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(Established (KID.)
Entered til (Ilia Postolllcc at Wal
Lalla, N. C., a? Mall .Mailor of tho
Second C'I'SS, under A?t O? Congress,
M?r< ?i ?id, 18? ?.
Pubi? lift! rvy Wednesday Morning
Ono Vent'.$1 .00
Six Months.,.fi5
Tinco MonthH. ... . ;$0
Adcrtivstng Rulos Reasonable.
Ry Steck, Shclor, Hughs & Shclor.
Communications of a personal
character charged for as advertise
ments. Obituary natlces, cards of
thanks and tributes of respect, either
by Individuals, lodges or churches or
societies, charged for as for adver
tisements. Cash must accompany the
manuscript, and all such notices will
be marked "Adv." in'conformity with
rostal requirements.
WK. I) NHS DAY, SERT. 27. H>:JU.
Soldiers' Rotins Hill - <? Special Mes
sane lie (?lves His Reasons.
Washington, Sept. If?. lilt? sol
diers' bonus hill was vetoed lo-day
by President Harding.
in returning tho measure io Con
gress without his approval Hu- exec
utive, in a message to the I lon st', de
clared that lie was in accord willi the
avowed purposes of thc hill, hill that
ho could m.i subscribo io its pro
\ '.sion:-.
Iii- said th" proposed loans on tho
Bcrvtcc certificates, substituted for
thc original cash payment, would
constitute borrowing "a nation's cre
dit jnsi a:- nuly as though tile loans
voif made by tho government bor
rowing." ll'1 added thai t his "in
volves a dangerous abuso of public |
credit. '
Outlining ibo reasons for bis voto!
Ibo I 'residual said that, Congress ha i
failed, iii st of all, to provide ihe ?OV
cnuc from which iho bostowal was to
bo paid. Ho added that the ultimate
inst ?(Mild aol bo ostlmatcd dolli)Holy,
bul thal Ibo treasury figured thc to
tal at $750,000,000 for tho ll rsl four
years, willi a Dual charge In excess
of if 1,000,000,000.
Tho executive declared ii was es
sential lo "remembor that A I\\OM
than four-billion-dollar pledgo" to
Ibo able-bodied service inca would
not diminish tho Intior obligation
which Ibo veterans contributed lo
thc "rolls ol' tho aged, Independent."
This obligation, bo s >i<l. "would cos!
more billions than I venture io siig
Tho Messago
President Harding's bonus veto
message follows:
"To tho House of Representatives':
"Herewith is returned, without ap
proval, ll. R. 1087*1, a bill to provide
adjusted compensation for tho vet
erans of the World War, and for oth
er purposes.'
"With the avowed purpose of the
bill lo gtvo expression of a nation's
gratitude lo those who sowed in its
defense in tho World War I nm in
accord, bul lo Hs provisions l do aol
suhscr be. Tho United States never
will cease lo bo grateful, ii cnnnol
and nover will be nblo fully lo give
expression 1 o t ha I gratilu .t".
"In legisla tug for what ls called
adjusted oe iiponsntion Congress fail
ed, In i of di, to provide the revenue
from which thc bestow .! ls lo be
j aid. More- vor, ii establishes I ho
very dan toroiis precedent of creating
a treasury covenant lo pay which
puis a burdon variously estimated
bel wa - four and live billion dollars
upon the American people, not lo
discharge an obligation, which thc
government always must pay. but to
bestow a bonus which Ibo soldiers
themselves, while serving I hem ia
tho World War, did not oxpocl,
"II is liol tn bo denied thal th.*
nation bas certain very binding ob
ligations io those of ?is defenders
who made real sacrifices in Ibo World
War. nu I wno left the armies wound
ed, disabled or diseased, so that they
< ould not resumo their places In Ibo
normal ncllvilies ni' Ufo. Those obli
gations aro hoing gladly and gener
ously mel. Perhaps lhere arc hore
had lhere I ne fib ii nob s and Injus
tices, and some distressing instances
of negloct, bm ihoj are ail uninten
tional rt ti vi ovory energy is being di
rected to th o?r oarllest possiblo cor
) eel ion.
"In mooing Ibis obligation there
is no complaint about tho heavy
COSt. 1)1 the current fiscal year we
aro expending $S 10.000,000 on hos
pitalization and caro of sick and
won. tul o tl, on compens?t ?on and vo
cational training for tho disabled
for ' sn rance.
"Tho figur?s do not include tho
m qr o limn !?o5.000,000 lu process of
expenditure on hospital construc
tion. The estimates for. tho,year to
follow are approximately $470.000,
000, Though lite peak in hospitals
/a?ion may hu YO passed, liiere is a
growth iii domlclllzat'oii, und ibo
dls< bargo it. tull Of our obligations to
tho disea.-ed, disabled or dependen-;,
with insurance li iblltiy added, will
probably reach a total sum in excess
of s j:.,uilo,DUU.000.
"More than 09,000 veterans are
now enrolled In some of tho 415 dif
ferent courses in vocational training.
"Approximately 111,000 others have
completed their courses and have em
ployment in all cases whore they de
sire it, and 5!{,000 have deferred for
the present time their acceptance of
training. Tho number eligi?te under
the law may reach close to 100,000.
"Two hundred and seventy-six
thousand patients have been hospit
alized, moro than a quarter of a mil
lion discharged, and 25.G7S patients
aro in our hospitals to-day.
"Four hundred and sixteen thou
sand awards of compensation have
been made on account of death or
disability, and $-180,000,000 have
been paid to disabled men or their
dependents or relatives.
"One hundred and so vonty-fi ve
thousand disabled ex-service men are
now receiving compensation along
with medical or hospital caro where
needed, and a quarter of a million
cheeks go out'monthly in distribut
ing the eight million-dollar payment
on indisputable obligations."
House Overrides the Veto.
Washington, Sept. 20-The House
passed the soldiers' bonus hill to-day
over President Harding's veto. The
voie was 258 to 5 1. .
Veto Sustained by the Senate, y
Washington, Sept. 20.-The sol
diers' I ? nus hill failed of enactment
late to- lay, tito Sena'o sustaining
President Harding's veto. Previous
ly tlu> House had overridden the veto j
by a large margin.
The Senate roll-call showed ll
yeas ami 28 nays, or four less than
the I wo-1 hirds majority necessary io
enact il,.' measure without the Pres
ident's approval.
Although it was reported that a.
new bonus bill might be introduced I
to-morrow, it \^as certain thc bonus j
tight would not ne renewed at least j
until Hie next sossion of Congress
which will begin Dec. nh.
Unknown Test After Potato Crop, j
Sparenburg. Sept. 21.-Fanners'
.111 Cherokee county report that tho j
sweet pota'o crop is being damaged
by a worm which eats thc potatoes.
So serious was the damage in some
localities (hat an appeal was sent to
Clemson College and J. A. Iierley,
of the Stale crop pest commission,
tu once went to Cherokee county to
lt is Bald that Mr. Herely found
ono ten-aero field o? potatoes on the
farm of C. P. Greer on which the
entire crop had been attacked by
Hie pest. One of tho furrows was
plowed up and a peck of potatoes se
cured, all of which had been ruined
by the worm, which hat bored en
tirely through each pota i >
Mr.- Horley is reported as saying
that Mle pest is unknown to him and
thai ie lias no record in his ellice
ol' ?In sweet polato having been at
tacked by sucii a worm. He is of
the opinion that it is the work of the
wire worm, though be says that lie
has never known this worm- to at
tack the sWOOt polatoes before, lt
is said that he was unable io lind any
ol' Ibo worms.
A number of the damaged pota
toes were taken to Clemson College
by the entomologist, and a thorough
examination will be made.
Hoing After I lor rowing Hankers.
; Oratigcburg, Sept. 2 1. - Charles
Wosloy Austin, former director of
'the People's Hank of Howman, wes
convicted last night by an Ornngo
j burg jury of borrowing moro than
! In per cent of tho capital and sur
I plus of the People's Hank, which
j bank is now in the hands of a rc
I colvor. .judge Mommlnger took into
I view the desire ns expressed by the
! jury that he give Austin the lightest
j sentence lie could, and thereupon
! sentenced Austin to six months' im
i prison ment, but suspended the sen
tence during good behavior.
Tho casi; against lt. Pee Patrick,
former, director and cashier, will be
tried during ,lho present term. Pat
rick is charged with borrowing over
I $17,000, it is alleged, when not over
$5,000 could legally bo borrowed,
(.ven with Din written consont of
tho directors. Austin borrowed, ac
cording to the testimony, around
Subscribo for Tho Courlor. (Dost.)
Tho Noted Evangelist who Hos Just
Closed a Wonderful Hovivni of
Th reo Weeks at Seneca.
fr fr ?J? fr fr ?J? ?J?. ?|? fr fr fr fr ?J? fr
fr fr
fr Hy Gipsy Smith, Jr. fr
fr- fr
fr You can't lind a living soul fr
fr with money. fr
fr - fr
fr lt is a big thing to como lo fr
fr Jesus Christ, even for inquiry, fr
fr - fr
fr Any minister can inn ko you fr
fr a member of an ecclesiastical fr
fr club. fr
fr - *
fr Any fool can sing "Rescue fr
fr the Perishing," but have any fr
fr of you Christians over taken fr
fr ott your coats .and helped do fr
fr any of the rescuing? fr
fr - fr
fr God has only ono standard fr
fr of morals, and no girl over fell fr
fr but that somo beast of a man fr
fr caused ber downfall. fr
fr fr
fr - fr
fr Your soul will llvo on when fr
fr planets are dead and gone ami fr
fr other worlds wink out Uko tho fr
fr sparks from a blacksmith's an- fr
fr vii. fr
fr- fr
fr What have you to gain hy .
fr turning your back on Christ".' fr
fr lie is the inspiration of all thal
fr is pure and beautiful and do- fr
fr cent and wholesome in this old fr
fr world. fr
fr - ??.
fr There is no neutral position, fr
fr You are either for Christ or fr
fr against Him. f fr
fr - fr
fr There are hundreds of peo- ?.*
fr pie calling themselves Chris- fr
fr Hans to whom thc sacrament fr
fr means li?thing but so muck ba- fr
fr ker's broad and grape juice. fr
fr - *
fr How many of you Christian fr
fr womon ever , put your arms fr
fr around an erring girl and said, fr
fr "Dear, 1 want to help you?" fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
Of Miners Who Lost Their Lives in
Gold Mino Explosion,
Jackson, Cal., Sept. 20.-While a
mino rescue crew continued to bring
to tho surface bodies of victims of
the Argonaut disaster, tho west to
day turned its attention to relieving
Ibo plight of families and dependents
of tho forty-seven men who died af
ter imprisonment by fire far down
in the gold workings. Compensation
j 'hecks and funds realized from
prize light and theatre, benefit per
formances aro also boglnnlng to pour
In. Sn perin tendon t W. M. Mullen, of
the claims department of tho Call
! fornla compensation Insuranco fund,
j has sent checks to ion of tho strickon
families. Ho announced th it. eigh
teen families would receive checks
monthly ranging from $00 ?o ?8H,
for a period of 2 10 weeks.
A ringside collection nt a boxing
exhibition in Vernon. Cal.. Inst night
netted $000.
Goode ami Dun Enlist,
(Atlanta Constitution.)
John D. Ooodo and William Dad,
two full-blooded Indians from Ok
lahoma, were accepted at tho Atlan
ta marine recruiting station Thurs
day, according lo Capt. (?co. Dower,
C.S.M.C. They were tho only oneil
eut of seven applicants to pass tho
"Wc have a Capt. Best In tho ma-1
line corps," said Capt. Power, "and
In b's con,p.?ny (hero ls a Private
Wurst. Wouldn't it ho an odd coin
cidence If Ooodo and Pad should also
be placed in his charge?"
Tho Dost IS nono lo Goode for tho
marine corps, and though somo ro
crults may bo Dad, the Wurst can
be made into lighting men at Panis
Grown With Success as Far
North as Alberta.
Rapidly Supplanting Millet in Many
Status and Is Doing Used Success
fully by Farmers as Sum
mer Stock Pasturo.
(Prepared by tho United' Staten Department
o? Agriculture.)
From un eight-ounce package of
seed, introduced from Africa In 1009
through the efforts of C. V. Piper of
the Unjted States Department of Ag
riculture, tho growing of sudan grass
has rapidly increased until In 1018 the
value of the crop lu tho United States
was estimated, to he $10,000,000, and
its popularity ls said to be greater*
hero than in its native country. It ls,
particularly well adapted to semi
tropical regions and the warmer parts
of the temperate zones, but lt has
been grown with some success as for
north as southern Alberta- Since its
Introduction by the department In this
country it hos boon tried with good
results In Australia, South America,
the Philippine Isladns, Hawaii, Porto
Rico and Cuba.
In a recent department bulletin, No,
081, "Sudan Grass and Related
This ls the Way Sudan Grass Grows
When Sown In Rows.
Plants," published by tho Department !
of Agriculture, H. N. Vlnall and R. EX |
Getty have glveu extensive informa- j
tion regarding the history, adaptation, !
growing, and utilization of this plant:
and somo related grasses. Sudan, how
ever, is far the most Important, and
the others aro treated only brlelly. j
This new grass- has proved host adapt-,
ed to the southern half of tho Great
Plains In # tho states of Texas, Okla- j
hourn und kansas. It does not sue- j
ceed well nt high Altitudes nor within
200 milos of the northern boundary of
the United States. It hns a high-water
requirement, hut Jt withstands drought
well and recovers quickly when rain
Sudan grass ls admirably adaptod
for use ns nn emergency bay crop, and
is rapidly supplanting millet In manyi
states. It ls being used successfully j
by thousands of fanners as a summer
pasture. For this purpose there aro
few crops that give better returns and
serve so well to supplement tho per
manent pastures and the feed lot.
The bulletin outlines the results of
numerous feeding experiments with
Sudan grass. In these experiments
it was demonstrated that sudan grass
hay compares very favorably with
other well-known hays in feeding
value, especially as a roughage for
Work horses and stock cattle.
At present, seed production ls un
profitable on account of low yields and
uncertain prices. Yields of seed aro
highest in western Texas and In the
irrigated regions of New Mexico, Ari
zona and California. In growing the
seed n great deal of care ls necessary
to prevent the hybridisation with the
Sorghums. When Intended for seed It
should be nt least 80 rods from any
field of sorghum.
Thoroughly Clean Out Bins, Removing
All Refuse Material-Use Car
bon Bisulphide.
To insure seed grain free from wee
vils or other Insects, Inspect enrefully
before placing In storage. If you lind
it Infested, use carbon bisulphide ac
cording to directions. Thoroughly
clean out and disinfect the bins be
fore storing. Kef USO muterlnl, old
sacking, screenings, heaps of (lust
and sweepings loft In corners are Ideal
harhors for destructivo Insects. In
stead of spreading the grain out thin,
store compact ty, thereby lessening tho
surface to be attacked. Ventilation
is needed to prevent overheating,
Caused by excess moisture r* tho
groin. Screen the windows and leavo
thom open In good weather, thereby
koo]ping out bugs and letting In air.
will do what we claim for it
euro Catarrh or Deaf noss causer] by
Catarrh. We do not claim to cure
any other disease.
is a liquid, taken internally, and
ads through tho blood upon the
mucous surfaces of tho system, thus
reducing tho inflammation and re
storing normal conditions.
All Druggists. Circulars free,
P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Subscribo for Tho Courlor. (Best.)
Here's X?i
Progressive Farrnt
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Oouric
$1.00 year,
Either paper well \
Price of Both. C
Btloxi, Mlss.--"I had, for a year or
more, nervous Indigestion,^ some form
of stomach trouble," says Mrs. Alonzo
Ford, 1117 Clay Street, this city. "The
water 1 drank at that time seemed to
constipate me. I would surfer until I got
so nervous I wanted to get down on the
floor and roll. I felt like 1 could tear
my clothes.
..Every night, and night after night, I
had to take something for a laxative, and I
it had to be kept up nightly. My side
would pain. I looked awful. My skin
was sallow and seemed spotted. I would
look at my hands and arms, and the flesh
looked lifeless.
"1 happened to get a Birthday Almanac,
so I told my husband I would try the
Black-Draught, which I did. I took a
few big doses. I felt much better. My j
liver acted well. I made a good, warm
tea and drank it that way. Soon I found I
.Much Liquor Found on Schooner,
Xew York, Sept. IS. - Tho two
masted schooner H. M. Gardner was
brought into port yesterday by the
dry navy boat Taylor and 100 cases
of liquor and $56,000 in gold was
taken to the custom house. The
Gardner was selzod in tho night ort
Scotland Light.
Capt. M. C. Betts, who said he
was tho Gardner's skipper, declared
ho was going from Nova Scotia to
Nassau when tho Taylor's' crew
boarded her. Ho said lie had Just
delivered 4,000 casos of liquor and
was laking tho 100 cases seized back
to Nassau bocauso lt had not boon
accepted hy his purchasers.
Betts said ho first thought the pro
hibition boat was filled with pirates
and declared his ship intended to
ram her, but when tho revenue men
turned their searchlight on their
own ship ho allowed them to como
Habitual Constipation Cured
in l l to 21 Days
?LAX:F()S WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared SyrupTonlc-Laxativo for Habitual j
Constipation. Il relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. GOc
uer bottle.
Rainfall and Temperature.
Below Is a record of meteorological
obsorvatloii8 taken by IL W. Brandt,
OO-operative ohsorvor of tho Weather
Bureau of tho U. S. Department of
Agriculture, during "tho woek ending
Sept. 17th, 102 2, at 7 p. in. (Tho
Instrumental readings aro from gov
ernment standard instruments ex
posed In tho manner recommended
by tho chiof of the Woathor Bureau):
Character of
11 -Cloudy ,
I 2- (Mear...
I !!- - Clear . . .
I I -Clear . . .
I r>-Clear . . ,
I fi-Ptly cldy .
1 7-ptly cldy.
tu re.
0 2
Total rainfall
.2 0||
rho Quinine That Does Not Affect the Heat)
Hecauf?e of ito tonto and Inxntlve effoct, I,AXA
TI Vii DROMO OUlNlNIi is better tit?n ordinary
Quinine mut docs not cnuse nervoijsnes nor
rinsing In bend. Remember thc full iinmcnml
look for the signature <jt li. W. ORO Vii. 30c.
' N
?? Chance
For 12 Months
worth Combination
)rder yours aow.
that nervous, tight feeling was going, as
was the pain in my side. 1 found I did not
have to take lt every night. Soon , after
a few weeks, 1 could leave it off for a
week or so, and I did not suffer with
constipation... I gained flesh. I have a
good color, and believe it was a stubborn ?
liver, and that Black-Draught did the
"I went to my mother's (Mrs. Deeters)
one day,.and she wasn't well at all. . . I
told her we'd try Black-Draught. We
did, and now she keeps it to take after
eating. It certainly helped her, and we
neither wilt be without it in our homes.
It is so simple, and the dose can be
regulated as the case may be. We use
small doses after meals for indigestion,
and larger doses for headache or bad
Thedford's Black-Draught liver med
icine ls for sale everywhere. j 84
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
.J. lt. T . J A YN.ES, .J*
-I- Attorncy-nt>Lnw, *?}?
4- WMhnlln, - i's. C. .J
?J? Slate and Federal Courts. ?J?
.j? Oil ?co Phono 20; Residence 40. -\*
.f* .!* *i* .I* *I* *X* *!. .!* *I* .!* *I* .!* *?* *I*
?I? J. R. EARLE, .J.
?J? Attornoy-nt-Law, .J.
.J. WALHALLA, 8. C. .[?
?J? State A Federal Court Pracitco. 4*
V .I* *i* 4* .I* *I* "I* .!* "X* *X" *I* 4*
.I* 4?
4? E. L. HERNDON, ?J.
.J? Attomoy-at-Law, ?J?
.j? Phone No. QI, Walhalla, S. O.4??
.J? ?J? ?|? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J?
4- J. P. Carey, J. W. Shelor, .>
.]. IMckens, 8. C. W. C. Hughs, .J?
?J? Attorneys and Counsellors, ?j*
?j? WA lil I ALLA, S. C.
?I* State & Federal Court Pracitco. ?J?
4? * ? * 4* * * 4* 4?/4' 4 4? * 4"
and Metal Shingles.
DAJW IS. v(*-ooj>f
Walhalla. S. C.'
Licensing of Women Lay Readers.
Portland, Oregon, Sept. 2?.-Li
censing of women as lay readers In
tho Protestant Episcopal church lins
been approved by tho house of depu
ties. Tho deputies votfd 206 to 113
to adopt a canon amendment, which
romains to ho acted upon by tho
house of bishops, after Rev. Dr.
Edwin A. White, of Newark, ?fl. J.,
said that tho Innovation would help
ibo church in many places, especial
ly in tho mountain regions of tho
South, where clergymen aro not al
ways available. Thc women will bo
authorised to render pai'L of tho
church services.
Rum Runners Not Immune.
lloston, .Mass., Sept. 19.-In a de
cision to-day sustaining tho seizuro
of tho British sch?ner Grao j a fed RU?
hy. six miles off shoro, F?deral Judge*
James M. Morton ruled that rum
running ships woro not Immuno to
seizure by tho moro fact that thoy
woro beyond tho throc-milo limit.

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