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A New T
Hero ls a new <
weatlng dre-th
to pay for many
It has a differer
Weather Tread
cog-like pattern
It has in it the ss
Goodyear patent
ally oversize dim
When you buy t
whose actual me
Don't confuse tl
other popular-pr
slightly more.
In many cases, tl
rials, with shorta
Get the tire that i
that is built to safe
Compare these prices wit}
30*3# Clincher.$12.50
Sfcdtf Straight Sid?.. 13.50
32? jj* Straight Sida.. 19.25
3t?4 Straight Sida.. 22.20
Goodyear Crass-Rib Treac
fSitlo ly y
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
fr * f k * * * * 4- * * * * 4
"Sturt Your Muscio Shoals Factory.
Sow Vetch and Clover Now."
Vetch Continues High.
Prices secured from large dealers
In farm seods during tho past fow
days show that vetch prices aro
strengthening, lt is, therefore, ad
visable to order sood without dolay.
Crimson clover sood aro somewhat
cheaper than vetch, especially 'when
bought in tho chaff direct from tho
growers, and those sood can bo used
to advantage on good sandy loam
?oils when thoroughly inoculated
with soil from a crimson or red clo
ver field. Abruzzt rye can now bo
bought for $1.85 to $2.00 and should
bo usod to a large extent this fall.
Sixty I in.s Iuds Corn Uer Acre.
Tho farm of F. 'Loo Gaines, nt
Townvillo, was visited last Thursday
by a group of thirty interested farm
ers of Anderson and Oconeo coun
ties. Mr. "Gainos Hs proving that
enough nitrogen is being obtained
from tho air through his hairy vetch,
to grow a good crop of corn IN Dit Y
crops of vetch woro plowod under on
this land and -100 pounds acid phos
phate por aero applied. The corn
stands In fi -foot rows with peas in
tho middles and will averago sixty
bushels or more por aero this yoar.
Winters' Meetings Effective,
N. E. Winters, specialist In soil
fertility, moro than lived up to his
reputation ah "Tho Hilly Sunday of
Agriculture" in tho meetings hold
OVer tho county last week. Fourteen
hundred pounds of hairy votcli sood
woro ordered by farmers following
his talks, and much moro seed would
bavo boon ordered had lt not boon
for tho high price of vetch seed this
faU. A sovon-year experiment mado
to show tho value of vetch and clo
ver as covor crops to turn under
showod, ho said, that W.her.0 nitrato
of soda and blood meal wore usod,
crops woro increased 30 por cont at
a cost of $15.00 por acre, while tho
Vetch and clover incroa^d tho crops
following 37 per cont at a cost of
only $5.00 por acre on tho nvoragc.
Where cotton followed cotton* tho
y told was 000 pounds seod cotton per
nero. Cotton following pons turned,
! . 'i -wy
read-a Low
: Goodyear ?
Goodyear Good Tire-a big, i
at sells at a price lower than y<
"long discount" tires of unknx
it tread from the famous Ot
Cord-a new tread with a dei
-and it sells for substantially I
une high-grade long-staple cott
ed group-ply construction, th<
ens ions.
he 4Vfc-uich size, for example, '
asurement is nearly 5 inches,
lis Goodyear Cross-Rib Treac
ice co rd s which, sell at the sam
lese other cords are made of ii
itaple cotton as a foundation,
s good enough to carry the Ooc
?guard the world-wide Ooodyea
? NET prices you are asked to pay /br "
32x4 Straight Sido.. $24-50 33x<
33x4 Straight Side.. 25.25 34 x
34x4 Straight Side.. 25.90 33xi
32x4J* Straight Si Jo. . 31.45 35xi
nus prices include manufacturer*! excite tait
f Cord Tires are also made in 6, 7 and S
nt Motor Co., ?
under produced 1 :>00 pounds of send
cotton, while cotton following velvet
heans showed 1500 pounds of seed
cotton per acre. The peas and vol
vo! beans wore plowed under in De
cember abend of cotton, giving the
organic matter sufficient timo to be
gin rotting and become available
early for the uso of tho cotton and
promoto early dovolopmont of tho
Visited Drake's Farm.
Approximately five hundred farm?
ors from over tho entire upper sec
tion of South Carolina wore on hand
last Friday at Wade Drake's farm
to seo for themselves his soil-build
ing methods. The long line of men
stretched across Mr. Drake's cotton
flold for a quarter of a milo, follow
ing X. E. Winters, who lod the way
and used a largo megaphone to ox
plain to' tho crowd what was hoing
shown. Quite a few leading farmer
of Oeonoo wore on hand, much inter
ested in what was being shown.
All of Mr. Drake's soventy acres
of cotton had boen dusted four timos
i with calcium nrsenato dust accord
ing to tho government schedule. Mr.
Dmke figures that this cost him $2.5 0
an aero. Ho dusted four timos in
July and quit !n August on account
of tho dry, windy and almost dewless
nights. Squares were picked up un
til dusting started tho ilrst of July.
Xoighbors stated that Mr. Drake had
tho woovll as thickly In tho begin
ning ns anybody. Tho dusting was
done properly DY MR. DRAKE HIM
SELF and his son. Ho did not trust
otliors to do tho work. Mr. Drake Is
well ploasod with tho rosults, and his
holds show a good crop of bolls which
will como very near averaging a halo
por aero. A dlfforoneo in crops fol
lowing crimson clover or volvet
heans plowed under was vory clearly
shown as compared to land on which
no legumes wero plowed under.
The 17lh big gully was Just begin
ning to bo filled up by Mr. Drake. A
largo bank of soil was puilod across !
tho lower end of tho 12-foot gully |
and a ditch arranged at ono sido for
tho escapo of oxcoss water noar tho
ton of tho fill. Corn with VELVET
BEANS In a row down tho middles
botweon tho corn rows was in ovory
flold. Corn with volvet beans follow
ing corn and velvet bonus would av
orago 30 bushels this season, in spile
of no rain in nearly 00 days. Follow-'
lng clover turned undor somo of tho
corn would average 45 to CO bushels
rer Price
?turtiy, kxng
3? ara asked
ywtx value?
xxlyear Ali
ip, clean-cut,
on? die sams
3 same libeiy
you get a tire
1 Cord with
e price or for
Kiyear name,
r reputation,
long discount" tire*
i)4 Straight fido., $32.15
tf* Sr might Side... 32.93
t Straight Sida.. 39*10
i Straight Side.. 41.05
? inch ??CK* for truda
noir aero. The Coon effects of lime
stone broadcasted over the fields was
shown both on the velvet beans and
corn and velvet beans sown broad
cast alone. An alfalfa Held eight
years old was shown that, would al
most equal a Western field, accord
ing to tho observation of Mr. Win
ters, inn Oklahoma man. .
As a fertilizer under Ins colton Mr.
Drako used 3 00 pounds acid phos
phate, 100 pounds nitrate of soda
and 100 pounds of fish scrap at a
cost of $7.35 flor acre. It is doubt
ful whether the fish scrap was nood
od on his soil.
After the trip over the farm tho
crowd listened to very interesctlng
and instructivo talks by N .E. Win
ters, Prof. A. F. Conrad!, ?f Clem
son, and Dr. H. A. Morgan, president
of tho University of Tennessee.
Heady for Handling Association
. Cotton.
Arrangements have been perfected
for handling cotton for tho members
of tho Cotton Growers' Co-operative
Association Jn Oconoo county. At
Westminster cotton will bo recoivod
and weighed by Ira Pitts; at Wal
linna in C .W. Pitchford a warehouse,
and at Senoca it? lt. L .Nimmons's
warehouse. Sixty por cont is advanc
ed on new cotton; HO por cont on old
Goo. Ti. Briggs, County Agent.
Important Meeting .School Trustees.
There will bo a very important
meeting of tho School Trastoca' As
sociation of Oconeo county, at tho
Court House at Walhalla, on Friday
noxt, at 10 o'clock a. pj, It is hoped
that every trusteo in tho county will
bo prosont at this moating, as tho
school authorities consider it of vital
Importance'. Suporlntondent o f Edu
cation Sp.aros feels that tho trusteos
owo it to tito patrons and pupils of
tho sovoral districts to bo on hand,
loaim of tho plans for tho new year
and take part in a discussion of tho
sn mo. .
Three Hundred 'l i.sllcmneu I.ost.
Honolulu, Sept. 9-Throo. hundred
Japnneso flshormon wero drowned off
tho (;hishlnn of Kurllo Islands, south
Df tho Kamchatka l'oninsula, on Aug
25th, when seven sampans capsized
during tho violent storm in which
the Japanoso emisor Nitthka sank,
according to a cablegram to-day
from Tokio to tho Nlppu Jigl, a Jap
aneso newspaper hero.
ty ?J? ty ty ty ty ty ?I* ty ?I? ty ??? ty ty
ty NOTES FROM THE ?. A. H. ty
ty SCHOOL. ty
*?* *h ??.*f* :'*f* "i*''4* *?* *t* *l* *?* *l*
Tauiassee, R.F.D. 1, Sept. ll.-i
SpOQlal: On Saturday afternoon,
S opt'. 2, tho lmmediato neighborhood
staged on attractive display of fresh
produce from field, orchard and gar
don. Mri Briggs and Miss Counts,
demonstration agents, judged the
o* hibit and made talks on subjects
of interest to farmers and bouse
koopers. Fireless cooker beef . and
home-made light broad were served.
Tho child ro# present wore weighed
and measUi d, Fred Brewer being
the only on.- who came up to thc
standard-l t years of age, 55 inches
in height, 78 pounds lu weight.
The blue ribbous awarded wore as
Mrs. C. W. Brewer, string boans
with red on apples.
W. C. Whitmire, Albemarle apples
and oats-with red on stalk of corn.
S?ni Cowan, figs and Japanese wal
nuts.? ('
W. C. Wilson, onions, okra, cano,
millet, tobacco, watermelon with rod
on pumpkin, peas and butter beans.
A. Ernest, ears of corn on stalk ol
corn, AV 1th red on sweet potatoes.
J. S. Sheppard, Irish potatoes, to
matoes, green corn, velvet beans.
Mrs. J; S. Sheppard, display of lc
kinds yard ?lower blossoms.
Mario Sheppard, potatoes.
Vernor Sheppard, pop corn.
Mrs. \A. Ernest, yeast loaf broad.
. Eunice Cowan, red ribbon on hoi
bread. .
Mrs. Joe Cowan, red on apple- Jelly,
This meeting was tlio first ]ot thc
monthly offerings of the new year
which tho D.A.B, management hopes
to stage once a month.
On Monday, Oct. 2d,'school classes
will begin at tho D.A.R. school cnn
pel, being called at 8.30. On the daj
before (Sunday) at 2.30 o'clock lh<
school Sunday school will be organ
ized. The community is requestot
to attend and help do this. ?Preach
lng services will follow.
On Saturday, Sept. 30th, all board
ors aro expected to come in. An all
day picnic is called, and all neigh
hors friends and any intorosted ii
the school aro invited. Every tamil'
is expected to hiing lunch for tin
spread at dinner time. Any who wisl
to shower tho school with somethiii)
good to.ont or to uso can placo tho!
offerings on the gift (ohio. Some mu
sic and talks will bo .arranged for i
part of tho day.
Gifts received at tho D. A. R. ii
August aro:
Clock - Mrs. Nellie Cutchel
lloight, of Chicago.
Kooweo Courier subscription-Mri
F. E. Harrison.
Cotton for comfort-John C. Cal
bonn ?.D.C. chapter.
Shades for ono room-Mrs. J. A
Subscription to tho Arinenlon -
Miss Kate Kangoles.
Map of the United States-Sonato
X. B>, Dial.
Apples to can-Mrs. Hnyne Jones
Applse and peachos to can-J. S
- ? ' **>?
Enrollment Large and Prospects fo
Splendid Session Aro Good.
Tho schools of Walhalla opened oi
Monday, Sept. 4th, with tho follow
lng teachers composing tho faculty:
High School Department.
M. K. Fort, superintendent-A.B
B. Nf. Singleton-B.S., Citadel.
R. D. Booro-B.S., Clemson.
Miss Lola Kaufman-B.A., Win
Miss Frances Earle-B.? A. Win
Miss Elizngeth H. Dorrlck-B. A
Woman's Collogo, Duo West.
Grammar School Department.
Grade 7-Mrs. L. T. Covlngton
B. A., Landor.
Grado C-.Miss KatcYarborough
B. A.. Chicora.
. Grade 5-Miss Willlo Bollo Duel
ott-B. A.. Nowborry.
Grade 1-Miss Ruth Agnew-B.?
Womnn'c College. Duo Wost.
Grado 1-Mrs.L.A. Probst-Stain
ton Female College.
Grade 3-Miss Marion Ilctrick
B.M., Greenville Woman's College.
Grade 3-Miss Janie Harrison
Win throp.
Grado 2--Miss Nettie Hubbard
A., Winthrop.
Grado 2-Miss Bosslo Miekler
Clty School, Washington, D. C.
Grade 1-Miss Nancy Fox-B.A
Mill School.
Mrs. H. It .Hughs-Grconvillo \V<
man's College '
Mrs. Claude Reid-Oconco O?tti
ty Teachers' Training School.
Music- Miss Ruth Martin-A
dorson Collogo.
Exprosston-Mrs. John J. Reed
-Emorson's College of Expression
Tho Enrollment
in tho high school department is 13
Total onrollmont in tho Wulbai
High School is now moro than 55
Tho onrollmont in tho mill school
Tho colored school ls again
charge of R. H. Burts and his wit
with an enrollment of 110.
An enthusiastic class in athletl
lillie fifi
In years gone by, parti*
it fell to my lot to sell
ings, Securities, thesi
ically, again and ?gair
that I atn now prepa:
Gilt-Edge Securities in
both Life and Fire,
the insurance line?
Your business is sol
predated to thc utmosi
N. .
ls under the direction of Messrs. Sin
gleton and Poore. .
Tho hoard of trustees congratu
lates itself upon being ohio lo pro
curo a faculty composed of such
strong toachors and an unusually
successful year is anticipated.
Ono Not Expected to Survive-Two
Accidents in Ono Day.
GreonyiUe, Sept.. 10. - Th reo mon
aro lu a desperate "condition here to
night as a result ot two automobile
accidents near hero to-day. Ono of
*.ho trio is not expected to survive
the night.
Anderson Durham, white, 38 years
of ago, of Peo Doo Mill, is in, tho City
Hospital suffering from a fractured
skull, lacerated head and his right
ribs cracked In ns a result of n hend
on collision between two cars of a
well-known make at tho underpass
on the Buncombo rond, ono and a
half milos outsido of Greenville. Ho
is Hie father of flvo children and his
wife is living .
Hud Ballow, 32 years of nge, sin
glo, ls in tho same hospital suffering
from a lacerated lioad and sovored
?arteries, which aro bleeding pro
fusely. He recotvod tho injuries in*
the same accident, ,
Was Head-on Crash.
Frank W. Kenable, local automo
bile dealer, had his left log broken
below tho knee and his left oar was
severed from his head when tho right
rear lire of his car blew out, throw
ing tho automobile into a pilo of un
derbrush on tho roadside and caus
ing tho limb of a treo to drag him
from thc car. The limb cut Mr. Kon
ablo's ear off and then throw him
beneath tho car, which missed over
him, breaking his log. Worth Gold
smith, son of a local Insurnnco man,
In the samo car, was uninjured.
Master's Sales
In Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to decrees of tho afore
said Court, in tho enses named be
low, I will oller for salo, to tho high-*
est bidder, in front of tho Court
House door, at Walhalla, S. C., on
MONDAY, the 2d day of October,
11)22, botwoon tho legal hours of
sale, tho tracts of land bolow de
Charles .W. Pitchford, Plaintiff,
Ellie Nichols Rice, Corrio Sims, Ar
thur Sims, Lawrence Sims, May
Sims and Her Sims, Defendants.
All that piece, parcol or tract of
land, situate, lying and being In Oco
nee county, State of South Carolina,
on waters of Little River, of Kooweo
Rlvor, of Seneca River, adjoining
lands of D. P. Grant, W. J. Townes,
T. E. Aloxandor and Elisha Alexan
der, containing ono hundred and six
ty (100) acres, moro or loss, known
as the James Nichols tract.
Terms of Sale-That in tho ovent
of the fnlluro of tho purchaser, or
purchasers, to comply with tho terms
of thc salo immediately, that tho
Master do re-sell tho said premises
on tho samo Salesday, or some con
venient Salesday thereafter, at tho
samo placo and on the samo torms as
heretofore set out, nt tho risk of tho
former purchaser, or purchasers, and
that ho do continuo so to do until ho
hus found ft purchaser, or purchas
ers, who shall comply with tho torms
of salo.
Purchaser to pay extra for dood
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Ocnoco County, S. C.
Sept. 13, 1?I22. 38-40
G. W> Carnes, Plaintiff,
O. L. Glympli, Dofondnnt.
All that certain pleco, parcel, or
tract of land, situate, lying and hoing
In tho .Stato and County aforosald,
and containing thlrty-sovon and 41
100 ncres, moro or less, adjoining
lands of T. A. Durham, Jeff Lanier,
J, ,S. ("lymph, and being tho samo
land deeded to O. L. Glymph by IL
M. Stn not I on tho 30th day of D?com
bor, 1919, and known as a part of
tho W. J. McClure land.
Terms of Sale-CASH. Thnt In tho
event of failure of purchaser, or pur
chasers, to comply with tho terms of
salo w'thin live days from day of salo
tho Master do ro-ndvortiso and rosoli
said premisos on tho following Sales
day, or some convenient Salesday
thereafter, nt tho saino placo and on
tho same terms ns herotoforo sot out,
at the risk of tho former purchaser,
or purchasers, and that ho do con
tinuo so to do uni.i ho has found a
pu reit.-.. $r, or purchasers, who com
ply witl tho torms of salo. Purchaser
will noe bo lot Into possession of tho
premises boforo January 1st, 1923:
Provided, That not moro* than ono
e of Oconee.
:ularly during thc war,
you Government Sav
5 you bought, patriot- 1
red to sell you other
the form of insurance,
in fact any thing in
icited and will be ap
FANT, Agent.
LA, S. C.
third of all crops, or their valuo,
grown in 1922, shall pass to tho pur
chaser with said land, and that said
ono-thlrd interest shall bo subject to
its proportion of any Hons now (July
ll, 1922,) oxlstiug over tho crops on
said land. .
Purchasor to pay extra for deed
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconeo County, S. C.
Sept. 13, 1922. 38-40
O. W. Gignllllnt, Plaintiff,
C. W. Chastain and W. D. Hnnvoy,
All that certain pioco, parcel, or
tract of lnad, situato, lying and be
ing in the County of Oconee, Stnto
of South Carolina, containing sevon
ty-ono ncros, more or loss, according
to a plat of survey thcroof made by
C. C. Myers, Surveyor, adjoining
lands of N. P .Grant, W. J. Walters,
J. I<\ Mason and J. A. Callaham, and
hoing all the tract convoyed to C. W.
Chastain by W. H. Kludley by dood
dated January 1st, 1919, and hoing
part of tho old Wm. Brown homo
All that piece, parcol or lot of land
situato, lying and hoing in Center
Township, of tho County of Oconoe,
Slate of South Carolina, and on tho
north side of , tho public road loading
from Westminster to Andorsonvillo,
and known as tho Andorsonvillo
rond, beginning at iron pin in tho
coiner of said road, a corner common
with lands of C. A Whit Hold, and
running thence north ll. W 174 feet
to an iron pin In tho eerier of Town
vlllo public, road, thence along con
tor of Townvlllo road X G 6% W 214
feet to iron pin at the intersection of
the centors of tho.Townvillo and An
dorsonvillo road, (which form the
Westminster road), thenco back
along tlie Andorsonvillo road S 4 2 E
IGOJ/? foot to tho northeast cornor
of gin lot, and thence still along tho
Conier of said Andersonvillo road,
S 44 E 180y? foot-to tho boglnning
corner, same hoing moro fully shown
on plat of survey by Charles N. Gign
llllnt, (lated July 22, 1909, recorded
in Clerk's Offico, Oconoo County, S.
C., on August 19, 1900, in Plat Book
A, Pago 1, and hoing tho northern
portion of tho lot convoyed C. W.
Chastain by B. S. Herring by deed
boating date tho 31st day of Decem
ber, 1918, and recorded in said of
fico on the 7th day of January, 1019,
In Deed Book 3-E, Pago 80.
Terms of Salo-CASH. That in tho
event of tho failure of purchaser, or
purchasers, to comply with the terms
of sale within five days from day of
salo, the Master do re-advertiBe and
re-sell said premises on the follow
ing Salestlay, or some convenient
Salosday thereafter, at the same
placo and on tho same tor ms as here
tofore set out, at tho risk of the for
mer purchaser, or purchasers, and
that ho do continue so to do until ho
has found a purchaser, or purchas
ers, who comply with tho torms of
Purchaser to pay extra for deed
and stamp. W. O. WHITE, )
Master for Oconeo County, S. C.
Sept. 13, 1Q22. , 38-40
All persons indebted to the Estate
of A. P. CRISP, Docoasod, aro bore
by not?fiod to make payment to tho
undersigned, and nil persons having
claims against tho said Est alo will
present tho same, duly attested,
within tho timo prescribed by law?
or bo barred
Executrix of tho Estate of A. P..
Crisp, Docoasod.
Sopt. 13, 1922. 38-41
All porsncs indebted to tho Estate
of Victor H. Jones, Docoasod, are
hereby notified to mako payment
to tho undersigned, and all persons
haying claims against said Estate
will prosont the same, duly attested,
within tho time proscribed by law, or
bo barred.
Administrator of tho Estato of Victor
H. Jo?os, Deccnsod.
Aug. 30, 1922. 35-38
All persons indebted to tho Estato
of Hovoy B. Dlasslngamo, Dec'd., aro
hereby notified to make payment
to tho undersigned, and all persons
having claims against said Estate
will present tho samo, duly attested,
within tho time prescribed by law?
or be barred.
and E. L. KIDLER,
Administrators of the Estate of Ho
voy B. Dlasslngamo, Doo'd.
Aug. 30, 1922. 85-38 ,

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