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New Series No. 940. - Volume LXXL - No. K.
Seeds f
Fulcrum Oats
Abruzzi Rye,
Winter Barlej
Also Orimso
few days.
c. w. &, J. E
XZ?J& It Pays to Bi
After Conflagration which Swept the
City of Smyrna-Hundreds Shot? .
London. Sort. 15.-Massacros of
far-reaching proportions aro report
ed to have occurred at smyrna at
< ending tho terrible conflagration
which lias just swept over that city.
The first reports came from Greek
from British oye-witiiosies and front
^Americans arriving at Greek ports
tended to confirm tho massncros and
gave harrowing accounts of tho ex
tont of tho devastation wrought.,
An English agency dispatch de
clared the British admiral bad warn
ed tho Turks at Smyrna that if the
massacres continued tho Turkish
quarter would be bombarded.
A correspondent, of Reuters arriv
ing at .Malta 'said hundreds of bodies
of Ibo victims were lying in Hie
st>cots of Smyrna when ho left and
that the pillaging and massacraing
were continuing. Tho Creeks were
not blameless, bo declared, as'thoy
had aroused the Turks by setting firo
to villages during tho retreat of tho
Greek army.
Tho invasion of tho British con
sulate at Smyrna by thc Turks, and
tito murder of an ofllcial also were
A Greek semi-official dispatch from
Athens quoted an American Investi
gator as estimating tho number of
victims up to tho time of tho fire
in Smyrna at 1,000. The property loss
from the conflagration is estimated
in tho Greek quarters at $7.1,000,
Among tho Turkish outrages was
tho carrying off of many girl pupils
of tho American Girls' College, it is
Tho Greek belief ls that the fire
was set by tho Turks to conceal tho
traces of their alleged misdeeds.
Terrible Stories.
Refugees arriving in Athens from
Smyrna recount terrible stories re
garding tho state of tho city, owing
to the ferocity of the Turks. Imme
diately on their arrival ibo Kemalist
troops gave themselves over to mas
sacro and robbery of tho Christians
mid tho quays were littered with tho
corpses. A Greek jotirnaltis was shot
dead and dragged through the stroets
tied on the back of an nutomobilo.
An Amor lean passenger who ar
rived ot Piraeus from Smyrna says
he saw 9 00 Armenians forced by tho
Turks to embark on a lighter. Tho
Armenians wore thou shot down from
tho shore, tho bodies hoing left to
float in tho water. According to
otbor passengers, prominent mem
bers of tho British colony In Smyrna
\vore similarly murdered.
Were at Paradise College.
It is believed here that tho four
teen naturalized Americans reported
missing in Smyrna aro members of
tho American International Colony,
which comprises tho bulk of tho
American population lu Smyrna.
Thoy wero at tho Paradise Collego
compound, throo miles from Smyrna,
or Fall
, 1 Rosen Rye,
Vetch, Rape,
% Burr Clover,
ii Clover in a
LA, S. C.
ny for Cash.
according to a telegram dated Sept.
Several teachers of this college had
already Hod. ,
Was Well Known Minister of South
Carolina Methodist Church.
Johnsonville, S. C., Sept. 17.-Rev
William .Augustus Massabeau, Wido
'hero to-day after a long illness. Ile
will bo burled at Chester Tuesday.
Rev. Mr. Massabeau \vas born in
Spnrtanburg July 13, I860, tho son
of Rev. John D. Massabeau. Ile grad
uated from Wo ff ord College in 1S89
and taught school at Smithville for
two years. Afterwards ho was prin
cipal of Henron Academy in Darling
ton county for two years. Ho was
licensed to preach by the Darlington
circuit quarterly conference in 1S92,
and in 1893 was admitted to tho
South Carolina. Conference at Sum
Ho married Miss Rosa Oliver Car
son, of Orangeburg county, Juno 30,
1890. Ho was pastor, at various
times, of Grace church. Union; it
Greenwood, Ridgevlllc, Central
church, Sprtrtanburg; Buncombe
s>root church, Greenville, and others.
Ho served eight years on tho church's
board of missions and thc conference
board of education, and was delegate
to the general conference In 1914,
Ile is survived by bis widow, ono
son, John Mas?nboau, of Jonesville
and three daughters, Mrs. Clyde Car
ter. Chester; Mro. .'burston Boland,
Springfield, and Miss Francos Massa
beau, of Johnsonville.
Will Docomo Adjunct Professor and
Take lp Ministerial Work.
Columbia, Sept. 13-Rev. G. Croft
Williams, secretary of tho State
Board of Public Welfare, bas ten
dered his resignation, according to
announcement mado this afternoon
by Governor Harvey. Ile will become
adjunct professor of sociology of tho
University of South Carolina, and at
tho gamo timo rector of St John's
Episcopal church of this city.
Mr, Williams' successor has not
yet been selected, but a committee
from tho Coard of Public Welfare
has boon nppointod to look for a suc
cessor. Tho resignation of Mr. Wil
liams becomes effective as soon as
his successor shall bc named.
Mr. Williams has mado a remark
able record as secretary of tho board,
Ho will take up his new duties at tho
university with tho opening of tho
1022-23 session.
l-'lvo Cows Crain crt Together Killed.
IJnlonvlllo, X. Y., Sept. 14.-Five
cows, all attached to the same chain,
were killed on Frank Ford's farm
near boro by a bolt of lightning to
day. Another bolt ripped off a sec
tion of tho steoplo of Grace church
In Port jervis. Slato shingles woro
scattered for a distance of 100 foot.
Dr?wing to a Close---Freo Examina
lion for Women mut Children.
Seneca, Sept. 19.-Special': Mr.
and Mn?. R. K. Nlmmons are enter
taining a line son in thoirhomc, who
arrived on tho 13th.
Miss Anul? Whitten, of Pendleton,
spent several days' hero with rela
tives and attended tho Gipsy Smith
m oe tin gs.
The Gipsy Smith series ot meetings
aro not only enlisting tho Interest of
Soneca and Oconee. hut every night
lnrgo numbers of poopic from differ
ent parts of this and other States
como to hoar tho noted evangelist.
Tho attendance record went over tho
top Sunday night, whon .every seat
under tho big tent was taken at least
ono hour before ?he nour for sorvice,
and tho samo can bo said for the
seats outside tho tent willoh took
caro of tho overdow. Many men and
women, unable to get seats, stood
throughout the on tiro sorvice. Mr.
Smith's messages have roached the
hearts of seores of church mom hors
who bavo drifted away from their
Saviour and-who want to rededicate
themselves to Him, and as many aro
taking their stand for Jesus for the
first time. The inspiring music by
the largo choir, with Rov. John A.
Wood as conductor and Miss Lucilo
I Abernethy, pianist, is soul-stirring.
A fcaturo of thc Sunday evening ser
vices was two musical selections
givon by tho Augusta malo quartette.
These gentlemen motored from Au
gusta Saturday night and loft after
tho Sunday night service for their
homos. They carno all tho way from
Augusta to boar Gipsy Smith, for
whom tboy bad formed a strong
friendship when ho held a meeting
in their city two years ago.
Mr. Smith has announced that he
will on Friday night tell tho story of
how Jesus entered tho Gipsy tents,
which will embrace his life's story.
Sunday will bring to a close the Gip
sy Smith meetings of three weeks.
He will preach Sunday morning at
11.15 and agnin at 8 p. m.. All who
want t^ haye, a good Boat had bp.Uer,.
" Freo Medical Exnhtf nnti?us t
for the children of Oonceo county,
and conferences with specialists on
the care and feeding of children.wlll
be bold at Seneca on Friday, Sept. 29,
in the Edwards-Austin Building, be
ginning at 9 a. m. and running all
day. Specialists from Columbia and
Greenville and Spartanbitrg will co
operate with the Oconee County
Medical Association, tho State Board
of Health, tho Red Cross, tho wo
men's clubs, the Wizard of Tamassoe
chapter, D. A. R. and the ministers
of tho gospel, toward making this tho
greatest day for tho hoallh of tho
women and children of Oconee coun
ty ever put over by any county in tho
State, lt is expected that every mo
ther interested in tho wolta''C of her
children will bo present.
All children under seven years old
with suspected serious physical de
fects should bo prosentcd for exami
The management of tho moving
picture house in Seneca has offered
to v* on health Hims on Saturday,
Sept. 29th, and a banquet will bo ten
dered by ?bo above organizations to
50 of the leading men and women of
Oconoo county and the representa
tives of the Red Cioss and tho State
and Federal governments with a view
to establishment of a public honlth
nursing service and a community
hospital for Oconeo county.
Miss Blackburn, of tho bureau of
child bygleno of tho State Board of
Health, ls now In Oconee conducting
olassos for mid-wives at various
points and assisting tho Oconoe
County Modical Society In holding
baby conferences at Westminster,
Walhalla, Newry, Jordania and else
Free Clinic for Mothers and Babes. .
Tho movement for tho free clinic
for mothers and babies, under the
auspices of tho medical association,
found expression in tho meeting of
a committee of repr?sent?t ive wo
men at tho home of Mrs. S. K. Dendy
Monday morning. Miss Blackburn,
public health nurse, in chargo of tho
work In Oconee county, directed thc
committee, and plans wore laid for
this campaign, which means more \o
tho future citizenship of Oconoo than
any single agency over employed- in
our county. Health is tho founda
tion of all dovolopmont, physical,
moral, mental, and nearly all dis
ease is preventable, Ninety por cont
of criminals cared for in Jails, refor
matories or institutions maintained
by tho State come from tho mondilly
defectivo. It is much easier and A
great deal chcapor to save them hy
giving them proper treatment In tho
early years than lt ls to care for them
after the trouble ls fastened on them.
Tho medical association has invited
ominent bilby specialists to bo hero
and assist in this examination of
mothers and babies under seven
years of ago. This examination will
bo entirely free, but mothers bring
ing ehlldron aro requostod to bring
a loose slip or gown to bo used wlitlo
tho examination ls hoing mado. Those
expecting to avail tbonisolvos of this
opportunity aro requostod to notify
Mrs. B. Ai Lowery in order that ar
rangements may bo mado to look af
ter tho comfort of thoso coming. If
Lady Capturai
soiial l'ai
Bounty T
Mrs. C. N.
and Gora H?
Marion Hui)
relatives in.
Miss Kala,
ing for sevo
clan has abb
citis is the o;
that an ?p$:
to recovory'.
lier early QO1
We are
est?r's con
Early ol?
D. A; Perri
among her ;;
an opossum,
on-hor.s? to",
bad swoop
chicks, an
escapo thy
house. Mrs"
an axe,
dead victim
Mrs. M
Springs, is.
with h or j
Wright. M
O. H. D
the com mu
L. P. Rn
lng from\
several we
I last nighty
j morning, a
Mr-?? a ni'
Gamble a$
lan la, and1^
cobs, of Bh/U
the homo jp'
ling last w
Mrs. CV)?:
Misti-, Mar
M?. n
in f?rbor
col! Interest.
eb>;t 18.- Special:
irsbn; Misses Zola
l/h?j?Vtheir brother,
'spe^t a weok with
1$, rocon Hy.
phi has boon su ff or
iya' and her physi
SQ that appondi
*0f7vhor trouble, and
niay bo necessary
?fiends hopo for
Ib.Mport Mrs. Rocb
V?W much Improv
\pg ln3t week Mrs.
..Jto?rd a commotion.!
?|?on^, and, thinking!
\^hti bo causing tho
, rushed to tho chtck
Mt^argo hawk, which
k^yh'fi'mong tho young
i$ry?ng lo make bis
hp. wire wall of the
ij# being armed with
Returned with liol*
pickett, or Sandy
JLng a few weeks
ter, Mrs. W. D.
Anderson, was in
rho hrs been sU ff or
rie appendicitis for
?ad a severo attack
able to ho up this
fo- hopo will soon re
J. N. Hodgson and
H Edith Hodgson, and
Misses Isabelle
jjdit'h Hodgson, of At
a?d Mrs. Merkel Ja
(olphia, Pa., visited at
and Mrs. J. P. Strib
>. and^Paulin?
^Liberty Hlil;
hderson will visit in
? w<aek as a guest of
M o'In tosh.
s. Rob Hubbard and
,.ro.spending a few days
'th .fire, Hubbard's pnr
and their brother, Tom Anderson, of
Greenville, were week-end guests of
their aunt, Mrs. S. Nf; Hughs.
Mrs. A. C. Ballengor, of Sn\idy
Springs, spent the woOk-ond at. tho
home of Mr. and Mrs. .1. J. Ballon
go r.
Mrs. Sue O'Neal and daughter, Miss
Christine, of Westminster, were
week-end guosts- of Mr. and Mrs.
Josso Hubbard.
Miss Lura Porritt left Saturday
for Pendleton, whore she has accept
ed a position as teacher in tho Pen
dleton school.
Miss Ida Beth Doyle left Friday
for Winthrop College.
Misses Sara Cater and Etta Ad
ams and Chnrlio Cater, of LOOK
Creek, spent the week-end among
homofolks in the community.
Misses Olive Lynch and Willie Mc
Donald will leave Tuesday for Hock
Hill, wbero they will resume their
college course a*. Winthrop.
Miss Hsther Edens, of Piokens, is
visiting her cousin,'Miss Olive Lynch.
Session Will Dc Held at Richland on
Sunday, October 8th.
Tho Oconoo County Sunday School
Convention will be held at Richland,
In tho Brosbytolran church, on Sun
day. Oct. 8th, next. The authorities
aro at work on a strong program.
Dr. D, W. Daniel and Kev. A. 13.
Drlggers, of Clemson College, have ?
promised to attend. Several other
strong speakers aro under partial
prom iso to bo present.
Services will bogia at 10 o'clock
and will last all day.
Tho district and county conven
tions rei cully bold all over tho State
liavo shown increased interest, in the
organized Sunday school work, lt ls
confidently believed Oconee's next
will bo Oconee's best. Tho conven
tion is not a delegated body. All
Sunday school workers, and all
friends of tho cause, all who believe
in "Christian co-operation for King
dom service," are cordially invited
to attend. Wm. S. Morrison,
Pres. Oconoo Co. S. S. Association.
Overcome by Gas, Dies in Well.
Gaffney, Sopt. 17.-Andrew Tho
mas, a negro well digger, living in
tho Starr farm section of Cherokee
county, sufferod Injuries yesterday
whilo digging a well on tho Brick
House plantation, which rcs il tod in
bis death. Tho negro was CO feel
below tho surface when ho was over
coino by gas, and when ho sounded
a.signal of distress ho was Immedi
ately drawn to the top, but Just al
tor ho was helped from tho well, he
lost his balance and foll back, strik
ing tho earth GO feet below. Coroner
J. S. VInesott, of Gaffney, was noti
fied of tho affair, but as it appeared
to bo clearly en accident tho coroner
did not doom an inquest necossary.
Impossiblo to notify Mrs. Lowery,
como and bring tho baby any way,
bul remombor that those who notify
Mrs. Lowery will bo ontltlod to ex
amination first.
We have a f
Mules to sell Ch
Two extra go
Several good s
gons, both one a
?Oldsmobile A
F. H. Weston ami J. H. S. Lyles will
presido Over Oconeo Court?.
Columbia, Sept. ll. - Governor
Harvey, at tho request of Chief Jus
tice Gary, has appointed a numbor of
special judges.
Carroll Q. Simms, of Barnwell,
vice Judge M"crvor, deceasod, to hold
the term of court for Anderson coun
ty, beginning thc first Monday in Oc
F. H. Weston, of Columbia, vico
Judge S. Wi G. Shipp, disqualified, to
.1 old tho term of court for Oenone
County, beginning Oct. 9, 1922.
J. B. S. Lyles, of Columbia, vico
Judge Mciver, deceased, to hold the
torin of court for Oconeo county, be
ginning tho third Monday in October.
W. C. MoLain, of Columbia, vice
Judgo Ernest .Mooro, deceased, to
hold the term of court for I lorry
county, beginning Oct. 23d.
.Mendel L, Smith, of Camdon, vice
Judgo Moore, deceased, to hold tho
term of court for Marion county, be
ginning tho first .Monday in October.
Rev. Gates, American, bad Deon in
india for Many Years.
Bombay, British India, Sept. If).
Rev. Lorin S. Gates, of tho American
mission, was murdered at Bijapur
Oil dept. fi. Tho police arrested a Mo
hammedan charged with tho crime.
Mr. Gales, who was 77 years old,
and had been for -17 yer -a with tho
American mission at Sholnpar, had
gone to Bijapur at 'ho rottnest of
Miss Ful ch ar, hoad of the branch
mission there. The branch had rent
ed for its indian workers part of an
old Mohammedan palace. The land
lord was a Mohammedan, who occu
pied part of tho palace himself, and,
according to Miss Fulchar, was con
stantly putting restraint on the ton
an;:;. Hbo had asked Mr. Gatos to
como thero to negotiate with tho
landlord. Th is he did unsuccessfully
and decided to remove tho workers
Ile and Miss Fulchar wero leaving
tho palaco in search of another
house, when tho landlord sprang
from behind a trco and foiled the
missionary, slashing him with a
sword. Mis-? Fulchar narrowly es
caped. Mr. Gales was taken tc a hos
pital, .whore ho tiled, It is under
stood that Mrs. Gates will continue
tho mission work at Shoiapur.
Mr. Gates was supported by tho
Congregational church, Washington,
D. C.
Easloy Election Void.
(Bickens Sentinel.)
Tho election recently held In Eas
loy and which resulted in favor of
tho town issuing $50,000 for addi
tional paved streets and $80,000 for
past indebtedness, has been thrown
out and declared no election,
A committed of Easley citizens op
posed to tho ?O.OOO bond lssuo em
ployed Carey & Carey, attorneys, to
contest tho election, and lt was dis
covered that not n sufficient numbor
of property owners had signed the
petition asking for thc election.
ew extra Good
eap. ; |
od fresh Milch
econd-hand Wa
nd twovhorse
la, S. C.
Jets the Pace."
Man Who Shot Justin Woolbright nt
Townvillo Receives Scntcnco.
Anderson, Sept. 13,-Press Tuck
er, convicted last Friday In Sessions
Court of manslaughter in connection
with tho killing of Justin Wool
bright at Townvillo on May 27th of
i this year, was this morning sontonc- ?.
! cd to a term of imprisonment on the
county works or in tho State peni
tonMnry, for a period of three years,
after counsel for tho dofonso had
made a motion for a new trial,willoh
was ovor-ruled by Judge .Mendel;
Smith, tho presiding judge In over
ruling tho motion for a new trial
.lodge Smith declared that tho caso
bad boen fairly presented to tho
court and an impartial trial given
the defendant, and in fairness to tho
Jury who bad indicated the smallest
punishment in tbolr verdict, ho could
not sot asido tho verdict.
Tho motion was entertained by tho
court, and ibo arguments for tho
defense conducted by Air. Miller. In
ids argument bo declared that tho
verdict was not responsive to tho tes
timony, and that in Iiis behalf tho
man was either guilty of murder, or
acquittal should have boon bis lot.
Ho also reviewed many phases of tho
case, thc trial of which consumed a
long poriod.
County Chairman .Makes Declaration
of Results of Second Primary.
State of South Carolina,
County of Oconoo.
From an od?ela] tabulation of tho
returns In tho riecoud primary olec
tlon for Oconoo county, tho follow
ing result ls declared:
FL I"). McDonald and E. Timmor
man, having received a majority of
tho votes cast for members of tho
House of Representativos, aro here
by declared t li o nominees of tho par
ty for tho House.
W. M. Dillard having rocolvod a
majority of tho votes cast for Magis
trate nt Westminster, ia horoby de
clared to bo the nomineo of tho parly
for that position.
Jas. H. Drown, Co. Chairman.
D. A. Smith, Secrotnry.
(Tho official tabulation of tho
voles cast in tho second olectlon will
bo found on second pago th iswook.)
Mis. Harding Much Hotter.
Washington, Sept. 17-Mrs. Hard
ing, now safely 'on Ibo road to com
pleto recovery from ber rocont seri
ous Illness, probably will spend the
rmtivo recuporativo period at tho
White Houso, it was said to-day by
thoso closo to the executive family.
From Walhalla Houto 8,
Walhalla, Route 3, Sopt. 18.-Spo
lia': \iisses Pearl Hm 1th and Janlo
Lipscomb were recent visitors to
relativos in Anderson.
Mack Fowlor, of Glonv?llo, N. C.,
itopped ovor a few hours recently at
?ho homo of his cousin, W. W. Fow
lor, on a visit to his farm, which is
OCated In Southern Coorgin.
J. Fred Fowlor will fill his rogular
?tppointincnt at Liberl-Tuext Sunday,

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