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Foi- tho Ocoiico Fair, Westminster, on
Nov. 1st and 2d, Next.
The Oconeo County Fair will ho
held nt Westminster on Wodnesday
and Thursday, Nov. ist and 2d. The
following Information will he of In
terest to all who wish to attend, and
especially to thoso 'who will make
First, you are askod to disregard
the idea of a prize or a blue ribbon
and bring what you havo. By so do
ing you may be the means of helping
your less fortunato noighbors start
on tho road to peace, joy and plen'.y.
The main purposo of tho fair is to
give tho farmers an opportunity lo
advertise the fruits of their labors,
yet the support of every business en
terprise In th?, county is solicited.
No entry fees or admission fees
will be chnrged. Everything will bo
absolutely free.
All exhibits must bo in placo by 5
c 'clock Tuesday' afternoon, Oct. 31,
except cuttle, hogs, mules and horses,
and thoy must be In place by 10
o'clock Wednesday morning, Nov. I.
Mark your exhibit with your name
and the name of the exhibit plainly,
and bring to the fair building Mon
day or Tuesday and the mnnngement
will have lt arranged to show up to
its best. All exhibitors of live stock
must let the superintendent of exhib
its know how many pens or stalls
they vequlro by Oct. 20, so that they
may be arranged for. Except commu
nity booth stands, tables and racks
will be provided by the fair manage
ment. Any community ,desiring a
booth must notify tho superintendent
as early as possible, so that space
may be allotted them. Communities
will arrango their own booths.
Exhibitors aro roquested to send
a list of their exhibits to tho secre
tary at least a week beforehand, FO
that cards may bc prepared for mark
ing them.
Tho building will be open from 10
a. nv. to J p. m. and from 7 p. m. to
10 p. ni, on Wodnesday, Nov. 1st, and
on Thursday, Nov. 2d, from 10 a. m.
to 4 p. m.
All exhibits will bo judged and rib
boned bluo, red and white, respect
ively, for 1st, 3d and'3d places. Judg
ing will take place Wednesday after
noon, Nov. 1st. Doors will be closed
to tho public whllo judging ls in pro
gross and will bo roopenod as soon as
tho judges have finished. Live stock
exhibits will bo Judged before tho
public at tho same Mme other exhib
its aro being judged.
Except for ribbons, no prizes will
bo offered any ono except tho club
boys and girls, who will havo tholr
show at tho same time and placa.
Tho County Homo and Farm Demon
stration Agents will announce prizes
for these. In case two or moro com
munities desire to competo with each
other, a grand prlzo will be awarded
tho community which takes tho most
bluo ribbons.
No efforts have boon spared *o
make thoso two days full of thrill
and pleasure for all. Tho Clem on
endet brass band will bo on hand and
furnish music for both days. Also,
somo time during tho day there .viii
bo a negro minstrel, and at 7.30 on.
Wednesday n'ght "Yo Oldo Time
Fiddlers' Convention will bo held In
tho opon nir. A prlzo of $r> is offered
to tho best fiddler and a Uko amount
to tho best, buck dancer.
Farm and Fnctory, of Seneca, will
hnvo n radiophone on exhibition and
lt will bo open for Ibo public each
afternoon and night, and you cnn
"listen In" on what is happening lu
Now York, Pittsburg, Atlanta and
other points.
Wodnosdny nf tor noon tho plc turo
CT* *
show will bo thrown open free to the j
exhibitors and their families. Passes |
will be issued each oxhibitor and the
members of his fftmlly when tho ex
hibits aro brought, iii; and these will
be good at tho theatre "between tho
hours of 1 to 5 p. m. .
Thursday afternoon a football
game will be held at the park be
tween Westminster and Greenville
teams. Admission will bo charged.
Evory school board of trustees in
the county ls asked to give a holiday
Wednesday, Nov. 1st, so that the
children may attend the fair. Proba
bly some of tho schools of the county
will have an exhibit.
All exhibits must be left until the
closo of tho fair-Thursday, Nov. 2,
at 4 p. m. A watchman will be em
ployed at the building, and every
caro and precaution will be made 'to
take caro of the exhibits and return
them safely to the exhibitor.
Any assistance or information that
you desire will be cheerfully given
hy W. S. Bearden, superintendent of
exhibits, and he will take pleasure In
helping in every way.
Hoads Of Departments.
W. S. Bearden, general superin
Genoral Housing Arrangements
F. W. Cannon.
Agricultural Department - C. D.
Horticultural Department-M. S.
Fancy Work Department-Mrs. D.
1. Mulkey.
Women's Department-Mrs. S. F.
Flower Department-Mrs. B. D.
Live Stock Department - O. ft.
Swine-W. H. McJunkin.
Poultry Department-Mrs. J. S'.
Relics and Curios-Mrs. F. L. Crit
Amusements-J. R. Sullivan.
Publicity-A. L. Gosselt.
Agricultural Exhibits.
First, second and third ribbons to
be awarded on all exhibits of any va
riety of the following:
Corn- (Ear Contest) - Best ten
cars prolific corn, unnubbed; host. 10
ears, unnubbed, any other white
corn; best 10 oars, unnubbod, yellow
cprn; best singlo ear prolific corn;
best single ear of any other variety
of corn; best half bushel milling
corn; best dozen ears pop-corn.
Wheat--Best half bushel wheat,
any varloty.
Oats - Best half bushel Fulghum
oats; best half bushol Apblor oats;
best half bushol Texas Red Rust
Proof oats.
Harley-Best half bushel barley.
Rye-Best half bushel rye, Abru/
7.1; best half bushel native ryo.
Seed-Best pock peas, any variety,
cowpoas or field peas; host peck table
peas, any variety; best gallon vetch
seod ; best gallon crimson clover seed
(rough); best gallon bur clovor (in
bur); best gallon velvet beans; best
gallon soy beans or soja beans; best
gallon enno seed; host gallon peanuts.
Hay-Best bale hay, any kind. (All
hay must have not over 10 per cont
of any other kind of grass in lt, and
will bo judged as io condition, ma
turity and color. Hay must bo noatly
Horticultural-Colory, 3 bunches;
lettuce, 3 bunches; turnips, dozen]
beets, dozen; onions, dozen; carrots,
dozen; largest squash; largost cab
bage; largest pumpkin; best quart
butter beans (dry); best stalk pep
per; host display of fresh vegetables;
largost watermelon; largost canto
Irish Potatoes liosl half bushel,
?inv variety. (These will bo judge.!
according to tho following seor
Uniformity, 40 points; smoothno
20; shallowness Of oyo?, 10; frc"
dom from blemishes. 20; marketable
I 0, Total, 1 00 points.)
Swoot potutoe . lies i half bu sh ft
P?rto Rico: bes half bushol Nano;
Hali; host half bushel ?-ny. other va
. r.loiy, (Tilpoo "'".l i-" '-o' rig fol
lows; Uniformity, IO p?b.Vl smooth
ness, 20; trueness to type, 2 0; free
dom from blemishes, 10; marketable
size, 10. Total, 100 points.)
Finita and Nut?-Best commercial
display of homo grown apple?, in
standard boxes, any variety; best doz.
apples, any variety; best doz. peats,
any variety; host collection! fruit;
best gallon pecnns; best pock wal
nuts;; best display of grapes.
Miscellaneous - Best half dozen
stalks of corn sorghum, olvet beans,
soy beans (in bundle), cotton or any- j 1
thing else grown on the farm.
Livestock-All animals to be ex- \ i
bibbed must be catered by 9 o'clock | <
Wednesday morning. Stalls, pens, j
hitching racks will be furnished freo'i
to exhibitors, but . they must show
their own stock In tho ring promptly '
when called. Each exhibitor must
furnish his own food, but the man
agement will soe that they are fod
and watered. Each exhibitor will bo
held responsible to observe the State
and Federal sanitary regulations for
his animals.
Horses-iPair draft horses,' in har
ness; single draft horse; pair buggy
horses; single harness horse; saddle
horse; home-raised colt over 1 year
old and not over 2 years old, halter
led; home raised colt under 1 year
old. r
Mules-.Pair mules, In harness;
pair mules, home-raised, in harness;
single harness mule; mule colt, hal
ter led, 1 to 2 years old; mule colt,
halter led, under 1 year old; mule
colt and dam.
Cattle-(Jerseys)-Bu|ll 3 year?
c older; bull 2 years old and under
3; milch cow and calf; milch cow;
heifer 1 year old and under 2; heifer
under 1 year old; bull under 1 year
IIolstein-Frlcsinns-Same as Jer
seys. Any other breed, same as Jer
tirade Cattle-Any cow not regis
tered will bo classed as grado. Rib
bons same i Terseys.
Swine Department-1. Registered
animals only to bo shown. Papers to
bo exhibited to the superintendent;
2. All animals must bo properly en
tored by 9 o'clock Wednesday. There
will also be a group of non-registered
animals, and they will be classed the
same as tho Poland China class?.
Poland Oliinn-Best boar, 2 years
old or over; best boar, 1 to 2 years
old;' best boar, 6 to 12 months old;
best sow, 2 years old or over; best
sow, 6 4.0 12 months; best sow and
litter of pigs not over 3 months old.
EXPECTANT mothers do not
undergo useless suffering
any longer, nnd baby's birth can be
made gloriously easier.
Mrs. Wm. Flock, 115 N. 12lh 8t,
Leavenworth, Kansas, snys: "'Moth
er's Friend' ts the bott help in the
world for an expectant mother. I
om tho mother of threo children and
have found 'Mother's Friend' fine."
"Mother's Friend" lt externally ap
plied about tho nbdomen, back and
hips. It penetrates wonderfully, and
in this way allows thc muscles and
ligaments to relax ctully and read
just themselves to the changes during
expectancy and at child-birth.
Use "Mother's Friend" ns our
mothers and grandmothers did. Don't
wait, atart today, ?nd meanwhilo
write to Bradfield Regulator Co.,
HA-45, Atlanta, Ga., for free book], t
containing valuable Information every
expectant mother should have.
"Mother's Friend" contains no nar
cotics or harmful druitt. It is safe.
There is no substitute. Avoid use
les? greases and pluln oils. Start us
ing "Mother's Friend" now-tho
sooner tho belter. "Molhcr's
Friend" is sold fit drug '
Duroo-Jerscy, Berkshires, O. I. C.
md Hnmpshir.es - Judged same os
Poland China .
Pork Hogs - Best fattening hog,
jver 1 year old; best fattening hog,
under 1 year; best pig under 6 mo
poultry-AH broods and varieties
jt poultry will be exhibited. Exhibit
3rs will furnish their own coops, and
they must be built as follows: For
jiggles, 2 feet square nnd 18 Inches
lilgh, with wire on ono side nnd top;
tor pons, 2 feet wide, 3 feet long and
18 Inches high, with wire ono one
?ddo and top. Best cock; best cocker
sip best hen; best pullot; best pen,
1 cock, 4 hons; best pen, 1 cockerel
md 4 pullets.
Turkeys-Mammoth Bronze-Bost
Tom; best hen; best trio.
Bourbon Rod-sVmo ns^lammoth
Ducks, Gceso or Guineas--Will bo
judged in singles and trios.
An effort will bo mode to have
poultry expert with us and give talks
and other Information to the public
Miss Counts will also bo with us,
and we earnestly ask that all Wy to
make this the best exhibit of poultry
ever assembled In Oconee county.
?Please place a water vessel in the
coop and securely fasten it so that
the fowls may be properly watered.
Every precaution will be taken to
Insure a safe showing of all poultry,
pnd our motto ls a square deal to all.
Woman's Department.'
Household-Best Jar beans; best
jar apples; best Jar pears; best jar
blackberries; best Jar plums; best
Jar soup mixture; best jar peaches;
test Jar cherries; best Jar fig pre
serves; best Jar watormolon rind pre
serves; -best jar citron preserves;
best collection of jellies; best collec
tion of fancy vegetables and fruits;
best collection old stylo canned fruits
and vegetables; best collection pre
serves; best collection pickles; best
Jar of corn; best jar of tomatoes;
best jar of peach pickles; best homo
cured ham; best homo cured bacon;
best home-made apple vinegar; best
comb honey; best pound butter.
Fn"cy Cooking-Best collection of
home-made candy; best doz. rolls;
best doz. biscuits; best home-cooked
loaf of bread; best fruit cake; best
pound cako; best caramel cake; best
chocolate cake; best white cake; best
:ocoanut layer cuke; host angel cake;
best home-made grape juice; best
homc-mado syrup; best dried apples;
best dried peaches.
Curios and Relics.
Tho object of this department Is to
promoto tho history aijd progress of
our county by showing our young
people relics of history and customs
md antiqultod means and devices.
(Please mark your namo rfnd the his
tory of the article very plainly and
?umil ia as soon as possible. )
Flower Deportment-Chrysanthe
mums, best collection; best single
specimen; best pink; best yellow;
)ost lavender; best white; best rod.
Host collection of dahlias; best single
tpectmen, any variety. Best collec
ion of asters. Best collection zinnias,
lest collection cosmos. Best fern, any
variety. Best palm. Bost begonia,
lest geranium. Best collection roses.
Fancy Work-Best linens In em
>roldoryj bost bod linens In crochet;
jost knitted bedspread; best crochet
)odspread; best tuftod bedspread;
jost two-piece undorsutt in ombrold
?ry; best two-piece undorsuit in tat
ing; best sot tea napkins in crochet;
>es* sot ton napkins In embroidery;
jest hand knitted swonlor; best ln
'ant's hand mnde cap; best Infant's
mnd-mado dress; best Infant's hand
nado sacque; best lunchoon sot In
".rochet; best luncheon sot In.embroi
iery; best night dress with crochet
.okc; host night dress with tatting
roko; best night dross, hand om
?roidorod; host sofa pillow cover;
josi hand-mado library scarf; be.s\
?onlor pleco in.crochet; host conloi'
doce in Embroidery; best article
nade by lady ovor (>"> years old; host
ntngalo\y apron; best fancy apron;
>e.st tray covor; best dresser scarf;
>0i i p How casos in embroidery; best
>illo\v cases in crochet; host ombroi
l?red towel; best crochet towel; bpst
i and made embroidered handker
chief; best hand-made tatting hand
kerchief; best piece cross stitch em
broidery; best hand-woven rug; best
'ag rug.
. Homo-Mndo Furniture-Best rock
er; best straight chair; best baby
'ockor; best baby chair;' best stool;
aest tablo; best desk; best bedstead;
jost mattross, largo; host mattress,
small. \
Girls' Club l>rizcs.-X(Mis8 Ethel
Counts, Superintendent.)
Sewing-Dosi sewing exhibit, ?9t
?1.50, 2d SI; hag, 1st $1, 2d 50c;
?pron, 1st $1, 2d G Oe? toddios, 1st
SI, 2d 50c ; gown, 1st $1, 2d 50c;
princess slip, 1st $1, 2d 50c; drosser
scarf, 1st 81, 2d 50c; darning, 1st
fl, 2d 50c.
Canning - Best collection canned
[>roducts, 1st $1.50, 2d $1; best lar
tomatoes, 1st 50c, 2d 25c; best Jar
?oup mixture, 1st 50c, 2d 25c; best
|ar beans, 1st 50c, 2d 25c; host jar
peaches, 1st 50c, 2d 25c; heit Jar
berries, 1st. 50c, 2d 25c; host Jar
pickles, 1st 50c, 2d 25c; host glasa
(olly, 1st 50c, 2d 25c.
Cooking-Best soda biscuits (6),
1st tl, 2d 50c; best baking powder
biscuit (6.), 1st $1, 2d 50c; best drop
cookios (8}, 1st $1, 2d 5Od.
Boys' Club Prizes- (George RV
Briggs, Superintendent.)
Pig Club - Feeding Class-First
prize $2.25; 2d prize, $1.50; 3d prize,
$1; 4th prize, 50c
Breeding Class-First prize, $2.25;
2d prize, $1.50;' 3d prize, $1; 4th
prize, 75c.
Sow and Litter Class-First prize,
$2.25; 2d prize, $1.50.
Com Club-Best 10-oar Exhibit
First prize, $2.25; 2d prize, $1.50;
3d prize, II; 4th prize, 75c
Cotton Club-Best 10 Opon Boils
ind Record Book-First prize, $2.25;
2d prize, $1.50; best record book on
exhibit, $1. (For further informa-,
tion write tho County Agent regard
ing the Club Exhibits.)
Form Floats.
The management of the fair wants
every farmer who will do so to ar
range a wagon float as attractively
ns possible with any and everything
that is grown or mado on his farm
and bring it to tho fair. A ribbon
will be awarded for the most attrac
tive float with tho latest display.
Conclusion. i
The management hopes to make
this fair a lasting event in tho coun
ty, and also one that every ono will
profit by. if you have anything that
Is not mentioned in the list abovo and
which you wish to exhibit, take it
along or send it to tho proper depart
ment manager, and lt will be given
place among the exhibits, and will bc
.Let everybody ho a booster for tho
fair, and finally all moot at Westmin
ster on Nov. 1 and 2 and havQ-a good
time, and also learn something that
will benefit you for better business
ind farming. Also, remember that
tho suporintondont of tho fair is roa
Sy to help you with your exhibits in
my way.
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurt a blt! Drop a little
'Freezone" on an aching corn, in
itantly that com stops hurting, then
diortly you lift it right off with
Ingers. Truly!
Your druggist solis a tiny bottle of
'Froezono" for a few cen ta, sufficient
o removo ovory hard corn, soft corn
>r corn between tho toes, and the
?allusos, without soreness or irrita
Extension for Judson Mill.
Oreonvillc, Oct. 12. - A contract
or tho erection of an extension to
ho woavo room and picker building
it Judson Mill was lot to-day to tho
3a Ul van Building Co, tho consldora
ion for tho erection of tho actual
ni il ding of tho extension hoing oat i
natod at. around $150,000. With tho
oiling of this contract work will be
.in on the enlargement of tho mill,
vb ich, Whori completo, will icprcscnt
in outlay of ahout'?YOO.OOO nnd will
>raetica)ly double,tho producing ca
>aelt.y of tho mill.
Subscribo for Tho Courier. (Best.)
You Can Get Back
Your Grip on
"You can just tell tho man or wo
man who may think Tanlac (loos not.
do good and lasting work that tho
medicine set mo right five years ago
and that I have boen in line simpo
ever slnco," was tho stntoment mndo
a?few days ago by John W. Groves, a
well-known merchant of Lowell, N.
C. j
"Nervous indigestion had almost
completely wrecked my health," said
Mr. Groves. "For a long time I
could not keep down anything 1
would eat. Often whilo walting on a
customer I would got so nervous l
had to call sonto ono else, and finally
I got so weak I simply had io give up
work altogether. When I did got a
little light food to stay on my stom
ach it would causo gas, smothorlnj;
spoils and headache.
"I took seven bottles of Tnnlao
and gainod fifteen pounds and havo
never had any troubles since. My
nerves are as steady as a clock now
and I oat anything 1 want, and my
appetito never falls me. In fact, I
never felt better In my life than I
do now, and it's all because of tho
good Tanlac did mo five years ago."
Tanlac is sold by all good drug
Illair Mill is Making. Turkish Hath
Towels from Piedmont. Cotton.
A dispatch from Relton says:
Only Piedmont section cotton is
being used in the manufacture of
Turkish bath towels by tho Blair
Mills, according to tho statement of
Max Rico, one of tho officials of tho
mill. Tho Blair Mill is tho only plant
In the Stnto making finished Turk
ish- bath towels exclusively.
In past years cotton from various
parts of the country has been used
for the manufacture ,of towels, Mr.
Tlice declared, but lt has beon found
that tho quality of cotton grown In
tho Piedmont ls bettor adapted for
the manufacture of towels.
Towels made in Belton are now
being shipped to virtually all parta
of the nation. The products of the?
locnl mill has been shipped to South
American ports, but at tho present
only domestic orders are being filled.
The Blair Mill, which has been in
operation for several yoars, employs.
55 persons. Tho thread ls spun from
Piedmont section cotton', wovon into
towel cloth, finished, dyed and other
wise made ready for the counter, all
under the same roof. It not only ls.
the only plant in tho State making
finished Turkish bath'towels exclu
sively, but is one of tho few such
plants in tho southeast.
No Worms In a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms havo on un
healthy color, which1 Indicates poor blood, and as a
rule, there is moro or 1 ess stomach disturbance.
larly for two or three weeks will enrich tho blood.
Improve tho digestion, and act ana goncrnlStrcngdi
enlng Tonic to the whole system. Nnturo will thou
throw off or dispel the worms, and tho Child will bo
fal perfect health. Pleasant to take. 60c per bottle.
Rainfall and Temperature.
Below Is a record of meteorological
observations taken by H. W. Brandt,
co-operative observer of the Weather
Bureau of the U. S. Department of
Agriculture, during the week ending
Oct. 8th, 19 22, at 7 p. m. (Tho
Instrumental readings are from gov
ernment standard instruments ex
posed In the manner recommended
by the chief of tho Weather Bureau) :
Character of
Oct. 2-Clear
Oct. 3-Clear
Oct. 4-Clear*
Oct. 5-Clear
Oct. fi-Cloudy . . .! .02
7 5
Oct. 7-Ptly cldy. Ai . 04!! 83
Oct. 8-Ptly cldy. . ? .131,1 82
5 4
5 2
Total rainfall . . . ; 1. 79,?. .
Fifty Thousand Children Born.
Columbia, Oct. 12. - Thore were
50,464 children born in South Caro
lina during tho year 1921, census
bureau returns show, says a Wash
ington dispatch from tho special cor
respondent of the Columbia Record.
Tho births were about ovonly divided
botwoen whito and black. This was
2,387 moro births than during 1920.
Tho Unltod Statea practically mo
nopolizes tho trade of Hawaii.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicino Which stops tho cough by
healing tho inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Hoad Colds and
Croup is enoloscd with ev.. ./ bottle of
should bo rubbed on tho chest ?arid throat
of children suffering from, u ( id or Croup.
Tho healing effect of liny o V I'M vt Ik any In
side tho thront combined will! ( li li. Ullntf c??ect o?
Grove's O-Pon-Trato Salvo through tho pores of
tho skin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies aro'paeket! ? \ v ririi'ton nt\A tho
sost of tho combined treatnio it > . .
Just ask your drui, ist ? I -VYES'

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