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(Established 18 IO.)
Entered a!, (ho Postolllco at Wal
halla, S. <'., as Mall Mutter ol tho
Second ('lass, under Act of Congress,
March gd, 1870.
Pilbil :ho : I vory Wednesday Morning
st r.sc KI I' no\ UR ICE:
Ono Vear.$1.00
Six Months . . ..55
Th reo Months. ... . ?0
A der (Irsing Ratos Reasonable
Ry Sleek, Slielor, Hughs ?.Vi Shelor,
Communications of a personal
character charged for as ndvortlsc
monts. obituary natices, cards of
thanks and tributes of respect, either
hy individu?is, lodges or churches or
societies, charged for as for adver
tisements. Cash must accompany tho
manuscrit t, and all such notices will
be marked "Adv." in conformity with
postal requirements.
WEDNESDAY, OCT. .25, \U'2'2.
parts ( oncoming orr's Mea-Lotter
from Portlier Com rude.
Ed lt Ol Koo woe Courier:
I have been requested by l?dward
Gaunt and oilier relatives of my old
eonirado, George s. Bo1!, who died
t!u< last week In August at Pelser,
mid was buried nt White Plains
church, near there, to record some
facts concerning his life.
Comrade George s. Boll was a
member of Capt. J. W. Livingston's
( <?inpany ("A") of Orr's South Caro
lina Ullin Regiment. S. C. Volun
teers. His brother. Andrew Bell, was
also a member of Company A. Ho
died sonni years ago and was buried
at old Bethel Presbyterian church
(?corf ? S. Boll was at one time
(olor bearer of the regiment, was
a gallant, true and tried soldier. Ile
had ono of his thumbs shot off while
waving tito Confederate bullio (lag
on to victory. Tho Bell brothers -
Oeorji . and Andrew -wi re sworn in
to Hie service of ti'?- Confed?ralo
: ..iii ? willi ill pf us. -in i Irr's I e.:i
leonl, on July 2(Hhj I SOI', til Sandy
.'prie".-: Camp Ground, In Anderson
Dht.li t. I'hls historic regiment were,
: -, were all Confederate soldiers, tho
"Defender: of Truth', .lustico, state's.
Righi.^ mid ! in ( unisl i i ut ?on of t ho
Cbnfodor?it? sthien,"
rh? fallowing commanders vfero
killed in battle while in command of
Orr's I'egiuionl: Col. J. Poster Mn'r-j
sh ll, Abbeville; Col. .lames M. Ber- .
rin. Abbeville; Col. I). A. Led bettor, |
Bickens District; Col. Miles M. Nor
ton. IM. ^ ?-ii s ; Col. M. M. Haddon,
The hrigndo of which wo were a
part was composed of Orr's S. C. Ri
des, I3lh s. C. Regiment. I Ith S. C.
Regiment, Isl S. C. Infantry, and
was ll rsl commanded hy Hon. Maxy
Crogg, who was killed al ibo awful
battle of Prodorlcksburg, Va., on tho
I;Uh of December, 18(12. Col. Samuel
MeCowan ? as promoted to brigade
commander to succeed den. Gregg.
Ile was wounded later, ('.en. Abner
Perrin was placed in command. Hu
was loading Ibo brigade in a desper
ate nhargo, and being a West Pointer
and n line horseman, cleared tho
stoae wall, lauding the brigade to
victory. The gallan! Hon. Berrin was,
with his noblo horse, killed in l
fearful charge into death. The enemy
was entirely routed.
Tho next in command was Gen.
lame; Connor. We were some ten or
twolvo miles north of Richmond. In
tho summer of ixe:;. Ho was pro
Clean Child's Bowels with
'"California Fig Syrup"
li., ?
Kven i sick child loves Ibo 1 fruits"
lash ol . ( ' . I .lorn ia 1 ! . Sj rup." 11*
thc V DI ;iii- '.. . d. or if your
Child ss, cross, feverish, full
of cold, or luis colic, a teaspoonful
will ni tor fail to open tho bowels. In
n few hours you can ?oe for yourself
how thoroughly it works ?ill the con?
stipn'.lon po on, sour hilo mid waste
from ?lie louder, 111Ho bowels and
gives you a w.n. playful nh j ld again.
Vfllllona of mothers Ito fi *C?ilifor'?
nia'* ?'tfi .-.?rup" itnituy. '"hey ttbpAv
ll teaspoonful today ...ive. a sick
child to-morrow. ASK your druggist
for genuine 'California Pig Syrup,"
which has directions for babies and
children of all ages printed on bottle.
Motlier] Von must say "California"
or you may get an imitation fig ayr
tip.- adv.
paring to moko a charge on tho on
omy's breastworks. At that limo wo
received a heavy lire from the enemy,
and (?on. Connor's tino horse was
klliod and tho general's log broken
badly. Ile was taken from the battle
field, his leg being Inter amputated.
Col. Langdon Haskell was then
placed in command till Cen. Mcdow
all, who came back, took command.
Ho was with the brigade till ?he sur
render at Appomattox? Va., April
j)th, 18155.
As above stated. I have been ro
fl ll os tod by my friend. Edward Gail Hi
land other friends and old Colnrades,
to pen a Tc"W- lines in sacred memory
cf George s. Holl and his brother.
Andrew Hell, of Co. Ai Orr's S. C.
Hilles. 1 have taken from tho "scrap
book of memory" a brief ontltno of
these noble men and soldier boys
? who wore Hie gray, I can never do
I them justico in a short newspaper ar
ticle. This is only to say that snell
noble soldier boys shall not bo for
I wish to odd, before ? close this
feeble attempt to do these comrades
wlio have passed over tho river, and
Ihose who are yet spared by a merci
ful God, honor and praise, my prayer
and a benediction for all
Almighty Sovereign, God of might,
Who counts the sparrows in their
Look down with love and comfort
Thoso comrades of the "gray who live
And gather here to honor pay -
Beloved ones who wore tho gray.
Oh, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
Strengthen the fragments of that
Who fought for what they deemed
was right.
Leaving a record fair and bright,
Unsullied by dark deeds of sin,
And though they lost, 'twas theirs to
A crown that Will a glory be
To all their loved posterity
Triune of Love and Lifo and Might,
Teach us. O Lord, to do the right,
And let Thy lender love to-day
Rest on those men who v^ore tho
Very truly.
S. K. Dendy, Sr.
Seneca, S. C.
Lotter from old Comrade.
In connection with the above ii
may not be amiss for me to append
a letter received recently from an old
friend and former Carolinian, now a
resident, of Mississippi:
Waynesboro, Miss., Sept. l l.
Capt. S. K. Hendy
Hear Old Friend and Comrade:
Have been thinking for some time
would writo you, and in looking up
your lasi letter io answer 1 lind it is
dnlod May the 5th. How time Hies
since we are getting old!,
I also received, a few days ago.
The Keowoe Courier that gave au ac
count ol' tho fiftieth reun?an of the
old Rides, and was much interested
in reading ol' its proceedings, ll
made me homesick, ana 1 ?wish
that J had been there. 1 counted and
found only eighteen of tho (dd regi
ment, present. Wo have an annual
reunion here, and lhere were only
twenty old Vets here on Aug/3d this
year. All thoso tiro now living in
ibis county. We lia ve a big time ondl
year, with from three to four thou
sand people-present.
, A ni getting along fairly well. My
general health is good and have all
the necessities and comforts of life,
with good children and grandchil
dren, with a host of good friends to
make me welcome to their hospita
ble, homes, but am quito sad and
lonely since losing my companion,
who had traveled with mc for 54
years and had raised a large family
that wo wore so' proud of. Hut am
saying at all times "The will of the
Lord bo done."
I have sold my home and am Jiv
ing with my youngest daughter, but
visit Iheni all, which is a great recre
ation for mo.
1 hoar from brother Jimmie every
week. Ile ls in very poor health,with
ja kind of nervous break-down, lie
?wrote me that is what the doctor
calls it. Am uneasy about him.
I lt is with grtat pleasure ibat I
j sometimes turn my thoughts to tho
past and think of boyhood days, and
think how well | would love to re
turn lo the dear old homo country
i where boyhood days were spent so
happily and see if I could get back
some ol' the romance of.lt all. since
spending so many years of the real
ities of life. I am sure the old swim
ming boles are filled up and would
look less, and thal JiO'htllS would
look flattened, and tho old play
ground and tho fields would look SO
J mindi less, as Others have described
j lo me how they look tow. And I
may-, if I koop in good health ano
ther year, #,o bock lhere and jusi so.
how everything and every one thal I
onie k'now look--although, doubt
less, they aro now few in numbor.
Crops are fairly good in this coun
try. The boll wevil bas not been ?o
Had this year as usual, .nul we hnvi
bad rain io make other crops good.
Will tdose, hoping lo bear front
you soon. Always glad to hear from
you. Love to Oliy inquiring friends.
Truly your friend.
( W. c. Mauldln,
To Stop n Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops tho cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds nm]
Croup is enclosed with every bottle ol
should be rubbed on the ehest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup
Thc healing effect of Ifnycs' Henlini! Honoy In
nido du- diront combined wah thc healing effect o
(.rove's O-l'en-Trato Salvo through tho porca o
thc skin noon stops n cough.
Iii.tit remedien are packed In one enrtoa and thc
cost of tin; combined treatment ia 't?c. .
Just ask y.nr drui'gist for HAYES
"Habe's" Car Skidded Into Tree.
New York, Oct. 19.-Mrs. fl0.1 ,i
Uuth. wife of "Itabo" Ruth, was very
slightly hurl early to-day when hot
husband's racer skidded into a tic'
on Pelham parkway.
Noxt Dose You Toko Moy Salivate
and Start World o? Trouble.
Calomol Is mercury; quicksilver.
It, crashes Into sour, bile like dyna
mite, cramping and sickening you.
Calomel attacks tho bonos and should
never bo put Into your system.
If you fool bilious, headachy, con
stipated and all knocked out, just go
to your druggist and got a bottle of
Dodson's Liver Tono for a few couts,
which is a harmless vegetable sub
stituto for dangerous calomel. Take
a spoonful, and if it doesn't start
your liver and straighten you up
bottor and quickor than nasty calo
mel, and without making you sick,
you Just go back and got your
Don't tako calomol! It makes you
sick tho noxt day; it loses you a day's
work. Dodson's Liver Tone straight
ens you? right up and you feel groat.
No salts necessary. Give it to the
children, because it is perfectly harm
less and cannot salivate.-adv.
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ?J? ty ty
ty "HE IS NOT DEAD." ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
Matthias Richardson Is hot dead.
What we call death is but tho door
way to life. Ho lives; he lives for
evermore,. Ile lives on earth. Ho
lives With his'Elder Brother in glory
- Hite, whom he served on earth. Ah,
..he lives on earth in the persons of
posterity. He lives In hearts made
belter by his example. He lives In
tho countless InlluoncoS his life nnd
Iiis acts started, and which, ?ike ?ho
wavelets made by'thc dropping of a
pebble in tho midst of a lake, go on
and on in ever-widening circles till
at last they shall reach tho very
shores ?f eternity itself.
Matthias Richardson was an in
spiration. Who can measure, save
thc Great Judge of tho Universo
who eau calculate tho good his exam
ple, bis character, his advice, his acts
.-public acts and,.private-have ac
complished and aro to accomplish/?
I never left his presence unedified.
He is not dead. Ho lives in lives
made fuller by his fullness. His pass
ing is but that of a good, a faithful
servant to a higher place ia God's
great, household. Ho ldved bis coun
try. Whatsoever his heart found to
do, that was good, ho did with all
his might.
"Show thou me a man diligent in
business. I ie shuli s"tnnd before
kings." Mai tilias Richardson stands
before tho King of Kings and the
Lord of Lord--, and his life ls a liv
ing message- -a call to all who still
tread the ways of earth, io .11 who
knew him. to servo the blesse*! Jesus
in fervor and in faith, and thus Ul
leave the assurance in tho Itonrts of
kindred and of friends, as in his caso,
that "AU ls well with thy ?pul."
Jesus sa bl unto her, I nth the res
urrection and the lifo: ho that bellev
etll 111 mo. though he weil' deni, yet
shall he live. And whosoever liveth
and beliovetb in Me shall never die.
-St. John. Xl. 2:.-.-'<;.
John Bailey Adgc'r Mllllally.
Eagle's Nest, Pendleton,
Oct. 10th, 1922.
V? lu? He Illustrated Book Sent Free
How thousands of women, by tho etmplo
method of nn eminent physician, have avoided
unnecessary miseries through many months
on-J up to tho moment
Baby has nrrived, is fully
explained In the remnrkablo
book, "Motherhood nn.l tho
Baby." Tells also what to
do boforo nnd niter baby
comes, probable date of
birth, baby rules, etc.. nnd
about "Mother'? Friend."
Used by thrco generation?
of mother*, and nc i I In nil
drug stores everywhere.
"Mother's Friend" U ap
' piled externally, is safe,
freo from nnrcotlcs. per?
mita easier natura: read
justment of muscles and newe? during tx
pectancy nnd ch.i i-Urth. >tnrf ;sing K to
day. Mrs. E. E. Kerger S'.ny'ori. Minn., says >
"It pulled mt through." Sent! tor book to
day, to Bradfield Regulato? Co.. BA-35. At
lanta, Go "Mother's Friend" is ?old ol nu
drug c-Uu-e...
Twelve-Mil." Hiver Association.
Following is the program of tho
union mooting of Tweivo-Mllo River
Association, which will moot with
Boone's Creek church on Saturday
and Sunday, Oct. 28 and 29:
IO lo 10.SO a. m.-Devotional, by
C. i. Murphrco.
10.30 lo 11.15-1st query. What
docs tho church siand for? Dr. J. M.
. Mltcholl.
: l. i."? a. m. lo 12 m. -2d query:
. How should orring church members
, bo restored. Opened by I). Littleton.
Adjourn for dinner.
I lo 1.20 p. m.-.Song .service.
1.30 to 2.1 fi p. m.- 3d query: Our
purl in tho kingdom work. hov. C.
li. Abercrombie.
2.15 to p. m. What has been
rained by the 75 million drive? Rev.
W. M. Walker.
Ku tulay Morning,
Devotional by \Y. YV. l-'endley.
! 10.30 to 1 1.30 a. m. Itoports and
f short talks from ni) tho Sunday
, schools.
; J1.30xa. m.--Sermon by Dr. J. H.
I Mitchell.
[ Sunday afternoon.- Song service.
? All churches pienso semi delegates,
t C#J. Murphro?, Clerk.
VV. M. Ai itchell, Moderator.
I Tho Fairview School*
1 Thc FairvloW school will open Oct.
80th, Compulsory attendance law
' ?o enforcod on Nov. 20. Patrons
wi uso tako nolie, and start all
chi!,lien of school age promptly.
J. Duff McMahon, for Trustoes.
Plies Cured In 6 to 14 Days
' DnifMiMs refund money tf PAZO OINTMENT fallt
' to euro I tchindi Blind, nlecdlpR or ProtrUdinR riles.
' Ir.?tnntly relieves I (elliott Piles, nnd you cnn ?d
-.?M (ul sleep after tho tir st inplication, PrlcoCOC
Greenwood Man Blended Guilty, to
tho Theft of Hoven Autos. *
Greenwood, Oct. 18.-A sentence
of ono year tor stealing seven auto
mobiles was given J. P, Hussey, tho
pr?sident of tho T-T Distributing Co.
of Green wood, in Athens Suporlor
Court late yesterday. Hussey was ar
rested In Athens less* titan three
weeks ago and confessed to tito theft
of the cars. Ho pleaded guilty beforo
Judge Blanton Fortson and was giv
en tho minimum under the Georgia
. law.
! Hussey ls a young married niau of
! prominent Greenwood family and is
?a graduate of Fiirmau University.
I Ho had a reputation for Integrity and
! honesty beforo tho trouble to which
: bo confessed.
j Although ho had confessed to tho
theft of'sovon cars, all of which had
boen recovorod, no ono appeared to
prosecute him when his caso was
.called. Tho weeping wifo, mother
! and father of Hussey hoard Ibo sen
j tonco passod.
? After ho had recolvod his sentonco
i Hussey kissed his wife and mother
?and his aged father grasped him by
j the hand. Dozens of poople crowded
?about him to oxtend their sympathy
; and to assure him of tholr hos?
j wishes for his futuro. These includ
ed some of those from whom he had
stolen autos. Hussoy claimed that ho
? stole his first car, found it easy and
then stole others to obtain money to
I push an invention ho had patented,
! and to "prove to his young wife that
j ho was ma/.lug good."
; CaJarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
! by local applications, as they cannot
; roach tho diseased portion of tho car.
Catnrrhal Deafness requires constitu
tional treatment. HALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE ls a constitutional remedy.
; Catarrhal Deafness ls caused by an In
flamed condition of the mucous lining of
. tho Eustachian Tube. When this tube ts
, Inflamed you hnvo a rumbling suiind or
lin po rf oct hearing, and when it ls entire
ly closed Deafness ls tho result. Unless
tho Inflammation can bo reduced, your
hearing may be destroyed forever.
through tho blood on tho ?mucous sur
fi.Ccij of tito systom. thus reducing tho In
flammation and restoring normal condi
i Circulars freo. All Druggists.
P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
: His Vote-Will Fnforco tho 1920
Provisions Regarding Voting.
I Trenton. X. .T., Oct. 10.-Decision
! by Mercer county board of elections
to enforce Hie New Jersey election
law ol' 1 ii20, which provides that a
' voter must cast Iiis ballot ill t?ftvdis
trlct "in which ho actually resilles,
and not elsewhere," probably will
deprive former President Woodrow
Wilson of bis voting privilege in Now
J or soy this your.
Mr. Wilson formerly lived in Xew
dorsey, at Princeton, which is a pari
of Mercer county, and voted in ibo
college town while he was President
of the United States. Ho cannot vote
in the District of Columbia, whore
he now lives, and Hie ruling made
yesterday bars him from voting hero,
according to the v'ew of local offi
cials. Tho county board of elections
bas rejected the applications of half
a dozen persons who formerly voted
in this county and who now live else
where. Among them wore several
government employees, who live In
Washington and have been voting i:i
Xew Jersey.
Mr. Wilson's registration has not
been received, and ho has until Oct.
2 1 to make application to volo.
Bcnnottsvllo M?n Suicides.
Bennettsville, Oct. 19. - Gus. D.
Matheson commltttod suicido by
Shotting himself through tho right
temple this afternoon. The tragedy
occurred in tho niling station of A.L.
j and C. D. Matheson, nephews of the
j deceased. Mr. Matheson was forty
I live years if age. Ile leaves a wife
and ono daughter and one son. Ho
married Miss Helle Daniels, if Mul
lins, S. C. Mr. Matheson, lt ls statec
was financially depressed, but within
a few minutes beforo he shot himself
ho was cheerful, laughing and talk
. lng.
Near Kioi Ov.Or Error In Ad.
Now York, Oct. 17.-Police re
serves had to be called out yesterday
to explain a typographical error in a
newspaper advertisement, which an
nounced that a live-room a pa rt mont
In the Bronx could be rented for $ 11)
a month. Tho advertisement should
have read $40 a month. A crowd of
more than 7."> men and women gath
ered about tho house of John Calder
In responso to the advertisement.
Most of tho crowd loft when Mrs.
Calder, protected by tho police, ex
plained tho error.
Habitual Constipation Cured
in 14 to 21 Days
?LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
Should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates, Very Pleasant to Take. GOo
t per bottle.
j X"gro {Jets 100-Aet'O Farm by WM,
Aiken, s. c., Oct. I 8.-Betsy Bon
ton, a nogro servant who had boon In
.tho omploy of Dr. John D. Howers,
retired physician, who died some (imo
. ngo, is loft n farm of 100 acres under
I tho physician's will, filed hero for
' probate, sho also ls to rocolvo cor
taln livo stock and farm machinery
and $50. Tho will disposes of 500
acres of land.
Here's Your Chance
Progressive Farmer,
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Courier,
$N1.00 y ear,
Either paper well worth Combination
Price of Both. Order yours aow.
For 12 Months
Nervous Break-Down #
R..F. D. 1, Burlington, Tex.,
writes as follows regarding
her experience with Cai dui: "Some
time ago I had a nervous break
down of some kind. .. 1 was very
weak and so nervous. 1 had faint
ing spells and suffered a great deal,
but more from the weak, trembly,
no-account feeling than anything
else. I knew I needed a tonic, and
needed it badly. 1 began the use
of Cardui to see if I couldn't get
some strength, as 1 knew of other
cases that had been helped by its
use. I soon saw a great improve
ment, so I kept it up. I used seven
bottles of Cardui, and can say thc
money was well spent, for 1 grew
well and strong. Am now able to
do all my housework and a great
deal of work besides."
If you are weak, run-down,
nervous and suffer from the ail
ments peculiar to women, it is
very Jlkely that Cardui will help
you, in the way it helped Mrs.
Lange and has helped thousands
of others, during the past 40 years.
Ask for, and insist on, Cardui.
The Woman's Tonic
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty .J, ty ty ty ty ty
I ty PEACE. ty I
I ty ?J? ?J? ?|? tty ?J? ?J? ty ?J? ?% ?|? ?J.
There is a peace, that cometh after
/Of hope sur '.dereel, not of hope
\fulfllleu -
A peace that looketh not upon to
But calmly on a tempest that is
A peace which lives not now in joy's
Xor in tho happy lifo of'l^ve se
But in tho unerring strength tho
heart possesses,
Of conflicts won whilo learning to
A peace there is in sacrifice, seclud
es ed-?
A life subdued, from will and pas
sion {roo
'Tis not the poaco til at over Eden
But that which triumphed in Geth
semane. -Anon.
Engineer Stops to Save Chicles.
Grnnitovlllo, s. C., Oct. 10.-An
incident which attracted attention of
bystanders near tho railroad tracks
hero was the stopping if a train be
fore a diminutivo bantam lion with
her bird-like brood thal hopped and
fluttered in vain to cross the rails.
The little mother realizo:) her predic
ament, as she jumped buck and forth
"from tho track, then returned to her
baby chicks, which wee unable to
follow. Tim engineer stepped down
: and out on tho ground, /(?moved with
j his hands each helpless little chick
I to a place of safety, then mounted to
Ibis engine and resumed his way.
Tho State of South Carolina,
County of Oconoo.
William J, StrlbUng and Jolfh B.
Dendy, as partners, doing business
under style and firm name of Strlb
Ung & Dendy, and E. h. Ilorndon,
John h. Singleton, Defendant.
: (Summons for Relief.-Complaint
?To tho Defendant Above Named:
0 You are hereby summoned and re
quired to answer tho Complaint In
this notion, of which a copjrwas tiled
In office of Clerk of Court for Oconee
County, at Walhalla, S. C., on the
118th day of September, li)2'2, and to
servo a copy of your Answer to the
said Complaint on tho subscriber, at
1 his office, on tho Public Square, nt
Walhalla Court IIouso, South Caro
j lina, within twontj (fays aftpr tho
ser vico'/ hereof, ^exclusive of the day
of Bitch service; and if you fail ?,0
answer -tho 'Complaint within tho
time aforesaid, tho Plaintiffs in this,
action will apply to tho Court for the
relief demanded in tho Complaint.
Dated this 18th day of September,
3 92 2. '
Plaintiffs' Attorneys
Oct. ll, 1922. 41-43
NOTICE is hereBy given thal, pur
suant to authority given mo under
tho law of South Carolina, I will soil,
to the highest bidden, for CASH, in
front of tho Court House door, in
Walhalla, S. C., on Salosday in No
vomber, 1922, being MONDAY, tho
Otb day" of November, ono Automo
bile that has been seized while ho
ing used in the transportation of In
toxicating liquor, and has been de
clared forfeited to the State. Prop
erty described as follows:
One Ford Touring Car, motor No.
fiOD.">729, S. C. Liconso No.18-323,
captured while hoing drlvon by Grady
L. Starnes and others.
Sheriff, Oeoneo County, S. C.
Oct. 1 1, 1922. 41-44
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty lt . T . J A Y N . E S , ty
ty Attorney-at-Law, ty
?j? walhalla, - s. c. ty
ty Stnlo and Federal Courts, ty
ty Olllco Phono 20; Residence 40V ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty J. It. EARLE, ty
ty Attorney-rit-Lnw, ty'
ty WALHALLA, S. C. ' ty
ty State ?i Federal Court Pracitce. ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty ty
ty E. Ii. Il ERN DON, ty
ty Attorney-at-Law, ty
ty Phono No. Ol, Walhalla, S. C.ty
ty ty
ty ^ ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty J. P. Carey, J. W. Sholor, ty
ty Richens, H. C. W. C. Hughs, ty
ty CAREY, SH FLOR & lll'GHH, ty
ty Attorneys and Counsellors, ty
ty WALHALLA, S. (\ ty
ty State tV Fedora! Court Practice, ty
******* **
and Metal Shingles.
HAN 1. (?ooDi
Walhalla, S. C.

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