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The Silent Looks of
the Son of God
Extension Dopaitmortt, Moody
/ Bible Institute, Chicago. v
TEXT-And Jesus entered into Jerusa
lem, and Into the^templo: and when Ho
had looked round about upon all thing?,
and now tho ovontldo was como, Ho
wont out unto Bethany.-Mark Hill.
Tho very silence of this net ls
startling. Looks without words are
often most sig
nificant, and this
simple look upon
all things at
eventide, only to
turn Ills hack
upon them, i s
solemnly so. R
is tis though Ho
hud pronounced
Judgment upon
all that Uo saw.
Tho templo, ns
lils Father's
house, should
hove been His
own, but He linds nothing to His
satisfaction and loaves it. Leaving
lt* He feaves tho holy city too, for
Hotbany, "the house of humiliation,"
where dione He can abide.
X. This scene recalls another, in
blessed contras!', and described, in
John 20:ll)-20.- ' 'The disciples aro
gathered and the risen Lord, with
Infinite blessing, ls Ip their midst; It
is a picture of who/ every Kat hering
of the saints should bo-a gathering
round ,tho Lord. How blessed to be
there! Bul what Vlf He ls not seen?
What if there ls Something, as often
there Is, that keeps Him away, and
Ile cannot have tho place Ho Joys to
take, ns minister of blessing to His
own-what then?
Ab, then Ile comos as He carno to
the temple. In silent majesty.
And what does Ho seo? He sees
perfect order and decorum. Ile sees
a comfortable und attractive building
with well-dressed and well-behaved
people. But He sees' orutoricul
pyrotechnics, Instead tjf the proclama
tion of Ills Word, or hears Its
authority and finality denied. \Ho
liears a feeble song purporting to be
to His praise, and sees thc choir
entertaining the congregation with ?fn
anthem, but bears not what they soy.
Looking deeper, He sees hearts un
exercised by His Word nor filled with
love to Him. He sees men who think
inoro of business than, of Him and
women whoso pleasures aro dearer
than He. He sees no souls bowed with
a sense of sin coming to accept Him
ns tho only Savior and Lord. And Ho
goes out I
Oh, Jesus, stay l Look round again
and let those eyes search us through.
Fix that gaze upon our Inmost heart
and let us see what it beholds. Platt
ngaln the scourge nnd drive out tho
things thnt offend Thee. But tarry
with us ! Wo sholl ,be with Thee for
ever yonder: we must have Theo
now 1
2. In Mnt*k 8:09 another of those
Silent looks .ts recorded. "When ho
lind turned/round nbout and looked
upon his disciples, bo rebuked Peter."
When Ho must rebuke one, Ho will
look upon all, When He administers
tho necessary chastening of tho
Father's house to one whom He loves,
Ills eye ls on the others. When, by
great sorrow or njlllctlon, He must
break the heart of one, He thinks of
the rest. And the reason for lt ap
pears in Paul's words to Timothy:
"Thom that-sin rebuke before all, that
others also may fear." Yea, nt such
a timo, wo HOC those eyes fastened
upon us In loving admonition,
3. In Luke 22:01 we are told of
another of these. "And tho Lord
turned ?nd loojced upon Peter." Did
He speak? Not a word I No word was
necessary. He looked and broke tho
heart of bis sinning disciple nnd "he
went out and wept bitterly." Those
bitter tdars show what that look con
veyed to Peter's soul. Ile bas looked
in that way at you as He has nt me.
A look of loving rebuke nnd pitying
compassion and melting grief.. Wo
havo soon lt in the midst of our de
nials of Him ninong lils enemies, In
the midst of our careless nnd unholy
ways or our sinful Indulgences. How
often bas It recalled us from tboso
nnd sent us out td weep 1 But blessed
bo His namoi If He search us out
thus, lt ls only to restore the fellow
ship with Ulm willoh sin bas broken.
4. Still another of these silent
looks: "And when Jesus bad looked
round about on them with anger, be
ing grieved for the hardness of their
hearts." Mark 0 :f>. When grief turns
to anger ami love becomes wrath,
who can abide Its coming? What so
terrible as "the wroth of tho Lamb?"
How shall HU) people return tboso
looks? By "looking unto Jesus" in
turill "We nil, gazing on tho glory
of the Lord with unveiled face, aro
changed into tho saino imago."
"Stephen looked steadfastly toward
heaven, and said I see Jesus." "And
all they that sat In trie council, be
held bis face os it bad been the faco
of an angel." Oh, return tho look and
lt shall make you Uko Him.
Bow Shall the sinner return tboso
looks of tho Snvlor? Ile lins told bowl
"Look unto me nnd bo ye saved."
Look, not at yourself, but ;.t Him,
dying, risen, pleading now with thee!
Look 1 with all the conscious need of
your sinful hurt I Look, with the eye
of fntih that says, "Ile died for me."
One such look and you ure His, saved
and safo forever!
.Thero' ls life for a look at tho CincMod
There ls lifo at this moment for theo.
'Hion look, sinner, look unto Him and b*
. Unto Ulm who was oalltnJ to th? tro*."
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Walter Allen Kills Wife and Her Mo
ther and Thou Shoots Himself.
" Anderson, Sept. 12.-Mrs. Alice
Mc Alister and hor daughter, Mrs.
Walter Allen, aro dead, and Walter
Allen ls dying as tho result of an
early morning tragedy at Orr Mill, a
mill village near this city.
The two women were shot anet
killed as they sat at the broakfast
tahlo hy tho husband of tho younger
woman, who turned Into an adja
conl room and fired a shot into his
own body. At 8 o'clock he was lying
on tho floor of tho bedroom in which
ho fell, still Uvlng, but despaired of
by the doctprs. Domestic troubles
aro thought, to havo been tho cause
of the triplo tragedy.
First accounts of tho tragedy do
not include thc statement of an eye
witness to tho killing, but neighbors
who roached the homo immediately
af tor the shots were fired say that
tho husband entorcd the house 'and
demanded lo know where his gun
was hidden. Upon being told by his
wifo that she did not know where his
pistol was, he ls said to havo de
manded In a gruff voice:
"Well, what arc you going to do
about it?" . ...
With that he whipped out a" re
volver and fired first at Mrs. Alice
Mc Alister, killing her with a bullet
through tho heart. Mo then tired up
on his wife. Mrs. Sallie McAlister Al
lon, killing her, and went into the
next room and fired a bullet into his
own body.
Family Dissension tho Cause.
Tho tragedy this morning comes
as the culmination of ti long string
of events which have wrecked tho
happiness of the home of Walter Al
len. Speaking to tho brother 'of Mrs.
Allen, .James McAlister, this morn
ing Hie reporters learned that his
sistor had como home to 1 uderson
about two weeks ago and that sho
had eparated. from her husband.
Ho. had always been mean to
her," said Mr. McAlister, "and two
weeks ago she and her little daugh
ter carno homo to mother's to be
away from him. This was the first,
time they had been separated. Ho
had abused and ill-treated her until
sho was forced to leave him.
"I don't know just exactly how
tho thing happened. I had gone to
work in tho mill when tho shooting
occurred, and ho was lying there on
tho floor when I reached home aflor
hearing tho news. My wife, I think,
was In the room when tho trouble
started, and I think she saw the
whole of it.
"All I know is that he just carno
hero this morning some timo and
shot and killed thom both."
Aged Man Tells Ills Story.
(Daily Mail, Sept. 1.1.)
That Walter Allen, when ho mur
dered his wife and mother-in-law
yesterday morning in Orr Mill vil
lago and then committed suicide, dftl
only part of what he had planned ls
tho statement of W. R, Lanier, of
pear Old Stono Church, who came to
Anderson this morning. Mr. Lanier
stated .that Allen had told him of his
intention to kill out tho whole fam
ily, including
Mrs. Alice McAlister, his .mother
Mrs. Sally Allon, his wife.
Jim McAlister, his brother-in-law.
Nora Allen, his stop-daughter^
Mrs. Allen, his mother.
Mr. Lanier carno to Anderson this
morning and told of Allen's coming
to his homo one night about two
weeks ago, and told him that he was
going to kill out tho whole family.
He carno to Lnnier's Miouso armed
with two pistols, and declared that
ho was going to kill tho wholo'lot of
What might havo boon an nttompt
to put the five-way murder plot into
execution was enacted Wodnesday of
last, week when Allon canto to An
derson to soo his wifo. Ho mot her
as sho was on tho way to the cotton
mill, and told her thal ho had como
to ?alco her home. This Information
was fumlshod by Jim McAllister,who
was at homo at tho timo. .
"My sister was going to tho mill
with my wife," ho said, "and I was
at homo eating breakfast. Allon
droVO tip and met them and told his
wifo that ho wanted hor to go back
with him. She refused him, tolling
him that sh? hod triod him before
and that sho would not return.
" 'Well, which would you rather
do-go back to Oroonvlllo with mo
cr die1?7 ho asked her.
" 'I'd die first?," Jim McAllIs'.or
says his sister told him.
'?(About that time tho whistlo blew
and my wifo and sister carno on back
to tho house, Ho carno on thoro Just
a little lator, and then I wont oui on
tho front poroh. As ho drovo off ho
told mo to toll Sally ho was coming
v Aftor this occurrence Mrs. Allen
had a warrant taken out, to put him
1 knew hi
What one is tht
over the outstandi
prise - seemingly
sudden, wit cu yon
|HB United Si
Royal Cords
the balanced
plcte imity o?
will give way
.~?y First to coi
line of tires-a tire for c
standard oj quality.
Vi cst to tell thc public a
tire-retailing. (You reinen
a legitimate dealer and gel
First also to arouse ?nd
minds to the need of a ti
competition. (Competition
better values. Greater anc
lie confidence.)
s ?t *,
THESE high snots along
road to leadership inc
intent-thc will to win by
hy route in a price market.
Now that BO many car-i
have given their verdict for
tires in general, and U.S.I
particular-a number of dc
and car-owners whose vis
has been clouded by "di
county," "sales" and wha)
not, aro beginning to re?
member that they "knew
him when he wat> a boy."
United Stetes Tire:
ere Good 7h'2S
\ Where You
Can Buy
U. S. Tires :
tinder a peace boucl, but this war
rant was never served.
Mrs. Allen, Sr., of near Piedmont,
cnnio to Anderson this morning. She
was with Mr. Lanier when ho told of
his talk with Allon. She declared
she hod received" a message request
ing her to moot Alien at Mrs. McAl
lister's homo Monday night, but that
illness of tho woman with whom sho
lived had delayed ber.
Jim McAllister bad already gono
tc- tho mill when Allen carno, and his
step-daughter, Nora, was also out of
tho bouse.
When told of tho arrival of Miss
Donnie Allen, Jim McAllister replied
that sho had already been down to
soc them. Ho said that ho would not
give up the littlo girl, Nora; that sho
had said sho wanted to stay with
him, and that ho intended that sho
should stay with them if sho wanted
to. "Nora is my sister's own child,"
he said.
Douhlo Funeral Held.
Tho funeral of Mrs. Alice McAllis
ter and her daughter, Mrs. Walter
Allen, was hold at 3.30 o'clock at
Cedar Grove church, near Mrs. Al
len's old home. Funeral services
were preached in tho church and in
terment was mado in the church com
There Can Be No Doubt About th?
Results In Walhalla.
Results toll the tale.
All doubt ls removed.
Tho testimony of a Walhalla citi
Cnn easily be investigated.
What hotter proof can bo had
n. Oelbers, W. Main ?it., Walhalla,
says: "My .kidneys woro out of or
der and my back palnod awfully. I
had othor symptoms of kidney com*
plaint, too. I was advised to take
Donn's Kidney Pills and I did. They
soon completely cured mo."
Mr. Ocikors said: "I think Just as
highly of Dean's Kidney Pills now as
when I endorsed them before. I am
glad to recommend them at any
time for they surely did mo a great
deal of good."
Price 60c, ya't all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy-get
Doan's Kidney Pills-tho samo that
Mr, Oolkers had. Foster-Mllburn Co.,
Mfrs., Daffalo, N. Y.
Mrs. Park Honjnmin Dead.
?Middleton, N. Y., Sept. 12.-Mrs.
Park Benjamin. 56 years of ago, tho
mother of Mrs. Enrico Caruso, who
had been a patient at tho Goshen
Sanitarium for twelve years, (Hod
suddenly thero last night.
m when he was ;
ire 6f us that has not felt the gtow of sa tlsfi
lng success of a lifelong friend! Often t
"all vf a sudden" Yet neither surprisin
; stop to think back over each step of his prc
rates Rubber Company-makers of U. 8.
were first to conceive, m ak c and announce
tire. A tire In which there is such com*
' action in tread and carcass that neither
before thc other?
ricelvc, make and announce a complete
?Very need of price and use under one
bout thc good and bad In
iber thc phrase "Go
: a icgitimatc tire."*
ustrlal and trade
ice ..ind of tire
i for better and
1 greater pub?
the U. S.
licatc thc
thc quat?
:iresin mm
J. S. ioy&f Cordi '
Jnited States cf! Rubber C
Thc Old?<t and Lament
Rubber Organizcitinn in the World
UR BROWN, - - ^
?j? fr ?|? ?j-, fr ?|? fr ?j-, fr *|? fr fr fr ?|?
fr STATE. fr
?J? fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
Greenville, Sept. ll.-Editor Keo
woe Courier: Will you allow mo a
little space in (your splendid paper to
say a few words for tho good of our
State-for the good of those who aro
now mature, those who aro young
and those yet unborn?
During tho last ninety days we
havo boord a great deal about tho
enforcement of tho laws. Wo havo
heard candidates pledging them
selves to enforco laws if elected. Wo
havo beard newspapers urging tho
people to voto for tho candidate who
would enforco the laws, and we havo
heard tho "dear pcoplo" themselves
saying that they intended to vote
for Hie mon who, in their estimation,
would enforce tho hjws. Tho election
will bo ovor by tho time this is pub
lished, but aro wo going to promptly
forgot to display further interest in
tho enforcement of tho laws? Is tho
enforcement of law to be classed
amongst the light campaign pledges
or amongst tho votc-gotting cam
paign "issues"?
Without la\vs 'life and property
would bo hopelessly insecuro and
would bo wasted without con
science or fear by those of crimi
nal bent. Laws and tho enforcement
of laws spoils security and freedom.
There could bo no independence
without laws for tho government of
all and tho restraining of those who
havo within tbomsclvcs no regard
for the rights of others, instead of
robbing our people of their liberties,
just laws, properly enforced, consti
tute tho only guarantee of our liber
ties. Can hot wo, therefore, continuo
our campaign for enforcement of
laws? Cannot wo now practico what
wo havo hoard preached for tho last
ninety days? lt would make our State
a much bettor place in which to Uvo,
both for ourselves and tboso who aro
lo bo tho South Carolinians of the
,A11 citizens must tn ko a band and
display a practical interest. The press
must got squaroly behind tho issue
and our ministers of the Gospel must
devoto some of tholr timo to the
work themselves and instructing
mombors of tholr flocks in Hie mat
ter. When Ono law is being violated
as it is to-day around every corner,
on every brook, in overy pntch of
woods-yes, even in marty homes
it is impossible for tho officers of the
law to discover all violators so long
as thoy aro unassisted by the public.
Tho officers can make the arrests,
caro for the prlsonors and prosecute
Walhalla, S. C.
?st Union, S. C.
the caaes, hut thoy must have infor
mation from tho public as to who Is
violating tho lnw, and as to where
tho law is being violated. Tho law
ls hoing violated in your neighbor
hood, but If the olllcers aro not told
about it it will bo a long time before
h stop is put to tho violations. Do
you want to continue to live in a com
munity whoro tho law is being vio
lated, with your property insecure,
and tho lives of your children, your
wife and yourself In jeopardy? Why
not step up to your chief of pollco, to
your sheriff, or lo tho Federal pro
hibition agent, and give the informa
tion? If tho prohibition law is ho
ing violated you will not hayo to re
port thc mnttor more than once to a
Fcdoral prohibition agent or to ibis
ofllco to havo tho violation stopped.
Wo aro only too glad to do tho work
for tho good of your community and
your name will not bo made public
your name will be held in tho strict
est confidence. 5Vro wc in earnest
about this mnttor of enforcing tho
Humors aro floating about regard
ing tho honesty of somo officers.
What evidence ls thoro to support
those rumors? Havo you given tho
olllcers a try? Havo they failed to
act on definite information given by
you? If they have and the matter ls
a violation of tho Volstead Akt, write
your information to tho Federal .Pro
hibition Director, Greenville, S. C.
If the matter ls ono of urgency tel
ephone or telegraph me at my ex
pense. The Prohibition Department
of South Carolina has not fnilod you.
i can vouch for that. Tho olllcors of
tho department aro honest. I can
vouch fo? that.
Now that thc election ls ovor let
us not bo woary In well-doing. Lot
US Join hands in cleaning up old
South Carolina and making of it a
hotter, a safor, a saner and a grand
er placo in which to livo? Aro' you
roally for law onforcoment?
Faithfully yours,
Goo. c. Bowen,
Fcdoral Prohibition Director.
Prico of Kerosene Advances.
New York, Sept. 13.-Tho Stard
ard Oil Company of Now Jersey to
day advanced the tank wagon prlco
of korosono ono-hair a cent a gallon
In North and South Carolina, and ono
cont In Now Jersey, Maryland, Wost
Virginia and tho District of Conim
bla. Tho now quotation is 12% cents
in Now Jorsoy, 12 cents In Washing
ton and 11 Vi couts olsowhoro.
A motor bus with a glass inclosod
top proved a curiosity in Now York
Fatal Affray Due to n Family Quin
i tel-Tragedy In tho Homo..
Laurens, Sept. 12.-William If..
Boyd, 50 years nf ago, is dead, and
h's son, John Boyd, 23 years old. is
probably fatally wounded ns the ro
suit of R family quarrel whleli oc
curred yesterday .aftornoon In tho
Cross Hill soqtion of this county. Tho:
shooting took placo in tho highway*
in front of the Boyd homo. 1
John Boyd told ofllcoi'B who inves
tigated tho shooting that his father
shot first, and that ho killed his fu
tbor after he had boen shot down.
Olllccrs said that onothor of tho
Boyd children said his father wa?
punishing somo of tho smallor chil
dren when John Boyd Intervened.
Tho olden* Boyd thou turned upon
his son, inviting him into tho yard or
road for a settlement.
Slayer Also is Dead.
Greenwood, Sopt. 12.-John Boyd,
23, who shot and killed his father,
William Boyd, 50, and himself va?
wounded In a family quarrel at their
home in Laurens county, near Coro
naca, died carly to-day.
. ... .. -. . ?- - - .
.Mrs. 1. C. Tatum Given Ono ll?hdi'Oct
Lashes With Straps.
Kori Worth, Toxas, Sept. 13.-Mrs.
1. C. Tatum, Jiged ll. was reported
in a serious condition to-day as tho
result of a dogging administered last
night, by four women, odo ol' thoth
ma?ked, who described themselves
as a committee of the "ladies of tho
invisible eye." Mrs. Tatum, Who re
ceived ono hundred lashes, li was
enid, war, accused by tim four of
"ruining her daughter."
Tho women, who announced them
selves as members of a secret soci
ety, enticed Mrs. Tai un into an au
tomobile by promising to take her t?i
her daughter. Tho car was thurs
driven six utiles from lier homo at
Stop Six, Dallas pike, ""whore her as
sailants, she said, appliod straps with
balls fastened to tho ends.
According to a Mrs. Floyd, aunt of
tho victim, Mrs. Tatum's body wa?
a mass,of bruises. Mrs. Floyd saht
that Mrs. Tatum believed she couhl
recognize two of hor abductors.
No Worms In a Healthy Child'
All children troubled with Worms have an un
healthy color, which indicates poor blood, and as n
rule, there ls moro or 1 ess stomach disturbance..
larly for two or thrco weoks will enrich t'.ia blood..
enintf Tonic to tho wliolo system. Nature will ihcu
throw off or dispel tho worms, abd thcjCMId willbc
lo perfect health. Pleasant to take. COc i>cr boula.
05 Alien Radic?is Deported.
Now Orleans, La., Sept. 13.-Six
ty-five alien radicals brought, hore:
from Federal penitentiaries in At
lanta, Seattle, Leavenworth, Califor
nia and Washington were placed on
board tho steamer Momus to-day,
bound -for Ellis Island, Now York,,
whence they will bo deported, so E
M. Kline, of tho United States immi
gration service, announced to-day.
Among those scheduled fer depor
tation, Mr. Kline said, was Roben:
Fay, arrested during the World War
following an unsuccessful attempt to
blow up an Internationa) bridge over
tho Canadian border.
At Kyakhta, thc dividing llho be
tween, Siberia and Mongolia, is a typ
ical Russian town, while 100 yardi?
away, across tho border, Mlnmae?
lng is a real Chinese village.
S.S. ?Filis Out
Hollow Cheeks,
Thin Limbs!
Mon and women,--whothor you witt
over build yourself up to your norroa^.
Just-right weight depends on tho HUTU
or of blood-colls In your blood. That's?
all thcro ls to it. It's a scientific fact*
If your blood-coll factory Isn't work
ing right, you will bo run-down, thin,
your blood will bo in disorder? and
porhaps your faco will bo brokon out:
with pimples, blaokhoads and otu ra
tions, ti. H. S. keeps your bloodr-coIK
factory Working full timo. It holp*
niki now blood-colls. That's why
. 8. 8. builds up thin, run-down peo
plo, lt puts firm flesh on your bonos, it
rounds out. your faco, arru? nock?
limbs, tho wholo body? It puts tho>
. "pink" in your cheeks.' It takes tho
hollowness from tho eyes, and it fool?
Fftthor Timo by smoothing out wrin
kles in mon and womon by "plumping1*"
them up. S. SJ__fck ls a romarkoljio?
blood-purlflor. While you aro getting
{lump, your skin eruptions, pimplo*,
lackheads, acne, rheumatism, yiudu.
tottor, blotches aro being romovotL.
Tho medicinal 'Ingredients of S. B. H..
aro guaranteed purely vogotablo.
S. S. S. is sold at all drug stores, in two.
sizes. Tho larger ftlZQ la tho mOJtgfr

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