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For Constipated Bow
Sour Stomach
Thc nicest cathartic-laxative in the
world to physic your liver and bow
els when you have Dizzy Headache.
Colds, Biliousness, Indigesti?n, . or
Cpset, Acid Stomach is candy-like
"Cascareis."' Ono or two to-night
.J? ?J? *|* ?|? ?|? ?J. ?|? .*? ?J? ?J? ?J?
.J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J# ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J?
(Dedicated to Mrs. and Mr. William
F. C. Owens and their Jewels.)
A simple citizen was he
A plain, good maa of worth,
But with no sign to mark bim
Above the herd of earth.
We talked of things of every-day
Of weather, land, the crop,
Of health and topics commonplace.
And then there was a stop.
A sturdy lad was some ways off.
Waiting his sire's return;
1 asked the plain man, "Who's the
Ho said, "He is my son."
."How many have you?" then I said;
"I've nine." said ho, with pride,
"And two are gone as soldier boys
To war on thc other side."
A different man to my moist eyes
Stood there before me then -
He towered aloft, a giant huge,
A big man among men!
No words nre needed to depict
The worth of such a man -
A wife and nine, and two at war
For tho dear old Motherland -
Hats off!-to the kind that bears the
Of Tmo American!
But what of tho mother and wife at
Who sits with her aching heart
And prays for her sons as she tends
her seven?
Of praise, what is HER part ?
Ah, no pen was .ever dipped in tho
No hand has ever it held
That could tell tho glory of that
grand story
Tho American .Mother's matchless
No nobler this side tho Throne of
'Tis rare-'Tis unparalleled!
John Bailey Adger Mullally.
Eagle's Nest, Pendleton. S. C., No
vember 1 Oth, 1 'J 1 7.
Editor Keoweo Cornier:
A bereaved mother wants so much
to have these liio-s recorded in the
archives, please do me the great fa
vor to print them and to tond a copy
of ymir paper to Mrs. William Ervin,
care Judge Erwin. Sandy Springs, S. j
C.. and a copy to Mrs. Augustus Z.
Wilson, pendleton. C.
The Courier received by me (0>t.
?Ith, .-rv) you must have received my
dollar for subscription.
The perusal of the names In the
column of Coneross news Items gave
me far more than one dollar's worth
of pleasure. ! taught school at Con
eross ll' years ago. and these are the
names of my pupils.
At the conclusion of a speech :>y
nie in Laure:.s a woman carno tip wi:h
her eleven children to Mrs. Mullally
and ?ne and said that she had found
C*h ri.-* In my Conorosa school, and
that I had showed lior thc way u>
Him together with B-A (bay) K-K-R
(kerr) Raker; and S-H-? (shay)
D-Y . d<--Shady; and !.-.\ 1 lay i
D-Y (dee).Lady, What's wealth or
gold compared to thai?
But, oh, ono dollar! Ono billion ?
dollars, can't pay for (ho sincere, j
profound delight 1 look In 'Subscrin-'
tr's" "Who is Responsible for Condi
tions as They K\?-? To-day." My
friends, our diseased youth from dis
eased parents-I >;.. k after prayer
ful . delil oration - diseased physi
cally, ? ted mentally, Useascd
spiritually and morally are tue
ONI A : tenace lo tho South to-day.
<>t'f boys- I KNOW practice the
unspeakable vices of Sodom and Go
morrah --the vices that St. Tani and
A<ig^r Mullally are not afraid to
speak ?.f -the former getting his re
ward with a .^ourgo tipped with
leaden p? lb is un his bare back; tho
h;tter getting his by a1 ti< .. ostracism
A racking
nervous headache
chafes it
els, Sick Headache,
, Bilious Liver
will empty your bowels completely by
morning, and you will tool splendid.
"They work while you sleep." Cas
carets never stir you up or gripo like
salts, pills, calomel or oil, and they
cost only ten certs a box. Qhildren
'.ovo Cascarets, too.
and defamation. If a father drinks,
lies, tells smutty stories, meets thc
the .black peril to tho South-tho
negress-in tho woods and brakes,
then goes to church, prays in an as
sumed and quavery voice, sings songs
written for sale that have onsied tho
real Cospel Hymn and Psalm-don't
pay his debts, and then boasts of it
In the presence of his children-what
wonder ls lt, as your "Subscriber"
says, that there is a \ ave of ungodli
ness and crime and nastiness.
I do not want to penetrate his or
her anonymity, but 1 was edified, and
I want to say so. J. H. A. M.
Tho Very Next Dose of Tills Treach
erous Drug May Start Trouble.
You know what calomel is. It's
mercury; quicksilver. Calomel is
dangerous. It crashes into sour bile
Uko dynamite, cramping and sicken
ing you. Calomel attacks tho bones
and should never bo put into your
If you feel bilious, headachy, con
stipated and all knocked out, just go
to your druggist and get a bottle of
Dodson's Liver Tone for a few cents,
which Is a harmless substitute for
dangerous calomel. Take a spoonful,
and if It doesn't start your liver and
straighten you up better and quicker
than nasty calomel-and without
making you sick-you Just go back
and get your money.
' Don't take calomel! It nip kes you
sick the next day; it loses you a
day's work. Dodson's Liver Tone
straightens you right up and you feel
great. No salts necessity. Give it to
tho children because lt ls perfectly
harmless and cannot salivate.-adv.
To Organize Permanent Association
During State Fair Week.
Columbia, Oct. 14.-The Spanish
War veterans of Columbia have or
ganized a local camp-United Span
ish War Veterans. They are desirous
cf perfecting a State organization,
and at their last meeting it was de
cided to have a banquet Thursday
evening of fair week, Oct. 26th. G to
7.30, thus interfering in no way wllh
the attractions of the day. This, it is
thought, will be the best way to get
a large number present and discuss
methods for securing a State organi
zation, as Spanish War veterans from
all over the State will he in attend
ance on the fair on that date.
This banquet will not only bring
tlie veterans together for social par
poses, but will afford au opportunity
io assure veterans, their widows and
orphans, who are in need of ir. as
sistance in any shape or form that
could be rendered by such an organi
zation. Tito local organization has al
?eady found opportunity to render
assistance to disabled veterans and
veterans who have already roached
the age which automatically entities
them to compensation under Federal
pension laws. These, and wtdews
and'orphans of veterans, are having
their claims attended to. The failure
of 'io se worthy persons to take ad
vantage of their rights in tho prem
ises has not only deprived them of
heeded help, 'oat has deprived the
Stale of a large amount of money
that should have been in circulation
in the State.
T ere will be a charge cf $1.50
per late for the banquet, and any
vi eran wishing to bring his wife or
. friend can do so by paying for an
oxtrn pinte. Tho committee appointed
'o arrange for this banquet is: Dr.
F. M. Durham, Palmetto Building,
chairman; Cen. Wilie Jones, Pal
metto Building, treasurer; Wm.
Hanks, .1 L. Kai ney. C M. Wactor.
All tickets to banquet must be se
cured before Oe?. 21, so that the
committee may know how many lo
prepare for and have ample time to
mail each veteran bis admission
ticket. Setid check ai once to Gen.
'.Vilie Jones. Palmetto Bldg,, Colum
bia, S. C.
Guilty cif Killing His l ather.
Chattanooga, Tenn;, Oct, 11.- -
Brant Chonte, charged w.th h.'.lie,;
his father, Tom Chonte, near Jasper,
lilla St ito, go vera 1 mouths ago. Whs
tl guilty of second degree mur*
I I ,' to-day and given from 10 to 20
years in the pehHOMtioryi The c?s'o
was DU trial for IhrcO days. .Ve li
era O? thc \uu?:)y testified lb . ' ?
victim r '.v.-r ; ' on his sbn
In South Carolina to Sept. '2TU.It, Com.
pared Samo Dato Last Year.
Cotton ginned in South Carolina to
Sept. 25th, 1922, by counties, is us
follows (quantities in running bales.
! counting round as half bales) linters
rot included):
County- 1922. 1921.
I Abbeville. 1,526 5.190
! Aiken. 7,174 7,296
' Allendale. 4.083 2.945
Anderson. S.984 20,518
; Hamborg. 3.131 1.958
I Harnwell. 4.813 1.726
Calhoun. 1.120 2,243
? Cherokee. 2,779 2,260
J Chester. 5,620 5,830
? Chesterfield .. .. 6.012 6,182
Clarendon. 1,583 3.8S7
Darlington. 2,864 6,138
Dillon. 6,230 ll.SSl
Edgefleld. 1.7 37 2,764
Fairfield. 1,573 2,745
Florence. 1,047 6,077
Greenville. 5.S42 8,049
Greenwood. S62 4.043
Hampton. 3.0S8 1,469
Kershaw. 4,172 3,969
Lancaster. 1,976 2.222
Laurens. 4,029 , DM02
Lee. 5,617 0,967
Lexington. 1,7 IS 2.9S6
McCormick. 169 1,404
I Marion. 965 3.6SS
j Marlboro. 16,443 14.S86
Newberry. 2,443 5,559
Oconoo. 2,l;Jl r>,i:$i
Orangeburg . . . . .",.631 S,269
i Pickens. 2,094 4,645
Richland. 2,460 3,217
j Saluda. 1.435 2.SS6
; Spartanburg .. .. 11,301 1 1.628
Sumter. 4.0(50 S,003
j Union. 2,424 2,913
j Williamsburg .. . S29 2.26S
York. 5.716 6,5 5 2
All others. 2,203 1,753
Totals for State. 14S, 174 215,249
Chose this Rather than Secure a Li
cense or Quit Practicing.
Charleston, Oct. 12.-? R. Lyman
Love, prominent chiropractor hero^
was taken to the penitentiary at Co
lumbia to-day by Sheriff J. M. Poul
not. Dr. Love has a ninety-day sen
tence to serve, electing to go to the
prison rather than secure a license
or desist from practicing, which were
the alternatives of a suspended sen
tence given him by Judge John S.
Wilson after he had been convicted
of practicing medicine without a li
Dr. Love is the first man in the
United States to go io jail on such a >
j charge. His incarceration is the cul- .
j initiation of a battle that has raged
J for several years over the chiroprac
I tic situation and the proposal of ?he
: members of his profession for a State
j hoard of chiropractic examiners. Sev
eral chiropractors have been found
j guilty of practicing without license
j from the board of medica! examiners, |
but he ls the first to take a jail sen
i tence. The new medical law,-which
1 does not recognize the chiropractor,
I was passed In 1921, fathered by tho
.State medical profession.
Rubber is soluble in turpentine.
: Quit QmlcK!
S. S. S. Will Prove to You in Your
i Own Case tho "How" and "Why"
of its Remarkable Blood-CIeanting
Thoro la a reason for evorrthln? flint
happens. Common-sense kui* misery.
Common-sense als., stops boils! s. H. S.
ls the common-sense remedy for bolls, bo
Pimples May Lc tn.iM Doll?!
cause it ls built on reason, Scientific au
thorities admit Its power] S s s. builds
blood-power, it builds rod-hlood-cella.
That is what makes fighting-blood, Fight
In^-blood destroys impurities. It ??hts
bolls. lt always wins! It fights pim
ples: It fights skin eruptions] lt bu'Ids
nerve-power, thinking power, tho tight
fisted power tl whirls a man up Into
success, lt ? i wot .? :i th. health, the
fi ' . ' ii and tho diann that
,: ?- ' I! 'H ?0 are the reasons
' ' ?. S. S. tod y the great
1 hider, ..foss btiild
< i y ri suits I . mada tears
' Ce souls of thousands I
? .' J . ., Washing
ton, i>
' 'rom a bad
rt nf.il J took
. ? ? . . ', end it
.hi nt nil
J ; ref rbto
( u feel
C.-.i ff'again
Piedmont ?
About Twenty Thousand Persons In
Possession Necessary Certificates. ?
Columbia, Oct. 5.-A shortage of :
teachers, which has been experienced
in South Carolina since the armistice [
has been fully relieved, the State De
partment of Education declared to
day, approximately 20,000 persons in '
the State now holding the necessary
teachers' certificates, giving an equi
valent of two teachers for every
school room, it was stated.
At the May examinations for teach
ers' certificates, held in every county
of the State, 5S9 white applicants
passed the required tests, while 919
failed, according to the statement of
the department. Of tho negro appli
cants, 315 were successful and 582
The figures show that GI per cent
of white applicants could not meet
the tests, while the percentage of ne
gro applicants was 62.
it was announced that 1,00ft young
men and women had been granted
certificates upon the showing that
they held A. B. or B. S. diplomas.
The fall examinations will be held
In each county on Nov. 3 and 1, it
was announced.
Habitual Constipation Cured
In 14 to 21 Days
.LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
.should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action, k Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per bottle.
Favor Cancelling Allied Debt.
Washington, Oct. 7.-Cancellation
of Allied debts to the United States
was proposed unanimously to-day by
three Senators-McKinley. Republi
can, of Illinois; Spencer, Republican,
if Missouri, and Harris, Democrat, of
Georgia-in discussing their impres
sions of an extensive tour of Europe,
where they were American delegates
it tiie Interparliamentary peace
All three agreed on their arrival
here t! tl there w;is much suffering
md economic distress in Ku rope, but
hat tiie American government should
make no mote loans there. They hold
iha't Germany should work herself
?Ut of hfr present difficulties.
As to the League Of Nations, the
wo Republican Senators differed
somewhat from their Democrat!'' col
oague. Senators McKinley and .Spell
er declared the United States should
?ot be In Hie league, but Senator
larris said affairs both in Europe
ind Apierlca would be better to-day
i* America bad become a member at
the start.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
ftof.s tho Cough omi Headache and works off the
.'oM. E. W, GROVE'S signature on each box. 30c.
Millie Case to V. S. Court.
Columbia, Oct. 12.-E. N. Mittle,
crving a nine-year sen
. ihc killing of .1. li. Patter
Ivil engineer, in Orangeburg
nun ty i wo yeats ago. waa rolensod
file' p-nHonHhry in } 10,000
ond til Is ti f tern ?OU. Arrangernc1.' t
bi* bond were nil ade following s! ..;:?
, ' : ( tot t0t Miltie's ttt
y by A -soc--!;e rustico
". ' W lif -)f the Birit? Supreme
ii .' Ihn C ! s? ito ffo ip
.i ?upi hie Cou rt.
oin is one continuous
i enjoyment. Changes
is bring scarcely any
nee in thc smoothness
car travels.
Jed at both ends; final
Drque tube; combined
mtrol of the motor
rd a master sense of
Iriving emergency.
4otor Co., Wal
.j? ?j? ?j. ?j? ?j? ?j? ?|? ?j. ?I? ?j-> ?j. ?j. ?-j. ?|?
.j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? *j? ?|? ?j? ?j.
Walhalla High School.
Following ls the honor roll o? the
Walhalla High School for the first,
Second Grade-Helen Aull, Margie
Ingram, Meta Moss, John McCollough
Ansel, Geo. Farmer, Carl Oehmig.
Third Grade - Gertrude Hughs,
Linda Rhodes, Frances Schumacher,
Alef Speares, Ruth Schroder, Caro
line Verner, Dewitt Ansel, Harold
Garrett, Robert Hunt, George White,
Summers Long. Henrietta Brandi,
Christopher Crenshaw, Edith Rogers.
Fourth Grade-Julian Humphries.
Wade Milam, Bernice Schroder, Wal
ter Moss, Charles Simpson, Frances
Harden, Elizabeth Alexander, Henry
Hunt, Romaine Sloan, Lydia Gerber,
Annie Saddler, Hazel Mulkey.
Fifth Grade-Ella Mae Frady, Ber
tie Hughs, Sara King, Cray-ton Wal
Sixth Grade-Maud Oell ors, Ai
leen Aull, Charles Humphries, Sam
Seventh Grade - Dorothy Brown,
iLlzzelle ' Harden, Lee Hunt, Lora
Delle Lyda, Edith Speares. David
Dorsey, Dix Thode, Claude Simpson,
Joseph Walker.
Eighth Grade-Sara Aull and Mae
Ninth Grade-Omega Alexander.
Tenth Grade-Anna Probst.
Eleventh Grade-Louise Brandt,
Beulah Stone, Bruce Davis.
(The first grade pupils were not
given a report this month, so that
is why there is no honor roll for that
is an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh.
Those subject to frequent "colds in
the head" will find that the use o?
build up the System, cleanse the Blood
and render them less liable to colds.
Repented attacks of Acute Catarrh
may lead to Chronic Catarrh.
taken internally and acts through tho
Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the
System, thus reducing the Inflamma
tion and restoring normal conditions.
All druggists. Circulars free.
K. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
$21,000 in Bonds in Fruit Jar.
Denver. Colo., Oct. 4.- Raymond
Miller, held in connection with a
$110,000 mail robbery at Trinidad,
Colo., on May 21. led Federal opera
t'ves to a field near Trinidad and un
covered a buried fruit jar containing
$21,000 In Librety bond's and $0.000
worth of non-noKotiable securities.
A considerable quantity of the loot
was burned, according to Miller, af
ter the robbery.
, Mfsde/T Nev
Bl i dell Pencil Co,
\ "11 can be Supplied IV I th jthc&O ii
The Phaeton
[Halla, S. C.
In tho District Court of the United
States, for the Western District ot
South Carolina.
In the Matter of DORA BROWN, of
Seneca, S. C., Bankrupt.-No. B
To tho Creditors of tho Above Named
Hank rn pt :
TAKE NOTICE, That on Sept. 29,v
1922, the above named bankrupt
filed her petition in said Court pray
ing that she may be decreed by tho
Court to have a full discharge from
all debts provable against lier estate,
except such debts as are excepted by
law from such discharge, and a hear
ing was thereupon ordered and will
be had upon said petition on NOV.
1, 1922, before said Court, at Green
ville, in said District, at ll o'clock
in the forenoon, at which time and
placo all known creditors and other
persons in interest may appear and
show cause, if any they have, why
i tho prayer of said petition should
1 not be granted.
D. C. DURHAM, Clerk.
Dated at Greenville, S. C., Sept.
29. 1922. .
Oca. 1, 1922. ' 10-4 3
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Martin, Judge of Probate, for
Oconeo County, in the State of South
Carolina, at his office at Walhalla
Court House, on FRIDAY, the 27th
day of October, 1922, or as soon
thereafter as said application can bo
heard, for loavo to make Final Set
tlement of the Estate of Sallie Keels,
Deceased, and obtain Final Dlschargo
as Executrix of said Estate.
Oct. 4, 1922. 40-4 3
Tho regular Teachers* Examina
tion will be hold at tho Walhalla
Court House on Friday and Satur
day. NOVEMBER 3d and Ith. All
teachers desiring to stand tho exam
ination will please bo on hand
promptly at 9 o'clock each dav.
Superintendent of Education.
Oct. 4. 19 22. 10-43
NOTICE Is hereby given, That, by
resolution of tho Board pt Directors
of Hetrlck Hosiory Mills, Inc., a
meeting of tho Stockholders is horn
by called at tho otrico of R. T. .laynos
cn tho 28th day of October, 19 22, at
fi A. M., to consider a resolution of
tho Board of Directors that said cor
poration go into voluntary liquida
tion, and wind up its affnirs.
Board of Directors.
Sept. 22d, 1922. 39-43
-- i mi MB-irm
vspaper Pencils
. * A JL P ? N C I L
, - f%i!n U. 5. A. I
no Pencil ; nt tho Courier Olllce.

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