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Most Miles
per Dollar
i. .*>
Walhalla, ?S. C.
Loral I tonis from Prosperous Com
munity-Omitted bust Weok.
Cnn cross, AUK Li - Sin Cia! ?-- 11'>
avoidably om lt tod last wookV: ino.
f rion UH of Jungo \bboU, of thia placo, J
Will regret lo loam (nat lie ls sut- ]
fe ri hg ii ' li tact ?i typhoid
fever. He has hoon sick about ten
days, but ls doing very nicely, and
we hope for his complete recovery
os soon as possible.
Miss Lettie Darker returned home
Thursday alter spending about two
weeks willi relatives hr Greenville,
Dickens. Calhoun and Seneca. She
was accompanied home by her sister.
Mrs. Kt.hol Du Hose, and children, of
Seneca, who visited here for a while.
li. M. Byrd and family, Mrs. Lillie
Childless anil Mrs. Roxie Greer and,
baby, of Greenville, stunt Wednes
day and Thursday with T. W. Byrd
and family hen;.
J, V, Dilworth, of Coneross; \\'\\-1
Ham Dilworth. of Greenville, and
Misses Rosa Dilworth, of Atlanta,
and Minnie Darker, of this place,
spent last Thursday al tho tunnel
and enjoyed tho cool breezes and
mountain scouery very much.
J, A. Adair and two sons, Yass and
Marvin, of near Carnesvillo, Ga.,
Fpent several days last week here
with Hie former's smi, Luke Adair.
Miss Janie Alexander, tho attrac
tive daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. 0.
Alexander, spent last week in Ander
son with her friend. Miss Nettle He
ron, returning homo Saturday.
A very successful revival meeting
closed yostordny at poplar Spring,
near her?'. Seven were baptized as
the result of the mooting, and quito
a number of o'hers were added to tho
church by lotter and restoration. Hov
Jones, pastor of the First Westmin
ster Ha pt ist Church, .assisted Kev.
Thompson in the services.
.Misses Howley and Pearle llun
siiigcr returned home Thursday wi
lor having attended'tho summer is
sombly at Greenville tho past iwo
weeks. Mi.-s Howley loft Kridny for
Long Creek to resume her work at
that splendid institution, and Miss
Pearle will leave Wednesday for Six
Mile, I'iekens county, where she will
take up work as matron of the Six
Mile Academy.
John Griffin, of Holton, spent last
week With his friend, Roy Arve, of
ibis community,
Quito a number from Coneross at
tended the association meeting at
Westminster last Tuesday and Wed
nesday and enjoyed Ibo services and
tho hospitality of the Westminster
people, tho latter being shown by
their lavish dinners, which were sc rv
ed In tho large tables, which hud
been prepared on Cio grounds and
-of Extr*
IT is all true-?very
going around abcrat
ords and the phonon:
Chances are you rei
full story of the wondi
stone Cords. We'd 13c
the actual facta Tba
make your next tire pi
ness buy. Well expi
tempering of rubber
and the air-bag eui
Tho unusual mileage tx
stir your ambition to reduc
own cat,
A coll on us entails no
-divido the dfahances th<
Firestone prices. Then yo
M ilea per Dollar moans wi
Drop io
80*3 OM?ctd "W . - . ?7??
*>*3X OW?ctd *W - . 6L99
30a3 . ? . . 4? ? ? 8.95
30x334-, iocs
Sold by
their hearty welcome and delightful
entertain ment.
.Mr. and Mrs. Carl MoLaln, of
Monea Path, aro returning home this
morning after spending n few days
with lieu \tcpoua,ld, of this section.
Miss Anna Abbott-, wini ls teaching
iuiueen spent from 1 i (day ( ill
SU ii lay yyith homefolks tioH.
Tho friends of Masdamos J. W.
Alexander und K. B. Fretwell, of
this community, sympathize with
them in the death of their brother,
A. P. Crisp, which occurred in Wal
halla recently. Mr. Crisp had many
friends here,, who were saddened to
learn ol* his ith, and extend sym
pathy to all ' lie bereaved relatives.
Miss Rosa Du worth, of Atlanta, re
turned to 1er work Saturday after
liaving spont the past month with
her mother, Mrs. Mary Dllworth, and
her brothers and sisters hero and at
Seneca, Newry and Greenville. Miss
Dllworth has many friends here, who
were indeed glad to see her.
Miss Lizzie Harker and brother.
.1. C.. spoilt Saturday and Sunday at
Whetstone with their uncle, G. F.
Ila r ker.
Mr. and Mrs. Boss Morgan, of Sen
eca, wore recent guests of Mrs. Mor
gan's brother, S. M. Hunnicutt, of
this section.
Our protracted services will pro
bably begin here on Friday before
tho fourth Sunday in this month, and
let us try to arrange to attend every
service as nearly as possible and be
praying for tho meeline, and try to
make it a great revival in our church.
Our pastor. Kev. Raines, is a man of
great power and strength, but he
needs the support of the church to
accomplish the greatest good possi
ble. Rev, Mr. Lurln will assist Mr.
Kaines in Iiis work here. Mr. Lu ran
is no? a stranger hero, as ho conduct
ed a revival at Pleasant Hill church
last snmmer, and it was tho pleasure
of many of our members to hear him.
Ile conies highly recommended, and
we extei\d a cordial welcome to all
neighboring churches and everybody
io worship with us at these services.
William Dllworth, of Groonvlllo,
spout last week with his cousin, J.
V. Dilworth, and other relatives at
T. D. Alexander. .Jr., and wife, of
Greenville, returned home last Mon
day after spending about three weeks
among relatives in th oso parts.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sheriff spent
Friday and tMurday with the for
mer's father. Monroe Sheriff, and
wife, of the Hopewell community.
Mesdames S. M. Ilunsinger and W.
0. Alexander attended the grandmo
thors' meeting at Mrs. Carl McDon
ald's home at Richland Saturday af
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Adair and chil
dren aro leaving this morning for a
iv Share
i .Mileage
vord of the news thai s
Firestone mileage rec
tenal sales that har o
illy haven't heard tl)?
erful success of Ftjiv
e you to cati and gai
t is one sure way to
i rebase a logical hula-'
iain the blending ar.d
double gun><fipptng- "
-e --special Firesto; \c
ring made ?vetywhetfB .?.iii
? the operating costs of yent
obligation- Get tho itCOtds
?s? Cords aro covering by
all be. convinced that Mos?
nat it says.
?^Aay Timo
30x3*? Regular Shiv , $t 43
30x3% Bxtitt SllO . KM
92x4 .Crt
32x4? 3'-V0
33x3 . .? vM
estminster, ????. ?2
week's visit near Curnesv. ? , Ga,-,
stopping with the former's rother,
Marvin Adair, and vLnilin among
other relatives.
Married, on Saturday ^on, In
Walhai.a, Mis.? Ossie Mehagttead ind
<\ W. Koa Ch, The groomer, of this
commuait} and me brillo I.-, from
' Ahdei on liiej are mukinj their
I iiome Here.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will thou
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonie is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Only One Coleman to Him.
( Yorkvllle Enquirer.)
Three old men of Sharon woro sit
ting under sonic trees in tho town
tho other day talking politics. Two
of them were bitter anti-Uloaseltes.
Tho third was Just as great an ad
mirer of Coleman Livingston Bleaso.
"Well, I'm going lo vote for Cole
niiin this year,'' commented one who
had never voted for Blaso.
Tho Bleaseito said nothing, but he
looked at tho speaker hard and long.
"I think lil vote for Coloman,
too," said the second man, who had
never voted for Blcnse.
"That's right," said thc strong
Bleasoite, "I'vo never voted for any
body else in recent years."
"Who aro you talking about?" in
quired the first man.
"Why, Coleman 'Livingston Blouse,
of course."
"Oh." returned the first, "1 mean
William Coleman, of I nion."
"That is who I mean also," said
the second man.
" umph," retorted tho Blouse
man, I didn't know there was but
one man runnnlg who had a Coleman
in his name."
And the three men parted com
pany then and there, two of them
going tho same direction and one of
them plodding along by himself.
Piles Cured In 6 to H Days
Drti?jtlstB refund monev If PAZO OINTMENT fails
to euro Itching Blind, Rlcedinft or Protruding Piles,
instantly relieves behind Pitea, and you.con i{et
restful ulcrp lifter tho llrst auolkiuioo. PrlcoGOc
The I len mark dykes havo stood
tho storms of moro than 7no yoars.
Before the introduction of centrif
ugal mai hines in 10?o sugar was ?i
light brown Instead of white.
Zoppot, tho Monte Carlo of North
Europe, noar Danzig, advertises froo
?air trips to thoso who ganiblo thoro.
Neuritis In the Fingers and Hands
Has Been Traoed to the Pres
- sure on Nerves.
Be careful not to bind tho strap of
your wrist watch too tight. Several
cases of neuritis In tho lingers and
hands has been trnced to this cause.
Dr. John S. Stopford tells In tho Lan
cet of u student who experienced tin
gling pains along tho Inner borders of
the hand and In tho little linger. These
had persisted for somo time and caused
discomfort and anxiety. On examina
tion a tender point was discovered on
the dorsal surface of the stylold proc
ess of the ulna, and pressure In this
situation cnused pain to radiate from
this point Into the dorsal cutaneous
branch of tho ulnar nerve. Thero was
no sign of paresis or atrophy of any
of tho intrinsic muscles of tho hand,
nor wero any trophic changes found.
On Investigating a cause for this lo
calized neuritis tho only possibility
api>eurcd to be the wearing of a tight
wristlet watch, which clearly could
produce compression of the dorsal cu
taneous branch of the ulnar nerve as
it curved round the lower extremity
of the ulna. On discarding tho wrist
lot tho discomfort gradually disap
She can do about as she pleases,
this little mite of six summers. While
her Aunt Ellen heartily disapproves of
such "goings on" and never fulls to
give some well-meant advice, oven
Bhe cannot always suppress a smile.
The assertive young person was play
ing her mother's expensive victrola
and ns the golden notes of Mme.
GnlUOircl's voice poured forth In
her famous "Dlnornh" record, re
marked: "Say, Aunt Ellen, how can
she sing Uko that?" Aunt Ellen
thought this a fitting occasion! on
which to appeal to the child's better
nature and told hor that God had be
stowed this groat gift upon the singer
nt birth, under the tutolage of fa
mous masters, lt had been brought to
Its present power. Expecting some
sweet childish response, she wns com
pletely taken off her guard at hear
ing her young relative rejoin: "GeA
God gave me somo dizzy voice 1"
Liquor, shipped to foreign countries
for storage on the eve of national pro
hibition, is gradually being brought
back, some by smugglers, some
through legitimate channels. The to
tal of this liquor ls worth $300,000,000
in tlie legitimate market, $1,000,000,
000 If handled by bootleggers, says
John D. Appleby, general prohibition
agent in the New York and Now Jer
sey district At this rate, the boot
legging system takes 233 per cent
profit for tho rlslr lt runs This ve
duces bootlegging to a mathematical
basis, operating on the law of aver
Loather* Family Kcunion.
Tho annual reunion of tho Leath
ers family will ho held at tho South
Union church on tho last Wednes
day in August, the 30th. All the
relatives and friends are urged to
come, and lei's make lt the best re
union wo have ever had.
W. M. Dominons,
For Committee.
Here's Your Pori ridge-Weevil Story.
Chester, S. C., Aug. IC.-Tho dis
cussion as to whether partridges will
eat boll weevils has boon revived in
Chester onco again, due to a part
ridge having boen found on tho farm
of David M. Peden with fifteen boll
weevils in its craw. It is believed
that the bird's death was duo to hav
ing gotten hold of some calcium ar
senate. It was stated hero to-day that
quito a number of farmers In this
county aro going to post their lands
for the purposo of saving tholr birds
from hoing killed by hunters.
Zachary Kennion, Aug. 20th.
The annual reunion of tho Zach
ary family will bo held in Cashiers,
N. C., on Saturday, the 2Glh of Aug
ust. lt is deslrod that all the con
nection attend, as the association has
business of importance to attend to,
this hoing tho 14th rounion.
John lt. Zachary.
Postal Employees Picnic at-Clemson.
Tho postmasters, clerks and rural
carriers of Anderson, Plckons and
Oconee counties will hold a picnic
nt Clemson College on tho first .Mon
day In September, tho Ith. Wo want
ill the postofflce employees of tho
I bree counties present, and we also
Invite all tho patrons of the offices
.nd the rural routes to join us. Wo
will havo a good program that will
he of Interest to each of you.
W. M. Lom mons,
Por Commit loo.
Endeavor to Have Branches Clothed
With Frult-Bearimj Wood-Spurs
Need Protection.
In working around tho treo, avoid
all posslblo Injury to the fruit spurs,
ot course, nnd make every attempt to
see that tho branches are all clothed
with fruit bearing wood. Long, bare
brunches never make for a largo yield,
and waterspouts on these offer u good
opportunity to got fruit spurs and
small brunches* started.
How glorious you will feel. Bother,
when your rheumatism ls all gone? I^cff"
0.8,8. dd lt. Ik will Lolld yon DP. toot
Found Kightecn Chinamen Hoing
Smuggled Over Highway.
Petersburg, Va., Aug.' 17.-Hail
ing an enclosed truck last night at
the Nottoway river, 27 miles from
Petersburg, on tho Florida-New York
highway, United States prohibition
agents looking for liquor captured
eighteen Chinamen, apparently ho
ing smuggled from Florida to Now
York . .
A largo touring car containing two
men, apparently foreigners, acting as
a convoy, was also halted, and all I
24 men wore brought to the Peters- j
burg police station. Tho driver of !
tho truck gavo his name as Angle j
Caccators, ago ?10. 'His companion, ;
an American, gave his name as Lewis j
Miley, aged 25. of Detroit.
United States District Attorney1
Kerr, at Norfolk, this morning swore
out Warrants for all of the twenty
four men. United States deputy mar
shals are oxpoctod here this after
noon to convey the men to .Norfolk.
A Florida license tag was on tho
touring car and a Wes1. Virginia ll- !
cense on tho truck. (
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are free
from nausea and danger.
I^lp snits necessary, as
Calotabs act like calomel
and salts combined. De
mand thc genuine in 10c
and 35c packages, bearing
above trade-mark.
Dial Protests Mail (Merk Reduction.
Washington, Aug. 17.- Having
hoard that thc I'ostofflco Department
as an "economy proposition" is pre
paring to reduce very materially thc
number of railway mall clerks from
Washington to tho South, and that
on tho Southern railway the quota
would be cut. in half, Senator N. B.
Dial to-day wroto to'Postmaster (leu
eral Hubert Work protesting against
tho slop. Tho Senator declared In his
letter that there ls no surplus of
dorks now on tho Southern service
and that if tho force were cut groat
delays in tho handling of the mail
would result, with consequent pub
lie dissatisfaction.
Charleston Bank Closes.
Charleston, Aug. 17.-Tho board
ol' directors of ?he Citizens' Bank, a
State fiduciary Institution, announc
ed at midnight last night that its
doors will bo closed and tho Stato
Bank Examiner asked io lake charge
of its affairs. Clarence lt. I. Brown
ls president. The capital and surplus
aro listed at $150,000.
Hogshead of Liquor on Front Porch.
Fort Madison, Iowa, Aug. 17.
Returning from prayer meeting Mr.
and Mrs. Merritt Van Ausdoll, who
llvo on a farm near hore, found a
hogshead filled with whiskey on tho
front porch of their home. Being
total abstainers they notified tho au
thorities, who took charge of tho
liquor last night.
Tho first stngo coach in America
started from Boston In 1 COI.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
8toi>s tho Cough and Headache and works off the
Cold. E.W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 30c.
S. S. 3. Thoroughly Rids th? Body of
Rheumatiim Impurities
Somebody's mothor is suffering to
night! Tho scourgo of rhoumatlam
hag wrecked her body; limping and
Buffering, bont forward, sho Boes but
the common ground, but her aged
heart still belongs to tho starst Doos
anybody caro? S. S. S. ls ono of tho
.greatest blood-purlftors known, and it
helps build mor? blood colls. Its med
icinal ingredients aro purely vegeta
ble. It never disarranges tho stomach*
It is, In /act, a splendid tonio, a blood
maker, a blood enricher. It banishes
rheumatism from Joints, muscles and
tho entlro body. It builds firm flesh.
It ls what somebody's mothor nooda
knight! Mother, if you can not go
? ic to get a bott lo of 6. S. S. yourself,
uuroly somobody in your family will.
?Somebody, got a bottlo of S. S.S. nowt
Let somebody's motlier begin to foel
Joyful again tonight Maybe, maybo
t's your mother! S.S.8. ls sold at
all drug Btores, in two sizes. Tho
largor elzQ is tho' moro economical.
Tlio Slate of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.
Norwood National Hank, a Corpora
tion, Plaintiff,
vs. s
Mary L. Cary, individually, ns Trus^
tee of W. L. Cary, and as Exocu
.trix of tlio Estate of .lohn C. Cary,
Deceased, W. L. Cary, Frank Ii.
Barrett; P. M. Cary, and J. Nor
wood Cleaveland, Defendants.
To tho Defendant, W. L. Cary, A bo Yo
Named: '
You aro hereby summoned and re
quired to answer tho Complaint in
this action, of which a copy^is here
with served upon you, and to servo
a copy of your Answer to tho said
Complaint on tho subscribers, at
their ollices in the Alasen ic Temple,
Greenville, S. C., within twenty days
after tho servico hereof, exclusive of
tho day of such service; and if you
fail to answer tho Complaint within
the time aforesaid, tho Plaintiff in
this action will apply to the Court
for tho relief demanded in the Com
Greenville, S. C., Juno 23, 1022.
Haynes worth & Haynesworth,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
To tho liefen?Innt, \V. L. Cary:
Please take notice, that the Sum
mons in the nbove entitled action
has been served upon you by publi
cation, and that the Original Sum
mons and Complaint are on Hie in
tho ofTico of the Clerk of Court, In
the County of Oconee, South Caro
Haynesworth & Haynesworth,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Aug. 9, 1922. 32-3,3
The state ot South Carolina.,
County of Oconee.
(In Court of Common Pleas.)
Atlanta Caskot Co., Plaintiff,
J, S. Carier Co., Defendant.
BY VIRTUE of thc power and au
thority contained in four Executions,
under tho hand and seal of \V. J.
Schroder, C. C. P., in four separate
cases, styled as above and to me di
rectod, 1 will oiler for cale, to the
highest biddor, for cash, on Satur
day, September 2d, 1922, ni eleven
o'clock A. M., and until sold, in front
of tho store house of .1. S. Carter
Company, in Westminster, s. C., the
following described personal proper
ty, to-wit:
100 gallons Paint; I set Platform
Scales; 2 barrels Syrup; 1 Organ; l
suit Furniture; 1 Wood Saw Outfit.
Said property to be sold as the
property of J. S. Carter Company,
and to satisfy Judgment of Atlanta
Casket Company.
Sheriff of Oconeo County, S. C.
Aug. 1t>, 1922. 32-33
NOTICE is hereby given, That the
porlod of Compulsory Attendance of
School District No. 26, of Oconeo
County, S. C., (Walhalla. School Dis
trict), will start in said District be
By Order of tho Board of Trus
tees: E. L. II ERNDON,
July 2G, 1922. 30-33
Whereas, by authority of Act No.
149, of tho 1919 Session of tho Gen
eral Assembly, approved tho 7th day
of March, 1010, 1 will offer for salo,
in front of tho Court llouso door, at
Walhalla, S. C., on MONDAY, tho
4th day of September, 1922, botwoen
tho legal hours of salo, the follow
ing described property, lo-wit:
One Oakland Scnsiblo Six Automo
bile Liconse No. B-l 0-007. Samo
soi'/cd from Homer Childers.
Ono Ford Touring Car, Model 20,
License No. A-13-3 98, Motor No.
4 4814 7 7.
One Ford Strip-down, Model 20,
Liconso No. I1-19S, Motor No. (can't
find.) (
All (ho above cars seized and de
clared forfeited and for salo by tho
aut horities by'reason of their hoing
USOd in the unlawful transportation
of Intoxicating liquors in violntlon of
tho Prohibition Laws of tho Sta to of
South Carolina.
The owners may redeem said au
tomobiles on or beforo tho day of tho
salo by paying to tlio County Treas
urer tho actual value of said auto
mobiles, to bo determined by tho
Supervisor and his Board.
Terms of Sale-CASH.
Shoriff of Oconeo County, S. C.
Aug. 9, 1922. 32-35

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