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Cut your S?
costs in
half with
the Fordson ?JLWX
on every acre
with the
the work of
your farm
four to six
with the
Cut your hours
in the field
over half
the Fordson
Give yourself
an 8-hour
you can with
It ta
to i
confidence built on
tion. There are 170
In use-wherever Pt
done Fordson is she
lf you, are not using a
The working ability o
plant is cutting farminj
every kind of work
or from the belt
Ask us for all the7 detc
(Continued from Second Pago.)
sower cannot l>o placed thice feet
from thu building-, iron pipo shall ho
used. Except as to tho buildings
with cellars, tho line of sower shall
bo at least four feet from the outer
lino .of tho building; otherwise, iron
pipe shall bo used. In caso of back
air ventilation, cast iron, galvanized,
wrought iron or lead pipe shall bc
See. ?H.-Connections llctwoon
Iron und Lend-Connections between
iron and lead pipe, shall be made
with brass ferrules, full size of iron
pipe, caulked into Iron pipe with soft
lead and united to ibo load pipe with
wiped Joint. All Joints in cast iron
pipo and Uttings must bc so filled
willi oakum and soft load as to make
a tight Joint, and no putty or rod
lead shall bo used.
Her. ll).-Hepa rut o Traps for Each
Fixture. - Every fixture having a
? waste pipe shall havo a sep?ralo,
suitable, approved trap placed as
near tis possible, except'in tho caso
of wadi trays, when ono trap may
answer for a sot of three compart
ments of such fixtures. These fraps
shall bo protected from tho syphon
nge" or air pressuro by a special air
pipe of si/.o not. less than Hie waSie
pipe. v Air pipos for waler closets,
slop hoppers and grease Ira ps shall
bo of a size not less than two-inch
boro. Throo fixtures with 1 V? -i noli
vents may be used on a two-inch pipe,
but when a two-inch vent ls used,
only ?WO fixtures w'll be allowed on
a two-inch veni p I po of \0 feet in
length or less. Whcro over 20 ffcet
in length, or wlfere moro than tho
above-mentioned fixtures are placed,
tho vent pipe shall not bo loss than
two-inch bore, and six fixtures shall
bo allov/od. without regard to size of
fix turo vents on a Ihroo-tnch vont
pipo. Ono and one-half (1 % ) l?ch
vont pipo of not over 20 foot in
length may be used for two fixtures
of 1 VI inch, -but when the vent pipe
ls longer than twenty (20) foot it
must bo increased one size for every
additional 10 feet in length. Whoro
n I Va-hud! vent pipo is used for ono
fixture, 20 feet will bo allowed; each
elbow will bo considered two feet In
length. Back air pipes shnll bo run
ns direct ns possible, and all branch
vents shall be connected abovo the
overflow of fixtures. They shnll bo
so arranged ns to druin wntor on con
densing and shall oitbor extend in
dopondently through and above Hie
roof of tho houso or bo connected
willi tho ninin soil pi po four foot
abovo the. highest flXttllO in tho build
All- cast Tron pipo shall bo sound,
froo from holes and cracks, and of
tho grado known lo tho trndo as
"Standard." They shall not be light
er thrtn tho following weights per
llnonl foot, viz.:
2-dnch-3 pounds por foot.
This Value
Has Never
kes something besides
ine?ring to furnish a
tor like the Fordson
sell at this1 astonish- ,
y low pripe.
it something ls owner
i permanent satlsfao
',000 Fordson tractors
Dwer Farming is being **
wing superior service.
Fordson now*, start right,
f this remarkable power
* costs in half in almost
done, at the draw bar
lils-call, write or phone?
tor Company,
la, O.
'.Linell-1 V6 pounds per foot.
! 4-lnch-6% pounds per foot .
fi-inches Va pounds, per foot.
. 7-lnoh-26 % pounds per foot.
7-lnch-33 pounds por fooL
10-lnch-14 % pounds* por foot.
12-inch-63% pounds per foot.
When lead pipe is used for waste
pipe it should not be lighter than tho
following weights per lineal foot:
1 Vi-inch-2 Mi pounds per foot.
1%-inch-3 pounds por foot.
2- inch-1 pounds por fool.
3- inch-f> pounds por foot.
4- lnch-8 pounds per foot.
All joints to lead or brass shall bo
wiped with solder. All work must
bo done in a workman-dike manner,
and to the satisfaction of tho Plumb
ing Inspector. ,
See. 20-Waste from Wash Howls.
--In no caso shall the waste from
howls, baths or fixtures bo connocted
?with the .traps of water closets. All
fixtures 'other than water closets
must ho provided with suitable me
tallic strainers, so fastened over tho
outlet of sall fixtures as to prevent
tho clogging of waste pipes by sub
! stances not properly placed therein.
Sec. 21. - Ovorllow Pip?s Not to
?Drain Into Sewers.-Drip or overflow
pipes under water closets or other
fixtures, or from tanks or cisterns,
shall in no ense bo directly connected
with the house sewer. Sediment,
blowoff, steam exhaust pipes from
boilers and tank overflow pipes shall
not bo connected with house sewers.
Sec. 21-Waste Pipes from Ref rig?
orators.-Waste pipes from refriger
ators or other receptacles lu which
provisions are stored shall not bo
connected with house sewers unless
such pipes nro -provided with traps
suitably ventilated, and In every enso
thero shall ho an opon air trap'be
tween traps and refrigerators.
See. 211.-All Water Closets Have
Tanks.-No water closet known ns a
pan. plunger or valve hopper shall
bo used in pluhmbing which may bo
constructed or reconstructed nftor
tho passago of this codo. Those used
shall %bo tho style known as tank
closets, and of approvod patterns.
Sec. 24.-Vent Hal ion for Closets
- Water closets, urinals or slop sinks
must never be placed In unventilated
rooms or compartments. In evory
case tho comparlmont must be open
to tho outer ah* or bo vontllnt.od by
a shaft or air duct having an aroa to
tho air of at least 30 square Inches.
S"c. ii.">.-No Trap lu Maid Drain,
' Bte.-No frosh air inlot or trap or
'any manner of obstruction to tho free
passage of air shall bo placed In tho
'course of the main drain or tho soil
! pipe. The waste from each flxturo
shall be properly trapped as is stated
/ See. 2(1.-Soil Pipo Dun. Full Size
Above Hoof, Rte.-Tho soil pipo sholl
be extended full size above tho roof
of tho main house, and tho opening
. shnll bo nt least two feet abovo tho
roof and 20 feet from any window
.or door of tho building or of nny od
I Joining building. No main soil pipe
shall bo less than four inches in di
Boc. 27.-Wast? Containing Nap
thu, Ete>- No gaB house liquor or
other waste containing riaptha shall
ho connected with tho sanitary sew
Sec. 28.-Pipes to bo Accessible
If practicable, tho drain, sewer, soil
and waste pipes and traps shall be
oxposed to? view for ready inspection,
Cleaning and repairing, and When
necessarily . placed in partitions,
floors, etc., tho covering shall bo re
movable, if possible.
Sec. 20.-Ventilation of Waler
Closets, Etc.-It will not be neces
sary to vontllate water closets when
sujne are locatod outsire of building
lino. Outbuildings intended for ser
vants' quarters, having plumbing fix
tures in same, shall ?be ventilated.
The waste from water closets oub
Bide of main bunding must be four
inch iron pipo, extending 18 inches
outside of enclosure.
Sec. 30.- Soil Pipes.- Soil pipes
from water closets shall in no caso
be less than four Inches In diameter,
and from and after passage of this
code, all waste pipes from any other
fixtures which may be placed shall
not bo less than 1 Vi Inches in diam
Sec. 31. T-Open Cess Pool. - No
open guttor, cess pool or privy vault
shall bo connocted with any sewer
drain. Cellar and cistern overflows
may bo connected with the sower or
drain only when they can bo trapped
In Buch niannor that tho wator seal
cannot bo destroyed.
, Sec. 32.- Injury to Sowers.- No
person shall injure, break or remove
any portion of a manhole, lainp-holo,
flush-tank, catch-basin, or any part
ol tho sewer system, or throw or de
posit, or cause to bo thrown or de
posited, In any sewer or receptacle
connection, with the sejvor system,
any garbage, offal, dead animals,
vegetables, parings, ashes, cinders,
rags or any other matter whatsoever,
except gaeces, urine, the necessary
water closet paper and liquid house
or mill'slops; and hy special permit,
lu writiil?, from the Plumbing In
spector, roof or surface waler may
be deposited therein.
Sec. 33.-Replaced Fixtures Sepa
rately Trapped.-All fixtures replac
ed shall ho separately trapped, tho
traps to be placed as near the fixture
as possible All traps shall bo pro
perly vented; but in ense it is im
possible to vent fixtures In recon
structed work, anti-syphon traps may
bo usc' Provided, That tho main
vent of tiie sories of fixtures is not
less than four inches. Said anti-sy
phon trap should be of such make ns
tho Plumbing Inspector shall ap
.See. 31. - Crease Traps in Sinks,
Etc.-All sinks, butcher shops, lard
rend^oring establishments, hotels, res
taurants, hoarding houses and laun
dries shall be provided with suitable
grease traps. Where grease traps
aro put in same must bo mudo of
cast iron or brass or water jacketed
and connected with cold wator sup
ply of building, and must not bo loss
than oight inches high, or twelve
inches In diameter, with two-Inch
pipo and two-Inch vent. All wash
rooms for carriages shall bo provided
with proper means for intercepting
mud. '
See 33.-Material mid Work Must
bo (iood, Etc.-All material must bo
of good quality and freo from de
fects. Tho work must bo executed in
a thorough and workmanlike man
ner. From a point three feet outside
the foundation walls of building no
materials shall bo used within tho
building and connecting with the
sower for soil, waste or vont pipes
othor than wrought galvanized iron,
or cast iron pipes, with securely
loaded joints, or ??ead pipes with sol
dered or wiped joints. Cement or
putty Joints and tin and sheet iron
pipes, whether galvanized or not,
shall not bo used. No soil or waste
Pimples Quit
Withs. S.S.
Why? Pimple-PoUon Goes When Red?
Blood-Cells Increasel S. S. S.
Build? TheseRed-Blood-Cells. ,
You cnn ho sure of this, nnturo luis no
substituto for red-blood-cclla. Pimplo
polHon can't livo In the rod ?lvora of your
blood as long as there aro enough rich
rcd-blood-cellB in it. Moro rcd-blood-collsl
-ie shame
ofa hlemishedface I
That ls what you need when you seo pim
ples staring at ypu in tho mirror. Hlnek
hended pl in iden aro wo ruo I Kczoinu in
worse yeti You cnn try everything under
tho sun,-you'll find only ono answer,
moro cell-power In your blood 1 Tho tre
mendous results, produced by an inorenao
ill red-blood-cftlls is ono of tho A. JJ. CH
of medical BClnncO. Rod-cells mean
clenr-pure rich blood. They menu clear,
raddy, lovahlo complexions. They mean
nervo power, beeaiiHO nil your nerven uro
fed by your blood. They moan freedom
forever from pimples, from tho blackhead
pest, from bolls, from eczema and skin
eruption:', from rheumatism Impurities,
from thal tired, exhausted, ren-down fool
ing, lled-blood-cells ure tho most, impor
tant thing hi tho world to each of ns.
H. H, H. will build them for you. S. K. M.
lina been known Hinco 1S2IJ, ns ono of tho
greatest biood-buiidem, blood-clean sera
mid Byste'ni Strengtheners ever produced.
H. 8. S. la Bold at nil drug stores In two
filzen. Tho larger slzo bottlo ls tho moro
? (J (2 makes you feel
W? ? ?'ie yourself agaw
pipe shall have a fall of less than one
inch in ten feet.
Seo. 80.-Vertical Stacks, Ere
whon a building does not exceed Ave
stories In bolght, wash baslus may bo
allowed . on a three-Inch ve'rtlcal
stack, two fixtures to each, floor;
?when the building exceeds five stor
ios, four-Inch vertical slack will be
allowed, and in both cases rovontdng
will not be necessary where jlxtuYes
aro not over twenty-four Indies from
Btaok and ent?jp tho same with sani
tary leo and poe traps.
Syphon action and syphon Jet clos
ets not ovor two feet from stack may
nave two-inch vent dispensed with,
provided in both of tho above cases
that no waste from other closets en
ter above same, and that four-incl;
pip? ls carried through roof. Sinks
basins and bath tubs will bo allowed
1 on a four-inch stack whon construct
??ed as nbovo sot out.
In a building less than five stories
in height a 2-inch stack may bo used
for basins, provided, fixtures are
back-vented. Stack to bo increased
to 3 inches, whore vont and waste
line connect, samo to be continued
through roof.
Sec. 37.-Waste Pipes Undoi
Floors.-Waste pipes under floors oi
other inaccessible places- must bc
three-inch if over twenty feet long.
Sec. 38. - Pinns to Inspector foi
Approval, Otherwise No Appeal, lite
-AVhere any plumbing work is done
suuject to provisions ot Plumbing
Ordinance, without a plan having
boon first submitted io Pliynblng In
spector for approval, there shall bc
no appeal from his decision".
Sec. 30.-Flashing.- All. flashiiif
for pipo through roof must bo ol
sheet lead, not lighter than 4 pound!
per square foot in weight.
Sec. 10.-Fixtures on 4-inch Stack
Etc.-Four small fixtures will be al
lowed on a four-inoh vortical staci*
In addition to closet, without rovont
lng, provided samo enter above closoi
opening with P trap, or provided
drum traps aro used, and not ovei
two and one-half feet from staVk
Bath ?ud lavatories may enter loat
bend as-set forth in Section 305 E
Fixtures entering closet bond will b<
included in this number of fixture!
Sec. 11. r- Load W?sto Entorta]
Lead Bend.-Where load waste en
ters load bends of closons, same mus
enter on side as near stack as poss!
bio, and on a Y angle.
Soc. -12. - Pltimhing Inspector it
bo Judgo of Quality of Work, Etc.
The Plumbing Inspector is to be th
judge of the quality, material am
workmanship of all work,, and th
construction of plumbing ordinance
ns to their meaning. Should any dil
ference of opinion ariso, appeal fron
his decision may be made at once, li
writing, io Plumbing Board, statin)
in full the particulars of dispute)
points clearly, and a copy of sam
furnished Plumbing Inspector in4 si
hours; otherwise hts judgment wll
goovrn. The Plumbing Inspector lia
tho inspection of the entire worlt
and tho details fr oin main sower i:
street to the roof joint, arid anythin
tbat ?my have a bearing upon th
successful working and protection o
?1/11 work.
Sec. 43.-All clean-outs must b
tho samo size of pipo they sorvc
must bo accessible, extonding' fror
Y fittings, either straight ahead o
from branch io surface of ground
Find whore they are between groan
and fi .or, they must bo .eightee
Inches frooi pillars, support or walls
or extended through same.
Sec. 44. - Hole*; Cht in Iron o
Other Pipo.-Nodiole will be allowe
cut in any cast Iron, wrought iron o
sewerage connection for any purpos
that cannot be closed by plugs. Who
lt is necessary lo open the pipe, pip
broken to bo removed and a cleai
out placed instead that lt may be a<
cessible for future use.
Sec. 45.-'-SIsson Joint to bo Cse
Where Pipo is Broken Into.-Whc
a part of cast iron or sowerago syi
tem is broken into to obtain openin
for other fixtures, or for any purpos
and both ends are permanently fa
teaed, a sissin or equally insertlb
joint shall tie used as directed by tl
Plumbing Inspector.
Sec. 40.- Special Permit from Ii
spector. - In making alterations ?
installing additional fixtures, if it
found impracticable to comply wli
plumbing ordinance, a special perm
in writing shall be issued by il
Plumbing Inspector, if, in his jud
meat, tho conditions require lt.
Sec. 47.-Continuous Venting..
The. loop, or continuous venting sy
tem to bo followed instead of au
syphon trap whon practicable ai
possible? No branch ls to be made i
side of traps or bends for vent co
nections, horizontal Hues of vol
below top lino of fixtures, to
avoided if possible.
Sec. .J8-Wot, Vents.-Wot vcr
will bo allowed for ro-vonting wat
eins? is by using wasto from basin
I ii l> for same. All bx tu res will be
the same door and not over ilvo ff
from closet. Only ono flxturo will
allowed on wet vent, unless by sj
cial permission of tho Plumbing 1
Sec. -10.- Durham System Abc
Ground, Ktc.-Tho Durham syst?
will bo allowed used above groti
only, and must bo of galvani?
wrought iron pipo of standard thii
noss. All fltlings used must ho
('e ed. All changes in direction
pipo shall bo mado with Y's ono-a
teen th, one-sixth or one-eigl
heals, no moro than three throi
allowed to show after pipe ls screv
Into fittings, and all pipo must
roamed to make smooth boro on
sido. Only sanitary fittings allov
Sec. BO.-Old Sewer Tdncs on I
Etc.-Whcro . either an old or i
building upon a lot which has
older sower or torra cotta pipo w
In t li o building linos of any part
tao foundation, said sewor must
replaced with cast iron or rcmo\
No now plumbing allowed to com
with any terra cotta or sower un
botijo, directly or Indirectly.
soc. 51.-Sower Idno Near Wei
No torr? cotta pipo or oarthonw
pipo shall be run nearer than
(Continued on Sixth Pago.)
To be Held at tho Wolf Stake Rapt 1st |
Church Oct. 28th and 21Hh,
Following is tlie program of the
Sunday School Convention of Beaver
dnm Baptist Association to be hold
at Wolf Stake Baptist church Satur-j
day and Sunday, Oct. 28 and 29:
10 a. m.-Oponlng exorcise, Illus
trating opening of Sunday school, by
C. F. Hotrlek, ' j x
10.20-Roll-call of churches.
10.50-A dress, "Essential Facts
in a Successful Superintendent." By
Dr. W. A. Strickland and State work
i 1.20 -Discussion: "Sunday
School Problems." Led by Supt. J. P.
Coates and State worker.
12 m.-"A Successful Homo De
partment." By Rev. Geo. E. Smith.
1.30 p. m.-Devotional service, by
Rev. J. Fred Fowler.
I. 4 5-Report of associational
workers, beginning with cradle roll.
2.30-"How to Have a Successful
Teachers' Meeting." By Rev. J. E.
Freeman and Rev. W. F. Sinclair.
3.00-"Tho Sunday School Teach
er's Library." By Rev. J. W. Willis.
Sunday. .
10 a. m.-Praiso service, lod by
Rev. M. J. Stansoll.
10.15-"The Teacher Before tho
Class." Rev. L. II. Raines and Rev.
J. E. Willis.
10.45-Discussion; "Tho Standard
of Excellence" Rev. L. W. Langston.
II. 00 - "Saving Souls tho Su
premo End of tho Sunday School."
Rov. L. M. iLyda, Rev. R. F. Jones,
and Stnto worker.
ira E. D. Andrews, Chairman.
K. W. Marett, Socretary.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
The purified and refined!
calomel tablets that are free
from nausea and danger.
No salts necessary, as
Calotabs act like calomel
and salts combined. De
mand the genuin? in 10c
and 35c packages, bearing
above trade-mark.
.Small Drop in Living Cost.
Washington, Oct. 19. - Retail
prices for food for. tho average fam
ily during Septemher were approxi
mately ono per cent lower than dur
ing August, the Department of Labor
reported to-day. Tho conclusion was
based on reports gathered at retail
markets In 51 important cities, rep
resenting nearly all sections of tho
United States.
During the year, since September,
1921, tho decrease In retail food
prices has amounted to nine per cent,
but since Septomher, 1913, there has
been an Increase of 36 or cont.
An ugly cut ?
kis antiseptic and
Barnyard Roosters Barred.
Washington, Oct. 20.-Tho old
barnyard rooster cannot travol by
United Stales mall, but tho day-old
chicks, according Post?nico Depart
ment announcement to-day, stilP may
bo shipped from placo to place, pro
vided ?heir journey can bo complet
ed within 72 hours. Moreover, these
(hicks may bo insured against loss,
bul not against death.
Harmless live animals, rated ns in
offensive and not inquiring food or
water in transit go by mall. Live alli
gators up to 2 0 inches in longth will
bo handled.
A good friend stand*) by you wben
in need. Walhalla paeple toll how
Donn's Kidney Pili? hive stood tho
test. W. S. Gruid, blacksmith of
Spring St., endorsed Dean's many
years ago and again confirms th?
etory. Could you ask for more con
vincing testimony?
"I hurt my' hack many years ago
and since theil 1 have bern troubled
with kidney complaint," says Mr.
Grahl. "When I havo ono of these at
tacks, severe pains shoot through my
kidneys and my kidneys do not net
as they should. I have dizzy spoils
and severe pains in tho back of nij
: hcatf. I used Donn's'Kidney Pills
whenever fin' attack cnn,0 on and
they have never tailed to quickly re
lieve me. i M?nk Donn's aro a won
derful v-ic.ro." (Statement given
Doc. 17, un i.)
On April 9, 1918, Mr. Grahl said.
"I am glad 'of another opportunity
to say T good word for Dean's Kid
ney Pills for I believe they have af
fected a euro lu my caso."
60c. FA all idealers Fostor-Mllburn
Co., MLs., Buffalo, N. Y.
\"V; ? . V ?' '.
Now smoked
by a million
mm who love
a superior
15 for 10c
Marriage Wednesday, Oct. 25-Wits
of Local Nows Picked Up.
Seneca, Oct. 17.-(Rocoivod Oct.
1 f)th, pi vd.)-Spocial: Mrs. J. L.
Marett, Misses Sheridan, and Avrett
wore among tho number of Sonoca
itos who went to Groonvillo, to soe
Ibo mystery play, "Tho Bat,* Tues
day. ?
Misses Jessie Lawrence, Wyatt and
Griffin, teachers, spout tho week-end
in Greenville, Easley and Williams
ton, repsoctlvoly.
Tho Junior Missionary Society of
the Methodist church gave a" most
Impressive Rollo Bennett memorial
service Sunday afternoon. Mrs. H. B.
Hardy ls tho olllciont leader of this
Junior mission bnnd, and much crodlt
ls duo 'her in tho successful manner
In which the memorial program was
Miss Donovan Dillard, a Winthrop
fresh limn, has won tho distinction
of being one of tho two freshmen
who were admitted as members of
tho college orchestra. Hor paroo ts,
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Dillard, aro re
ceiving congratulations over tho hon
or conferred on their daughter.
Rev. I. E. Wallace and Layman W.
P. Reid aro representing tho Presby
terian Ah ur ch of Seneca at Pied
mont Presbytery, which is being hold
at I lonou Path.
'Helen Knox, tho little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Stiles Knox, has relum
ed to Cedar Springs Institute to en
ter upon hor second year at Ibis State
Tho social calendar of tho past
week was brought to a close Friday
evening in a most happy manner,
when Mr. and Mrs. William Lowery
Austin entertained a largo number
of guests at their homo as an atten
tion to Mr. and Mrs. J?rn Lowery,
whoso marriage occurred at Shelby,
N. C., ? few days provlous. Tho out
standing fenture of tho evening was
a kitchen shower for tho bride,which .
consisted of all sorts, shapes 'and
sizes of those things that the house
keeper needs to complete the furnish
ings of her kitchen. An express wa
gon, literally groaning with tho
wolght, was drawn by Elizabeth Low
ory, small sister of tho groom, and
presented to tho guest of honor. Lalo
In tho evening tempting refreshments
wore served.
An approaching mnrriago which ls
enlisting the warm interest of Sen
eca and other sections of the Stato
ls that of Miss Louise Dendy, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Dendy,
whoso marriage to Rov. Ernest Low
ery Barber will bo solemnized in tho
Presbyterian church next Wednes
day evening nt 9 o'clock. Owing to
tho popularity of tho brido a num
ber of pre-nuptial attentions will be
shown her. Rov. Barber is pastor of
n Presbyterian church in ono of Geor
gia's progressive, towns and has madov
scores of friends lin Seneca upon his
previous visits boro.
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms havo on un
healthy color, which indicates poor blood, nnd as a
rule, there is moro or 1 ess stomach disturbance.
larly for two or thrco weeks will enrich tho blood,
improvotliotllgcstlon,and netas ngoncrnlStroni?th
cnlnfl Tonic to the wholo system. Noturo will then
throw off or dispel the worms, and thoChlld wlllbo
to perfect health. Pleasant to take. 603 per bottle.
Oconco Teachers' Association.
Tho Oconco County Teachers' As
sociation will hold its first regular
meeting of tho scholastic year 1922
2,'l on Oct. 28th at 10.30 a. m. In tho
auditorium of tho Walhalla High
School. This mooting will bo of vital
Interest to overy teacher and trasteo
in Oconeo county.
Plans for tho school year will bo
discussed and study conter classes
will bo organized. An Interesting
program of talks and entertainment
features lias been planned.
Teachers, le'*s mako Oct. 28 a big
Rally Day for , ho teachers of Oconoo
county? h, C. Spoares.
Child Under. Train Uninjured.
Morrison, 111., Oct. 18.-Bornico
Witt, fi yours old, of Pulton, 111., was
run over by a Chicago and North
western passover train to-day, hut
a ( tended school i s usual. Tho llttlo
girl was on hoi way to school when
sho fell in front of tho train, tho en
gine nnd five cars passing over hor.
Tho trainmen pulled her out from
under tho trucks of tho last car and
found that sho was uninjured. Sho
did not cry, but hurried away to her

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