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I The 1
ll $50,000 Operation |
rr? 1111 ? 11111111111 ? 1111111111 ? 111111111 [ 111 ! 111 ii f?
Copyright, ma, Wettoru Newapapor Unloa.
"Breathe away I Breathe away, Mr.
^ Fotheringuy."
* There wus deference even In the
' . volee of the anesthetist, and in the
,woy lie deferentially placed the ether
cono over Mr. Fo?ieringay's nose, for
lt was a $50,000 operutlon, and Mr.
Fotheringay was inuny times a mil
Yes, that was Mr. Fotheringay, that
x hulk lying?unconscious upon the glass
T topped table; that bloated bulk of a
man, to Operate upon whom Professor
Openhitn had been summoned by spe
Clul train from Chicago.
The table containing the Inanimate
form of Professor Openhim's patient
=? wu? wheeled into the ojpeiutlng thea
ter adjoining. The benches were
packed with sorlous-fnced students
and many medical mon of tito city,
who hud assembled to see something
removed from Ute stomach of Mr.
I Fotheringay.
Mr. Fotheringay had swallowed a
tsmall, hurd, round metallic object. So
much tlie X-ray had revealed. There
lt lay, in Mr. Fotheringay's stomach in
terfering with tlie procosseo of di
gesting lobster u la Newburg and
other viands such ns aro prepared for
men of Mr. Fotheringay's social posi
j? "How did you come to swallow
that?" tho Burgeon hod asked Mr.
"Must have been biting lt," Mr.
Fotheringay respondod.
The white-robed nurses were grouped
in.a solid phalanx about tho operating
tablo. At least half a dozen of Pro
fessor Openhim's assistants wero
j) present to assist. One had to hold
the forceps, another Inserted sponges
in the wound that was to be Indicted
upon Mr. Fotheringay. Others wero
simply tliore to lend prestige to Pro
fessor Openhitn and to dignify tho day
-for it was a .$f>0,(X)0 operation.
^ Mr. Fotheringay was well known In
y the city, not only ns tho richest man,
but as the biggest skinflint imagin
able. He was tho sort of man who
would foreclose on ti widow's mort
gage and turn a starving child from
his door. Nevertheless, such was tho
prestige ok Mr. Fotheringay that even
his incredible meannesses vanished Into
nothingness before the stupendous fact
of bis wea.(li.
The surgeon took bis scalpel In bis
hand, and a low sigh of distress went
up as he innde an incision In the, body,
of Mi\* Fotheringay.
It seemed sacrilege. Only a man
^ With nerves so well attuned ns Pro
fessor Openhim's could have ventured
Upon the act. "Novertheless, once he
had begun be continued just ns If Mr.
Fotheringay had been an ordinary pa
Professor Openhim's bund did not
tremble In the least. Nor did the an
estlietlst's fingers sbnke as ho slowly
and methodically let the other drip
upon tho cone over Mr. Fotheringay's
Tho opcrotlon wns drawing to an
end. Mr. Fothorlnguy had borne the
shock well. He was still unconscious,
_ and he hod not stirred from first to
T last. Only tho stertorous breathing
had Indicated that Mr. Fotheringay's
soul still Inhabited Its earthly tab
' ernacle.
One might have wondered what lt
was doing while Mr. Fotheringay, look
ing like a distressingly fat turkey, was
. being carved. Hut such speculations
are sternly discouraged among physl*
clans and surgeons, especially of Pro
fessor Openhim's eminence. The inst
stitches wore drawn and the suturing
completed. A horrid thought struck
nil those about tho table simultane
Suppose a sponge or a pair of for
y cops had been left In Mr. Fotherin
gay's wound !
They counted the sponges nnd tho
forceps eagerly. Nothing had been
left behind. And In his band tho op
erating surgeon held tl^>" mein! disk
thnt bad been taken out of Mr. Foth
w ingay's body.
Mr. Fotheringay wns wheeled out of
the operating room, through the anes
thetic room Into tho private room that
had been allotted to bim. It was the
most magnificent private room In tho
hospital. There lay Mr. Fotheringay
In bed, looking a little less fat and
turkey-llke. and by his bedside sat n
nurse, walting for the moment when
Mr. Fotheringay might decide to open
his eyes.
Mr Fotheringay had not opened his
eyes, but be was speaking. "Did they
find lt? Did they find lt?" he asked
In a weak whisper.
^ "Yes, yes, Mr. Fotheringay," an
swered the nurse.
"Mr. Fotbct-lngay stretched out his
hand. "Dive lt to me," he muttered.
The nurse took tho metal disk from
the buread and placed lt In Mr. Foth
eringay's hand. It was a dime.
f To Stop n Cough Quick
cough medicino which Stops tho cough by
hcaling tho inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds mid
Croup is enclosed with every bottlo of
should bo rubbed on tho chest nnd throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
Tho heal Inti effect of Hnyca' Healing Honey In
side tho thront combined with tho healing effect of
Grove's O Pcn-Trato Salvo through tho porco of
tho skin noon stops n cough.
Doth remedies oro packed lo ono carlon and the
cost of tho combined treatment ls 35c. ,
.Just nsk your druggist for HAYES'
, i- -
Subscribo for Tho Courlor. (Best.)
A Popu
Tho new Good
genuine higtvg
It is liberally
measuring nea
' " The deep* de
excellent tract!
Hike a cogwttee
The scientific c
center rib and
surface that is
This new tire
-in design, fri
* It costs less tot
many4'long dis
Why be satisfit
why take a chi
Compare these prices ?
$0x3}$ Straight $3?e.? 153<
toxStftotd&tSl?*.: 19.21
SUo? ?tt?jUM?^ 22J&
Goodar Oowvf?? Tr.
sAVo by Pied mo i
ls "rtulo Sam" in (ho Eyes of Huh
drcds of Orphan Children.
New York, Oct. V. - Ono of the
groatest mothers in tho country is ii
man-a busy Now York manufactu
During oflico hours, surrounded
by secretaries, dorks and salesmen,
he is Robert Spero, vice president
and leading executive of a l?rge mer
cantile establishment, attending
strictly to business.
But after hours he is Just Uncle
Robert-smiling ' Uncle Robert-to
thousands of children. He ls their
counsellor, their "mother," their all
year Santa Claus, who gives parties
and presents.
Last, winter ho arranged a Christ
mas Day affair at Long Branch, N.
J. Nearly two thousand'children at
tended. Recently ho bas been giving
parties in New York. Children are
looking forward to more.
"They're tho best thing that ever
happened," lisped seven-year old
Fanny Cobon at thc Crippled Chil
dren's' Free School on the Fast Side.
And her several hundred playmates
They kissed Unelo Robert and tho
tears came into his eyes.
"Most of these children have no
mothers," bo said. "1 can toll by the
yearning In their eyes.
"lt is that which set me on this
"Although I'm 58, married, and
have no children, tho thing I miss
most is tho warm comfort of my mo
ther. Sho died eigbteon years ago,
"lt's tho thing that those children
miss. I found Ihnt out many years
ago when I started these partlos.
"I was visiting a school In a poor
quarter of a New Jersey town. I no
ticed a tired look In tho eyes of many
cf tho children. There was discour
agement, hopelessness in their eyes.
"There was no expectancy in their
"So l arranged a little parly."
Ile told stories, palyed house, gave j
tho children presen Isl and had as i
good a time as tho children.
"lt was just a party for an after
noon." says Uncle Robert, "but
those youngsters didn't forgot. I
had to glvo another. This time 700
cf thom carno, ranging In ages from
two years up."
Tho numbor lins boon Increasing
rapidly. It is expected that moro
lar* Priced Cc
Without a Rivi
[year Cross-Rib Tread Cord Th
rode long-staple cotton aa a foi
oversize-tho 4*/^ inch dre,
tty 5 teches.
arvcut, cog-liko pattern of tts
oa evea In snow and mud, eng
?fetribution of rubber in this ti
L the semi-flat contour-gives
exceedingly slow to wear.
is a genuine Goodyear throug!
material, in construction.
my than the net price you are a
count*' tires of unknown reputa
sd with less than this efficient I
ince on an unknown make?
<tih NET prices jon are asked to pay fbr
) 32x4 Straight Sic?o.. $&M0 t
? 33*4 Saalght-ttfe?. ?545 *
I 34*4 Stndghtf?d?.. 13*90 ?
?> I2x4# Straight SkW. 3143 *
Thtsa prttts txuhtds vxmnjacturvf* cxflts Au
sad Card Tires aro also made Sn 6?7 an
it Victor Co , %
than two thousand will crowd 1'iieje
Robert's homo next Christmas.
"Vne moro the merrier," he smiles
as he Clinks over tho prospect. "And
what greater good can any man do
than bring-tho smile of happiness to
so many youngsters?"
So thia .New York business man
keeps on working hard during busi
ness hours to make enough money io
cover tiie expenses of his greater
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't burt a bit! Drop a little
"Froozone" on *i aching corn, In
stantly that corn stops hurting, then
shortly you lift it right'off with
lingers. Truly!
Your druggist sells a tiny bottjo of
"Freezone" for a few cents, sufficient
to remove every.hard corn, soft, corn
or corn between! tho toes, and the
calluses, without soreness or irrita
Frcllitghityson Against Edwards.
Newark. X. .1.. Sept. 27.-United
Stales Senator Joseph Frolinghuy
Son, friend of President Harding and
ono of the administration leaders in
Congress, was renominated hy the
Republicans of New .Jersey yester
day by a vote of more than two to
one over t?eorgo L. Record, a Jersey
City lawyer. .
In the November elections Senator
Frellnglniyseii will light it out at
Hie polls with Governor Fd\vnrd I.
Edwards, tho Democratic nominco
fer United States Senator.
Lake Superior ls tho largest body
of fresh wa tor In tho world.
I MW QocAyear
>,4Ub TWri Cord
Iber ?xamplo,
tread n(fords
jaging tile road
read-the wide
a uck, broad
h and through
sked to pay for
tire can give
"long discountm tires
Jx4>* Str?dt ShK. $9)45
1 x4tf Straight Ado.. ?ft?3
?vS Straight ShV.
M Straight Sida.. 4105
i*S Iac6 ?lief for trucks
"Cot to tho Rlvci and Couldn't <?et
Across" with Blind Pig Liquor.
(Mlicfir Lawless and Hunnicutt
and Chief of Police McWhorter, of
Westminster, staged quite an inter
esting and profitable raid last Thurs
day morning, preceding tho actual
capturo by a race from Westminster
to the Raven?l Bridge. It seems that
Chief McWhorter and Oillcer Lawless
got wind of a liquor car that was ox
pected to pass through Westminster
en route to Greenville, and when It
hove in sight they gave chase. How
ever, taking no chances on the Ford
making an escape, they telephoned
ahead to Bural Policeman Hunnicutt
nt Seneca io drive oat to tho bridge
and block it. So Otllccr Hunnicutt
went, and passed almost through tho
covered bridge, stopping just before
be emerged on tho other sido. In
tho meantime a morry race was be
ing staged on thc road from West
minster to Anderson and Greenville.
The liquor car "hit tho bridge on
high," but observed tho "dead" cal
al the other end. Reversing hurried
ly, the driver of tho liquor runner
started hack, but ho got. out only in
Hine to ? ump Into tho car occupied
by ollie, rs Lawless and McWhor
ter. The engine still running, tho
occupants made a leap for liberty,
and ihclr car look a little trip to ono
sido, hutting itself against, a large
boulder and coining to a standstill,
this fad preventing car and liquor
from gi ing headlong into tho river,
Both mon wore captured and then
brought to tho county jail at Wal
halla. The liquor captured was pour
ed out into tho street in front of tho
Jail. There were forty-live one-gal
lon tin cans of tho stuff. The two
men gave thoir names as Starne and
their hoing ns Greenville. The Ford
touring car was confiscated to tho
Offices making the capture speak
of it as one of tho most Interesting
they over participated in. furnishing
a number of minor thrills, but al
together lacking in tho tragic or real
drnmltlc features.
Wheat loss from black rust ls es
timated to average G 1,000,000 bush
els a year.
St. Louis lins planted more than
900,000 trees along Its streets and
in its parks and playgrounds in tho
past seven yours.
Ground Broken for N. Y. Building at
tho D.A.K, Mulustrinl^ School.
Quito an evont of intorcst occur
red nt the D.A.U. Industrial School
on tho afternoon of Sept/ 25th, when
hy request of Mrs. Nash, Stato ro
gent of Now York, Mrfs. F. H. H. Cal
houn, of Clemson College, was
awarded tho honor of turning tho
ll rsl ?spadeful of earth preparatory
lp tho oroction of a new dormitory
glf.t of tho various DsA.R chapters of
Now York Stato. ,
lt ls through tho wldo acquaint
ance and intlucnco of Mrs. Calhoun
that this tanglhlo expression of in
terest from New York Stato has como
io our industrial school, established
at Tamassoo by tho South Carolina
By invitation of New York State
Conference, Mrs. Calhoun told of tho
work of our school, illustrating her
talk with slides, which so interested
them that, as a result, they havo
presented tho school with this most
comfortable girls* home.
Tho contrnct has been lot to J. VV.
Hayes J of Westminster, who will
commonco work Immediately.
A largo nUniber of visitors wore
prosont on this occasion, bearing tes
timony to tho deep Interest In tho
development of this worthy school,
and at tho same time showing ap
preciation to Mrs. Calhoun for her
ever-constant zeal in Hs behalf, and
expressing graf iludo to the patriotic
women of Now York Stato, whoso
gracious gift will ever stand as a
monument *.o their faith and gener
osity. Pictures were taken ns sou
venirs of this eventful occasion.
Tho board members present woro:
Mosdamos F. C. Cain, Stato Regent
F. H. H. Calhoun, M. T. Turnor, R.
M. Brutton, J. A. Balley, M. G. Rich
ardson, A. B. Bryan, Hayno J01103,
and Messrs.W. L. Vernor, Clem Wat
kins nnd L. M. Brown.
Tho faculty for the coming session
woro introduced-Misses James, of
Hishopville, superintendent, Mooro,
of York, and Edwards, of Pinopolls.
Mrs. Nash, S*alo regent of Now
York; Mrs. .Minor, president gene
ral, and Mrs. Hamilton Gibbes, the
chairman of New York cottage com
mittee, will be guests of tho South
karolina D.A.R. at. tho Stato Con
ference in Sparta 11 burg, Nov. 15th,
and will go to Tamassee. on Nov. 13
for tho dedication of the cottage.
Says tho Baptists Head.
Greenlvlle. Sept. 27. - Pointing
out that for the first limo Iii history
tho Baptist denomination loads all
Protestant denominations in point of
membership, Dr. John E. Whlto, the
president of Anderson College, Sn an
address beforo tho Laurels ^JBaplist
Association at Highland Homo
church, near Gray Court, yestorday
said tho large membership Is a chal
longo to every Baptist In the nation,
and asserted that "the peril is of
getting fat and satisfied." Ho plead
ed that there bo no lo'ting Up in tho
following of tho Now Testament doc
trino which the denomination has
adhered to in tho past.
Can't Understand How Anybody Cnn
Drink thc Horrible Stuff.
Columbia, Sept. 28. - "Monkey
rum" a concoction sold by illicit dis
tillers in tho Stato, ls filthy and poi
sonous," Prohibition Diroctor Geo.
C. Bowen declared hero in a state
ment in which ho said that ho could
not see "how any one ?an drink tho
'monkey rum* sold by bootleggers of
South Carolina and live."
"Monkey rum is filthy and poison
ous," ho sa 1. "lt ls mndo n all
sorts of places, under the most un
sanitary conditions. Stills have boon
constructed of tin cans, old wash
boilers, zinc kettles and other such
receptacles. Stuff mudo in thom ls
bound to be poisonous. And tho ma
terials which go into tho rum aro
also poisonous. Watermelon and
muskmelon rinds, grapes, potatoos,
meal and other things gathered from
?arbago cans often go Into tho make
up of tho mash, and into tho mash lo
dumped concentrated lye and ovon
often times tho rofuso from horse
stables lo aid In fermentation."
Speaking of tho liquor made In
tho mountains of South Carolina, tho
director said;
' Tho beliof prevails that tho Illicit
I'quor made In tho mountalsn of fbi.
State ls pure, bul I1 odoral agents de
' clare that they havo found just ,03
, filthy conditions thcro ns elsewhoro."
Turkey has 28,800 miles of tele
graph linos.
Becnuso Princess Mary received
an emerald engagement ring all Lon
don women aro woarlng omoralds.
A French scientist has succeeded
In melting basalt and restoring it to
a harder form than originally for use
as a building material and for pav
ing blocks. f
In Fom' Counties in Interest of tho
Fight Against Tuberculosis.
During tho past two months tho
South Carolina Tuberculosis Associa
tion has conducted educational cam
paigns In connection with tuberculo
sis surveys and free clinics In Edge
Hold, Colloton, Oconoo and Pickons
At tho six clinics held, 7 79 porsons
wore oxamlncd and 177 found to ho
actually or suspiciously tuberculous.
Those casos wore given instructions
as to treatment for themselves and
protection for their families, appii
cation and provision made for many
of them to entor sanatoriums for
treatment, while others wore refer
red to local doctors for home treat
The surveys In Oconeo and Pick
ens counties were conducted by Miss
Elsie Gudgor, who had the subject
of tuberculosis presented at eight
public meetings, placed ovor 1,000
posters, distributed 3,000 ptoees of
literature, secured publicity in tho
county papers continuously and ran
films in tho moving picture houses.
Clinics wore conducted at Walhalla,
Seneca and Easloy, at which 318 ex
aminations wore made and G8 cases
discovered. Miss Gudgor is now en
gaged In working up a clinic in Mor
ry county. '
In Edgoflold and Colloton counties
Miss Anno Murphy, formerly with
tho Bureau of Rural Sanitation of
tho StatoTloard of Health, conducted
tho surveys. Talks woro made at ton
public meetings, over 3 00 pieces of
literature distributed, 100 posters
placed, 1R0 letters written, 54 homes
visited. Clinics woro hold at John
ston, Edgeflold and Waltorboro, at
which 161 persons wore examined
and 49 cases of tuberculosis fon nd. v
In addition to tho number of new
cases of tuberculosis found, one of
tho striking results of tho clinics Avas
tho surprising number of bad teeth
and Infected tonsils. A large num
ber of persons woro suffering from
111 health duo to these causes. Thoso
woro advised as to treatment.
Dr. Ernest Cooper and Dr. Bonner,
of tho State Sanatorium, attendod
those clinics and mado tho examina
tions, willi tho assistance of local
doctors. The United States Public
Health Service at tho government
hospital at Greenville also assisted
at tho Easloy clinic.
According to Mrs. Chauncoy Black
burn McDonald, oxocutlve secretary
of tho South Carolina Tuberculosis
Association, tho people of these coun
ties woro most generous in support
ing the campaigns. Tho doctors, tho
business men, women's clubs, county
agencies, newspapers and neighbor
ing tuberculosis associations con
tributed much toward the success of
the surveys.
Tho South Carolina Tuberculosis
Association ls a voluntary agency for
combating the ravages of tuberculo
sis in this State. It derives Its finan
cial support entirely from tho salo of
Christmas seals except for a small
sum received from membership duos.
The officers are: J. Nelson Frier
son, Columbia, president; Dr. R. N.
Pollitzer, of Charleston, and Dr. Er
nest Cooper, of Columbal, vice presi
dents; Roed Smith, of Columbia, sec
retary; A. S. Manning, Columbia,
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
The purified and refined '
calomel tablets that are free
from nausea and danger.
No salt8 necessary, as
Calotabs act like calomel
and salts combined. De
mand the genuine in 10c
and 35c packages, bearing
above trade-mark. \
Lynched on Way to Trial.
Sandersville, Ga., Sept. 27.-Jim
Johnson, negro, was taken from offi
cers and lynched yesterday whllo en
routo to Wrlghtsvillo to stand trial,
according to word received from Dep
uty Sheriff Wood, who had tho prls
cnor In chargo. Tho negro was charg
ed with attacking a whllo woman.
Tho negro was hanged from a troo
and his, body riddled with bullets,
tho officer reported, after a band of
fifty mon forcibly took possession ot

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