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Toucher of Dlblo Doctrino, Moody
Bible Instituto, Chicago,
TEXT-Now ts Christ rison (rom tho dead
* and broom o the nra t fro tu of them that1
Slept.-t Cor. 10:?0.
. i
Tho Bible is a book of fticts out
of which lssuo groat spiritual truths.
dry bones bad been gathered together,
breathed upon froui heaven, vitalized
and made to stand upon their feet, an
exceeding great army ready for battle.
If you aro a Christian believer, be
ware of that which minimizes the Im
portance of Christian doctrine.
The value . of Christian truth and
doctrine Iles in its ability to supply
spiritual power, to furnish moral in
centive and to linpnrt mental vision
or understanding. This very truth of
Christ risen from the dead, tho first
fruits of them that slept, ls an ex
ample of this. When believed and re
ceived lt operates In a saving ways
"If thou shalt confess with thy mouth
tho Lord Jesus Christ, and shalt be
lieve in thine heart that God hath
raised Him from the doad, thou shalt
be saved.'*
Salvation Comprehensive.
Salvation is u big word, und com
prehends the whole process of God's
remedial work, past, present und fu
ture. It Includes tho resurrection of
Christ ns thc llrstfrults and the res
urrection ol' believers m Christ us the
harvest. The llrstfrults is the pattern
and pledge of the coming harvest. In
tho Mosaic law the Hebrew people
were directed to bring a sheaf of the
field, like other sheaves that w?re to
bo gathered later, and to wave lt be
fore the Lord ns the first sheaf of tho
harvest. So ls Christ presented as
the llrstfrults of tho glorious and
plenteous harvest to come-"Because
. I live, ye shall live also." There ls
spiritual power In tills. What is truo
of our Lord ls true of every believer
in Him. Everything Is made depend
ent on the believer's position as united
to Christ. This underlies the whole
- philosophy of the Gospel message, in
which we. are invited to chungo our
position from headship In Adam to
headship in Christ, who through His
atonement for sin and Ills victory over
dcatli and the grave, has become Sa
vior to all who put their trust In
The doctrine of our identity with
Christ and our participation In His
risen Ufo and victory supplies moral
incentive for a holy walk, and for
sacrificial service. This very truth
of the bodily resurrection of Christ
and of tho resurrection of Christian
believers when Ho returns, is the
ground of tho appeal In I Cor. 15:58
'Therefore be ye steadfast, unmov
nblo, always abounding In the work
of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know
that your labor ls not hi vain In the
The Apostle John used the same ba
als of appeal and finds moral Incentive
la tho same facts-"Beloved, now are
we the sons of God, and lt doth not
yet appear what we shall be, but we
know that when Ho shall appear we
shall bo Uko Him, for wo shall see Him
ns-He ls. And every man that hath
this hope In him purifleth himself, even
as He Is pure."
These great doctrines concerning
the future blessings of Christian be
lievers are never presentod ns abstract
truths or for mero academic discus
sion, but ns vitalizing truths supplying
the necessary Incentivo for tho conflict
with ovil within and without.
Worldly Philosophy Inadequate.
Such a truth as this concerning our
Lord's resurrection ns tho firstfrults of
a great hr vest, to follow imparts
clenr mental vision and understand
ing concerning the future. It re
claims the future from that dreary in
definiteness and unthlnknbleness Into
which false philosophy and false spir
itualism have put lt Tho New Testa
ment teaching of tho resurrection ls
plain, and when believed lt saves us
from tho delusive teaching ngnlnst
Which the Holy Spirit through tho In
spired writers always puts Christians
on their guard. "Bowore, lest any
man spoil you through philosophy and
vain deceit, after the tradition of men,
after tho rudiments of tho world, nnd
not after Christ." This philosophy
may bo very attractive] it ls to tho
natural mind. It has In lt a specious
ness and an appearance which prom
tso much, but which In tho end give
no rest, no power for a holy life and
no solid hope for fho' future. It bo
lorigs to the rudiments of tho world
and ls not after Christ.
The religion of tho New Testament
ls plain and homely. It begins with a
bubo In a eradlo. It follows that
babe all tho way through death and
resurrection to tho placo of power
where the crucified and risen Man ls
seated on tho right hand of God. It
bids UH live In tho risen Lord and look
to become Uko Him, risen In His very
Image in a glorified body when He
shall come. From the heavens Ho
speaks-Believe In Mo, llvo In Me, nnd
you shall arise ln_ Mo_ when I return,
have bee? formu
lated into doc
trines. To "the
natural m a n,"
these doctrines
are like the dry
bones of Ezekiel's
vision - very
many and very
dry. To/the re
generated man
they aro like the
other part of that
vision-when the
J? H. Leo Writes from Westminster
of Trip that Gave Optimism.
Editor Keoweo Courier:
Will you grant me a little of your
valuable space in your paper in order
that I may try to toll my friends of
tho plan that I fell on to divort my
mind from the pessimistic feeling
tliat had come over mo, and that
comos over a majority of us all at
ono tim? or another, I imagine.
Ono afternoon I sat myself down
in a comfortable rocker and turned
my mind loose to seo if it could re
member something that had happen
ed In the past or th) ik of something
thift could happer lu tho future that
might make ono feel bettor at heart
and in mind, and this is what my
mind wandered back to:
I remembered how our fathers, in
their day and time, when, aftor they
had finished work or had laid by
their crops, they would hitch up old
Maud and Charlie and drive away
across tho country to visit some of
I their friends or relatives and spend
! a fow days at their homes, enjoylnj
J their hospitality, eating melons and
'fruits and many good things that j
were to bo found on tho well-cared- !
for farms of those days. I romem- !
herod how they seemed to enjoy the j
outing and how thoy would sit and
talk of the good timo they had, and
how much good it seemed to do
them, and I could not seo why it
would not have the samo effect on
mo and others. So on July 16 O. G.
Drlvor and wife and littlo (laughter,
Miss Hattie Youngblood, W.'L. Brown
and myself put our "John Henrys"
I in good shape and filled our tanks
with some of John D.'s fluid, and
gave the switch a little twist, and
pressed a button with our foot, turn
ing on a little current of Tom Edi
son's electric juice, and then our
, rubber wheels bogan to roll In the
j direction of South Georgia, lt was
' not long until we were across the
J river and spinning on towards Mc
Rao, and while In McRac wo visited
at tho homo of W. B. Youngblood,
; fnthor of Mrs. O. G. Driver, and at
j tho homes of J. A. Driver and S. B.
Pitts, all of whom are natives of our
! State and county. They aro all happy
i and satisfied in their adopted homes,
j and wo enjoyed our stt\y in these hos
; pltablo homes to the fullest extent.
I On our way down we passed in*o
and through 27 towns, villages and
' cities, Athens being the largest. In
j leaving McRao wo passed through
j tho towns of Hazclhurst and Lumber
; City.
I Picking cotton and pulling fodder
' were in progress even at as early a
j date as July IGth. The farmers In
', South Georgia seem to have taken
i the boll weevil by surprise by plant
ing corn, peanuts, potatoes, wheat;
oats and fornge, inolons and fruits
(of course, as wo all know, Georgia
is the home of tho 'Elberta poach and
tho finest of watermelons.) Hogs and
cattle aro raised to a good extent
also. As I said, the farmers surprised
tho weevil by fortifying themselves
against him by raising those differ
ent crops and fruits, and so on.
While on the way down wo spent
the night at Perry, Ga., at tho hotel
of J. A. Berry, proprietor, who is
quite well known to many in this part
of South Carolina.
Wo stayed among our friends as
long as we had tho heart to do so,
as they made it very enjoyable for
us In many ways. They extended to
us a hearty welcome, and when tho
table was made ready for the guests
wo found lt had boon sot thc long
way and the ham cut tho broad way,
and quito thick. But you know there
must bo an end to all good things on
this earth, and all good frlonds have
to part. So our time was up and wo
all agreed that our pessimistic feel
ings that wo possessed when 'we do
clded to tako this trip had to a large
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Accept only "Bnyor" package,
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extent lett us after we had seen how
our fellow-farmers were, competing
with the boll weevil In raising all of
these good things to sell and to live
on. It so encouraged us that wo de
cided to do likewise; so with thia In
mind we extended the parting baud
and spoke the parting word, cranked
up and were on our way to tho sweet
est place on earth, which ls homo.
On tho return trip Wo crossed ino
railroad fifty times by actual count,
and even then wo didn't got killed.
On roaching homo and duding that
things wore in as good condition as
they wero when we left, and that we
still had a few moro days that we
could spare away from ovir crops and
other Interests, wo decided to extend
our trip Into the Old North State to
find out, If we could, Just what our
itar Heel friends wero up to during
these unsettled times. We started
on the North Carolina trip on July
27 in company with T. Y. Nortou,
and of course passed through the cUy
of Greenville, then Spartanburg and
Gaffney, and on up tho lino to King's
Mountain, which is of Revolutionary
fame, as this mountain is where one
of the great battles of tho American
revolution was fought. There aro a
great many monuments' marbing tho
places of noto on the mountain that
can be seen by passers-by. Wo passed
on through tho rapidly growing town
of Gastonia, which is quito a littlo
elly, and most beautiful.
From hore wo passed on to Char
lotto, which is a city of fifty thousand
inhabitants and ono of tho leading
cities of tho South, it being quito a
railroad center, with ibo Southorn
doing a great volume of business.
Wc passed on through Monroe,
Fayetteville, and saw many good
fields of corn, cotton, peanuts and to
bacco. Quito largo acreages of clo
vers and grasses aro raised in this
State, as it is now somewhat of a
dairying State, and hog and stock
raising is carried on to a large ex
tent in some sections. Did you know
that North Carolina stands second in
tho United States as to cotton manu
facture? They say she does.
I think that North Carolina ranks
first in the manufacture of tobacco,
but I would not be positive as to
that. The tobacco fields looked quite
strange to us, not being accustomed
to seeing tobacco planted on so large
a scale as lt is being raised in North
Carolina. Taking the State as a whole
North Carolina ls said to be mak
ing the greatest progross In Improve
ments of every kind of any State In
tho South. What say you? '
Wo stayed our stay out at Mr.
Norton's and turned our noses to
wards our own dear old State and
homo, and as wo were passing by a
largo tobacco farm we noticed quite
a lot of small bugs Hying around in
droves, and wo noticed quite a fow
lighting in and on our cars, and on
close inspection wo discovered that
they were boll weevils. We were
somewhat surprised to find tho boll
weevil in a tobacco country, so we
stopped our.cars, and one or two of
the old rooster weevils flopped their
wings and told us "not to think hard
of them," but that they wore going
to rido a short distance with us.
"Why, what aro you doing up
hore?" one of our party asked the
weevil that was doing the talking to
"Well," said tho weevil, "we came
up here to locate and set up in busi
ness, but found out the tobacco busi
ness would not suit us, as I don't
chow tobacco and Mrs. Weevil don't
dip snuff, and neither of us would al
low our boys to smoko cigarettes, so
wo decided to go back to South Caro
lina and go back into tho cotton busi
ness." i
"Well, I guess we will havo to 'et
you ride, but wo bato to, os you wee
I vils have proved to bo square against
j us cotton raisers."
I "Well, we will not go so very far
with you, as wo understand there are
many of our relativbs at work in your
State, and there will not bo much
moro doing in thc cotton business, so
we aro going to leave you and go into
tho southoastorn portion of North
Carolina and sot up. Good-bye."
Woll, we" roached homo safe and
sound and aro still feeling much bet
ter after our delightful trips.
With the very best wishes to you
and tho continued success of your
most oxcellent paper, I thank you for
the timo and space you have so kind
ly given mo. I hog to remain your
friend and subscriber, J, H. Leo.
Westminster, S. C., Aug. 15, 1922.
Funeral Sermon for Thomas Roper.
Wo aro requested to announce thal
Hov. D. T. Hayes will preach the
funeral sermon of Thomas Roper,
deceased, at Ilothlohcm church on
the second Sunday in September. All
frionds of tho deceased and his fam
ily, and tho public gonernlly, aro In
vited to attend.
Traces of tho most ancient cave
men found in Egypt soem to identify
them with tho *\skimo,
Buy this Cigarette andSaveMoney
IWhen Trouble ?
\ Comes =
Ooprriffbt, 10SS, Woetorn Nowspapor Union.
' Sawyer was rained. Tho combine
that he had hoped to smash had
smashed bim beyond repair, lie bad
hung up the telephone In bbs ofilce
for the last Urne.
: Mechanically he put on, his hut und
wont out Everybody knew. The clerks
and typists had received their two
weeks' pay In advance, with notlco.
.Thero woe a subtle change lu their
demeanor. They no longer bent over
tholr work when Sawyer passed. They
were gossiping insolently about him.
The ofllce boy forgot to open the door.
Why should ho? Ho was no longer In
Sawyer's employment.
The negro elovator boy grinned at
Sawyer when he took him down. Saw-,
yer was finished. There was prob
ably no last tip in Sawyer's pocket
for him. There wu isn't Sawyer passed
out Into the hall.
His eyes lit up ns a beautiful, fash
ionably dressed lady came toward him.
This was Miss Eaton-a very Intimate
friend, perhaps bis most intimate.
There was a strange look on her face.
"What's this 1 hear about you, Jim?"
alie asked.
"It's true, whatever you've beard,
Helen," Sawyer answered. "I'm blown
np, finished."
She stared at ,him Incredulously.
"And what are you going to do about
mo?" she asked.
Sawyer drew her Into an alcove,
away from prying eyes. "Listen,
Helen, Tve five thousand left," ho
-sold. "I might raise five thousand
moro. Will you come away with mo
to that little paradise of an isle we've
spoken mt'
Miss Tinton tossed her head con
temptuously. "Well, I guess not 1" she
answered. "No love In a tropical cot>
togo for mine, thanks I"
And Sawyer quailed before her con
tempt. This struck him more bitterly
than anything In the world.
"What are you going to do for mot"
Miss Eaton continued. "How's my al
lowance going on?"
Sawyer turned on her fiercely. "It
Isn't I" ho answered. "You've swal
lowed every penny of mine you're go
ing to have."
She began pleading, threatening.
Sawyer cast her off with contempt.
She dung o vicious phrase ot him and
passed out of the building.
Sawyer went to the telephone booth
and called up his wife's lawyers. "Tell
Mrs, Sawyer that her suit will not be
contested," he said. "This is James
Sawyer speaking."
He went home to his lonely apart*
ment It was three months since his
wife had found out about Miss Eaton
and left him. But Miss Baton was
only the last of a long series of loves.
Sawyer sat down and began thinking.
Ho had been married eighteen years.
Af ?rst he and Marian had loved each
other, but that was when he was a
flfteon-dollar. clerk and thoy had a
three-room apartment uptown. Those
days seemed vory fair to look back
upon now. Ho had been happier with
hor there than at any time afterward
when they lived In luxury. Thoy had
been so fond of Tom, tholr only child
-Toni who had turned out bad and
disappeared years bgforo.
That had severed tho last bond be
tween them. Sawyer lind been sur
prised whon Marian left him. Ho had
not thought that she would mind about
Miss Kntou. Ho lind even thought sho
had known. But whnt a fool a man
was to follow false lures I
Ho sat alone In his study.' The
servants were expecting notice, thoro
was only the man and man relation
ship botweon them now. Ho hod al
ways known there was hate beneath
tho ninn's smooth exterior.
Well, thero Was only ono thing for
lt A tuan could not live alone, and
Sawyer had not even a dog. Ho opened
a little drawer In his desk, took out
something shining-some one was in
the hull, ne replaced lt hastily. Tho
door opened. Marian stood In tho
room. Sho carno forward. "You're
ruined, Jim?"
"Tlint'e right, Marian. I've told
Heath * Hodges not to contest
your suit. I'm sorry It'll hove to go
so hard with you."
Mudan came slowly toward him.
Her Mps trembled.
"And I-I've told Heath & Hodges
?not to proceed," sho sold. "Oh, my
dear, my dear,, let mo comfort you!"
She kneeled nt lils side. "Let us
forgive each other." sho whispered.
"When trouble comes whom should I
stand by but you? I've failed, too,
failed you in my love. We've got what
we deserved. Do y_ou remember tho
Marshal r*ooh Saya If General Wat
Traitor He Wishes France Had
More of Them, ;
- It is hardly to be wondered at that
tho greatest soldier of the Twentieth
century should take occasion to pay
his tribute of admiration and affection
to tho memory of one of tho really
great commanders of modern times, a
soldier whose military genius wus
equaled only by the purity of hts~ pur
pose and tlie splendor, of his charac
ter, says the Louisville Courier-Jour
Soldler-llke, Marshal Foch employs
few words In answering the anouy
moiss "American Patriot" who had
telegraphed him at a Virginia town
that Itobert E. Lee was a traitor.
"If Gen. Robert E. Lee was a trai
tor," said the morshal of Franco, "Na
poleon Bonaparte was a coward. If
General Lee was a traitor, I wish
Franco had moro of them. He was
one of the grcntcst military leaders
tho world hos ever known."
In winning the World war, Ferdin
and Foch leaned henvHy upon the
shoulder of Robert E. Leo. It was
"tho sword of Lee" that flashed on
every battlefield lu Franco from the
first battle of tho Mamo to Armistice
Leo's strategy, revived and employed
first by Joffre and later by Foch? held
I the Hun along tho French front, swift
I to attack again, until at length Hie
Hindenburg lino was pierced and the
enemies,of civilization sued for peaco.
In his estimate of Lee, Marshal
Foch takes his stand beside Viscount
Wolseley, of England, who declared
that Lee was "the greatest soldlor
given to the world since the days of
When tho back aches and throbs,
When housework is torture.
When night brings no rent nor
sleep, *?
When urinary disorders set In,
Women's lot is a weary one.
Donn's Kidney Pills are for weak
Have proved their worth In Wal
This ls ono Walhalla woman's tes
Mrs. S. E. Powell says: "Kidney
trouble carno on mo and my back ach
ed a good deal. When I bent sharp
palus shot through mo and specks
appeared before my eyes. Mornings
I was as tired as whoa I went to bed
and 1 was nervous. My kidneys
didn't act properly. I began taking
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great faith in this medicine."
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Firo nt Laurens Glass Works.
Laurens, S. C., Aug. 17. - The
Lnurons Glass Works, tho only glass
! factory In tho southeast, sufferod tho
loss of a portion of the.main build
ing by fire, which was discovered
yesterday morning at an early hour.
Tho blaze was brought under con
trol and extinguished by the glass
works tiro department. R. H. Roper,
I assistant manager, stated that the
building was covered by insurance,
and ns tho plant had planned to close
down Saturday for repairs tho work
of the plant ls not seriously hindered.
It will be In full operation within 30
or 40 days. Albert Dial, president
and manager of tho works, was out
of tho city at the time of the Aro.
To Stop a Cough Quick ..
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold re Croup.
The heai'mS effect of Hayes' Healing Honey in
side the throat combined with the healing effect of
Grove's O-Pen-Trate Salvo through the pores of
the skin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies aro packed in one carton and the
cost of the combined treatment is 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES*
Tho world-famous Monto Carlo
was opened in 1853.
Ashes should not bo allowed lo
accumulate in the furnace pit, as
they absorb tho heat.
-the littlo flat uptown In tho old
days? Let's go hock and begin all over
again. Wo'ro young enough-with
Sawyer snapped tho drawor that
held the shining thing Into position.
Ho drew his wife Into his nrma,
"Trouble's gone," ho answered. "Noth
ing can over troublo us again."
Brother Joe cn me forward to he
Tho parson said', "Yoh done been
baptized twelve times, Jo. An* again
you come fo'wnrd Into do fold. Ain't
dat do truf, dnt yob has been bnp
tized Imf oh?"
"Dnt's de .truf," said Brother Joe.
"How often do you oxpec' to be
bnptized. I ax yob?"
"I reckon every yeah," said Brother
Joe. "De oftener I gets dish mortal
clay soaked, de snf#r I'll s^tre be from
the sparks on de great day when do
WQJrtd nm all on fire. Hallelujah!*
During Wrook--Weevil Moro Activo
in South Cnroliim.
Wushington, Aug. 16.-Following
is tho summary o? tho weather and
crop conditions fer the week end
ing Aug. 15: i
Temperatures were gonornlly low
In tho central and eastern cotton
Statos, hut wove about normal in tho
western part of tho belt. Thoro was
much cloudy weather In tho eastern
portion, with excessive rains lu soma
localities, but lt continued dry in
most of tho western districts.
Cotton made gonerally poor pro
gress lu Oklahoma, and is shedding
badly in central and western portions
of that State, while developments
tanged from poor to very good in
Texas, depending on the local rain
fall. Progress was mostly fair lu Ar
kansas, but there was too much rain
in Louisiana. Cotton made generally
poor progress lu Mississippi and Ala
bama, where the weather was rather
too cool and considerable complaint
of shedding. Cloudy, damp woathor
waa unfavorable in Georgia, and gen
eral deterioration was reported, with
serious weevil damage. Thoro was
too much rain In many localities of
tho Carolinas, although plant growth
was very good iii South Carolina and
tho crop ls fruiting fairly woll; hut
there was a marked Increaso In tho
weevil damago In central and eastern
North Carolina, but progress was
fair in tho western portion, with tho
weovil Increaso lu tho southern part
of tho State moro marked.
Moro Charges in Tolbert Caso.
Tho Washington correspondent of
tho Sportanburg Herald sends his pa
per tho following story under dnto
of Aug. 15th:
"Evidence has been presented to
the Senate Judiciary Committee to
sh?w that National Committeeman
Joseoh W. Tolbert, of South Caro
lina, has not always appointed for
mer service men to bo postmasters,
even when they mado tho highest
"Among the od?eos montiond are:
Greenville, where tho highest and
lowest eligibles were former service
men, but thy were not named; Ab
beville, whore a soldier was rejected
and a nephew put in; Clinton, where
tho soldier was rejected and a neph
ew by mari iago appointed; Kershaw,
whore tho soldier was rejected and
tho second man appointed; McCor
mick, whore the soldier was rejected
and another named."
Catarrh is a local disease, greatly
influenced by constitutional con
MEDICINE is a Tonic and Blood
Purifier. By cleansing the blood and
building up tho System, HALL'S
normal conditions and allows Na
ture to do its work.
All Druggists. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Reed Shaw Shot by Brother.
! Anderson, Aug. 16.-Heed Shaw,
37 years of age, was probably fatally
Injured this afternoon when he was
shot in the head and chest by his
brother, Clarke Shaw, v(ho fired upon
him with buckshot. Tho cause of the
shooting ls unknown, but bad feel
ing had existed between members of
the family for some time, officers
Two members of tho Shaw family
have mot tragic deaths In tho last
year or so, Columbus Shaw having
been killed by I. E. Wllos and Peter
Shaw losing his lifo in a family quar
rel when ho was shot to the ground
with his 13-months-old baby still
clutched in his arms. Eugene Shaw
was held by a coroner's jury for the
latter's donth, and Reed Shaw, who
was shot this afternoon, was Involv
ed In that shooting affray.
Clarke Shaw has surrendered to
county officers.
Hnvo n Complexion Smooth Uko
Satin.-"Magnolia Balm ls as balmy
as its nnmo-Soothing, cooling, ab
solutely delightful. No other prepa
ration has agreed with my skin or
given mo tho smooth, satiny fooling
that comos with tho uso of Hagan's
Magnolia Balm. Mr. Brunt, who has
tho lorgost drug store here, sells lt
regularly and recommends lt highly.
Yours truly, (slgnod) Mrs.Allco Cox,
1120 Lane St., Topeka, Kansas."
This liquid face and toi lot powder
beautifies Instantly. Brunette, white,
pink, rose-rod. 75 cents at druggists
or by mail. Lyon Mfg. Co., 12 S.Fifth
St., Brooklyn, N. Y.-adv.
Victoria rogia of tho water Illy
family has leaves that oro often 7
feet in diameter and flowers that aro
50 inches in circumference.
There is not any benefit so glor
ious in Itself but it may bo exceed
ingly sweetened by the manner of
conferring it.-(Seneca.)

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