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TEXT-So when they had dined, J CHUB
saith to Simon Peter. Slnion, son of Jonas,
lovett thou mo moro than thoso? Ho
Balth unto Him, Yea, Lord; Thou knowost
that I lovo Thoo. Ho ealth u?to him,
Food my lambs.-John 21:16.
Adelaide Proctor tells tho story ot
a nun who kept the portal at a con
vent In France.
Her heart went
out to a soldier
she nursed ; she
left the convent
and In Paris fell
Into a life of sin.
After years sho
crept hack to the
convent steps to
die. Sho was tak
en in and nursed
back to health,
when' lol she
found another
had filled her
placo In the con
vent through the years, and now that
she had como back lt waa awaiting
her. Sho slipped back Into her old
position and few knew sho hod over
gone away.
Tlio late Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman
oscd to toll this story to Illustrate
God's gracious way of restoring his
erring saints. In our text we have
ono of the great scriptural examples
of such gracious restoration, from
which all may take comfort.
Christ inquires of Peter, "Simon,
son of Jonas, lovest thou mo more
than these?" Peter had protested that
though all others might forsake
Christ, ho would never lenvo Him.
But he had shown, too sadly, that ho
did not love his Master "moro than,
thoso." How Christ's question must
hnvo rebuked him I And In his reply
It ls to bo noted that all the old spirit
of boasting ls gono and there ls no
claim to love Christ moro than others
love Him.
Some Searching Questions.
Peter's humility ls shown In another
way. In Christ's question, the word
used for love, in tho original, Indi
cates an unselfish lovo which expects
no return-tho lovo of friendship.
When Peter replies, ho uses a lower
word for love, Indicating a personal,
clinging affection which socks return.
In other words, ho hos ceased to
boast of his lovo, not only as to quan
tity, but also as to quality. He only
dares to assert he ls fond^ of Jesus I
Moreover, (hg third Mme Jesus In
quired us to .Simon's love, Ile used
the sn mo word. In tho original, which
Peter had boon using, us If tu say:
"Are >(?u sure yen have even this
lower Kind of love, thal yen ure even
fond of me?" Np wer.(?er Peter was
grieved when (.'luid said unto him
tin- third tiiiii'. "Invest thou nie?" Ho
eau onlj reply ; "Lord, thou know?
est ail Illings: thou knowosi (hal l
leve tine." Pot Ol' Pools he lins ?;.>
failed in showing liifi lov'e timi only
his Lord, who knows)nil Illings, ?.un
see lt !
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idard. You can buy
Silvertown Cord or
i clincher fabric, and
t that you are getting
ays* It is this quality
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id value*
put the real meaning
. Goodrich slogan of
irich Tire sign over
)re. It means satis*
But lot ua not lose Bight of the'
grace underlying tho searching ques- j
tlons of Christ. Thrice had Peter de
Died Him in public, and he is here |
given the privilege of thrice publicly
confessing Him.
Rut our text deals not only with
Peter's confession, but also with his
commission, "Feed my lambs." Indeed,
after both the second nnd third con
fessions, Christ says: "Feed (R. V.
tend) my sheep." These are thc lambs
and sheep for whom tho Great Shep
herd died. What a great evidence of
His love for Peter, and of tho confi
dence lie reposes In tho once erring
disciple, that He will commit to his
cure those who are so precious to
Him! Christ had said to Peter be
fore his fall: "When thou art con
verted, strengthen thy brethren." Now
that Peter has been converted, or
turned, and knows his own weakness,
lie ls preparing f? help others. It
has been beautlfuly said : "When
brought to nothing, Ho cnn uso us
In our nothingness, and when He can
uso us, He will."
The Privilege of Martyrdom.
There ls still another way In which
Christ's grace was manifested toward
Simon on the occasion we are consid
ering, although lt ls sometimes not
appreciated. After the third confes
sion, Jesus snid : "When thou wast
young thou glrdedst thyself, and wnlk
edst whither thou wouldest: but when
thou shnlt be old, thou shalt stretch
forth thy hands, and another shall
gird thee, and carry theo whither
thou wouldest not." John explnlns:
"This spoke ho, signifying by what
denth ho should glorify God." Tradi
tion tells us that Peter was crucified
head downward, since ho did not feel
worthy to be upright on his cross as
was his Lord. Not all would covet
such a death, but lt ls to be recalled
that Peter had boosted of his willing
ness to die for Christ and then had
miserably failed. How he must have
appreciated tho opportunity of making
good even at this point I
The nun In the story only got back
her position, but Poler was advanced
from being a "fisher of men" to be
ing a shepherd of the flock of God,
who shall receive tho "crown of
glory," and a martyr, who shall re
?oive the "crown of life." With what
now meaning may we sing: "He ro
storeth my soul 1"
Those Who Seek the Lord.
And they that know thy name will
put their trust In thee; for thou,
Lord, hast not forsaken them that
seek thee.-Psalm 0:10.
Catarrh Can Be Cured
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Influenced by constitu? ional condi
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its work.
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l". .J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Fncourngod by tl'o govornmodt,
Swedish growers raised a record
sugar crop last yoaiv-1,185,000 me
tric tons.
Methodist Pursonago - Household
Goods Total Doss.
(Tugaloo Tribune, 11th.)
The Methodist parsonage, located
on College etreet and occupied by F.
A. Johns, waa dostroyod by Are last
night between ll and 12 o'clock.
The fire alarm sounded shortly af
ter the arrival of passenger train No.
45, which spouds the night hore, and
the people wore notified ot the Oro
by the firing of a pistol and the
blowing of tho locomotive whistle.
Wo learn that the fire broke out
in one of the front rooms, and the
origin is not known at this time.
Mrs. Johus had retired and was
awakened by the popping of the fire.
When she opened the door tho'blaze
met her and she had to rush from
the doomed building with her chil
di en, and had scarcely time to savo
any valuables. Only a few things
were taken out, and they wore saved
by those first to arrive. The sewing'
machine was carried out through a
small opening In ono window. Some
bedding and a little furniture wore
Tho house was tho property of
the Methodists In the group of tho
churches In tho Westminster charge.
All tho parsonage furnishings were
packed In a room of the house and
were burned. Tho furnishings were
not insured, lt could not bo learned
inst night as to whether Mr. Johns
had insurance on his household
goods, as he was away from home,
working nt Greenville. Tho building
Was insured for SS 00.
Due to tho stillness of tho atmos
phere and the prompt arrival of help,
the adjoining Im likings were saved.
The parsonage bara and stable also
caught fire, but the blaze was ex
tinguished by tho constant pour of
water drawn from wells. Good work
was done h?re, and the men aro to
be commended for forethought and
bravery, as thc homes of J. E. Sin
gleton and E. H. Dickson and per
haps others on the same side of thc
street would have boen In danger
had not tho Aro on tho stable been
extinguished when it was.
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by purifying your
system with
The purified and refined
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above trade-mark.
Another Grade Crossing Horror.
Greenville, Pa., July 12.-A fam
ily party of five, traveling by auto
mobile from Akoona to Erie to at
tend a wedding to-morrow, was
wiped out near hore to-day when tho
machine was struck by a train on
I the Bosscmer and Lake Erie rail
road. Among tho dead was Miss EuN
llh Schultz, who was to have been
the bride. Harry Schultz, Mrs. Mary
Schultz, Florenco Schultz, aged four,
Miss Edith Schultz and John Hamer,
aged SO, father of Mrs. Schultz, all
of Altoona, aro dead. Tho automo
bile was dragged almost a quarter
of a mile.
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Frank Du Fro Must Hang.
Atlanta, July 13.-Frank B. Du*
Pro, convicted of tho murder of Irby
C. Walker, private dotoctlvo, was
denied a new trial In a decision to
day by the State Supremo Court. Tho
court was evenly divided, and under
tho Georgia law this affirmed the
decision of tho lower court that Du
Prb must hang.
Walbor was klllod on Dec. 15 last
when he attempted to catch Du Pro
after t1... lutter bail snatched $2,500
worth of tl injin on da from the counter |
ol' a local jewelry store. Cr. ham1
West, < ?ty < omptrollrr, also was shot
ard Seriously wounded by DuT're,
who was (ir rds ted In Detroit about'
two WCOkfl later.
Tho dato for DuPro's execution j
probably Will bc set this week.
.- "
There is no such thing as a thurn
Recommended to Morey of tlio Court.
Solf-Dcfcuso Wns His Plea.
York, S. C., July 13.-A verdict
of murder, with recommendation to
mercy, was returned in tho case of
Albert Zimmerman at 9.05 o'clock
to-night, Zimmerman hoing charged
with tho mordor of Pink Huggins.
Sentence was not passed, pending tho
hearing of a motion for a now trial.
Taking the witness stand in his
own behalf this morning, Zlmmei
man admitted killing J. Pink Hug
gins on the Charlotte road on Nov.
17, 1921. He chimed solf-defens9,
J alleging that he shot Huggins after
j the lattor had grasped him by the
throat and thrown him down. He
i was drunk when he shot Huggins, he
said, and he v remembered shooting
I only one time, though he might have
shot more than once.
Leading up to his story of tho
shooting Zimmerman said that he
was a native of Clifton, Spartauburg
county, and ls now 25 years of age.
With his parents he came to this sec
tion of the State In 1914. The family
first lived nenr Blucksburg, and later
at the Cannon .Mill In Yorkvlllo. Af
terward they tried farming, living on
the Jones & Allison farms, near
Yorkville. He got acquainted with
Huggins and .Mrs. Huggins at the
Cannon Mill in 1019. irater Huggins
moved to a farm near the farm on
which he was living with his parents,
he said. About that time Huggins I
told him, "1 know ono who loves you j
better than anybody else, and I'll
tell you later. Then Huggins In
vited him to the Huggins home,
where he was given wino. He was
Invited to go to the York fair at Rock
Hill la 1919 with Mr. and Mrs. Hug
gins, and went. He was left alone
with Mrs. Huggins for the first time
then, but there were no unlawful re
Tatlous between them, he declared.
He was Invited to the Huggins
home by Huggins the following week
to help him load cotton. He went.
Huggins wont to town with the cot
ton and told him to play with Mn?.
Huggins and the children, he testi
fied. lt was on this occasion that he
entered upon his life of immorality
with thc wife of the man ho killed.
He testified that he gave her ten dol
lars. He then entered upon a sort of
roving life with tho Huggins family,
living at Lancaster, Rock Hill, Shel
by. Walhalla and Marion.
Part of tho time he boarded with
the Huggins family, his unlawful re
lations with Mrs. Huggins continu
ing, he said, with tho full knowledge
of her husband. Later Huggins carno
to him with a proposit'on to take
Mrs. Huggins and tho children and
have them for his own. Huggins of
fered to contribute to tho support of
tho .children, ho nsserted.
Ile said he told Huggins that ho
was not sure that he could do this,
since his motlier and father, living
in Hock Hill, were depending upon
him for support. He visited the Hug
gins family at their home on Char
lotto road on Thursday prior to tho
night of the killing, he said.
He spent the night there, leaving
Friday morning for Rock Hill. Ho
remained with his parents until Sun
day afternoon, when he started back
to Shelby. Huggins had asked him
to stop at their home in Yorkville on
the return to Shelby. Ho did not go
into tho house and did not see Mrs.
Huggins. He stopped at the store,
where ho found Pink Huggins and
his son, Arthur. He helped thom put
up the dhlckens. Then he went back
into the store, while Huggins went
into the house after ginger, ho testi
fied, and they drank two or three
bottles. They got pretty drunk. Hug
gins suggested a walk down tho road.
After they had boen in tho storo per
haps an hour they walked. Huggins
wanted to know If he was going to
take Mrs. Huggins and tho children
away, as ho wanted him to do, ho
testified. His reply was that ho had
not decided, since ho had to support
his parents. Huggins exclaimed, "Oh
yes, you <-, you will," and
grabbed him by tho throat, Zimmor
nian declared. There was a struggle.
Finally ho got his hand on lils auto
matic and fired, ho said, and drop
ped his pistol in tho sch filo. Then
he van up tho Charlotte road to Niv
ens Dros. storo. Hp got on tho C. and
N. W. railroad there and wallend tho
track northward for a distance of
about a mile, when ho changed to
the icing's Mountain road. Ho walk
ed that night and carly morning to
a point within two miles of King's
Mountain, where a passing nwlolsi
carri I him Into town. There bo
gol n transfer and went to Q] >lby
I i wont to ihn homo Of his cou :'i
in Ibo count ry. Tho next d i ho
crime to town I'.) get .'onie rough
cl Uioa; He waa arrested by tho f\voy
? V of Cleveland county and litter fte
. a (urned over lo the flhorifil bf
Vor' county. *
.' tor tho telling of hm story Zim
merman suffered considerably at lb?
hands of Solicitor Henry, whoso ?C
Of Clemson. College-Chosen ns Lifo
Member to Succeed Tillman.
A dispatch from donison College
B. E. Geer, of Greenville, has been
elected a life member ot the board
of trustees of Clemson Collego, and
the collego authorities aro delightod
to receive Mr, Geor's acceptance. Tho
election of Mr. Geer, filling the va
cancy caused by tho death of Sena
tor B. R. Tillman In ip 18, was by
unanimous vote of tho Ufe trustees,
with whom it is a rulo that no va
cancy in their membership shall be
filled otherwise.
Mr. Geer is known over the Pied
mont and the entire State as one of
South Carolina's really able men,
with wide experience in tho educa
tional and the business world. He
was for a number of years professor
of English at Eurman University, and
ls now a prominent cotton mill pres
ident and a leader in other business
activities. His addition to tho Clem
son board of trustoos very materially
strengthens that body.
Tho other lifo trustees of tho col
lego aro: Col. Alan Johnston, New
berry; Ex-Governor R. I. Manning,
of Columbia; Col. M. L. Donaldson,
Greenville; J. E. Wnnnamakor, of
St. Matthews; W. W. Bradley, of Ab
beville. .
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Cash-Tho Unprecedented Deprecia
tion of Mark Given as Cuase.
Paris, July 12.-Germany served
notice on Hie allied 'powers through
tho reparations commission to-day
that she could no longor meet cash
obligations of any sort, whether
growing out of tho Versailles treaty
stipulations^ undertaken hy accept
ance of the London ultimatum of
May 5, 1922, or arranged by the
schedule of payments drawn up by
the reparations commission on the
21st of March, 192 2.
The depreciation of tho mark on
foreign exchanges ls given as the
reason for the impossibility of Ger
many to pay, and for hor request
that she be relievod of cash engage
ments, including the payment of 32,
000,000 gold marks on Saturday, as
well as all subsequent payments in
1922, 1923 and 1924.
Tho Gorman note submitted to tho
compassion makes no mention of
Germany's intention regarding cash
payments after 1924, but asks that
tho negotiations for a foreign loan
Interrupted at Paris last month,
which Germany blames for tho con
tinued fall of tho mark, be resumed
al the earliest possible dato, or a
financial, economic and social catas
trophe in Germany is likely to de
Tho reparations commission will
decido to-morrow whether Germany
miist meet the July 16 payments,
but will make no ruling as to a fur
ther moratorium until it receives
tho report of the committee on guar
antees, now in Berlin.
Tho boliof that a madstono cures
hydroprobln is on old tradition with
no foundation.
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Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
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iron nod Quinine su pended in syrup. So.
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need* QUININE i-? Purify it nnd IRON to
I'n ric h it. Dwttroys Malarial germs ?nd
< ip germs by its Strengthening, lnvigor?
\, LllixC. Che.
vero questioning brought '?'ut an..
f.\\ era i lint Indicated thal ht* version
of thc affair was rpuecptiVi? of two
constructions in several ph.cos, ^
They are GOOD!
$10,000,000 FOK S. O. GROWERS.
Marketing Association Secures Loan
from War Finance Corporation.
Washington, July 12.-Advances
totallug $24,000,000 to assist in the
marketing of cotton havo been ton
to tlvoly approved by tho War Fl
nnnce Corporation, lt was announced
to-day by Director Meyer. The two
Carolinas are to share the major por
tion of the sum, the advancos pro
viding $10,000,000 for the North
Carolina Cotton Growers' Co-opera
tive Marketing Association and a Uko
amount for tho South Carolina or
ganization. Of tho other $30,000,000
will be allotted to tho Alabama Farm
Duroau Crop Association and $1,
000,000 to tho Arkansas Farmers'
Union Cotton Association.
In announcing the loan approval
Director Meyer said it is expected
I that only a portion of tho amounts
authorized will bo advanced by tho
corporation, and that tho banks in
the Interested sections will do the
greater part of tho financing for the
associations named.
Satisfaction at Headquarters.
Columbia, July 12.-Tho War Fi
nance Corporation at Washington to
day approved an advance of $10,000,
000 tot?he South Carolina Cotton
Growers . Co-operative Association.
Announcement of DB action was
niado after a hoarlng In Washington
this "morning at which were present
P. G. Kaminer, of Gadsden, president
and general manager of tho associa
tion; L. D. Jennings, of Sumter, a
member of tho executive committee;
j W. Rogers Scarborough, of Blshop
! ville, treasurer, and j. Popo Mat
thews, of Columbia. Marold C.
Hooker, secretary of tho association,
rccolved a telegram this afternoon
from Mr. Kaminer, slating that tho
application had been approved.
The ten million dollars will ho
used in making advancos to members
of tho association on delivery of their ''
cotton. Each member will get 60
per cent of tho current market value
of tho grado of cotton dollvorod to
the association at tho limo of Its de
Great satisfaction that tho War Fi
nance Corporation had soon flt to
approve the loan was expressed by
officials of the association to-night.
They anticipated no difficulty in tho
financing of the association, how
With tho officers and many of the
technical heads of the association
choson, tho financing problem solved
and headquarters seertred, the direc
tors will now tackle tho warehouse
problem. Many warehouses over tho
Stato have already boen offered tho
association, and no trouble ls ex
pected in securing ample storago
No Worms In a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have en un
healthy color, which indicates poor blood, end as a
nile, there Is moro or less stomach disturbance.
larly for two or thrco weeks will enrich tho blood.
Improve tho digestion, end act as a general Strength
ening Tonio to tho whole system. Naturo will then
throw off or dUoo! the v/errae, and thc Child will ba
In perfect health. Pleasant to take. 6O0 per bottle.
Ornngeburg Post?nico Entered.
Oragnoburg, July 12.-One of tho
boldest robberies in many days was
attempted In this city during tho
small hours of the morning, it ia
thought, when a robber or robbers
attoinpted to loot tho local postofflco.
Postmaster Dukos, when asked for
a statement to-day, stated that no
money was missed, but that a small
stamp caso was opened, hut that tho
robber did not tnko any stamps. Tho
marauders did ransack several pack
ages, in which Were clothes of vari
ous kinds, and left the clothes spread
over tho floor. Whether any clotho?
wore taken ls unknown, hut it scorns
: pparoni that thc burglars wore
frightened oft". They did not. try lo
open tho safo. A family lives about
1 , ic<;t trow tho postoffleo, and tho
man who lives there stated that ho
hi ard some nb I so, which ?10 thought
was in his home, about 12.30 a. m.,
and that ho got up. but. found no
one. it is supposed (hat when thht
man got up tho wouh!-bo robber or
robbers flod.

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