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7,a??,P44 P?T*ooa Make Retems To
taling Income* of $23,730,029,188.
Washington, Juno 14.-What is
called the preliminary report of sta
tistics of Income, compiled from the
returns for tho calendar year of 1920,
has just been made to Secretary of
the Treasury Mellon by Commissioner
of Internal Revenue David H. Blair.
Tho report shows that the number
of personal returns filed for 1920 was
7,259,944, stating a total aggregato
net income of $23,7:15,019,183, ns
compared with nearly 2,000,000 low
er returns aggregating $3,876,000,
00 0 less for 1919.
Although moro persons made re
turns for 1920, and for a greater to
tal, tho tax for 1020 netted tho gov
ernment $19 1.007,000 less than for
1919. The persons Illing Federal lu
ceme lax returns fo: 1919 consti
tuted G.sr. per cent of ! I J population
of tho United States. Tho average not
income they reported was $3,209 and
tho average tax per return was $146.
For South Carolina tho per cent of
tho Stated population filing Income
tax returns for 1920 was 1.96; tho
average net Income roported was $3,
306.09, and tho average tax per re
turn was $97.96. For 1920 South
Carolina reportod a total of $109,
246,657 net Income; for 1919 it was
$142,688,000; for 1917, $73,855,
000; for 1917, $70,917,000, and for
1916, $9,883,000. .
For North Carolina tho per cont
of tho state's population Hiing as of
1920 waa 1.85; tho avorago net In
come reported v/as $3,4 59, and tho
average tax per return was $203.22.
For 19 20 North Carolina reported a
total of $163,800,000 not income;
for 1919, $161,613.000; for 1918,
$89,748,000; for 1917, $84,220,000,
and for 1916, $24,825,000.
'For Georgia tho per cont of tho
Slate's population filing ns of 19 20
was 2.53; the average net Income re
ported was $3,118, and the average
tax return was $104.9S. For 1920
Georgia roported a total of $227-,
OIP.OOO net income; for 1919, $-2 19.
471,000; for ISIS, $ I IS, 3 06,000 ;
for 19 17. $137,775,000; for 1910,
The South Carolinians making ro
turas for l!)20 numbered 33,044, or
0.46 per cent of thc total number
making returns in tho United States.
The North Carolinians numbered 47,
7:>,u- 1,01 ) M *v-.r. New *V*ork j
find ?ho li rifes I rt umber of pdrfcoiW;|
047,00 0, constituting 14.42 per cent
of the country's total number and re
turning 17 per cent of tho total
amount of the country's net Income
tax return.
Of Virginia's population 4. Ot, per
cent Hied returns for an average in
come of $2,951; of Florida's, 4.36
per cent filed for an average of $3,
342; of Tennessee's, 2.78 Hied for an
average of $3,20S.
To Control Hog Lice
Clemson College, .lune 15.-Tho
following remedies, any of which will
prove satisfactory, are suggested by
V. L. Starkey, chief of the animal
husbandry division, in answer to In
quiries from fanners on this subject:
l - Crude Oil Treatment.-This ls
tho most widely used treatment for
hog lice. It should bo applied to tho
hogs by pouring it down tho back
and rubbing it over tho entire body,
taking pains to see that tho head and
ears aro well covered. Ono applica
tion of crude oil, provided it is thor
ough, will eliminate hog lice. Of
course, in all cases lt ls necessary to
clean up tho hog houses and sleeping
places and disinfect them with the
same preparation.
2- Creolin.- By taking an ordi
nary coal tar preparation, such as
cieolln, and diluting lt about 1 to
35, you may bo ablo to control hog
lice. As lu the case of crude oil the
application of this material should
be thorough. When a coal tar pre
paration is used it is necessary to re
peat tho treatment in ten days, be
cause the llco are killed, but tho nits
are not.
3- Oil from Garages.-Oil from
garages, which has been drained from
tho motors has been used very satis
factorily to control hog lice. How
ever, some of the oil which is ob
tained from garages has a great deal
moro korosono In it than others, and
when this is the case lt sometimes
bl ist ers.
Oils aro also beneficial In laying
dust, which is almost as injurious to
hogs as lice.
Ammonia Tank Exploded, ii Killed.
Detroit, Mich., June 1 1.-Explo
sion of an ammonia tank located In
a tunnel under tho boiler room of lb*
Darker Webb Packing Company 1
shortly before noon yesterday killed
four employees and damaged tho
plant so that operations will bo sus
pended for at least thrco days.
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Famed Amy la Hospital la Balti
more After lions ninene.
Lancaster, S. C., June 15.-Judge
Ernest Moore, of the Sixth Judicial
Circuit of South Carolina, died late
yesterday in a hospital in Baltimore,
Md., following a long period of ill
health, which resulted in his going
to tho Maryland city last Saturday
for treatment. The news of his death
was recoived at his homo hero last
Was an Abici Jurist.
Jiulgo Mooro was born at Yorkvillo
on Dec. 5, 1S56. Ho attended tho
public schools und tho Franklin
Academy at Lancaster, Washington
and Leo University at Lexington, Va.,
winning his LL. D. degree from that
institution in 1877. Ile served ns
mayor of Lancaster in 1SS2 and
again in 1910-12. Ho was chairman
of tho Stato Democratic executive
committee In 1S80 and 1882. In
190i> and 1910 he served as special
Circuit Judgo, and-In 1914 was elect
ed Judge of the Sixth Judicial Cir
cuit, which position he held to the
time of his death. During his Judi
cial career ho delivered many legal
opinions nt the bar as special Circuit
Judgo by appointment as special As
sociate Justice of the Supremo Court.
He was looked upon as one of tho
ablest Jurists of the State, besides
being a citizen of the very highest
type. Ho was married In 1883 to
Miss Mary 'Bell Hall, who survives
Habitual Constipation Cured
In 14 to 21 Days
.LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
shoidd be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. . Very Pleasant to Toko. 60o
per bottle.
Culling Ont Unproductive Sows.
Clemson College, Juno 16.;-No
herd can be brought up and main
tained at a high standard without
constant culling, according to L. V.
Starkey, chief of the animal husban
dry division, who believes that the
hog offers tho greatest opportunity
for culling and selection of all classes
of livestock.
The best time in the year to decide
whether or not a sow is worth keep
ing is just after weaning time. Then
i3 the time to decide whether or not
n aryn.' hu? nrnvnn profitable ifs BOW
doo;* hot farrow a V'ver; if She far
row.-, a litter tiut ri?os not raise'tl
it ! h" taila to com? in heat) if she
product);] tn Ututo i Corm '?nor - un dei'
these conditions she siiouid usually
be disposed of. If such sows should
happen to produce a litter, dib pigs
are likely to show the same weakness
as their dam.
Tho prolific, heavy milking sow,
though "thin as a rail""when her pigs
are weaned, ls the sort for the foun
dation of every successful herd. Such
a sow should hold her place in the
breeding herd until there are better
ones to take her place.
Maturo sows which fail to raise lit
ters of six good pigs should ordinar
ily be fattenedo and slaughtered.
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
cause. There ls only ono "Bromo Quinine." E.W.
GROVE'S signature on the box. 30c.
An Oak Landmark Must Co.
(Tugaloo Tribuno.)
Tho largo whlto oak treo that
stands at the J. E. Phillips place,
near Westminster, was struck by
lightning Sunday heforo last, and the
treo will probably die, after having
withstood tho storms of the past 89
years, it had grown to be a giant
oak, and Mr. Phillips says ho be
lieves it would measure 14 feet in
circumference at the ground. His
motlier told him when sho moved to
the place 87 years ago that the treo
was about the size of her wrist, and
sho trimmed lt then. Mr. Phillips
owns the place where his father, tho
lato O. W. Phillips, lived and died.
Iteforo that lils grandfather, the late
Levi Phillips, owned the place. The
place has been in the Phillips family
ever one hundred years.
Memorial to F. Scott Key.
Rnlttmore, Juno 15.-A national
memorial to Frances Scott Key, au
thor of "The Star-spangled Banner,"
was dedicated by President Harding
on the site of Fort Mcilonry, where
til isl I hung the (lag to which the
.song was written during an attack
by a British fleet.
Referring to tho Inspiring words
and their prayer that victory ever
may be Justified when liberty is In
danger. Mr. Harding said that "to
give the ringing voico" to such an
inspiration was "ono of the greatest
services which any man could do for
his country."
Tho dedication was tho conter of
tho natl oil's Hag day affair, and Mr.
Harding appealed for moro of tho
spirit of Key to ho instilled into tho
Americans of to-day.
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Prominent ia Politico *ad ia Baptist
Church ?ad Sund*? Schoo] Work.
Laurena, June 14.-Col. John H.
Wharton, one of the most prominent
men of the county, and widely known
over the State as legislator and rail
road commissioners, died to-day at
his home at Waterloo, Laurens coun
ty. He had been ill for more than a
year, having suffered a breakdown,
followed by paralysis. He was 74
years of age. Ho was a native of Lau
rens county. He probably hold the
record in tho State for length of pub
lic service. Ile at first was a county
commissioner, and at different times
represented Laurens county, in both
brunches of tho General Assembly,
as dork of court of this county for
two terms and as State railroad com
missioner for one term-in nil cov
ering a period of moro than forty
years, though ho was not in office
continuously during that time. For
about fifty years he was superintend
ent of the Sunday school of the Bap
tist church at his home town, and
was a jtivo in all church work, hoing
especially prominent, in the Sunday
school and Laurens Baptist Associa
tional meetings. His wife, who sur
vives him, was a Miss Harris, of Lau
rens county. Five daughters and ono
son also survive him.
Col. Wharton was a Confederate
soldier, having entered the army at
the age of 15 years, and serving in
Company D, James' Battalion, as a
private soldier. After the war he was
engaged in farming at Waterloo iud
became one of the most prominent
planters of his section.
Col. Wharton served on the staff
of Governor Thompson, and was long
prominently connected with the Uni
ted Confederate Veterans of South
VOU can have a
M Beautiful
-Neck and Arms
Hagan'9 Magnolia Balm
beautifies instantly. 73
years' wendet fui tu ?
Removes freckly*, 11
tions, sunburn,
makes ski.? tilca vi t
Won't rub oil 4 t
Brunette, White,
and Rose Red foi
and check Sold
dealers, or I ect hu '
IS cents, .tpifd.
}\ Ba ni
i*s& BM J
" _4? LjONiiro. co.
80. ??fth St.. Brooklyn. N. Y.
Conductor Mysteriously Killed.
Jacksonville, Fla., June 15.-Con
ductor J. H. Jennings, 38 years old,
of Savannah, Ga., in charge of Sea
board Air Line extra freight No. 82 0,
Savannah to Jacksonville, was mys
teriously shot and killed shortly after
midnight at Thelman, Ga.
Members of the train crew said the
last they saw of Jennings alive was
when he was reported working on a
hot box while the train was standing
Railroad special agents and tho
authorities at Thalman aro without a
single clue, according to tho officers
of the division hero, and no theory
has been advanced as to how and why
tho conductor was shot. Special
agents arrested three negro hohoes
found on a car on a freight train,
No. 87, which arrived here about day
light from the north, but one of tho
trio made a break for liberty and
succeeded in escaping. All trains ar
riving hero were being searched.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicino which stops thc cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should bo rubbed on tho chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
Tho healing effect of Hayes' Healing Honey in
side the thront combined with the healing effect of
Grove'? O-Pen-Trato Salvo through tho poreo of
thc skin soon stops a cough.
Betti remedies arc packed In one carton and tho
cost of thc combined treatment ls U5c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Woman Piro ami Police Hose.
A dispatch from Augusta, Ca.,
The first woman in tho country to
become "boss" of the police and fire
departments of a city the size of
Augusta is .Mrs. L. S. Arlington, a
prom in ont club woman, and wlfo of
D local business man here, who was
elected to tho chairmanship of tho
civil service commission. F. E. El
liott. .>:> years of age, tho youngest
member of tho board, was elected as
vice chairman.
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Hi,, ll,,,,, IU , I
MN, M*TJ Dake, of Westminster.
Frank Martin Also PUMOS.
(Tugaloo Tribune.)
? Died, at the home ot her son-in-law
and daughtor, Mr. and Mrs. John E.
(?allies, on Thursday night, June 8,
at 8 o'clock, Mrs. Mary Duke, In the
71st year of her age.
For many months Mrs. Duke had
been in feeble health, and she bore
rer affliction with patience and resig
nation. Sho had been critically Ul
for three weeks prior to her death.
Mrs. Duke was ono of the most
highly esteemed women of tho coun
ty. Sho was a daughtor of the lato
Mike and Emily Broom, and was
teared In tho Walhalla and Conoross
sections of tho county. Sho was tho
widow of the late William Duke and
t the old home placo is almost on tho
exact spot where tho town of Now
Madison now stands. Mr. Duko was
a Confederate soldier and he was
wounded in tho war. He died sud
! denly In tho year 1884. Mrs. Duke's
father was killed in the war.
Surviving Mrs. Duke .are three
sons and three daughters, as follows:
A. P. and H. IB. Duke, of Madison;
Mrs. J. E. Gaines, Mrs. H. R. Cobb,
R. T. Duke and Mrs. J. S. Price, of
: Westminster. She leaves ono brother,
M. H. Broom, of Richland. There are
also 29 grandchildren and three
Mrs. Duke was born June 17, 1851.
Had sho been spared to live until
' next Saturday she would have been
71 years of age. Sho united with the
(Baptist church when young and lived
a devoted Christian life, and she
possessed many friends who deeply
sympathize with the bereaved sons,
daughters and brother.
(Funeral services for Mrs. Duke
were conducted by her pastor, Rev.
Ira E. D. Andrews, from the Gaines
i home Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock,
i Dr. Andrews was assisted by T. D.
I Poore, of the Westminster Baptist
church, and Rev. J. S. Edwards, of
tho Methodist Episcopal church. Her
I body was burled in Eastview ceme
! tory at the conclusion of the funeral,
! a very large number being present.
I The following grandsons were the
; activo pallbearers: Nathaniel Price,
: Edwin Caines, Ro Duke, Fred, Henry
1 and Eugene Cobb. A
Mrs. Duke had been making her
' homo with her children for many
ii? II < jp (Uomean Dins ?ti Georgia. ?
Tho b^dy ot Frank Mai'in. former- j
... of Oconeo, but for the past govett'
; y ta ra a rosidont ot Barnett, Cia., or-'
I rived 'here Saturday morning. He
I died on Thursday morning at about
4 o'clock, following a long illness
Mr. Martin was a son of the late
; Gary Martin and was reared in the
i Pleasant Grove section. He went to
j Georgia in the year 1914.
I Mr. Martin \is <survlved by his
widow and seven children. There are
also niuo brothers and sisters who
live in this Immediate section.
The deceased was well known and
had many friends, who regret to
I hear of his'death, and who sympa
j thlzo with the grief-stricken f.nilly.
I The body was buried in tho ceme
tery of South Union on Saturday
j morning, the funeral services being
conducted by the pastor of tba church
' at that place, Rev. J. E. Freeman.
Mr. Martin had been a member of
1 tho Pleasant Grove church for many
j years.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
: stops the Cough and Headache and works off the
j Cold. E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 30c
? Says spirit? Told Him to Avoid Gal
veston in Building K. C. Southern.
I New York, Juno 15.-That every
j nillo of tho throe thousand miles of
i railroad ho has built has been con
structed by following tho advice of
spirits, and that he changed the di
rection of tho Kansas City Southern
'. and bulk lils terminal at Port Ar
; thur, Texas, rather than Galveston,
which the spirits warned him to avoid
; because of coming disaster there, is
, tho assertion of Arthur E. Stillwell,
who says he has been president of
i ninny railways, and was president
for seven years of tho National Suro
. ty Compnay. Making his revelations
. at a meeting of spiritualists, ho said
I that he had not rovealod his relations
j with Hie spirit world before because
I ho did not want "people to think him
! a nut."
I "I have built moro than three thou
sand miles of railroad," ho said, "and
every part of tho route was deter
. mined by spirits, who carno to mo In
my dreams and told mo what to do.
I "When I was building tho Kansas
j City Southern I was warned not to
build the terminal at Calveston by
spirits, because lt would lend to dis
aster. They told mo to termlnnto lt
at Lake Sabine, whore I built the tor
minal of Fort Arthur. Four days af
1 ter tho terminal was complctod the
tidal wavo wiped out Galveston."
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A repair
with "our o
is done for ke
replacement in
how! Better y<
Cypress at fir
posted people u
you'll "stop rej
they happen."
proud of its own
because it kn
Write us for list of FREE
Southern Cypress Mi
200 Graham Build
Annual Picnic ot tho Sunday Schools
Of Center Township.
On Tuesday, July 4th, the Sunday
schools of Center township will meet
promptly at 10 o'clock with Boaver
dam church, Fair Play, for their an
nual program and picnic. Each Sun
day school ls requested to make a
full report of the year's work, and
this should be done by the secretary.
In tho contest for the banner the
following points must be carried out:
Average attendance for tho year;
average contributions per capita for
the year; competitive singing; paper
live minutes in length from each Sun
day school on thc subject, "The .Meth
ods of a Successful Teacher."
'Everybody is urged to come out
to enjoy a day of good tilings and
also to receive valuable instruction
from l it ninny practical Ideas and
Suggestions to 'ne given by the ;<pe.i?i
ora d Mid day; Tho following ts Hid
program to be rend? > pd
Song, "Lu,o Lifted Aio.
Devotional, by H. M. Lovingood.
Song, "Whomsoever Meaneth Me."
Address of welcome-Jos. Glymph.
Response-Samuel Burriss.
Roll-call and reports from each
Sunday school, given by secretaries.
Appointment of Judges and nomi
nating committees.
Special music-?By the Sunday
school quartette.
Demonstration, "How to Teach an
Adult Men's Bible Class." (Pupils
from Beaverdam Sunday school used
and lesson for July 2d taught by Rev.
L. H. Raines, of Long Creek.)
Demonstration, "How to Teach a
Primary Class," taught by Miss Eliz
abeth Nickols, State Superintendent
of primary work in Sunday schools.
Song, "When the Roll is Called Up
Address, "Tho Value of Equipment
for Doing Sunday School Work," by
Rev. J .E. Freeman, of South Union.
Address, "The Social Life of the
Sunday School," by Rev. J. A. Clot
folter, of Townville.
Song, "Loyalty."
j Dinner hour.
Afternoon session to begin prompt
ly at 2 o'clock.
Song-"A Volunteer."
Competitive papers, five minutes
each-"The Methods of a Successful
Competitive singing-(Each Sun
day school to sing two songs.)
Debate: "Resolved, That tho As
sistant Superintendent Is as Essen
tial to the Success of the Sunday
School os the Goneral Superintend
ent." Affirmative, Mrs. W. E. Mears
and W. S. Dearden ; negative, Mrs. E.
B. Keese and fleo. L. -Harris.
(Judges for the dobato aro Hon. E.
E. Vernor, Mrs. Tom Stevenson, Hon.
Jos. Shelor.)
Announcement of decision of con
test Judges. Award of banner.
Song. "Cod Be With Yon."
Mrs. W. S. Bearden,
Mrs. Laurens Sheldon,
Rev. J. E. Freeman,
Program Committee.
Card of Thanks.
Editor Koowee Courier:
Wo desire through your paper to
thank tho many friends and neigh
bors for their kindness shown us
during tho sickness and at tho death
of our darling baby. Frances. Mnv
the blessings of heaven rest upon
ouch and every one ls our prayer,
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Rowland.
Walhalla, S. C.-(adv.*)
Tho United states govern m en I has
In Its possession approximately $350,
000,000 worth of tho property of
('.orman citizens seized In tho World
Tho British museum, largest In tho
v/orld, contains flvo million hooks.
. The Korean girl is an "old maid"
if sho is not married by tho timo sho
IH 16 years old.
wn" famous
;eps. No more
that spot, any
3t to build all of
st, as the best
isually do. Then
Dair costs before
The South is
"Wood Eternal"
ows it so well.
PLANS for farm buildings,
In?l?t on "Tide
W?t?r" CrprcM
-you cnn Identify
U ky thu mark.
Several Meetings Also Arranged for
County C andidates in Oconoo.
The following is tho official State
wide itinerary:
Saluda, Thursday, June 22.
Edgefleld, Friday, Juno 23.
Aiken, Saturday, June 24.
Barnwell, Monday, Juno 2 6.
AllendaiC, Tuesday, June 27.
Hampton, Wednesday, June 28.
Beaufort, Thursday, Juno 20.
Ridgeland, Friday, Juno 3 0.
Walterhoro, Saturday, July 1.
Moncks Corner, Monday, July 3.
Charleston, Tuesday, July l.
St. Ceorge, Wednesday, July 5.
Bamberg, Thursday, July 6.
St. Matthews Friday, July 7.
Ornngehnrg, Snturday, July 8.
' F t)St eight deys. )
Suuiter, Monday, July IT.
Ui':>pvillo, Tue>Klay: July IS.
Darlington Wednesday, lulj io.
Bennettsville, Thursday, July 20.
Chesterfield, Friday, July 21.
'Florence, Saturday, July 22.
Conway, Monday, July 2 1.
Marlon Tuesday, July 25.
Dillon, Wednesday, July 26.
Kingstree, Thursday, July 27.
Georgetown, <Friday, July 28.
Manning Saturday, July 29.
Camden, Mondny, July 31.
Lancaster, Tuesday, Aug. 1.
York, Wednesday, Aug. 2.
Wlnnsboro, Thursday, Aug. 3.
Chester, Friday, Aug. 4.
Union, Saturday, Aug. 5.
(Rest eight days.)
Newberry, Monday, Aug. 14.
Greenwood, Tuesday, Aug. 15.
Laurens, Wednesday, Aug. 16.
Abbeville Thursday, Aug. 17.
McCormick, Friday, Aug. 18.
Anderson, Saturday, Aug. 19.
Walhalla, Monday, Aug. 21.
Bickens, Tuesday, Aug. 22.
Greenville, Wednesday, Aug. 23.
Gaffnoy, Thursday, Aug. 24.
Spartanburg, Friday, Aug. 25.
Coonee Candidates' Meetings.
Campaign meetings for tho Oconee
county candidates havo been arrang
ed for by tho County Executive Com
mittee. (Other meetings may bo had
If citizens of other sections apply to
tho County Executive Committee for
same. Write tho socretary, D. A.
Smith, concerning same, or to James
ll. Brown, County Chairman.)
Oak way.Aug. 5.
Long Creek.Aug. ll.
Westminster.Aug. 12.
Sonoca.Aug. 19.
Salom.Aug. 25.
Walhalla.Aug. 26.
No Worum in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worm H havo an un
healthy color, which Indicates poor blood, and as a
rule, there ls moro or 1 ess stomach disturbance.
larly for two or tb reo weeks will enrich tho blood,
improve tho digestion, and actas n CcncrnlStrcnitth
cnlntf Tonic to tho wholo system. Nature will then
throw off or dispel tho worms, and thoChlld will bo
lo perfect health. Pleasant to take. 60c per bottle.
.IR New Lawyers-Two Women.
Columbia, Juno i l. - Forty-five
law graduates were admitted to tho
South Carolina bar yesterday hy tho
Supremo CotP't. Two of thom woro
womon-Mrs. L. T. Lester and Mrs.
c Y. Reamer, both of Columbia, and
both prominent club womon. These
ladies stato that they will practico
law to a certain extent.
Tho orango was originally a pear
shaped* fruit abotlt tho slzo of tho
common wild cherry,

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