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By Stock, Shelor Hughs & Sholor
j S = SliLF ?E 52 A"? " ">T? THO. CANST WOT M .,, ,,AMB TO ANy M ^
Now Series No. 708.-.Volunto LXXIl_No. ai.
Wc have put all our Sum
Table and expect to close I
price will be very cheap.
One case of Chambray at
Also, an odd lot of Qucei
C. W. & J. E
It Pays to Bi
List of Malingers Chosen to Serve nt
Election to be Hold Aug. 20th.
Belmont (School House)-W. B.
Land, M. E. Kelley, Evan Callas.
Bethlehem (Albert Brown's Storo)
-J. H. Brown, W. C. King, Hugh G.
Clemson College (Agricultural
Hall)-M. E. Bradley, E. B. Elmore,
J. C. Littlejohn.
Damascus (Lee's Store) - M. H.
Leo, Q. L. Watkins, L. D. Cox.
Earle's G rovo (Abies' Store)->L.
?-Shirley," J. A-. Patterson,. W*< Hr
Pair Play (Glymph's Storo) -G.
W. Davis, M. G. Glymph, J. L. Shel
Friendship (W. C. King's Store) -
K. li, Brewer, NV. C. King, W. H.
High Falls No. 1 (Clerk's Storo)
J. M. V. Clark. R. A. Craig, lt. E.
Nimm ons.
High Falls No. :!, or Koowoo (nt
School House) - ll. R. Hoggs, V. \V.
Flrod. J, L. Kell.
Molly Springs (Church) . B. M.
Lee. A. IL Blackwell, C. R. Cobb.
Jocnssoo-.1. T. Cantrell. J.M. Pat
terson, .1. il. Whilmiro.
Jordan la (Old oillcc Building)
W. T. Haynes, C. D. Hughs, I). ().
Little IHver (Church)- R.W. Bur
gess, Jr., C. S. Talley, VV. Bryan Hol
Long Creek (Matheson's Storo) -
J. ll. Phillips. Jr., C. 13. Matheson.
John Thrift.
Madison-B. F. Cleland, R. L. Ad
ams, '. M. Spencer.
Monaghan Mills (Office)-Henry
Mnuldin, Major Kelley, B. E. Hunt.
Newry (Olllce) -Mae N. Gun
tbrope, J, L. Gilliard, Sam N. Hunnl
Oak Orovo (School House)-W. R.
Cobb, J. W. Alexander, A. N. Prich
Oakway (Gambroll's Store) -W.
S. Dearden, IL J. Myers, J. II, Mason.
Oconeo Crook (School Houso)-J.
II. Ilunnicutt, Odes Denton, J. L.
Picket Post (School House)-.LT.
Lay, John Chalmers, Mrs. M. IL Hub
Providence ( Woolhright's Store)
-J. B. Llgon, IL. 1). Hunt, W. N.
Retreat No. 1 (School Houso) -
lt, H. Land, R. M. Haley, Hugh Mar
Rotreat No. ?? (School House) - W.
; Huntor, John Martin, W. B. Me
li n,
H 'urn (W. E. King's) - C. C.
L rilli i, W. H. Williams, Ezra Cro
mi '.
It blend (Storo Building)-Miss
Pearl? -allonger, J. A. Dendy, Ed
gar Sha. kiln.
Salem (Storo Room)-d'.L. Green,
E. B. Haggorty, John Callas.
Seneca (City Hall)-W. Il. Bar
ron, A. M. Adams, Stiles Knox.
South Union (Thomas's Storo) -
E. IL Land, Phil T. Marott, E. C. Har
Shiloh (School Houso)-John Da
vis, John Duncan, Bub Mooro.
Tabor (Wrinn's Storo) -J. A.
Knox. VV. L. Jones, J. Wrinn.
Tamasseo (Chatham's Storo)-Joe
Rutledge. Walter Rankin, .Too Cowan
Tokeena j (Richardson's storo)-J.
W. Reeves,'J. Walter Richardson, T.
C. Burns.
Tugaloo Academy (Powell's Store)
-D. L. Cothran, E. C. Plckons, J.W.
Walhalla (Court. House) -W. J.
Hunt, Miss Addle Tatham, J. N.
Wostmlnstor (J. R. Sullivan's
Storo Room)-W F. Cronshaw, L. L.
Pitts, R. B. Honoa.
ls and Oxfords
I Out
mer Goods on thc Bargain
them out this week? The
7c., worth J5c.'
n Quality Pumps at $2,00.
LA, S. C.
ny for Cash. j&xzr
West Union-E. P. Hutchison, Jas.
P. Novillo, A. T. Smith.
Wolf Pit-'Emory Alexander, Jesse
Lay, S. J. Reese.
Get Good Magistrates.
(Columbia Record.)
No public oftice is inconsequential.
No pu' lie office is without its respon
sibilities. Tho measure of their re
sponsibility is largely the amount of
personal contact between the olllcial
and tho public. Por example, take
the office of magistrate. There is no
position that affords more opportu
nity for making good citizens out of
bad QUOS, or of making disgruntled
oittsf?t?s but bf c?ttfelted Ones. ;
There is no office in tho Stn le in
which the people" should exercise
moro care in the selection of men. lt
is not so important Gmt the magis
trate should know law, although be
should know some law or somewhat
of the processes of the law. Hut tho
principal essential Qualification
should bc common sense. Chief above
all ol' tho requisites of tho ellice of
magistrale 18-C H ARA C TER. .
Look over all the candidates care
fully, in all the counties, for magis
terial responsibilities in the State.
See thal the men chosen are depend
able. There is no telling what con
ditions may arise, and honest, trust
worthy and fearless magistrales can
be of great, service in keeping tho
people of the State in good humor
and within tho hounds ot' tho law.
Heath of .Mrs. Elizabeth Conley.
WheoUono, Aug. IP. Special: The
death of Mrs. Elizabeth Conley,which
occurred nt her homo herc on Sun
day, Aug. "Kith, came as a source of
deep sorrow to many friends. Mrs.
Conley was St; years of ago. She was
tho widow of the Into Samuel G. Con
loy, who preceded her to the grave
moro than fifteen years. Sho was the
mother of twolvo children, four of
whom aro living-Mrs. Anna P. llol
don, of Cordell, Okla.; Miss Mary A.
Conley and Mrs. 1. W. Henry, of the
Mountain Rest section, and Mrs. Will
P. Henry, of Athens, Ga. Sho ls also
survived by th roo brothers and ono
Mrs. Conloy was tho "grandmother
of our community," and was greatly
beloved and respected by all who
knew her. Sho had been a patient
stiff or or for a number of years. In
the days of her activo Ufo sho was
over ready to administer to the sick
und holp tho poor, and hor long and
useful lifo was that of an humble,
devout Christian. Sho will bo very
greatly missed, not only in t li o homo,
hut by all of the entire community.
Her funeral services we.ro conduct
ed nt Double Springs church by tho
pastor, Rev. D. A. Jeffcoat, in tho
presence of a largo concourse of sor
rowing relatives and friends.
Probrain of Leathers Reunion.
Following is ibo program for tho
Leathers reunion to bo held nt South
Union church on Aug. 30th:
Devotional, conducted by Churlos
Ton minutes' talk by Rev. W. W.
Loathers. (Subject of lils own selec
Special music. Song by tho con
Talk of ton minutes by Rov. G. J.
Irabam. (Subject of his own selec
Reports of present comiiiiitees; ap
pointment of new committees for nn
Hlior year.
Song. Adjourn ni ont for dinner,
W. M. Lom mons, for Com.
.Pineapples at times attain weight
sf sovontoon pounds. v
Will Open Session Sept. 4th-List of
Those Composing Faculty.
Tho Walhalla Public Schools will
bogin the 1922-23 session on tho
morning of Sept. .1th at 9 o'clock.
Tho public ls invited to be prosent
at tho opening oxerclseS.
1 wish to call attention to the fact
that the compulsory attendance law
will be enforced tho first four months
of school, This means that every
child In tho district, betwoon .the
ages of eight and fourteen, must at
tend school tho first four months.
Teachers for tho Session.
Tho teachers are as follows:
High School-M. K. Fort, mathe
matics; 13. N. Singleton, French and
science; Miss Lola Kuafmnn, history
and English; Mjss Elizabeth Derrick,
Latin and English; Miss Frances
Earle, commercial department; R.
D, Pooro, agriculture.
Grammar School
j First Grade-Miss Clara Steele.
Second Grade-.Miss Resslo Mick
Second Grade-Miss Nettie Hub7
I Third Grade-Miss Janie Harri
i Third Grade-Miss Marian Hot
I Fourth Grade - Miss Mary Lee
La ne.
Fourth Grade-Mrs. L. A. Probst.
I Fifth Grado - Miss Willie Hello
1 Duckett.
Sixth Grade-Miss Kate Yarbo
rough. ,
Seventh Grade-Mrs. L. T. Cov
Mill School - Mrs. Claude Reid,
Mrs. H. R. Hughs. s
Mr. Singleton will have charge of
tho high school athletics, and we
hopo to put out good foot ball, bas
ket ball and base ball teams. Mr.
Singleton is attending tho coaching
school at the University of South
Carolina and reports that he is get*
ting much good from tho course.
M. K. Fort, Superintendent.
Votp for O. D. Seay for State Supt.
of Education.-adv.-*
The McDonald^^iuniiy Roitnloii.
A reunion of tho Mrs. Annie Dun
lap McDonlad family was hold at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. R. N. El
lis, near the Oakwny section of (Ico
neo county, oh Aug. 112, this being
tho flfith birthday of Mrs. McDonald.
She is not so feeble as one might sup
li?se at this ripe old age
As the friends and relatives gath
ered there was a good, old-time hand
shaking. Thc crowd assembled in
tho house, where a dovolion.il ser
vice was hold and some splomlid
singing engaged in.
About 12.SO a bountiful dinner
was spread on a long table in the.
grove near tho house. This table
lacked nothing to show the blessings
tilt nt have 'been bestowed upon nil
pi osent. After dinner some pictures
wore made and more singing enjoyed.
Mrs. McDonald is the mother of
niue children, six of whom are still
living. Those who have passed on
before are as follows: Myra A. Mc
Donald. D. W. and Simon. Those at
tending tho reunion v/oro H. C. Mc
Donald, Andy and A. F. McDonald,
Mrs. Susan Allon, Mrs. Cely Connelly
and Mrs. R. N. Ellis. She also 1ms 12
grandchildren and 111 great-grand
children and ono great-great-grand
Thoso present besides Mrs, Mc
Donald's children were: Mrs. A. F.
McDonald and family, Mr. and Mrs.
H. B. McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Paul
McDonald, Silas McDonald, Mr. and
Mrs. B. A. Williams, Mr. and Mrs.
Will H. King. R. D. Lip ford, Mr. and
Mrs. Grady Filis. Mr. and Mrs. Xortle
Ellis, Mrs. Mary Grant, Eulus black.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Flwoll, Miss Verna
lvester, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ow
ens. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Slnton, Mrs.
W. IL Grant. Mr. and Mrs. F. A.
Mooro. Jackson Miller, Elbert llag
erty, H. H. Yarborough, J, T. Con
nolly, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Fills and
Winifred Yarborough-all of Oconco
county. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McDon
ald and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carson,
of Gainesville, Ga.; Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Martin and Mr. and Mrs. Ho
mer McDonald, of Commerce, Ga.;
Mrs. Leila Ga m broil, of Cornelia,
Ga.; Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McDonald
and family, Mr. and ,Mrs. W. A. Mc
donald and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Mack Hamilton, J, M. Carpenter and
Bruce Kilby, of Easloy, S. C.; Mr.
and Mrs. Martin Singleton, of Town
ville, and F. M. Morris,of Chosen,
Fla. Those who carno from Liberty,
B. C., were Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Hughes and son Frank, Mr. and Mrs.
?Jool Hughes and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Loo Summoy and family, .lulo Gil
strap. W. C. Dlckard and Miss Btolia
Holcombe. Ono present.
Revival Services Regln 4th Sunday.
The revival services which woro
to have begun nt Liberty Baptist
church on tho first Sunday ol this
month wero postponed, and will be
gin on tito fourth Sunday morning
nt 11 o'clock. Bro. R. F. Jones, tho
pastor, will bo nsslstod by Rov. W.
F. Sinclair, of Walhalla.
Subscribe for Tho Couvlor. (Host.)
IVc-NiflgUnl A (Tali .? Hold Center or
Attraction on Social Calender.
Scneife, Aug. 22.-Special: Mrs.
Franoi?B. Adams, of Kings) reo, is
visitinaan tho home of her parents,
Mr. amKMrs. <G.W. Gignllllat, Sr.
Mra.W..' L. MoWhorter, of Tampa,
iFla., npfjfle a brief visit, recently to
SunecaSlcr former home, after hav
ing spHt part of the summer in
Waynoiville, N. C., and Greenville,
MrsAranklln McCracken and son,
LeRoySmve returned to Knoxville,
Tonn.j?fter a week's visit to Mrs.
McCra&on's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
M. L. (Rx, near town. f
Miss/ljtaric Burgess came over from I
Greenvale Thursday morning on a
visit t'?her brother, Dr. J. 'II. Bur
gess, alu family. She returned home
the sal? afternoon. It is gratifying
to the Krally and numerous friends
of Dr;?urgess to learn that he is
?slightlwlmproved from the recent
slroke3?f paralysis, and tho sincere
hope Ismhat ho may soon be entirely
restore? to his usual health.
MissfiPloronce Collins, of Mont;
gomorjft Alu., is the attractive house
guest; ipr a few days of Mrs. S. K.
Denuy?Mlss Collins will go from
hore : tdfiJocassoo camp for probably
tho jreifiinder of the camp season.
Dr: ?{md Mrs. W. J. Lunnoy, Mrs.
Rusk?nRAnderson, little Lucian An
dersouJ/Mlss Dora Dumas and Miss
Thoin.Bp^p, of Summerville, returned
honie Sfiturday from a delightful mo
tor trJp{,to Asheville and othor places
of interest In the mountains of
Norf^ Carolina.
Thj? Methodist church was filled to
Its ^til^est capacity, many standing
in thej vestibule, at the union services
Inst \8Unday evening. The sermon
dellyere?d by Rev. Marshal Woodson
from^thfe text, "Tho wages of sin is
deata.'if His message was earnest
and\&Sseful nnd held the undivided
attention, of tho congregation.
MJ^k^nnio Hunter was the guest
of l^nor yesterday afternoon when
MrstfSff D. Nield entertained thc
b, of which Miss Hunter is
. and is composed of about
.young makis and matrons.
nienl ire' served. Tho brldo-eloet
svaS showered with good wishes for
a happy wedded life.
A lovely social affair honoring M?3S
Hunier as a bride-elect was the party
given Friday evening by Miss Mary
Hines, five tables being attractively
arranged for bridge. Quantities of
garden flowers were used in the
rooms In the decorations. Later the
cards wbro laid aside and ices and
cake wore served. Channing little
paper eaps were the favors and were
worn as the party formed couples
and marched around tho rooms, then
on the lawn, led by tito fair honoree
and In-. Hines. Following next, in
order were Miss .Mary Hines and
die groom-to-be. Thornwell Senn.
Under a largo oak the brdlo's cake
was artistically arranged on a table,
and brilliantly lighted. All weill
merry, especially so when the groom
to-be eui tho ring, .and all the other
emblems wore cut by tho young men
of (he party. At Ibis time Dr. Hines.
I In a few appropriate words, presented
to Miss Hunter a handsome silver
chocolate sot from ?he South Caro
lina Medical Association as a mark
of tho appreciation of the valuable
services she rendered the association
ns stenographer for Dr. Illnos, who
ls secretary of the State Medical As
sociation. Tho marriage of Miss Hun
ter nnd Mr. Senn will take place to
morrow at noon.
Another pro-nuptial attention that
was shown Miss Hunter was an after
noon party glvon by Mrs. R. H. Ren
fro on Monday. Bunch was served on
the porch by Misses Mary Hines and
Sara Davis. Quantities of lalo sum
mer flowors, golden glow and yellow
daisies, wero used in decorations.
"True and Tried" recipes wore writ
ten on gold bordered paper by tho
guests, and whon compiled formed
a valuable cook book, which was
presented hy (ho hostess. The color
scheine of yellow and white was al^o
evidenced In block cronin and angel
food cako, which was sorved. The
bride-elect was blindfolded, after ho
ing led around the room, and was
showered with confetti. When tho
bandage was removed sho ?nw a tea
wagon, beautifully decorated and
loaded with lovely miscellaneous
gifts, tho most conspicuous one being
a doll bride standing in the midst, of
the packages. Tho gifts boro silent
testimony to the popularity of Miss
Cnrd of Thanks.
Editor Koo woo Courier:
We desiro, through tho columns
of your pa por, td express our sincere
thanks to our frionds and neighbors
who so kindly helped us during tho
Illness and nt tho death of our dear
husband and fa thor; also for the
many beautiful floral offerings. May
God richly rows rd them ls our earn
est prayer, Mrs. W. R. Taylor
(adv.) and Children.
Tho Ufo of a camel ls from 40 to
50 years.
Tho Island of Ceylon has moro
milos of railway than have sovoral
of tho South American countries.
At Westminster Presbyterian < 'lunch
nt Four O'Clock in Afternoon.
Everybody in Oeoneo county who
?111 attend is cordially invited to bo
at tho Westminster Presbyterian
church next Sunday afternoon at 4
o'clock. Tills Is to Iro another rally
mooting, preparatory to tho .great
Gipsy Smith evangelistic meeting to
bo hold at S?neca Sept. 3d to 24th.
Tho meeting at Walhalla last Sun
day afternoon was great.-an unox
pectetlly large congregation and no
liinit, to tho enthusiasm, and there
was great good accomplished.
Let tho people of Westminster In
particular bo on hand at tho Presby
terian church lu that town next Sun
day, and all those from other towns
and sections will ho welcomed, and
uro not only invited, hut urged to at
Indications point to ono of tho
greatest meetings-THE GREATEST
MEETING-over held in Oconce,
and these preparatory meetings are
of untold value lu "preparing tho
harvest for tho reaper," the great
Gipsy Smith, who has done great and
good and lasting evangelistic work in
every part of tho United Suites
North. South. East and West.
Do at Westminster next Sunday af
ternoon and lend your Influence for
tho advancement of this groat cause.
Voto for O. I). Sony for State Supt.
of Education,-adv.-*
Westminster Man Made President of
South Carolina Association.
Gaffney, S. C., Aug. 17.-Hurts
ville was chosen for thc next annual
convention city by tho South Caro
lina Rural Letter Carriers' Associa
tion, which closed its two-day ses
sion here at 1 o'clock Tuesday after
noon after completing one of its
most successful meetings. Sixteen
resolutions were adopted by tho car
riers, and ono of those was In ex
pression of appreciation of tho hos
pitality Gaffney folk oxtended the
visiting delegates.
t Afc IhVvta^iu?s)? session Monday
evenTftfr 1h*Wo 'court 'house the bm
ccrs of tho association wer?1 re-elect
ed as follows: W. M. Lom m ons, of
Westminster, president; J. E. H. Mc
Cartha, of Leesville, vice president;
H. Ct. Grim, of Moores, secretary.
The following delegates were chos
en to represent thc State association
at tho national convention, which
will be held at Buffalo, X. Y., on Septo
1 !) to '22, inclusive: C. I>\ Glan lon,
Gaffney; J. R. B. McCartha, Lees
ville; H. G. Clim, Moores; M. Mel
lotto, Slimier, and C. .1. Aull, -New
berry. The president, Mr.'Lommons,
will attend the, national convention
as an exofflcio delegate
In Pickons-Spoke (<> Nearly Two
Thousand in Homo County.
Mr. MoCravy, yesterday at Bick
ens, discussed cotton futures and im
migration, and declared that the
price of cotton was often depressed
by excessive gambling on the stock
market, and the farmers and people
of the South were caused to lose mil
lions of dollars. Ho said that ho was
not running on the sins of Mr. Domi
nick, hut that he had tho right to
deal with his record, for that ls pub
lic property. Ho took Mr. Dominick
to task for what ho terms his incon
sistency in his opposition to tho ag
ricultural bloc, which ls a non-par
tisan organization of Senators from
the South and West. Ho said that
Mr. Dominick was trying to make
the impression on the minds of the
people that this agricultural vbloc
was a high tariff organization, and
said that Mr. Dominick was in error
when ho undertook lo make such
impressions, and asked his audience
If tiley bolioved that the Senators
from Georgia, South Carolina and
other Southern States would bolong
to an organization like that? He
stated that tho farm bloc .was tho
only organization that had sought to
do anything to relieve this financial
depression. Ile also lanibastod Mr.
Dominick for having lils brother,
Harry, on the Congressional pay
roll, and said that his information is
that Mr. Harry Dominick runs an oil
mill at Newberry and doos nothing
for the government in return for tho
salary ho draws. He closed amid
great applause and an ovation was
given him.
. This is a short synopsis of the
speech dellvored by Mr. McCravy
and published hy tho Ensloy Pro
gros.- (adv.)
Tho Hrucke-lluhbard Reunion.
Tho reunion of tho Brucke-Hub
bard families will bo held noxt Sat
urday, Aug. 20, at tho old homo of
Myra Br?cke, near Bothol Presbyter
ian church. All relativos and friends
aro invited to como and bring woll
fllled bankets, Wo want to make it
a most ploasant day and successful
reunion. Mrs. M.M.Br?cke.
Thcro aro fower foreign-born
farmers in the South than in any
othor section of tho country.
Spoke- nt Walhalla Momlny - Dargo
Crowd W?M Present.
, -
According to schedule, tho Stato
candidates reached Walhalla Mon
day morning and prosented (their
claims bofore an audionco of approx
imately twelve hundred peoplo at
tho High School Auditorium. Tho
weather was lino, wator plontlful,
candidates generally in good humor,
and the crowd reasonably patient.
There wore two very gratifying fon
tures-a largo number of ladies wero
present, and if there was any disor
der of any kind, wo have not hoard
of lt. Murrah for Oconeo county!
Tho Fun Bogies.
At lu o'clock County Chairman J.
M. Drown, in his usual happy man
ner called tho meeting to order and
requested all spitters, if such should
he present, to walt until thoy got
outside to go into action, but what
ever they did, not to ruin tho floor.
Ho then proceoded to introduco tho
speakers, lu tho order provided by
their program. Thoro wore so many
of them, that wo aro unable to glvo
even a synopsis of their remarks in
dividually. All expressed a sincere
desire to reduco taxes, but offered no
specific remedy, oxcopt in a yory
goneral way. When the campaign
has boen finished tho pooplo of tho
State should bo thoroughly informed
ns to our appropriations and oxpon
ditures, schools and colleges, roads
and brldgos, soldiers and sailors,
convicts and ox-convicts, paroles and
non-paroles, thoso that aro patriotic
and thoso that are not, and ono or
two other subjects that happened to
pop into tho minda of the candidates
as thoy wandered around ?in the
fields of their fortilo imaginations,
for we have boon told positlvoly by .
one candidate that certain things
aro true, and by another, In just as
convincing terms, that tho roverse is
true. So what's a poor clltzon and
ordinary mortal, not endowed with
tho wisdom, foresight and hindsight
of a candidate for political profef
mont, to do, after all?
We aro at least familiar with "tho
systom" and tho "Coluinbin canal,
matter!'--whatever they ;>ere^.-j^tUU.
we are satisfied that tho safety br
tho Stale depends upon their f*Sr%
root manipulation.
We were pleased to note one dif
ference between some candidates and
the boll weevil. The boll weevil bores
tho cotton ami the candidate boros
tho voter, but both will survive un
der proper treatment-that is, tito
cotton and tho voter.
We wore glad to note that all Hie
candidates all favor appropriations
for education, especially in the com
mon schools, for good roads, and for
tho old soldiers. Tho> ire to be
commended for this. Then too, wo
learned that they favor \k\\ enforce
ment. That IS linc, and wo hope that
they practice, what they preach.
Tho audience was apparently very
sympathetic and was quite generous
in encouraging tho poverttl speakers
by liberal applause. The ladies in
the race for Superintendent of Edu
cation seemed to loud spirit,- and
?pico and variety to tho program and
mndo numerous friends among their
hearers, lt might bo woll to men
tion tho controversy bclweon two of
tho ladies as to whether an Oldsmo
bile ls a limousine, or vice versa, and
whether it ls really ' proper or Im
proper for lady candidates to attend
tho political meetings over tho Stato
in Oldsmozlnes or limobllos, But wo
have failed to find out just what
bearing tho question has upon tho
educational system of South Carolina
and tho welfaro of our children. Mi,
ho! What next?
The anecdotes and illustrations
rangod all tho way from tho sublimo
to the ridiculous-some good, somo
not, some now, many stale, but most
of them ?had tho desired effect, and
drew good laughs. Tho audience was
In a laughing humor any way, and
most anything amused them so that
thoy would smile aloud now and
To tho clone observer lt was very
easy to seo who the favoritos were
with tho "crowd. That pleased tho
favored ono and scorned to put "pop"
Into tho others, so lt mado a mighty
fino gathering.
After sitting for flvo and a half
hours and listening to tho pleas of
tho several candidates tho audience
Eidjoruncd in as good humor as they
carno, and all agreed that lt was ibo
finest campaign meeting that has
over boon held In Oconoo.
Wo are betting on tho winnors, so
go to it, boys!
And Just a final word to the vol
ers of Oconoo county: If you at
tended thc campaign mooting you
probably know as much-or ns lit
tle-as to tho goneral fitness of tho
several candidates for tho offices thoy
seek to fill. Thoro is one safeguard
that each of us can tako refuge bo
hind. That is tho individual conscl
snce. Let us take the next r the
casting of the ballot-with ?rl
Dusnoss, consider ns best wo c. . tho
roal man and tho real woman that
Is in tho candidatos, and voto for
tho ones we honestly boliovo will do
tho most good for our Stato in tho
capacity ho or she may servo If for
tune smiles upon them. With that,
our duty will havo been dono and
our consciences will bo clear. ,

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