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Another Trip to Cornelia.
Farmers Interested in .apple grow
ing will do well to take the trip to
Cornelia, Cia., planned for next Tues
day, Oct. 10th. Those taking the trip
will soo modern methods now used
in picking, grading and packing as
practiced hy tho Consolidated Fruit
Growers' Exchange of Cornelia. The
wonderful, productive apple orch
ards of'leading growers will ho vis
Cornelia is about 35 milos from
Westminster and is reached by fol
lowing tho good road leading on
through Toccoa. Plan to meet at the
building occupied by tho Consolidat
ed Exchange, In Cornelia, by 10 a.
m. Tho party will return in thc af
What Farmers Aro Doing.
Jas. H, Moore, of Long Crook, has
a fine Hold of Mammoth Yellow soy
beans which wore four feot high and
lapping tho rows two weeks ago. Mr.
Mooro states that bo bas been grow
ing them for six years. His two-acre
Hold shows that ho knows something
about growing thom. Tho dreaded
Mexican bean bootle was beginning
to work on them, but had already
danutged tho peas nearby to a great
er extent) showing his preference for
peas ?head of soy beans. Tho finest
sort of cabbages and Lookout Moun
tain Irish potatoes thrived on this
place. Mr. Mooro and othors of this.,
section of the county could make a
splendid showing at tho County Fair.
Rev. L. H. Raines, of Long Creek
Academy, has a Hold of Peach Plow
Trish pot a iocs, two acres in extent,
which will rival the best In tho coun
ty. More laud is hoing cleared and
a first-class1 orchard will bo estab
lished by Mr. Raines and by tho
school nt an carly ditto.
And speaking of irish potatoes,?
many a traveler along tho main high
way between Walhalla and Seneca
has paused In tho mad rush of speed
to look upon the four acres of Peach
Plow and Lookout. Mountain Irish
potatoes on Jns. IL Darby's ,farm.
operated by W. N. Lindsay. Fight
hundred pounds of 8-4-1 fertilizer
por acre was usod. Were lt not for
tho continued dry weather this field
would probably have been one of
tho rocord fields of tho county. Soy
heans and Mung beans' also thrive
on this place.*
John Cannon, of Ebenezer School
District grows nearly everything on
his place, having ii modol home
orchnrd of about 200 trees, largo
potato fields, etc., and sells bis sur
plus to advantage. Mr. Cannon be
lieves lt ls profitable to "live at homo
and board at tho samo placo."
Pioneer Alfalfa Grower.
S. W. Foster, of Nowry, manager
of tho Mill's farming Intorost, gives
some very Interesting fac'r, and fig
ures on tho blue ribbon Bold of al
falfa which grows so luxuriantly on
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a high knoll nonr tho Humscur resi
dence near Newry.
Mr. Fos i er ""st a tea that, th roo years
before ho sowed this (told, in alfalfa
it was nothing but a piece of raw
and rugged land-a typical red hill
sldo of Oconee. But with two or
throe years of "sowingv\down" with
peas in summer and rye and rye and
vetch in wintor, tho good old soil
carno back. Manure was also used
?liberally in building up this run
? down soil.
"1 sowed one and three-quarters
acrqs, seeding it about Sept. 20th,"
says Mr. Foster. "I began preparing
Hie land in January by faking out
stumps and scattering manure the
preceding year. Then sowed peas
and then rye* for the land. Turned
the land iii March with .tractor and
disc plow, and then harrowed it. In
May I sowed threo bushels of peas.
In August these vines wore cut un
der with a disc harrow.
".Five tons of ground limestone
per acre was applied just preceding
the sowing of the^ pens, and ?.,00 0
pounds of acid phosphate per aore
also. '
"Then the pens wore cut with disc
barrow and turned under with trac
tor and disc. Tho field was harrow
ed several times' beforo seeding, thus
allowing tho soil to become settled
and make tho seed bed fine on top.
The alfalfa was seeded Sept. 20.
"Tho cost was about as follows:
Taking out thc stumps and
rock.. .... $ 50 . 00
Thirty loads manure- (cost
of hauling) . 30.00
Plowing^ harrowing, seed
ing . 20.00
75 pounds seed at 27c...... 20. 2.r>
Ton tons lime at $8.50.... 35.00
Two tons acid phosphato at
$20 .00 . . . .' . 40.00
Til ree bushels peas sown, at
$3.00 per bushel . 0 .,00
Total cost.$204 . 25
(Note.-This was done when labor
was 25c. an boni;.)
First year (1921)-Six cut
tings of one ton each at
$30.00 por ton '.$180.00
Second yoai4- ( 1 922 )-Four
cuttings of ono ton each
at $30.00 . 120.00
Third and fourth years will prob
ably do equally as well. (Dry wea
ther cut yield this year considera
Modern Potato House for County.
O. \V. Glgnilllnt, of Seneca, has
recently completed the orection of a
standard swoet potnto house on his
farm two miles below Seneca, on tho
Shiloh road. This houso has a capa
city of 1,000 bushels, thus making
lt the largest houso in tho county.
The building ls built ent'rely on gov
ernment Jilans, with ono slight ex
ception -dhe stylo of oeillng-but
tho coiling is doublo-wnllcd and
should serve tho purpose equally as
Well In controlling th? temperature
of tho room.
The potatoes will be stored In
standard sweet potato bushel crates,
and ono thousand of thoso crates
iiavo alroady boon purchased by Mr.
Glgnilllnt. An exhibition of ono of
those cratos, containing tho market
grado of potatoos, will probably
d by men whose
ne production of
Teasing tire val
is vicinity verify
utation, and re
daily some new
>rd of extra dis
satisfied to buy
tues-tlie longest
lowest price con
uch ^reliable per
Miles per Dollar
of tire economy
>ur next tire on
constitute a valuable exhibit at tho
County Fair. /
Pnrndiehlorobehy.one for l?orers.
The usc of this new chemical for
ridding peSrch trees of borers is rap
idly spreading, following its success
ful uso last season by large orchard
ists. ' 'lt should bo applied between
Oct. 1st and 10th In this section on
all poach trees Ovo years old or old
er. Ono ounce to the.tree is sufll
elent. Seed houses at Greenwood.
Rock Hill and Spartanburg, and
probably at. Anderson, handle the
new chemical.
Write the county agent for fur
ther information.
Geo. R. Briggs, County Agent.
35c"Danderine" Saves Your
Hair-Ends Dandruff!
Delightful Tonic
Hurry! It's your duty! Each day
you see a little moro bair falling out
and you aro making no offort to
avoid baldness. What a pity. Fall
ing hair means your hair is weak,
sick-possibly dandruff ls strangling
it, or ibo bair root pores In tho scalp
aro not firm and tight, thus wasting
tho hair-growing oils.*
Dnudorlnje almost Instantly stops
falling bair of men or women and
cleans overy partido of dandruff
away, then the hair takes on now
lifo, vigor and strength to grow
strong, thick and long.
Dandorlno is delightful-not sticky
or greasy, (lo to any drug store now
n-nd get a bottl/ Uso lt. Have
ilioaltby, heavy, beautiful hair nnd
' lots of it.-adv.
Providence School to Open;
The patrons of Providence School
District Mo. 3 will ploase lako notico
that school will open Monday, Oct.
30, and that compulsory attendance
will begin Nov. 3d.
(Signed) P. S. Cleveland, W. J.
Richardson, O. D. Graham, Trustees.
Stagnant soa water becomes foul
Just ? quickly as does frosh water.
And Robbwl^Tlioughjtjto Havo Reen
Work of Boys-Personals.
Coneross, Oct. 2.--Special: A wel
come recitation and a pantomime
bas been added to the program to oe
rendered .tu Blue Ridge school'build
ing on next Friday ovening, Oct. ?Gr,
beginning al 8 o'clock. W. T. Alex
ander, ono of tho patrons of tho
school, will also give a talk along
tho line ol' tho school Improvement
association work. Wo again extend
ail tnyllat?on to ovorybody to bo
present and enjoy both tho program
and tho ice cream supper and tho
amusements thaV will accompany
thom during* tho evoning.
i)ilss Suo Annie' Todd, of Wost Un
ion, and Miss Jessie Bowers, of Isa
queena, spent some time Saturday
with tho Misses Abbott, of this sec
The Y.W.A. met last Thursday af
ternoon and held a vory interesting
meeting and also arranged the State
missions program, which they will
carry out later in connection with
the other societies, tho W.M.S., tho
G.A.'s, R.A.'s and Sunbeams. Tho
Y.W.A. mombers are urged to moot
at Che church to-morrow week, Oct.
10, where they have planned to take
a mission study examination, using
the book, "All the Word In All tho
World." So pleur o como early and
bring a lunch and your book and let
us spend the entire day studying the
Bible as it ls laid down In tho "mis
sion study book.v
Tho members of the auxiliary aro
also reminded of tho regular moot
ing, which will be held on Thursday,
Oct. 5, at 4 p. m. Come.
Miss Nina Reardon, of Oak Grove,
spent last week wi:h her sister, Mrs.
Walter Sheriff, of this place.
Mrs. Charlie DuBoso and family,
of Seneca, spent a fsw days last week
with Mrs. Clara DuBose near this
Misses Nina and Lona Abbott at
tended the circus at Greenville last
I haye been asked to announce
that the compulsory attendance law
will be enforced in tho Blue Ridge
school beginning on Oct. 30. Parents
will pleoce take notice and see that
all children of school nge attend.
William, the infant son of Henry
and Mrs. Logins, died nt their home |
here on Sept. 19th and was burled
at the Neville burying ground.
Roy Arve left yesterday for Long
Creek, where he will enter school at
the academy. Ills friends here wish
hist much success In his school work.
Mrs. Cornelius Davis and daugh
ter, Miss Willie Mae, of Westmin
ster, spent some timo last week at
the home of their mother and grand
mother, Mrs. Nettie ?-Iess?, here.
They were accompanied by their
friend, . Miss Dorothee. G Urea th, of
the same place. , .
Will Haynes and family, of Cone
ross, and \V. M. Morph:., of Wolf
Stake, and children, were recent
guests of Mrs. Mary Murphy, of near
Oak way.
A few from,boro onjoyod tho sing
ing convention'at Madison yesterday.
On last Thursday night the Cone
ross ICxchangG was broken into and
quito a number of articles were sto:
lon. H Is thought to havo been sev
eral boys, as tho articles taken wore
such as would appeal io boys, such
as tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, jowel
ry, overalls, meir's shoes, half hose,
chewing gum, candies, pipes; 'also
quite a lot of salmon, potted meats,
loaf bread, etc. They succeeded In
opening, the cash drawer and took
such small change as was left In over
night, but were unsuccessful in en
tering the Victory safo, on . which
they exerted much timo and consid
erable effort, judging from the ap
pearance of things around it, there
being so many matches lying nround
that had been struck. Tho same was'
true of the dntlre store, showing that
they spent some time In going from
place to place selecting what they
wanted and could make way with.
? The building was entered from one
of the front doors, the lock not yet
having been found. Officers made a
search. Luit no arrest has been mado.
On, tho night preceding tho breaking
into of the .store, tho chicken house
belonging to the exchango was visit
ed and a number of chickens stolen,
but il is not thought to havo boon
the same rogues.
H. W. Arve and family attended
the funeral of tho former's sister-in
law, Mrs. Rachael Arve, which took
place nt Holly Springs comotery ont
Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Arve died
ni her homo ni tho Long Creek sec
Hon on Friday before.
J. C. Barker had the misfortune
. to lose a nice hog ono day last week.
Mrs. Keith Alexander spent Inst
week with ber father, Claude Gum
brell, and family, near Richland.
Mrs. .lang Montgomery, of Walhal
la, was tho spend-the'day guest of
her sister; Mrs. J. vT Dllworth, of
Coneross, last Friday.
We aro glad to report that Judge
Abholt ls out again and ablo to go
almost anywhere he pleases. Ho has
been In Walhalla and Westminster
recently. He baa suffered for tho
past two months with typhoid fever.
Wo were glad to soo him at tho B.Y.
P.U. meeting last night.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallers, of Green?
vlllo, were welcome guests yesterday
at the home of Mrs. Maggie Koli,
near lo ro.
Compulsory Attendance-Norton.
The Norton school will open on
Monday. Oct. 23d. Tho compulsory
attendance law will ho enforced on
Nov. 6th, Parents will pleaso take
note of this date and havo all chil
dren of school nge enroll on Oct. 23.
J. IL M. Whltniiro, for Trustees.
A close shave f
comforts and heals..
Plumbing Goods
and Mill Supplies.
One Car Galvanized Pipe,
One Car Terra Cotta Pipe,
One Car Cast Iron Sewer, Pipe and Fittings.
Wc consider ourselves fortunate when the markets
and conditions are such now that it is almost impossible
to get shipments to have seen ahead and gotten our
orders placed in time to get shioments on the above*
Our stocks on all kinds of Fittings, Valves, Belting,
etc., are most complete that you will find. Let us haye
your inquiries.
* . .
Ballinger Hardware Co.
Seneca, S. C.
Walhalla Ginnery
The Gin Machinery has been
put in thc best of condition and
will bc operated by an exper
ienced Ginner,
Bring Your Cotton to the
Walhalla Ginnery
and try us for good and prompt
The Walhalla Ginnery,
(Formerly the Pitchford Ginnery.)
Latest and Best!
An INCREASING, lifelong Monthly Income if
Totally and Permanently Disabled by accident
or disease before age 60.
The Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
$100 ii month during first 5 years, $160 during next 5 years,
$200 thereafter for life. No further premium deposits. And
then $10,000 at your death to your benelleiary.'or $20,000 if
(lonth, at any age, is accidental, payable in a single sum, or as
income tor a l< nu of years or for life. Total disability last
ing ?1 mon t bs regarded puring further continuance, as per
District Superintendent,
South Carolina.
I am ?h .he market for Cotton. Will pay thc highest price
and will appreciate your business. Sec me before selling,
D. 13. DARBY,
Walhalla, S. C.
-Office in The Enterprise Bank.
All persons Indebted to tho Estate
of A. P. CRISP, Deceased; aro here
by notified to mako paymont to tho
undersigned, and all porsons having
claims against tho said Estato will
present tho samo, duly attostod,
within tho timo prcscribod by law,
or bo barred
Executrix of tho Estato of A. P.
Crisp, Deceased.
Sept. 13, 1022. 38-41
Subscribo for The Courier. (Best.)
NOTICIO ls hereby given, That, by
resolution of (ho Board of Directors
of llotrlck Iloslory Mills, Inc., a
mooting of the Stockholders ls horo
by called at tho office of R. T. Jaynes
Ott tho 28tb doy of Octobor, 1922, at
0 A. M., to consider a resolution of
tho Bonrd of Directors' that said cor
poration "go Into voluntary liquida
tion, and wind up its affairs.
Board of Directors.
Sept. 22d, 1922. 39-43

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