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the finest c
Shipped t
the makers. Satisfa
The best of everytl
WA lil I ?lil??
(Small advertisements under
this heading Inserted at rate of
? ono cent a word per Insertion.
I Four insertions for price of
th Pee.)
(NOTICE.-No advertisement ac
cepted for this column for IjHS than
in couts, one Insertion.)
COHN HU! SALE,-Apply to T.
H. si I FLOR, Walhalla, s. C. 31)--IO
MONEY TO LOAN on Improved
Farm Hands. H. 10. BRUCE, Hide
ous, S. C. 20-tf
LOST, Strayed or Stolen - Collie
Hog; answers lo tho nanu; of Hyp.
Howard. Kinder notify BONNY AB
BOTT, Westminster, S. C. 1" *
IIF.MSTITCniNH. - Have your
Fall Drosses, Lingorie and Lint n lin
Ishod with Hemstitching, MIC, M.
Puckhnbor, WAIIALHV, S. C. '"*
W A H N I N <? !-.\'o Hunting no
Trespassing on Lands of the under
signed: J. D'. CRENSHAW, W. O.
WIDTH. 4 0-13
VOM, SALE-Ono hundred bushels
Fulghuin Scod Oats; homo raised;
guaranteed pure. Also, rigs for stile.
W. D. MOSS, Walhalla, S. Cj_32-tf
NOTICE.-Tho Keowee Courier isl
In position to handle tfTibscrlpttous
to all tho leading periodicals. Wo
will appreciate your business.
IJOST-Sept. 2 lill, near Howell's
Store, Hlack and Red Sailor Hat,
Finder please leave at Westminster I
Hank or M. A. Wood's Store, at Son
oca. 10*
VOR HENT - BeVeval Two-horse
Farms und three One-horse Farms.
YV Ullin throe miles'of Walhalla. For
particulars soe or write MKS. W. C.
IVESTER, Walhalla, S.C., Rt.3. 4 I*
MONEY TO LOAN on improved
farm lands in Oconeo county. Loans
to run for live years nt G per rent.
N. J.. FANT, Insurance Agent, Wal
halla. S. C. ' 3S-tf
KO lt HF NT-3-borso Farm, three
miles from Walhalla. Hood land for
corn and colton and small grain. For
particulars write or soc J. I). IS
BELL, Walhalla, S. C. 35-tf
1'OH SA LE tn- Trade-Ono Olds
mobile Touring Car; repainted; now
top; in best condition. Take Ford or
cotton as pari pay men l. ' A bargain
for cash. \V. 15. BK LL, Walhalla. S.
FOB KENT-A Farm above Wal
halla, on National Highway. Fine
'and, or 00 acres bottom land;
good house; Uno pasture; graded
school hali' mile. Bollahlc parties
only. Address P. O. Mox 2 7 2, Wal
halla, S. C. 40-13*
LOST-On Monday. Oct. 2, about
I o'clock p, m., Black Holding Pock
etbook containing six dollars and
some receipts. Lo>t somewhere be
tween my house and stores on Main
M roi, by woy of Mr. F .E. Morrison's
residence, Reward If returned to
DOCK BOGERS or at I'ostoflice at
Walhalla. lu*
wanted to retail the genuine Wat
kins Products in city territories. Kx
( optional opportunity to Ito up With
the oldest and largosl
ils kind, our bustlers
come is $ 1.1 H an hour,
tug as well? If not.
free samples and particular
York. N .V . io- |3
company of
average ln
Al'O you do
wnie to-dffy for i
Dept. S I . New
When yul rent
And when you
- if by m
This is 1
with the Paoli!
California will
Has the
policyholders <
It will rc
N. IL.
tts for the sate of
:andies in the land,
Jirect to us from
ciion guaranteed,
ling at
M I. \ UM AC Y,
i, s. c.
Muuldin Street, Walhalla, S. O.
Sacrament of Penance.. . .9.80 a. m.
Mass and Sormon.10.00 a. m.
Reverend Thomas J. Mackln,
P. O. Ros 82. Anderson. S. C.
A Special Communication of Blue
r?oi,g.7a| Uhigo Lodge, No. 92. A. P.
l^raSKlM., will ho hold Friday
IMSSMMI night, Oct. 6th, 1922, ut
s o'clock.
Work in Third Dogree. Visiting
brothers welcome.
J, ll. S. DENDY, W. M.
W. O. WHITE, Secretary. (adv)
-"Peggy Makes Things Hum"-?
1 li and :;ue.
---Horn, unto Mr. and .Mrs. C. ll.
humphries, on Wednesday, sept. 2 7,
a son.
-.McCormick mowing machines
and rakes at lowest pnces for cash.
\V. M Brown, Walhalla.-ad v.-t?.
- .Miss Willie Alexander returned
home Sunday after spending ten
days in Asheville, X. C., ns the guest
of her sister, .Mrs. Geo. Garren.
- Mr. and Mrs. W. DJ. Lake, of
Ninety-Six, spout the ?inst week-end
with .Mrs. Lake's parents and anni,'
Mrs.'H. C. Husch and Miss Bauingar
-Hig bargain salo Saturday at
Norman's Dry Cools Store of all
kinds of shoes and clothing. New
-An attractive and inspiring pro
gram will ho carried out next Sun
day at tho First Baptist Sunday
school. A largo attendance ls oxpect
od and everybody is cordially in
-Mrs. J. It. Earle returned this
week from Atlanta, where she spent
several days with friends. Her mo
ther, Mrs. M. A. .Merritt, of Cleve
land, Ga., is visiting at the Karie
home this week.
- Flowers for all occasions at
Hell s Drug Siore. agents for Fant's
Greenhouse, Anderson, S. C. HIgn
class funeral work a specialty.-au?
lU- 18
- Mnrrlod, at the residence of
BctlJ. Fisher, on Sept. 2Sth.' Miss
.Mary F?rthen, of Snfem, and Hoy
Gilstrnp, of I'lckcns. Tho ceremony
was performed by Hov. .1. W. Head.
The young couple have the best of
wishos of a host of friends.
..Miss (.'(Melia Cantrell, of Hal
eigh, X. C., left this morning, after
spending a few days hero with her
mother, Mrs. J'.C. 1 laines. .Miss Can
trell is employed as bookkeeper for
tile Seaboard Air Hine Railroad at
Raleigh, which position she has held
for some time.
-We will charge $3.50 per bale
for ginning this season, furnishing
hagging and ties. Wo use 2 to 2y2
pound jute hagging ?md whole lies,
.lute bagging adds weight and makes
a neat hale. Schaeffer Gin Co., West
minster, S. C.-adv.-2 5.-tf.
-Thc ladies of tho Civic League
n/e preparing for the presentation
of a very attractive piny in the near
future. Tho ila te . for the presenta
tion has nui boen definitely set yet.
hut will he announced later. The
price of admission will lie 15 and .'50
cents. Keep your eyes open for the
announcement of the, dato and bo
ready to take in the play-"Poggy
Makes Tilings 11 nm." lt's a "hum
If you fail lo seo our slock of
millinery you fail to seo the best line
at ibo 1 asl price. Mitchell & Reeder,
Westminster, 8. C.-adv.-8s-ll.
. of sickness, a alon th I y ineome.
. of accident, ? monthly Income.
. of permanent total disability,
inuit lily income.
I li old age. II moid lily income.
pass away, pays your loved ones
.eident. doubles the amount.
low a multiple income policy
c Mutual Life Insurance Co. of
protect yon.
best legal organization for
?f any company in America,
.pay you to talk this over with
FANT, Agent.
-Circle No. 1 will meet on Thurs
day afternoon, Oct. 5th, With Mrs. M.
T. Hughs, at 4 o'clock. 1
-Circle No* 2- wi?i meet Thurs
day afternoon, Oct. 5th, with Mrs.
Joel Keys, ot 4 o'clock.
-Big bargairr?mle Saturday ut
Norman's Dry Goods Store of nil
kinds of sweaters and shirts. New
-Tho Ladles/ Auxiliary will meet
with Mrs. M. Ti Hughs Thru?day af
tornoon, Oct. 5th, at 5 o'clock.
-Tho Paul Mayne Circle will moot
at the homo of Miss Janie Harrison
on Saturday afternoon, Oct, 7th, nt
4 o'clock. v
-Wo have been doing cotton stor
age business at tho samo old stand
for the past hf teen years. Plenty of
room and Six Per C'eut Money. Sen
eca Cotton Warehouse Company, G.
W. Gignilliat, President.-adv.
-Mrs. John Dendy waa tho cor
diol hostess to tho Paul Hayn o Clr
clo at. its last mooting on Sept. 2 2.
Ono dozen women answered roll-call
and the program dispensed willi, fol
lowed by a beautiful victrola selec
tion. After adjournment a pleasant
social hour was brought to a ?dose
with a delicious salad course, served
tho guests by tho hostess and daugh
ter, .Miss Kinma Dendy.
-Tonus, storage prices and Six
Per Cent .Money tell the whole story.
Seneca Cotton Warehouse Company,
t!. W. Gignilliat, President -;.dv.
- Mr. and Mrs. K. T .McClure ro
Ittrned recently from Chapman. Ky.,
where they bud been spending the
summer with Mr. McClure's fa nilly.
They were accompanied homo by Mr.
McClure's mother. Mrs. 13, T. Mc
Clure. Alter spending a w.h'tlc hero
with Mrs. McClure's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. H. C. Busch, they returned to
their home nt Clemson, whet" Mr.
McClure is engaged in dairy Inspec
tion. *
-To Henl.-Nice ollico rooms in
samo building In which Bell Tele
phone Co. has Hs ollico, on Main St.
Cnn rent you single olllce or suit of
rooms. Seo mc al once If Interested.
Very desirable location. \V. M.
Brown, Walhalla. S. C.-adv.-tl'.
- Mr. and .Airs. R. p. Wehl' and
little son. of Lockhart, spent a while
last week with Mrs. Webb's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Todd. On Satur
day Mr. and Mrs. Todd and family
and Mr. 'and Mrs. Webb and little
son motored to tho Mount Tabor
section and spent a while with Jos.
A. Knox and family and among or. nov
friends lu that neighborhood.
-Just received, a shipment of the
well known High Point buggies. Call
and get one. (If you ride, ride
right.) W. M. Brown, Walhalla, S.
-The first football gamo of the
season for the Walhalla High School
team was played at Walhalla last
week, tho opposing team being West
minster. U is said to have been n
line game throughout, with the best
of feeling prevailing. The Walhalla
leam was victorious, the'score being
20 to 0. The next game for the
Walhalla team will be'playod Get. 6,
with .Central High School opposing.
-Capt. and Mrs. V. P. Martin
left yesterday for Mount Ot'ive. X. C..
to spend several weeks with rela
tives and friends. This is tho first
real vacation that Capt. Martin has
taken since bo assumed the duties
of the olllce of Probate Judge of
Oconee, and ibero are many of his'
friends who will join with us in tho
hope, that this well-earned vacation
will he ono of both benefit and great
pleasure to both Capt. and Mrs; Mar
-Seeing ts believing and believ
ing you buy, and to see our line of
millinery you do both. Mitchell &
Heeder, Westminster, S.C.- 38-41.
- Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Steck spent
Sunday last In Greenville as gdests
of Misses Maud and Bullio Moss. Mrs.
Sleek will leave Thursday for At
lanta, to which pince she will acsoin
pany Miss Bullio Moss, whoso many
friends will regret lo biara ?hat she
again buds it necessary to consult a
specialist. Miss Moss will bo under
tho care of Dr. Hoke, and th oro aro
many who will join with us In the
hope that Dr. Hoke will bo able to
locate her troublo and give perma
nent relief.
- Colter's Fulgrum oats, ono year
from pedigree, screened and graded.
.$1.00 per bushel. Texas Ked Rust
Proof, screened and graded, 7.">c. per
bushel. Marett Farm and Seed Co.,
Westminster, s. c.-nd.-30-tf.
--The Siar Theatre. Seneca, an
nounces its program for tho balance
of this week and tho fl rs I of next as
follows: Thursday, Dustin [/amum,
In "From Iron to Cold." and a good
comedy; Friday, "Miss Lula Belt,"
from the well known book of thc
ri, mo name; Saturday, the usual
program; Monday, irresistible Mabel
Norman, in "Head Over Heels," one
of the host comedies on the screen;
Tuesday, glorious Gloria Swanson,
"I nder Ibo Lash," and Aesop's Fa
- We will charge $3.50 per bale
for ginning this season, furnishing
bagging and ties. We use 2 and 2 Vi
pound Jute bagging and whole ties
Jute bagging.adds weight and makes
a neat bale. Westminster Dil and
Fertilizer Co.-adv.-:1..".-:f.
-Tho Walhalla Farm Loan Asso
dation bas been granted another al
lot mon t of $7.">.non for loans, mu
applications will now bo accepted
There has boon a mod ideation of till
rule which will allow personS-Avhi
have another occupation lo procurt
these loans .provided the farm offer
ed is being farmed in the way re
(laired to make i! eligible, and tin
purpose for which Ibo loi n is de
sired is one tiru the Farm Loan Ac
provides for. The rate of interest i
.r> V? Pd" cent, payablo semi-annually
The rule heretofore observed will bi
observed In this allotment, of Ors
come first served. Got your applies
Hon In early.
-Wo buy, sell and store cotton
advance $00.00 to $7">.Od per ?land
ard bale, interest rato Six Per Cent
Senecn Cotton Warehouse Company
G. W. Gignilliat, President. ;idv.
f i i t *
-Lowest prices on fall and win
ter dry goods, clothing and lumin
ary at Norman's Dry Goods Store.
New goods.-adv>
--Dr. Glymph, the leading eye
sight speoiallst of Anderson, will be
ber.e again next week. Read his ad.?
In another column.
-Mrs. J. E. Brown, who has been
spending t?ie summer with, her pur
eats, Mr. and Mrs. X. L. Fant, has
returned to her homoJn Grimes, Cul. j
-You should seo our lino of mil-1
linery before you select your hats for
the winter. Mitchell & Reedor, West
minster, S. C.-adv.-38-41.
-Tho" Methodist Ladles' Aid So
ciety will meet with Mrs. J. L. Davis
?h Midway, Thursday aftornoo'n at 1
t -Mrs. Maymo Kay. of Atlanta,
rotnrned to her home this morning,
after a pleasant visit to her. parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Smith,'neat
West Union. , . . -
-The Baptist Aid Society- will
meet with Mrs. Glon Abbott on next
Thursday afternoon ul 4 o'clock. All
members are requested to attend and
to bring or send all work, whether
finished or unfinished.
-Mrs. W. M. Brown returned last
week from Greenville, where she
had gono with her son Morris to a
sanitorium for an operation. Tho
many Walhalla friends of Master
Morris will bo blad to know that ho
is gottlng along nlcoly.
-Now is tho time to buy buy your
Dllvor plows. Got ready for tho fall
mason. Buy tito Genuine Oliver. \V.
M. Brown, Walhalla, fi. C.-adv.-tf.
-For home endorsement,4 what
lo you think .of this? Thc Pacific
Mutual Life Insurance!. Co. has 81,
545 policyholders in its home State.
California, lt would be almost im
possible to tire a gun at a group of
people anywhore In California with
out killing a Pacific Mutual pollcy
?oldor.? For figures and advantages,
ipply to X. Kant. Agent, Walhalla,
- Our lino of millinery is com
pl?te, and we would bo glad to have
rou call. Mitchell & Reeder, WoSt
ninster, s. C.-adv.-3S-4l;
(Other Local Items on 4th Page.)
Rest Glasses Relievo Eyestrain.
Of Anderson, S. C.,
The Old Reliable
Eyesight Specialist
Norman's Drug Store,
Walhalla, S. C.,
One Day Only-Tuesday,
October 1 0th.
f\nderson Bros/ Drug Store,
Westminster, S. C.,
One Day Only-Wednesday,
October 11th.
TAKE CARE ?f y?* Chi?
? dren s hyes as
well as your own. Don't allow
your Child to attend school with
defective vision.
My1 Second Annual
Sale Will Start Fri
day, Sept. 2?tn.
I have opened up .Stores witli a
full line of Clothing tor .Men,
Young .Men und Boys. Every Suit
marked in plain ligures-ono price
to uti.
Plenty of John H..Stetson Rats,
also, Good Wool Huts $1.00 and
up. Caps for Mell and Boys.
Shoes for tho Wholo Family
Sunday und Every-dny.
loo barrels Best, patent Flour,
(('ream Loaf,) $0.00 per barrel;
bull' Self-Rising for $7.00.
150 yunis .1. .V P. ('outs' Thread
5c, per spool, All you want.
' I'ndorwehr for Men, Women und
Children, holli single und union.
Overalls, $1.15 per pail*,
Shirts, every-dny Cotton and
Wmd, from 00c. lo $.~>.(><).
Sunday Shirts, $1.01) and up.
Several .hundred pairs IfnlMfoso
for Men, I Oe. Hie pair. All colors.
I,adios' Rose same; also better
ones up to $1.(10.
l'util further notice, (ins at. 25
cent:; per gallon. So you cnn como
in your cai-. Come und look ut my
Hue. I propose to save yt?H money,
ami money saved ls money made.
Don't fall to see our samples for
Tullor-Made Suits-nil Wool-mid
from special price of $17.00 and
up. I B guaranteed,
Ginghams, both apron mid dress,
12 lie. per yard and up.
Ped l ick, 12 und up.
Hickory sheeting-Plenty of
('loth for all purposes.
So come and see for yourself. If
I haven't got what you want I can
get it for you on shoat notice.
W. M. Murphre?,
R; F. l). Xo. :?.
: v ?
?RE HERE. /,
That's all wc need to tell you. New Fall Styles
with the distinctive mark, and the good, ?ld-rock
- bottom Stetson Quality?
If you're a regular Stestson customer, of course
you'll want one of the new Fall Styles. If not, let
us urge you at least to come and try one on,
You can judge for yourself what this Stetson
"feeling for style" is, that the young men talk about.
The Stetson Quality Mark on every Stetson Hats.
TH H FIRST OF TI IK MONTH Is "Pay Day"-(ho bills aro in,
and your creditor wants Iiis money.
SUPPOSE YOU HAD to pay. your bills with cash-what an
endless amount of work, even witera the payments aro ali in
your own* city.
Hut our bank saves you. ..
YOU WHITE A CHECK for each hill, endoso them in envel
opes, mail them to your creditors, do a Ht Ho bookkeeping on tho
check-book stubs-and your task is completed.
OUR HANK* SAVES you timo and money, nt tho sumo timo nf
fording yow safety.
The Enterprise Bank,
Walhalla, S. C.
saves systematically. For instance, if you are paid by
the week, if you save any money you will have to save
by the week. The same theory wilj apply by the month
or by the year.
and deposit your savings with us. We pay a substantial
interest on your savings by agreement.
with your financial troubles. Our officers and directors
arc successful business men and farmers, Tell us your
financial troubles and let us help you solve them,
Bank of West Union,
Phone 3- West Union, S. C. -Phone 3
jf?&??fr Newspaper Pencils
Blaisdell Pencil Co., - Phila. U. S.
aper Pencils I
Phila. U. S. A. I
you can ho Supplied with theso Fino Pencils nt Tho Courier OlIIco.

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