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WMt WM Csast?tre?" Vr** to Mid?
Vleurlan Day? $*em? tm
what Rleisuleoe New.
Itt .a book written in mid-Victoria*
day? coneernlnf the proper manners
of well-bred women appeara the state
ment that a woman with graying hair
ia "hardly respectable without a cap/'
and that the woman of thirty-Ate who
does not don the. cap as signal of the
fact of her advanced age has some
thing of a "masculine aspect."
Such statements are amusing and
sometimes Just a little annoying-es
pecially to tho woman of thirty-five.
She consoles herself with the fact that
times have changed enormously since
those days and that now so long as a
woman ls slender enough to wear
clothes selected by eighteen-year-old
girls she IB seldom criticized for
* wearing them.
But don't delude yourself Into think
ing thac all women of thirty-five In mid
Victorlnn days donned the cap of old
age. Empress Eugenie wasn't married
until she was twenty-seven, and she
continued to be regarded as one of
the most charming and beautiful wom
en in Europe for many years. *
It is really no now thing for women
of thirty-five, forty or over to retain
their youthful charms and change very
little their mode of dress or behavior
as time goes on. Possibly our present
mode of life, our athletics, our style
of clothes, tend more to the retaining
of youthful appearance and real
youthfulness than did conditions of
the Nineteenth century.
In Region Adjacent to French City of
Cannes St. Patrick Received
Religious Training.
"For true appropriateness Cannes
might better be chosen for a discus
sion of Irish affairs than for an at
tempt to solve European financial
problems," says a bulletin of the Na
tional Geographic society, In regard to
the French Mediterranean winter re
sort, meeting place of the allied su
preme council. "Cannes has its tie
with Ireland," the bulletin goes on to
explain, "because lt was In a monas
tery on one of two little islands Just
off the Cannes shore that St. Patrick
received the religious training which
fired him with missionary zeal nnd led
to his conversion of the Irish.
"St. Honor?t founded, in 410, on the
smaller of the two Islands which
bears his miine, tho monastery in
which St. Patrick studied, lt was one
of tho fotintnlns of learning and mis
sionary effort during the Middle ages.
According to a legend, the island was
infested by snakes and St. Honor?t
miraculously drove them out-an cx
(uitph whl?h his follower, St. Patrick,
lu supposed to have put to good use In
"In .splie of its many letters Cannes
la properly pronounced ns a single syl
lable, like tho English verb 'cnn,'"
says the bulletin.
Ask Much of Inventor.
The helicopter, a machine capable
of vertical flight, with which British
inventors have already attained par
tial success, hus caused plans to be
made by the government for a $200,
OOO competition open to the world for
a further Improved design. The con
ditions, which If met would make the
helicopter practical and revolutionize
the science of flying are: It must bo
capable of rising to a height of 2,000
feet under ita own power, carrying
one man and one hour's fuel supply.
It must be able to remain stationary
over a ground object for a half hour
in a wind up to 20 miles an hour.
It must bo able to land safely In any
wind up to 20 miles an hour without
horizontal motion, and with the en
gine cut off, and must be able to main
tain horizontal flight at a height of
2,000 feet at a speed of not less than
60 miles an hour.
A Lost Art With Him.
Warren G. Sayre of Wabash, an at
torney and formerly a state repre
sentative, sent a letter several weeks
ago -to the county clerk of Boone coun
ty, asking for information concerning
a divorce suit. The letter was written
on plain paper in longhand and sent In
a plain envelope. Finally tho follow
ing letter waa received from the clerk :
"Dear Slr: I have submitted your
letter to every officer of this court
house and we cannot read a word of
lt We cannot even read your signa
ture, se I am cutting lt and tho address
off your letter and pasting lt on the
envelope carrying this letter, .hoping
that tho post office omployoos are suf
ficiently familiar with your way of
writing to assure tho delivery of the
letter."-Indianapolis News.
More Electric Lights.
During 1021 the increase in residen
tial electric lighting customers In tho
United States was 1,001,700, according,
to a survey Just completed of re
ports from electric light nnd power
companies throughout the country.
This brings the total number of resi
dential lighting customers up to 8,
407,000 or more than double the num
ber In 1016, when only 4,000.800 fam
ilies had electric lights In their homes.
What Next?
Pnrls beauty doctors aro now spe
cializing lu tho reforming of women's
legs. Two specialists In Ruo do la
* Paix are winning faino by reducing
the size of women's ankles and In
creasing tho size of the calf. They
have not, ns yet, found a way to take
the curve out of bowlegs and some of
the ladies of society there aro hoping
almost tearfully that something will
develop tn this direction.
Subscribe for Thocourlor. (Best)
. K, . ...... H- ? ! . ..' J ,> ;?.?....
Cheer Up Instantly When
Dr. Thornton's Easy Teeth
er Rempves Cause of Pain.
Mothorl Whon tho child becomes
cross and peoviBh with feverishness,
sour stomach, coated tongue, bowel
trouble, cold or colic give a coureo of
tho old roliable Dr. Thornton's Easy
Teether and note tho quick improve
ment. Dr. Thornton's Easy Teether
ls a harmless sweot powder composed
of antiseptics, digestants and granu
lar stimulants, contains no opiates or*
harmful drugs. Babies like it and
take lt more freely than sticky syrups
or liquid medicines.
Hundreds of unsolicited testimonials
received during the past fifteen years
from doctors, druggists and apprecia
tive mothers provo its efficiency be
yond question of doubt. If lt falls to
help your child your monoy back with
out question. Twelve powders In a
package with full directions, 25c al
your druggist-Advertisement.
Ha? Greatest Amount of Advances
from Government for Livestock.
Washington, July 14. - The War
Finance Corporation announces that
from June 5 to June 10, inclusive, lt
approved forty-two advances, aggre
gating $1,008,000, for agricultural
and livestock purposes, as follows:
One hundred and forty-five thou
sand dollars in Arizona, $26,000 in
California on livestock, $81,000 in
Colorado, $37,000 in Georgia, $41,
000 in Idaho, $10,000 in Minnesota,
$14,000 in Montana, $10,000 In Ne
braska, $133,000 in North Carolina,
$38,000 in North Dakota, $30,000 In
Oklahoma, $174,000 In South Caro
lina, $17,000 in Texas, $132,000 in
Texas on livestock in New Mexico and
Texas, $70,000 in AVisconsin, $50,000
in Wyoming.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
lt brings color to tho cheeks and how
it improves the appetite,- you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
?ting Effect 60c.
Babylonian Civilization.
Ruins of a Babylonian city dating
back 2,000 years before the Christian
era have been discovered at K?lsa
Nyek, Asia Minor. The city was
named Bums; lt seems to have been
one of the earliest homes of feminism,
if not, Indeed, of woman's emancipa
tion. The ruins prove that the com
munity which lived there was partly
milltury and portly commercial. Cunei
form inscriptions give many odd de
tails of the organization of tho city,
which \vn8 governed by a prince and
a prefect, osslsted by a princess and
A woman prefect, whose powers are
said to have been precisely equal to
those of their male colleagues. Records
of a regular postal delivery service
have been found, the letters being
written on baked tiles of a circular
shape. References to an early form
of the bank check system have been
discovered, a bearer check being found
which contains instructions to the ad
dressee to pay to the person named iii
lt a stated sum.
Township Has Ten Residents.
Tho most peaceful place on earth
at present ls said to he the township
of Le-Tartre-Guadtan in the Depart
ment Selne-ot-OIse, not far from Paris.
Never large, tho war has reduced Its
population to an even ten souls, only
four of whom aro cllglblo to office.
But each French communo under 500
inhabitants must hovo ton1 nldermen.
I^e Tartre-Gaudrnn elects ber first four
without a (lisseatlng vote and then In
vites six outsiders to help steer her
ennoo of state. The annual budget ls
1,500 francs. The present clerk says,
"Il n'y n rien a faire." His predecessor
claims that In one deende ho recorded
three births and two deaths, but no
marriages. Yet to have this comrurmo
dissolved or annexed would cost Im
mense sums and make ten persons un
happy for ever after.
Improvement on Banjo.
A new banjo ls specially designed
to meet tho requirement of dance or
chestras, stage performances nfid ploy
ing In huge halls. Tho banjo, de
scribed In Popular Mechanics Mnga
zlne, bas a wooden sounding boord
set Just back of the bend. A horn,
owning from the space between the
bend and sounding hoard, passes
through the frame of the Instrument
and throws tue entire volume of sound
forward Into thc hall. A second bonrd
covers the hack of the Instrument.
This not only Increases tho volumo of
sound but, by variations In construc
tion, tho quality of tono can be con?
trolled to suit special purpose?.
Hunter? Hiv? Ha? th? Beet .?????
They H av? Bnjeyetf fer th?
Ljut Twenty Year?.
According to mall advice* from
Nome, Alaska, this ls the periodic year
pt abundant wild animal Ute In the
Arctic regions.
Karly whiter, with tremendously
large ice floes In the Behring sea,
gave the natives of Kutsebue sound
the most profltuble polar bear hunting
La 20 years. More of these animals'
have been shot or killed to date than
for many years combined. Only In
exceptionally severe winters does this
nomad of the Arctic abound so far
south. Accordingly Northwest Alas
kans prepared for a long, cold winter.
The white king of the northern
regions ls a combined hunter-sullor
hobo. He bas no fixed habitat, but
goes where game ls most plentiful,
coming down with the lee pack from
the North when the seal, walrus and
whale move.
Un'dke any other animal, the polar
boar keeps to the Ice, ond will seek
shore only when cut off from open
water. It ls the best swimmer of the
animal world. Loose-Jointed, un?
gainly, silly looking, with a skin that
uta badly, the creuture is, however,
very fleet footed.
No game laws will ever guard the
great polar bear, for ho lives La a
region little frequented' by human
beings and keeps entirely out of sight.
Every 20 years or oftener a severe
winter wlU Induce them to travel 1,000
miles southward and thus become the
victims of the long-distance rifles of
the hunters. . '
"Beggar's Opera" Caused 8ome Con?
troversy When lt Was Produced
at New York In 1751.
The first musical play presented
upon the American stage was "The
Beggar's Opera," by John Gay, which
wan produced at the Nassau Street
theater in New York 171 years ago.
A considerable proportion of the 10,
000 people then comprising the popu
lation of New York attended the per
formance, although there were not a
few wdio protested against tho "god
less affair" and threatened to "hnvb
the law on lt."
The Murray & Kean company, a
band of comedians who went to New
York from Philadelphia, was respon
sible for the production. It was a
benefit performance for Thomas Kenn,
who personally colled on tho leading
I citizens and sold tickets. The per
formance began nt 0 o'clock and was
over at 8:45. A harlequin dance, a
pierrot dance and "The Drunken
Peasant" were presented as "entertain
ments between the acts."
"The Beggar's Opera" was long
popular, and some of Its Unes are still
quoted, among them: "How happy
could I be with either, were t'other
dear charmer away I"-Chicago Jour
She Was Used to lt.
A boy on a bicycle whizzed around
a corner and knocked a woman down.
She must hnve been built of something
more durable than bones, for before
the boy could right his wheel and get
off lt she had scrambled to her feet,
and, seeing his intention of first aid,
remarked :
"Thank you, son, I'm real obliged."
The youngster was awful sorry, and
was saying so, In tho honest way a
boy has, when she Interrupted.
"That's all right! This makes the'
third time Tve been run over and I
ought to be used to lt by now. The
first upset-automobile-put me In
bed for a week. Tho second-fender
caught me-only laid me up two days
and I shall probably bo as spry as
ever tomorrow ; back hurts a little, but
what I'm thanking you for ls you aro
tue only one of thc three who took the
trouble to feel sorry,"
Which shows how easy a thing is
when you get used to Itl-Nannie
Lancaster in tho Washington Star.
Jews of New York.
There are 1,000,000 Jews in Greater
New York-nearly 80 per cont of the
entire population, observes Foreign
Language Information Service. This
number equals the totol population of
Philadelphia, or Detroit and Cleve
land put together, or Buffalo, San
Francisco and Pittsburgh combined
or twice tho population of Boston.
Tho 1,000,000 are distributed as fol
lows: East side of Manhattan, 83,000;
Harlem, 282,000; Bronx, 811,000; WU
llnmsburgh, 208,000; Brownsville 101,
iOOO ; East New York, 108,000 ; Borough
park, 00,000; Queens, 23,000; Rich
mond, 0,000, and scattered, 127,000.
This population supports 12 Jewish
theaters, 5,000 grocery and delicates
sen st?ren, 300 stationery, cigar and
candy stores, 2,400 meat shops, 800
drug stores, 700 shoe stores, 275 hard
ware stores. 250 paint shops, 240 furni
ture stores and 150 electrical dealers.
Law-Abiding Bootlegger.
Tho philosophy of the modern boot
legger ls illustrated in n story now
going the rounds In Washington-a
story which has carried an appeal to
some of >ho highest olllclals of tho
It seems tbnt a "regular customer"
called up his own particular bootlegger
a night or two ago and asked him what
he had In stock.
"Well," replied the B. L., "I hove
some Scotch, some rye, some bourbon,
a little gin and a little vermouth."
"Have you nay absinthe?" Inquired
the customer.
"H-U, no, mau," carno back in an
astonished voice, "lt's against the law
to sell absinthe,"
Of B*pUata o? tb? Stete mm Own CT?,
Sitares of Stock Are Given.
(Gaffney (Ledger.)
Limestone College now belongs to
the South Carolina 'Baptists. N
'For some time the work of making
the transfer has been under way, and
on Thursday the Anal papers were
signed by Dr. W. C. tHamrick, chair
man of the board of trustees, a copy
of the transfer was recorded in tho
Clerk of Court's ofllce, and the origi
nal forwarded to the proper ofllcials.
The transaction consisted of tho
transfer of four hundred shares of
stock of Limestone College, formerly
Cooper-Limestone Institute, to tho
State Convention of tho Baptist do
nominatiu?' of South Carolina.
This transfer makes available on
[operating fund in control of tho Bap
tist Stato Convention which is ex
pended on all its institutions of learn
! lug. The amount immediately be
coming available to Limestone Col
lego under this head is about $2,300,
and additional amounts will be re
ceived from time to time.
The transfer will also entitle Lime
stone to $200,000 of the educational
funds of the Seventy-five Million cam
paign when the full amount shall
have been collected.
Limestone ls now in better shape
than ever before in the history of the
institution. In its early days it was
a struggle to keep the college going.
This burden fell upon the shoulders
of Prof. 'H. P. Orifflth, and to him is
due the major portion of praise for
carrying the work on when the fight
was fierce. In 1896 Capt. Griffith re
signed the presidency. He was suc
ceeded by Dr. John Mack, who hold
the presidency for three years. Then
came Dr Lee Davl.s Lodge from tbe
State of Maryland. Dr. Lodge was
young and enthusiastic, full of pep
and ginger and determination. The
college, however, was not strong In
finances, and it has taken all the
combined qualiflcafTo'ns of the genial
Doctor to keep the institution going.
As a rulo college presidents are
mighty poor business men, but Dr.
Lodge has proven to be an exception
to the rule. He has managed to make
oiuls meet, although at times this has
boen dlllicult, and very often he has
hoon able to show a balance on the
right side of tho ledger.
Now that tho endowment fund for
Limestone ls well undor way and
new sources of rovonuo havo been
tapped hy tho transfer, the Institution
is expected to make more rapid
strldos in tho future than In the past.
University Graduates 125.
Columbia, June 14.- One hundred
nnd twenty-five young men and wo
men-the largest class to be grad
uated from the University of South
Carolina in its more than a century
of service to education and to the
State-to-day ended their days at
Carolina, the program of tho 117th
annual commencement of tho univer
sity having reached its close with the
graduation day exercises in the uni
versity chapel this morning.
Featuring the graduation day pro
grain were the Htorary address to the
mombers of the graduation class by
Charles Adolphus Smith, Ph. D., LL.
D., head of the department of Eng
lish at the United States Naval Acad
emy, and the farewell address to the
senior class by W. D. Melton, presi
dent-elect of the university.
Aro Killed In an Attempted Hold-up.
Attacked Silver Bullion Train. ".
Nogales, Arlz.t June 14-?Five ban
dits were killed and three wounded
in an attempt to hold up a train of
tho Southern Pacific do Mexico neai
Rosares, Mexico, lato Saturday last,
according to a conductor who arrived
hero yesterday.
Tho men were members of a band
of 25 men who attacked tho train
carrying a shipment of 29 bars of
bullion, valued at $29,000. Tho other
bandits fled without loot.
The five , wore killed and throe
others wounded by Gen. Rodrigue ,
military governor of -Nyaret, his aide
nnd chauffeur, who were passengers
on tho train.
Five Children Aro Bo
Monroe, La., Juno 14.-Five chil
dren were born to Mrs. William Pres
tago, wlfo of a farmer of tho Old
Floyd section, sixty miles north of
here, to-day, according to word Just
received by relativos. Five years ago
sho became tho mother of triplets.
Tho first experiments In submn
' rino navigation woro made almost
three hundred years ago.
White bread is tho principal dally
i food for two-thirds of the pooplo on
Tho rank and title of admiral did
not oxlst in tho United States navy
until 1806, when it was croatod by
Congress and conferred upon David
G. Farragut.
Unless you see name "B
getting the genuine Bayei
cians over 22 years and
Colds Head
Toothache Neur
Earache Lum
Accept only ?'Bayer" packagi
Handy "Bayer" boxea of 12 tablet?
Asp Lt In la th? trade mark of Bajrtr Mai
Unique Plan Being Used to Ralso a
Fund to Build a Church.
(Graham, Va., Dally Telegraph.)
The Baptist congregation has a
unique plan In its campaign for rais
ing funds for the erection of its new
church building on Wister street.
The idea is to solicit one dollar
from each person, take the name, and
when building is begun print the
names of each donor, the Hst to be
known SB the "Dollar Donor Club,"
said Hst to be placed with other re
cords In the corner-stone, which will
await possibly future generations to
road the Hst and see then what BOH?O
people back lu the good year 192 2
were doing and thinking.
This congregation has Just put on
a contest, and tho ladles and men aro
divided into two clubs for the solici
tation. Tho contest closes on this
scheme on Tuesday night, May 16,
and tho winning loam will bo enter
tained by the losing team.
Tho above clipping is sont to The
Courier by Rev. M. O. Alexander, a
former Oconeean, who requests us
to publish lt. -Ho states in connection
therewith that he will be glad to re
ceive dollar donations from any of
his old friends in Oconee. "1 have
Just completed seven years of active
duty in our navy, having spent nine
teen months overseas in 1'917 and
1918," says Mr. Alexander. "We
have about $15,000 of the $30,000
the memorial is to cost, the church
to be known as the Soldiers' and
Sailors' Memorial Baptist Church.
"Any ono wishing to help can mall
$1.00 to M. O. Alexander, Graham,
Va., and It will be gratefully receiv
Read This
Hero is a wonderful tncBRnjro to all ex
pectant mothers. When tho Ltttlo Ono ar
rives, you cnn hnvo, that moment moro freo
from Buffering thari y"il<MaaKar-"',<fa
have perhaps Imagined,!]
An eminent physician,!
expert in this sclcncc.l
lias shown tLo wny. Iel
was ho who first pro-,
duced tho great remedy,
"Mother's Friend." Mrs.
C. J. Hartman, Scran
ton, Pa., says
Illulia']'* irit'Ml pud J.- (.:.!.,. r-urao;
\v<! Lad no ihn? !.. ... t\ ii.t?o" l>i"'ui:$Q
I wnMi'f very ., j.KU.: I or
fifteen mittut, s,
Ki.-: UV.- . i ? ?.. 'f" t -.. :
".V .Iii?(rn... i. ??. Ui :..'.>... iii!Uk):.l .. !i.r"i|i?n?
uiiiioritct.w )M'>m.Ht.<i:i Mtt'rii rt, rv . "j"-V-IE
?nMI.i-f flimi)-: litvr. MI : ,.!! . . "Y :'..r'* "> "i ..
to Ilr*<l(k-M II.VJ! iu-t I'..? ; ci... Ji.V-S 1 .A:, .ir, .
"itoUicr'e VrUi.U" I? acid by dfUtffcUU tiU>'*i.tr?.
There aro 30,543 disabled ex-ser-]
vice men in the hospitals of Phila
delphia, Pa.
Ono hundred and sixtj^ moving pic
ture companies operate at Los An
geles, Cal.
Tho Japaneso birth rato in Cali
fornia during 1921 was tho highest
of any year In tho history of tho
State, averaging 34 4 per 1,000 Jap
anese married wo., on.
Are y?u "np to the neck" In blood im
purities? 8.8.8. Is one of the greates
blogd-purlflerfl fcwm?, J ry, |t,
hen you buy Aspirin.
ayer" on tafilets, you are not
r product prescribed by physi
proved safe by millions for,
ache Rheumatism
algia Neuritis
bago Pain, Pain
5 which contains proper directions.
i-Also bottles of 24 and 100-Druggists,
tiufacturo of MosotoeUcactdester of BtUcjrlleacia
Program of Meeting to be Held at
Westminster on June 28.
Following 1B the program of the
Beaverdam Y.W.A. and O.A. rally to
be held at tho 'Westminster Baptist
church on Friday, June 23, begin
ning at 10 a. m.:
Hymn, "The Son of Cod Goes
Forth to War."
Devotional-Mrs. B. L. Mitchell.
Prayer-Mrs. W. S. Reardon.
Reading of the 19th Psalm-Mles
Thodo Abbott.
"The Purpose of an Auxiliary Con
ference." Associational Superintend
Short verbal reports from auxil
"Auxiliary Weak joints"-Mrs.
S. F. Reeder.
Special music-Miss Annie B.Wat
Paper-"Are Wo Living Up to Our
Y.W.A. Ideal?"-Mrs. J, H. Brown.
Tlie best 25-word definition or rea
son "Why I am a Y.W.A. or CA."
Open to ono member of any auxil
iary. Best reason will bo printed in
Baptist Courier.
Hymn, "Moro Like tho Master."
Prayer-Mrs. M. A. Wood.
Lunch hour-12.45 to 2.
Afternoon Session.
Hymn, "O Zion, Haste!"
Devotional-Newry O. A.
Short papers-"Stewardship," (a)*
"Who ls My Neighbor?" by Miss
Mary Knox; (b) "My Campaign
Pledge," by Miss Estelle Vernon; (c)
"My Life Dedicated," Miss Lura Per
Talk, "How to Find God's Purpose
in Our Lives," Miss Bewley Hunsln
Speial music-Miss Mildred Bear
demonstration hy Westminster G.
A. S.
"How to Enlist Our Girls In Aux
iliary Work," by Dr. I.E.D. Andrews.
Open dlsussion (1) Mission Study
and Circle Pinn; (2) How to Havo
Good Programs; (3) How to Keep
Ev'ry Ghi Interested. Led by Mrs. G.
E. Smith.
Closjng prayer-Mrs. O. K. Broa
Every auxiliary In the association
and those churches having no auxil
iary, aro urged to send a large rep
resentation to this rally.
Janie E. Alexander,
.Beaverdam Y.W.A. and G. A.
Associational Superintendent.
The Pasteur Institute of France
owned 273 horses producing antl-dls
e?so serums during the world war.
Four records can bo played in suc
cession, without attention, by a turn
table device on a new phonograph.
Bagdad, former capital of tho Mos
lem empire, was founded In 731 A.D.
The coliseum at Rome seated fifty,
thousand persons.
A French scientist lias mado lt pos
sible to view old paintings as they
appeared originally by moans of po
larized light. ?
Miss Josephine Warned, of tho
pathological division of tho bureau
of animal husbandry, usoa a still to
extrnct poisons from plants received
by tho agricultural department for
pe Boils!
S. S. S.Will Rid You of Bolla, Pimploa,
Blackheads and Skin Eruption?.
I A boil ls a volcano,-your blood 14
. BO chuck full of poisons that thoa*
"boil" out Into a boil. Thoy'll koop?
"bolling up" until you destroy thoiUt
complotoly by tho uso of S. S. 8., ono
of the most powerful blood-cloansora
known to solonco. S. 8. S. has stood
tho test of timo. Tho power of its)
ingredients ls acknowledged by auth
orities. Its medicinal ingredients aro
Iguaranteed to bo purely vogotablo*
Right off, lt clear? tho skin Of pim
ple!?, bolls, blotches, blackheads, aono><
eczema, rash and other skin eruption*/
and does it thoroughly. It drivos out
ot tho blood impurities which causo
rheumatism, makes tho blood rich and
Wiro builds up- lost flesh. It helps to>
manufacturo now blood colls,-timi's)
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