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(Established 1840.)
Entered at tho Postofllco nt Wal
halla,, M. C., as Mail Matter of tho
Second (Tass, under Act of Congress,
Mareil 3d, JH7U.
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Year.$1.00
.Six Momita.??
Three Month*. ... .30
Adcrtivsing Rates Reasonable.
Ry Steck, Sh dor, Hughs & Shclor.
Communications of a pcrsoual
character chargod for as advertise
ments. Obituary natlces, cards of
thanks and tributes of rospoct, either
hy individuals, lodgos or churches or
societies, charged for as for adver
tisements. Cash must accompany the
manuscript, and all such notices will
be tunrkod "Adv." lu conformity with
post .I requirements,
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 18. 15)22.
Recently there has been much talk
of n nurse for Oconee county. There,
have been several baby conferences
held over tho county, and some
classes for tho colored nurses and
midwives-much talk and whoop-la,
hut after all, "what ls lt all about,
and what is a county nurse, any
how?" What does sho do? And can
sho scratch tho surface of the large
area of tho county?
We will first start by saying what
she is and what sho ls supposed to do,
for tho ideal is set purposely high
and it is doubtful If any human can
actually attain it-but all are sup
posed to measure up to tho best of
their ability. 1
The county nurse is a public health
nurse, whoso duties extend over the
entire county. All right. What ls a
public health nurse? A public health
nurse is a graduate, registered nurse,
who has had post-graduate work in
public health and training in public
health work. She is supposed to
know the best modern ways to do
bedside nursing, She has been taught
the most recent scientific ways to pre
vent disease. Tho watchword of the
public health nurse is Prevention and
Education. This means the teaching
of health and the care of the sick.
I nder whom does she work? Tho
eon ii ty ntirao works under the County
Medical Association, and is under the
direction df tho State Supervisor of
Nurses, Sile is to work in the closest
co-operation with all of the existing
organiza'.ions in tho county. She is
supposed to work from !t a.m. to 5 p.
tn. unless there is an emergency call.
Overtime can be made up at her own
discretion. One-half day and Sunday
is given her unless there is an emer
Rut what does she really do?
Among some of her Jobs too mim?r
ent to enum?ralo in full, is the care
ol' prenatal cases, infant welfare
work, supervision of bottle-fed and
sick babies, instructions in home
nursing and midwife classes, super
vision ol' tuberculosis patients, im
provement of sanitary conditions in
the home, control of epidemics, phys
ical inspection of school children, es
I; : ? liaient of health c.Mitres and
clinics for tho correction of defects.
The year is so divided thai a phase of
each work i: stressed during certain
months. From October td April Ibo
main work ii.school inspection: April
Mid May and .lum", infant welfare
holds (I rs I place; in July. August and
September tuberculosis work is the
major work bul Homo of all kinds
of work ks ?I. all of the lime. Bed
side nursing is doini to Instruct some
ono In the lniiue how to care for the
And then, what a nurse? will not
do. She will not make a diagnosis.
She will nol dispense medicine. She
will not arrange for corrective treat
ment without consulting tho family
ch . he will not express dis
approval ol iroalinont prescribed by
a physician, Sho will not assume tho
authority of a county health officer
in the enforcement of quarantine and
tho administration of vaccines and
;-em ms.
Will ? menu r 11) thing to our coun
ty lo have a county nurse? Ask tho
Other ( inuit ?es which have had a
IMirsO If they ave willing to do with
' " ' ? " ''?>. I hoy have found it
worth ?'h., With one accord they
will fight tho idea of doing without
I" c. - 1 |n 6 to ?4 Days
y if PAZO OINTMENT foll?
'""'.I1.'.1'- 01 '"'?trudln? Piles,
art 1 Upa. nnd yon con fiat
llrst application, Wlco (Wc
Dy Brothor-in-Lnw in Georgia-Said
Deceased Started Quarrel.
Anderson, Oct. 10.-Rufus Whit
ton, an Anderson county mau, was
shot and almost instantly killed in
Hart county, Georgia, shortly nflor
noon on Monday by Rufus Adams, ll
brother-in-law. Tho story as given
by oyo-v/ltnosBOs was. that tho two
men woro going hunting together and
walked out Into tho yard, when Whit
ton, who was 27 years old, started to
quarrel with Adams, and when tho
latter tried to reason with him, he
threw his gun to his shoulder and
fired at Adams. Tho shot missed and
Adams turned about and returned
tho fire when lu about 30 yards of
Whitton. Tho full load of shot took
ohed in tho breast, killing him al
most instantly.
Tho deceased had not been living
In Hart county very long, having
gono to Georgia from Anderson coun
ty a fow yours ago. He leaves sev
eral small childron. It was said that
Whitton had been drinking heavily
for soveral days. Adams is only 23
years old. Ho surrendered at onco to
tho sheriff of Hart county and was
lodged in jail. Whitten was a son of
Tom Whitten, of Starr.
So far as could be learned there
had been no ill fooling between the
two men until tho difference In the
back yard at the homo of Mitchell
Adams, an uncle of Rufus Adams.
Whitton has many rolallvcs in An
derson county.
35c"Danclerine" Saves Your
Hair-Ends Dandruff!
Delightful Tonic
Quick! Don't wait! Every bald
head started with just a few falling
hair and a little dandruff-but soon
tho hair appeared thin, scraggly, and
then tho dreaded bald spot. It seems
a sin to let hair fall out or tolerate
destructive dandruff when you can
quickly correct all such hair trouble
with a bottle of delightful Dandertne.
Millions of men and women know
tho magic of Danderlno; how it cor
rects oily, dandruffy, itching scalps
and helps tho hair grow long, thick,
strong and luxuriant. Danderlno ls
not sticky or greasy. It is tho largest
selling hair correctivo and tonic in
the world because it is not a humbug.
Get a bottlo at any drug store.
AU Passengers and Crew Saved.
San Francisco, Cal., Oct. 12.-All
the passengers, otllcers and crow of
tho burning steamer City of Hono
lulu, which was abandoned at 10.10
a. in. to-day, over a thousand miles
wost of San Francesco, are safe, ac
cording to wireless advices received
by tho Federal Telegraph Co. from
the freight steamer West Far alon.
Tho City of Honolulu carried 72
passengers and 1 ir? officers and mem
bers of llio crew a total of 2 17. Fire
broke out aboard thc steamer this
morning, and spread so rapidly that
all those aboard had to take to small
boats. The sea was smooth when the
s hip was abandoned, rfho is expected
lo sink at ;>ny moment.
Wilson Ordered Released.
Columbia, Oct. 12.- Geo. Wilson,
aged parole'convict, to-day was or
dered released by Governor Harvey.
The Governor issued tho order in a
letter to tho sheriff of Anderson
county, where Wilson was held ns a
posslblo parole violator. The ordo*
releasing Wilson was made following
a conference between tho Governor
and attorneys for Wilson, It ls good
(luring continued goo i behavior. Thc
attorneys denied that Wilson had re
cently been disorderly.
Xtimber of High Schools Increased.
Columbia, Oct. IO.- Tho number
of high schools in South Carolina
Increased 12..") per cent during tho
fiscal year 1921*22 over tho number
during tho year 19 2 0-21, according
to a sta temen I given out boro to-day
by State Supt. John EB, Swearlngon.
Forty por cont of tho automobiles
stolen In tho United States last year
woro not rocovored.
At Berry Schools, Georgia-21 Stu
dents ?nd Moniberg of Faculty.
Mount Berry, On., Oct. 12.-Spe
cial: Second in the Hst of sectional
clubs to organizo at tho Berry Schools
is tho South Carolina group. There
aro 21 students and members of tho
faculty from that Stute. They mot
I econ Hy to organiste and elected tho
following oilicors: Miss Eva .loo
Lockmnn, of Union county, presi
dent; De Witt Littleton, of Ocotioo
county, vice president; David Drig
gers, secretary.
Tho purposo of tho club, as statod
at tho mooting, is to provide fellow
ship for thoso sladeni s who come
from South Carolina, and to carry
back tho message and needs of 'Derry
Schools to their homo communities
in an effort to socuro assistance in
carrying on tho service of the schools.
They will also serve as a recommen
dation committee for worthy stu
dents from their State, seokiiiK In
each case that Information that ls j
desired by tho schools when classify
ing a studont as worthy in respect to :
attainments, character and economic '
sanding. Thoso who attended the !
meeting were: Miss Alico'Logan Win- :
go, Miss Ida McCollough, Miss Alico
Barnes, Miss Marlon M. Moans, L, W.
McFadden, Novalco Yonce, John ]
Barnes, Jackson, Miss Eva Lockman, <
Miss Ruth Lockman, Miss Mary Har- '
ton, Sam Gray, Haze Bolt, Miss .Mar
garet Ponnal, Theron Cox, R. Stell
ing, Clay Stelling, DoWltt Littloton,
David Drlggers and Jas. Mlsskelley. ?
Estate Estimated at from Fifty to
Two Hundred Fifty Thousand. ,
A dispatch from Thomson, Ga., ,
says: ,
The will of tho late United States
Senator Thos. E. Watson haB been of- ,
fered for probate and the hearing set ,
for Nov. 13. The estate, variously ,
estima-.ed to be worth from $0 0,000 .
to $200,000, is said to be dividod ,
between tho widow, Miss Georgia ;
Leo and Miss Georgia Watson, tho
Senator's two granddaughters; Mrs.
Julia Cliatt, his sister, and Mrs. Alico
Lytle, long associated with the Son
alor in '.he publication of the Colum
bia Sentinel. *
No mention is made in the will, lt
is stated, as to the disposition of tno
Watson library, considered to be ono
of the finest private librarlos in the
Among special bequests named in
the will Mrs. Lytle is to get two farm?
totaling 2?30 acres, tho lifo uso of a
cottage near tho Watson borne aad
&3 0 per week during her unmarried
After bequests to Mrs. Cliatt and
his granddaughters, the residue of
tho estate ls left to Mrs. Watson dur
ing her lifetime and at her death to
bo divided between the two grand
.'Upper South Carolina" Diocese.
Columbia, Oct. ll. - Sessions of
tho convention of tho new Episcopal
diocese of upper South Carolina con
tinued here to-day with a discussion
of the program of the church for the
trlonnium 1913-1925. Bishop Finlay,
tho clergy and lay delegates partici
pated. Tho convention yesterday
chose tho name "Upper South Caro
lina Dioccso" for thc newly created
church division. It also authorized
a committee to purchase a lioino for
tho bishop in Columbia at not to ox
coed $20,000.
York Convicts will Go to Pen.
York. S. C., Oct. J :'.- Long-term
convicts from York cou ty hereafter
will be sent, lo the j utentlary nt
Columbia. This was ; ounced boro
to-day by Hugh Brow) . * ?linty super
visor. Tho county cha.- uig will bo
kept to as near fifty pris i -rs as pos
sible, only short torin c i\ els being
Unless you seo thc name "Bayer" I
on packago or on tablets, you aro not
gotting tho genuine Hayer product1
proscribed by physicians ovor twonty
tvo years and proved sa?o by mil
li?-is for colds, hondache, toothache,
neuralgia, lumbago, rheumatism,
Names of Those- Who Will bo Culled
to Begin Service Monday, Oct. 23.
1. Allen, J. W., Westminster R.F.D.
2. Ables, T. B., Westminster, R.F.D
3. Black, J. T., Westminster R.F.D.
4. Brewer, W. D., Walhalla R.F.D.
5. Brock, B. C., Seneca R.F.D.
6. Brown, A. M., Mountain Rost.
7. Browning, K. A., Seneca.
8. Burns, J. Y., Townvllle, R.F.D.
9. Coward, J. L., Walhalla, Rt. 2.
10. CoxwRlloy. Walhalla, RU 3.
11. Davis, W. E., Westminster R.F.D
12. DllWorth, J.V.,Weslminster Rt.l.
13. Graham, J.P..Westminster R.F.D
14. Hubbard, T. S., Seneca R.F.D.
15. Hunnlcutt, C. M., Salem R.F.D.
16. Hunter, J.E..Westminster R.F.D.
17. 1 sholl, Cromer, Soneca R.F.D.
18. Lindsey, W. N., Walhalla, Rt. 3.
19. McCarley, Sam, Seneca R\F.D. ?
20. McPhall, J. A., Townvllle R.F.D.
21. Morris, L., Walhalla, Rt. 3.
22. Moss, M. A., Salem.
23. Nicholson, D. E., Salem.
24. Peden, T. C., Westminster.
25. Rankin, J. W., Nowry.
26. Rochester, J. H., Salem.
27., Rogers, S. D., Salem.
28. Rowland, A. L., Walhalla.
29. Rutledge, J. A., Tamassee.
110. Shanklln, E. R., Westminster Rt.
31. Smith, J. O., Westminster, Star
3 2. Thrift, J. B., Long Creek.
33. Tompkins, J. B., Westminster Rt
344. Vaughn, P. A., Westminster Rt.
35. Williams, W. F., Walhalla, Rt. 3.
36. Wright, W. D. Seneca R.F.D.
Cold? Cause Grip and Influenza
:auBo. Thoro ls only one "Bromo Quinine." E. W,
GROVE'S signature on the box. 30c.
Pendleton Farmers, Co-Opcrat?.
Pendleton, Oct. 12.-So far this
season the South Carolina Cotton
Growers' Association have gotten
about a tenth of what cotton has
been ginned here.
Out of about a thousand bales gin
ned at Pendleton this season 100
have boen shipped to the association
nt Greenville. This shows up thia
section of Anderson county as groat
liol lovers lin the association, and
avery member seems to be confident
that ho will receive a better price
through this system of markotlng.
which has proved very successful In
several of the other cotton growing
When the back aches and throbs,
When housework is torture.
When night brings ho rest nor
When urinary disorders set In,
Women's lot ls a weary one.
Donn's Kidney Pills are for weak
Have proved their worth In Wal
This is ono Walhalla woman's tes
Mrs. S. E. Powell says: "Kidney
trouble came on mo and my back ach
ed a good deal. When I bent sharp
pains shot through me and specks
appeared before my eyes. Mornings
I was as tired as when ? wont to bed
and I was nervous. My kidneys
didn't act properly. I began taking
Doan'B Kidney Pills and they quickly
cured mo of tho trouble. I have
great faith in this medicine."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don'i
simply ask for a kiduoy remedy-get
Doan'8 Kidney Pills-tho samo that
Mrs, Powell had. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
Death Rato Low for United States.
A dispatch from Washington says:
A record low death rate was estab
lished last year In tho regulation
area of tho United Stales, according
to an announcement by tho Depart
ment of Commerce, which gave the
19 21 rate as 11.7 per thousand pop
ulation against 13.1 In 1920. The In
fant mortality also decreased, ac
cording to the statement, which gave
tho rate for 1921 as 70 per thousand
and 86 per thousand for the provlOUS
year. Tho registration areas include
a population of 70,425,000.
Tho hirth rate for 1921 was 2 i .ri
per thousand against 23.7 per thous
and in 1920.
Cuba, tho largest of ibo West In
d a Islands, ls about 100 miles south
of Florida.
m you buy Aspirin
neuritis, and for pain In general. Ac
cept only "Rayer" package, which
contains proper directions. Handy
boxos of twolvo tablots cost fow
con ts. Druggists also sell bottles of
24 and 100. Aspirin Is tho trade
mark of Bayer Manufacture of Mono
ttcotlcacidoslor of Snlicylicacid.
Progressive Farmer,] ^ I EA por
$1.00 year, Both
The KeoweeCourier,| Jj
$1.00 year, 'j For 12 Months
Either paper well worth Combination
Price of Both. Order yours now.
"Slimy Taste"
"When I feel stupid, get constipated, or bilious, I take a good dose or
two of Black-Draught and it sets me straight," writes Mr. George B.
Haislep, of R. F. D. 2, Columbia, S. C. "lt cleanses the liver and I feel
all right, and have not used any other medicine as I do not see the need
of it. 1 am a guard at the State Reformatory, and have been for three
or more years. When I first heard of
Liver Medicine
and the good medicine it was, I had been having a tired feeling when
I'd get up in the morning. I would be stiff and sore, and had a slimy,
bad taste in my mouth, but didn't think sb much of it till I began to feel
stupid and didn't feel like eating-then I knew I needed medicine. It
was then I began Black-Draught, and I felt all made over, ready for any
kind of work, ready to eat and sleep. So, for any return of this trouble,
I take Black-Draught, and for 25 years it has been my medicine, and 1
wouldn't be without it at all. My work is constant. I am on my feet a
lot. I am out of doors, and fresh air and Black-Draught are all the
medicines I need. I recommend it to others for I know it is good."
Sold Everywhere.
_V 187 QQ
Sheriffs (<> Moot on Oct. 25th.
Greenville, Oct. li. - Carlos A.
Rector, sheriff of Greenville county
and president of tho South Carolina
Sheriffs' Association, to-night an
nounced that tho annual convention
of that body would bo hold In Colum
bia, Oct. 25th, during tho State Fair
week. The program includes an ad
dress by Governor Wilson G. Harvey.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy nnd Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves tho nppetite, you will then
appreciate its truo tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic ls simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children Uko it. Tho blood
needs QUININE to Purify lt and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c
'Ono of Africa's largest and most
dangerous snakes ls the mamba..
Colorado'is second only to Califor
nia in the nil m bor of farms under Ir
Tho Slate of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.
William J. Strlbllng and John ll.
Dendy, as partners, doing business
under style and Urtu na mo of St rib
ling ?fe Dendy, and E. L. Herndon,
.lohn L, Singleton, Defendant,
(Summons for Relief.-Complaint
To tho Defendant Above Named:
You aro hereby summoned and re
n lt I rod lo answor tho Complaint In
Ibis action, of which a copy was tiled
in omeo of Clerk of Court for Oconeo
County, at Walhalla, S. C., on tho
18th day of September, 192?, and to
serve n copy of your Answer to tho
?aili Complain! on the subscriber, ai
Iiis omeo, on the Public Squire, al
Walhalla Court House. South Caro
lina, within'twenty ways after tho
service horeof, exclusivo of tho day
ol such service; and If you fall tb
answer the Complaint within tho
time aforesaid, tho Plaintiffs In Ibis
action will apply to tho Court for tho
relief demanded In tho Complaint.
Dated this 18th day of September,
Plaintiffs' Attorneys
Oct. ll, 1922. 41-43
?'oriner Postmaster (?et? Six Months.
Aiken, Oct. 12.-A. E. Wilhelm,
former postmaster at Mlddlodorff, S.
C., was given a sentence Of 6 months
in the Florence county Jail by Judge
Harry Smith in United Staets Dis
trict Court hero yesterday. Wilhelm
pleaded guilty to charges of embez
zling $500 Ju government funds.
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
fr R. T. JAYN.ES, fr
fr Attorncy-afc-Law, fr '
fr Wnlhnlla, - S. C. 4*
fr State and Federal Courts. fr
fr Oillco Phono 20; Hesidcnco 40. fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
fr J. H. EARLE, fr
fr vAttomoy-nt-Law, fr
fr WALHALLA, S. C. fr
fr State & Federnl Court Prncitcc. fr
fr FA HM LOANS. fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
fr fr
fr E. L. H ERNDON, fr
fr Attorney-nt-Lnw, ?J?
fr Phono No. Ol, Walhalla, S. C.fr
fr fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
fr J. P. Carey? J. \V. Shclor, fr
fr Picken?, H. C. W. C. Hughs, fr
fr CAREY, SH FLOR ?i. HUGHS, .f*
fr Attorneys and Counsellors, fr
fr WALHALLA, S. C. fr
fr State & Federal Court Pracltce. fr
fr fr fr ?J? ?J. fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
and Metal Shingles.
I BAH Et (iOO?>f
Walhalla, S. C.
NOTICE is hereby givon that, pur
suant to authority glvon mo under
tho law of South Carolina, I will soil,
to tho highest bidden, for CASH, in
front ol' lio- Court House door, in
Walhalla, S. C.. on Salesday in No
vember. 1022, being MONDAY, tho
Gill day of November, ono Automo
bile that has boon seized while ho
ing used in tho transportation of in
toxicating liquor, and has boon de
clared forfeitod to tho Stato. Prop
erty described as follows:
Ono Ford Touring Car, motor No.
OOO'739, S. C. Licenso No.48-323,
captured whllo hoing drlvon by Orady
L. Startles and others.
Shorlff, Oconeo County, S. C. .
Oct. ll, 1922. 41-44

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