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-Greenville- is being visited to
day and for the remainder of the
week by the mutes of the State, who
are to be in convention there for the
balance of this week. Mrs. G. E.
Rhodes left this morning and Mr.
Rhodes will leave this afternoon as
soon ns ho can finish his part In get
ting out this "glorious old rag." Tho
Courier. Ray Fahnestock will also
go over to tho convention, as will
also Pleas Allen if ho can tear him
self away from his important busi
ness engagements. DeWitt King and
3 M. D. Sprouse, of Westminster,
are to bo numbered among Green
ville's guests during tho remainder
of this week.
-There will bo a meeting of the
women of Walhalla and community I
at tlie American Legion Hall noxt'
Thursday (to-morrow) afternoon at I
f> o'clock. Tltis meeting is called for
/he purpose of creating additional'
interest in tho matter of having tho I
women register for the election and
to enroll t hoir names on the club
rolls. This is important. Tho women
are needed in tho politics of our
county and State. Show your Inter
est in this important matter by at
tending the meeting Thursday after
noon. And remember that this meet
ing is not for tho women of Walhalla
alone, but those of the community
will be most cordially welcomed. All
are urged to attend.
-The Sunshine Rand, or Circle
.No. 3, of tho Presbyterian church
will meet with Miss Ruth Carter to
morrow (Thursday) afternoon at 5
o'clock. Mrs. Ilayno Jones, leader,
urges all members to be present, as
tho election of officers for the new
quarter will be held. The topic of
study for tho afternoon is "China
tho geography of; the people of."
(Letter from Miss Frances Stribling,
Hang Chow; Robert Morrison
making tho first Chinese Bible; a
review of the China copy of the Lit
erary Digest. Visiting girls are most
cordially invited to attend thoso
meetings. The officers who have
served faithfully during tho past
quarter are: Elizabeth Thodo, pres
ident; Claro Sloan, vice president;
Ida Belle Oolkers, recording secre
tary; Emma Dendy, corresponding
secretary; Anna Probst, treasurer.
-On Tuesday, July 4th, two score
of women assembled at tho hospita
ble homo of tlie Brenneckes, where
Misses Brennecko and Counts were
joint hostesses at a lovely party. At
the door Miss Marguerite received
her guests and Invited them to an
attractive patriotic booth, where
punch was served by Miss Counts.
Tho guests wero then Invited into
the two parlors hy Miss Brennecko
and Miss Tatham,"where tables were
placed for progressive rook. Every
where flags, patriotic decorations and
flowers were seen, and a most pleas
ant timo was spent lit the enjoyment
of tho games. Miss Eloiso Strother,
in appropriate words, presented tho
prizes. Mrs. James Darby received
first prize, a lovely hand-painted
plaque of flags anti emblems with the
poem, "Your Flag and My Flag,"
by Nesbit. Tho consolation, a hunch
of hand-mado roses, was won by
Miss McLeos, while tho "booby" fell
to Miss Kathoriho McAlister. Tho
guests 'then onjoyod a delicious Ice
course, with pound cake. Patrotic
music was enjoyed throughout tho
nftornoon. Souvenirs were given each
guest by Miss Tatham. Those wore
pnrrokoets, bright and pretty, handi
work of Miss Counts. Each guest had
a delightful afternoon, which will be
romomborod most pleasantly.
-Tho auxiliary of tho Presbyte
rian church met with Mrs. James
Darby Thursday nftornoon last. Rou
tine business was soon disposed of.
Miss Elizabeth Stribling conducted
tho dovotionnl oxercisos. Miss Caro
lyn Rogors gavo a Ano report from
tho Young People's Conference nt!
Clinton, which sho had attondod as
n delogote. Mrs. Jesse Novillo road !
an article on "What tho Dlmo and |
Dollar Do In Missions." As this is
chandise that appea
cs. Stockings, Unde
of space prevents q
ie of them has evet
VI E ?
j. i
thc auxiliary, a silver offering of
the tenth year of the organization of
dimes was made. The meeting was
turned over to Circle No. 2, which
was hostess to tho other circles, and
then hogan the real birthday party.
A large pound cake, beautifully iced
and decorated with rose candle-hold
ers, was horne In on a tea wagon
decorated with pink flowers. A his
tory of the ten years of the auxil
iary's life was recited by ten young
girls, representing ten different
years, and each placed her lighted
candle on the cake, then a large can
dle came forth and bade us go for
ward, lifting our light on high till
it shone in the uttermost parts of
the earth. While delightful, refresh
ments were being served, .Miss Eliz
abeth Thodo charmed the members
with music. Mrs. Darby's elegant
h onie is an ideal place for such a
gathering, and the thirty-nine .ladies
present declared that this was one
ot tho most enjtynble meetings they
had ever attended.
-Supervisor Shockley' was tn
Walhalla Monday on his way to tho
poor farm, where ho will have tho
county gang quartered during this
week while working ont the upper
and lower roads to Westminster. Ho
has for .some time been in the Madi
son section, where he has just com
pleted the working of the roads in
those parts. Next week the chain
gang will be moved to tho Picket
Post,'and tho Tamnsaee road, which
has gotten in bad shape, will he put
in good condition. Mr. Shockley says
that a change in tho road will bo
made above Picket Post in order to
go around tho troublesome low point
which has never been able to with
stand the rains. There will also bo
other changes in the road for short
distances to avoid had sections of
tho old road. Ho also intends mak
ing a good road from tho Louis Lay
place to tho Picket Post, thus con
necting the Tnmassee county road
with tho Walhalla-Salem highway.
Practically all work being done by
tho Supervisor is done with county
gang labor, ho having no funds with
which to employ other labor that
would enable him to do the needed
work In less time. ? steel bridge
will be put over the creek at Lay's
mill, the bridge Itself and all other
material being on hand and practi
cally all at the bridge site. Other
necessary bridge repair work along
? ho route will he given attention at
an early date, Mr Shockley intending
to complote the work in that section
before moving the gang.
Anderson Man is Making Activo Can
vass for Oconeo Support.
Mr. Sherard is 36 years old, and
graduated from Clemson College In
1908. Worked during the summers
nt Ninety-Six Cotton Mill. With the
United States Department of Agricul
ture ^or five years In Philippine Is
lands, Chinn, Japan, India, Egypt,
Italy, France, England and the Holy
Land. 'Returned to this country as
a matter of preference, and located
on his farm near Ninety-Six, S. C.
Elected tc tho Legislature from
Greenwood county. Member of the
Ways and Means Committee.
Pointing with pride to a record In
the interest of education, labor and
agriculture, and believing In har
mony among our people, Sam Sher
ard offers for Congress, and ls en
dorsed by tho Greenwood County
Democratic Convention, and hy tho
farmers, laborors and business mon.
Ho is in favor of tho bonus legis
lation now before Congress, and had
this legislation endorsed by tho State
Democratic Convention.
Ho endorses tho work of the agri
cultural bloc In tho Senate. Ho en
dorses the acceptance of tito Ford
proposition on Muscle Shoals, no is
opposed to high tariff, and a firm be
liever In tho principio of State rights.
Ho' denounces the action of tho
Federal Reservo Hoard in artificially
contracting tho currency as a crime
against tho people of tito United
States, and is in favor of amending
lusually I
ils at prices that coi
fwear, Hats, Caps, '
uoting prices here.
* equalled this sale i
it will pay you to come for thei
wc haven't room to even ment?
"Sells for Cash-S
?? HARPER, Prop? j*
tho Federal Reserve Act to insure
thu agricultural interests represen
tation on tho hoard.
Will L ipport the continuance of
the War Fin nace Corporation, and
believes in the enlargement of the
Federal Farm Loan Banks.
Sam Sherard was married in 1911,
and has three children. He is a pro
gressive farmer and a useful citizen,
and would make tho Third District
a creditable and earnest representa
ALL PERSON'S in arrears for Mu
nicipal Taxes duo tho Town of%Wal
ha Ila will take notice that the pen
alty will attach after July 31st. This
is the last call. Pay now and save
unnecessary costs.
Clerk and Treasurer.
July 1 2, 1022. 28-30
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than ever thii
this DOLLA
thousands wi
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make price cotices;
eral hundred miles
Don't Let
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Low Prie
npel. Shoes, Dry <
You know the Be
for bargains.
Filled same day received, post;
"paid and satisfaction gu?rante
?e are many, many things on s
ells 'Em for Less,"
All-Day Singing at Bethlehem.
There will be an nil-day singing
I at Bethlehem, near Mountain 'Rest,
on next Sunday, July 16th, 19 22.
I Prof Brack Crow a,nd other good
singers wjB he there. Everybody in
vited. Bring song booka and well
filled baskets.
C. R. Abercrombie, Pastor.
Zion school to Open.
Zion school will open Monday of
next week with Miss Gribble and
Mrs. Fred McKee in charge. All pa
trons nre urged to havo their chil
dren start school on tho first day.
Patrons are requested *.o be present
at the opening.
.Leonard Lee, for Trustees.
Thirteen million people attend tho
moving picture plays each day In the
I'nited States.
on, = =
i-Annual Trade Ev<
3 time. Anderson r
.R DAY one tha
LO will be here for t
e Best Valu*
Anderson on this day. wit
business house in this Cit
sion? for this day that wilt
i to do your shopping.
: Anything Keep T
efaiB Mer
Anderson, So
3oods, Dresses, M<
ihing has the Pric?
ie Hive's July Cleai
?ale =============
- CO
AR persons Indebted to the Es
tate of Mrs. A. J. Smith, Deceased,
are hereby notified to make pay
ment to the undersigned, and all
persons having claims against said
estate will present tho same, duly at
tested, within tho time proscribed by
law, or be barred.
Administrator of the Estate of Mrs.
A. J. Smith, Deceased.
July 12, 1922. 28-31
Tlio "Wagoner Township Singing.
The Wagener Township Singing
Association will meet at Fairfield
school house next Sunday, July 16,
in the afternoon. Everybody como
and bring song books and enjoy the
afternoon in good songs and praises.
J. F. Morton, Pres.
July Vc
South C
ent will be bigge
nerchants have dec
t will be rememl
his event.
zs Ever Of fe
h the assurance that yo
y is solidly behind this ni
make it profitable for j
irTou Away from
, JULY 13th.
chants' I
ruth Carolina.
enV Clothing,
i Cut, to the
rance Sales of
M E!
Notice 1B hereby given that the un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Martin, Judge of Probate for
Oconee County, in the State- of South
Carolina, at his omeo at Walhalla
Court House, on FRIDAY, tho
4th day of AUGUST, 1922, at ll
o'clock in tho forenoon, or as soon
thereafter as said application can be
heard, for leave to make final settle?
mont of the Estate of Mrs. A.J.Smith,
Decoased, and obtain Final Discharge
as Administrator of said Estate.
Administrator of tho Estate of Mrs.
A. J. Smith, Decoasod. '
July 12, 1922. ' 28-31
There aro 1,348 American students
studying In tho various French uni
a roi i na
r and| better
ided to make
bered by the
u will get REAL
lovement, and will
ron to come sev
Anderson, *?

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