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To no hoi- of uibio Doctrino, Moody
Blblo Institute, Obioago,
TEXT-ABk and yo ali all recolvo, cook
and yo shall lind, knock and lt shall oe
opened unto you.-Matt. 7:7,
. "Ask," "Seek," "Knock." With such
words ns these our Lord encourages
us to pray and
also Illustrates
the process of
answer to prayer.
You may write u
letter to a friend
asking for help;
a replyv ls re
ceived promising
tho necessary aid
whenever you
call fur ll, but lt
ts not yet In your
actual posses
sion. You con
tinue the quest by calling at the house
of your friend, but even when you
renell tho door you do not possess the
gift. Then you knock and are ad
mitted and receive the reward of per
severing prayer. You asked, sought,
knocked and obtained. In modern
terms you "prayed through." This
does riot exclude ejaculatory' prayer
such as t?iut of Nehemiah who, In an
omergency, lifted bis heurt to God
With earnest desire. The two go to
gether us will he clearly seen hy a
comparison of Nehemiah 1:5-ll. with
Nehemiah 12:4.
For faithful ' persevering prayer
there is u personal and pressing need.
A rcceht writer .says: "There ls an
awakening in knowledge and general
Interest among ibo people but there ls
no corresponding awakening to God
and Ills, claims. The cry among the
spiritual of all lands ls for rain. They
recognize the drought. There muy be
a divergence- of view ns to tho causo
or causes, but there ls agreement ns
to the fact of a grout need. Mnny
Churches ure held together by custom
or respectability. The stream of di
vine life and joy ls not coursing
through our congregations."
This need ls not the supremo Incen
tive to persevering prayer; there is a
stronger Incentive than this, namely,
that our Lord wants us to pray. This
fact constitutes a call to prayer. Con
sider this.until you feel Its drawing
power. Jesus Christ, the Captain of
our salvation, looking over the Held
of bnttle, seeing tho spiritual forces
that oppose, und knowing, as Ho
alone can know, the value of Inter
cession, bids us pray perseveringly.
"Ask and ye shall receive, seek and
ye shall find, knock and it shall bo
opened unto you." We may not hove
n vivid sense of the world's need. Wo
muy not know, the philosophy of
prayer or the process by which forces
are set In operation In answer to
prayer, but this much we may know
.hnd believe-He wants us to pray.
Not in feeling, -or moods, or disposi
tions must wo find the Impulse to
pray, but In the counsel and call of
the great Commander who says: "Ask
and ye shall receive, sock nnd yo
shall find, knock and lt shall bo
opened unto you."
The cltlef hindrance to prayer Is
unbelief. Of us, afc of Tara el, It may
bo said: "They could not enter In be
cause of distrust." lite simplicity of
prayer confounds tho worldly-wise,
nnd as another has said: "Because lt
offers or seems tb offer n way out of
difficulties which appears to be too
easy,-' we are npt to discount Its
operations and to regard lt as mainly
a theoretical proposition. Rut let tho
skeptic sneer and the worldly-wise
scoff and tho doubter doubt or deny
the power of prayer, the child of
God must know on the authority of
His Lord that he ls called to a life of
persevering prayer. Christ, who ls tho
Wisdom of God and tho Power of
God bas said: "Ask and ye shall re
ceive, seek and ye shall find, knock
and lt shall be opened unto you."
The late Dr. Andrew Murray oneo
wrote the following words concerning
prayer: "Tho honor to which God
calls us. as Intercessors ls simply In
conceivable. AU Heaven Is walting
for the prayers of His church to bring
down tho blessings that are stored up
there for us, and that God ls longing
to bestow. If ministers and Chris
tians could ghat be brought to realize
thnt God has actually made the com
ing of Ills kingdom nnd the pouring
down of blessing dependent on our
faithfulness In prayer, they surely
would begin to feel that prayer ls, In
very deed, thc- highest expression ol
our allegiance to God, and tho chief
power, that w? can exercise In bring
ing Christ's salvation to men."
There ls rm oyo thnt never sleeps
Beneath tho wins of night;
Thoro ls an ear that never shuts,
When sink tho beams of light.
There IH an arm that never tires,
When human strength gives way;
Thoro ls a, lovo that never falls,
When earthly loves decay.
That eye ls Axed on seraph throngs;
Thnt ear ls filled with angels' songs;
That arm upholds tho world on high;
That love ls throned beyond tho sl<V.
Rut there's a power which mon cnn wlold
When mortat aid ts vain.
That oyo, that arm, that lovo to roach,
That listening ear to gnln;
That power ls prayer, which soars on
And tet?a on bliss beyond tho Bky.
OnHhe Adorning of Women.
Who: r- adorning let lt not be timi
(lu'iwnrd rf dorn lng of plaiting hair, ant!
of won ring gold, or of putting on ap
pnrol ; ?>ut let lt he the hidden mat
of the lien rt, in that'which ls not cbr
ruptiblt, even tho ornament of a meei
nnd quiet spirit, which U In thu sight
of God of great prlcu.-I Peter R:3, i
Is Fussed and Pertinent Remarks bj*
.Mulgo Smith to Ernest Ashley.
(Anderson Daily Mail.)
Freighted with thc wisdom of many
years as a Circuit Judge, ono of tho
mos't**"" remarkable sentences ever
beard from tho bench in Anderson
1 county probably was that of Judge
j Mendel L. Smith, who yesterday af
! tcrnoon sentenced Ernest Ashley,
j convicted of manslaughter and carry
? lng concealed weapons to a term of
imprisonment of twelve years. Tho
sentence was concise,"" significant of
; the "emotions Under which tho pre
siding judge bad labored In forming
his conclu?ion, and a dramatic sceno
? was enacted as hundreds of .people
I llstpnod spellbound for tho pro
, bouncing qf tho fate of Ernest Ash
\ loy.
: Following are sumo extracts from
tho remarkable sentence pronounced
by Judge Smith:
\ "Mr. Ashley, this is the most pain
ful duly that I have bad to perform
in many a day. I cannot recall a sad
der moment during thc time I have
spent on tho bench in tho discbarge
of my duty as a regular judgo as
right now. In lily long public career
in this State I have como in contact
j with-several of youi "kinsmen. My
private secretary, when I was a mem
ber of tho iiouso of Representatives,
a fino gentleman and a good man,
who later became the clerk of this
court, was a relative of yours.
"During tho tinto I was in thc
Iiouso I was thrown in closo touch
I with another of your kinspeoplo,
. 'Uncle Josh' Ashley, as he was famil
iarly known.
I "Ashley, you aro extremely fortu
nate In the verdict of that* jury. They
could have ea sly found you guilty of
murder, and whilo I would not have
permitted thom to havo taken your
i life, I certainly would not havo dis
turbed the verdict had tho jury
j found you guilty of murder with rec
( ommondatlon to tho mercy of tho
court. Tho jury, has soon fit to take
I a very lenient view in your case,
j "Now, I am going to addross my
solf ~to your Inner self-that great
big something insido a man that tells
I him right from wrong-and I want
! you to silently answor tho questions
; that 1 am going to ask you-not out
1 loud, but let your conscience answor
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Walhalla, S. C.
0 ?S?
? mm m w-mmmm
"Ashley, to begin with, 1 have
tho utmost conIldence in tho testi
mony of tho little boy who was play
ing o? tho baseball ground and over
heard that conversation out noar tho
sign-board. . 1 tell you, Ashley, if
HugheVs fronds had tried to manu
facturo evidence they wouldn't have
gone to a little boy, who might break
down under the apprehension of a
cross-examination and given tho
whole plan away. -1 attach consider
able importance to the statement that
little boy mado, and I believe tho
jury in your case put full credence in
it. Men rarely seek out little boys
and have them take part in a hatch
ed-up story, for tho risk is too great.
Boys the age of that little folliw,
when they como into court, come to
tell tho truth, and I bolievo this lit
tle fellow did tell it.
"i am telling you theso things be
cause I don't want you to have any
grievanco against tho law. 1 want
you to feel thnt ibero is Justice m
what I am gding to do, and it you will
ask your conscience and answer the
questions I am going to ask you, you
will feel there is whether you say so
or not. Of course you have made ex
cuses for this killing, and it appears
natural that you would, lt seems to
mo 1 would let my mind revert to
the scene of tho lifeless body being
tarried to a bullet-made widow,
whoso screams would beat against
my ears. Xo power this side of bea
ven or.hell could keep me from mak
ing some excuso.
"Much has been said in this case
in nn effort to solve why Hughes look
out his gun. There is no doubt in my
mind tliOvj, Hughes did remove his
pistol from his sido. The chief of
police was standing thoro, and bo
says ho took lt from his left side
with his left hand and handed it
first to Chief Page. Ho drew that
gun with his loft hand. You know a
man does not draw a gun that way
when ho is going to shoot, and thoro
was some movement on the part of
Hughes as though ho was about/to
take off bis badge.
"That ls just as plain ns tho noon
day sun. Hughes was a brave man.
There ls no doubt of that. Not a cell
In bis body responded to tho call of
fear. When Mooro hau walked over
to him and lifted bim from the side
walk two or three times ho Jolted
him up and down, and ho bad asked
to be lot loose, and you walked up
and said, 'Don't got husky about lt,'
bo know bo was in an air of hostil
ity, and bc removed bis gun and was
reaching to lake off his badge to
completely remove lils official capac
ity so ho could fight you liko a man.
Ho intended to play fair; ho intended
fighting you fair.
"Thoro is one thing you have boon
taught sliico you woro a child at your
mother's kneo and you romped over
tho playgrounds at school, and that
was to fight fair, to never hit a man
when ho ls down. You learned to
fight like that when you wont to
school-and God bless us for tho
boys who want to fight when they
aro oppressed, for lt was that same
spirit that mado America victorious
In the World War. But you wore
taught never to strlko a man after
ho is fallon.
"If tho'first bullot you firod into
Hughes's body wont strnlg-ht back
and toro down tho spinal cord, he
was probably paralyzed. Thoro ls no
tostlmony that ho was, but it is a
practical theory that he was. Whon
bowfell to tho sldowalk, wounded in
the abdomen; he vpry probably was
paralyzed from the shoulder down.
Now,1 If you^had shot three times In
succession, and with your gun about
the same position as you say you
did, ono of the bullets would hay^i
passed into tho crowd that were
around the front of tho ,stove and
probably killed some ono else. Ash
ley, you shot that man after he had
fallen to tho sidewalk. You shot him
ns he lay there, helpless and paral
yzed as I say, from tho head down,
and tho bullet ran god ' down.Undi
catlng that lt could not have como
from tho position in which you claim
to have hold your gun. >>
"What should bo dono to a man
after he has shot another ono tinto,
thou fires upon him after bo bas fa-1
lon, helpless, to tho ground? I could
leavo that question to you If you'd
spoak your, convictions which your
consclonce dictates, or the opinion
of any red-blooded man would speak.
"I? charging tho jury 1 told them
i would consider ? /recommendation,
although one would not ho binding
upon tho court. Tho Jury have seen
1H not io give you a recommendation,
and I take it that they din not fool
it their duty to ask the leniency of
the court. God knows I have tried
to give you a fair trial, Ashley. You
have been ably represented by coun
sel; the lawyers who defended you
have., dono all within their power;
they have presented every line of the
testimony in your favor to the Jury,
and if they have failed to do their
best In any detail, the court cannot
recall it.
"Regardless of what others say, I
nm going Lo do what 1 ihiuk right
after a long, careful, a*nd I jun not.
ashamed lo say, prayerful delibera
tion. God knows 1 halo to do ll, but
my conscience is clear that I am do
ing my duty as tho circumsstances
and fact> surrounding the case show.
"The i entonce of the court is lhat
you be confined at hard labor upon
tho public works of Anderson county
or in the State penitentiary fdr a
poriod of twelve years."
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tho small of tho b?.ck-sharp, stab
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New Ruling for Postmasters.
A dispatch from Washington says:
Postmasters of tho third and the
fourth class offices cnn no longer bo
absent from their posts on vacations
or sick leaves, and leavo their of
fices in charge of subordinates,
under a recent ruling. Tho amend
ment tc^ tho postal laws and regula
tions, issued by Postmaster General
Work, provides that In such cases
assistants to these postmasters must
bo over 21 years of ago if they are
men, over tho age limit fixed by thc
State laws If they are women.
Tho amendment also stipulates
that third and fourth class postmas
ters in such Instances may leave
their offices In chargo of members of
their families If they aro not minor.}.
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE Tablets remove- tho
cause. There ls only ono "Bromo Quinine." E. W.
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Citadel Occopfes Now Site.
Charleston, Sept. 20.-A flag-rais
ing ceremony nt noon to-day marked
the formal opening of tho Citadel's
term at tho new site, where hand
some buildings costing nearly a mil
lion dollars havo been completed on
tho east bank *t tho Ashley river,
west of Hampton Park.
Upper? classmen , reported this
morning and freshmen will como in
to-morrow. Tho total enrollment will
bo about 325, lt ls estimated. Mem
bers of tho Citadol faculty for thc
most part aro occupying their usual
quarters at tho old Citadol building
on .Marlon Bqtiaro, pending construc
tion of rosldoncos for their uso on
tho new campus.
Armless men may write by using
n disc strapped to tho chest, from
which an arm extends.
It lins boen demonstrated that tho
larynx is capablo of 16,000 adjust
ments of shape in volco production.
I?ow glorious you will foci, mother,
Whon your rheumatism ls all gone. X?cb
fi. 8. S. do it? U will build you op. toot
Flivver Fuel Can Bo Manufactured
by tb? Farmer From His
Watte Products.
In a few yours many kinds of farm
waste will be converted successfully
Into liquid or gasoline fuel, writes
Floyd W. Parsons in tho World's
Work. For some lime alcohol bnfl
beeu manufactured in large quantities
from '.'blackstrap" molnsses, but now
we. lind thal it is possible to obtain
int) pounds of potash from each ton
of this low-grade molasses, in addi
tion to the Hqutd fuel. During the
war the price ol' potash averaged as
high n's $1,000 a ton.
Federal chemists have found lt
possible to obtain gas by the distilla
tion pf wheat, out and rye straws. It
ds not too much to expect that one
day straw gas and gas made from
cornstalks, corncobs and other vege
table matter will be used by farm
ers to supply light and beat for their
homes, power Cor their stationary en
gines and fuel for their tractors and
motorcars. Fifty pounds of straw
will produce 800 cubic feet of gas
an amount sulllclent to drive a light
roadster 15 miles. The next step In
this experimental work will be tho
perfection of a method of redacting
the gas to liquid form so that lt may
be carried conveniently as a motor
Pleasantries at an Operation.
Dr. T. Victor Keene, Indianapolis
physician and surgeon, once was be
ing prepared for an appendicitis op
eration. Ile was a fellow among those
whose loving hands wqre to gas him
out and carve bim up. So they were
making grim humor nbout the cut
ting party. So pleasant did the oc
casion become that to this dny Doc
tor Keene doesn't know whether he
was placed under the influence of an
anesthetic or whether he was Just
simply scared Into unconsciousness
and did not come to until after the
operation. They began regularly
enough to give him the gas and thon
he heard the following pleasant little
remark-nnd heard no more until
after it was all over:
"Hey, be ?arefufl there with that
other. Don't you know ho's a nerv
ous devil? hook out! Say, you'll
sniff bim out!"
Stirring of Soil and Destroying of
Weeds Measure Productivity
of Vegetables.
Tllloge is the ninin tnsk of the suc
cessful gardener, and the amount of
work devoted to' stirring the soil and
destroying the weeds will measure tho
productivity of the vegetables. At this
time the advantage of a wheel hoe
will be appreciated, and for gardeners
who h'ave vegetable plantings of any
extent, this bandy tool is almost a ne
cessity. Tho work ls about one-third
that of hoeing by band, and it ls done
even more elli cl cn Hy by tho wheel hoe
than by the old-fashioned hand tool.
Wheel boes run so easily that a
woman can keep n garden In n fine
stato of cultivation with only n little
-effort, lim wheel boes have a num
ber of attachments for various pur
poses, - small rake- teeth serving to
keep the soil stirred after tho weeds
have been cut down by the ho? blade
Fertilizer Deteriorates Quickly When
Stored Under Unfavorable
Poultry manure when properly cots
served ls a very valuable by-product
of poultry raising, but lt deteriorate*
very quickly when stored under unfa
vorable conditions. Much of the ni
trogen ls lost In the form of ammonia
when poultry manure becomes wet.
Unless lt can be spread on the land
immediately poultry manure should be
stored under shelter.-Maryland Bul
letin 244.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing tho inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup ' . ociosea wjth every bottle of
HAYKfc . '?' i i'I HONEY. Tho salvo
should 1 J na ibo chest ead Ihtonl
of children suffering from a Cold or Group,*
Tho honllntt effect of Hayes' Herding Honey in
side (tic thront combined with tho hcallntt effect of
Grove's O-I'eu-Trato Salvo through tho pores of
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Rheumatism Impurities*
Some-body's mother ls suffering to
nightl Tho' scourgo of rhoumattBtn
has wrecked her body; limping and
Buffering, bout forward, Rho BOOS but
?ho common ground, but her aged
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makor, a blood enricher. It banlshos
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tho entiro body. It builds firm flesh.
It Is what somobody's mother nooda
tonlehtt Mother. If you con not' go
out to got n bottlo of B. S. S. yourself,
surely somobody in your family will,
Somebody, got a bottlo of S, S. S. nowt
Let somebody's mothev-begin to fool
joyful again tonight. Maybo, maybo
it's your mothori S. S. S. Is sold at
all drug atoros, in two slzos. Tho
largor sizo ls tho moro ocononucal.
Institute Sold to Three Members of'
tho Faculty.
(Greenwood Index-.Io.urnal.) .
Col. F. N*. K. Balley i superintend
ent and owner of ibo halley Military
Institute, announced to-day that ho
hud sob? ali interest in tho Institu
tion to Majors .lohn W. .Moore, S.
brooks Marshall and .1. io. Burnside,
.lr., all mentbors ol' the faculty. Tho)
announcement waa' made this morn
ing at chapel exerclsos by Col. Hai
ley, who stated to the. cadets and
members of tho faculty thal the con
ditions of his h/onlth necessitated
CMS action In order that, ho hligftt bo
able to spend all 01' the winter
months in Florida. For several years
Col. Hailey has boon spending as
Til nell limo as possible in 'Florida
during ibo winter months and Major
Mooro has boon acting as superin
tendent in his absence.
Under tho new arrangement Col.
Balley will retain an .Interest In tho
institution, but tho activo manage
ment will bo under Majors Mooro,
Marshall and. Burnside. Tho general
policies of the school will bo con
tinued, as thoso purchasing an Inter
es', have been associated with tho
school for a numbor^pf yoars. Major
Mooro will be superintendent, Major
Marshall will bo treasuror and Major
Burnside/viii bo the director of stu
dent activities. All members of tho
faculty will, of dhurso, retain their
positions, thero being no further
changes whatovor in thc assignment
of duties. 1
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching tho Blood. When you fool Us
strengthening, invigorating effect, seo how
it brings color to tho cheeks and how
it improves tho appetite, you will then
appreciate its truo tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic ls simply
Iron and Quinine suspended In syrup. So
pleasant even children like lt. Thc blood
needs QUININE to Purify it und IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malnrinl germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Renegado Minister Escapes Jail.
McAlisier, ?kia., Sept. -19.-Hov.
J. C. Trotter, former pastor of tho
Methodist church at Halloyvllle, near
here, hold on charges of ombezzlo
mont, misappropriation of storm ro
llet funds and wifo desortlon, es
caped from jail to-day.
Tho former pastor had boon taken
from his cell and assigned to nurse
duty in tho hospital on tho second
floor. Ile was vsited by tho jailor ar.
midnight and escaped shortly after
ward by sawing tho Iron bars from a
window and climbing down a smoke
Trotter escaped some Hmo ago
from authorities .in Chattanooga,
Tenn., by jumping from a window
of a moving train, noeording to ad
vices received boro. Ho ls also want
ed in Kentucky on charges of hoing
a fugitive from justice, according to
information in tho hands of tho local
a uthoritlos.
Said to Haye Th roo Wives'.
Groonvllle, Sept. 21.-William C.
Bolton, who was arrested hi Colum
bia Tuesday on a chargo of bigamy
and brought to Greenville, was re
leased on bond of $500 to-day. Ho
Is alleged to havo had threo -wlvos
in tho past threo yoars hi South Car
olina, all of whom are said to be now
living. His first wife in alleged to
havo been from Greenville, lils sec
ond, Miss Effie Cotledgo, of Colum
bia, and his third, Miss Calilo Lind
say, of Greer.
Thousand and Thirty New Cars.
Ono thousand and thirty now cars
wore registered in South Carolina
(taring tho month of August, accord
ing to announcement from Colum
bia. Out of this total of no*y cars
roglstored 724 wove l ords. This ls
a groat showing for tho "tin Liz
zies"-72 1 of thom against 306 of
all othor makes.

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