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To .
State of South Carolina,
County of Oconoe.
William T. Edwards and Julius C.
Edwards, as Executors of tho Last
Will and Testament of Lafayette
Asbury Edwards, Plaintiffs,
John A. Edwards ot al., Defendants.
PURSUANT to Decree of tho Court
of Probato, in tho abovo entitled ac
tion, 1 will offer for salo, to tho high
est bidder, in frowt of tho Court
House door, at Walhalla, S. C., on
MONDAY, tho* 6th day of NOVEM
E%UR, 1922, between tho logal hours
of sale, tho following described real
estate, to-wlt:
(1.) All those two certain lots of
land, situate, lying and hoing in tho
Town of Seneca, County of Oconoe,
Stnto of South Carolina, and known
In tho plan of said town as Lots Nos.
55 and 56, oach fronting 109 feet on
North First Street, and bounded on
tho cast by Lot No. 6<i and on the
wost by Pino Street, and being tho
samo lots convoyed to L. A. Edwards
by E. C. Doyle by doed bearing dato
tho 24th day of October, 190S, and
rocordod in Clerk's Olllco, Oconoo
County, S. C., on tho 29th day of
Juno, 19 09, in Dook KK, pago 10.
(2.) Also, all that certain ploco,
parcel or lot of land situate, lying
and hoing in tho Town of Soneca,
County of Oconeo, Stato of South Car
olina, and hoing all that part of Lot
No. 54 in said town, described as fol
lows: Heginning at tho corner where
hots Nos. 54 and 55 adjoin on south
side of North First Street, and run
ning oust 100 foot along the north
line of Lot No. 54; thence south 209
fbet to back lino of Lot No. 54;
thenco wost 100 feet, to tho corner of
Lot No. 55; thenco north along tho
line of Lot No. 55 lo tho beginning
corner, and being tho samo lot of
land convoyed to L. A. Edwards by
Mi's. R. H. Alexandor by dood bear
ing dato tho 4 th day of Juno, 19 08,
and roco'rded in Clerk's Offlco, Oconoo
County, S. C., on tho 29th day of
March, 1909, In Dook JJ, pago 270.
(3.) Also, all that pieco, parcel or
lot of land situato, lying and being
In tho Town of Sonoca, County of
Oconeo, Stato of South Car .Ina, ad
joining Lots Nos. 55 and 56, and ho
ing a strip on south-side of said lot,
and adjoining tho Southern Railroad
right-of-way, and hoing tho samo lot
convoyed to L. A. Edwards hy E. C.
Doylo by dood bearing dato tho 10th
day of .lune, 1909, rocordod In
Clork'? Oillco, Oconeo County, S. C.,
on tho 29ifi day of Juno, 1909, in
Book KIC) pago ll*
Tho four sovoral lott, aforesaid ad
Join oach othor, and togolhor c?nstl
tuto tho Edwards rosldonco lot pu
which tho dwelling houso is situato.
(4.) Also, all thoso two c?rtala
pieces, parcels or lots of land situ
ato, lying and being in tho Town of
Seneca, County of Oconee, Stato of
South Carolina, and known ns Lots
Nos. 678 and 679, and fronting north
ip! Loi
?. Ann
f\ppear iii Walha
Ich this Pi
2G and % fe?t each on right-of-way
of Southern Railroad and running
back 100 feet to alley, as shown by
plat of survey made by J. W. Har
per, Surveyor, and hoing tho same
lq,ts conveyed to L. A. Edwards by
A. W. Thompson and others by deed
bearing dato tho 3d day of May,
1900, and recorded In Clerk's Ofnco,
Oconeo County, S. C., on tho 24th
day of May, 1009, in Book GG, pogo
(5.) Also, all that certain piece,
parcel or lot of land situato, lying
and being in the Town of Seneca,
County of Oconee, State of South
Carolina, on tho corner of Pine Street
nnd South Third Street, containing
ouQjelghth of an aero, more or loss,
and being the samo lot conveyed to
L. A. Edwards by G. G. Scott by deed
bearing dato tho 30th day of Novem
ber, 1915, and recorded in Clerk's
Office, Oconeo County, S. C., on tho
7th day of December, 1915, In Book
VV, page 97.
(6.) Also, all that certain piece,
parcel or lot of land situate, lying
and being in tho Codnty of Oconee,
Stato of South Carolina, near tho
western corporate limit of tho Town
of Seneca, adjoining lots of Miss Suo
L. Gignilllat on the oast, A. C. Bruce
on tho south, Mrs. R. P. Cochran on
tho west,, and Southern Railroad
right-of-way on tho north, containing
two acres, moro or less, and being
tho samo lot convoyed to L. A. Ed
wards by G. W. Glgnillint by doed
bearing dato tho 9th day of Septem
ber, J 915, nnd recordod in Clerk's
Ollico, Oconee County, S. C., on tho
10th day of October, 19.15, in Book
VV, pago 33.
Also, tho following described
personalty, to-wit: Ten shares of
tho capital stock of Conneross Light
nnd Power .Company, of the par valuo
of Ono Hundred Dollars per share,
as shown by Cortiflcato No. 20.
TERMS-CASH. Purchaser to pay
extra for stamps.
Judge of Probate, Oconeo Co., S. C.
October 32, 1922. 42-44
Tho Stato of South Carolina,
County of Oconeo.
Tho Union Contral Lifo Insurance
Company, of Cincinnati, Ohio, a
Corporation crea tod by and oxist
iug undor Hie Laws of tho Stato of
Ohio, Plaintiff,
Loonnrd O. Brown, W. J. Schroder,
In his own right and ns Adminis
trator of tho Personal Estate of
Thomas E. Alexander, Deceased;
Ino/. S. Jnynes, Frank C. Aloxan
dor, Fred da A. Youngblood nnd W.
P. Bolick, Dofondnnts.
(Copy Summons for Rollof.-Com
plaint Served,)
To tho Dofondnnts Abovo Named:
You aro hereby snmmonod nnd ro
(ju hod to answer tho Complaint In
this action, which ls horowlth sorvod
upon you, and to sorvo a copy of
your Answer to the said Complaint
on tho subscriber, ot his o?Tice, on tho
Public Square, at Walhalla, South
Carolina, within twenty days after
tho service hereof, exclusive of tho
day of such serv'ce; and if you fail
to answer the Complaint within tho
timo aforesaid, the Plaintiff in this
action will apply to the Court for the
relief demanded in the Complaint.
Dated this tenth day of October, A.
D. 1922. R. T. JA YNES.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
W. J. SCHRODER, (Seal.)
C. C. P
Oct. 18, 1922. ' 42-44
I In accordance with an order of
sale granted by the' Probato Court
for Oconee County, S. C., I will sell,
at public sale, on TUESDAY, Oct; 31,
1922, beginning at ton o'clock a. m.,
at the lato rosidonco of Wilton R.
Earle, Deceased, in Oconeo County,
S. C., tho following property of tho
estate of tho said Wilton R. Earle,
Deceased, to-wit:
17 Mules, 9 Wagons, 1 Huffman
Truck, 1 Fordson Tractor, 1 Disc
Plow, 1- double Disc Harrow, 1 Port
ablo Saw Mill, Engino and Outfit,
Blacksmith Outfit and Tools, Farm
ing Implements, 1 Syrup Evaporator
and Mill, 2 second-hand Maxwell Au
tomobiles, ] Ford Rondstor. 1 second
hand Lexington Touring Car, 1 Type
writer, 1 Adding Machino, Ofllco Fur
niture and Fixtures, Rookcnso and
Rooks, and other miscellaneous arti
Terms: CASH. PrivilcRO reserved
of rojectlng any and all bids.
Administratrix of tho Estate of Wil
ton R. Earle, Deceased,
Rt. No. 1, Townillo, S. C.
Oct. 18, 1922. 42- 13
Teachers and Trustees, Attention!
Remember tho big rally day of tho
teachers and trustees of Oconoo coun
ty on Saturday, Oct. 28th, 192 2, at
ll a. m., in tho Walhalla High
School Auditorium. Tho program
will bo of vital interest to you. Start
your school yoar right by attondlng
this meeting. Lunch furnished by
tho County Board of Education will
bo served at tho Aloxandor Hotel.
Respectfully, L. C. Spoares.
Tbs Quinine That Doos Not Affect the Head
Itecntine ot ltd tonic nnd laxative effect, I.AXA
TIVU UKOMO QUlNINKistiCttei tlmtl ordinary
Quinine mut docs not cause ncrvonsnes nor
rlUKtnK hi hencli Kctnemhcr thc full linnie nnd
look for thc signature of Ii. W. ORO Vit. 30c.
. ? ?
Box Supper by Zion H. S. I. A.
Tho R. S. I. A. of Zion school will
glvo a box suppor and enndy drawing
at the school houso on Friday night,
Oct. 27th, beginning at 7 o'clock.
Tho public ls cordially invited. Tho
proceeds will bo used for tho benoflt
of tho school. Mrs. J. L. Leo, PreB.
Corra McKoo, Secretary.
ty *J* *I* *I* *I* *I* *I* *!' 'I* *I* *I* *I* *I*
fa ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
.|? ?|* ?|? ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
TownvBlo Community Fair. '
A community fair will bo bold at
To'wnvlllo on Friday, Oct. 27th,' aad
the citizens of Oconoe county should
Join with their follow-cltlzons of An
derson county in celebrating this
event. To'wnvlllo, while Just'over tho
line in Anderson county, is a conter
of good farming progross on both
Bides of the lino, and if the fair rep
resents the progressive type of farm
ing that is evident around Townville,
it will ho well worth going milos to
County Fair Ono Week OiY.
Only one week intervenes between
the dates for tho opening of Oconoo's
County Fair at Westminster, on Wed
nesday, Nov. 1st. Men arid women,
boys and girls, all over the county
should bo putting the finishing
touches on their products for exhibit.
Oconoo has soils that aro second to
none in tho State, and a climate par
excellence, and ii !s believed that tho
opening} of tho first county fair tn
our county in many years will bring
evidence of her great natural wealth.
It is tho duty of evei-y ipyal cltizea
of Oconeo io support tho fair whole
heartedly, so that every visitor shall
rem o m her the event with prldo and
Applo Gre,ving Profitable.
On tho recant trip to Cornelia, Ga.,
made by several citizen? of Oconoo,
including Dr. W. R. Craig, D. E.
Good, Sam J. Isboll, J. E. Hopkins,
it was clearly evident that apples of
finest quality can be grown In the
climate and soil that is found hore
in Oconeo county. Heavy crops were
much in evidence around/ Cornella.
One grower there will probably re
ceive Ut current prices for the ap
ples on his 1000 trees about $15,
000', it is estimated. And this is not
a year of big prices. The Consoli
dated Exchange is largely responsi
ble for the successful marketing pf
the great crop around Cornelia, and
is now erecting an immense grading
and packing house at Baldwin, near
Cornelia. Not only do the growers
save in the co-operative grading and
soiling of their fine products, but
they also save in the purchase of all
supplies, such as spray material, ap
ple boxes, etc. lt is probable that
within the near future a' co-operative
association along the same lines will
be formed in Oconeo county for the
benefit of the growers hero. A meet
ing will he called early in November
to consider this matter.
If those who eat the fine applos
grown in Oconeo county could have
been with the writer at Greenwood
recently and visited a dumber of the
fruit stands and grocery stores in
search'Of a decent eating apple, and
failed to find one, they would realizo
that th'fero is great room for tho salo
of first-class eating apples right h?ro
In this Stato. The great Northwest
and Middle West may grow moro ap
plos, but they can never grow them
of tho same excellent quality of those
of our native hills.
Limo Stone Near I,ong Creek.
An old lime kiln was visited re
cently near Long Creek with Messrs.
Raines and Moore for the purpose of
finding out, if possible, whether or
not limo stone of sufficient, quality
could bo mined there io justify the
purchase of a crusher.
One sample that was sent in to
the State chemist at Clemson Col
logo was analyzed, with the follow
ing good results:
Carbonate of lime, 51.26 per cent.
Carbonate of magnesia, 28 per ct.
Silica and insoluble matter, 13.20
per cent. *
Should considerable more rock of
the same character be found, lt is
probable that a lime crusher will be
established there. . Other old limo
kilns are reported near Tamasseo,
and lt would be a great benefit to
tho growers of clovers and legumes,
as well ns grains, in tho mountain
bottoms If limo stone of good qual
ity could be ground nonr tho farms.
plant Breeding Work.
Considerable plant breeding work
has been done during the season now
about to close on tho farms of the
Marett Seed Company, of this county.
J. L. Carberry, plant breeding spe
cialist, of Clemson, has rendered
much assistance in this work, and
rosults were cloarly in evidence whet)
the farm was recently visited with
Mr. Carberry. Each row came from
a different plant, which was selected
last year in tho field and the seed
saved from it. Seed from only tho
plants which showed the best fruit
ing qualities was saved, and by pay
ing close attention to the rows which
were left now and then ns checks on
the work, a great difference in favor
of the teslod plants could bo noted.
In the Wnnnamaker-Cloveland cot
ton great progress has been made in
eliminating useless vogotntive
branches and breeding moro fruiting
branches instead.
Calcium arsenate dusting is no
doubt partly responsible, for tho in
creased yield noted. Good seed and
good farming methods are other Im
portant factors.
Club Boys Bavo Good Yields.
In all probability Frank Cobb, of
Oak Grove, and Russell Gibson, of
Cross Roads, will mnko other boys
in tho Stato hustle to boat them
growing cotton tfndor boll weevil
Frank has picked from his acre
117."> pounds, and still has large
quantities to pick, while Russell hat.
picked over 1200 pounds and hat
some morn to pick from his nero
Those 'eros win bo moasurod by dis
interested parties and the weight*
also certified to. Roth intend bring*
lng a bale to the County Fair for ex
hlbltion. A picture of oach boy lr
bis cotton patch will also bo on ox
hlbitlon at tho County Fair, Nov. 1st
Look for them at tho fair. Both used
the Cleveland Big Boll variety.
Geo, U. Briggs, County Agont.
New Low Price
; F.O.B. Delivered
TOURING, Plain.$208.00
TOURING, Starter. 308.00 438.02
TOURING, Starter and 1). R. 803.00 404.02
ROADSTER, Plain . 209.00 835,90
ROADSTER, Startor. 330.00 408.70
ROADSTER, Starter ami 1>. R. 804.00 484.70
CHASSIS, Plain. 235.00 200.84
CHASSLS, Starter. 305.00 308.52
CHASSIS, Starter n?d I). R. 830.00 304.12
COUPE. 580.00 007.40
SEDAN. 505.00 075.00
FORDSON TRACTOR. 305.00 435.43
Piedmont, Motor Co.,
Phono No. 34. Phono No. 41.,
Authorized Dealers for
? . - . '-''<. .. .
I am in thc market for Cotton, Will pay thc highest price
and will appreciate your business. See me before selling,
D . B . ?3A RB Y,
-Office in The Enterprise Bank.
Gold Weather
Is Here.
-1- \
Our stocks of Air Tight Hot Blast Heaters for
wood and coal and Box Heaters are complete.
Come in and get your requirement for the
winter while our stock is complete.
Plenty of Cement on Hand
Just received a car of Galvanized Roofing, Nails
and Building Material. You will always find our
prices as reasonable as good business methods
will permit.
Whitmire-Marett Hdw. Go.
(Phonp No. 80.) (Phone No. ll.)
Tho Richland School.
Tho Richland Graded School will
open tho 1022-23 7-months term at
?ho academy on Friday next, Oot. 27,
at 9 o'clock a. m., with Mrs. Haydon
Coe aa principal and Madams Gilmor
Hubbard and J. Paul Armstrong as
assistant teachers. Some attractive
improvements have boen mndo in the
( lass rooms for tho school term. Tho
compulsory attendance will begin
with 'ho opening day. Dr. Ira E. D.
Androws. pastor of tho Westminster
Baptist church, will conduct tho de
votional exercises and deliver the
opening address., All pupils, patrons
and friends of our school aro cor
dially Invited to attend tho opening
exorcisos. J. P. Stribling,
Chairman Board of Trustoes.
"Cascareis" 10 c
For Sluggish Liver
or Constipated
and a Square Deal
If you want a square
deal come to
Blue Ridge Garage
Clean your bowels! Feel fine!
When you fool sick, dizzy, upsot,
when your hoad is duli or aching, or
your Stomach ls sour or gassy, Just
lake ono or" two Cnscarots to rollovo
constipation. No griping-nlcosi lax
ative-cathartic on earth for grown
, ups and children; 10c. a box. Tasto
like candy.- -adv.
Zion School to Opon Oct. 80.
Zion school will open noxt. Mon
day, Oct. 30. Patrons aro urged to
soe that tho children attend regu
larly. (Signed) J. L. Leo, b. Dunlap,
Thomas Kelley, Trustees.
and Blacksmith, we
guarantee service.
West Union, S. C.
Colored Women Given Certificates.
On Tuosday night, Oct. 17th, nt
Trinity church (colorod) tho class
of midwives and nurses who
hnvo been attonding a series of
ton lectures glvon by tho county
nurse rocoivod certificates. Tho mid
wives woro as follows: Katherine
Singloton Mnragarot Allon, Adalino
Madison, Sylvia Dooley and Frances
Floyd. Tho nurses woro Ella Childs
and Frances Whitner. Tho pledge
was administered and tho certificates
dolivered by Dr. John D. Vorner. The
good singing that followed tho busi
ness program was an interesting fea
ture of the evening's exercises.

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