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(Established 1HI?>.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
One Year .$1.00
nix Months .03
. .UuiiUia.St)
&OkU*'?l??ig UutOS Reasonable.
Ry Sleek, Sbelor, Hughs & Sbolor.
Coinniunicalions of a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
?ad tributes of respect, either by
Individuals, lodges or churches, are
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of ono cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all sucb
notices will be marked "Adv." tn
conformity with Federal ruling on
SUCh matters.
Their Sentences-Supremo Court Up
holds Lower Court in Noted Case.
(Anderson Tribuno.)
Tho u Mir mut lou of the verdict of
tin? lower court in tho Walter Hays
and lid. Wilson case, which virtually
means Mint tho two men must serve
tho sentence imposed on them by
Judgo Moore, is another step in one
of the most important murder cases
in tlie history of Anderson county.
Walter Hays, lid. Wilson, Allen
Emerson and George Wilson were
placed on trial in tho Court
of General Sessions lust fall
in tho September term, charged
with tho murder of Tom Frank Ha
mey, luttant farmer, who was bru
tally shot ard clubbed to death in
Iiis own yard in the Carswoll Insti
tute section, fourteen miles south of
this city. Allen Emerson and George
Wilson were acquitted of tho mur
der rbargo, and Hays and his bro
ther-ln-law, Ed. Wilson, were found
guilty of manslaughter and recom
mended to tho mercy of the court.
During the trial of the case, which
attracted much attention and drew
largo crowds to court during the
Caree days it was in progress, it de
veloped that the party of men, con
sisting of those mentioned in the
foregoing sen toncos and Toni Hays,
brother of tho defendant, wein to
Hamey's home, drove their car into
his yard, nnd while ono of tho party
held a gun on Ramey as he sat mend
ing an nutomohilo casing under ;i
shade lire. Tom Hays was told lo
advance ?un? do whatever lu; "wanted
to" willi a pick handle.
According to tho testimony of Mrs.
Ramey, 1er husband was brutally
clubbed and beaten over the head,
and even after be had fallen pros
trato on (he ground Waller Hays
picked up a baby's rocking chair
nearby and broke it over the body
of the slain man. During the shoot
ing affray, Harney Hamey, a lad of
J ii years, secured his father's Win
chester rillte and fired a fatal shot
into tho body of Tom Hays before
members ?f the Hays party could
wrest the gun from his hands. The
men then picked up tho body of Tom
Hays, placed it in their car and drove
away, answering Mrs. Hamey's plea
not to leave ber alone with her dy
ing husband, with a "Let him die,
.-damn him."
In sentencing Hays and Wilson on
Sept. 2?5, Judgo Moore stilted that
tho Jury, in bis opinion, had taken a
very lenient view of the caso in rec
ommending mercy, and expressed be
lief that both men were guilty of
murder. Tho two defendants, who
reside nt Starr, will be committed to
tho Stato penitentiary, or to tho pub
lic works of the county, in the near
future unless something unexpected
To All Women Who Want to Look
Yonng.--"This is to let you know
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what you say lt will do, for it cer
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remain, Truly, (signed), Mrs. Mary
A. Tu Illy, 222 Humboldt St.. Fort
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face and toilet powder. Instantly
beau titles. Brunette, white, pink,
rose-red. 70 cents at druggists or by
mail. Lyon Mfg. Co., 4 2 So. Fifth
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Disarmed Policeman, Got Loot.
St. Louis. Mo., July B.- Bandits
to-day boarded n Tower Grove street
car, disarmed a policeman, who was
iiccouipanying Joseph Moshoff, mes
Towcr G rovo bank,
ana ci .?ia.;h a sal? hoi e< ; lin
ing $38,ono, which the messenger
was conveying lo a down-town bank.
"Blood money" was tho name ap
plied in the middle ages to the money
paid for bloodshed,
Ry M. n anil Woman Who Slopped ia
CM' ??tl Asked for Ahl.
(Anderson Tribune.)
Charged with sandbagging W. L.
Lol lis, n well-to-do farmer of Ched
dar, into unconsciousness and rob-,
l ing him of $:j<) after they had slop
pod at his homo on a pretext of bor
rowing some tools to repair their au
tomobile, three men and ono woman
wero lodged in Jail yesterday, follow
ing their arrest in Helton by Police
men Smith und Robinson. Annie Leo
Durham, the woman iif* tho caso, is
alleged to havo boen accompanied by
B. C. Whltmlre, of Belton, when the
a Hoged attack was made on Mr. Lol
lis, the woman, Jasper Mahaffey and
John Lollis making their get-away
itt their Overland car. The three mon
nre all of Belton, and the woman,who
ls said to he married and of Tennes
see, recently made her first appear
ance in these quarters, according to
tho officers.
Mr. Lollls was at his home near
Cheddar Monday night, according to
authentic information reaching bero
yesterday, when an Overland car con
taining two passengers, both of whom
wore strangers to him, stopped near
his residence. On tho pretext of bor
rowing tools Whltmlre, said to have
been accompanied by tho Durham wo
man, went into Mr. Lollis's yard.
Anxious to be of assistance to the
strangers, Mr. Lollls told them that
he had no tools right at hand, but
that he would gladly gel somo that
wero a short distance away and let
them repair their car with them.
Just at that time, and as Mr. Lollis
turned to walk away, John Lollis is
sn id to have arrived on tho scene,
and with a sock that had been filled
with wet sand, he is charged with
having dealt Lollis a powerful blow,
knocking him to the ground aad in
to unconsciousness. Mr. Lollis was
then robbed of some thirty dollars
that be had in currency in his pocket,
and the party of men and tho woman
got into tho automobile and drove
A short time later Mr. Lollis re
gained consciousness and discovered
that he had been robbed. His injur
ies are not serious.
Turning their car in the direction
of Belton from Williamston, the par
ty drove back to Belton and their
actions fell under tho watchful eyes
of the policemen there, who put
them all under arrest, charging them
with assault and battery. John Lol
lis. Jasper Mahaffey and B. C. Whit
mire are all of Belton and are mar
ried men, according to the officers.
The Durham woman, who was also
brought to the county jail, is also
said to be a married woman.
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'.Iva to -ad .
Three Vaughn Boys Held on Charges
of Theft and Receiving Goods,
(Greenville Daily News.)
Shrewd work on thc part of tho
plainclothes squad of tho Greonvillo
polico department resulted In the
arres*, of Louis Vaughn, aged IG,
Waddio Vaughn, aged 18, Roy
Vaughn, aged 21, and tho securing
of a suit of clothes and two silk
shirts, alleged to havo boon stolen by
thc first named from tho room of J.
II. Summer in tho Y.M.C.A. building.
Placed In jail, Louis at first de
nied any knowledge of tho affair,
hut later in '.he afternoon called for
ono of the officers and admitted his
guilt, it was stated at the depart
ment. After further scouting hy tho
Officers the suit was found in tho
possession of Roy Vaughn, while
Waddle Vaughn told jibe officers,
after his arrest, that he had sold tho
two shirts *o an employee of tho
Southern railway. Charges of re
ceiving and disposing of stolon goods
wero at onco docketed against Wad
die Vaughn and tho chargo of re
ceiving stolen goods was placed oppo
site tho nomo of Roy Vaughn.
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There. Ai? 25,000,000 More Women
Than Men lu Europe Since War.
Berlin, Germany, July G.-Man's
minority on earth as compared to
women-a fact even before the war
- lias hoon increased hy that cou
Ulct until to-day it is estimated that
there are 25,000,000 moro women
Gian men in Europe alone.
Ofllcinl statistics published hero
show that the surplus of women In
Europe has increased by 15,500,000.
Ueforo the war there were 1,038 wo
men to every 1,000 men; now tho
proportion is 1,111 to 1,000. Tho
rising surplus has been most marked
In Russia, where tho number of wo
men has grown from 1,042 to 1,299
for every 1,000 men. This ls on the
basis of figures for fifty-two govern
The situation has also been nota
bly changed in Germany, Austria,
Jugoslavia, Great Britain, Luxem
burg, France and Italy. In Germany,
exclusive of Upper Silesia, tljero are
1,100 women to every 1,000 men,
whereas, before tho war, there were
about 1,020. On the contrary, the
number of surplus women has de
creased In Denmark, Norway, Swe
den and the Netherlands.
An outstanding feature of the sit
uation is that girls of a marriage
j able age are in the minority In the
surplus, most of those in the excess
classification being of elder years,
and many of them widows.
Attorney General Walfe So Adjvess
Mrs. Julian H. Salley.
(Columbia State.)
Attorney General Wolfe has ad
vised Mrs. Julian B. Salley, third re
gional director, National League of
Women Voters, that women are not
qualified to sit as Jurors. Mrs. Sal
ley wroto Mr. Wolfe that women
were rather timid abovtt registering
for fear that they would "bo subject
to jury duty. They cannot servo on
juries In the Circuit Courts, Attor
ney General Wolfe says, as the con
stitution provides that the Jury shall
bo composed of twelve men.
An act of the Legislature In 1021
also specifically exempts, "female
electors" from this duty, the A Kor
ney General advises Mrs. Salley. His
letter is as follows:
"Replying to your letter of June
SO, I note that you say that the wo
men arc timid about registering for
voting for fear that they will subject
themselves to Jury duty, and request
ing my advice in tho premises. I re
mind you that I have heretofore held
that, under Section 22, Article V, of
the State Constitution, women are
not qualified to sit as petit jurors In
the Circuit Cocrts, inasmuch ns the
Constitution ?peoiflcally prescribes
that the petit Jury In the Circuit
Court shall consist of twelve men.
However, to set at rest all differ
ences of opinion on tho part of tho
women voters, the General Assem
bly, by act approved March 7, 1921,
(seo acts of 1921, pages 2G9-270,
inclusive), amende" Section 4037,
Volume 1, of the Cot.e of 1912, so as
to Include in tho list of those exempt
from jury duty 'female electors.'
Heneo the fear of Jury duty should
deter no woman from registering
and participation in the eletcions
ei'her the primary or the general
election." *'
Confederate Wears Yank's Leg.
Frederlcksburg, Va., July 7.
Many Interesting incidents of the
Civil War were brought out in con
nection with the grand Confederate
reunion in Richmond recently. One
of tho most remarkable-and an ab
solutely true story-is that of a
"Yankee's" artificial leg which came
Into the possession of a "R?bel"
Marching in the parade tho other
day was Capt. J. N. Ballard, woarlng
a leg that origina'1)' belonged to Col.
Dahlgron, of tho Northern Army,
and which Capt. Ballard has been
using for approximately sixty years.
Col. Dahlgren, after losing a leg
In ono of tho earlier battles of tho
Civil War, replaced lt with a costly
attlficial one. Ile later fell mortally
wounded In a skirmish at Whito's
Tavern, near Richmond, In 1864, at
tho hands of J. E. B. Stuart's mon.
His artificial leg by chanco fell Into
tho hands of somo of Mosby's mon,
who presented it to Capt. Ballard,
an officer of Mosby's command, who
also had lost a leg in tho war. Tho
leg was a perfect flt, and over since
Capt. Bnllard has been wearing it.
and probably will carry it with him
lo his grave.
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
cnuso There is only ono "Bromo Quinine." E.W.
GROVE'S slfinnturo on tho box. 30c.
Cavilo is tho principal naval head
quarters of tho United Slates in tho
Great Sum Was Lopped Off for Fiscal
Year i:ruling June JJOth.
Washington, July 4.-A reduction
of $1,014,000,000 in tho public debt
during tho fiscal year ending Juno i
30 and a reduction of $ 175,000,000
in the debt during the month of June
was announced to-day by tho treas
At the sumo time tho treasury an
nounced that tho final figures of gov
ern mont receipts and expenditures
for tho past fiscal year revealed a sur
plus of $314,000,000.
Tho total ordinary receipts of tho
government for tho fiscal year 1922
amounted to $4,109,000,000, com
pared with $5,625,000,000 the pre
vious year^whllo the total expendi
tures chargeable against ordinary re
ceipts amounted to $3,795,000,000,
as against $5,538,000,000 during
1021. '
"When the budget was submitted
last DeceYnber," tho treasury state
ment says, "the estimate Indicated a
deficit for 1922 amounting to $24,
4 68,703, and the hotter showing
which has been made results from a
combination of several factors. Ag
gregate receipts for tho year wero
about $140,000,000 greater than or
iginally estimated. Customs receipts
proved to be larger than for any pre*
vlous fiscal year in the history of tho
government, and amounted to $356,
443,387.IS, as compared with the es
timate of $275,000,000. Internal rev
enue receipts amounted to $3,213,
253,256, or almost oxactly tho esti
mated $3,214,500,000. Miscellane
ous revenues, Including Panama
Canal tolls, amounted to $530,407.97
as compared with an estimated $4 7S,
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Has Tried Sweetened Poisons-binds
Dust Form tho Best.
(W. A. Harris in Elberton Star.)
Editor Elberton Star:
I am always reading something In
every ptfper about calcium arsenato
killing boll weevils. I want to say
that calcium arsenate dust is tho
thing to kill boll weevils. I have
tried it to my own satisfaction for
two years. 1 also tried the syrup
preparations, lt killed lots of wee
vils and did lots of good, but thc
dust is much better and much easier |
applied. I will not use anything that
the government does not recommend.
I have talked face to 'face with somo
of the government experts on killing
boll weevils. They say tho govern
ment has spent thousands and thou
sands of dollars trying everything
and only recommend the dust.
Hero aro some facts about what I
did in 1921. I had five acres of cot
ton in my own crop. Two acres with
out any poison at all mado ono balo
of cotton. I used calcium arsenate
dust on the othor three acres, under
tho government's instructions?. . and
made three bales of cotton. In 1920
those five acre3 mado eicht bales of
cotton. So if God spares my lifo this
year everything on the pince ls go
ing to use calcium arsenate.
I am glad to see our county banks
willing to help tho farmers on thia
line. It shows a good spirit in them.
If wo don't all pull together wo will
all soon bo gono financially.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing effect of Bayes' Bealing Honey In
side the throat combined with the healing effect of
Grove's O-Pen-Trate Salve through the pores of
the skin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies are packed in one carton and the
cost of the combined treatment ls 35c.
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Mrs. A. IO. Strode Killed.
(Greenville Piedmont, 5th.)
Mrs. Aubory E. Strode, daughter
in-law of a former president of Clem
son College, was fatally Injured Sat
urday morning when sho was thrown
from a buggy near Amherst, Va. Her
skull was fractured and she died
j within a few hours. Sho and hor
young son were driving when an au
tomobile, approaching from tho rear,
struck ono of tho roar wheels of tho
buggy. This caused tho horso to holt
nnd both occupants of tho buggy
were hurled out. Mrs. Strodo's hoad
> struck tho macadam surface of tho
? highway, but tho boy was uninjured.
Mrs. Strodo hoforo hor mnrriago was
Miss Rebekah Brown. Her husband,
Col. Aubory E. Strodo, ls a former
State Senator and noted lawyer of
Lynchburg. She is survived hy four
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^ "For years we have used Black-Draught in our family, B
D and 1 have never found any medicine that could take its D
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Accept No Imitations ?
The examination for tho award of
vacant Scholarships in Winthrop
College, and for admission of new
students, will be held at the County
Court House on Friday, July 7Uif at
0 A. M. Applicants must not be less
than sixteen years of age. When
Scholarships are vacant after July 1
they will be awarded to those mak
ing the highest average at this ex
amination, provided they meet the
conditions governing the award. Ap
plicants for Scholarships should write
to President Johnson before the ex
amination for Scholarship Examina
tion Blanks.
Scholarships are worth $100 and
free tuition. The next session will
open September 20th, 1922. For fur
ther Information and catalogue, ad
Rck Hill, S. C.
Entrance Examinations to tho Uni
versity of South Carolina will bo
held by tho County Superintendent
of Education nt the County Court
House, FRIDAY, July 14, 1922, at
9 A. M.
Tho University offors varied
courses of study in Science, Litera
ture, History, Law and Business. The
oxpenses aro moderate, and many op
portunities for self-support are af
forded. Scralorships aro available.
For full particulars write to
University of South Carolina,
Columbia, S. C.
June 7, 1922. 23-35-26
Tho Military College of South
Scholarship Examination,
On July 14th a competitivo exami
nation will bo hold at Walhalla to
fill one vacancy In tho Citadel Schol
arships for this county. Applicants
must not bo under sixteen and not
over twenty years of age on tho open
ing day of the next College Session,
September 20, 1922. Tho subjects
for examination will be as follows:
Algobra, through quadratic equa
Plano Geometry.
English Grammar, Rhetoric and
Ancient History, and American
History. .
The winners of tho scholarshlpa
must meet tho requirements of tho
Association of Colleges of South Car
olina for admission.
Application blanks, catalog, and
further information furnished upon
roqueat. Address
COL. O. J. BOND, President,
Tho Citadel, Charleston, S. C.
May 24, 1922. 21-27
and Metal Shingles.
H. <iOOI>?
Walnalla, S. C.
AU persons Indebted to tho Estate
of Mrs. Elizabeth Carvor, Dec'd., aro
horoby notified to mako^payment to
tho undersigned, and all persons hav
ing claims against said Estate will
present tho samo, duly attested, with
in tho time prescribed by law, or be
barred. W. O. WHITE,
Administrator of tho Estate of Mrs.
Elisabeth Carver, Deceased.
Juno 21, 1922. 25-28
?J- ?j. ??. .|. ?J. ?J. ?J. ?J. ?J? ?J* ?j? ?J? ?J? tfa
.j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? *|t ?|? ?j? ?j? ?j.
?J. J. R. EARLE, ?JJ.
.J. Attornoy-at-Law,
?{. WALHALLA, S. C. ?J.
?j? State & Federal Court Prncitce. ?J.
?|? .J. ?J. ?J. .J. ?|* ?J? ?|* ?|? ?J? ?J. ?|? ?j? ?t*
* *
*|t E. Ii. II ERN DON, .J,
*l? , Attornoy-nt-Lnw, ?J?
.J. Phono No. Ol, Walhalla, S. C.*\?
* *
J ?J? ?J? *|? ?J? ?J. ?J? ?J? ?J, .j. ?|? ?|? ?J. ?|?
.J? J. P. Cnroy, J. W. Sholor,
.I? Pickens, S. C. W. C. Hughs, .J?
?J. Attorneys and Counsellors, ?J.
.J? Stato & Federal Court Pracltco. ?J?
Louisiana Mob Lynches Negro.
Shreveport, La., July 6-Joo Pem
berton, negro, was *.akon from tho
Dossier parish Jail at Benton onrly
to-day hy a mob and hanged to a
tree In Black Bayou swamp, two
milos from Benton, according to re
ports roaching hore to-night. Pom
borton had boen arrested and placod
In Jail Tuesday ni^ht, following tho
shooting of two negro women.

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