built In old Picken s District was in
tho years of 1850, 18r.I and 1852,
and lt carno through the evor-bear
j lng, vino-clad hills, tho moss-covered
-^-, ..., --T7~
Tuesday of Novt Week, Juno 20th.
Schedule of iee Itinerary.
Tho following is tho ofllcial State
wide itinornry:
Columbia, Tuesday, Juno 20..
Loxingtou, Wednesday,' Juno 21.
Saluda, Thursday,.June 22.
Edgoflold, Friday, Juno 23.
Aiken, Saturday, Juno 2 1.
Barnwell, Monday, June 2G.
Allendale, Tuesday, June 27.
Hampton, Wedncuay, Juno 28.
Beaufort, Thursday, Juno 29.
'Ridgeland, Friday, Juno ?50.
Walterhoro, Saturday, July 1.
Moncks Corner, .Monday, July 3.
Charleston, Tuesday, July 4.
St. George, Wednesday, July 5.
'Bamberg, Thursday, July "G.
St. Matthews Friday, July 7.
Orangeburg, Saturday, July S.
('Rest eight days.)
Sumter, Monday, July 17.
Bishopvillc, Tuesday, July IS.
Darlington, Wednesday, July 19.
Bennottsvllle, Thursday, July 20.
Chesterfield, Friday, July 21.
'Florence, Saturday, July 22.
Conway, Monday, July 2 1.
Marion Tuesday, July 2."?.
Dillon, Wednesday, July 2G.
Kingstreo, Thursday, July 27.
Georgetown, Friday. July 2S.
Manning Saturday. July 29.
Camden, Monday, July 31.
Lancaster, Tuesday, Aug. 1.
York, Wednesday, Aug. 2.
vYinnsborp, Thursday, Aug. '{.
Chester, Friday, Aug. 1.
Union, Saturday, Aug. 5.
( Host eight days.)
.Newberry, Monday. Aug. ll.
Greenwood. Tuesday, Aug. l?.
Laurens, Wednesday, Aug. 16.
Abbeville Thursday, Aug. 1 7.
.McCormick, Friday,'Aug? 18.
Anderson, Saturday, Aug. 19.
Walhalla, Monday, Aug. 2.1.
Dickens. Tuesday, Aug. 22.
Greenville. Wednesday, Aug. 23.
Gaffney, Thursday, Aug. 21.
Spartnnburg, Friday, Aug. 25.
Maximum und Minimum.
Anderson, June S.-The two ex-'
tremes that can bo imposed hy a
Federal Judge in whiskey cases were
both used yesterday godding by
Judge H. M. Watkins. The smallest
sentence was imposed on a negro
youth, who drew a lino of ono dol
lar or the alternativo of spending an
hour in jail. Thc negro had no fui 1
y nd his couusol, A. 'il. Dugnall, paid
h v Rae for him.
Hunk Lawton drew tho extreme.
Lawton was captured a few days ago
as an escaped convict and an alleged
"moonshiner." Hie was arraigned
for trial this morning and pleaded
guilty. Judgo Watkins Imposed a
lino of one thousand dollars or six
months in jail.
Scalped by Curling Machine.
'Asheville, N. C., June 7.-With all
her hair and moro than half of her
scalp stripped from her head, Mrs.
J, G. Beaman, of Marion, X. C., is in
a critical condition at a local hospi
tal here. Uer hair and scalp wero
lo?t In a Marion beauty shop, when
entangled in an electrical device for
curling the hair.
rocks, crossing the rippling silver
lined streams, where to-day the lau
rel, the ivy, the honeysuckle, tho lily
aro now in full bloom, with the pre
cious, pearly dew-drops from God's
h'gb heaven, was tho old Blue Ridge,
which caine directly by Bounty Land
as the most plausible route. Tho
next great event of this kind was tho
Air Line, the Richmond and Danvillo,
now thc Southern Railroad, which as
all know passes through all tho vast
Piedmont section of Upper South
Carolina. And very naturally lt
came directly through Richland, and
thal is perfectly right and proper, of
cou rsc.
I r.member with a sad, aching
heart to-day that all my family, as
well as my beloved wife, with other
relatives and old friends, have passed
away. May they forever res' in
peace! ,
Wc toiled in tho barroij Holds of ID'o,
In spring and winter weather
In all tho storms, in all the strife,
Together still together!
j Bul even the darkness was glori Hod,
Facing tho shadows, side hy side.
Though sorrow carno to drown tho
And sweet joy slipped its tether -
Still hand in hand we walked along-.
Together-still together!
And love was there wtyui hopo had
And love still found us side by side!
Ever hy love supremely led,
In all life's stormy weather,
Even by tho greon gravos of our
Togothor-still together!
And sorrow still ls sanctified,
Facing God's futuro sido by sido!
S. K. Dendy, Sr.
Sonocn, S. C.
You'll get ?
prise when you fi)
the odd iobs of rec
around trie farm tl
"THE W?01
are not only "g<
ex a' / ?he right
appropriate grade
pose is half the sk:
norn ical, too.) The
is insisting on "C
because it .lasts pr;
you get the true *
.-and therefore mee
worth of lumber.
Your nearest 'retai
honest advice. So
Write us for list of FREE
Southern Cypress Ml
200 Graham Bulbil
Fruin Gubernatorial Huco-Will op
pose Fulnier in Tenth District.
Columbia, June 7. -Andrew .).
Bethen, of Columbia, who announced
some time ago that lie would be in
tho race for Governor, formally with
drew to-night and filed his pledge
for Congress from the Seventh Con
gressional District in opposition to
Representative Hampton p. Fulmor,
of North. Tho withdrawal of Mr,
Bellica leaves six announced candi
dates in the race for the Governor
ship-former Governor Blouse, ot'
Columbia; State Superintendent of
Kducntion John E. swearingon; Sen
ator George K. Laney, of Chester
field; Thomas G. McLeod, of Bishop
ville; William Coleman, of Union,
and John T. Duncan, of Colpmbla.
Thor? are two other prospective
Gubernatorial candidates who are
hoing urged lo mn, bal they huv?
not yoi inndb anj di Unite decision
Judge Mondol I->. Smith, of Camden,
and Solicitor Ira C. Blackwood, of
Although ho. has made no definite
announcement, ex-Governor John G.
Evans, of Spartanburg, probably will
not bo in tho race.
Tho Democratic campaign for Fed
eral (except United States Sonator)
and State officers will open at Colum
bia on Juno 20. All tho members of
tho House of Representatives, half
the State Senators and practically all
county officials will have to be chosen
this year.
H. Iimris Seeks lie-Flection.
Columbia, .lune 8.- B. Harris,
Commissioner of Agriculture, to-day
announced his candidacy for re-elec
tion. So far he has no opposition.
Mr. Harris is from Pendleton, in
Anderson county. 'Ho is a farmer. In
his olllclal announcement, Issued to
day, he calls attention to tho fact
that ho started tho Farmers' Union
of the State and was the first presi
dent of tho organization. Ho also
calls attention to his work for the
farmers of tho Stato mid lils success
In developing the agricultural depart
Street Car Dynamited,
Columbia, Jan. 7.-Cloumbln ofll
cors are investigating tho dynamit
ing of a street car carly Tuesday,
and several clues aro being followed,
which, it Is^Said, may lead to arrests.
The car was dynamited on a subur
ban line, near tho Stato Hospital, but
Within tho city limits. Tho ear was
bailly damaged and was blown from
tho track, The rails were cut. There
were no passengers in tho car at tho
time and there were no fatalities.
This fact is considered remarkable.
Mrs. ,1. T. Mollentan Quite III.
(Farm and Factory, 8th.)
J. T. Ilolleniun, of Anderson, was
in Seneca Sunday. The numerous
friends of Mr. and Mrs. Ilolleman
sympathise with them in tho Illness
of Mrs. Ilolleman, who has boon in
poor health for about a yoar. As
her condition did not respond to tho
treatment sho had boen rocoivlng
from local physicians nt their homo
lt was advised thnt sho ho romovod
to Johns Hopkins 'Hospital. Her
family and frlonds aro hopeful that
thero will bo an early Improvement
in her condition.
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ie lower grades of
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thing. Getting the
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otherhalf. ot course,
ypress, ot course,"
actically forever - if
'tide water" variety
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will we.
PLANS for farm buildings.
Edgar A. I Dues, of Sonora, Among
Those Deceiving Diplomas.
(Charleston News and Courier.)
A largo attendance marked the
interesting commencement day exer
cises of the Porter Military Academy
held on the morning of .lune 6th in
the Church of thu Holy Communion.
Rev. Dr. Walter Mitchell. D.D., rec
tor, conducted tho opening service
? and presided over tho exercises.
A happy salutatory was delivered
hy Cadet Ellas Mejia, of Colombia.
South America, and this was follow
ed by an address to the graduating
class by l'on, .lohn P, Thomas, Jr.,
of Columbia, a member of the board
of trustees of the academy.
The follow fifteen graduates ro
cchi'.! 'heir diplomas:
Daniel Dailey, Thomas Stanley
Beckwith, Charles Allen 'Dorn. Jr.,
[Leroy Uuatig jiuvft, I?\vrOiioe 3co|.jc
Carson, Jr., Walter Albert Carter,
Robert Julian Dew, Jr., George Wad
dell Ford, 'Jr., John Ernest Gibbs,
Jr., Edgar Alphonso Hines, Jr., Ed
win Jacob Kuhns, Jr., Ellas .Mejia,
Thomas Isaac Monroe, Thomas Pas
tour Noo, .Tn, and John Norman Swe
Labor Men Condemn Harding.
Houston, Texas, Juno S.-A reso
lution condemning President Hard
ing as an enemy of organ i Ked labor
and declaring that all members of
tho labor organizations should work
to pro vont his re-election, was passed
to-day tit the convent ion of tho Bro
therhood of Locomotive Firemen and
Enginement here.
Insist on "TSdo
Wntor" Cypress
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it by this niArki
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Young Men
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prosperity. Your heart may bo gow.
but who wants to kiss eruptions*
Dimply mon don't look Uko tbo jwnor?
of anything. Pimply Worden, too, aro
puzzles, with no prospects and no>
power. Young mon and women, hero's
tho positivo way out. Physics and
purgatives will fall. What J' U need
U n scientific blood-cleanser, ?. H. 9.
Is ono of tho most powerful destroyers
of blood Impurities. You cnn provo thia
In .a short time. S. S. S. has beer?
passed on by n Jury of millions of pco
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ono of tho most powerful vogotabla?
Wood-purifiera anti flosh-bullrtors ir?
existence That's why you hear of so
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lost flesh in a hurry, why you hoar of so
many rheumatics hoing frood from thia
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