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"iil.,,??..,!..??,.,.i.?,M'i.?*?<?U.fri?.i i , jj 1
I All-Star National
Tho National Male Quartet ls anno
tertulninent features appearing at the
For tho past two years Hie Nut lon
throughout the country umler Redpath
success upon success.
The members of this quartet ure OJ
sing everything 111 the accepted male q
well. Rut In mhlltlon to their inusleh;
The Nationals ure under the direct
comedian and phenomenal basso.
The quartet will he long remembei
Weil-Known Artist
Entertainer Coming
Here at Chautauqua
"Wit and Wisdom of tho Chalk and
Clay" Is the subject of un unusual en
tertainment by J. Franklin Caveny,
clever artist who appears here on the
opening night of the coming^ Redpath
Mr. Caveny ls un nrtlst In crayons
and clay and In the telling of count
less anecdotes, which form un amusing
' accompaniment to his rapid sketching.
With lightning skill Mr. Caveny's
crayons reproduce many familiar
scenes and faces; or a lump of clay,
tossed carelessly on his boards leaps In
to the likeness of a beloved patriot.
Rut among tho most entertnlnlng feut
ures of the entire program aro tie
crayon portraits which ho makes of cu
rious members of the nudlenco.
Mr. C?veny will undoubtedly be one
Of the most popular attractions on tho
Chautauqua program.
TO-.MORROW, (Thursday) JUNE IB,
For Five (iront Days of High
Class Entertainment,
Mlxson Nomination Rejected.
Washington, .lune 7.-The Renato
postolllco co ni milloo was understood
to have to-day rejected the nomina
tion of M. .1. Mlxson to be poslmustor
al Orangeburg, S. C. Objection was
said to have heidi made to the nomi
nation by Senators Smith and Dial,
of South Carolina, and several oilier
Southern Democrats, but. tho exact
nature of the final opposition hus not
boen made public in detail.
V?lu*ble llluitrated Book Sent Free
How thousands ot women, by the simple
method of an eminent physician, have avoided
unnecessary miseries through many months
nnd up to tho moment
Dsby has arrived, ls fully
explained In the remarkable
Look, "Motherhood nr.d tho
Baby." Tells also what to
th* boforo and after baby
comcB, probablo date of
fclrth, baby rules, etc.. nnd
about "Mother's Friend.'
used by thrco t?enorntlon?
cf mother*, nm] poid in all
drug stores everywhere.
"Mother's Friend" I? ap
plied externally, ts safe,
free /rom narcotics per
mits easier natural read? -?
Justment of muscles ?nd nerves during ?*
Seotancy and child-birth. Start 'Ming lt to
ny. Mrs. E. E. Kerger Slayton. Minn., say* ?
"It pulled me through." Sene* tot book to
day, to Bradfield Regulator Co., DA-?6. At
lanta, Ga. "Mothsr's Friend" ia ?old at ?ll
drug atora,
Male Quartet a
ia Feature
?inced ns ono of tho biggest musical en
coming Redpath Chautauqua.
?Us huve hoon singing und entertaining
inanngome.it and have beeu piling up
rst of nil musicians of rare ability, who
uart et repertoire and sing il supremely
ibsblp they aro entertainers par excel
lon of diaries Cox, a capital character
ed In tho community.
! Anderson Olllcers Capture ibo Noted
Outlaw by .Means of Ru.-e.
I _
Anderson, Juno 7.-The captur?
of Undi Lawton, a white man. against
whom the United States olllcers had
warrants, and who was wanted as an
escaped convict, was effected Sunday
morning in McCormick county by o
parly of United States olllcers who
loft Anderson Saturday. The party
was composed of A. B. Kennedy,
Charlie Bruce, Charlie Lyon, J. C.
Buskin and Deputy Sheriff W. S. Kay.
Lawton, according to tho ollicers,
is a "bad actor.' a man who dared to
do anything and has been at large
for tho last, live months. Ho ls said
to have escaped from a crain gang
in South Carolina, and was seen near
T distillery which was cut by ofTicers
l t. t week. A warrant for his arrest
was Issued for last week's raid, and,
armed with this warrant, the officers
set about to capture the man.
The arrest was made under very
peculiar conditions. A well-known
negro was used to lure the man Into
a hay house in what is known as the
DeBoso bottoms on Savannah river.
The negro made arrangements with
Lawton to meet him there on Sun
de/, and when he entered, olllcers at
once surrounded tho house. Tho man
saw t trap too late and ran out of
the house, leveling his rille on Officer
Kennedy. The negro knocked the gun
up in tho. air before he could shoot.
A struggle ensued and tho man was
fina Hy handcuffed by thc officers..
Shortly after Lawton was arrested
Charlie Lyon and other ofllcers found
a 00-gallon still and destroyed it.
Tho Very Next Doso of This Treach
erous Drug May Start Trouble.
You know what calomel ls. It's
mercury; quicksilver. Calomol ls
dangerous. It crashes into sour bile
Uko dynamite, cramping and sicken
ing you. Calomol attacks tho bones
and should novor bo put into your
If you fool bilious, headachy, con
stipated and all knocked out, just go
to your druggist and got a bottle of
Dodson's Liver Tono for n few cents,
which Is a harmless substituto for
dangerous calomol. Take a spoonful,
and if it doesn't, start your liver and
straighten you up better and quicker
than nasty calomel-and without
making you sick-you just go back
and get your monoy.
Don't take calomol! It makes you
sick tho next day; lt losos you a
day's work. Dodson's Liver Tono
straightens you right up and you feel
great. No palls necessary. Olvo It to
tho children because it ls perfectly
harmless and cannot salivate.-adv.
In Railway Service for Fifty Years.
^Savannah, Ca., Juno 7.-Albert H.
Lodge, in tho sorvico of tho Plant
System and tho Atlantic Const Lino
Railway slnco 1872 as locomotivo
engineer, died hero to-day. He was
one of tho best known oigineors in
tho South. In 1001 ho drove his on
gino (No. 111), which is still in ac
tivo servico, and made a record of
120 miles an hour, winning for tho
Atlantic Coast Lino tho contract for
carrying mail between Washington
and Jacksonville, In recent years ho
had boon engineer on tho Havana
Special, between Savannah and
Subsoribe for The Courier. (Bes*-.)
IC.\-Sonator Sherman Would Apply
tho To?ch to Many Volumes.
. Lincoln, 111, Juno 7.-'Former Uni
ted States Senator Lawrence Y. Sher
man told students In a commence
ment address at Lincoln College to
day that "all school, histories ought
to bo burned."
"lt ls safer," he said, "to flinl the
exceptions to this rule, if there aro
any, than oppose tho rule. Thoy
would shed moro light on a disor
dered world in a bonilre than in tho
school mom.",
"Now ideals," ho declared, "must
ho taught and practiced, or civiliza
tion will bo quenched in a world's
dark age.
"The ancient and medieval history
taught the pupil Is a menace soiling
to tho mind of a child. 'Principally
lt is an approving recital .of crimo hy
tho wholesale, mitigated by individ
ual virtue at long intervals.
"Under tho tutelage of such his
tory this goneratl >n knows . moro
about Belshazzar's last royal drunk
and Alexander's butcheries, said to
have carried Greek culture through
?Asia, than human justice Julius
Caesar and Attila, tho Hun, are moro
familiar spirits than Aristotle and
tho Apostles.
"Battletields are depicted ns scenes
of human progress. Ono must con
cludo that the best way to develop
a people is to kill most of them.
"Washington and Wilberforce are
derided or ignored. Ono is openly
stigmatized as an antique and silence
denotes that the other is forgotten.
Karl Marx in effect is preached moro
than Christ."
Walhalla, S. C.
Than Last Year-885,000,000 Bush
els Wheat Forecast Tills Year.
Washington, Juno 8. - Larger
crops than last year were forecast
to-day by the Department of Agricul
ture. Winter wheat showed improve
ment to tho extent of 22,000,000
bushels up to May 1st, with a fore
cast of G07.000.000 bushels, or tho
fourth largest crop ever grown. The
spring wheat crop area is 1,000,000
acres less than last year, but pro
duction is forecast at 247,000,000,iOr
S9,000,000 bushels more than the
1 9 2 1 crop.
The forecast for other crops wore
given out as follows:
hOats, bushels . 1,305,000,000
! Darloy, bushels. 101,000,000
j Rye, bushols. SI,000,000
j Hay, tons. 100,000,000
Peaches, crates . r>4,000,000
? Other details announced were:
j Winter wheat, condition 81.9 per
; cent of normal /
Spring wheat, acreage 18,639,000;
! condition 9 0.7.
j Oats, acreage 41,822,000; condi
tion S5.5.
I Barley, acrengo 7,5 50,000; condi
tion 90.1.
Rye, condition 92.5.
.Hay, condition 91.1.
'Pasturage, condition 93.8.
A ->les, condition 72.7.
iPoaches, condition 77.1. .
Sbo Toro Up tho Marked Ballots.
A Greensboro, N. C..dispatch of ro
cen! date says:
.Miss Gertrude Weil, former presi
dent of tho Longue of Women Voters,
enlivened the primary hore carly to
day when sho "purified some politics"
near the Wayne county court houso
by grabbing a hundred or moro of
mai ked ballots and toro them into
thousands of scraps of paper. Tho
man marking tho ballots was dumb
founded and said littlo to Miss Weil
except to clinllengo her to bring
man in tho court houso to do hor
fighting. Miss Well paid no attention
to him, hut continued to look for
market ballots. J
rb? Quinine That Does Not Affect the Head
Because ot its tonic and laxative effect, LAXA
TIV K BROMO QUININB is better than ordinary
Quinine and does not cause nervousness nor
flatting In hend. Remember the full nnmentid
look for the signature of IL W. GROV8. 30c.
Electricity travels at tho rate of
11,600,000 milos por minute.
Pennsylvania's next Legislature
will have at least four, and possibly
moro, womon members.
Interesting Story That Ha? Recently
Appeared In Book Published by
English Author.
Lady Angela Forties In her. book,
"Memories and Base Details," says
that Lord Kitchener was interested lu
spiritualism, and that he was undoubt
edly 'not only interested, but a be
liever lu lt:
"Count Hanlon, better known as
Chelro, told me a story which to the
Incredulous may only appear as coinci
dence,, but cannot fall to be interest
"Count Humon was a friend of
Kitchener's, and In reading bis horo
scope hud, apparently* always told him
that his death would be a sudden one,
but that he need not anticipate danger
in tho Held of battle. Just before Lord
K. went abroad,. Count H. went to the
war olllce, and K. showed him a little
blue vase, which he bad once given
him ns a mascot, and told him thut he
always kept lt on the table. He asked
Count H. if there was anything he
could do for him before he left the
country. The count replied in the nega
tive, but K. told him there wns one
thing he would do-If anything hap
pened to him he would give him a sign.
At the very hour the Hampshire went
down, Count Ilnmon wns in the music
room of his house In the country, at one
end of which was a large hatchment,
securely nailed to the wall. For no
reason at all lt fell with a crash, and
might have been cleft In two by nu ax.
Count Hamon guessed Instantly that
something had happened to Lord
Kitchener, and that this must be tho
promised sign."
And So a Wily, Unscrupulous Rus
sian Bachelor Was Forced to
"Kill Off" His Family.
Necessity has sharpened the wits
of the Russians and they discover
most Ingenious devices to profit at tho
expense of the government.
A shrewd physician in Petrograd,
who was a bachelor with a hearty ap
petite and a small Income, Induced the
'president of the house committee
where he resided to give him n cer
tificate saying he was married. In
this woy he procured n double ration.
Soon hts Imaginary wife fell Ul and
he got ii milk card on the strength
of it. Later a baby cnuie to bless
this fictitious union, nod he was en
titled to additional delicacies as a re
sult. Unfortunately, he got his dates
mixed up and announced the arrival
of three children Inside of six
An Investigation was started, upon
which an epidemic- broke out in his
family, which carried away, Inside of
two days, his wife, two daughters omi
little boy.
It was a dreadful massacre on pa
per. But lt saved the physician, who
got off undetected.-J. Kessel in Le
Figaro, Poris.
8tory of a Famous Old Timor.
An esteemed correspondent recalls
two little stories of that eminent Ohio
an, Gov. David Tod, who, among 'his
other official distinctions, numbered
that of minister to Brazil, oppointed
by President Polk and holding the of
fice five years.
When lt was noised about among
the future governor's old friends and
acquaintances that he had been made
minister to Brazil, one of them
drawled: "Wal, all I got to say ls that
Dnve'll make a sheol of a minister!"
When Minister Tod officially' inter
viewed Don Pedro IL In Rio Janeiro,
he snld to his Interpreter: "Tell the
emperor that if he will hurry up the
carrying out of that request I made
him I'll send him a ear load of tho
best Brier HUI coal my people cou
As coal wasn't used in Rio, the In
terpreter collapsed.-Cleveland Plain
Grades for British Apples.
Thc British, npple growers bavo
recently been devoting considerable
attention to the establishment of
grades for their product und ?much
progress hun been made In this de
velopment. The chief reason for tho
movement is the desire to place on tho
large British markets on apple grown
in England which will compare
favorably In price with the bent Amer
ican and Australasian product. It
has often been stated in England that
tho market advantage of the American
apple is entirely due to the fact that
lt Is correctly graded and packed. y
There ls no large supply of British
apples which could ho closely graded
for market. The British growers
generally have not paid much atten
tion tn market requirements In the
selection of their trees nor to the
care and cultivation of orelia rda.
8tarched Cash Like New.
A Dotrolt woman hud what ?ho
styled a "conniption fit" recently. She
was washing some aprons and forgot
that she left some money In the pock
ets of one. Sho didn't remember lt un
til .she lind starched them. "The
money was sooked, but when I dried
lt and ironed it lt wos pretty stiff and
resembled new currency. This caused
the grocer to ask me whore I'd made
them," she said.
Besides, lt le Hard to Opt Now.
"That's a bad cold you have, Ma
"Yes, Dorothy, it ls."
"What have you taken for lt,
"Ie that cuse there's no use lp me
offering you any advice."-louisville
V?-.V. . iii? J? . ?
Tho Expression of Many a Kidney
Sufferer In Walhalla.
A stubborn backache' is cause to
suspect kidney trouble. When tho
kidneys aro inflamed nnd swollen,
stooping brings u sharp twinge in
the H nm ll of tho buck, that almost
takes the breath away. Doans Kid
ney Pills revivo sluggish kidnoys
rellovo aching back;}. Ask? your
neighbor! Here's Walhalla proof:
Mrs. C. H. White,) Broad St., says:
"I had backache and other symptoms
of kidney trouble. I had sharp
pains skeet through my kidnoys ana
I was in pretty bad shape. I was
feeling quite mis?rable whon 1 wat?
told to try Donn's Kidney Pills and
used them. Docm's entirely cured
mo. I advlso anyone suffering from
'kidney complaint to givo Donn's a
Price 60c. ot ?ll des tera. Don't
simply a?k fer a kidney remedy-get
Dean's Kidney Pills-the same that
Mrs. White had. Foster-Mllbum Co.,
I Mfrs.. Buffalo, N. Y.
And Pubes, Snot ched from His Okla
homa Homo by Poverty.
Ocmulgoe, Okla., .Inno 8.-Broken
In health, Capt. Wm. Sunset, Chero
kee Indian ace, of the Lafayette Es
cadrille, and globe-trotting adventu
rer, started east to-day on a quest
for his wife and his two babies, who
were wrested from him by povevty.
Capt. Sunset cunio back to tho land
of his youth afc thc end of thc World
War showered with high military
decorations, attesting his valor as an
Allied flier. He lived here With his
bride, an Alsatian, whoso life he had
saved overseas. They came to know
poverty-tho war left Sunset unfit
for work-and then last Sunday, af
ter trudging fifteen milos seeking a
job, tho war hero returned to find
lils wife nnd babies gone.
Sunset learned from friends that
his wifo had purchased a ticket for
Pittsburg, Pa. So ho sold his little
store of goods and with a purse made
up hy friends to aid him In his search
he set out on his quest.
Sunset, declares that he has four
teen Gorman pianos credited to him
olllclally while in the French service.
In addition to that he claims seven
teen unofficially. Ile has been wound
ed dozens of times, and was shot
down flvo times. Sunset saw service
in tho three units-tho Foreign Le
gion, tho 'Laftyetto Escadrille, and
the United States army. Ho ontered
the United States army after a dar
ing escape from Germany in a bor
rowed German plane.
nuncan Would Disbar Clark.
(Columbia State.)
John T. Duncan, attorney, has pe
titioned tho Supremo Court for an
order directing that W. A. Clark, of
Columbia, show cause before the
court why he should not be disbarred
as an attorney of the South Carolina
bar. Mr. Duncan, in his petition,
charged Mr. Clark with forgery and
perjury. The court, took the petition
under advisement.
Never Kad a Doctor
Yet Strong and Healthy at
Five Years Old.
Mothers who wntch children care
fully cnn prevent tho development of
serious illness. At thc first ?iga of
fretfulness, fever, colic, coated tongua
or cold Rive n course of thc old re
liable Dr. Thornton's Ensy Teether
nnd note tho immcdinto improvement.
J. Cullen Wright, J. P., of Hartwell,
! On., writes: "My baby is now five
yenrfl old, nnd I used only Ensy Teether
prepared by your during her teething
period. I hnvc novor lind a doctor for
nor since she was born. I feel Uko it
ls the only remedy, nnd heartily recom
mend it."
For fifteen years this scientifically
Crcpnred prescription of a successful
nby specialist lins been winning hun
dreds nnd hundreds of such unsolicit
ed testimonials from appreciative
parents, doctors and druggisto.
Dr. Thornton's Ensy Teethor is n
Bwcct powder that children like and
tako moro freely than sticky syrups
or liquid medicines. It is composed of
antiseptics, dlgestants and granular
stimulants that work efficiently and
harmlessly on tho stomach, bowels and
kidneys. It positively contains no
opiates or harmful drugs; this wo
guarantee. If li fails to help your
child, your monoy*.back immediately
without question. Twolve powders In
a package with full directions, 25c at
your, druggiftt^^yjriiiBonioat, ?
Aro Prcsonted for Members Of tho
X. K. K.-Ono Athmtnn.
Los Angeles, Cal., June 8.-That
.Los Angeles authorities will ask for
the arrest and detention of Wm. S.
Coburn, former olllclul of tho, Ku
Klux Klan, who ls bellovod to bo lu
Atlanta, Ca., ponding extradition
proceedings^ was Indicated to-day*.
Tho district attorney's olllco submit?
tod tho last of Its Information to tho
grund jury, which returned /forty
three Indictments.
That Nathan A. 13akor, klonglu ot'
the klan, who Is Iii custody o? tho
psychophatic ward of tho county hos
pital, had made elab?ralo plans to
leave Los Angol?s before his arrest
was announced hero by Dudor Sher
iff Discniluz. According lo tho under
sheriff, Baker had hired an automo
bile which would connect him with
an airplane at a local aviation Held.
Baker was arrested at tho request of
tho district attorney's outee and ls
held under $10,000. ball.
Thirty-four of tho allegod mem
bers of tho klan who wore indicted
yesterday In connection with a raid,
wore to appear before Justice Fred
erick W. I lousier, of tho local Su-#
perior Court, to-day and deposit bail
In the sum of $1,000 each, according
to their attorney. Bench warrants
will ho Issued for those who do not
appear In court
Price to Face Charges.
Atlanta, Ga.. June S.---G. W. Frico,
kleagle of tho Ku Klux Klan in Cali
fornia, who was Indicted in Los An
gelos in connection with a recent
raid, will leave hero to-night to face
thc/ charges against him, so E, Y.
Ciarko, imperial wizard pro lom of
tho klan, announced to-day.
Clarke said that tho indictments
came as "tho result of a political
frame-up and that Price will ho able
to prove his innocence."
William S. Coburn, also named In
j tho Indictment, is preparing to ro
I sumo his law practice here. Clarke
said that Coburn is no longer an offi
cial of tho klan, but still retains his
membership. <
Poultry Sanitation Important.
Clemson College, June 12.-Most,
cf our poultry dlsoasos aro brought,
about hy unsanitary conditions In
the poultry yards, poultry house and
feeding utensils. Recently examina
tion and thorough study was made
on somo poultry farms lit Florence
county, where there had been an.
outbreak of a disease, resulting lu
heavy mortality, says N. IL Mehrhof,
extension poultry specialist, who re
ports that upon examination of tho
birds tapo worms, round worms and
coccidia wero found, and that upon
studying tho conditions under which
tho chicks wore living It was found
that they were housed in unsanitary
houses, tho yards woro unsanitary,
and tho feeding hoppers were dirty.
What (loos sanitation moan? It
moans clean, sanitary houses; houses
tna? are dry, properly ventilated,
plenty of sunshine; clean yards that,
aro planted in somo good groen crop;
clean birds; clean feeding and water
hoppers; clean feei|. If wo do not
havo tho above wo cannot make a
success of poultry raising.
I There ls no ono phase of tho poul
try industry that Is neglected as
much as this. We cannot expect to
got results If our poultry doos not.
havo tho proper environment. Sanl
taMon means bolter poultry - and
moro profit.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
stops the Cough and Headache and works off tho
Cold. E.W. GROVE'S 6i?uoture on each box. 30c.
Brains Blown Out with Dynamite.
York, S. C., Juno 7.-Floyd (Pap
py) Craven, white convict on tho
York county chain gang, was killed
this morning when dynamite with
which ho attempted to blow u bolo
In rock in the rond which tho gang
was building, exploded, blowing ont
his brains. Ile was a native of Con
cord, N. C., and was .'10 yon rs old.
Tho body was soul to Concord for
burial. Craven was serving two years
and a half, following conviction on a
Charge of stealing a watch and a suit
of clothes.
Plano Wrecked) by Lightning.
Detroit, Mich, Juno 8. - Tho all
metal plano in which Capt. Eddie
Rickenbacker was attempting a cro?s
country flight from Now York to
San Francisco was wrecked this af
ternoon at Packard Flold, near this
city, when struck by a bolt of light
ning twenty minutos boforo 'Rick
enbacker and his party wero to havo
taken off for Chicago.
Neither Rickenbacker nor any
member of his party was injured.
Three workmen were knocked un
conscious and one was seriously in
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