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Robert Quillen Makes Frank State
ment, Acknowledging His Faults.
One of the most remarkable state
ments that ever appeared Jn any
newspaper ls the following, from tho
Fountain Inn Tribune, whose editor,
Robert Quillen, ls widely known as
a writer for ntagazlues and newspa
per syndicates:
"Of all the hard Jobs In the world,
that of making a public confession
is the hardest. But If lt ls the only
square thing to do, it must bo done.
This, therefore, ls an open letter to
the young fellows of Fountain Inn
the 'good fellows' - the fellows I
love and loaf with at times-the fel
lows, I have taken drinks with and
fellowship with.
"All this while I have been a mem
ber of the church-Just that and
nothing more. And when my con
science bothered me about taking a
drink when I could get lt, I said to
myself: 'Why, I am a liberal sup
porter of the church; ? pay the tithe;
I am a gentleman and a man of in
telligence; there ls no harm in my
toking a drink when I want it, for I
can handle lt.'
"I said that, but I was a Har. And
while posing as a church member and
a follower of Christ, and yet reserv
ing tho right to take a drink at my
pleasure, I was considerably lower
down that a snake's belly.
"This ls a bitter doso to swallow,
fellows, but I had lt coming to me.
And if my conduct has led any of
you to believe that a man can retain
his honor while carrying water on
both shoulders, I want to make lt
clear that lt's an Impossibility.
"I'm through. I'm 34 years of
age, and have never struck a lick for
my Lord. From now on I am His, to
use as Ho thinks best, and I'll stick
to Him if lt costs me everytning I
have and every friend I have.
"I'm ashamed, fellows. Forgive
me for not having been square.
"Robert Quillen."
- mm*
Lack of Quality Cause of Prejudice
Against American Product.
(Progressive Farmer.)
Because 'American bacon sells in
England for a price far below Irish
bacon, some Americans assume that
this is due to a prejudice against
American bacon caused by spoiled
American bacon having been ration
ed during (he war. There is a "pre
judice" against American bacon all
right, but it is chiefly due to its in
ferior quality. Instead of trying to
put over inferior American bacon on
the English consumers, through a
campaign of advertising as proposed,
American meat producers Will find it
easier and cheaper to overcome this
English "prejudice" by improving
the quality of the product. Before
America will be able to remove this
prejudice wo must produce a bacon
type hog and cure tho product with
less salt. So long as wo try to make
bacon from a fat, corn-fed nog and
cure it by the use of so much salt,
no amount of advertising or other
form of promotion will remove the
English prejudice against American
bacon, and induco them to cease to
discriminate against it in price.
Says President Violates Volstead Act
Washington, July 6. - President
Harding and Chairman Lasher, of
Hie shipping board, wore charged by
Senator Caraway, Democrat, of Ar
kansas, in the Senate to-day with
flagrant violation of the prohibition
laws in permitting tho salo of liquor
on shipping board vessels. The Sen
ator said that "all Christian Ameri
cans protest against such sale of
Congressman Kin kai d Dead.
Washington, July 6.-M. P. Kin
kaid, member of the House of Rep
resentatives from tho Sixth Nebraska
district, died hero to-day. Tho death
of the Nebraska Congressman occur
red at Garfield Hospital and resulted
from a complication of disenses from
which ho had been ill since early in
May. Funeral services will be held
al O'Neil, Neb., his homo.
Child birth
Valuable Illustrated Book Sent Fro?
Bow thousands ot women, Ly the simple
method of on eminent physician, have molded
unnecessary miseries through many month*
?nd up to tho moment
Baby has arrived, is fully
explained In tho remnrkabto
tonk, "Motherhood ar.d tho
Baby." Tells also what to
do boforo and ofter baby
comes, probnblo date of
birth, baby rules, etc., and
about "Mother's Friend."
Used by threo g?n?ration?
nf mothers, lind sold tn all
drug stores everywhere.
"Mothcr'fl Friend" ls ap
plied externally, ts safe,
freo from narcotics, per
mita easier natura! read.
Justment of muscles and nerves during ?
pectancy and child-birth. Start using U to
day. Mrs. E. E. Kerger Slayton. Minn., says ?
"It pulled me through." Send tor book to
day, to Bradfield Regulator Co.. BA-86. AU
lanta, Ga. "Mother'i Friend is sold al alt
drug eioio*.
Christ, the
!(! * Toucher of Bible Doctrine, ?co?j
\i> Blblo Institute. ChlniKO.
TEXT-Now III Christ risen from tho dead
and becomo the flratfrulta of thom that
alopt.-1 Cor. 10:20.
The Bible is a book of facts out
of which issue great spiritual truths.
The s o truths
have been forma*
lated into doc
trines. To ','the
natural m n n,"
these doctrines
are like Hie dry
bones of Ezekiel's
vision - very
many and very
dry. To the re
generated 'mun
they nre like the
other purt of that
vision-when the
dry bones had been gathered together,
breathed upon from heaven, vitalized
and made to stand upon their feet, an
exceeding great army ready for battle.
If you are a Christian believer, be
ware of that which minimizes the Im
portance of Christian ?loctrlne.
Tho value of Christian truth and
doctrine lies hi Its ability to supply
spiritual power, to furnish moral in
centive and to lmpnrt mental vision
or understanding. This very truth of
Christ risen from the dead, thc first
fruits of them that slept, ls an ex
ample of this. When believed and re- 1
ceived it operates in a saving way:
"If thou shalt confess with thy mouth
the Lord Jesus Christ, and shalt be
lieve in thine heart that God hath
raised Him from the dead, thou shalt
be saved."
Salvation Comprehensive.
Snlvatton ls a big word, and com
prehends the whole process of God's
remedial work, past, present and fu
ture. It Includes the resurrection of
Christ ns Ute firstfruits and the res
urrection of believers in Christ agathe
harvest The firstfruits ls the pattern
and pledge of the coming harvest. In
tho Mosuic law the Hebrew people
were directed to bring a sheaf of the
field, like other sheaves that were to
bo gathered later, and to wave lt be
I foro the Lord as the first sheaf of the
harvest So ls Christ presented as .
Ute firstfruits* of the glorious and
L plenteous harvest to come-"Because
I live, ye sholl live also.4' There ls
spiritual power In this. What ls true
of our Lord ls true of everyi believer
In Him. Everything is made depend
ent on the believer's position as united
to Christ. This underlies tho whole
philosophy of the Gospel message', In
which we are invited to change our
position from headship la Adam to
headship in Christ, who through His
atonement for sin and Ills victory over
death and the grave, has become Sa
vior to all who put their trust In
The doctrine of our Identity with
Christ and our participation In Ills
riser life and victory supplies moral
tncenttv ; for a holy walk, and for
sacrificial service. This very truth
of the bodily resurrection of Christ
and of the resurrection of Christian
bellevertt when He returns, ls the
ground of tho appeal In I Cor. 15:58
"Therefore be ye steadfast, unmov
able, always abounding In the work
of the Lord, forasmuch as yo know
that your labor ls not In vain In the
The Apostle John used the same ba
sis of appeal and finds moral incentive
In the same facts-"Beloved, now are
we the sons of God, and lt doth not
yet appear what we shall be, but wo
know thnt when Ho shall appear we
shall be Uko Him, for we shall see Him
as He ls. And every man that hath
this hopo In him purlfioth himself, even
ns Ho ls pure."
These great doctrines concerning
the futuro blessings of Christian be
lievers are never presented as abstract
truths or for mere academic discus
sion, but ns vitalizing truths supplying
the necessary incentive for the conflict
with evil within and without
Worldly Philosophy Inadequate,
Such u truth as this concerning our
Lord's resurrection as the firstfruits of
a great harvest to follow Imparta
clear mental vision and understand
ing concerning the future. It re
claims tito future from that dreary In
definiteness and unthlnkableness Into
which false philosophy and false spir
itualism have put lt The New Testa
ment teaching of the resurrection la
plain, and when believed it saves us
from the delusive teaching against
which the Holy Spirit through the in
spired writers always puts Christians
on their guard. "Beware, lest any
man spoil you through philosophy and
vain deceit, after the tradition of men,
after the rudiments of the world, and
not after Christ." This philosophy
may be very attractive; lt la to the
natural mind. It has In it a specious
ness and nn appearance which prom
ise much, but which In the end give
no rest, no power for n holy life and
no solid hope for the future. It be
longs to the rudiments of the world
and ts not after Christ.
Tho religion of tho New Testament
ls plain and homely. It begins v.-ith a
bobe In a cradle. It follows that
babe nil the way through death and
resurrection to tho place ^f power
where the crucified and risen Man ls
seated on the right hand of God. It
bids us live In the risen Lord and look
to beconie like Him, risen In His very
imngo In a glorified body when He
shnll come. From the heavens He
speaks-Believe In Me, live in Me, and
you shall arise In Mo when I return.
\Y, M. U. nt South Union Clmrch on 1
July 20 and 21, nt 10 A. M.
Following is tho program for tho
annual meeting of the Beaverdam W.
M. U., to bo hold at South Union on
Thursday aud Friday, July 20 and
21, at 10 a. m.:
Devotional-W. M. U. Watchword,
1922 (Philippians 4:13)-Mrs. C. A.
Welcome (two minutes)-Mrs. J.
II. Allen.
Response (two minutes)-Mrs. B.
L. Mitchell.
Introduction of visitors and new
pastors' wives.
.Roll-call of W.M.U. (One or two
minute responses on one or more
chosen features of the worft.) Black
board demonstration.
Recognition of A-l societies and
mission study graduates.
Report of Officers-President of di
vision, treasurer and superintendent.
Message from Vice President of the
Slate Division-Mrs. E. W. Masters.
News from Jacksonlvlle Conven
tion-Mrs. I. E. D. Andrews.
Address-W. M. U. Representative
of Missionary-Miss Azille Wofford.
Miscellaneous-Election of nomi
nating committee; appointment ot
committees on time and placo, reso
lutions, etc.
Second Session (First Dny.)
(Sunbean Superintendent, Mrs. W.P.
Leister, presiding.)
2.30 p. m.-Devotional. Mrs. L.W.
Welcome by Sunbeams (from local
Response-By Bethel Sunbeams.
Roll-call of Bands (one or two
minutes rseponses.)
Recognize A-l Bands, and those
with mission study certificate hold
. Report of Sunbeam Superintendent
-Mrs. W. P. Leister.
Demonstration (local band)-Miss
Amanda Reeder in charge.
3.30 p. m. (Superintendent of as
sociation presiding) -
7 5 Million Campaign-six-minuto
talks on
(a) Our Schools, Academies, Col
leges, Scholarships-Mrs.L.H.Raines.
(b) Training School, Margaret
Fund-Miss Mary Lawton.
(b) Our Benevolences (Orphanage
and Hospital)-Mrs. J. W. Shelor.
Ministerial Relief-Dr. Ira E. D.
(c) Our Missions-State,J.E.T^'ee
man; Homo, G. E. Smith; Foreign,
Mr. Langston.
(d) The Need of the Hour-Mr.
Round Table.
Closing prayer by Mrs. L. M. Lyda.
Second Session-Friday, IO A. M.
(Y.W.A., G.A. and R.A. Session
Miss Janie Aloxander presiding.)
Devotional-A Woman's Lovo (Sho
Hath Done What She Could), Mark
14-18-Camille Wood.
Roll-call of Auxiliaries-Short re
Recognition of all auxiliary lead
Recognition of A-l auxiliaries and
those holding mission study certifi
Report of Superintendent of Aux
iliaries-Miss Janio Alexander.
Trained for Leadership-Miss Beu
lah Hun8lnger, R. A. Superintendent,
presiding. (One hour.)
Roll-call of Chapters (one or two
minute responses.)
Recognize A-l chapters and those
with mission study certificates.
Report of R. A. Superintendent
Mrs. Paul Armstrong.
Tho Importance of R. A. Work
Miss Azile Wofford.
Miscellaneous-(Associational Su
perintendent presiding.)
Afternoon Session-Second Day.
2.30 p. m.-Hymn; prayer-Mrs.
J. A. Watkins.
Mission Study - Mission Study
Chairman-Mrs. G. E. Smith.
Personal Servlro-Mrs. W. 'P. Leis
Hospital Supplies-Mrs. C.C.Whit
Campaign for Royal Service (use
song, "Subscribe, My Lady, Sub
scribe," and have envelopes for now
Policy for 1922-23.
Report of Committees.
Eloction of Officers.
Consecration Service-Watchword
1923 (2 Corinthians 9:3-Miss Law
Tho music will bo a special foaturo
cf the program, under tho manage
ment of Mrs. O. D. Anderson, of Son
oca, and her committee.
Mrs. O. K. Breazoalo, ,
Superintendent Beaverdam Ass'n.
An old gentleman ontored our of
ilco tho other day and remnrkod: "I
want to get copies of your paper for
a wook back." Then our editor re
plied: "Hadn't you better try porous
plasters?"-North Shore Breeze.
Oave Correct Answer In Forty-FlVO
Seconds to Problem Involving
Billions in Figures.
Some years ago the London Lancet
cjted a remarkable case In which ex
traordinary ability In arithmetic cal
culation was associated \\Ith general
mental Inferiority, If not actual In
The patient was completely blind,
and was able to make elaborate cal
culations, such as square root of
any number running Into four fig
ures, In un average of four seconds,
and the square root of any number
running Into six figures in six sec
These are mere trifles, however,
compared with the following:
He was asked how ninny grains of
corn there would be in any ono of 04
boxes, with* one in the first, two In
the second, four in the third, eight in
the fourth and so on, in succession. He
gave the answers for the fourteenth
(8,102), for the eighteenth (131,072)
and the twenty-fourth (8,388,008) In
stantaneously, and he gave the fig
ures for the forty-eighth box (140,*
787,488,855,828) In six seconds.
Further on the request to give the
total In nil the boxes up to and in
cluding the sixty-fourth he furnished
the correct answer (18,440,744,073,
700.55i.015) In 45 seconds.-Scientific
M8afe" in New York Banking House
Might Be Said to Be Gibraltar
of Vaults.
The building occupied by the bonk
ing house of Morgan, In New York, ls
said to contain the strongest security
vault In the world, a vault thai ls
proof against fire, water, mobs and
The vault Is twenty-three feet wide,
twenty-seven feet deep, and thirty
three feet high, outside measurement,
and divided into three stories. The
walls, which are two and a half feet
thick, are made up of Harveylzed
nickel-steel armor plate, surrounded,
with rock concrete, which ts rein
forced with double and treble sections
of 125-pound nickel-steel rails. The
main door of the vault ls round, and
three feet thick, and when closed
makes an air tight flt with the door
frame. Although the door, with its
bolt work and hinges, weighs fifty
tons, lt can be swung with one hand.
The vault is equipped with the very
latest and most complete system of
time and combination locks, burglar
nlarnis and electric lights. It Is
guarded night and day by patrolmen,
whose work- Is made easier by pass
ages round the four sides, underneath
the bottom, and ncross tho top, and
by mirrors so placed that they can
see around the corners.
Pithy Paragraphs.
If you don't believe an Engl I slim na
concentrates harder on his work while
he works or In his play when he plays,
Just try to talk sport to him during
working hours or to talk business to
bim while he Is enjoying his after
noon ten.-Dwight T. Farnham.
The trouble now with Ireland ls
that sorrow has boen her one luxury,
the theme of her poets, the melody in
her music, the eloquence of her ora
tors; and to leave sorrow behind, to
withdraw the eye from Erin crucified,
and to substitute satiety, seems a sac
rifice of Ireland's essential Individual
ity.-P. W. Wilson. I
Let us learn to do everything ns
well as we can. That tums life Into
art. The least thing thoroughly well
done becomes artistic. Anything com
plete, rounded, full, exact, gives pleas
ure. Anything slovenly, slipshod, un
finished, ls discouraging.-John Free
man ClarKe.
Buttons and Personality.
One of those business psychologists
-his specialty, we believe, is sales
manship-says that a man can be cor
rectly Judged by the third button of
his waistcoat. If the button stands
out as boldly ns the other buttons
he is the real thing; but t? he caves
in nt this particular spot and the but
ton ls covered by wrinkles in his vest
he ls deficient In personality and pep
and dynamics and all the other latest
things that do be out.
We wonder If thc psychologists are
not fooling themselves a great deal.
What becomes of this sure test of per
sonality If the man has no waistcoat?
We wonder whether Lincoln's third
button stood out manfully or was ob
scured by the wrinkles which, If pic
tures of him can be depended upon,
were a distinctive feature of his
dress.-New Bedford Standard.
Add Magnetic Influence.
A strange phenomenon, due, accord
ing to scientific authorities, to still un
explained magnetic Influences, lins for
n whole month been observed dally In
London. Watches and chronometers
have been stopping suddenly. It hal
been useless to take them to the
watchmaker, who could not detect the
trouble, nor remedy lt. After the
lapse of ?n hom or two, however, the
watches begin going again, and all
that ls needed ls to set them at the
right hour.
Lead in Telephones.
The three agricultural states of Iowa
Nebraska and Kansas are the best de.
velopcd three states in the country,
telophonically speaking, though mnnj
other states are not far behind. In
the three states named there are about
1,200,0(10 telephones, more than then
are in thc whole of Great Britain, tn
duding butJi Ulster and the Irish Frei
They are
Buy thia Cigarette and Save Money
Skull Fractured by Man Who Entered |
Store-Wife Was Near.
('News sud Courier, 6th.)
A. P. Lipsitz,who suptnlned a 'rai
turo of the skull and was a patient at
the Thompson Memorial of the River
side Infirmary, died at 12.13 o'clock
this morning. Ho was brought here
Sunday morning and hopes for his
recovery -were entertained.
Mr. Lipsitz, who conducted a gen
eral merchandise Btoro at Barton,
about three miles from Beaufort, was
attacked by an Intruder, who entered
the store about midnight on Satur
day. The proprietor was checking up
his accounts and was attacked from
behind by his assailant, who struck
him on tho head with somo heavy in
strument. Mrs. Lipsitz was on the
porch of the build.ng at the time and
saw the intruder before his escape.
He is described as being a short and
slim man. Mrs. Lipsitz called for
help, and after a doctor had been
hurriedly summoned the injured man
was brought to Charleston as quick
ly as possible. ,
It was stated yesterday that after
attacking Mr. Lipsitz has assailant
secured somo cash, but nb great
amount, the most of tho receipts of
the day's business having been sent
to the bank. A set of sterling silver
ware was also taken, and as it was
engraved with tho letter "L" lt is
thought that a clue may be had for
tho apprehension of tho tholf. Three
suspects are reported as being de
tained at Beaufort.
School children of Los Angeles,
Cal., write on tho blackboard daily
"lt is dangerous for children to play
on tho street."
call for an fft Tablet, (a vegetable
aperient) to tone and atrengthea
the organa of digestion and el leal?
nation. Improves Appetite, Relieve?
Oct ? y?fcfc^ Vsadfirovcr
Chips off the Old Block
One-third the regular dose. Made
of same ingredients, then candy
coated. For children and adult?.
Walhalla, S. C.
Of Water Power Development at tho
Stumphou.se Mountain.
(Greenville News.)
That the Southern railway has no
I plans for thc development of hydro?
I electric power In Oconee county,
whereby the famous Stumphouso
mountain tunnel would bo used, is
tho information contained in a letter
.' to a South Carolinian fron) Fairfax
Harrison, president of the Southern
raliway system.
Much interest has been shown in
Walhalla and other towns of that
section In tho tolked-of project. Jt
was asserted that the Southorn rail
way would develop the water power
in the uppor section of Oconee, di
verting the waters of Changa creek
! through tho tunnel that was started
\ before tho Civil War as a part of
the program for the development of
hydro-electric power. Tho rumor
stated that tho tunnel, which ls said
to lack only about 500 foot of com
pletion, would bo used as a flumo to
hiing tho waters of Chauga crock to
the Lsaqucena Falls. At least ono
Ohglnoor is said to havo said that tho
Chauga-lssaquoena project was feas
ible. This Information from Fairfax
Harrison, however, ls generally ta
, ken as menning that no dovelopmont
. of this nature is likely to occur any
time soon.
Of Baptists-Great Summer Assem
bly July HO to August ll.
Columbia, July fi.--Four weoks
from next Sunday will bogia tho ses
sions of tho Baptist Summer Assom
bly that meets this year on Furman '
campus, In Greenville, from July 30 .
to Aug. 11th.
Somo of tho flnost platform talont
In America will appear on the pro
gram. Wm. L. Potent, president ot
Wake Forest; Wm. Spencer Ourrell,
of tho University of South Caro
lina; Booth Lowery, author and lec
turer-all those will appear*' Ixi a
series of popular lectures.
Prominent Baptist leadera from
this and other States will appear in
various phases of the work and of
church life, Sunday schools, young
people's' societies, and many other
phases of religious work will bo pre
sented to the preachers and laymen
Board and comfortable quarters
have been arranged for in tho college
buildings and hundreds of Baptists
I all over the State are cxpoctod to
avail themselves of an opportunity
to ?pend a profitable vacation near
tho moutains. Secretary Thos. J.
Watts and his staff at tho Baptist
headquarters hore have sparod no
pains to mako this summer's assem
bly a.success, and will gladly furnish
suggestions lo churches and individ
uals deBirlng to participate.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are free
from nausea and danger.
No salts necessary, as
Calotabs act like calomel
and salts combined. De
mand the genuine in 10c
and 35 c packages, bearing
above trade-mark.
Two Men Wore Killed and Another
Hadly Injured by Train.
Sumter, July 5.-Ben and William
Brewer were killed outright and Wil
liam C. McLeod was badly injured
when struck Sunday night by a
freight train on the Atlantic Coast
Lino railroad at Broadway Siding, be
tween Sumter and Pinewood. All of
tho parties are white men of the
Pinewood neighborhood. Mr. Mc
Leod's leg was broken in two places,
and he ls now in the hospital for
From tho testimony adduced at
the coroner's Inquest yesterday Wm.
C. McLeod, the only surviving mem
ber, testified that about 10 o'clock
Sunday night he and the two Brewer
boys were sitting on the railroad
track, and all were drinking. He said
that the Brower boys stretch d out
on the track and in a few minutes all
were sound asleep. The first he knew
of the accident was when he awoke,
finding himself to the side of the
track, having been knocked from the
track. Ho said he did not realizo he
was hurt until ho tried to got up and
found a numbness in his limbs. He
was about eight or ten feet from tho
track when he awoke. After bearing
the evidence the Jury brought in a
verdict that Ben Brewer and William
Brewer came to their deaths on July
! 2d, 1922, by being run over by an
Atlantic Coast Line freight train. It
ls said that tho bodies of tho two
dead men were badly mangled and
mutilated. The plight of the injured
man and the discovery of the bodies
of the two Was made early in the
morning, Just prior to tho time for
tho regular passenger train from Au
gusta to pass this siding.
drove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching tho Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, seo how
it brings color to tho cheeks and how
it improves tho appetite, you will then
opprcciato Its truo tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended In syrup. So
pleasant even children like lt. Tho blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by Its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect 80c

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