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MIHM Lucillo Whii? i leonino Brido o?
Cleo, i/. Suggs L?>s( wednesday.
On Wednesday last. Sept. Olli, tho
Walhalla Methodist church waa tho
600U0 ot ono of tho most beautiful
waddings OVor solemnized till our
midst. At this tinto .Miss Lucillo
White became tho bvld? v>t George L,
Suggs. Tho ehut'eh was beautiful tu
Its d?corations of potted plaina,
white carnations and smilax, th"
light of many candles throwing a
soft radlauco over the lovely scone.
As tho clock struck seven the fa
miliar strains ot Lohengrin's Wed
ding March, beautifully played by ii.
NV. 0rubba, were heard, and tho bri
dal parly entered tho church In tho
follow im: order: Little Misses Linda
Ithodos and Frances Schumacher, tho
ribbon, hearers, dressed in pink and
green organdie, They wore followed
by tho ashers. N?rten Suihltng. Ilel
lemun Seaborn ?nd Derril! Darby.
Thu bridesmaids. Miss Pella Wright
Palmor, of tl roon ville, dressed in
green taffeta and carrying pink
roses, and Miss Marlon lletrtok,
dressed In pink crepe ile chino and
currying pink roses, entered, walk
ing up the aisle, while ibo grooms
men, urn? o Harper, Of Anderson, and
W. A. DilUcrttii ?ii ttrbin?n. P.a.. walk
ed un tis Opposite! aisle The nihtro i
ot honor, Mr's. ii. w. (lasou6, stator
of tho 'side, dri . ? d ni pc'ieh-colored
taffeta and currying pink Killarny I
roses, and tl c da iiie pf honor, Mrs,
P. D. Sugg?. ??;dl>i'-lli-laW Of the
groe;:., dressed lu poach - colored
gOoi'goUo and I'tUTylg pink Killarny
roses, fellowed up opposite aisles.
Then came iho uta id vs' honor, MP*
P?nico WhiU. sister of tl;?- bride,
wearing /ink crepe meteor ami .al
lying a shower homier, pf pink
roses and ferns she was followed h>
Iho llt'.lo dower girls. LMnu Norma
Pitchford and Elizabeth Mess, who
wore dressed In green tulle ever pink
satin. Master Herbert Pasque. Jr., ??
nephew of tho bride, came next,
be.utr.g tho ring on a white satin |i
low Ho v ere ti miniature full dross
suit and carried himself with ii dig
nity boiitting tho occasion!!Tho bride
thor, entere.', on tho arm of her fa
ther, who gave ber in marriage. Her
blond beauty was never moro strik
ing than In ko; bridal gown of while
satin with over-drape of radium lace,
her veil caught wi;li a band of or
ange blossoms and pearls. She car
ried ti shower bouquet of bride's
roses, valley lilies and ferns. She
was met al tho aliar by the groom
and his brother. Dr. P. D. Suggs,
acting as best :::a::. Kev A. W. Parr,
paster Of the bride, united tin yee.::.;
couple, using the impressive cere
mony ef the Methodist Kplscopal
ch arc1:
Immediately after tho ceremony
Mr. nml Mrs. Suggs lon for points it:
Pie Nerti?, rho bride s golng-away
gown was toast colored poiret twill,
with hat ami accessories tv? match.
?pun their return Mr lind Mrs.
Suggs win make theil honte in Cor?
nelia. P.a.. where Mr. Suggs is prom
inently cov.uvtod Svitli tho SoUth?ru
Mrs. Suggs is a daughter of V.r.
and Mrs W. O.WhitO. and ts a young
lady oi rare beauty and charm. Sao
is it g ra.lu ate* ot Winthrop Polloge
and bas booh connected with tho fac
ulty of the Walhalla High School for
Iho pas: y e.r. Mr. Suggs is tko se::
of Mrs. M. K, Suggs, ef Drem en, Pa .
and is weil known iii the business
world of Atlanta and other Georgia
Tko many beautiful and costly
presents boro testimony te thc popu
larity of this young couple.
Thc Courier joins with ethers ln;
extending te them bes; wishes for ti
long uni happy Journey through
Tho out-of-town guests ?it the
wedding were Mrs. v $ g-.u:of
Dromon, Pa., mother ot tho groom;
Dr. Md Mrs. P. D. Suggs, W v.
May Heidi ; p Dickson, P K. LigvVn.
Pvuco Hiirnor, nf Ar.dcrso::: Mr anJ
Mrs .1. \. padgeir, M:s> Ruby p.a ?
gov M-.ss Delia Wright Pa I::: er ?ind
S K. Rhea, of P. ree: ville: Mr. a pd
Mrs. [ii \v. OiiSilue. of Laure:;*, a ?id
\V A Duncan, o? Premer* via
\ irgini i Diviilo Meads lUshops,
Per:;?ind. Me.. Sept. tj -? Pishop
William Cabot Prow-a. 0< Virginia,
was o'e.". e .1 cht*, ir ma u of tho h. ouse
ef Is.-aop*. succeed:::,: p.'.skop 1" V.
Caller, of Tennessee, whim tko 4 Ita
tri ev.:..al cowev.::ev. of : e Protest
?Ut Kpl*;C0pal church coavov.o.'. here
Hov ,\lox Mann, ef Pesto::, wi*
unanimously chose:: yves..lo::: of the
hov.se. Kev Charles !.. Pardoo, ot
New York, was chose:, sec cs a ry jit
Piles Cured in 6 to 1-4 Day*
r-.v4<S:i tx (.\.'.\ r- . -iv if ? v.*A O'.Vtv VNT <Ar-?
lo vv.re Itvh'. -c. iv;.- . fVV*vAm< os r>xrv.U'i l\w
lONttUh/ r.'.:?w? 1.. - H PiV?, i . ?xi ?H
tvJt:Vl >W;> Afur i><. firil r.vv.?:,.<a Trie* <tv
Threv radio sets brighton the lives
of prisoners in a Michigan prison.
Wonderful Presentation of Industries
ol Two States Sept. i?rt to Oct. 7.
Charlotte, N. C., Sept. S- -Spocial:
Tho Mnde-ln-Carollnns Exposition,
which is ?o bo hold hero-Sept, 26th
to Oct. 7til, ia rapidly assuming tho
proportions of a complote whole. Tho
board of directorships recently busied
Itself with perfecting tho personnel
ol' the organization which will caro
Tor tho actual details of the under
Wade H. Williams has been named
general manager, and with tho co
ol oration of Executive Secretary J.
C ration, will from this timo for
ward be actively in charge of tho ex
position's preliminaries, A steering
co iiniittce. consisting of. President
.fohn E. Hobbs, Executive Secretary
Patton, J. U .10 tl rd and David Ow
ens, li ts boen selected by tho board
to settle all matters ol' policy which
may arlso, to handle all small emer
gencies, sue!; as are inevitable cn
tho eve ol se large an undertaking,
and In gonernl lo act with Che full
authority of the boord from now un
til thc dual curtain falls on vie ex
position on oct. 7th.
Col, T, !.. Klrkpatrict has organ
ized a r?ception committee, which
will number ene hundred or moro in
its Dual constitution and will have
thargo cf th? entertainment of tho
Carolinas Exposition Company's ?po-1
I*lal guests and of the visitors who
will attend t'ivtn tho surrounding tor- ;
rit jory on "special town? days. Cot. j
K irk pat rich ii ll UOU it COS that th'> per
sonnet of this committee-, although
tun completed lo thc Inst detail, is ;
ill such Shape i h.at l e is assure,! of
the active support O? tho very people
he Would select, wove he given an
absolutely free hand; unobstructed
' y previous engagements o? au In
terfering kind.
Within the last fe w^ da ya a number
ol prospective exhibitors have given
personal inspection to their space in
the building and framed preliminary
plans for tho erection of their re
spective booths and the placing of
their exhibits. Among these have
been A. P. Carter, of Casto:.:.1.: ,1, D.
Pettibone, of Pinehurst. N. C., rep
resenting the Sweet Valley Products
Company: .lohn M. Brown, of Win
ston-Sab tn, N. C., representing tho
Nissen Wagon Company; Mrs. H. C.
Puke, of Greenville, s. c.. and Karl
Sherrin, of thc Statesvtlle, N. C..
dour mills.
Tho building Itself is approaching
readiness with a degree of rapidity
that is most gratifying to the board
of directors. The 'ivs: ply of tho roof
is on, and tho Heerings of both sto
ries h. a ve received their finishing
General Manager Williams is an
the ri ly for the statement that the
second Ma le-in-Carollnna Exposition
:s cc.'Mir. to open its doors under
bright auspices and will be ready on
Son: ;*:h ; > welcome a hos: of vis
itors, who wi'd he give:', owortunity
te learn nure of the great Carolinas
V v ee ! s . f o r - Ca r c '. i : : a s - P e o p e tu o v C -
No need te duffer from that tired,
dead ?cho i:i your bark, that lame
res*, (hivtc distress ng urinary dis
orders Walhalla people have found
ht w to get rt lief. Follow th:* Wal
hal '? a r c si lent' if fi xa hi ? '. o
Mrs C Alexander, 13 James St..
says: "1 had a bad '...rae with kidney
cor . nt My hack was in b.ui
! rend i on and ached a geed doa". 1
Mt run down an 1 when I bent 1
eould bardi) straighten 'again as the
: pain would kirnest take iiiy breath
av ny. ! was ik and nervous
i spe! s bothered tue. Black spooks oft
! . n a--, . a . t be?dr? my oyo* and my
kldno? s .'. .lu sot r ?kt. Hearing ot
I Var. s . . i ls I get a supply
and V ... a taking th ni sind tho?
tooti entire!) cured mo."
Privo ? c. at ?i d-a'.e-s. Don't
simply ask fof a kidney remedy-ge*.
Dean's K 1 ...;.>. Vi'ts~th> sanie that
V s Alexander had. Koster-Milburn
tte . M : - . Buffalo, N Y.
Severed HandNSont Negro Editor.
Now York. Sept T.-A gruesome
package containing s human l$ti
hand, covered with r?>d hair and i
Warning lc ter s-.gr. ed "KKK." ro
..; vt i \. r'.tolw* Randolph, e.li
ter of a negro mAuhly magaiine.
rho Messenger." i's oe tr. g ir. ves li
gate! by the pol.co fearing lt might
be :\ Iv. r.b. Randolph turned tho
package over to the police before he
ev-ov?*.i ::. Tko wv av Ter was marked
j trot-.-, a friend tn New Orleans.''
I We have sent a sa ..avie o( our
seed w.vk. se Traich your step, or
else -" read the letter It advised
Randolph not to worry about lynch*
.-. gs tn the South, and added, "al
though you are lu Now York etty, it
.> Just as easy as if you were in Geor
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.J? A MASTIC Ul? I EOlB}.* .??
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Editor KooWeo Courlor: #
At our Sunday school picnic nt
Punt's Grove somo days Ugo a pleas
ant Innovation was a speech from
ouch Sunday school - toad her. All
edifying, but in mutter and gesture
ami spirit and cloar-cut delivery tho
following, to my mind* shone Uko
a star and is most worthy of a place
in your esteemed columns:.,
'.Train up a child in the way he
should go. and when ho^H old he
will not depart from it."
So speaks tho Almighty Father ?a
Ills Holy Word, CH* course*tho traiu?T
of all others to give tho child its
deepest and most lasting lesions is
tho motlier. Then comes tho man of
God and the Sunday school teacher.
Oh, if the Sunday school tendier re*
nlized the great responsibility of
this sacred ellice, how ho or she
should tremble and pray to God for
help and for wisdom.
1 saw in tithe woods near whore l
lived some years ago a little tree, lt
was straight and healthy and hearty
a tul beautiful. But a storm of snow
and frozen sloel Tun! leo came and
beni down the studry little tree.
Thora was no one to raise it up; no
one \o straighten it. Had io mo ono
dene so it would l??vo grown straight
and true, lt could have bee- easily
done when tho little tree w'n> young
and tender. Nu one did; ::u?l now
tho tree hus grown cooked md no
giant could straighten lt; and if
M?iie great power du! set lt craig!!1,
il would bo bul to break the crooked
nee to pieces.
So the child. How easy to train ii
l y love and kindness and by teach
ing and example when it is young
and lender. How hard to bend when
it has grown up wrong, perhaps the
simple words of :he child's prayer,
learned in early years, have had
their effect all through life, "Now 1
lay mr- down to sleep; I pray the
Lord my soul to keep. If 1 should
die before t wake I pray the Lord
my soul to take. And this I ask for
Jesus' sake. Amen."
For Jesus' sake." The old, old
story of Jesus and His love! Hut not
only by tho spoken word may the
child bo taught and so kept straight
and true. The example set to the lit
tle ones by the loving teacher is
greater than all. How earnestly
ought the teacher to pray and to
strive to be in all things like the
blessed Jesus and to show ;he young,
so easily led, by example, that the
teacher has learned the lesson* of
Christ the Master and ls living them
from day to day. The children do as
their elders do. We should ask for
Cod's help to so live and so act as u
he shining examples to the little ones
of Christian oh'aracter.
The foregoing veritable gem in
diction was written and delivered
with earnest and appropriate ges
ture a:ul emphasis an J. inflection,
and excited the commendation and
praise of the large audience assem
bled Miss Lessie Pace, the sixteeu
year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Fur man Pace, of Fant's ove. was
the graceful oratoress. Vis. Pace
was Miss Ida Hived. M:?< Lcss'e has
wer. high praise at soho." and ex
pects to become a teacher. Her
ninny admiring friends hope her gifis
and talents may be preserved for. a
long life of'usefulness to the young.
There is need Indeed in this day of
Christhi:: teachers.
Murphy Durham is thc indefati
gable principal ot the P tu's Grove
Sunday sc hoe'., ar.d his wc:'-, ind that
of Pea.of. R. Whitten, tc musical
.ii rec tor is mos: eric ot iv-.- td bear
ing rich ir nita g e.
?no. B. Adger Cally.
Eagle's Nest. ror.d'.etca - C.. Sep
, tomber 1. ?S?2?
Orders Prisoner Protected.
j Columbia. Sept.. - :"::. : if cap
.urcl. his prisoner must project
ed from mob violence at ... hazards
was ti instru iou give . - layover
'. Mig distance telephone by lover nor
i Harvey to Sheri / Reel. ...iure ,
leading tho hu:.? for Collie? Barfcs
j dale. ? negro, alleged tu .. ve* killed
M. Ox::er. a prominent . mier. re
siding between Q< IdviH? r.d Kin
ari s. ::: Laurens county, ; - st Mon?
. day.
Sheriff Ree.', sa-.', that he and hi?
posse had tracked the a ^ro this
morning into a s wa::: v. ut Barks
I dale ha?.', eluded oap:.-.-- tn some
' xx anner! The sheriff ?.. .'. . at feel
; ing was Quiet in La-arcs - \ he an?
tictpaled :.. troubl? sh : the..??
pro be ca:tu red
Coverer Harvey inion ea* him
that any a. : r.cessary lo rratect the
ma-, a r.d V-;y> h ira s ai-; L--am any
m b would e given by the Exeeu
> Every ; o 0f the T. ?O per
j sons Austria mast ontrttntte
I about crowns yearly for the
(cL rs . : government employee*.
Interest in "Area Plan" Devel
oped in Many States.
Valuable Supplement to Accredited*
Herd Work Which Has Resulted
In Eradication of Many Head
of Tubercular Cattle.
(Prcparoil by the milted States Departmemt
o? Agriculture.)
In addition to systematic eradication
of cuttle tuberculosis by the ueerodit
od-hcrd pian, interest * in the "area
plan," as lt ls culled, has lately de
veloped lu ninny states, according to
the report Issued by the United ?States
Department of Agriculture describing
progress during March. The eradica
tion of tuberculosis under tho compre
hensive :>lun generally Includes n coun
ty as a. unit ami all tho cattle Ianthe
county are tested. Tile report 'shows
that In states where tb.e eradicate
j work was concentrated In certain local
ities In un effort to wipe out the dis
ease entirely, a great many more an
imals were tested than in states where
the area pinn ts not yet followed to
any appreciable extent.
In one month, Nebraska, working on
tho uren plan, test eil 21,000 cattle. A
number of other states made blub rec
An Accredited Herd of Cattle.
ords as a result of the concentration of
effort In a few counties. During March,
Michigan tested 10.817 bead; New
Ve-rk. 13,070; Missouri. 12,709; Indi,
atm. 11.033; Wisconsin, 11.7S8; Iowa,
11,250, and Tennessee, 8,435. The total
number tested tn all the states during
the month was 228,770.
' Tho nrea plan of testing ls a valu
able supplement to accredited-herd
?vork which has resulted In the eradi
cation of matty thousand head of tu
berculosis cattle and the establishment
>f more than 13.000 herds accredited
is free from the disease.
There are now more than 305.000 ae
rredlted cattle In the country ; over
1,250.000 tested once and found free of
'tuberculosis; more than 2,138,000 un
? 1er supervision ; and about 408,000 on
j the walting list. Wisconsin leads In
! .lumber of accredited cattle with 36,
' 183, and Minnesota follows with 33.750.
However, tho rate at which tho work
.s going on in some other states, these
two will have to keep very busy to
?tay nt the top.
To Stop a Cough Quick
: cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflanled and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with etery bottle of
! should be rubbed on the chest and throat
: of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
i The healing eff?x-t of Hayos' Healing Honey in
; sMe the throat combined with the healing effect ot
Grove's O-Pen-Trate Salve through the pores of
j the ilia .wa stops a cough.
Beth remedies are packed La one carton and the
I cost of the combined treatment is S?o.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Dip Birds in Solution of Sodium Flu
orid and So?.py Water-Keep
Closely Confined.
Cor.p'ete ?ra-'.io-.ui^n of pige n lice
Its possible In one treatment if direc
tions furnished by the United States
Department of Agriculture are fol
. lowe!. Tpigeons slmuM be dipped
In ft solution of sodium duorid and
I soapy water, and afterwards never al
j lowed their freedom, Stray pigeons
must not wet into the flock.
A c o : rd i n g : o > ! o s e s. C a i n w a s t h e
r?: :V.;:? >:r o: a v :;y.
Better Than Pills
Rr Liver Ills.
M) Toni ff ht
? ? m to ton? and strengthen
the organs of digestion and
tlimination, i-n provo appetite,
stop sick hsadaches, relieve bil
iousrtsss, correct constipation.
Thoy act promptly, pleasantly,
mildly, yat thoroughly.
Tomorrow Alright
Cota ^^S>7 YtBr
25c. BOX Druggist
Walhalla, S. ff.
rv ? . \ 'V . ..:'"'?yi;vs !.. \jf$
?r* *!. * 'I- * .!* * * * -I- -I?
I Kd i tor Keoweo' Courier:
1 Do you remember your boyhood's
idols? Do the grateful tears spring
' to your eyes, docs your heart ever
' expand and glow nt I he li: ought of
1 some big man t hair was kin 1 to you
when you were boy? Have not his
' face and figure gone with you even
i into distant lands, and has not the
[ recollection of him and his ways
'come to yon when oft in the stilly
night, e'er slumber's chain hath
bound yon. the scones, the friends
of youthful days fond memory brings
around you? '
A most Inquisitive and doubtless
pestiferous lad, how many thousand
questions I must have asked, ft Ucl
how indelible an impression so inri"
of my boyhood's friend and mentor's
answers,' not to speak of his exam
ple, made upon my mind and my
'character, received in that plastic
when good or bad impressions mould
forever for good or ill the man in
embryo that is to bo.
Who can say what mighty, majes
tic power, making for all things
lovely and of good repute may not
flow from a real man to truly stimu
late an eager, imitative boy and turn
his thoughts to clean and truly man
ly* things'? i seo him now, on his fine
saddle mare, .'Kiora.-' 'Tis through
a vista of years-of well-nigh half
h century. Ile was as a rock in a
wear)1 land. You could always courit
cn his ringing true. Ho was tearless
in the right. Semper Idem--always
tho same. True as the noodle to the
'He won my youthful respect and
regard and affection, and when I
roached manhood's yaors he gave rto ;
cause to change my high opinion of :
his sterling manhood, You could
trust him. What a grand word ,s 1
.'trust"! The burglar in the night j
j who takes his lifo itt his hand?, who 1
faces the terrors of the living death j
I of the penitentiary as ho breaks his 1
silent way in tho dark hours to
achieve, his ends, is a sublime boro
compared with that travesty upon
humanity who obtains tho mer
chant's* goods and wares and mor-,
chanake on trust and violates that
trust, knowing in his craven heart
(hat he shall go scatheless-need
not pay-may trample on honor
may enjoy the fruits o? his perfidy
without fear o? punishment on earth.
On earth! Or. east-;: Pat bo wh >
wins a credit-ho who is trusted,
ar..', pays not-ho who. while ho
; stints himself of no darling luxury,
h. s ton. s to che devil's whisper in his
wi'.li:-, g oar. "You ari not able to
pay"-ho who breaks tithe of tho
Ten Commandments by this otto foul
. sin of dishonesty and untruthfulness
and shirks tho payment of nu honest
debt*-?-he who. slap? in ibo face tho
Almighty Oed who ls tho Truth-the
fiends in hell laugh with ghoulish
giro when that bon ich to,I tr.au says
he wi'.! r.e. pay hts dob-, and that
there is no punishment for him!
Eternity answers. VThore ls--there
is!" And punishment as well oe.
earth The sense of meanness - is
I hal not earthly punishment* His
vy.-y children's contempt an,', scorn
[.-ts that no earthly punishment? A
consciousness of guilt -is that na
earthly punishment' An everlast
ingly uneasy conscience--is that, no
jeartly punishment? Tho thought
that no fond heart will pen, can pen.
Brush on the finish that
takes off the years
ON the rciad, th^ afie of your car is
a secret, lt ts judged by itslooksl
<\re you proud of it? Has ?t n dull,
tingy opponrr.nco?
Whynot rpftkOit glow.and glisten
igbtn OS though it :.ever hadlstbirth
lay ? You can do thc job younself
tnd ?t small cost- v/ith Devoo
Motor Cur Finish.
rbis product ts self 'leveling ond
'sors" so smooth that thc oar look9
'professionally rcjmishcd."Extremely
l?rab.e -.ruii-^.l-vcnting - made in
standard automobile colors.
Devoo Products ore time-tested and
.roven,*-'backed by-the 168 years'
fxperlenco of th<; oldest point manu?
acturing concern in tho U. S.
[fotindsd 1754.
J. WY HI 1.1, I) H UH CO.,
Walhalla, S. c.
ard no thousands of frionds and ac
tina int -.noes wui rt-at! such wm'ds as
eve ii these feeble lilies when death
shall have como--ls thal no earthly
punishment? The doath-bed thought
tliat a life df such dishonor may
have set an example i ult may be fol
lowed by young souis lu their eter
nal ruin - is that not earthly pun
ishment '.'
" Oh, that our young men would
learn the one lesson, if none other,
from the lives of such M FX as my
boyhood's friend and pattern, that
even to stint and to starve, but to
pay what one owes: to bear tho natue
-"An honest man, the noblest work
of God"-to keep one's word though
the very heavens fall-to never 1??,
the devil or one's own self fool es
into whining we can't pay when we
can-pays in earthly peace and hap
piness. \nd pays in everlasting com
mendation and joy through all eter
Such men of honor as him I hero
feebly describo are a nation's bul
wark and a nation's pride. And God
liesses nations that hold such men.
He could look every man in the
eye. Mens consola recta?.
May I in sadness not un tinged
with Joyous hope of our future meet
ing in A fairer realm - may 1 through
you place a requiem wreath upon tho
bier of my friendwFrank Russell?
jue. H. Adger Mullally.
Eagle's Nest. Pendleton, s. C.. Sep
tember. 1922.
Xext Pose You Take May Salivate
and Start World of Trouble.
Calomel is mercury; quicksilver.
It crashes into sour bile like dyna
mite, cramping and sickening you.
Calomel attacks the bones and should
never be put Into your system.
If you feel bilious, headachy, con
stipated and all knocked out, Just go
to your druggist and get a bottlo of
Dodson's Liver Tone for a few cents,
, which is a harmless vegetable sub
stitute for dangerous calomel. Take
a spoonful, and if it doesn't start
your liver and straighten you up
better and quicker than nasty calo
mol, and without making you sick,
you just go back and get your
Don't take calomel! It makes yon
sick tho next day; lt loses you a day'3
work. Hudson's Liver Tono straight
ens you right up and you feel greM.
No salts necessary. Givo lt to tho
children, beca Uso it is perfectly harm
less and cannot salivate.-adv.
Compulsory School Law at Chcohoe.
Hattons of the Uh ooh oe Schoo'. Dis
trict school nfc hereby notified thai
tho compulsory attendance school
lav will he put*into effect Nov. 1st.
1922, for tho Cheohee distrio:. All *
aro urged lo take due notice of this
fact and have children attend regu
larly during tho compulsory term as
well as j ix s : .^s mu eh as possible in
ether portions of tho term. The at
tendance law is for the good of all.
and it should receive tin- full co-op
eration of trustees, patrons and pu
pils. Hear lu mind Nov. Isl as tho
date for beginning compulsory At
ienda tte e. Jesse Lay.
For Trustees.
No Worm* In a Healthy Child
Allchlkttvn troubled with WM ni? haw an un?
btalthy rojor, whWh Unikate? rxvr Wood. Rmi a? a
rule, thvtt) i* moto or ICM ?tonnten di? nu Suive.
OWN K S l'Ami'I ESS CUll.t. TONIO Siwa r?<<w
'arly (or two or (hit? wvck* will ?arfch tho Nood.
Im iNi\>v<- thottl?v*tkm, ?lut AO? ?? a teneral Sutenjtfh'
erring TMK- to tho whole *y*tem. Natur* *o> then
throw offtvr dl*ivl the wwm?,nrMth?H*hod wilta
tu perfect health. riea?aot to tale. i<V \xx hath.

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