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(Mst al.Iis],cd 184?.)
Entered ul tho Post?nico ut W?l
IinllU, S. C., as Mall .Matter of tho
Second Cliiss, under Act of Congress,
March 3d, IK;?>.
t'uhhshod livery Wednesday Morning
Ono Year.Si .00
SIX Mouths.5.">
Three Mouths. ... .00
Atlortlvsisig l?alos Reasonable,
By Stork, Shclor, ll ughs *V: Shclor.
Communications of a personal
character charged for as advertise
ments. Obituary natlcos, cards of
thanks and tributes of respect, either
by Individuals, lodges or churches or
Kocieties, charged for ns for adver
tisements. Cash must accompany tho
manuscript, and all such notices will
be marked "Adv." In conformity with
/postal requirements.
Greenville Man Endeavors to Roselin
Him and Loses Life.
.Greenville. Sepi. I.".. -1 ;. . >.-it Mo
Carson, :.'! years of ago, of Ltraiulon
Mill villago, was drowned*ln ;ho Sa
luda river about 100 feet above tho
power dam this afternoon. McCar
son, lu company with a companion,
Albort Davis, 1 ~> years o? ago, were
cu! io spend a day in the woods. Mo
('arson decided ho would go in swim-!
ming, hut tim younger boy decided j
he would slay, on the hank. After!
Tuning in tho Witter for a short time
'he gol baclt oui on tho hank and en
gaged In a playful struggle with tho
younger hoy. ri nally picking him up,
doth es and ail, and throwing him
into ?he water, according to tho lad's
m< ni. \\ lien ihr youngster fell
Imo* thc water it was soot; ?'vident
tu V<<'.irs n that the hoy w s a very:
lioor oWlminei*. and itr.r his pal's !
uni cor, McCarSon immediately loap-j
eil in to his .i ni tie. !!.? roached the ?
Mi 1, bul just as tte was ii bout lo take
hold ol him, McCarson was seized I
iv! I h .ramps. Tho younger boy ilion
endeavored to save his co in rn de's
lifo, bul was obliged, In order to save'
bis own, lo break from tho liol?! bf.
the older ir.tr.. who had i>y (his limo
apparently losl his reason. Young
Davis rea '>. ! ibo shore safoly, and
nt (?.....e gii.o tho alarm, but lions!
to resuscitate tho drowned man wcro
iinsuece: .. ful
Lift Off with Fingers
-*. -I i-l-V ,
1 ?.> >?n't hurt a bil! I ?rop a lillie
"Eroezono" on nh aching Corn, In?
itnntly lint oom stops hurting, then
hurlly you lift ii right off with
1 fi' Ti ta ly 1
our ilruggi il soils a tiny bottle of
oozon ." for a few con;.-, su (Helen I
c . novo . v ry hard corn, soft corn
)" )i n bet ween the toes, a nd the
? ~. I uses, without soreness or Irrita*
. .i adv.
I .n i] Attempt io swim ('?nial.
Chi ?tor, S C.i S.-pt. ! I. .Millard
. . ;-. JO yea wt of acc. who was swim
mi across 1 lie (anal at < ; rea 1 Palls
" dn> in company with nis brother,
Luther Davis, who was a few years
older than ho, suffered a severe at?
tack nf cramps, it is thought, and was
drowned. A diligent soarch was in
(Miiuted for his body, but it was some
hours be/ore ii was discovered, bo
ome dlstanco fnrthor down tho
rem m. Tho Davis brothers had
ck H ? ! other implements and wovo
r>n paring lo dig herbs on tho islands
cross tho canal.
i,'n to ti-" Kith con I ii ry i . iplo
Room lo bavo been destitute of chlm
WI .1 a fi,h takes tho ball on n
how hook (tint has been invented, tho
?ct of pulling In the line forces two
thar hooks Into its sides to hold it.
incidents and Happenings in Busy
TOWnvllle, Sept. 12.-Special: An
occasion that brought up n good deal
of history for iii Is section, and ono
which brought relativos from n dis
tance, was tho unveiling at tho Blip
list graveyard of tho monuments of
David and Mary 1 loggan Russell.
Tho wife of David Russell was of
Irish descent, and her strict rules re
garding ber ideals caused bor to be
quito a prominent character in his
tory. The father of David Russell
was a Revolutionary soldier. At ono
lune this couple lived near boro and
were members of Townvillo Baptist
church for Hf ty years. At one time
they resided at thc old Zachary placo,
tho present homo of J. R. Zachary.
Mr. Russell died in Florida and
was buried tbero, but tho monument
was erected on tho plat near the
grave of lils wife.
On this samo day a monument was
erected to T. J. and W. D. Zachary,
both Confederate soldiers, tho for
mer killed in Richmond, the latter in
Maryland. This monument has tho
insignia of the U.D.C.- chapter, show
ing both tho battle and regimental
Among the speakers on this occa
sion were W. W. Russell, of Ander
son; Stacy Russell, of Panama; Miss
May and Miss Leila Russell, Mrs.
Carrie Patrick. Mrs. Cando McCully
bad made a search for war records
in Columbia and brought many inter
esting facts to lite family of tho lifo
of their ancestor, one showing that
be was an officer during the war.
Among tho descendants present
were: Whit Russell, who hears the
l ame of Col Whit Kilpatrick; four
daughters of Dr. Russell and one
grandson, all of Cedartown. (?a.; .].
E. Zachary and wife, of Fairburn,
Ca. These are tho grandchildren of
David Russell: Mrs. Robert Russell
and daughter, Miss Lillaco, of An
tun; .lohn Zachary's family, of Sen
eca; Eunice Zachary King and one
child, ol' Anderson; J. R. Zachary
and wife. This- information was given
hy .1. K. Zachary.
A rei e?t entertainment at tho
home <>:' Mrs. J. H. L-igOU was al
shower party for Airs. .Jay Praeter, j
At a recent dale Mr. Praeter suffer
ed tile loss of some of bis household .
furnishings hy lire, and this party
was given that the friends might
help to replenish Mrs. Praetor's
household necessities. Pleasant con
versation was enjoyed by tho ladies
during the afternoon while cake and
cream were served.
School at this place opened Mon
day morning with a good atttndanco.
Only one vacancy had to he Ulled,
and this was taken up hy Miss Hun
nicutl, of the Lebanon section.
A series of meetings bas Just been
closed in the local churches. The
services brought many people out,
and a real revival was felt.
Mr. and Mrs. .las. M. Moss, of Wal
halla, and daughter, Katherine,were
recent visitors here.
A gamo of ball was played here
on Tuesday with tho Lebanon leam.
As the visitors bad added many new
players to their team from the An
derson league, our boys suffered de
Kev. C. W. Burke was tho guest of
A. Mcphail and Lorne Kelly this
I week'.
The Ladies Aid Society of tho
I Methodist church met with Mrs.Will
, Whitlieid on Wednesday afternoon.
After devotional exercises conducted
; hy Rev. Burke, the business* was
transacted, after which Mrs. W'iit
Hold served cream and cake.
In South Carol I na Ibis Year-Esti
mated (?00,000 Bushels,
According to reports of tho div.
Sd-lll of live stock estim?tes of tho
I Coiled States Department of Agt'i
culturo, tho production of corn in
i South Carolina will bo about 800,000
bushels less than last year, while
I the production for tho entire United
states will bo approximately 100,
000,000 bushels loss than In 1921,
In referring to tho report B, B.
?Hare, agricultural statistician for
the United States Department of Ag
riculture, says:
"Tho preliminary est?malo of corn
production in Ibo Slate is ?12.350,000
bushels, ns compared with December
estimate for last year of 32,955,000
bushels. The present forecast for the
i ntiro United states 'is 2,S7I,959
bushels, against 3,0S0,272,000 bush
; :.s in 1 ; 21.
The condition of corn in South
Carolina on Sept. 1 was 7 2 per cent
of normal; sweet potatoes SI per
cont; Irish potatoes Td; peanuts SS);
rico 75; sorghum for syrup SO; cow
peas SH ; tobacco f,5; hay SS; millet
SI; grapes SO; and peas Go, Thc es
timated number of bogs on band for
fattening is Ibo same as last year.
Tho excessive rains from carly
For tho Crocks Through tho Medium
of tho Nour East ltoliof.
A special appeal lo the Greeks of
South Carolina to como to tho aid of
their suffering countrymen, drive:?
from t hoir homes by tho Turkish
armies, was made to-day by A. Frank
Lever, president of tho First Cand?
nas Joint Stock Land Dank, also tim
State chairman of the Near East Re
lief, following receipt of a cable .rain
from Cons'nntinoplo asking for im-'
mediato additional supplies as a re
sult of tho G rock reversos.
"Two hundred thousand Greek ref
ugees from tho Interior of Asia M'i
nor havo poured into Smyrna as a
result of the Greek armies' retreat
beforo the onrushing Turks," the ca
blegram read. The present tremen
dous relief problem of Noar East Re
llof workers calls for prompt and de
cisivo action in order to proven' dis
enso epidemics and starvation from
taking heavy death toll.
All classos and nationalities aro
asked to respond to this emergency
call. Mr. Lover pointed ou: that
every dollar sent Into tho SU?le of
fice at Columbia to-day will be put to
work within two weoks through tho
Near East Relief's banking connec
tions in Constantinople. Supplies will
bo bought and administered to the
stricken people just as fast as tho
money can be cabled abroad.
The first steps toward ameliorat
ing litis desperate situation were ta
ken yesterday at a conference of
American Relief agencies In Constan
tinople under tho chairmanship of
Rear Admiral Mark L./Bristol. Tins
conference was beselged with appeals
and it cabled the national olllce of
the Near East Rolief in Now York lo
send all available supplies, medi
cines, foodstuffs and experienced
Messages from Smyrna, the cable
gram stated, picture tho deplorable
plight of tl?e refugees who are ob
liged to abandon their homes, bring
ing witli them for hundreds of miles
only what they can carry on their
backs. Sick, starving and exhausted, <
refugees swamp relief facilities of
American workers.
The Near East Relief has been op
crating in nil small countries of tho
Levant and has cared for a largo
number of Crooks. The present
plight of tho Greek peoples, how
ever, is the largest appeal which has
yet come beforo tho Near East He
ll of.
Checks should bo sont to William
Gibbes. Jr., state Treasurer, Palmet
to Bldg., Columbia, S. C., Mr. Lever
said, or should be sent to the local
chairman with the request to imme
diately forward them to the Colum
bia ollico.
.J* ?j? ?.J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J?
* * * * * * * * * V * * *
Oconeo Creek School.
? _,
Tho following is tho honor roll of
Oconeo Creek Graded School for the
month ending Sept. 1st, thoso pupils
whose names appear on the list hav
ing maintained an average of over
Ninth Grade-Irona Hall.
Eighth Grade-Eunice Johnson.
Annie Rogers, Vadle Sherman.
Sd von th Grade-Nannie orr,Bruce
Murphrec, Blanch Hughes, Eula Rog
ers. Ellison M. Smith,
Sixth Grade-Carl Taylor.
Fifth Grade - Billie Orr, Joyco
Hughes, Gladys Taylor.
Fourth Grade-Willie Powell, My
ra Alexander, Viola Kenn -more.
Liilie Hall, Teacher.
Third Grade--Frank Rochostor,
Fredd'o Morgan, Jarnos Murphrce,
Dexter Smith, Corine Smith, Elnora
Rogers. Gladys Herring. Viola Waldt
and Inez Wilson.
Second Grade- -Annie Nichols.
Annie E. Gason, Teacher.
Advanced First Grade 0, P. Al
exander, Vernor Murphreo, James
Owens, Inoa Herring, Katie Bell Orv,
Myra Rochester, Mary Wilson.
First Grade-None.
Alma Alexander, Teacher.
Annie E. Gason, Principal.
Compulsory Attendance - Toxawny.
Notico ls hereby given that the
compulsory education law will bo
enforced at Toxaway school this year
and that the school will open on Mon
day, Oc t. 30th. Parents are ro(]u?ut
od to see (hst all children of school
age attend promptly on Ute opening
day. Carl G. Smith,
Clerk of Board.
?piing m middle of August ?how
very damaging offed on production
of both cotton and corn, and tho dry
weather at present is showing con
siderable injury to late corn, an ex
tent of which will not be known un
til ilie next report.
Continued Deterioration Throughout
Cotton Holt is Reported,
Washington, Sept. l'?.-Continued
deterioration of tiio cotton crop
throughout most of tho belt -.was
noted by tho weather bureau*s week
ly weather report to-day, Ibo effect
being traced largely to Unfavorable
weather conditions.
"Generous rains occurred in Ok
lahoma," tho report said, "but tho
crop continued unsatisfactory in its
progress, while tito rainfall in Toxas
carno too late to bo of much help.
Promnturo opening continued in
Texas, and there was very littlo top
crop, with the general condition
mostly poor. In Louisiana the con
dition was generally fair, but unsat
isfactory development was reported
from Mississippi.
"Bolls oponed rapidly in Alabama,
many prematurely becauso of high
temperature and dry woather, and
further deterioration was reported
from Tennessee. It was hot and dry
in Goorgia until the close of week,
,when genorous rains were received.
Further deterioration was reported
for cotton in thal State, and there
was no top crop.
"There were further complaints
of shedding in South Carolina on
account of drought and weevil activ
ity, with premature opening and a
steady decline in tho general condi
tion of thc crop. ThQ.weevil contin
ued to do great damage lo the top
crop and were taking largo bolls of
tho intermediate growth. Rain was
needed in North Carolina, where tho
change from the earlier rainy to tho
dry weather was very unfavorable in
many localities, and many of tho late
bolls were small.
"Picking and ginning madfe satis
factory progress in nearly all sec
Gossott Gets Dall.
Abbeville. Sept. 13-'Kenneth Cos
sett surrendered to Sheriff F..II. Mc
Lano this morning and gave bond in
I the sum of six thousand dollars. His
; bondsmen aro .J. li. Acker, W. A.
Boggs, J, C. Gossett, W. W. H. Can
' field, R. A. .Monroe and J. G. Qossett.
j Gossett was sent to tho peniten
tiary two years ago to serve forty
1 years for an attack on a young girl
v ?nie automobile riding. The Su
, promo Court reversed tho judgment
: on tho ground that thc special term
' trying Gossett was illcaglly consti
tuted. Gossett was rcindhtod at tito
. recent Krui of court and will under
! go another trial. His bondsmen ac
companied bim to Abbeville, and
? (Merk ol* Court J. I,. Perrin ordered
Sheriff McLane to release the prison
I er.
call for on IR Tablet, (? vegetable
aperient) to tono and strengthes
tb? organ? of digestion end elimi
nation. Improves Appetlto, Relieve?
Oct a y^*^^ Used fir over
Your ^iBHBimniV&W*
Chipsoff 4he Old Block
Hi JUNIORS-Littlo Ws
One-third the regular doso. Made
of same ingredients, then candy
coated. For childron and adults.
Walhalla. S. C.
( hailcston Navy Yard to Stand.
Washington, Sept. 12.-Tho Char
leston navy yard will not bo closed
and for Hie prosont tho status quo
of employees will be maintained, Sec
retary Denby said to-day.
By direction ot the President, tho
secretary of tho board of naval offi
cers will bo named by the latter to
Investigate all shoite establishments
of tho navy with a viow of determin
ing which should bo closed and
which should not.
Ponding findings of tho board
there will bo no immediate discontin
uance of any of tho present major
shore stations, tho secretary said.
Tho effect of this, he said, would bo
to keep tho Charleston yard open,
Acting Secretary Roosevelt some
limo ano ordered tho yard closed
gradually, and subsequently extend
ed tho date of closing lo Nov. 1st.
Habitua! Constipation Cured
In 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" ls a specially
prepared SyrupTonic-Lnxatlvc for Habitual
Constipation. It relievos promptly but
should bo taken regularly for M to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. OOo
per bottle.
Here's X2?
Progressive Parme
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Oourie
$1.00 year,
Either paper well v
Price 'of Both. C
"Built ?
T USED C?rdul for years
.*. and it did me more good
than any medicine I ever
used," writes Mrs. M. C
Ragsdale, of Fort Towson,
Okla. "I used to suffer with
womanly trouble that weak
ened me until I was a mere
shadow, nervous, and could,
not sleep. I did not feel like
I could live.
"It seemed that nothing
helped me till I heard of
Cardui and began to use it. It
The Woma
Notes from Poplar Springs.
Poplar Springs, Sept. 12-Special:
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Addis and children j
wore guests ot' Mrs. Otto Fricks last ?
week. ) j i
Miss Mary Moser entertained n \ t
number of lier friends most delight-1
fully last Friday night. Delicious'
cream and enko were served the ?
?nests during the evening. | .
C. B. Norton left Sunday last fort,
Bock Hill, at which place he has ac
cepted a position.
Miss Mattie Derrick, who has been
visiting friends here, left last week
for her hame at Long Creek.
Fitz Burley, of. Walhalla, and S.
Y. Norton, visited friends in South
Uinon last week.
Born, unto Mr. and Mrs. Patti
Camhrell, a dniiKhter, who has been
named Mario Pauline, ,?
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shull, of
Creenvllle, spout the past week-end
with Mrs. Shull's mother, Mrs. Kelli.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dilworth and
children, of Newry, were guests last
week of Mrs. Dilworth's mother.Mrs.
Miss Anne Held Arve ls expected
next week for a visit to ber sister,
kMrs. Paul Camhrell. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Will Oliver, of Sen
eca, spent a short whip! last week j
with Mr. Oliver's parents, Mr. and!
Mrs. J. W. Oliver.
Mr. and Mrs. li. W. Alexander, of
Coneross, spent last, sunday with Mrs
Alexander's mp'her, Mrs. C. E.? I Ul
li oso.
Fit for Young ' Girls I - "I have
used Hagan's Magnolia Balm ever
since 1 was IS years old. I am now
\I8, and I know from experience that
il is tho ?JOSI and only reliable toilet
preparation now made that is abso
lutely lit for young girls to uso on
their faces at all times, that it will
positively remove freckles and tan,
and not. promote tho growth of bair
or fuzz on tho face. Respectfully,
(Signed) Mrs. J. H. Burke, Manse,
Canard Co., Ky." Liquid faco and
toilet powder-Brunette, white, pink,
rose-red. 1T> couts nt druggists, or
by mall. Lyon Mfg.Co., J, 2 So. Fifth
St., Brooklyn, X. Y.-Adv.
Civil Service Fxum. Again.
Tho Civil ijervieo Commission In
vites special attention to tho fact that
in an examination held recently in
several- elMos throughout the IJni 10(1 |
States tor assistant examiner, patent j
olllco, applicants wero not secured in |
tho number doslrod, and that this |
examination wijl bo he'd again on
Oct. 18,1 .) and 2 0.
Porsons intorestod In lilts or other
examinations should apply to the
socrelary of tho C. S. Civil Service
Board, at tho local postolllco for de
tailed information and application
? Chance
For 12 Months
vorth Combination
?rder yours now.
le Up"
strengthened me and, as 'twas
ecommended to do, itregu
ated and built me up till I
vas like another woman."
If you are weak, run-down
ind feel that you need a tonic,
ake Cardul, the woman's
onie, the tonic about which
fouliave always heard, the
onie that helps weak women
egain their strength.
Cardui acts on the womanly
wstem and helps relieve pain
ind discomfort due to female
Try Cardui, today, for your
in's Tonic
*I* *I* *I# 'I* *I* *!* fr *!* *I* *I* *I* *I* "I*
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
Walhalla, - S. c. fr
State and Federal Courts. fr
Ofl?co Phono 20; Residence 40. fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
J. ll. EARLE, fr
Attorney-ut-Law, fr
State & Federal Court Prncitcc. fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
Attorncy-nt-Lnw, fr
Phono No. Ol, Walhalla, S. C.fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
J. P. Cnroy, J. W. Shelor, fr
Pickons, S. C. Wt C. Hughs, fr
Attorneys and Counsellors, fr
Slate & Federal Cottril Prncltce. fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
arad Metal Shingles.
AN Ut ?OOJ?p
Walhalla, S. C.
Rainfall and Temperature.
lielow Is a record of meteorological
jbsorvations taken by H. W. llrandt,
?o-oporntivo observer of tho Weather
Ru reau of tho U. S. Department of
Agriculture, during tho week ending
iepi. 10th, 11(22, nt 7 p. m. (Tho
Instrumental readings aro from gov
ernment x?t anua rd instruments ex
posed in tho manner recommended
liy tho cblof of tho Woatbor Bureau ) :
Character of
Jopt, I-Clear . . .
Sept. 5-Clear . . .
Tcpt. 6-Clear . ..
?opt. 7 .. Olear --
3ept. S-Olear . .
Sept. ii--Ptly cldy
Jopt, 10--Clear .
Toi ;\i rainfall
. .07r:
tu ro.
J 001
il 2 !
0 0
0 5
Tho avorago Ufo of an automobllo
n tho United Stated Is cstimntod at
ivo yoars.

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