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(Established 1849.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Year .$1.00
Six Months.-55
aiarw Mouths.80
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
By'Stock, Sholor, ll uglis & Shelor.
Communications of a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of respect, either by
Individuals, lodges or churches, are
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of one cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will be murked "Adv." in
conformity with Federal ruling on
such matters.
Elsewhere will ho found a call by
Mayor Jas. M. Moss to tho peoplo of
Walhalla to clean up their premises.
Wo heartily commend this action on
the part of tho Mayor and Hoard of
Health, it is timely; lt is impera
tive- that is, if wo would keep
Walhalla tn the rank of towns free
from any semblance of epidemic.
No crisis brings forth this call for
extra precaution in tho matter of
cleanliness of premises. It is a pre
cautionary measure. The desire is
to prevent spread of disease through
filth. Filth is the breeding place for
every kind of disease. Prevent tilth
and we practically eliminate disease,
contagious disease, or as we often
hear them spoken of, "catching" dis
eases. These have their origin in
filthy, unsanitary conditions of prem
ises or persons, and then others, no
matter how careful they may be, are
Hablo to contract or "catch" some
disease that need never have had a
beginning had the proper precautions
in regard to sanitation and cleanli
ness been observed.
Wo not only heartily endorse the
call of the Mayor and Donrd of
Health for clean premises, but wo
suggest that all of our citizens con
sult their physicians In regard to the
having the typhoid serum treatment.
Your physician will advise you in
the matter. Don't take our advice,
which would unquestionably bo to
begin the serum treatment at once,
our ndvlco would bo only a matter
Of opinion--based on the old adage
Hint "An ounce of prevention is
worth a pound of cure."
As we have already said, there ls
no epidemic of typhoid in our town
! or community. There are, however,
sporadic cases here and there. Ty
phoid is a preventable disease, lt
need never occur if die proper con
ditions are maint; (ned, For every
ease lhere is a local cause. As one
of the lecturers stated at Chautau
qua the other night. An epidemic
ol' typhoid lever is a crime."
Rut WO hive conditions about us
that are conducive to typhoid, Our
streets are torn up. Soil that has
been for au eternity, almost, undis
turbed has been brought to tho sur
face and piled about to dry out and
throw off \o every breeze possibly
millions of germs of one kind and
another. Then, loo, we have had a
wot spring and the hot su miner days
still bringing us almost dally heavy
rains that wash and disturb loose
soil and help to distribute anything
in the way of disease germs. The
conditions about us would admonish
the taking of every precaution. We
may be going through conditions
that are conducive to typhoid and
other diseases, but we need not have
an epidemic. Just think the matter
over and lend your individual efforts
toward a clean town and freedom
from disease, for
"An ?pid?mie of typhoid is a
And other gerin disoases may he
quito as easily prevented If we take
precautions, and take them in time.
'Remember, also, the adage to the
effect that "P does no good to lock
the stable door after the horse has
been stolen."
Dr. Hall, of tho U S. Department of
Agriculture, Makes Discovery.
Washington, June IS.-After ex
tended experiments, Dr. Hall, of tho
department of Agriculture, announc
ed to-day that he had discovered
what ho believes to bo a positivo
euro for bookworm in a chemical
known as carbon tetra chloride. This
chemical, which ls commonly used as
a clothes cleaner, the statement said,
"will likely prove to bo a cheap and
agreeable and effective treatment
'/or a parasite that is destroying the
health and reducing tho efficiency of
millions of peoplo In many parts of
tho world, including many thousands
in our Southern States."
The discovery by ,Dr. Hall of tho
o ff! cien cy of tho drug in removing
hookworm parasites, it was stated,
immediately stimulated medical men
in many countries lo start investiga
tion, 'fror, which, tho department
."dates "ft n i in bio roports ave now
being rccyn < A."
Department records are said lo
Show that 12,000 natives of tho Fiji
Islands havo boen successfully treat
ed by the samo method, a single
do o removing all tho parasites from
-00 per cent of tho patients.
Church Organizations Preparing for
Meetings-Personal Items.
Conoross, June 19.-Special: Mrs.
Mary Dllworth has been on tho sick
list for a few weeks, but ls much
improved. She received a slight hurt
from a cow while milking. Her
daughter, Mrs. W. M. Kay, of Son
eca, spent sorao time with her during
her illness.
J. C. Darker made a business trip
to Anderson last Tuesday.
.Miss Lena Abbott loft last Mondny
for Clemson, wliere sho ls attending
tlio summer school for teachers.
Hob l'aimer, of Anderson, was a
recent guest of tho family of W. T.
Graham, of this community.
The Y.W.A.'s met Friday at 3.30
o'clock, and at tho meeting decided
to change tho hour of meeting until
5 p. m. Let every Y.W.A. girl re
member that their society meets on
Thursday after the first Sunday in
each month at 5 o'clock, and try to
be present at each meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. \V. F. Haynes were
recent guests of M. Abbott and fam
ily, of Westminster.
.Miss Margaret Brandt, who lives
near here, ls taking a short course
at Winthrop. She won her scholar
ship to the short course on her sew
ing in the sewing club. We congrat
ulate her on winning tho scholarship.
.Little Miss Eva White and brother
(Edward, of 'Greenville, spent last
week with relatives in this commu
nity. ?
The fourth group of tho B.Y.P.U.
will render the program next Sunday
night, with Colie Abbott as captain.
All the group especially aro urged to
be hero promptly nt the opening
hour-S p. m.-and everybody ls
invited to attend tho B.Y.P.U.
Miss Lucy Patterson loft this
community recently after spending
several weeks with relatives and
friends here. She is now at the home
of E. M. Gumbrell, of West Union.
Several dogs hnvo been reported
to have gone mad in this community
recently. Ono was shot and killed
here last week by J. V. Dilworth.
Miss Hessio Arve and brother,
Reece Arve, of Madison, were wel
come guests at The home of thoir
uncle, W. H. Arve, hero recently.
Several from hero aro attending
the chautauqua at Walhalla this and
last week.
Charlie E. DuBose and family, of
Seneca, spent from Saturday till
.Monday with relatives in this com
Miss Lettie Barker spent a few
days last week In Seneca with rela
On next Sunday, June 2 5, the Con
eross Sunday school will carry out
the program on Christian Education,
and those on the program aro asked
to meet at the church on Saturday
at 3.:I0 p. m. to rehearse. It ls sin
cerely hoped that the Sunday school
will attend largely, and all others
are most cordially invited.
Mrs. Nowt Whitaker, of Westmin
ster, spent the past week-end with
her sister, Mrs. W. O. Alexander, of
this place.
J. L. Duckworth and family were
recent visitors at the homo of Mrs.
Mary Murphy, near Oakway.
Miss Sophie Cleland, of Westmin
ster, was spend-the-day guest of
friends in this section recently.
Miss Sue Annie Todd and littlo
sister Mildred, of West. Union, were
guests o? the Misses Abbott, of Con
eross, recently.
P. K. Bari'er left this morning for
Greenville, where he will spend a
few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Alexander, of
this place, attended the birthday
celebration given at the home of Mrs.
Alexander's father. C. E. Cambrell.
yesterday In honor of Mr. Gambrell's
father, J. P. Gambrell, this being his
75th birthday.
Willie Meredith and family spent
yesterday with relatives in Walhalla.
Little Misses Marion Alexander
and Rachael Bruner, of Westminster,
spent last Friday with B. W. Alex
ander and wife and enjoyed the af
ternoon fishing in the creek nearby.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gillison, of the
Bounty Land section, and Mr. and
Mrs. J. P. Armstrong, of Richland,
were week-end' guests in tho homo
o? Mrs. S. M. Hunsinger here.
The G.A.'s and Y.W.A.'s are ex
pecting to attend the Y.W.A and G.
A rally at Westminster Friday.
Mrs. Henry Keil has returned from
? Washington, where she has been vis
iting her daughter, Miss Bessie. An
other daughter, Mrs. Bessio Shull,
of Greenville, who accompanied her
to Washington, also accompanied
lier home, spending some timo with
her mother. They were also accom
panied by Walter Shull. Mr. and
Mrs. Shull returned to their homo
in Greenville Sunday.
Made Tens Out of Ones, Charge.
Manning, S. C., Juno IS.-Marvin
Strickland, a white mun from Gable,
was arrested and lodged in Jail on a
charge of passing ten-dollar bills
alleged to havo been raised [rom one
dollar bills. Only two of the alleged
spurious bills were passed before the
fake was delected.
All-Day Singing at Hopewell.
There will bo an all-day singing at
Hopewell Baptist church on the 4th
Sunday in June, tho 25th, conducted
by Mci).. Wea ms, of Rome, Ga. Let
everybody como and bring well-filled
baskets. Dinner will bo served on
the grounds. Tho singing will begin
at 10 o'clock. Mr. Weams will also
sing at Newry on Monday night, tho
i 2Mb. Geo. L. Abbott.
('enter Township Singing Assn.
Tho Center Township Singing as
sociation will meet with tho Earle's
Grove church next Sunday, Juno 25,
al 2 o'clock p. m. All singers and
lovers of music are cordially invited.
J. W. S. King, Secy, and Treas.
Tho largest and most powerful
searchlight in tho world, having 1,
200,000,000 candi? power, has Just
boen completed.
?T? *T<* AXA >% ?Ta ASA *Xr* MM '-*- ?x?
# . 1* ilT ? ^mi il^ Ti^
>J? .J? ?I* ?I? ?J* ?Je ?J. ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J?
Editor Kooweo Courier:
lu a recent i?,8uo of The Courier
you published an arltcle concerning
tho professioual mon of tho iBounty
Land and Richland section of our
county, lt was my intention, in con
nection with that article, to give the
list of names of the professional mon
and women, but in some manner this
list got "lost In the shutlle," and was,
as you report, never received by you.
Hence this communication giving
the list separate from tho main arti
cle. S. K. Dendy, Sr.
Seneca, S. C., June 17, 1922.
List of the Professional Men.
E. R. Doyle, teacher and surveyor,
Marshall, Nebraska Ter., 1856.
James A. Doyle, Sheriff Pickens
district, tax collector, 1832.
Dr. O. M. Doyle, physician. Divis
ion surgeon Confederate army, and
Dr. John N. Doyle, teacher and
physician. Brigade surgeon Confed
erate army. Died at Granbury, Tex.
Judge W. E. Doyle, teacher, law
yer. State Senator, TexaB. .
James H. Doyle, teacher and bank
er. Now In Texas.
Frank Burt Doyle, teacher and
Oscar Doyle, teacher and lawyer.
City Judge, Anderson, S. C.
E. R. Doyle, Jr., surveyor and
teacher, school commissioner.
James H. Dendy, Ordinary Pick
ens district, surveyor. Died lu 1S-1G.
M. B. Dendy, teacher and legisla
Major Stiles P. Dendy, teacher and
Wm. H. Dendy, teacher.
Rev. Jos. T. Dendy, teacher and
W. E. Dendy, teacher.
Jas. P. Dendy, teacher and minis
Clifton Dendy, pharmacist.
Dr. W. R. Dendy, physician.
S. K. Dendy, lieutenant Confeder
ate army. Captain of company of
"Red Shirt 'Niggers' " in 1876.
John V. Stribllng, electrician and
S. P. Stribllng, teacher and school
Dr. J. S. Stribllng, physician.
M. Stokes Stribllng, teacher.
Marshall S. Stribllng, teacher.
J. P. Stribllng, teacher.
Rev. T. Mack Stribllng, lawyer and
Stiles C. Stribllng, teacher.
Bruce H. Stribllng, teacher.
Hon. Sloan Y. Stribllng, State
Dr. J. S. McElroy, Sr., physician.
Dr. J. S. McElroy, Jr., physician.
Dr. Turner Holland, physician.
Dr. Sam Holland, physician.
Rev. H. H. Penny, minister and
Rev. John E. Penny, minister.
Dr. Geo. A. Penny, physician.
|R. T. Jaynes, lawyer.
Wm, 13. Jaynes, lawyer.
N. C. McDonald, teacher.
M. R. McDonald, lawyer and leg
Hon. John S. Vernor, Comptroller
General of South Carolina.
Hon. E. E. Venter, State Senator.
Charles Vorher, lawyer.
James M. .Moss, teacher and sher
iff of Oconee.
Dr. Will Wright, physician.
James Wright, lawyer.
Wade C. Hughs, teacher and law
Harry R. Hughs, teacher and law
Kev. W. W. Abbott, minister.
Rev. Haskell Abbott, minister.
Rev. Gambrell Holland, minister.
Rev. Bruce Doyle, minister.
Rev. Rhett Doyle, minister.
Andrew D. Hull, teacher and law
E. O. McMahan, teacher.
Hon. J. L. Shanklln, State Senator.
Prof. A. G. Shanklln, teacher at
R. M. Davis, Jr., teacher.
R. L. Coe, teacher.
Rev. Tyre Mauldln, minister and
Capt. John J. Ballenger, railroad
contractor and builder.
C. P. Ballenger, civil engineer.
Paul Burns, teacher.
N. B. Cary, lawyer and historian.
Professional Women
Caroline Jenkins, teacher.
Laura Doyle Dodd, teacher.
Elizabeth Dendy Hughs, teacher.
Lou Dendy Neville, teacher.
Susan Dendy Doyle, teacher.
Sue Mauldln, teacher.
Alice Stribllng Doyle, teacher.
Lucy Stribllng Jordan, teacher.
Lizzie Dendy Perritt, teacher.
Ella Dendy Doyle, teacher.
.Ida Dendy Alexander, teacher.
Emma Dendy, trained nurse.
Fannie McDonald Foster, teacher.
.Bullio Moss, stenographer.
Helen Moss Rankin, teacher.
Ada Wyly, teacher.
Cora Wyly Jones, teacher.
Lula Wyly, teacher.
Pearle Venter Shanklln, nurse.
Belle Stribllng, toacher.
Mary Hughs Bowen, teacher.
Geraldine Hughs Rankin, teacher.
Theo. Hughs Keys, teacher.
Paulino Hughs, stenographer.
Julia Burns Ligon, teacher.
Kathleen Burns Johnston, teacher.
.Frances Burns Harris, teacher
May Hubbard Anderson,Teacher.
Nettle Hubbard, teacher.
Annie McMahan, teacher.
Carrie McMahan, teacher.
Eunice Ballenger Knox, teacher.
Lalla Ballonger, teacher.
Cary Doyle, teacher.
Susan Doyle Fund, nurse.
Leize Perritt Rollins, teacher.
Bertrand Perrin Skinner, stenog
Lura Perritt, teacher,
Bertie Smith Kelly, teacher.
Lizzio Smith Holler, teacher.
Carrio Smith, toacher.
Clyde Smith, teacher.
Minnie Gambrell, teacher.
Kate Stribllng, teacher.
Out of every 1,000 farmers in 1920
thero were 3S1 tenants.
Tho largest watercress farm la the
world is at Enghion, noar Paris.
(AB Result of Prohibition-Investiga
tor from Switzerland Talks.
Washington, June 17. - Robert
Horcod, director of the international
Temperance Bureau of La"u8dlnnje,
Switzerland, who Is investigating the
progress of tho Eighteenth Amend
ment in the United States, and who
conferred with Federal Prohibition
Commissioner Haynes, has made a
preliminary report, as follows:
"I have been struck everywhere
by the tact that tho keenest observ
ers have told me that prohibition has
boon a success from an economic
point of view.
"I have sought exact information
about prohibition in Boston, Provi
dence, R. I" Now York, Washington,
Richmond, Atlanta, New Orleans,
Son Antonio, El Paso, Tucson, Los
Angeles and San Francisco.
"Although a good deal of false
propaganda and misinformation
about prohibition has been spread
in Europe, I must say that, after a
personal investigation, the general
Impression 1 have formed about it is
"While I find lt has not been en
forced e?Tleclnetly in some centers,
OD the whole I must report that
America is a better country than it
up.ed to bo before lt outlawed the
'.This is my sixth trip to America
t investigate this subject, and my
ol servation is that light wines and
beor will not come back because if
tho United States Constitution was
changed and they were legalized, tho
saloon would surely come back, too.
"As a whole I believe the Ameri
cans are happier and healthier than
they were when they drank to excess
in open saloons.
"Great good is coming 'to this
country, due directly to prohibition
of the liquor traille, despite viola
tions of tho law."
fr ?j. ?j? ?j? *|? ?j. fr ?j? fr fr *|? ?|?
?J. ?J* fr fr fr fr fr ?J? fr fr fr fr fr fr
Announcements under this head
ing will be published for the uniform
sum of $5.00, which includes Inser
tion continuously up to and includ
ing week of primary election, and
week of second election where can
didates have to make a second race,
rayment invariably in advance.
This rate contemplates announce
ment in regular form, not exceeding
seven lines. More extended announce
ments will bo charged extra for all
in excess of tho seven lines used.
I am a candidato for re-election to
Congress from tho Third Congres
sional District, subject to the rules
cf tho Democratic party.
W. L. DALTON is hereby an
nounced as a candidate for re-elec
tion to the House of Representatives
form Oconee County, subject to tho
rules and regulations of the Demo
cratic party in the primary elections.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the House of Representa
tives from Oconee County, subject
to the will of tho Democratic voters
in the primary elections. I pledge
my best efforts if elected.
The friends of J. R. ORR hereby
announce him a candidate for tho
House of Representatives from Oco
nee County, subject to tho rules of
the Democratic party in tho primary
election. FRIENDS.
1785 COLLEGE 1022
Examinations at tho County Seat
for the Oconee County Scholarship,
FRIDAY, July 7th, 11)22, at 9 A.M.
Subjects: English Grammar and
Composition, American 'History, Al
gebra, and Plano Geometry.
Four-year courses lead to tho A.
B. and B. S. degrees. Special two
year pro-medical course. A course
in Commerce and Business Adminis
tration ls featured.
Expenses moderate. For terms,
cataloguo and illustrated folder, ad
25-27* President.
All persons Indebted to tho Estate
of Mrs. Elizabeth Carvor, Dec'd., aro
hereby notified to make payment to
the undersigned, and all persons hav
ing claims against said Estate will
present the samo, duly attested, with
in the time prescribed by law, or be
barred. W. O. WHITE,
Administrator of the Estate of Mrs.
Elizabeth Carvor, Deceased.
'Juno 21, 1922. 25-28
Notice ls horeby given that the un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Martin, Judgo of Probate, for
Oconeo County, in tho State of South
Carolina, at his offico at Walhalla
Court House, on Saturday, tho 1st
day of JULY, 1922, or as soon
thereafter as said application can bo
heard, for leavo to make Final Set
tlement of tho Estato of C. T. Richey,
Deceased, and obtain Final Discharge
as Administrator of said Estato.
Administrator of tho Estato of C. T.
Richey, Deceased.
Juno 7, 1922. 23-26
what you lost during the ti
flated, you must work an
savings in our institut
with your Financial Trou?
directors offer you their bu
Bank of W
\ Phone 3, West Ur
In Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to decree of the afore
said Court, in the ease named below,
1 will offer for sale, to the high
est bidder, in front of the Court
House door, at Walhalla, South Car
olina, on MONDAY, the 3d day of
JULY, 19.2 2, between the legal hours
of salo, the tract of land below de
W. A. Schaffer, Plaintiff,
R. R. Roach and Bank of Walhalla,
a Corporation Created and Exist
ing under the Laws of South Caro
lina, D?fendants.
All that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land, situate, lying and be
ing in Tugaloo Township, County
and State aforesaid, containing sev
enty-one and three-quarters (71%)
acres, more or less, adjoining lands
of A. Zimmerman, Pompey Keels,
Hard Blackwell and T. M. Busha,
being tho same conveyed to tho said
R. R. Roach by T. M. Busha hy deed
dated August 7th, 19 20.
cf sale. That in event of tho failure
of tho purchaser, or purchasers, to
comply with tho terms of sale within
llvo days from day of sale, tho Mas
ter do re-advertise and re-sell said
premises on the following Salosday,
or some conveninet Salesday there
after, at the same place and on the
same terms as heretoforo set out, at
the risk of the former purchaser, or
purchasers, and that he clo continue
so to do until ho has found a pur
chaser, or purchasers, who comply
with the terms of sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for deed
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Ocnoeo County, S. C.
Juno 14, 1922. 24-26
(In Re Dora Brown, Bankrupt.)
'P.ursuant to an order Issued by
Hon. C. E. Cooley, Referee In Bank
ruptcy for tho Western District ot
South Carolina, United States of
America, on Juno 3d, 1922, I will
sell, to tho highest bidder, for Cash,
on THURSDAY, June 22d, 1922, at
2 o'clock P. M., at tho place of busi
ness formerly occupied by Dora
Brown, In Soneca, S. C., all of the
goods and store fixtures of Dora
Brown, Bankrupt.
Sale to be made subject to the
confirmation of the Court.
Seneca, S. C., June Cth, 1922.
J. E. HOPKINS, Trustee.
Juno 7, 1922._23-25
Tho State of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.
By vlrtuo of tho power contained
In a Warrant of Execution for delin
quent taxes, under the hand and seal
of tho County Treasurer for Oconee
County, S. C., to mo directed, 1 will
offer for salo, in front of the Court
House door, in Walhalla, S. C., to tho
highest bidder, FOR CASH, during
the legal hours of sale, on Salosday
In JULY,1922, being MONDAY, June
fi th, tho following described tracts
of land and personal property, to
(1.) A tract of flvo acres, more or
loss, In Tugaloo Township, known ns
part of the Pitts land, adjoining
lands of Ellas Chambers, U. S. Gov
ernment, and others, samo to be sold
as tho property of W. N. Long.
((2.) Also tho following personal
property: Ono Organ, ono Sowing
Machine, and one Dresser. Levied
upon as the property of W. J. Nix.
(3.) Also, tract of land in Keo
weo Township, containing G5 acres,
moro or less, and adjoining lands of
W. H. Glazonor, J. L. Kell and MIR.
Add io Cox. Levied on ns tho proper
ty of S. W. Smith.
Sheriff of Oconoo County, S. C.
Juno 14, 1922. 2 1-26
AU Hankers and other persons aro
hereby warned not to pay, or trade
for, Pension Check No. 1U8, dated
May 1 2, 1 922, In favor of Mrs. Sarah
A. Long; amount, $34.32.
Judge of Probato for Oconee Co.
Juno 21, 1922. 25-26
imes when values were in
d save, and deposit your
;les. Our stockholders and
siness experience*
/est Union,
lion, S, C, Phone 3,
In the District Court of tho United
States, for the Western District of
South Carolina.
In tho Matter of ADGER M. ALEX
ANDER, Westminster, S.C., Bank
rupt.- (No. B-295, in Bankruptcy.
To the Creditors of tho above named
Bankrupt: -
Tako notice, That on May 26th,
1922, the above named Bankrupt
filed his petition in said Court pray
ing that ho may be decreed by the
Court to have a full discharge from
all debts provable against his estate,
except such debts as are excepted by
law from such discharge, and a hear
ing was thereupon ordered and will
I be had upon said petition on JUNE
I 27, 1922, before said Court ot Green
ville, In said District, at ll o'clock
in the forenoon, at which time and
place all known creditors and other
persons in Interest may appear and
si.ow cause, If any they have, why
tho prayer of said petition should not
be granted. D. C. DURHAM,
Dated at Greenville, S. C., May 27,
May 31, 1922. 22-25
In the District Court of the United
States for the Westorn District of
South Carolina.
In tho Matter of Thomas Stephen
Moor Seneca, S. C., Bankrupt.
No. '.i ?74 in Bankruptcy.
To the . 'Hl i tors of the nbove named
Ban Kr?.,, ; -
Take notice, that on May 30, 1922,
tho above named bankrupt filed his
petition in said Court, praying that
he may ho decreed by tho Court to
have a full discharge from all debts
provable against his estate, except
such debts as are excepted by law
from such discharge, and a hearing
was thereupon ordered and will be
had upon said petition on JUNE 30,
1922, before said Court, at Green
ville, In said District, at 11 o'clock In
the forenoon, at which time nnd place
all known creditors and other per
sons in interest may oppear and show
cause, if any they have, why the
prayer of said petition should not
be granted.
D. C. DURHAM, Clerk.
Dated ai Greenville, S. C., May 20,
1922. 23-26
Tho State of South Carolina, Coun
ty of Oconee.-(In Court of Probate)
-By V. P. MARTIN, Esq., Probate
Judge.-Whereas, W. N. Woolbright
and Mrs.Lucy Woolbright havo mado
suit to me to grant them Lotters of
Administration of the Estate of and
Affects of p. E. (Woolbright, De
Thoso ore, theroforo, to cito and
admonish all and singular tho kin
dred and creditors of tho said J. E.
Woolbright, Deceased, that they be
and appear boforo me, In tho Court
o? Probate, to bo held at Walhalla
Court 'IIOU80, South Carolina, on
Wednesday, the 21st day of Juno,
1922, after publication horoof, at ll
o'clock In the forenoon, to show
cause, If any they have, why the sal i
Administration should not bo grant
Glvon under my hand and seal this
3d day of June, A. D. 1922.
Judge of Probato for Oconee Co., 8.C.
Published on the 7 th and l-l th
days of Juno, 1922, In Tho Koowoo
Courier, and on the Court House
door for tho Hmo prescribed by law.
Juno 7, 1922. 23-2 1
All porsons indebted to tho Estate
of Wilton II. Earle, Deconsod, are
horeby notified to mako payment
to tho undersigned, and all porsons
bavins clnli"?? against said Estate
will present tho samo, duly attested,
within tho Hmo prescribod by law,
or .bo bnrred.
Administratrix of tho Estate of Wil
ton R. Enrlo, Decoasod.
May 31, 1922. 22-26
Sui cribe for The Courier. (Bos':.)

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