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. Alfalfa Growers.
Down near Fair Play and South
Union three nice Holds of alfalfa are
seen on thc farms of L. B, Marett,
Geo. Davis and W. F. Casey. Mr.
Marett started his alfalfa last fall,
and so far this season has already
made two cuttings. Ho prepared tho
Sand ahead, (however, hy turning
under some legumes and giving the
soil more humus, and also liming it
well. Mr. Casey started his alfalfa
in tho fall of 1020, while Mr. Davis
started his nbottt this time or earlier.
Several other farmers contemplate
sowing an acre or a few acres this
fall. Among these are Marett Farm
and Seed Company, J. ll. M. Whit
miro and Coke S. Campbell. Thoso
who contemplate sowing should bear
in mind that even tho very best land
we havo is nono too good for "the
king of legumes," and our best land
needs ono or two sowings with leg
umes and turning thom all undor
and liming with at least four tons
per acre of ground limestone before
the fields aro ready to sow.
There ls no better crop grown than
alfalfa, and no richer feed, nor eas
ier to handle. It also helps the far
mer to get out of the fodder busi
ness, which is something worth your
while. It also gives variety to tho
feeding, which is appreciated by the
Sow your best land now In peas or
velv?t beans to turn under ahead of
alfalfa If you Intend sowing.
Now I$11 Hot ins on Hand.
Tho extension service ?f Clemson
College has recently sent out several
new bulletins which should be of In
terest to Oconeo farmers.
Our friend, N. ID. Winters, "tho
Billy Sunday of Agriculture," who ls
Just back from Cornell University,
and who will soon bo with us again,
has written a bulletin on his great
subject,' "Soil Building, or Economi
cal Crop Production." Other good
bulletins available are "The Sweet
Potato Industry," "Permanent iPns
ture8" and "C'ire and Handling of
Cream for Shipment." Each of theso
four bulletins will havo a place on
tho farm In diversified agriculture
which tho boll weevil ls now bring
ing along with him.
"Eventually-WHY NOT NOW?"
Writo a card to tho county agent
and he will send the bulletins re
quested, or any available Informa
What Must I Do?
"Tho weevils ero eating me up
What must I do?" This has boen re
ceived several times during the past
weok. No proscription or formula is
known whereby tho mighty boll wee
vil may bo banished nt will.
Tho fight against the boll weevil
starts in tho fall with an early cloan
up of tho cotton flqlds, early prepar
ation of the soil, securing A GOOD
STAND ns early as possible, of a
good variety, intelligently fertilized,
VATION, practiced on until thc crop
ls practically made. Tho oarly wee
vils and early punctured squares
should be picked and dostroyed, pro
vided this can bo dono with cheap
of soda .or other fertiliser should bo
applied" AFTER squares havo begun
to put on.
If your infestation ls vory heavy
and tho prlco of cotton good, and you
fool that you would Uko to try somo
?i Ibis SIGN
Tire sign on a
worth money to
ian a guide-it is
ays: "Here is a
s the value of the
[ard of Goodrich*
in by a man who
ling permanent
L genuinely good
i place that you
?n-a place that
lue in return for
) where you see
re sign? It means
ry transaction.
, Ohio
poisoning, it is recommended that
calcium arsenate of proper specifica
tions he put on in the dust form, ac
cording to tho proper schedule as
outlined in Circular 1G2 of the U. S.
Department of Agriculture. Several
farmers have already purchased ma
chines of tho proper type and will
try tho dusting method this season.
Among those who aro trying tho
dusting method this year are Marett
Seed and Farm Co., W. L. Vernor, J.
hi Kell, S. L. Brown, G. W. Gign
Illiat, and probably others. Moro will
bo known of results to expect by tho
next season. Unless dusting is pro
perly done, it should not ho attempt
ed. Tho weather also plays an im
portant part in the boll weevil fight,
but we cannot control the weather.
The use of poison has not yet pass
ed tho experimental stage, and is,
therefdre, not recommended as ia
"cure-all," but where cotton has been
dusted properly, good results have
been shown.
Weevils Are Found,
Genuine boll weevils, in rather
large numbers, have been found in
the past week In several fields near
Fair Play. In practically all cases
tho largest number wero found in
stumpy fields and where woods were
not far away. Some twenty weevils
were found in about fifteen minutes
by four people Iii one instance-and
this in a field where some sixty had
been found two days before.
Weevils were also found in the
Oconoe Creek section, Ne'w Hope and
around Oak Grove.
.In some cases the young squares
were being punctured and eggs laid
therein. Much depends on whether
July ls wet or dry In the matter of
damage. Tho farmers aro planning
to wage a fight through rapid culti
vation as well as by picking tho
early weevils and enrly punctured
squares between times.
Order Queens for Bees.
A largo number of farmers have
had their old box gums replaced this
year with the modern movable frame
hives. Much profit wns obtained last
year through tho uso of this modern
hive by Davis Martin, of Oakway.
This year Geo. M. Ansel, of Walhalla,
had two old gums transferred to one
modern/hive early in May, and in
about four or fivo weeks the brood
chamber was full of workers and a
super of honey conta'nlng forty
pounds removed and anothor sapor
Many of 'hose who have transfer
red their heos to these modern hives
will now /want to reqi0oen these
hives with a good three-handed Ital
ian queen. Those who wish to pur
chase queens will ploaso send In or
ders now, enclosing check for amount
of order at one dollar per queen, tho
checks hoing made payable to the
"County Agent's Pee Account," Hank
of .Walhalla. Mr. Provost, heo keep
ing' specialist, will solect the best
queens he can get nt the price. The
queens Will arrive so that they may
alli bo placed beforo tho arrival of
anothor sot. either hy tho bee-keep
ing specialist or the county ngont.
iPloase do not delay In this mat
ter, so that wo may know how many
queens will he ordered.
Geo. R, Briggs. County Agent.
.... ~m1 . .-. -
Tillaloo Township Singers.
Tho Tugaloo Township Singing
Association will meet with Pleasant
Hill church next Sunday, July 2d, at
10 o'clock. All good singers and lov
ers of good song are Invited to at
tend and bring dinner and song
books, and lot's have a good day of
prayer and praise.
Oscar Driver, President.
County Agent Briggs Does Not En
dorso Sweetened Poisons. ; {
Editor Keowee Courier:
In reference to the articles in last
week's paper concerning tho uso of
a mixturo of molasss and calcium
arsenate for the control of the boll
weevil, I will say that 1, personally,
do not recommend it, basing my
opinion on ihe information I have
been able to get on the subject.
The only PROFITABLE results so
far secured in carefully conducted
tests by both Federal nnd State agen
cies were secured by tho use of cal
oium arsenate in the dust form, pro
perly applied.
The information that I have is that
the molasses mixture and other
sweetened poisons have been tried all
?along the route from Texas eastward j
in newly Infested territory, and that!
results have not been gratifying
when it came to. weighing. up the
seed cotton RESULTING FROR! the
.In Oeorgia last season about this
time there was much to hear about
this treatment, but I have not heard
much ot it since.
The Greenville county agent, A.?L
Chapman, a native of Mississippi,
who recently returned from a visit
to his State, issued a statement in
the Greenville News recently to the
effect that the farmers out there
were doing some dusting with cal
cium arsenate, and were trying to
rush the cotton along with good cul
tural methods, which methods were
found to be more effective than the
j molasses-arsennte treatment.
' . Geo. R. Briggs, County Agent. |
P.S.-I enclose a now information
card on boll weevil control, Just re
Boll Weevil Control in 1022.
1. Cultivate frequently and shal
low to keep down weeds.
2. Weevils may be picked to ad
vantage before squares appear when-]
ever cheap labor that costs practi- j
cally nothing in cash is available, and
provided the picking is done with
utmost care.
3. Square collecting may be help
ful where cheap labor is available,
beginning ten days after first bloom
and picking every infested square on
the ground and on the plants every
five days.
4. The following are the condi
tions under which poisoning may be
expected to be profitable: (a) On
high yielding land; (b) Where wee
vil infestation is heavy; (c) The use
of an approved dusting ma
chine, capable of covering the acre
age for tho application, according to
an approved plan, of calcium arsen
ate meeting tho government specifi
cations; (d) Under reasonably fa
vorable weather conditions.
Information in regard to machines
and calcium arsonato may be ob
? tallied from tho county agents,
j The only profitable results so far
secured in carefully conducted tests
by Federal and State agencies were
secured by the use of calcium arsen
ate In dust form, properly applied,
j 'Poison only when tho alf is calm
; and thc plants aro moist, using from
' five to seven pounds per acre for
1 each application. When weevils aro
abundant, when fruiting of cotton
? biggins, one application may he made
Int that time. Use no calcium arsen
ate that has not been examined hy
I Federal or.Slato authorities and pro
' nounccd satisfactory. Tho next ap
plication should be mnde when tho
j weevils have punctured from ten to
! fifteen per cent of tho squares, fol
lowed by two additional applications
! four days apart. Infestation counts
. shodld be made frequently and can
i bo made by any farmer who follows
tho simple directions furnished upon
j application. The object is to koop the
i cotton thoroughly dusted until the
?weevils are under control. This may
I require a varying number of appllca
I tions of poison, depending on tho sea
I son and other conditions. If weevils
j should become sufficiently numerous
! to severely Injure the young bolls,
one or two moro applications late in
j the season should be made.
I In case of a heavy rain within 24
?hours after dusting, tho application
! should be repented immediately. Al
. ways a carefully selected plot of cpt
I ton should be left unpolsoned for
. comparison with tho adjoining pol
I soned tract. This will help to deter
? mino how much tho yield was In
creased by poisoning.
5. Rush picking and plow under
stalks as early as practicable
fi. Follow cotton with a cover
7. Practice clean fnrmlng in order
j to destroy most of the pinces that of
! fer shelter to tho boll woovll during
! tho winter.
Editor Keowee Courier:
Will you allow me spneo In your
1 paper for a few words to tho voters
i of Oconoo county?
j As this is oloctlon year, and wo
j have two legislators and other offi
i cers to elect, I would Uko to suggest
la platform that a man must endorse
boforo I can vote for him, and, If lt
is ncceptablo, have our county cam
paign put it before the candidates at
the first campaign meeting:
To tho county officors: Are you
willing to serve tho county for tho
salary your offlco paid prior to 1918?
To tho legislators: Aro you will
ing to serve for the remuneration of
$200 por session? (This, I under
let and, ls tho amount that has al
? ways boon paid until a fow years
?ago, and now it is $400.) Will you
j promise'not to raise nay salarlos
?during your term of office? will you
. reduco tho salaries of all tho hold
overs who have boon raised slneo
their election to said oifices? Will
you work and volo for economy
whore lt will not inlerforo with tho
progress of tho county?
Respectfully, Voter.
! Seneca, S. C., Juno 23, 1922.
Prince of Monaco Dead.
Paris, Tuno 2G. - Prlnco Albert
Ilonoro Chorlos, of tho principality
I o? .Monaco, died boro this afternoon
I at 5 o'clock.
June 1
im-Mimi la?Mra
Wa Have
In tho thriving
Juno tito 4th.
While it l
or Cut Prices, \
Tho Adams Hf
Large Stock, w
chandiso-nil 1
bo worth as mi
rather Cut Oui
Stock. .
Wo aro fe
this wo nre nu
Screen Dot
Cedar Buc
Ware, Ice
Stone Wai
Rubbers, I
? ing Ware,
ket Knive
Stove Ran
25 Per Cc
Planters, Dis
In ndditioi
30 per cont los
each Ono Dolla
tills will ontith
ophono and on
Saturday Even!
In the Heart of Town
?j. fr ?j? fr fr fr ?|? fr fr ?j? fr fr i
?fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
Announcements under this head
ing will be published for tho uniform
? sum of $5.00, which includes inser
I tion continuously up to and lnclud
! lng week of primary election, and
week of second election where can
didates have to make a second race.
Payment invariably in advance.
This rate contemplates -announce
ment in regular form, not exceeding
seven lines. More extended announce
ments will bo charged extra for all
in excess of tho seven lines used.
I announce myself a candidate for
Congress, Third District, subject to
the rules and regulations of the Dem
ocratic party in primary elections. I
will appreciate the votes and support
of my friends in Oconee.
I am a candidate for re-election to
Congress from the Third Congres
sional District, subject to the rules
cf tho Democratic party.
W. L, DALTON is hereby an
nounced ns a candidato for re-elec
tion to the House of Representatives
form Oconee County, subject to tho
rules and regulations of the Demo
cratic party in tho primary elections.
I hereby announce myself a candi
dato for the House of Representa
tives from Oconee County, subject
to'the will of the Democratic voters
in the primary elections. I pledge
my best efforts if elected.
Tho friends of J. R. ORR hereby
announce him a candidate for tho
House of Representatives from Oco
nco County, subject to the rules of
the Democratic party in tho primary
election. FRIENDS.
Gorman Minister Shot Down.
Berlin, June 24-Dr. Walter Rath
enau, German foreign minister, and
moro closely-identified than any oth
er German with tho efforts at tho
rehabilitation of his land since the
war, was shot and killed by two or
moro unknown assassins to-day while
on his way from his residence to tho
foreign office. The minister was sub
jected to a veritable hall of shots.
(Hand grenades also were hurled, al
most wrecking tho car In which ho
was riding, nnd inflicting further in
juries on tho minister.
illinois Governor's Wife Dies.
Kankakee, Ul., June 2G-Mrs. Len
Small, wifo of Governor Small, of
Illinois, died nt 9 o'clock this morn
ing. Mrs. Small waa strlckon with
apoplexy Saturday night during the
excilemont Incident to tho celebra
tion of frionds mid fellow-townsmen
of. the Governor as a result of his ac
quittal that afternoon nftor his trial
nt Waukegan, Ul. >VIth her at tho
timo of hor death ''was tho Governor
and their three children, Lessio and
Budd Small, and Mrs. A. E. Inglesh.
52, to July 1st, Inclusive.
nth Anniversary
Been in Continuous Business
little City of Seneca for Just Eighteen Years-shico
ins nover been our policy to featuro "Special Sales"
re h uv? decided that? sinco having bought tito stock of
irdwaro Co., and combined same wit li our already
o uro overloaded on quite A lotvof Seasonable Mer
Knight right-and wo see no reason why lt will not
ich or moro In twelve months from now. But we had
. Profit? and turn same Into Cash than to carry tho
attiring especially the following, but In addition to
iking some reduct it ?UK OU all lines during tho Salo
:>rs and Windows* Ice Cream Freezers,
kets. Galvanized Tins and Enameled
Boxes and Refrigerators, Flower Pots
re. Jelly Glasses, Fruit Jar Caps and
ce Teas, Tumblers, Pyrex Glass Cook
Razors, Razor Straps, Scissors, Poe
s, Plow Stocks, Cultivators, Buck's
;nt Discount during the Sale on all Cole
itributers, Grain Drill, Etc., from regular list
n to offering you Good, Clean Stock at from 20 to
is than regular prices, wo are going" to give, with
v Purchase, during the Salo, a Dupl?cate Number, and
3 you to a Chanco at ono $85.00 COLUMBIA Graph
e Two-Burner OH Stove, which we will give away on
ng, July tho 1st-tho last day of tho Salo.
er Hardware Co.,
-The Hunter Corner
of July
At Anderson, S. 0.
The Biggest "FOURTH" in years
Baseball Games, Airship Flights Mid
Stunts, Gorgeous Fireworks, Big Bar
becue, Athletic a n d Fun-making
Stunts, and tho biggest sporting event
of the year.
Boxing Exhibition
- VS -
Advance Sale Seats at
Wm. Rockefeller Claimed by Death.
Tarrytown, X. Y" june 24.-Wm.
Rockefeller, who, with his older bro
ther, John D., built up tho family
millions in the Dil Industry, died to
day of pneumonia, complicated by a
recurrence of kidney trouble, at his
country estate overlooking tho Hud
son river from North Tarrytown. He
was 81 years of ago.
Death struck down the aged finan
cier just as his tomb was nearing
completion. A year ago workmen
began building a pure whlto granito
mausoleum for him on the highest
ridge In the Sleepy Hollow cemetery,
half a milo south of tho ostato. It
is almost complete now, and in a fow
weeks tho bodlos of Mr. Rockefeller
and his wife, who precoded him to
tho gravo, will ho placod within tho
$250,000 tomb.
On Thursday Mr. Rockefeller laps
ed Into unconsciousness, and from
then on he was never fully In con
trol of lils faculties. He refused to
take nourishment, and toward tho
end ho had to be forcibly fed.
Tho windows of tho famous South
wark Cathedral in London havo not
been washed In twenty years.
Tho average man isn't ovorjoyod
to,loam that with his wifo ho is ac
quiring a largo following of in-laws
But in Poland lt ls different, in tho
Pecot Edging
Will give your work my careful
attention. * >
P. O. Box 108,
26-29* Walhalla, S. C.
S. S. Picnic nt Long Creek.
The Sunday school of Long Creok
will havo a picnic at Long Creok
church on Tuesday, July 4th. An in
teresting program has been arranged.
.Every ono in the community ls in
vitod to attend and bring well-filled
baskets. All tho neighboring Sun
day schools are asked to como and
enjoy tho day with us.
Myra Leo, Secretary.
Marriage contract tho man does not
inquire what a girl's portion ls, hut
how many relatives silo has, ns each
one may bo rolled upon for a gift.
It is not unusual for the woman to
proposo a match, through hor par

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