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They Permit Working Ground Under
Them and for Growing Crops
That Stand Shade.
(Prepared by th? United States Department
of Agriculture.)
In tho small home garden, where
it ls necessary to utilize overy foot
of ground, trees with the heads formed
5 to 7 foot high are desirable. They
allow for working the ground under
them and for growing certain crops
that will thrive In partial shade. Yeors
Apple Tree? With Cover Crop of Al*
ago lt was the common practice of
American nurserymen to head young
trees at 4 to 6 feet high, but the
demand for low-headed trees for com
mercial orchards forced a change and
now nursery fruit trees are grown
with heads formed at 4 feet or lower.
The United States Department of
Agriculture says that many of the
English and French nurserymen, who
supply local trade, grow trees with
tall, bare trunks especially. for gar
den culture. American nuserymon
Similarly sltunted might find profit in
producing such trees.
Gardeners who cannot find high
headed trees are advised to buy tall
yearling whips and form the heads nt
such height as they desire. After set
ting the tree cut oft the stem at six
or seven feet above the ground and,
ns the buds break, rub oft' all those
to within n foot of tho top. Leave
three to five buds spneed evenly
around the trunk to form a well-bal
anced head. It ls possible to grow
and to mow a good lawn under hlgh
heuded trees.
Raspberry and Blackberry Canes
Should Be, Cut Out and Burned
Soon as Fruit Is Off.
Most of tho diseases of raspberries
and blackberries cannot bo satisfac
torily controlled by spraying, says n.
A. Cardlnell, of the Missouri College
of Agriculture.
Plant only those varieties which are
moro resistant to disease, such as
Kansas black raspberry, etc., for Mis
souri conditions. Gut out and burn all
old canes ns soon ns tho fruit ls off.
If caterplllors appear on leaves af
ter plants ore In foliage, spray with
arsenate of lead at the rate of ono
pound of tho powdered form to GO gal
lons of water.
It has not been found practical to
spray currants and gooseberries for
leaf spot. If the importod currant
worm appears, spray or dust with
paris green and lime. (Uso hellebore
or pyrethrum ; one ounce to two gal
lons of water after fruit ls half grown.)
If mildew, a grayish, powdery fun
gus, appears apply potassium sulphide
(liver of sulphur) at tho rate of one
ounce to two or three gallons of wa
ter. If plant lice (aphids) appear uso
nicotine sulphate before they curl tho
leaves. Plowing under dead leaves or
burning them will aid greatly In the
control of leaf spot
AnthracnoBo ls Most Serious Ailment
and Gives the Canes Scabby
Raspberry patches aro subject to
two or threo quito serious diseases.
One ls blight, which causes thc canes
to die, and tho burk becomes un
healthy. Anthracnose gives the canes
a scabby appearance. This perhaps ls
the worst disease of all. If these aro
the real causes of tho unthrlftiness,
spraying with bordeaux mixture will
be effective. However, If the patch
bas become badly diseased, do not fool
with lt. It will be more profitable to
stnrt a now plantation on disease-free
ground, In another part of the garden, j
Place for Strawberries.
Do not set a new strawberry bed 1
near the old one If there ore any
strawberry weevils or other Insects
in the old one.
Latest In Plant World.
A (hornless blackberry Is tho lotest
addition to the new plant world. It
has been originated In California.
Burn Rubbish at Once.
It ls a good plan to burn Immediately
all of tho trimmings thai result from
Br?nings of trees und vines.
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Several Meeting? Also Amogcd for
j Conni) Candidate* in Oconee.
?? .lill f ?mm 11 mt
The following is the official State
wide itinerary;
Beaufort, Thursday, June 29,
Ridgeland, Friday, June 30.
Walterboro, Saturday, July 1.
Moncks Corner, Monday, July >3.
Charleston, Tuesday, July 4. ,
St. George, 'Wednesday, July 5.
Bamberg, Thursday, July 6.
St. Matthews Friday, July 7.
Orangeburg, Saturday, July 8.
(lie?t eight days.)
Sumter, Monday, July 17.
Bishopvllle, Tuesday, July 18.
Darlington, Wednesday, July 19.
Bonnettsvillo, Thursday, July 20.
Chesterfield, Friday, July 21. '
.Florence, Saturday, July"22.
Conway, Monday, July 24.
Marion Tuesday, July 25.
Dillon, Wednesday, July 26.
Klngstreo, Thursday, July 27.
Georgetown, 'Friday, July 28.
Manning Saturday, July 29.
Camden, Monday, July 31.
Lancaster, Tuesday, Aug. 1.
York, Wednosday, Aug. 2.
.Winnsboro, Thursday, Aug. 3.
Chester, Friday, Aug. 4.
Union, Saturday, Aug. 6.
(Rest eight days.)
Newberry, 'Monday, Aug. 14.
Greenwood, Tuesday, Aug. 16.
Laurens, Wednesday, Aug. 16.
Abbeville Thursday, Aug. 17.
McCormick, Friday, Aug. 18.
Anderson, Saturday, Aug. 19.
Wnl i ml la, Monday, Aug. 21.
(Plckens, Tuesday, Aug. 22.
Greenville, Wednesday, Aug. 23.
Gaffney, Thursday, Aug. 24.
Spartanburg, Friday, Aug. 2?.
Coonee Candidates' Meetings.
Campaign meetings for tho Oconee
county candidates have been arrang
ed for by the County Executive .Com
mittee. (Other meetings may bo bad
if citizens of other sections apply to
the County Executive Committee for
same. Writo the secretary, D. A.
Smith, concerning same, or to James
H. Brown, County Chairman.)
Oakway.Aug. 5.
Long Creek.Aug. 11.
Westminster.Aug. 12.
Seneca.Aug. 19.
Salem.Aug. 2 5.
Wal.lalla.Aug. 2 6.
Next Doso Moy Salivate, Shock Liver
or Attack Your Bonos.
You know what calomel is. It's
mercury!-quicksilver. Calomel ls
dangerous. It crashes Into sour bile
like dynamite, cramping and sicken
ing you. Calomel attacks tho bones
and should never bo put Into your
If you feel bilious, headachy, con
stipated and all knocked out, Just
go to your druggist and get a bottle
of Dodson's Liver Tono for a few
cents, which is a harmless vegetable
substituto for dangorous calomel.
Take a spoonful, and If it does not
start your lWor and straighten you
up hotter and quicker than nasty
calomel, and without making you
sick, you Just go back and got your
Don't take calomel! It makes you
sick tho next day; it loses you a day's
work. Dodson's Liver Tone straight
ens you right up and you feel great.
No salts necessary. Give it to the
children bocauso it Is perfectly harm
less and can not salivate.-adv.
A Nuisance.
Charles M. Schwab said at a dln
nor In Loretto:
"Some men, retiring from business
ot flfty-flvo or ao, take bungalows nt
Los Angeles and ?'<> nothing but sit
on their front porches and listen to
their arteri?s hardening. A bad thing.
"Others Join the Atlantic City col
ony. There they are sure to become
cranks, golf cranks, while their wives,
frequenting the board walk sales in
tho Japanese shops, become auction
cranks. Rather a nuisance, that.
*1 once spent the week end nt an
Atlantic 0<ty cottage where my host
and hostess were cranks of this kind.
My bedroom adjoined theirs and I got
very little rest, for all night long the
golf crank husband kept shouting In
Ms sleep, 'Fore!' nnd Instantly his
auction cronk wife would yell out,
.Four and . half!' H
Killed In Kansas.
An Emporln hunter hns killed a Mrd
which seems to he a combination of
duck, goose and buzz saw, being tho
size of a goose, having tho nppenrnnco
of a small teal, and boasting n saw
tooth bill. Without doubt it ls the
well-known carpenter-bird which was
common In the district south of Em
poria In the days of our youth. A
closer inspection will reveal that lt bas
a hnmmer-shaped hoad nnd nails on
its toes. It saws boards with Its bill
for Its nest and nails them together,
and goes on strike during the busy
season-Kansas City Star.
Habitual Constipation Cured
In 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be token regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. 60o
per bottle.
t ; [
Annual Picnic cf th? Haliday School?
of Center Township.
I -'
On Tuesday, July 4th, the Sunday
schools ot Center township will meet
promptly at 10 o'clock with Beaver
dam church, Fair Play, tor their an
nual program and picnic. Each Sun
day school ls requested to make a
full report of the your's work, and
this should bo done, by the secretary.
In the contest for the banner the
following points must be carried out:
Average attendance for tho year;
average contributions per capita for
tho year; competitive singing; paper
five minutes lu length from each Sun
day school on tho subject, "The Meth
ods of a Successful Teacher."
'Everybody ls urged to como out
to enjoy a day of good things and
also to receive valuable instruction
from the many practical Ideas and
suggestions to be given by tho speak
ers of the day. The following is the
program to be rendered:
'Song, "Love Lifted Me."
Devotional, by H. M. Lovlngood.
Song, "Whomsoever Meaneth Me."
Address of welcome-Jos. Glymph.
Response-Samuel Burrlss.
Roll-call and reports front each
Sunday school, given- by secretaries.
Appointment of judges and nomi
nating committees.
Special music-(By the Sunday
school quartette.
Demonstration, "How to Teach an
Adult Men's Bible Class." (Pupils
from Beaverdam Sunday school used
and lesson for July 2d taught by Rev.
Ii. H. Raines, of Long Creek.)
Demonstration, "How to Teach a
Primary Class," taught by Miss Eliz
abeth Nickols, State Superintendent
of primary work In Sunday schools.
Song, "When the Roll is Called Up
Address, "The Value of Equipment
for Doing Sunday School Work," by
(Rev. J .E. Freeman, of South Union.
Address, "The Social Life of the
Sunday School," by Rev. J. A. Clot
felter, of Townville.
Song, "Loyalty^"
Dinner hour.
Afternoon session to begin prompt
ly at 2 o'clock.
Song-"A Volunteer."
Competitive papers, Ave minutes
oach-"The Methods of a Successful
Competitive singing-(Each Sun
day school to sing two songs.)
Debate: "Resolved, That the As
sistant Superintendent is as Essen
tial to the Success of tho Sunday
School as the General Superintend
ent." Afllrmntive, Mrs. W. E. Mears
and W. S. Boardcn; negative, Mrs. E.
B. Reese and Geo. L. Harris.
(Judges for the debate are Hon. E.
E. Vernor, Mrs. Tom Stevenson, Hon.
Jos. Sholor.)
Announcement of decision of con
test Judges. Award of barnier.
Song, "God Bo With You."
Mrs. W. S. Bearden,
Mrs. Laurens Sheldon,
Rev. J. E. Freeman,
Program Committee.
Picnic July 4th nt Oak Gr- o.
On July 4th from 4 to 7 o'clock
there will be a basket picnic at Oak
Grove school house. Every patron of
the school has an invitation to at
tend with well filled baskets. We
extend a special Invitation to our
Superintendent of (Education, Mr.
Speares, and to County Agent Geo.
R. Briggs, and Miss Ethel Counts,
our Home Demonstration Agent, to
bo with us on this afternoon. Tho
Improvement Association will sell
ice cream and lemonade.
Mrs. A. N. Prichard, Pres.
Mrs. J. W. Alexander, Secy.
Common Sense
About Eczema
and Eruptions!
Here's Something AboutS. S.S.
That You'll Be Glad to Hear.
Tou might Just as well know It right
now,-tho causo of skin eruptions,
pimplos, blackheads, bolls and so on.
IR right In tho blood. Thero is no get
ting away from it. Sclonco has proved
it. Wo provo lt. You can provo it.
When tho causo of skin troubles and
eruptions ls in tho blood, lt Isn't corn
iest S. B. S. Give You An Angcllo Skint
mon sonso to simply treat tho skin.
A bottlo of S. 8. S. will provo to you
what ls happening in your blood. 8.8.8.
io a scientific blood cleansor,-lt drives
out tho impurities which causo eczema,
totter, rash, pimples, boil:?, blackhondo,
blotches and other skin eruptions.
When theso impurities aro driven out,
you can't stop several vory nico things
from happening. Your lips turn nat
urally rosy. Your eyes sparklo. your
complexion clems, lt bccomcH beau
tiful. Your faeo looks Uko that of a
prosperous, ruddy, well-fed, refined
gentleman, or If you aro a woman,
your complexion becomes tho real kind
that Ibo Whole world so admires. H.S.B.
is also a powerful body-builder, bo
cnuHO lt builds now and moro blood
colls. That's why lt fills out sunken
chocks, bony necks, thin limbs, hclpa
regain lost flesh, lt costs little to
havo thin happen to you. 8. 8. 8. lo
sold at all drug stores. In two slzos.
Tho largor sizo lo tho moro economical.
Thero aro 23,000,000 mil cows In
tho United States.
A bug which preys on tho potato
bug by sucking its blood has been
dlscovored in Kingston, Ontario.
? ???fiviiiji? y -i i'.-.iVi M? 'n .r ry,
For Her iMug?tor, Jointly Indicted
with Uer for Murder.
Puris, June 2-1.-'Madame Martel
Louise Bessarabo, writer of feverish
verse and sensational stories under
the name of Hera Mirtel, was to-day
convicted of the murder of her hus
band and of shipping the body away
in a trunk, and she was sentenced to
twenty years' hard labor, upon the
confession made in open court by j
her daughter, Paule Jacques( tried
jointly hero, but acquitted.
Then j the mother, who had just
been condemned by her daughter,
became her daughtr's defender. She
Implored tho Jurors' mercy for her
daughter, and later, when she was
convicted and tho daughter acquit
ted, she thanked the Jury for setting
her daughter free.
"Forgive my daughter," she beg
ged ,them. "Pardon the child. As
for me, who am old and withered, I
abandon myself to you. This is not
a reproach. A woman should remain
young. Punish the old one, for she
has had youth; she has lost lt in
work, in doing her duty. She ls
guilty because she ls old."
Mother to the last, she remained
bitterly sarcastic, saying to tho Jury
and judges:
"I see only men here. There are
fifteen thousand women in our pris
ons, but none among my judges."
An hour later, when the verdict
wna read, she smiled when she heard
that her daughter was freed with a
tenderness that amazed those who
had watched her studied coolness,
her sad face, throughout the trial.
She smiled as she told the jurors:
"I thank you for having acquitted
my daughter. As for me, I am inno
The Jurors apparently only voted
seven t? fiyo for conviction, as five
jurors immediately signed an appli
cation for the mother's pardon, and
the attorneys hopo to win over the
To Being Used in Form of Propa
ganda Against thc Bonus.
Indianapolis, Ind., June 21.-The
World War vetorans, who still are
suffering from wounds or disability
incident to their service, have en
tered a protest against tho uso of
their names to fight adjusted com
pensation, national headquarters of
the American Legion announced here
to-day upon receipt of information
from the disabled American veter
ans' organization.
"For the solemn purpose of cor
recting a rank injustice to the dis
abled," Ttobert M. Smyth, of Cin
cinnati', national staff representative
of the disabled veterans, charges in
a letter to the Legion that "certain
financiers corralled a few disabled
soldiers recently, brought them up
before President Harding (for which
they were probably paid well) and
had their pictures taken." This pic
ture, Smyth alleges, was published
broadcast with tho statement that
disabled vetorans aro against the bo
Smyth also quoted from his or
ganization's magazlno to tho effect
that "the payment of a bonus will
not prevent nor delay taking care of
the crippled and tho maimed veter
ans; and taking caro of tho war
cripples ought not to delay nor pre
vent paying Just compensation to all
the ex-service men." Tho disablod
veterans in their last two national
hn^etlngB' have endorsed adjusted
compensation, the publication show
ed, and urged its immediate enact
ment into, law.
Diversions In "Merrie England" That
Went Out With the Rise of
Puritanical Ideas.
In London in olden times the chim
ney sweeps had a May day celebra
tion of their own. They gathered In
small bands, fantastically dressed,
usually with n wornt n smartly dressed
and glittering with spangles. Ono
strange figure In the group, a man
concealed In a frame of herbs and J
flowers, called "Jack In the Green."
All these persons strolled the street?,
stopping to dunce to the tune of a
fife and a drum and collect pennies
from the onlookers. This chimney
sweep observance of the doy was tho
last of the May day celebrations of
the sort In England.
As a part of the old English cele
bration of May day there was a dis
tinct sot of sports meant to repre
sent the adventures of the legendary
Robin Hood and known as the "Robin
Hood games." Most of the Charac
ters mentioned In tho Robin Hood
legend were portrayed 1% these games
and there wero archery and quarter
stuff contests.
In Puritan times In England, May
poles wero tiprootod and tho May
day customs carno Into disuse.
Pumpkin flour for making pump
kin pies is being prepared for tho
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i..SnB.^-. 1
lil Raid on Still of Aged Rancher.
Minister Wu? Writing Story.
Albany, Oregon, June 22.-Three
bodies, torn by gunshot wounds,were
brought her? to*day. They were
those of Rev. Roy Healy, pastor of
the first Christian church of Albany,
Sheriff C. M. Kendall, of Linn coun
ty, and Dave M .West, 70-year-old
rancher and trapper. Their deaths
were tho result of a raid on West's
moonshine still yesterday hy /Sheriff
Kendall,, accompanied by Rev. Mr.
Hoally. Tho Sheriff and minister
wero shot and killed instantly by
tho aged rancher, who, after barri
cading himself in the house and
holding off a posso for hours, crbpt
from the building when night came
and in his barn ended tho opisode
by blowing off tho top of his head
with his riflle.
Tho killing occurred at 3.30 this
morning, and the body of West was
found in ,the barn. The bodies of his
two victims lay where they foll, iu
slde the West yard, members of the
poss?e fearing to enter the prmises
to remove them. N
West threatened any one with
death who should attempt to ap
proach, except the coroner, who, he
said, could remove the bodies of the
mon he had killed. Tor fear, how
ever, that West might mistake the
coroner for a would-be captor, no
effort was made. West shot and kill
ed both Kendall and Heally without
warning, while they were perhaps 60
yards from him. He flre,d only two
Sheriff Kendall, armed With a
search warrant, left Albany yester
day for the Wost ranch, accompan
ied by Rev. Mr. Heally, who desired
to see a raid on a still to obtain ma
terial for a story which ho was in
tending to wrlto. The minister went
merely as a spectator.
After the shooting West returned
to the house and sat down in a
chair with his rifle between his
knees. .
4s long ns lt remained daylight
he barricaded himself in tho house,
and defied the possemon to capture
him, but when night fell he bade
i his wife, who had remained with
; him, farewell, telling her to go away
whore harm would not befall her.
j "This is the last farewell," he
said, as he kissed her and showed
j her through the door of the house.
! Shortly afterward ho reached tho
1 barn, where he killed himself
Respond Instantly to a
Short Treatment of Dr.
Thornton's Easy Teether.
Mother, you can save yourself many
I sleepless nights by removing the causo
of baby's pain. Sour stomach, colic.
? colds, indigestion, bowel troubles and
! feverishness soon give way to a few
doses of Dr. Thornton's Easy Teether.
This sweet powder is composed of
antiseptics, digestente and granular
stimulants that work quickly and
harmlessly on the stomach, bowels
and kidneys. Contains no opiates or
harmful drugs. Babies like it and take
it more freely than sticky syrups or
For fifteen years this old reliable
proscription of a successful baby spe
cialist has brought hundreds and hun
dreds of unsolicited testimonials from
practicing physicians, druggists and
appreciative mothers. Its efficiency
has boen proven beyond shadow of
doubt. If it fails to help your child
your druggist will refund money with
out question. Twelvo powders in a
package with full directions for 25c.
Ask your druggist for Dr. Thornton's
Easy Teether.-Advertisement.
Solved the Difficulty?
A prominent "movie" director says
that there Is at least one advantage in
the Income tax.
"We were casting for a picture, and
we wanted a particular man for a cer
tain part. This man had evidently
forgotten that common sense hns en
tered the motion picture field, be
cause he insisted upon the most exor
bitant salary that could be imag
"Negotiations were apparently over
and the discussion became general.
Finally this actor complained bitterly
of the amount that lie hud had to
pay in Income tax. We did some
quick mental figuring and found that
tho return he had made to tho govern
ment was about a half of what he
should have made had he received
thc salary that he insisted he lind
been getting.
"Til tell you what I'll do,' I said;
.TU glvo you the some salary that
you told the government you got' "
Tho United States annually con
sumos 3",0,000 tons of sugar in con
Affecting the>HJinola Ooul Woriwjrs,
Battled AU Night.
Herrin, 111., June 22. - Nineteen
are known to have been 'kilted in the
open warfare of union men and sym
pathizers with employees of the strip
mine near here of the Southern Illi
nois Coal Company. An incomplete
check up shewed sixteen non-union
men apd three union mou dead. One
of the non-union men was found
hanging to a tree, his body riddled
with bullets.
The bodies of tho sixteen non
union men wcro found in n woods
near tho strip mino, six milos oast of
hore. A man named McDowell, fore
man at the mino, was beaton to
death, and the other fourteen, ex
clusive of tho man hanged, wore
shot to death. It was statod that the
men woro massacred whoa they at
tempted to escape after hoing taken
prisoners by the union forces. ,
Tho miners brought in from the
Chicago district are reported to have
surrendered In their camp near tho
strip mine. There were forty-four
men in the group hoisting the white
flag, lt was said. These men wero
marched toward Marlon and six were
said to have made a dash for free
dom. These were hotly pursued.
There are three bodies of miners in
undertaking establishments here,
and three wounded miners in hospit
als, one not expected to live. A re
port was brought hero that fifteen or
twenty men were seen lying in a
ditch near the mine property, whe
ther dead, wounded or hiding was
not known.
Unverified reports aro that 12
men were killed in tho fight in the
camp in an explosion botwoen Car
terville and May, near the scene of
the trouble, and in an attack on a
tiuck carrying inon-union men to
the mine, which occurred near Car
bondale. It was impossible to verify
those records because of tho confu
sion at tho camp.
Ceiling and Floor of Famous St.
Michael's Church Damaged.
(News and Courier, 23d.)
A largo 800-pound wolght attach
ed to the clock in tho stooplo of St.
Michael's Episcopal church foll down
Into tho vest?bulo of tho church air.
about 9 o'clock yesterday morning,
when tho ropo by which lt was sus
pended gavo way. Tho big weight
crashed through some flooring and
the ceiling of the vestibule in its fall
to tho bottom, whore lt toro a hole -
in the tiling just to tho right of the .
inner door. -
No one was in the vest?bulo at tho
time, but the sexton iliad (passed
through there only a short time be
fore, accompanied by two mon whom
he was showing through the church.
They were standnig at tho other end
of tho church, near tho vestry room
door, when the crash occurred. To
thom lt sounded as If tho whole stoo
plo had fallen, nnd their conversa
tion was abruptly onded.
The weight which enme tumbling
down yesterday is made of eight cast
iron disks, attachod to a pulley and
ropo. The weight was nearly intact
after its fall, suffering less damngo
than tho obstructions which it met.
This weight, which had a similar fall
about fourteen years ago, ls one of
three connected with tho clock and
chimes, tho other two hoing smallor,
wlghlng about COO pounds.
An Honest Primmer nt Saluda.
Saluda, Juno 22.-Avery Walton,
who is serving a six months' Federal
sentence in tho Saluda jail for viola
tion of tho prohibition law, volun
tarily returned to the jail last week
after being gone since May 7th. He
broke Jail on tho night of tho 7th,
leaving behind a noto to tho sheriff
stating that ho was going homo to
earn some money for his family, who
woro In neod, and that ho wo lld ro
turn when his mission had boon ac
complished Tr.uo to his promii'O, ho
returned ono night last wook, and,
awakoning Uncle Goorgo Darnos, tho
jailer, asked to be admitted, which
request was granted. Walton states
that ho loft his family sulllciontly
stocked with provisions to last until
bo complotes his term in jail.
J8-Your-Old Hoy Drowns.
Aikon, S. C., Juno 22--IIonry I3er
nico Snipes, tho 18-yoar-old son of
Leo Snipes, was drowned at Plunk*
ot t's pond this morning. Tho 13up
tist Sunday school was holding it?
nnnuVu) picnic at this pond, and
young Snipes was ono of those who
first wont in bathing. Tho young
man was diving, and it ls supposed
that ho struck his face and hoad on
a snag, was knocked Insensible and
was drowned. In somo way his body
bocamo pntanglod, and moro than an
hour clasped before it was rocovorod.
After the body was rocovorod it was
rushed to tho Aiken (Hospital, and
ovory offort was made to restore Ufo,,
but it was too lato.

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