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Herc is a big, i
lng new tire 1
buyer on eve
age, quality a
It is designed
man who w
advantages of
ance at the lc
It is designed
quality prod
lower than h<
tread from t
Weather Tre?
deep, clean*ei
selling price ii
This new tire
Tread Cord.
Like theAU-V
ally oversize :
30xV/2 Clincher. ...
30x3,' ? Straight Side
32x3>; Straight S'ule
in,le ly y
Foi? }lis Crime-Went to Death Fri
(Iii- Last at 2 O'Clock in Atlanta.
(Atlanta Georgian.)
m.th tho same calm demeanor
nlmcst uncanny In its Inclination to
.ward cheerfulness,-that has mark
ed tis attitudo since his arrest nine
months ago, Frank B. DuPre went to
his death on tho gallows in tho Ful
ton county tower Friday afternoon.
Tho trap was sprung at 2.06 o'clock.
Tho body was cut down nt 2.'22, and
death was declared to ho duo to a
broken nock.
DuPre died with a declaration of
religious fervor. Ilia last words bo
foro the trap was sprung wore:
"Good-bye, everybody! I'm going
to a bette) world.'
An intensely dramatic scene came
Justboofro OuPro mounted tho gal
lows. The youth requstd that
ho bo permitted to look out of ono
of tho barred windows, and as ho
appeared there ho saw Bolty An
drews weeping and gazing out of a
window below, In the woman's ward
on tho door below.
Tho girl, as sho sighted tho youth,
bogan waving and throwing kisses
nt him. As Du Pro returned tho good
bye tho girl fell In a faint on the
prison floor.
DuPre stood ali. tho window for
two or throe minutes and waved at
tho crowd In tho street below. Tho
throng broke forward at sight of tho
fl gu re in tho window and shouted,
'.Good-bye, Prank," and waved at
DuPro left tito death coll arm in
arm with ItoV. G. W.Gasriuo, his splr
i'ual advisor. Several deputies walk
ed close beside tho youth. DuPre
asked that he ho taken across te an
other wing of tho prison, and thoro
ho shook hands with several prison
ers, bidding them good-byo and re
marking: "Boys, I'll meet you in
Promptly nt 1.15 o'clock tho boy
bandit was led from his coll on tho
first floor and to tho lift which was
?,o carry him flvo floors nhovo. Pass
ing tho "Wost Third," whore Bolty
Andrews is hold, ho saw hor stand
The new Qoodyear
Cross-Rib Tread Cord
5 at a Pc
sturdy, long-wear?
built to satisfy the
;ry point of mile
na price.
I especially for the
ants the essential
: cord tire perform
>west possible price.
to offer the buyer a
luct at a price even
3 has formerly paid for
nt" tire. It has a different
he famous Goodyear. AU
td Cord-a new tread with a
it, cog-like pattern - and its
s substantially less.
: is the Goodyear Cross-Rib
feather Tread Cord it is Uber
in all straight-side sizes, the
re these prices with NET prices you
$12.50 31x4 Straight Side $22.20
$13.50 32x4 Straight Side $24-50
$19.25 33x4 Straight Side $25.25
These prices include via
idycar Cross-Rib Tread Cord Tires are a
lng in tho doorway. "Good-bye, Bet
ty; be a good girl," ho said, without
a tremor tn his voice, and as thc lift
passed uyward ho waved his hand to
her and said: "Dotty, listen: I'm
going to meet you in heaven."
As he walked into the dalli chain- i
ber his step was firm and ho held
his chin high. Net a quiver or a sigh
moved his frnmo. Tho door was clos
ed upon him, and for fifteen long
minutes there was sllonce.
DnPro forfeited his lifo to tho
State within niuo months after ho
had slain Detective Walker, who
sought to intercept him in tho rob
bery of the Nat Kaiser Jewelry store
In Peachtree streot, and had shot
and almost mortally wounded P.. G.
West, city comptroller.
Every effort was mado to savo tho
life of DtlPre, but lo no avail. From
Ibo first trial eourt'his case wont to
tho Supremo Court, then to thc Stale
pardon board, to tho Govornor, and
as the last hopo, President Harding
was asked to intervene. He, too, re
fused to even consider tho caso, as lt
was beyond his Jurisdiction and ho
folt Hint tho courts wore tho proper
Judges of the merits of tho cns\?.
Mrs. Ix>vlo Hoarding Dead.
Mrs. Dovio Hoarding died nt tho
home of her mother, Mrs. Selena
lltx, in Walhalla, on Aug. 23d, ofter
an Illness of some duration. Slio was
born in Georgia on March 31, 1S.S5.
Mrs. Hoarding joined tho Glado
Hopo Baptist church, in her nativo
State, when she was only 16 years
of age. ? Sho leaves to mourn her
death her mother, Mrs. Dix, and sov
eral brothers and sisters, and her
husband and seven children. Tho
remains wero laid to rest in Ibo cem
etery of tho Kooky Knoll Baptist
church Ort Aug. 24th nt ll a. nt,,,
after funeral services conducted by
Kev. L. M. Lyda.
Tho 80th anniversary of tho first
sorinon at Shiloh church will bo al
lliat placo on Wednesday, Sept. 2".
Big dinner and speaking. Shoo boxes
full of dinner. Como all. s
; W. L. Harbin, Sr.
4Vfe-inch tire, for t
ally measuring nc
Like the All'W
Cord, its foundati
high-grade long*
Like the AU-We
Cord, it embodies
group-ply construct
year patent.
Like the All-Weather,
fit is the product of ar
com par y which has a
reputation to safeguard. ,,
Look at the prices of the n
Cross-Rib Tread Cord, listec
Compare these prices with r
are asked to pay for "long-d
of unknown reputation and
Why take a chance on sud
know it doesn't pay.
are asked to pay for "long discount
34x4 Straight Side $25.90 34x4^ St
32x4>? Straight Sid?: $31.45 33x5 St
33x4** Straight Side $32.15 35x5 St
nujacturet 's excise tax '
Iso made in 6, 7 and 8 inch sizes for tm
CO., Walhalla
Passed Away at Hospital in Green
ville Last ?ivdnosday.
There are many in Oconee who will
learn with regrot ot tho death of
Palm E. Blnnchett, which occurred
ai the city hospital in Greenville on
lost Wednesday, Aug.. 30th. Mr.
Blnnchett had been in bad health
si nco he returned from France,whore
he offered his noble young life for
his country. .
Mr. Blanchott was born in Oconeo
county, noar Walhalla, on Oct. 12th,
1890, and was a son of tho late W.
'A. Blanchott and Mrs. idanchott, ot
Walhalla, .who survives him.
Mr. Blanchott enlisted for sorvlco
in tho World War in Juno, 1917, and
went overseas on Sept. 1, 1918, and
was in sorvlco in Franco for eleven
Tho body was shipped from Green
ville to Seneca on tho evening of tho
30th of August and was brought to
Walhalla late in tho evening, and on
tho 31st the remains were taken to
tho Hooky Knoll Baptist cemetery
and interred al 4 o'clock p. m., the
services being conducted lu tho
Church by Hov. Li. IL Rninse, of
Long Creek, tho pastor, Rev. L. M.
Lyda, being away on his vacation In
North Carolina. Mombcrs of tho
American Logion acted as pallbear
ers and had charge of tho sorvlco at
thc grave. In. the passing of Mr.
Blanchott another ono of our boys
who loft homo and loved ones and
odored their lives In tho sorvlco of
our common country has answered
the dual roll-call and passed over
lo tho other side to rest under tho
alindo of tho trees. Tho march ot
another soldier is over, his battles
nro alt fought, his victories all won,
and ns In other days lie Iles down to
rest a whilo undor tho probing sky,
awaiting the buglo call of tho resur
rection. Behold! the silver cord ls
loosed and tho golden bowl is bro
Tho writer had tho pleasuro of
knowing tho decoaood for tho past
sixteen yoars. To know him was to
lovo him. I had tho honor of hoing
his pastor for about ten yoars. Ills
example, actu
?arly 5 inchies.
eather Tread
lon is genuine
staple cotton.
:at her Tread
the efficient
tion, a Good*
. Tread Cord,
i expo fenced
i work!-wide
ew Goodyear
I below.
tet pri?es you
lisc?unt" (ires
i tire? ? - you
" tires
raightSide .'S32.95
ratghtSi.'.c $39, JO
raightSidc $4t?0??
, s
m W .
heart was In the work of his oh ur ch.
Me gave liberal!) nf his money to
carry on tin- Work of tho kingdom
of God on ouvth. In his passing tho
Rocky I??noll Baptist church has lost
ono of tts li I mst young men, Oconeo
county a neb ? con, nd our country
a brave soldier; L.t. : but not by any
means least, tao writer feels that ho
has lost one <: his very best friends.
Our brotho leaves to mourn his
sad death tin- following relatives:
Mrs. Martha R. Blanchelt, his aged
mother, who lives near Walhalla;
L. O. Blanche!(., of Greenville; W.
J. and W. ? .Blapchott, of Wnshing
tonStato; Mis. \ppio Kroll, Chewo
lah, Wash.; Mrs. Gcorgo Singleton,
of Oconee county; .Mrs. Georgo T.
Morton, Walhalla; S W. Blanchott,
of Walhalla, and hhs young wife,
Mrs. Phoebo Blanchott, who was be
fore marriage a .Miss Orr, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Orr, of noar
Walhalla. To all those tho writer
would point to tho Hook of Books,
which says, "! will be willi you in
six troublos, and in tim seventh 1
will not forsake in c '' Again Jesus
lias said, "I am with theo always,
oven to tho end I win never .eave
or forsake the
One little hour! how swift lt flies!
When poppies blai and lilies smile;
How soon tho fleeting minute dies,
Leaving us but i He while
To dream our dwain', to sing our
To pick the fruit, m pltu . the flowor.
Tho gods-they tte not gi e us long -
One little hour.
"L. M. Lyda.
Tho KCOWCO township Singers.
Thc Kcowce lownshlp Singing
Convention will meet with the Flat
Shoals church On Sept. 10th at two
o'clock p. m. /ll i'ood singers aro
Invited to como. TC. Littloton,
Jesse Sloan, S .'ary.
Sc vices Rock Sp I i ami Fairview.
inasmuch ns (.'; " Smith, will not
preach in Sonoca anday morning,
wo will have our i ular services on
tho circuit-RocU Springs at ll a.
m. and Fairview at .V30 P. m,
. H.-H B'ii'dv Pastor.
ty ?J? ?I? ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
Two Big Field Meetings.
Townvlllo-Lee Caines form, on
Thursday, Sept. 7th, nt ? p. m.
Anderson-Wado Drake's farm, on
Friday, Sept. 8th, at 3 p. nu
Oconco farmers arc invited to bO
present on a tour of inspection of
theso two farms, under tho leader
ship of N. E. Winters, soil fortuity
specialist, and S. M. 'Byars, Ander
son County Agent.
ACTUAL' RESULTS of plowing
under vetch and velvot bean crops
for sevoral years will bo seen, and
tho results explained by N. E. Win
tors, ''tho Willy Sunday of Agricul
ture." ;
Mr. Gaines, of Townvillo, is one r f
tho pioneer vetch growors of this
part of the country, and ho has
achieved marvolous results with tho
hairy vetch, "the klug of win tor leg
umes."" In gathering freo nitrogon
from the air, Muscle Shoals looks
small beside Mr. dalnes* votch crops.
Every farmer within forty miles
should bo on hand to soo the won
derful results obtained With hairy
votch mixed with oats and rye.
At Wade Drake's farm tho results
of vdch and crimson clover cover
crops will bo seen, and for tho third
consecutive time those prosont will
witness tho hold of corn whore large
applications of nitrate of soda failed
lo show any results, duo to the soil
having abundant supplies of nitro
gen brought: down from tho air
through summer and winter log
umos, liming and. proper fertiliza
tion, chiefly with acid phosphate.
At Mr. Drako's the party will also
seo tho results of his boll weevil poi
soning experiments of this season.
Mr. Drake used one largo duster and
several small dusters in his poison
ing, and ls reported to havo achieved
very good results. This experiment
will be equally as interesting as the
soil building, which lattor work has
made'Wade Drake famous through
out 'this part or tii? South.
Mr. Drako is also director from
this district in tho Cotton Growers'
Co-operative Association, and those
members who. wish to ash some
"MU estions ..bout tho handling of their
cotton should take ibis opportunity
lo.see Mr. IV.-?kc.
Oconco Coming; lo the Front.
Oconco has sevoral men, who aro
demonstrating tho use of winter
cover crops and summer legumes iii
tho economical building of a fertile
s'oil who aro hoing visited to-day
(Wednesday) by parties of farmers.
Within a few years wo should have
several farmers wlio havo practically
tho same outstanding success in soil
building that Mr. Drako has made.
"Poor Soil, Door Farmer; Rich
Soil, Rich Farmer."
A farmer's time could bo spout In
no bettor way than by taking ono or
both of theso trips. Orders will be
booked for a co-oporatlvo order of
votch seed at these meetings. Those
seed can probably bo bought for 15
cents, delivered, in a largo lot. A
chock must accompany each order.
Without check NO ORDER WILL
BE SENT IN, as theso seed will bo
bought AT COST. Any difference in
price will be pro-rated back.
Crimson clover can probably be
bought cheapest now from farmers'
stock in tho chaff, advertised iij farm
papers, tho Market Bulletin and in
local newspapers. ?
Clotho tho Earth Green.
Two-thirds of the faco of tho earth
in Oconoe county should bo sown
down this fall - oats, ryo, wheat,
oats and vetch, rye and vetch, bur
clover, crimson clover, red clover
and alfalfa.
The fellow who thinks ho "can't
grow nothiii' but cotton" had hotter
stop fanning. If ho hasn't alroady
stopped bc soon Will. While cotton
will continuo to bo grown in Oconco
to grow, nor cnn it bo grown as
cheaply as it was before thc advent
of the weevil. Thus tho farmer must
bo an "all-lho-year-round" farmer.
At this limo great attention should
bo given tho preparation for sowing
down tho farm in grains, clovers
and vetch.
Sowing the clovers, grains and
vetch requires very Httlo prepara
tion, as they aro usually sown In,
tho cotton and corn middles With
grain drills and tho clover broad
casted and lightly covered with a
cultivator or wldo, shallow sweep.
They respond to good preparation,
however, but require a firm seed bed.
Inoculation Is a necessity whero clo
ver or vetch ls sown for tho first
time. Get tho soil from a field that
has grown tho same or a similar
crop, Legumes that tako the same
Inoculation are: Vetch and garden
poas (English) ; crimson clovor ar.d
red clovor; bur cloveir and alfalfa.
Amount of socd per acre: Ten pounds
votch, with 1 % bushels oats; 15
Revival Meeting Closed with Thir
toou Additions to Church
South Union, Sept. 5. - Special:
Joo and Carl McGuire, o? Seneca, vis
ited D. M. McGuire and family re
cently, .loo McGuire was on his way
to Florida, whoro ho will spend tho
Hov. A. P. Mnvott ato cl J. L. Marett,
of Soneca, visited Uioir sister, Mrs.
T. E. Kilhourno, recently.
C. L. Cathoy and family, of Towit
villo, were recent visitors in our com
munity. Mr. Cathoy foromrly lived
hero, and tho friends of the family
aro always glad to have them como.
Mrs, Belva Rogers and children,
of Walhalla, visited tho former's bro
ther, D. M. McGuire, recently.
M i ss Mildred Gambreil, n charm
ing young lady of Oakway, visited
her undo, J. H. Brown, last woek.
Mrs. Charity Malone, of Colum
bia, is on an oxtonded visit to her
frionds lu this community.
Miss Estelle Smith, hu attractive
young lady of Madison, was tho guest
of Miss Birdie Harris the past week.
Miss Ruth Sullivan, of the Double
Springs section of Andoi son county,
is on a visit to hor sistor, Mrs. Clydo
Allon/ j
Miss Ruth Glass, of Devonia, Ga.,'
is visiting Missos Elton and Eliza
beth Allon.
Mrs. Herbert Pruitt, also of Lavo
nia, was a visitor to her father at
this placo recently.
Miss Birdie Harris was a business
visitor in Walhalla Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. West aro vis
iting relatives nt Easloy this week.
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Isboll and
Clydo Isboll, of Anderson, visited
their sister, Mrs. S. L. Burriss, Sun
Rev. R. E. Freeman closed a pe
rles of meetings at South Union last
Saturday evening. Rev. Freeman
preached sonio excellent sermons.
Thirteen were added to tho church.
Tho Loathors reunion was held at
South Union church on last Wednes
day. Quito a largo attendance of ibo
relativos and' friends gathered to
gether !,) enjoy tho day, and an in
teresting program was carried out.
Bvery ono present agreed tildi lt
w:if; tho moMfonjoyublo reunion ever
held by Uii.s largo and splendid fam
School closed at this place last
Friday. Wo havo ".splendid corps
of toachers, who will again teach tho
fall torin. Tho teachers. Misses Ma
mie Hullo, Pearl Collins, Cando D.
Harrison and Norma Demons, of
Walhalla and Westminster, respect
ively, returned to their homo Mon
Andes Morgan and J. L, Roedor
wore business visitors to Walhalla
last Monday.
Toccoa, Go., Has New Postmaster.
(Toccoa Record, Aug. 31.)
After serving tho public of Toccoa
and Undo Sam faithfully for nearly
twenty yoars, Mrs. Hattie F. Gilmer
will bo succeeded as postmaster In
Toccoa Friday morning by Robert
W. Graves, who for several years has
been managing editor pf tho Toccoa
Mrs. Gilmer'8 hundreds of patrons
and frionds will rogrot her giving
up hor post, which sho has so capa
bly and efficiently Ailed for so long
a time, lt is understood that Mra.
(Mimer will toko a much deserved
extended rost soon, visiting hor chil
dren for soveral weeks.
Card of Thanks.
Editor Kooweo Courier:
Wo dosire to thank tho frionds
and neighbors for tho klndiiees
shown us during tho illness and at
tho death of our dear little baby.
May God's richest blossings rest up
on every ono is tho wish of tho fnthor'
and mothor.
Mr. ondMrs. Thomas McCall.
Walhalla, S. C.-(Adv.)
Tho Maoris boliovo that tho soul
dwells in tho loft oyo of each human
pounds crimson clovor (donned), 25'
pounds in hull; six bushols bur clo
vor por aero in burs as raked up;
mix with rottod horse manure and
throw forkful ovory two foot apart.
Would prefer sowing crimson or bur
clover alono. Vetch sown with oats
or ryo. ,
Special Cover Crop Meeting.
Covor Crop Mooing-Walhalla, on
Monday, Sept. 11th, at 4 p. m., nt
County Agent's office, American Le
gion Hall.
Much of tho information givon
out by Mr. Winters will bo rotold at
this mooting for tho boneflt of those
farmors in tho communities sur
rounding Walhalla who havo not had
tho privilogo of attonding a cover
crop mooting this yoar. Co-opera
tive orders of seed will bo booked.
Geo. R. Briggs, County Agent. ,

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