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Tells of Experiments and Obsorvn-?
Hons MMie in tho Past.
Under tho auspices of tho Cham
ber of Commerce of Chester David
IR. Coker, of Hurtsville, ono of the
foremost and biggest and most suc
cessful scientific farmers in the
South, addressed a largo crowd of
fanners and business men of til is
city and Chester county, and nearby
places and counties, at lho Chester
county court house recently on tho
experiments on his extensive farms
in Darlington county on raising cot
ton through defeating tho boll wee
vils'by the calcium arsenate method.
Mr. Coker stated that "1 do not
pretend to be a boll WOO VJ? expert,
having as yet had less than eighteen
months experience in combating him
on our farms. In this matter, how
over, we are dealing willi plain and
simple facts in overwhelming vol
ume. Every man in my fanning and
experimental organization, from my
trained, college-bred scientists to my
colored slinre-croppers. is absolutely
convinced that tho molasses-calcium
arsenate method has saved our crops
this yoar."
Mr. Coker's remarkable addres3,
which brought much encouragement
to his many friends, in part waa as
"Numerous farmers in our section
used tho molasses poison between the
8th and 20th of .lune. So far as I
am informed, every one of them ob
served tho same effect in the prac
tical destruction of all thc old wee
vils. During this period, however,
most of the cotton was fruiting, ami
some sq na iv < had already been punc
tured in most of the poisoned fields.
This made it necessary to carefully
go over these Heids several times per
week up to date and pick up t li o
punctured squares. An occnsional
weevil has hatched out in these Holds
and here and there a few new punc
tured squares are noticed. These are
being carefully watched for and are
picken up by the farmers. Every
field that I know of in our vicinity
that was poisoned up to tho middle
ol' .lune, and tba: lins had the few
punctured squares carefully picked
up since poisoning began, lias prac
tically escaped damage thus far,
whereas, fields in which nothing lins
been dono to check tho weevil aro
heavily infested and have already
suffered sf?rlou<? damage
maximum temporalit? during this
period averaged 00 1-7 degrees; 84
inches of rain occurred on tile 23d,
ami 1.14 inches fell between tho 24th
and .''.Otb. All observers reported
that where clear weather ensued for
.'16 hours after the application of
the poison the bulk of s weevils
were killed, nnd we e erved the
same result at a later ... on our
own farms.
Advantages of Molasses.
"There are very groat advantages
cf the calcium nrsenato-molasses
trentineni over the (histing method.
"First lt is cheap, (he average
cost for materials when applied to
young cotton being about twenty
cents lier acre.
"Second-lt is simple. Any tenant
farmer-?In fact, any child who can
carry a bucket or a bottle -can suc
cessfully apply ii.
"Third - lt does not require night
work. In fact, it is more effective
when applied in the heat of the dav.
Tlie dusting method involves the
purchnse of several dollars' per acre
of poison, the use of moro or less
expensive machinery, and, worst of
all, the application of the dust dur
ing die night is Absolutely out of
range of the average cotton grower.
The expense of tba; met hod is most
commonly estimated at from live to
eight dollars per acre, whereas tho
cost of the molasses mixture, applied
with m.i)i or bottle ?'our or five limes,
would be around om- dollar for ma
terial, and no money for labor would
be necessary, as the home force cnn
apply it while not otherwise occu
"Tho application ot' the calcium
arsenate treatment as late as July 1
may hardly he expected to destroy
all the weevils on the conon, al
though it will probably kill a good
many. Some of us used last year, in
.Inly and August, a spray consisting
of 7>.j gallons ot' waler, 2VS gallons
Of molasses and IO pounds of cal
cium arsenate. Tho wator was first
heated, tho calcium arsenate thor
oughly stirred in and then added to
tho molasses. This was si ra ?ned and j
applied with a barrel orchard spray
pump, which contained nu agitator!
to keep the mixture stirred. The bur- I
rel was placed on a cart or wagon,
the outlet pipe was attached to tho'
center of a "K-ineh pipe running
across tho back of tho wagon and
attach, d tn a scantling |0 keep lt
from shaking. Five spray nozzles
were inserted into tho pipe at the
same intervals as tho cotton rows.
With this outfit two mon nnd two
mules oasily covered forty acres per
"Wo had no comparative tests in
adjoining plots to determine tho
relativo efficiency of tho dlfferont
methods of treatment, but wo ob*
served tho killing of a groat many
weevils hy tho spray and produced a
good crop of cotton where lt was
Ufccd. In other fields which we dust
ed with calcium arsenate at night,
according to govornomnt directions,
we also observed the killing of many
weevils, but a severo invasion of
plant lice, duo probably to tho kill
ing of their enemies by the calcium
arsenate dust, followed theso appli
cations and destroyed a large part of
tho cotton crop.
.1 think the mop or bottle method
can still bo effectively applied along
the northam edge of tho cotton belt
wherever the cotton has not begun
to bloom. After experimenting with
a number of mixtures we have como
to the conclusion that a mixture of
one gallon of hot water, in which is
thoroughly stirred two pounds ot
calcium arsenate, and then added to
one gallon of molasses, is a very sat
isfactory mixture, lt is then applied
with either a small cloth mop or with
a bottle with an aperture on one sido
of tho cork. Two or three drops of
tho mixturo are placed in tho top
bud of tho young cotton during the
"Tho great object which we should
all have in view in testing and in
vestigating tliis new method of boll
weevil poisoning is to determine
whether it affords a real method of
control, and ono which is cheap
enough and simple enough to be put
into universal use. Thc expense of
tho government method, and its re
quirements of night work, places lt
beyond the reach of the great ma
jority, and consequently does not af
ford a method of general control.
What we must have is some method
of control which can bo universally
applied, for In dealing with the boll
weevil every farmer is vitally inter
ested in tho operations of every ono
in his section.
"If a farmer uses tho ?lusting
mot hod ns recommended by tho gov
ernment and secures good results (as
.1 good many have done) he will pro
bably larry his cotton up to about
Aug. l without very serious damage.
If his neighbors h we used no elec
tive control methods, however, their
veevils begin lo migrate by tho mil
lions about that time und prevent
.very one from making any more
otton, If a universal method of con
trol, which would kill nearly all of
tho weevils carried from the preced
ing year, were put into practice, it
would certainly postpone the period
of saturation and migration, and
would allow every farmer to pro
duce cotton for some time longer.
"Tho unanimously favorable re
ports of tin farmers in our section,
and of many elsewhere who have
tried this method this spring, cannot
be disregarded. I appeal, therefor?,
to tlie farmers, business men, and
particularly to farm demonstration
agents and other government em
ployees, to at once make a thorough
nnd impartial investigation of this
method of control, and, if convinced
of its efficiency, as i am confident
?boy will bo, to bend every effort to
secure its universal u?e next spring,
before tho young colton begins to
fruit, and at frequent intervals as
long ns tho weevils continue to come
out of hibernation.
Ibo Oulnina That Doe?. Not Affect the Head
Because ot tts tonic mid laxative effect, LAXA*
TI Vii BROMO QU IN I NI{ is better than ordinary
Quinine and docs not cause ncrvousnes' nor
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look (or the signature ol H. W. OUOVU. 30c.
Wind Octa $30,000 Hall.
White Plains, X. Y.. .Inly 12.
Walter S. Ward, who has been held
in the Westchester county Jail for
thc past, twenty-six days on nu in
dictment charging him with first de
gree murder of Clarence Peters, a
fermer sailor, was released late to
day ii: $'?0,000 ball by Supreme
('cnn Justice Seeger, although tho
et url refused to dismiss the indict
Mrs. willard curtis, Ward's moth
er-in-law, who as sought for weeks
in New Rochelle oy subpoena serv
ers without success, sat through the
hearing beside her daughter, and
loft with Ward's party without any
attempt being made to serve her.
According to Ralph l>. Ward, bro
ther of tho defendant. .Mrs. Curtis
Las ln-en living quietly In New Ro
chelle with her daughter nil tho
time. .
Justice Sieger, in announcing Iiis
decision to admit tho wealthy de
fendant to bail, gald no evidence had
been submitted to provo that Ward
acted other than in self-defense or
that tho crime had been one of delib
Tho deatii rate from motor vehiclo
accidents is higher in Los Angeles
than in any other Western city.
Former Oconeenn Writes Georgians
Uso tho Sweetened Poisons.
(Unavoidably omitted last week.)
Louisville G?., July 7, 1922.
Editor Keowoe Courier:
I noticed lu Tho Keoweo Courier
of June 28th two articles on tho con
trol of tho cotton boll weevils-ono
by the county agent of Oconee ad
vocating the dusting with calcium
tusona ie and advising against tho
application of molasses and calcium
arsenate; tho other article by David
H. Coker, of Hartsvllle, S. C., ad
vising the farmers to uso the mo
lasses-calcium arsonato treatment.
Tho use of molasses with calcium
crsenatc was originated hy Dozipr
Hill, of Cough, Ga., only a few milos
from our location here. I have talk
od with Mr. Hill and many other
farmers, and all agree that tho use
of molasses with the calcium arsen
ate is an absolute success, provided
no heavy rains wash tho poisoned
sweet from tho cotton plant and pre
vent its becoming affective. iLast
year our cotton fields were literally
full of weevils when the cotton was
small, and after a few applications
of the molasses and calcium arsen
ate the weevils almost entirely dis
appear ed. Heavy rains set in, how
ever, and no poison could bo kept
even for a single night on tho cotton
plants, and the weevil got in his
work. Dusting, needless to say, wa3
still more ineffective.
The theory of tho dusting method
is that the weevil drinks the dew
Dom the cotton plant that contains
the calcium arsenate. The theorv of
tho molasses-calcium arsenate treat
ment is that tho weevil will drink
dew nlso, be attracted by the sweet
and that tho sticky substance with
stands the rain more readily than
the dust. Every advantage is with
the molasses treatment.
Your county agent tells the farm
ers that ,,the information that 1 have
is thal the molasses mixture and
ether sweetened poisons have been
tried all along tho route from Texas
eastward in newly infested territory,"
eic. Now. this is an astounding as
sertion in view of the fact that last
year was the first year that the mo
lasses treatment was announced by
Mr. Hill, and it was then that tho
United states Department of Agri
culture sent their experts to observe
the effect of the sweetend poison.
Up to this time nothing bad been
found that could tempt tho weevil to
cat, and all efforts were directed to
poison his source of drinking water.
I havo never heard a farmer who
has tried both methods say that the
molasses-arsenate treatment ls not
tho most effective of the two.
lt is considerably less expensive,
and does not require expensive dust
ing machines that easily wear out
only a stick and a rag being neces
sary for its application. lt also re
t?n ires less of the poison. It is also
easier to apply. It poisons tho wee
vils' source of food as well as his
source of drink. The sticky nature
of tho substance holds it. on the plant
much longer than the dust.
After eight years In weevil-infest
ed territory I nm very 'desirous to
help thc farmers of my home county,
Oconee, with thc result of my ob
servations. 1 have followed tho
weevil from Alabama to South Caro
lina in my business in Georgia, and
the molasses-calcium arsenate treat
ment is the only method that I have
seen employed that ls in the least
effective. If any one is desirous of
helping tho farmer, why shouldn't
ho advise them to try a method of
control that such a man as David R.
Coker, of your State, says ir. a suc
cess-?spee?injlly when the experi
ment can be mado as the cost of
twenty cents?
I pass this information along for
what lt is worth.
Very truly yours,
t J. M. Strother.
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ness, those distressing urinary dis
orders. Walhalla people have found
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halla resident's oxamplo.
Mrs. C. E. Alexander, 13 Jamos St.,
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felt run down and when I beni 1
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Charleston, S. C. .!?
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-Legion post.* in South Carolina
are electing delegates to the State
convention to bc held at Florene?
Aug. 23 and 24. Posts in all parts
of tho State are expected to send full
delegations, and in many cases mem
bers other than the delegates will be
in attendance. This should bo en
couraged in every case, as lt is tho
desire of tho State Legion officials to
have a large attendance at the con
-Rainbow Division veterans meet
ing in Greenwood this week wore en
tertained by the legion and other or
ganizations. Tho legion post at
Greenwood is one of thc most active
in the State and can be counted upon
to do its bit toward advancing tho
civic interest of Greenwood. Kniest
Rosenberg, past commander, and W.
M. Welch, post commander, took ac
tive parts in entertaining the Ita\a
bow vets.
-Tho^ Spartan* urg post plans to
send its entire drum and bugle corps
to the State Legion convention at
Floronce, In addition to tho nineteen
delegates which are to be elected
this week. The post has also endors
ed idea that tho delegates at the
State convention stage a monster pa
rade and that all men wear uniforms.
Tho drum and bugle corps Is expect
ed to attend the convention in full
regalia and equipment. This will add
very materially to the parade, and
should be a big card for the Spar
ton burg post. ?
-Two handsome mahogany writ
ing tables have been presented to tho
Spartnnbhrg post by o furniture
house in thal city. Thos-> valuable
and useful gifts will help to make
the logion hall moro attractive and
convenient for (lie members. The
manager of a movie house will give
the post a percentage ol' the receipts
from a very ?il tractive picture to be
shown In Sparlnnburg to-day. Tho
Spartan burg post has many friends
and is making rapid progress, it ls
now one of the targets posts in the
department of South Carolina.
-Tho Charleston post may send a
baseball team to tho State conven
tion to compote for the State Legion
championship. A movomont is now
on foot, to hnvo tho team attend tho
big gathering. New uniforms havo
boon purchased and tho team makes
a very attractive appearance. It was
announced some time ago by tho de
partment commander that baseball
might ho ono of the ontertnlnmont
(eatUfOS at the convention. Ho sug
zirJUgh JtiUage.
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gested thai the various posts organ
ize baseball teams with the view of
playing at Florence in August. Tho
Charleston post is proceeding with
his In view, and will probably bo
prepared to meet any legion team tn
the State. Louis A. Bickle is man
ager of Hie team.
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Judge Prince to Johns Hopkins.
Anderson, July 12.-Judge George,
K. Prince was taken yesterday to ,
'Ballimore, where ho will bo in tho ]
Joh ns Hopkins Hospital for treat-j
ment. Judge Prince suffered a col-I
lapse about two weeks ago and is
just now able to go to Baltimore, j
whero it is hoped that (he treatment
of experts will bo of great benefit.
A diamond is pure carbon that has
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lends' success
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m ARE CO.,
BStminster, i*S. O?
Mrs. Currie MeC. Patrick ls 'tho First
W un Candidate io Aiulerson.
Anderson, July 12.-Mrs. Corrio
McCully Patrick, of this city, is an
nounced to-day as a candidate for
tho House of Representatives from
Anderson county, "subject to tho
rules of the Democratic primary."
Mrs. Patrick is a sister of Admi
ral Newton A. McCully, of tho Uni
ted States navy, is chairman of tho
League of Women Voters of Ander
son county, and for tho active inter
est she has always taken in matters
civic nnd political is widely and fa
vorably known. She has been Iden
tified with the Anderson Daily Mail
for the past sixteen or seventeen
years as editor of tho society depart
ment of that newspaper, and withal
is a woman of splondid judgment
and fine executive ability.
Mrs. Patrick, to whom goes tho
distinction of being Hie first woman
to offer for a county or State ofHco
from Anderson, is a good writer as
well as an interesting talker, and
having tossed her bonnet Into tho
political ring, it goes without saying
that politics in Andorson county, in
sofar as the race for tho Legislature
goes, will take on new life.
Card of Thanks. .
Fditor Keoweo Courier:
We wish to thank our many neigh
bors and friends who so kindly aided
us in our sorrow and sad bereave
ment in the loss of cr dear father.
May Cod richly bless each and every
ono. Wo also express thanks for tho
beautiful floral offerings.
Mrs. P. iv. Oreen,
Mrs. Claud Nix.
Salem, S. C., July ll, 1?22.-adv.
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