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Sewerage and
(Waler anni
f HOS. A. 0 KANT . ...
j. \v. JARRETT,
t.-Sanitary Accommoda
tions for Employees, Etc. - Every
person who shall bo tfte owner, :
lessee, kcepor, manager <>t' agoul of
any tenement house, boarding house,
lodging house, work shop or manu- j
factory shall provide, or cause to he ;
provided, tho accommodation there- j
for, and for the use ot tea.mis. lodg
ers, boarders, or workers therein,
adequate privies or wat? r closets,
and tho same shall be adequately
ventilated, and shall bi; at all limes
kopi in such i leanly ami wholesome ?
condition as not to bo offensive, dan-,
gerfus or detrimental to health and
no oltonslve sundi ot gasos from or !
through any outlet, or sewer, or
through any privies or waler dose's j
shall ho allowed by any such persons
afores: id to exist in any building or
par? ?loteo:'. Said privies or waler
close:.; .-?lill not bo less than otfe for
every twenty pi.sons Inhabiting or
pmplbyed lu such buildings, houses,
shops or factories.
Sec. - Definitions of K"wcrs, Etc.
-The sanitary sysioin of sewers yt
the eily consists of mains and lateral
conduits of salt-glazed, vet ri Hod pipe
and necessary accessories. They uro
designed lo carry off all liquid house
wastes, and aro referred lo in ibis
. ode under the name of sanitary sew
ers. The sewers leading from tho
main 'or lateral sewers to tho prop
erly on either side are herein called
house sowers. Porous drains, lani
for removing surface water, are here
in called sab-soil drains. All connec
tions of house sewers, drains or
plumbing work with the sewer sys
tem of this city sha ll bo made in ac
cordance with tho rules and regula
tions hereinafter laid down. No per
son, or poisons, firm, company or
corporation, shall, either as indepen
dent contractors or otherwise, whe
ther paid by tho day or hy tho Job,
or umler any other circumstances
whatever, lay, alter or repair any
house drain, sower or plumbing
work, or mako any connections what
ever with any drain, sewer or plumb
ing work, or make any connections
whatever with any drain or sewer be
longing to tho sanitary sewer sys
tem, or do any work connected with
tho laying of house or additions or
alterations ot any drain, sewer or
plumbing connected with tho sani
tary sewer sysioin linloss regularly
licensed by the City Council.
Sec. :{.-Hoard of Plumbing Exam
Inors. - There shall be a Board of
Plumbing Examiners for said city,
consisting of tho Com missioners of
Public Works.
Sec. L-.Plumbing Inspector.
There shall bo elected by tho City
Council, in ibo same manner as other
city ollldals aro eloctod, a Plumbing
Inspector, and an assistant if neces
sary. Said inspector's or Inspec
tors' duties shall bo to SCO thal
all tho rules and regulations touch?
lng sanitary plumbing In said city
are faithfully and diligently obsorved
and executed.
See. r,-Petition for License-Any
person or persons, linn, company or
corporation desiring lo do business
ns u plumber In connection willi tho
sewer system shall file in tho ellice
of City Clerk and Treasurer n peti
tion givlnn tho nunc and placo of
business ol' the individual, company,
firm or corporation, and if a firm or
company, Ibo respectivo names of the
members (hereof, and asking lo bo
licensed as a plumber. Said petition
mus! bo signed by two responsible
citizens of tho city of Walhalla,
vouching for tho business capacity
and reputation of tho applicant, and
that ho ls a resident of Ibo city, a
master of his trade, a nd ' willing to ho
governed in all respects by Ibo rules
and regulations which are. or may
be, adopted hy Council for Ibo pro
tection Of said sewers and ol* tho
health of tho public. Ka cb nppilea il
for license sholl ox?enlo and depo i'
in the olhco of tho City Clerk and
Treasure with his application a good
r.nd^Huillcioni bond of Indemnity, in
such sum (nol loss (han one thous
and dollars), as may ho required by
iii?' Pinnace Committee of Council,
and stthjeni to (ho following condl
Hons, lo-wit: Thal whoro he shall
make ft ny bolo, excavation or iiltora
tlon of any ROH In any street, lane,
alley, sidewalk, pnrk or square, or
other public placet \s;!'.:n tho city
limits, he will properly ?ill such bole
or excavation, and will restore or re
place ibo sidewalk, curbstone, pav
ot, or ? t h or surf.: ce of such : t ree'
lane, alley, park, sidewalk, square or
cthoi public place In as good cndlHon
as liefere slick WOl'lt WOS (IOHO, and
will koop and maintain such side
walk, curbstone, paving or o'her sur
face In good order for Hie period of
ono year after the completion of such
work, lo 111 .. satisfaction of (bo City
Engineer; and, further, thal ho will
repay lo Ibo city any sums which it
may be conipollod i<> pay for d:vm<
ages to perse br ? i <. ?-..?>? by iv nsnv
of fifty t.'.^cay tim . * rib Hons d
or on any of Hie rei .;. lanes, alleys,
parks, sidewalks, squares, or oilier
public places in said city by reason
of tiny act. defnull or neglect on tho
part of such nppllenni or of nny per
son or persons, firm, company or cor
poration, win thor an Independent
contractor or non, who shall do any
work for such applicant under such
permit, or of nny agents or any bf
such parties, or hy reason of any act
whatsoever done ur RU ff en d by any of
Plumbing Law
.Clerk and Treasurer.
such partio?; und, further, that ho
will pay all flubs and penalties lui
pi tod upon bini for any violation of
any city ordinance or any rule'or reg
ulation of the city, or bf any of its
authorized olllcc.i-j or agonis during
thc validity of such permit. No license
shall bo grunted foV moro than one
your. Such bond shall lie signed by J
t\Mi or more good and sufficient resi
dent sureties, lo bo approved by tho
Finance Committee of Council, who
shall lui YO the righi tit any time to
require the execution of a new bond
or tho substitution or addition of
now or other surolics therefor or
Hi?rete. Every license granted here
under shall expire on the firs', day of
[January next following the ls?ufence
?E such license. RoiAoval of ros tlenco
rom ibo city shall ucl ns a forfeiture
f license, and any license grantod
hereunder may nt any lime >c ro
vokod bj tho City Council al its
I pleasure. Upon the tiling au ! ap*
proval of Hie bond hereinabove pre
scribed, the City Clerk and Treasurer
I shall issue to such plumber ? receipt
showing that he h ts complied with
I tho provisions of ibis Section. A list
; of '.he registered plumbers shall be
published al leasl once in each year,
'and it shall he the duty of any plum
ber Changing bis plai e of business lo
give prompt notice of such change to
said City Clerk and Treasurer.
Sec. (?.-Application for Permit to
Lay Pip." in Streets.-Any person or
firm, company or corporation desir
ing lt? Ve/ pipes for water, gas or
steam, or for any o Ul or purpose in or
across any street, lane or alley upon
or across which a sewer is laid shall
ina ko and file with the Plumbing In
spector an application , in writing,
for permission to lay auch pipes. Said
application shall state fully the na
ture and extent ot tho work io be
done and depth of the proposed exca
vation therefor, and shall contain
such further information as may be
required by such Plumbing Inspee
( or/
Sec. 7.-Owner to Make Applica
tion tt> Connect with Sewer.- Appli
cations for permits to connect with
Ibo sewer system, or to do any
plumbing work lt) bo connected
therewith, must be mudo In writing
by tho owner of the property or his
authorized agent. Every such appli
cation shall give the exact location
of the property, the name of tho
owner, and the mimes of tho persons
employed lo do I ho work, and shall
be made on a blank it) ho furnished
by the Plumbing inspector for that
purpose. No permit shall be deemed
it) authorize anything not slated in
the application, and if there bo any
misrepresentation in such applica
tion the Plumbing inspector is here
by authorized to suspend such plum
ber from further proceeding under
I his license, for snell periods ns ibo
Plumbing Inspector may deem pro
; per, in,; exceeding thirty days for
each offense. ISach inisroproscn ta
llon of an nUegod fact shall consti
lule a seiiav.-.ie offense under tho
terms of'this Section. If such mls
II opresentation appears to lie wilful,
tho Plumbing Inspector is hereby au
thorized to revoke thc license of
such pin m lier. Permits to connect
Ibo sower system will ho issued only
when iho plumbing to he connected
ls in accordance with tho rules for
plumbing hereinafter prescribed, mid
?has been inspected by ihe numbing
Inspector, orin case of now buildings
when a proper plan for tho plumbing
has 'ieee approved by such Plumb
ling inspoclor. Thc Plumbing Inspoc
'tor sha 1 i. on retint si. designate, free
of charge, tho position of each Y
I branch in tho s tren ts ns shown by tho
'records lu his oHJco, All connections
! made with the sanitary sowers or
I drains, and nil plumbing connections
therewith, shall bo ?nade under tho
direction ol' ih.' Plumbing inspector,
sec. H.- Plan ol' Work it: be Piled,
liefere a perm?t will bo issued for
? doing phi nibing wi !< in any build
ing, or before any tl?lt?ons (except
ing necessary repairs, aol involving
; ny cha ige in style of fixtures or In
j i Jin sysioip of soworage, ilrsviringo or
I ventilai iou ) nie mud? to any plumh
call for on Hi Tablet, (a vegetable
aperient) to tone and strengthen
tho regans of digestion and elimi
nation. Improves Appetite, Kellevee
I Oct a Vsodfir over
Your ?r+SZtoV*-** * .**
Chips off The Old Block
rf? JUNIORS-Little W?
OIK -third tho regular tloso. Made
of samo ingredients, then candy
coatetl. For children and adults.
';. v \ H HUG CO.,
Walhalla, s. C.
lng already existing, n plan and de
scription of the work to be done,
signed hy ft licensed plumber on a
blank to be furnished by the Plumb
ing Inspector for that purpose, shall
bc filed with such Plumbing Inspec
tor, and pi? work shall be commenced
until such plan shall havo been ap
proved: by such Plumbing Inspector.
Kvery plan shall contain a Clear and
tull description of tho plunging,
showing the position, size, kind and
weight of all pipes and tho position
and kind of pipes, closets and ether
fixtures, and the work <bme under
those plans shall be subject to the
inspection of the Plumbing Inspec
tor, and no alterations shall be made
In any plan or in tlie work .wi!bout
special permit, in writing, from him.
The terms and conditions stated in
all permits shall be strictly complied
with, and the work shall bo done by'
tho plumber in whose name the per
mit is given or by one of his em
ployees, All new and reconstructed
plumbing work shall bc subjected to
a hydraulic test. v
Soc. ?,-Owners Must Connect Sep
arately.-Owners of property abut
ting on any street, lane or alley
through which a sewer runs, and de
siring to connect with the sewer,
must connect each house separately
with the sewer, except whore tho
Plumbing Inspector may give a writ
ten permit to connect with such other
point as ho may designate. Where
any person or persons desire to con
nect, a house located on a street, lane
or alley mu provided willi a sewer,
they may construe) a privato sewer
through pr?vate- property after ob
taining the written consent, of the.
'owner thereof, or his agent, and a
written permit from tho Plumbing
Inspector authorizing the jp?pfistruc
tion of such private property. Before
granting such permit, tho Plumbing
! Inspector shall renn ire a ?orree?
plan <". plans >>." the proposed private
sewer to be iib cl in his oHlce. and
such plan or plans shall be-subject
io his approval. Thc v '. ?>, toll
private sewer s'.::>il bo don!?
cordanco with the spec. > 'or. re
scribed for public sewe: \d -ho
satisfac?an of such 1 ? nb::. In
spect or.
See. IO.-Unclean Private er.
'-The Plumbing Inspector sh?l -v?
. the flower to discontint'' tho > of
and prevent from disc M ',!?).. ..ito
, tho sewerage system any ) ito
sower or drain through viii-:: ib
! stances are discharged which ? la
bio to injure the sewe' or o' "let
?the (low of sewage. Before a <>ld
Iprivate drain shall be connecte Uh
tho sewerage system, thc ow of
J tho private drain or, ; -wei .all
! prove to the Plumbing Inspect bat
1 it is clean and conform! in ?\ re
spect to these rules ami r?g?t)' us.
Soe. fl.- Plumbing lusp". . to
Inspect Houses Being Ilepalr$l rho
Plumbing Inspector sha' tis o :< as
may be necessary, Inspect ali uses
in tho course of erection or ?pair
and shall see thal t 1 dr. sc
ph ' :. . -.?r W< i ': thj Is
j dom iii accordance W.Ii.< .. o.vls
j WK-* bf this Oh ipte^ NV Mnj?i drain.
: so waste sud vein pipes tafe placed
I lr tee biiiidlnt . tlifts sholl /ia loft un
covered and oohveplonj for examine
lion until inspected, and the plumboi
shall immediately report the same tc
the olhce of the Plumbing Inspectoi
for inspection. When tho fixture:
are placed in position and the worl
ls completed, the plumber shall re
poTt the same to said office for liv
spec! I on. It shall be tho duty of th?
Plumbing inspecter to inspect an?
pass upon all work within twenty
four houi'.s after receiving such writ
ten notice from ibo plumber. Tin
Plumbing Inspector shall apply th?
other peppermint, water or smoke
test; and the plumber shall suppl:
tho nocessary tools, material and as
r.istants for such test. Thc pluinboi
shall condemn and order Ibo remo
val ol' all defective material and o
all work which has not been done ii
ii first-class, workman-like manner
The plumber shall remove any defoe
five material and work when or
dered hy tho Plumbing Inspector S?
to do. and shall remedy or repine?
the same to the satlsfacion of sucl
Plumbing Inspector, t'pon the com
piotlon of the work th(> pl um bei
shall file in the ollicc of tho Plumb
ing Inspoct91*, on a ola uk to bc fur
nislied hy such Plumbing (aspecto
for that purpose, a complote and cor
rec. statement of th3 v. erk lone un
der h's permit. Upon ! complete i'1
spec!??ni ol' any work winch is foune
in ad respects sntisfa? tory, it shal
be ibo duly of such Plumbing In
- pe. tor to grant a ceri ideate of ap
Sec. 1 'j. -- When Connection will
Sowei1 May !>?. Undo.- -No tonnectloi
shall bo made with anj city sewe
excopi by ri properly ?rn horizon
plunibor, furnished with a penni
from ?ho Plumbing Inspector, am
under his supervision. Thc hons?
sewer or din shal 11 sq tha
il will meet t he public . 0 .. . nt th<
position of a Y branch, .- lo a tod h.
such Plumbing ii pector. ; e mate
rial thrown from every trench shal
bo placed so as not to ol 1 net fro
travel along or across - street
l? ne, ailee, square ot Ik mor
than shall be nocessary, ami ~o ;
?anse the least possible conven
?euee to tho public, pre;?..; barrier
and lights must bo ?ned 01
tho hanks of thc I renell io i/uard ttl*
public aga hist accident - .'..ring lin
progress of ibo work. I" li ck-nling
tho earth shall bo careful)) ramnioi
or flooded so as to kee]) : pipe li
proper position and avoid .settling
and no stone Khali bo used in fllllni
until at least two f?*ot of li; earth o
sand has been placed ove. pine
Kyei v connect I 01 with ti 1* c sowe
dial! :?e m io willi a on #htti I
ch a i h e Y, an ' ch pip*
. hall ex!> : : from this la tul to 1
point willi Hie property lino, Sucl
(.theil pipe shall bo buried at leas
tWO and one-flalf fool below the sur
faro, cen ming from the lop of tin
pipe, ex epi within yards whore thor
ls no do t radie, and in sucl
c: ses i' hal] bo buried ni least on
. nd ' ne half feet below Ibo sit rf ac?
. OU n Hg ? rom t ho top Of tho pipe.
li reducers or In croa sors are used
they ii.hst all bO placed insido th
Mechanical perfe
struct?on' assures ii
a greater r?alisa
can bc obtained f
regardless of price
Without qualif?ca
finest automobile
tailing skill can de
Piedmont 1
property line. The house sewer, from
n point three feet outside of the
house to the stroet sewer, shall be of
first quality salt-glazed vitrified terra
cotta sewer pipe, well glazed over the
entire inner and outer surfaces, per
fectly burned, free from (laws, cracks
and splits, and perfectly straight and
true Where such pine ls laid less
than two feet below the stir face,
counting from the top of the pipe,
?ir where roots of trees or other ob
structions render the laying of terra
cottti pipe Imp oil calilo, cast or
wrought ii e pip -ball bo laid. The
Plumbing inspector shall decide in
what c roil . e shall be laid,
Ina ead torra i . a ?pipe. Sub-soil
drains, where needed, shall bo
made of earthenware pipe. In
laying terra cotta pipes, the
spaco between the hub and pipe;
shall be tilled with tho bes?
cement and clean sand, thoroughly
mixed dry, with enough water siih
sequently added to give the proper
consistency. Tho mortar must lu;
mixed in small quantities at a time
and used as soon as mixed. The
joints must be carefully wiped and
joined. All mortar that may be left
inside the pipe or joints must bo
thoroughly cleaned out with a swab.
Xo tempered np cement shall be
used. When necessary to.use a spirit
lovel on each len: tb of pipo there
shall bo a gauge sri on the loved.
See. lit. - Method nf Connecting
with Sewer.-The cover of the Y
branch on the sower shall be care
fully removed so as not to injure tho
socket. The first length of pipe con
nected with tho Y branch shall bo
set so as to give a good fall into tho
sower. The pipe shall bc laid on
even grades of not less than one
fourth of an inch to the foot unless
by special permission of tho Plumb
ing Inspector, in which case provis
ion must be made for regular and
efficient (lushing. Curved pipes shall
bo used for every deflection from a
straight line of moro than four inches
in iwo feet. Tho joints of earthen
ware pipes shall ho made with tho
proper j.cket and pure cement of
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I first quality. The joints of iron pipes
I shall be of oakum and lead if .cast
! iron is used, or screwed joints with
j white lead if wrought iron bo used.
The ends of nil private' sewers not
?immediately connected with tho
plumbing fixtures shall bo securely
closed with water-tight, imperisha
ble material. If lead pipe, the end
must be soldered; if wrought Iron
pipe the end must have a pipe se
curely screwed in; if cast iron pipe,
a cast plug must be caulked in with
rod load. Private connections with
f\tho public sewers shall in no case be
smaller than four Inches in diameter.
Cellars must be drained, when possi
ble, by means of suitable and proper
ly laid earthenware tile pipes, and
shall not connnect directly, with drain1
carrying foul sewage, or with a
sower or cesspool. Where possible,
they shall enter the sub-soil drains
In street.
Kee. ll.-.Connections with Soil
Pipo.- No connections sha 11 bo al
lowed with soil pipe except those
made ot lead and brass. All connec
tions made with wrought iron pipe
must bo made with recess fittings.
Traps and fresh air inlets shall bo
placed in sewers when deemed neces
sary by the Plumbing Insp clor,
i Sec. 15.-Waste Pipes.-AU waste
I pipe \systoms shall be as direct as
possible, and shnll havo a proper fall
I toward the sower; all ..connections
: made to horizontal waste pipes shall
Ibo made with Y branches except
where it is impracticable. Soil pipe
?and stacks of waste pipes shall no
carried to the roof, undiminished in
size, to such height ns. may bo direct
ed by the Plumbing Inspector, and
"no pipe shall be carried to a height
?less than one foot above tito root' of
j tho building and above all openings,
and tho same shall be left open al the
j top. No square bends shall he allow
ed in waste pipes. At. bottom of
j stack, Y and 1-8 bonds shall be used,
ja clean-out shall be placed at tho
I base of every slack, and all horizon
. tal runs of waste pipe shall, where
|_oxposed, have a clean-out at start
ling point and every fifteen (15) foot
i thereafter. No opening will be al
lowed in tho sewer pipo of any build
ing for the purpose of receiving sur
face water or 'ground water from tito
cellar, even if tapped, unless a spe
cial perm i t is granted by the Plumb
ing1 Hoard, which permit may be at
any time revoked, and such connec
tions discontinued and closed up oil
I an order of the said board.
Sor-, lo.- Hoof Cutters Not lo
Drain lu Sewers,.Kain water lead
ers shall not bo connected with or
emptied into house sewers, nor shall
SOU,, waste or vent pipes bo used as
Sec. 17.-All Pipes Inside Build
ing to bo Iron or Lend.-Within all
buildings, and for a distance of threo
feet outside of same, no soil, wasto
or drain pipe, down-shaft or vent
shall be constructed of brick work,
sheet metal or earthenware; but tho
sn.me shall bo constructed of iron or
load, la every caso when a lino of
(Continued on Third Pago.)
j3/a?sde// New
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Kalla. S. C.
In tho District Court of the United ,
States, for Hie Western District of
South Carolina. *
In the Matter of DORA DROWN, of
Seneca, S. C., Bankrupt.-No. li
ll 'J 2- 1N B A NK RU FTC Y.
To tho Creditors of tho Above Named
Rankriipt : -
TAKE NOTICE, That on Sept. 29,
19 'J 12, the above named bankrupt
filed her petition in said Court pray
ing that she may be decreed by tho
Court to haye a full discharge from
all debts provablo against her estate,
except such debts as aro excepted by
law from such discharge, and a hear
ing was thereupon ordered and will
be had upon said petition on NOV.
1, ti)22, before said Court, at Green
ville, in said District, nt ll o'clock
in the forenoon, at which time* and
place fill known creditors and other
persons In Interest may appear and
show cause, if any they have, why
tho prayer of said petition should
not he granted.
I). C. DURHAM, Clerk.
Dated at Greenville, S. C., Sept.
29, Iii22.
Oca. I, 1922. 10-43
? Notice ls hereby given that tho un
dersigned will make application to
V. P. Martin, Judge of Probate, for
Oconee County, in tho State of South
Carolina, at his omeo at Walhalla
Court House, on FRIDAY, the 27th
day of October, 1022, or as soon
thereafter as said application can bo
heard, for leave to make Final Set
tlement of tho Estate of Sallie Keels,
Deceased, and obtain Final Discharge
as Executrix of said Estate.
Oct. 4, 1922. 40-13
The. regular- Teachers' Examina
tion will bo hold at tho Walhalla
Court House on Friday and Satur
day. NO VFM RHR 3d and Uh.s All
teachers desiring to stand tho exam
ination will ploaso bo on hand
promptly at i> o'clock each dav.
Superintendent of Education.
Oct. I. 1 ?.?2 2. 10- Ul
NOTICIO is hereby given, That, hy
resolution of tho Board of Directors
of HetrlOk Ilosiory Mills, Inc., a
meeting of the Stockholders is here
>y called nt the office of R. T. .laynos
.n the 2Sth day of October, 10 2 2, nt
?) A. M., to consider a resolution of
tho Board of Directors thal said cor
noration go into voluntary liquida
tion, and wind up its affairs.
v W. A. HHTRJCK, v
Hoard of Directors.
Sept. 22d, 1922. 39-43
spciper P^als
- Phila. U..S. A,
a?s?SHSH^:a^ ll
o Pencils nt Tho Courier QfOcc,

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