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Six Commercial Orchards Near Wal
halla Now Roaring Choico Krait.
Coll?? hus (liven Way to Apples on
Several Karins - Ocoiico County
(Jrower Takes Prizes at State lair
lu Columbia.
(Staff Cor. Greenville Nowa.)
Oconoo county is making a g reit
bid to bre?me tho apple growing cen
ter of the Palmetto State, and large
quant ?th's of "Golden Delicious" and
ether popular brands are hoing slur
ped from that .section lo Anderson,
Croonvilto, Columbia anil oilier cities
of the Soul h.
The harvesting of tho early crops
started this weak, and local growers
lind thu (hey have the advantage
over Western and Northern apple
growers in that the Southern product
comes on thc market earlier and in
better shape than the product of their
competitors. Representatives of a
number of wholesale houses in Green
ville and other cities have boon here
rocenlly for Ibo purposo ot* visiting
the orchards and contracting for tho
handling of the local apple crop.
As yoi Hie quantity of apple.*
grown in this county does not com
paro willi that of Cornelia, Cia., bul
in quality ii has hoon found that tho
Oconee county product, cannot bo
.surpassed in t li o State, If i'.i tho en
tire nation, h. K. Coed, who owns a
large orchard noar Walhalla1, and ls
Hie pioneer grow r o? Ibis section,
has taken fl rsl prizes a tho South
Carolina State Kali' in Columbia In
each (>*' thc six years that his orchard
has b\ n hearing,
Mr. Cood and S. .1. IshOlt, whoso
orchard is now hearing to a large
extent for the first time arc tho
largest orchard owners in this sec
tion. Each has approximately 1,000
trees, although not all of these are
bearing at the present. Roth intend
placing other trees this fall, so wed
pleased have they been with the ex
Others having largo commercial
orchards |n this section are Arthur
Moody who has approximately 150
trees; W. L. Vernor with approxi
mately 1,550 trees; Kvan Callas with
260 trees and Shelor and Walker
with about 30 0 nets.
Mr, Good probably produces more
apples from his orchard than any
o'her orchard in the state although
accurate Information along this line
would ho iltfncull to obtain doubt
less. Among some of the outstanding
yields he lias achieved ls that of a
single Ren Davis tree which last year
produced sovonteoiv boxes of fancy
apples. Another tree, ol' the Vales
variety, produced '.wenty-threo bush
els of gathered apples, i:i addition to
the dozens of faulty and humatUI'Cd
apples thal foll from tho 'roo before
the harvest time.
Mr. Good's main variety however,
ls tho St ay mn II winesap, and it is on
this variety that h" hanks when
meeting competition. The Hen Davis
has been very successfully grown >n
his place also. The majority of ap
ples shipped from the Coo l place are
boxed ml crated under the name of
tho on ' ard, and are assorted and
classified hy automatic machinery.
Started ScveiiK-en y cn I'S Ago.
Seventeen years ago Mr. Good's
farm of ."il acres- of which a large
part is now in apple trees-was go
ing begging at '.he ridiculously low
figuro of :> I,."mu, even though it is
but a short way from Walhalla. To
day Mr. Coed reluctantly admitted
that he "did say he would take $15,
000 for Ibo placo, even ihough ii is
not for sale."
Apples, more than any other thing,
have been responsible for this largo
increase in '.lie value ol' the place, ?o
say nothing of tho neal farm hons:,
tho other outbuildings and oilier
liens of progress and prosperity thal
ure evident about tho Rood orchard.
Cider is not ?ill Huit call be made
from apples, for a trip to Mr. Good's
placo will convince any one thal
money, Loo. can bo m.ole from ; p
Mr. ls!?.di darted In the orchard
1 usiness novell years ago bec.Mise, as
he put ic "tho place wns so poor th t
Ibo COW! couldn't pick a living from
the rocky hills,"
The groator part of tho place, or
at le;i<; a largo part ol' il. was theil
hut a mass of gullies so deep Ililli a
mule could not bc . seen at a short
distance. These have been eliminat
ed entirely, and only tho choiCOSl
varieties of apples can be so;<n gila
toning in tho morning sun. Until
this year Mr. l!i'?c*l bas crown cotton,
bul on his farm pro, er he has no cot
ton. What 1- fit'on nove, Mr, I sholl
expects io ri
lug mules o I
to roly solely on a tractor, rills Use
ful Implement has leen used lo such
advantage thal ir has already crowd
ed tho mule out, ami Mr. fsboll saya
that tlOXt year will lind his farm
without any mules or horses- proba
hly a unique record for South Caro
lina farms.
Grow No Cotton.
Mr. Good also has grown cotton
until this yoar, hut says in all pro ha
bit tty ho will not grow any more cot
ton on his place. Mr. isholl also has
found colton growing Improlltahla.
saying that a strict account slwnved
that ii costs moro to raise cotton than
ho has oven hoon able to obtain for
lt. nud for that reason-which Mn it
self should bo sulllciont - ho has
ti 1m turon od cotton and turned to ap
Tho orchard owned by Mr. Callas,
?which is on tho top of Stumpkouse,
mountain, boro heavily last your, as
did tho orchard of Mr. Good. The
or ita rd owonod by Mr. [shell has
01 y become a factor lu the apple
world this fall, hut from tho yl?ld
this fall there ls every indication
tim;, within the next few years at
least. Walhalla and Oconoe county
will bo producing apples aplenty for
the cities of this section, and ii will
not he necessary to order large quan
tities from tho North and West.
George lt. 13riggs, county demon
stration agent, declared to-d; y that
tho soil of this section "is virtually
tho same as is to bo foil lld about
Cornelia, and that there was no rea
son why apple growing cannot bo
mndo highly profitable here. Much
interest has been shown Ibis year,
and it win not be surprising If, with
in th.e tux; few years. Ocouoo county
. pplcs will lie commanding a fancy
prico at all of i!e host retail flores
throughout tiiis section.
It ls Mercury, Quicksilver - Shock*
Diver und Attacks Your Hones.
Calomel salivation is horrible. It
swells tho tongue, loosens the tooth
and starts rheumatism. There's no
reason why a person should take
sickening, salivating calomel when
a few cents buys a largo bottle of
Dodson's Liver Tone-a perfect sub
stitute for calomel. It ls a pleasant
vegetable liquid which will sturt
your liver Just ns sarely ns colomol,
but it doesn't make you sick and can
not salivate.
Calomel ls a dangerous drug; be
sides lt may make you fool wonk,
sick and nauseated to-morrow. Don't
loso a day's work. Tak?. a spoonful
of Dodson's Liver Tone Instead and
you will wake up feeling grent. No
sa'.ts necessary. Your druggist says
if you don't find Dodson's Liver Tone
acts better than treacherous calomel
your money ls walting for you.-adv.
Selling Agents Slated to (io.
Greenville. Sept. 20.-The com
mission houses of tiie [last thai norn
limo immemorial have marketed the
products of Uth?rn cotton mills aro
' slated to >." as far as Southern
mills are co. -ned. according to a
statement made yesterday by A. M.
Law., ot the A. M. Law Company, of
Spa na ulm pg, well known cotton mill
and stock brokerage (Inn. in the
course of an address delivered hy
him before the Greonvillo notary
Mr. Law said that for the beal in
terests of Ihe industry Southe rn mills
should i>e owned hy s ?uthern men,
basing his opinion on tho fact that
Southern mon know condl'.lons in Gie
South better than they are known hy
Individuals of any other section.
In the future more attention must
be given to tho soiling end of Gie
colton mill business than the mnnu
llfacturhlg end. Mr. Law said. He
also expressed the belief that South
ern manufacturers will do a great
('eal toward increasing the demand
for their products by adopting stand
ard brands and putting their goods
under those brands.
VOU can have a
M Beautiful
-Neck and At ms
Ilap.in's Magnolia Balm
beautifies instantly. 7J
years' wonderful success.
Rom.ives freckles, erup
tions, sunburn, Inn
makes skin like velvet,
Won't rub off. 4 coitus:
Bruneue, White, fink,
and Kofc-Rcd for lips
mid cliceks. Sold by all
dealers, or direct from us,
75 cenis, txjstpaid.
V Face and XXTTlJ
Toilet frrrn
POW. J'j vV
' ison.- wert: killed
uroti lasi year in
. . . . i it 11 cd by care
la hibernating animals tho power
of r ?norniing he 1 'Uh their bodies
ls vt" y flight.
Evidence that Many Farmer- Win
ning Out iii Their Fight,
(Atiunta Journal. UH li. >
As picking progressa* in i hu cot
ton fields of Georgu, i; boeor moro
and moro evident that mn; ? arm
ers are winning out in thi fight
with the boll weevil, Farly 1 fall
the Atlanta Journal cai vied ; no ac
counts of how fa miora had b< ? iuc
cessful in this light last seat>< . and
there is no doubt but thaft tl' > ac
counts of successful eit'Ort ha auch
;o do with many other land . ?tors
determining to carry on a aisbed
tight with the pest this year
Among thoso who dotopfl I to
make tho tight is C. )>. Fitr I ick,
of War ron lon, Ga., om bf tlu goat
land-owners and most iii] teullal
farmers of middle i ? orgb '..ast
week at a meeting hold on i arm
under the auspices t the irgla
Stato Board of Entomology, < er 300
farmers from all soctitm of rgia
gathered to study the resulta :t bo
is securing. .Mr. Fitzpatrick s io
about Tint acres of collon&thl ear.
an(l confidently er\p. it? t< nike
about OOO hales of cotton, F the
most critical visitor conceded I ha
will make nol loss tb i i ,",t iles,
and ho did it by w agin ? ti con :eous
and intelligent light oyaltlst bo?l
weevil pest..
At this meeting it ?vifs g mo
to inspect dos,>iy Mr. ritz; ck's
Colds, tie h:i> tho same gem I 'on
dit ions ;> s would ho fun ml . aost
cotton plantations of ,Vl'hijjk Bia.
This year ho used o j". ;.a$< 4?0
pounds ol' fertilizer pe . (Qff?? had
through necessity eui Cue aril
from about soo to 1,000 bpu .? as
used before the advent (>f tin evil
on Iiis farni. Ile dusted Mp otton
according to instructions f . bed
him by the Georgia State F> I of.
Entomology, and saved pia' ally
nil of tho cotton that could 1 made
under such conditions and so. .usas
have prevailed this year.
(?ood Seed Essential.
During tho course of the mei ring
I had an interview willi J. F inn,
who has been manager o{ M i'itz
patrick's farm for the past, ti oars.
Mr. (?una states that ono . tho
things largely responsible I the
good yields secured wai the : that
good seed was used through' the
entire plantings. Seec1 of ti. Wnn
nnmaker Cleveland Big Holl riety,
brod on his farm for r v. .. and
kopi absolutely pure i mixing,
was tho variety use i This jood
breeding work was u oil tho
tarin by C. A. McLend? i >'port seed
breeder for the Georgia Hoard of Kn
tomology for several years, and has
boen faithfully carried on since that
lime, On the day of my visit Mr.
Fitzpatrick had two young men from i
Ibo Georgio State College of Agrl- j
culture making plant selections from i
his fields for the continued improve
ment of his variety.
Mr. Gunn states (.hat ho lias given
thoso seed tho best of care, looking
after the ginning, storing and plant
ing personally to bo surr that no
mixing occurs, or that no faulty seed
aro used.
Planted Karly.
This year the cotton was planted
as early as possible in' tho spring.
About 3 00 pounds of fertiliser per
acre was bedded upon and a side ap
plication of about ? r,0 pounds made
right at ?er chopping. Dusting with
calcium of arsenate was begun about
tho middle of June. Mr. Gunn feels
that, he should have begun earlier to
kill on the old weevils that carno from
hibernation, but it was Impossible to
get the poison and get organized for
business previous to this time. About
six applications of poison wore inade
On most of the plantation, using
about (ive pounds to the aero each
Mr. Fitzpatrick plants from ten
to twelve acres of cotton to ,ho plow,
nnd stales that tho total cost of tho
protection work, Including Tabor,
mcinnes and dust, would he around
?100 to tho plow. Ile spent a total
of $n,000 this year in bis light en the
weovil. Right machines were used in
tho dusting work on tho whole fifty
horse farm. As a result. Mr. Fitzpat
rick feels that he will get as an ave
nge about throe-fourths nf a halo tb
the acre. Some Holds win mako a
bale to tho acre and above, while
others will make less than tho gen
tral average. On the whole, how
ever, this demonstration proves be
yond all shadow of doubt that tho
weevil can be successfully controlled
whe.ro the jumper effort is put fortn.
Xot only did Mr. Fitzpatrick have his
cotton dusted thoroughly every four
days during tho critical period, ?nt
ho also bad the labor to pick and
burn the fallen squares. This was
done carefully each week all season
long, and (he burning dime under the
personal supervision of .Mr. Gunn.
.inst heforo tho boll weevil carno
Mr. Fitzpatrick was making about 20
bales of cotton to. tho malo, but in
You. don't have
the new Goodyt
Instead of listin
with a so-called1
You cansee fro;
than thanet pi
tires of unkuow
We believe the
open basis, and
The new Good
long-staple cott(
of group'ply coi
In design, matei
product, built tc
It has a differer
a new tread wit
substantially les
Compare these prices
30x3K Clincher.$12.!
30x3# Straight Sido,. 13.?
32 x 3# Straight Side., 19.2
31x4 . Straight Sido.. 22.1
Goodyear Cross-Rib Ti
Foi? I
tattle l^,y
spile of all efforts he has made poor
crops since that time until this sea
son, whoa he made his first Intensive
fight against the post. Now he states
that he can hardly wait until Bprlng
to como again, so anxious is lie to
begin Iiis tight in time and win back
all that tlie weevil lias caused him lo
lt is not to cotton alone that Mr.
Fitzpatrick devotes Iiis farming ener
gies, however, for die grows all thc
corn, hay and oats needed on the
place. Ho has a portable sorghum
mill that goes from tenant to tenant
grinding and cooking their syrup for
the coming season's consumption,
and he also has a portable gin that
visits each tenant as his cotton is
ready. Ile states that ho WOllltl be a
poor farmer did ho not make ii i s
places practically self-supporting,
and ho is following this plan with
much success.
Tills demonstration is* proving to
be of great interest to neighboring
farmers- all over that territory, and
many visits aro being paid it each
week. Tho rolling Melds are covered
with cotton, well grown, heavily
fruited and uniform in appearance
and lyne, showing the results of tho
careful seed selections that havo
been made during tho past niue
years. At tho time of my visit over
300 farmers were given a bountiful
barbecue, Hie pigs bong furnished
from (he home-grown meat supply,
ll is such demonstrations as this
that aiV proving to the cotton farm
ers of Georgia that they can grow
(?(Mien tlespito thc weevil if they ap
ply, themselves to tho tasl<. Tho old
day of colton production is gone for
ever, hut a new day is dawning. This
new day calls for hustle, common
sense and personal supervision, lt
calls for a spirit of "light to win" and
to tho extent that the cotton farmers
of Goorgin are mooting those r\pw
conditions, just to that extent aro
they winning oui. /
I lolly Olvoil Three-Year Sentence.
Anderson, Sept. 20.- A son tonco
of three years ai hard labor was to
day imposed by Judge Mondol Smith
upon M. II. Holly, deputy sheriff,
convicted? last week of manslaughter
for tho killing of A. ll. Kvuns, nt tho
Orr Mill. Notico was given by attor
neys for Holly of Intention to make
a motion for a new trial.
-4*1----- -
Tho manufacture of rubber startod
in 1820.
Lting the "E
in Advance
to be a shrewd bargainer to get thi
?ar Cross-Rib Tread Cord,
g it at a high price, to enable the di
long discount," we Hst it as low as
tn the figures below that its advert;
rice you are asked to pay for man
n value. y'
average man would rather buy tire
assure himself a product of rccogri
[year Cross-Rib Tread Cord is m
sn, and it embodies the patented
rials and manufacture it is a repres
? safeguard the world-wide Goodyc
it tread from the famous All-Weat
:h a deep, clean-cut, cog-like patter
with NET prices you arc asked to pay fi
?0 32x4 Straight Side.. $24.50
?0 33x4 Straight Side. 25.25
15 34x4 Straight Side.. 25.90
10 32 x4# Straight Side.. 31.45
These prices include manufacturer's excise tax
read Cord Tires are also made in 6, 7 a
nt Motor Co.t V
l'or Rlense in lieront Election Asked
1 (o llcsign His Charge.
Columbia, Sept. 20. - Charging
liim with too much activity in tho
recent political campaign, deacons
Cherokee county, have requested Hie
resignation ol' Hew E. C. Hickson,
their pastor, and moderator of the
Broad Itivei' Baptist Association, ac
cording to a special dispatch receiv
ed to-day by the Conimbla Mccord
from Gaffney. Mr. Hickson has not
stated whether he will resign.
' Ml'. ?Hckson received tho nomina- I
lion as county superintendent of edu
cation for Cherokee in' tho first pri
mary on Aug. l'Util. According to H.
IO. Watkins, Skull Shoals clerk, tho
pastor did not contine Iiis campaign
ing to tito seeking of lils own nomi
nation, but issued a statement urging
his followers to vote for Colo L.
Blouse, who was distanced in ibo sec
,ond primary, Sept. 12th, by Thomas
G. McLeod for tho nomination for
Governor, and it is this phnse of the
preacher's activity, Mr. Wilkins said,
that caused the demand for his resig
Mr. Hickson, who is also a prac
ticing osteopath at Gaffney, has filled
various pulpits in timi vicinity for
twenty years. Ile caine into public
notice in war days, when he was
tried and lOllVlclcd of violating tho
espionage la vs by opposing (lie mili
tary net 1 vit ic of tho, government.
Walhalla, H. O. .
A celluloid stencil perforated with
several of tho most conimonjy used I
dosigns for draftsmon lsNclalmod to I
savo 60 por cont of a draftsman's
timo In making pencil drawings.
B bottom price on
ealer to attract you
we profitably can?
Ised price is lower
y "long discount**
s on this frank and
lized worth.
adc of high-grade
Goodyear method
entatlve Goodyear
ar reputation.
:her Tread Cord
.n-and lt sells for
jr "fong discount1* tires
33 x Ayi Straight Side.. $32.15
34x4K Straight Side.. 32.95
33x5 Straight Sido.. 39.10
35x5 Straight Sido., 41.05
nd S inch sizes for trucks
Valhlala, S. C
What they Could Not Accomplish by
tho Sword and Persecution.
Smyrnat Sept. 19.-- Fire has ac
complished for tho Turks what the
sword could not. Asia Minor, tho
cradle of Christianity, soon will bo
depopulated of Christians. Many of
those In Smyrna who were not.
snatched from doa th hy Americans
and other rescuers are disappearing
into tho bills, some voluntarily and
many by force. Others aro dying of
exhaustion, fright or exposure on
tho shadowed slotio water-front of
tho benighted city.
The-only cry American correspon
dents hear is: "Won't America como
and save us?"
Mustapha Kemel Pasha's order per
mitting American and allied ships to
enter the harbor to evacuato tho vic;
tims has relieved the anguish of both
refugees and relief workers, but
every (lay's delay in tho arrival of
ibo vessels inca ns the death of very
Less than 50,000 Christians re
main huddled on the (juay, or lil con
centration camps out of tho city pro
per, beyond the first 200,000'. and tho
worst fears are entertained for those
who aro taken into tho interior. The
Turkish edict has gone forth: "Chris
tianity must be stu ni pod ont in Asia."
The lack of food and clothing nnd
the unspeakable sanitary conditions
aro adding to the horrors, and tho
people > aro obliged to eat the llesh
of animals killed in the Ore days ago.
Tho American blue-Jackeis have ran
sacked tho ships in the harbor for
condensed milk for the famished
babies, and have given up their over
coats, to tho women.
'Ibo nights are bitterly cold, and
tho shivering fugitives take refuge
In collars of smoldering ruins. Oth
ers have burrowed Into the earth
Uko animals of tho wild. Mothers m
bitter anguish ?ind despair aro thrust
ing their babies into thc sea.
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms hnvo mi uo
hcalthy color, which indicates poor blood, und nu a
rulo, them is moro or tosa stomach disturbance.
GROVK S TA8TELESS 01111.1k TONIO fth n rcfti
larly for two ot tlir. . ' Wc< . " < ml,
Improvothodljjrstlon ni?l "?' ';
cnlntf Tonto to tho whole system, Nnun?i wi ...?..?
throw off or dispel thc worms, and the Child will bo
lo porfoct boult h. Pleasant to tako. GOo per bottle.
Moro than 7.hot) young men in tho
Culted States aro attending tho re
servo officers' training camps.

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