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Became J
IN 1003, driving tr
car, Barrley Oldfi
career of victor
earned him the tit
Driver of The Wor
come the tire weakn<
racing difficult and
studied tires-specifi
supervised construct]
Today, Barney 01<
as the "Master '
Starting with the cn
carried the "999" on
seconds, Oldfield
veloped his famous <
which covered 600 n
eight miles an ho
In three yeats Old
won every .important
ican speedways. Th
Highest Price Paid
for Sin
Aotlnjf Superintendent of Mon, Moody
Ulolo Institute, Chicano.
TEXT-Wi tho vit tho shedding of blood'
thero ls no remission of Bins.-Heb. 9:22.\ i
We have been growing, familiar!
with Immensity of values. Tho price!
tugs of almost
everything in life
li a ve he e n
changed In tho
last fow years.
We have learned
to talk of billluns
*W whore only u few
\?' r?M?fo*?*W years since a mil
lion was a for
t u n o. T li l*n g s
have hulked
largo In the af
fairs of men.
Au t o m o b 1 i e s,
phonographs, sub
marines, airplanes, radiographs-these
things have crowded the horizon until
a gross materialism has constituted
the Held of endeavor, struggle and
In the midst of this mad pursuit of
tho temporal and perishing, life, tho
greatest value of all, has been almost
forgotten ; has . become cheap, com
mon, n-surfelt In tho world's market.
Lifo, priceless and precious, crowd
ing the highways and byways of every
day activities, ls ground to dust oe
nenth the wheels of Industry, com
merce and pleasure Tho dally pa
pers aro' ono big catalogue of tho
cheapening estimate of lifo. With
tho speed fever upon us, the priceless
value of lifo is lost sight of, until a
hecatomb of victims is sacrificed on
the altar of accident, preventable dis-,
ease and dissipative follies.
Think Of the source of lifo, tho cost
of its development, Its marvelous pos
sibilities! Then remember thnt life
ls endless, projected Into an eternal
environment of weal or woo, and be
yond ali calculation.
Nothing In tho world of mntter,
however beautiful, however useful,
however wonderful, ls comparable.
Out of Cod's Hook speaks u voice from
every page, telling out the wonders
of life. Hear Christ's unanswerable
question: "What shall lt profit a
man if he gain tho whole world and
lose his life?"
*- Lifo is tho fubulous Inherllnnco of
every human being. Yet Scripture
says it is the price poid'tor the cheap
est, commonest commodity In the
world-sin. Sin that pushes its dark
ugly face up everywhere; that
abounds llko woods growing alike in
tlio most carefully cultivated gardens
and on the deserted burren refuse
heaps ; that pollutes tho atmosphere
of city, town and hamlet until they
reek with the foulest poisons, Hie
deadliest fevers, the cruelest defile
men ts.
Sin is so plentiful, so rampant, so
penetrating thnt lt ls unescupahle.
It ls tho enemy of life, Its Implacable
and undofentable nemesis. It ls a
rapid Infection, a treacherous con
tagion, a deadly poison gas, a loath
some leprosy. And It ls an Indivisible
part of huninn nature. God, who nlono
knows tho honrt of mnn, declares lt
"deceitful and above all things and
desperately wicked."
__Whnt can heal? What can clennse?
ie "909" racing
ield started his
ies that later
le of "Master
ld." To over
uses that made
dangerous, he
cd material*
on. ^
ifield is known
Tire Builder."
ide tires which
e mile in sixty
gradually d?
mords-a set of
liles at eighty
ur without a
Ifield tires have
race on Amer
ey are the only
American tires th
first place in the 1
They have won :
tive years in the
apolis Sweepstake
Oldficlds have lov
Records and sev?i
The Wichita T
dence of Oldfield ?
ing-when a set <
er?d 34,525 miles <
winter roads-a
tested by the Maj
See your dealei
these rugged tires
field has develop
through a lifetim
experience. Thei
convince you th;
Most Trustworth
What cnn remove? How "cnn we es
cupe? Tlie answer Is In the text-the
Shedding of blood ls the price of sin's
remission, and the lifers In the blood.
Life, the highest price paid for sin,
the cheapest commodity. ?
Life ls paid when Its blood ls shed.
This has always been recognized ns
the noblest net, the supreme sacrifice,
the richest expression of Intelligent
consciousness. It ls this which trans
figures the Indescribable horrors of
wnr, that wreathes with crowns of love
and affection the hero in any causo
who unselfishly, chivalrously glws nil.
Tho awful experience of the World
war brought near to hearth and home
the real value of life, und thc nenrer
lt enme to our hearth and home, the
greater its value. If It claimed the
liest, the dearest, our all, then, oh
how priceless the price we paid, he-"
cause of the awful tragedy of sin
the horrible misunderstanding of na
tions and peoples.
Men began to call death In battle
the supreme sacrifice, and Impute to
Jt eternal merit and efficacy ; hut lt
is still written: "Neither ls their sal
vation in any other, for there is none
other name under heaven given among
men whereby we must be saved," *
It Is the shedding of blood that re
mits sin, the blood of the sinless
Christ of God. He shed His blood,
ne gave Ills life. He paid the price.
Sin ls remitted. God can save you.
What can wash away my sin?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
What can moko me wholo annln?
Nothing but tho blood of Jesus.
What ought to bo the response of
sinners to such a Savior? "Just ns I
am, O Lamb of God, I como."
The Land of Milk and Money.
And the Lord said unto Moses, De
part, and go up hence, thou and thy
people which thou hast brought up out
of tho land of Egypt, unto the land
which I swear unto Abraham, to Isaac,
and to Jacob, saying, Unto thy seed
will I give it: and I will send an angel
before thee; unto a land flowing with
milk and honey.-Exodus 83:1-3.
Eternal Things.
We look not at the things which are
seen, but at the things which ure not
seen; for the things which are seen
nre temporal ; but the things which
arl not seen uro eternal.-II Corin
thiuus 4:18.
Hall's Catarrh Medicine
Those who nre in a "run down" con
dition will notice that Catarrh bothers
them igueh more than when they are
In good health. Tills fnct provos that
while Catarrh is n locul disenso, It ls
greatly Influenced by constitutional
conditions. HALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE ls a Tonic nnd Rlood Puri
fier, and nels through tho blood upon
the mucous surfaces of the body, thus
reducing the Inflammation and restor
ing normal conditions.
All druggists. Circulars free.
Fi J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Gas Down Two Cents.
Now York, Aug. 3.-Tho Standard
Oil Company of Now Jorsoy to-day
announcod a reduction of two.conts
a gallon in tho prlco of gasoline.
- i
Tho narrowest width of tho Strait
of Gibraltar ls olght and one-half
at have ever taken
. rench Grand Prix,
For three consecu
! 500-mile Indian*,
?a. So far in 1922',
/ered four World's
n track records.
est Run gave .evi
mperiority in tour
af four Cords cov
Dver rutted, frozen,
performance at
ror of Wichita.
r and get a set of
i that Barney Old
>ed and perfected
e of practical tire
r performance will
at they are "The
y Tires Built."
ii?;. p
Was n Cripple, and Besides His Name
Nothing; is Known'of Him.
(Sparenburg Journal, 3d.) ? I
Elmer Lewis, a white man about I
55 years of ago, was found dead in !
his room at Mrs. II. C. Bell's board-,
ing house on Magnolia street-about
noon to-day. Mr. Lewis had been In !
tho city for soveral days1 selling pen
elis. Ho was a crlpplo and carno
to Spartanburg at intervals. Ho was
well known at tho hoarding house,
but he had never spoken about any
relatives, and left nothing to indi
cate where his family lives.
A few hours beforo his remains
were found Mr. Lewis went to the
kitchen for somo hot water with
which to shave. When he did not
come to lunch, before tho tablo was
cleared off a lad was sent to his
room for him. The lad found him
lying on the floor with lils faco down.
He thought the man asleep and re
ported that he could not awaken
him. An investigation disclosed the
fact tliat he was dead, and had ap
parently just died a few moments
before bing found.
All efforts to locate any one re
lated to him have been futile so far.
It ls thought that his family probably
lives somewhere In Georgia.
Congressman Padgett Dend.
Washington, Aug. 2.-Representa
tive Lemuel P. Padgett, of Tennes
see, died early to-day at his homo
Mr. Padgett, who was war-tlmo
chairman of tho IIouso naval com
mittee, had boen 111 at his resldenco
for two months. Tho body will bo
taken to his homo nt Columbia,
Tenn., for burial.
iFirst elected from the Seventh
Tennessee district to tho 57th Con
gress, Mr. Padgett had served con
tinuously for twenty-two years. He
y/as tho dean of tho dolegfttlon.
Because of his Illness he had hoon
una bio to return to Tennessee to
conduct his campaign for renomina
tion In the State primary, sot for to
morrow. While ho had' opposition,
his friends believed that there was
llttlo danger of his defeat.
In the recent House fight over tho
naval appropriation hill Mr. Padgett
attracted attention by standing firm
against efforts to reduce tho person
nel of the navy below tho figuro
Which tho President and tho depart
ment regarded as unwise. Although
most members of his party voted to
cut tho enlisted forces, Mr. Padgett
opposed it, declaring his cxperlnoco
as former head of tho naval commit
tee convinced him tho country could
not afford to "go as low" as tho
. framers of tho bill had contemplated.
An electric locomotivo in switch
ing scrvlco calls for tho consumption
of only about ono-fourth tho amount
of coal used by a steam locomotivo
doing tho same wnrk.
Extension Department. Moody
Ulolo InatlUitc, Chicago.
TEXT-The Lord bless thoo, and koop
theo: Tho I^ord make lils fuco shine upon
tl ice, and be gruclous unto theo: The
Lord MCt up His couiitonanco upon thee,
and give thoo pcuco.-^Numbors 6:24-28.
Th? music of heaven rings lu these
words I Th reo measures of the divin
est melody ever
heard, a bar from
Ute infinite an
them to soothe
tho spirit with
heaven's calm
and turn the
whole life into a
long Sabbath day.
Mark the ele
mente in this
benediction, as
they reveal God's
attltudo toward
Ills people and
tell of His actlvl
Hes on their hehnlf.
i "Jehovah bless theo." You can
not explain that word, "bless." It
breathes Itself into tho soul like a
rare perfume, but you cannot tell
what lt ls. It touches the weary life
like a tender mother's hand and lifts
lt up Into rest and strength. You
know by sweet experience what lt ls,
but you cannot defino lt. It ls tho
heart of God disclosed. It embraces
all other elements found In this bene
diction; the keeping, the shining face,
graciousness, the uplifted countenance,
the gift of peace. That ls His bless
ing. Who that has beheld the cross
has seen tho Well-Beloved hanging
t?tere, can question what that great
heart holds for him? "He that spored
not his own Son, hut delivered Him
up for us all, how shall Ho not with
Him freely give us nil things?" Oh,
let us magnify that word, "bless."
2. "Jehovah make his face shine
upon thee." If His blessing reveals
HIS heart, this discovers His nearness.
Not afar off, but nigh. Do not think
of Him ns far away In heaven, veiled
away In His own eternity, unknown
and unknowable. There is no distance.
"Ye who sometime wore for off are
made nigh by the blood of Christ." In
that place of. nearness, His face shines.
What joy to know that the fnce frotu
which heaven nml earth shnll lice away
and that ls against them that do evil.
ls shining upon those In whoso midst
He dwells.
8. "Jehovah lift up his countenance
upon thee." Frequently have tho Lord's
people been heard to say thnt Ho lins
hidden 1R8 fnce from them. It can
j not lie I For He who looks upon His
J belov&l Son with unchanging delight
sees you. ?nd me ever In Him and
i cannot turn nwny from us. If there
j be hiding, lt ls you who nie doing
! it, not He. Tho clouds that obscure
the sun do not como from the sun.
4. The Lord he gracious unto thee.
This attitude explains all else. His
grace ls His kindness to the unde
serving. / Grace ls not a frame of mind
or n state of so,ul, hut the nttltudo of
God. "By grace are ye saved" and
over and over again, because we are
so slow to believe lt and because Ho
desires we should do so, comes the
salutation : "Grace be unto you."
But not only In His nttltudo but
In His activities on our behalf do we
see how all His heart ls occupied for
Ju Jehovah keep thee. This ls our
assurance and our security that He
who ls gracious keeps us for His own.
"Kept by tho power of God." "Je
hovnlt is thy keeper," says tito Psalm
ist, and they are safe Indeed whom
He keeps. But not alone ns His own
possession. He will keep that life
in all Its dally affairs as though you
were His only child and His solitary
care "Jehovah keep thee." That im
plies what Scripture elsewhere cm
pbnslzes and what every hour of your
experience has proved: that you can
not keep yourself. "I am not being
put to shame," says the apostle, "for
. . . ho is able to keep that which
I have committed unto him." Not my
soul only, but my dnily life. O soul,
if Ile is not keeping thee, thou art be
ing put to shame. Every manifestation
of the flesh puts you to Blinnie. Every
lmputlont word, every unworthy deed
puts you to shnmo. He cnn keep you
and Ho will If you but give Him a
chance. Turn that lifo over to Him
nnd seo what He can make out of it,
see how He con keep It in holy
triumph and Joy.
2. The inst clement-last sweet,
lingering strain of tho anthem-ls
pence. "Jehovah give theo peace." In
all the wide universe, in all the
tongues that men have spoken, there
ls nu greater word. First salutation
of tho Risen Christ, "Peace bo unto
you;" last thing In Ills valedictory:
"Pence I leave with you." "He Is
our peace." O soul, anxious, care
worn, tossed and driven, fold this
blessing of God to thy poor heart. His
own peace ls for your present posses
sion. Ho desires you" to have lt.
Rave you seen tho full slgnificnnco
of tills blessing? Tho divine linnie oc
curs threo times, nnd three ls tho
number o? tho God-bend, sum of all
divino fullness. The connection of tho
three Persons With the thrco parts of
tho blessing can be easily traced. All
thnt God ls ls thus engngod for us:
Fnther, Son and Holy Spirit occupied
with us and for UP, and nil that wo
may bo blessed. Oh, who would live
nu unblest life? Who would he so
miserable? Give me this blessing of
God and I nm rich Indeod. My heaven
has bogun with Its liol (ness and it?
Joy I
Buy this Cigarette and Save Money
Complote Fuir Exhibit Pinioned by
U. S. Rcpt, of Agriculture.
Whether it's entertainment or
information they seek, fair-goers
this year aro sure to find many fea
tures of intorest in tho exhibit of
the United States Department of Ag
riculture at tho South Carolina Stato
Fair, at Columbia.
There is something there for
everybody, young and old, and no
pains havo boon spared by the vari
ous bureaus of tho department, who
aro doing big tilings of vital interest
to the people of the country gen
erally io make tho government dis
plays as complete and attractive as
Tho exhibits will cover about four
thousand feet of floor space and will
illustrate tho activities of the de
partment and the results achieved
for tho betterment of American ag
riculture. A wide variety of displays
will be used. There will bo actual
working models that give a realis
tic presentation of the subjects they
illustrate. Some of theso are of par
ticularly ingenious construction.
There will bo beautifully colored
transparencies, charts, maps and
photographs. Instruments and ap
pliances of all kinds used in tho vari
ous activities of the department will
bo on display to show how the work
of every day value, to the peoplo of
the country is performed. ? .
Among tho exhibits of tho bureau
of agricultur.il economics is to be
ono illustrative of the radio nows
service, by moans of which tho bu
reau's market information is dis
seminated throughout tho country by
wireless. Thoro will also be a grain
grading exhibit and demonstration,
and Hie work of the bureau in stand
ardizing market baskets and ship
ping containers will be on display,
including colton standards, sources
o( damage, manufacturing and ware
houses. There will also be a trans
parency case showing tho various
grades of livestock animals and tho
moat cuts. /
Among tho exhibits of the bureau
of animal Industry will be a self
feeder for swine, breeds of swine,
an Oliver house and colony growing
house for poultry, trap nests, meth
od of culling tho farm flock, methods
of tick eradication, a cow barn and
milk house for a small herd, the or
ganization and results of a bull asso
ciation, method of treating hog chol
era, tho damage done by tuberculosis
in cattlo, and methods of eradicating
tho disenso, the standard breeds of
sheep, methods of shearing, and the
docking and castrating of lambs.
Tho bureau of plant Industry will,
photographically, .show tho ulseases
that attack fruits, citrus fruits, her
ries and vegetables, in tho Held, in
transit and in .storage, and methods
of controlling samo; also cultural
methods used in producing good seed
corn and forage crops. Typo heads
of tho leading varieties of oats and
rico will bc shown, as well as speci
mens of sugar cano. A cabinet de
picting tho methods and results of
tree surgery will also bo shown.
How to waterproof leather and
other materials for farm usc will be
shown by tho bureau of chemistry,
Of particular interest are two sots
of harness-ono in good ordor that
has boon used for 34 years on n
farm, and another that, because of
neglect, is roady to ho discarded af
ter four or five years of uso. Tho
bureau will also show how it con
demns and destroys foods that aro
unsuited for uso in thc enforcement
of tho puro food and drug act. There
will also bo exhibits showing coun
try hides and skins, tho skinning of
animals, tho skinning of calves and
sheep, and proteins and amlno-nclds.
Tho difference in the resisting quan
tics of waterproofed and un water
proofed canvas will also bo illus
The exhibit of tho forost sorvico
includes a plea for protecting tho
forests against fires and mothods of
fighting! Aro in tho national forests;
also woodland models showing the
proper caro of woodlands with ro
I spect to thinning for better wood
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A bulletin from donison CoUogo
"That South Carolina has a great
dormant resource in her futuro meat
producing capacity, a resource that
will ho gradually dovolopcd and
which will utilizo '.ho choap untllla
hlo lands of tho Stale," ls* tho opin
ion of Prof. ti, V. Starkoy, chief of
tho animal husbandry division, who
has recently returned from Western
North .Carolina, whore tho chief
source of income for tho farmer ls
cattlo. rt ls surprising but true that
tho farmers in this section are in
good circumstances. They aro living
In comfortable houses and soom to
have Incomes which supply their
"In fact, in traveling over several
States of tho South and West I have
yet to eeo a livestock section which
ls not prosperous," continued Prof.
Good Pnsturos-Profitable Beef
Thoro aro many farmers in South:
Carolina who believe that on tho
average beef production does not
pay. Perhaps they aro right. But
wo have tho right to ask, why ls lt
thai it does not pay? There aro sovo
ral things which might contribute to
the correct answer to this question,
some of which aro poor soils, poor
pastures, scrub cattle, free rango,
diseases, and tho like. Prof. Starkey
is of tho opinion, however, thal when
we get the right sort of pastures,
beef production will pay.
There are thousands of acres of
idle land In South Carolina and ns
soon as thoso acres aro put under
fence and the soil which is now baro
ls covered with grass hoof produc
tion con be made profitable. But wo
must not think for a minuto that
this chango will como about in ono
year, nor in live years. Economical
beef production on thin, cheap lands
will he a development that will of
necessity como slowly.
drove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching tho Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, seo how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves thc appetite, you will the??
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grovo's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. Tho blood
needs QUININE to Purify lt and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs hy its Strengthening, Invigo?
sting Effect. 60c
A Favorito Swelling.
A surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hos
pital is fond of stories In which tho
joke ls on tho doctor. He tells this
Ono patient fancied there was
something tho matter with his heart.
His physician mado a cursory exami
nation, which disclosed a quite largo
swelling In the patient's cardiac re
"There certainly appears to ho an
extraordinary swelling right here,"
said tho doctor, tapping with his An
ger on the patient's sido. "We msut
reduce this at once."
Whereupon a faint smile appeared
on the patient's worried countenance.
"Oh, doctor," he exclaimed, "that
swolllng ls my pocket-book. Pleaso
don't reduce lt too much!"
. .
production, otc. A turpentine ex
hibit will show good and bad meth
ods of turpentining, specimens ot
products obtained from resin, tools
used in turpentining, and tho various
stops employed in this Industry. A
working model will illustrate what
happens when hillsides aro deforest
ed. Rainfall will bo simulated on
miniature hills, erosion and floods
will resul where forests ai;o gone.
The bureau of biological survey
will display speclmons of utility rab- ?
bits, brown rats, birds of paradlso
and goura or crowned pigoons, Amer
ican egrets and snowy horons; also
destructive and beneficial birds and
injurious rodents.
The huerou of public roads will/
show models and illustrations of tho
construction of plain macadam and
bituminous macadam roads and tho
brick roads; road relocation and an
8-foot slab-top concreto culvert. Il
lustrations will also bo shown of tho
Federal-aid roads in the Southeast
ern States, and methods of land
Tho weather bureau will display
climatic charts and an instrument
shelter and rain gago, also pictures
showing wcathor bureau buildings
and instrumental equlpmont.
The department has been an exhib
itor at fairs for years, and each
timo with groat success. Tho displays
this yoar are tho product of years
of experience in show methods, and
every possible effort has been mado
to top all previous successes in this

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