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.Attitude TowardB
Sickness and Grief
? -.V^ . d', ? >. , ?
AtjBlotnnt Donn, Moody Ulb'o
. Instituto, Chlciigo.s- ,
TEXT-For, indeod, ho was sick nigh
unto death: but God. lind morey on him;
and not on him only.Njuton ino also, lost
I should huvo sorrow upon sorrow.
Philippians 2:27.*
"Indeed ha was sick." this, settles
for us the question as to whether
sickness 'ls real.
A distinguished
American philos
opher reminds us
that, hy chang- j
In? our philoso
phy, wo do 'not
chungo the facts
of experience. Wo
nmy, for exam- !
pie, call , hunger 1
un Illusion, hut i
unless we .take
some of the Illu
sion called food \
we slmll have thc
Illusion we uro :
dead! We are happy to lind that the
Bible holds the sanie view as to the
reality of sickness as ls "held spon- j
tanedusly hy common sense.
Paul tells us,v too, that bis friend
>vas sick "nigh Unto death," recogniz
ing the reality of death as well ns
that of sickness.' The iiMtSllc be
lieved Christ hud abolished death, hut
this last enemy ls yet to be de
stroyed. Paul loiigOd thal he might
not bo "unclothed," by dying, but
"clothed upon with our house which
ls from heaven," that ls, that he
might receive his glorified body by
the appearing bf Christ while he was
still alive (ll Cor. Bil-4).
Hut we are especially struck with
Paul's statement that God "had mer
cy on" Epaphroditu?, tho friend of
whom he is speaking. Ile considered
this man's restoration to health as a
"mercy." Yet, we are told In this j
same epistle that "to depart lo to he I
with Christ, which ls far hotter"
(1:23). How then could lt bo a
"mercy" for his life to be spared?
Recovery From Sickness a Mercy.
There aro several answers to this
question. While death would have
brought this saint Into tho presence
of his Lord, yet as we have seen,
death In Itself ls a dark 'passage, even
to tho Christian (Jno. 12:18; II Cor.
Again, when we die, the service of
this our pllgrltnnge ls ended. . Says
St. Chrysostum : "Those who are de
parted this life can no longer wlu1
In this particular instance, there ls
another prominent aspect of tho mat
ter. Thei Philippians, to whom Paul
was writing, greatly needed EpaplV
roditus, Hence, he shrank from
dying lest they bo bereaved of him.
He considered lt a "mercy" twhe kept
out of hen von Itself, for a time, that
others might bc blessed I
Not only did Paul feel that God
had mercy on Epnpbroditus, in spar
ing his lifo, but'that nt the sumo time ?
He had had morey on himself tilso, ;
lest ho Should have "sorrow upon sor
row." Just ns we have seen that j
sickness .nd death are to be regarded
hs real, so now we aro authorized to j
look Aipon sorrow ns both real mid
Paul was no- stoic, nor are Chris- '
thins generally bidden to bo such.
Ho regarded Ids Imprisonment as a
"sorrow." True, the things which
had happened unto him, leading to
his being n prisoner nt Rome, hud
turned out to tho furtherance of tho
gospel (1:12). Nevertheless, ids;
prison was a "sorrow" to him. Ho
did not repine; bis epistle to tho Phi-J
lippinns, sent from Rome, had as Its i
keynote, "Rejoice." Rut be would !
have been glad for release, and says: |
"I trust in tho Lord that I also* my
self small come shortly" (2:24).
Regarding the prison ns a "sorrow,"
ho tells us that If Epaphrodltus lind |
died he would have bad "sorrow upon 1
sorrow." Of course, he would hnvo j
rejoiced over his friend's' entrance
into the rather's house, but he would
have felt the loneliness and loss of
bereavement. Only, he would not
have son-owed "as others which have
no hope" (I Theas. 4:13).
Not Angels but Folks.
When Father Taylor, tho sailor
prenchpr of Reston, was dying, some
one sought to comfort him by saying:
"You will soon bo with tho angels."
Hut lie answered nt once: "I don't
want angels, I wnnt folks." Paul,
wjth all h)s spirituality, would doubt- j
less Haye approved this robust hu
man sentiment. God created our hil-,
innnitj and would not suppress lt, but I
rather would li? glorified In our bodies j
abd In our spirits, which are Ills. He i
would miss Ills "little human praise."
Speaking of our text, thc lute Rlsh
op Motilo said: "observe the perfect i
naturalness of Faurs language. Ho !
abides in 'the peuce of God' ; he 'lins i
strength for all things' (1:7, 18), |
Rut that pence ls no frost, or torpor,
of the heart? that strength ls not
hardness. Ho Is released from' em
blttt'iincnt and from murmurs, but
every sensibility is relined by that
very fact, lt wes So with his Lord
before him (.f?l?ri 11 :.').'!, .'{.".. 88)."
Chrisi dooli liol forbid our tears;
rather. Ile weeps Willi ns. Hui Ho
stands saying: "I nm tho resurrec
tion und the life," and. "God shall
wipe away all tears from their eyes.''
Difference Between Men.
Tho real difference between men ls
energy. A strong will, a settled pur-:
pose, tin invincible dctcvmiinticn, can*
accomplish almost anything; e.iv! Itf
this lien the dist Incl lon bet weet, greui
lueif und little men.- -I- tiller
? .M?ft .-; '. \. './..'./ ', ; L
Striking New R
\; Chartered
? In Peace
, At r?ame
Riveting tho attention of the 1
can Red Cross is chartered by Co
organization tho domo of tho Capito
imposed a large Red Cross, is the c
AnnuoTited Cross Roll Call. The p
of tho most sLriking, of innumerable
is the work of Franklin Booth, a No
be displayed throughout the country
Day to Thanksgiving, whon tho Re
IIP S9J39,872
Year's Budget Stresses Relief
and Services at Home
and Overseas.
Over $3.000.000 Allotted to the
Disabled-Foreign Work
Washington,-Expenditures totaling
$9,7811,872.47 for currying through its
program of services and relief during
the fiscal year in the United States
and overseas are authorized in the
budget of the American Bed Cross, ef
fective July 1/1022. This total ls $2,
735,075 less than the expenditures for
tlie lust fiscal year, when disburse
ments reached $12,478,847.60, lt ls an
nounced at National Headquarters In
a statement emphasizing the necessity
of continued support of tho organiza
tion by enrollment during thc annual
Roll Caji, November 11-November 30
inclusive. This total for the budget
ls exclusive of the largo financial op
erations of the 3,300 active Red Cross
Chapters, which, lt ls estimated, will
moro, than double the total.
War Veterano Have First Call
First call on Red Cross funds ls for
tl*- disabled ex-service men, of whom
27,-iS7 were receiving trr itment from
tlie Government on Juno 1 last. This
work for veterans and their families
in a wide variety of servlco that tho
Government is not authorized to ren
der and for which lt has neither
funds nor facilities has the call on
$3,080,692.90 during tho current yenr,
or about $866,000 more than was ex
pended last year for soldier service.
Adding the funds disbursed In this
humanitarian work of/physical recon
stitution following the World War by
the Chapters throughout the country
will approximate a total for the cur
rent year approaching $10,000,000.
This work, in til? opinion of tho Sur
geon General's ellice, will not reach
its peak before 102?.
Through Its Chapters the American
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching tho Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, soo how
it brings color to tho cheeks and how
it improves tho appetite, you will thon
appreciate its truo tonic vnluo. **
Grovo'8 Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine, suspended in syrup. So
ploasant evon children like it. Tho blood
needs QUININE to Puriff it and I.?ON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor*
otlng EiTcct. 60c.
ed Cross Poster
and In War
&?br?ad< : ?
TV I 'II 'I I'II i * ? niiiifi'il? i lili?M
? \
beholder on tho fnct that the Amerl
ngress as an , official volunteer relief
1 at Washington, upon which is super
?ontral figure of a new poster for the
oster, which has been pronounced one
5 representations of tho famous dome,
w York artist of wide renown. It will
during the Roll Call period, Armistice
d Cross membership for 1923 will be
Red Cross Is equipped to find the In
dividual ex-service man, help him in
his problems and difficulties, provide !
immediately for his necessities, and
open the way for him to the Govern
ment compensation and aid to "which
he ls entitled. The extension of this
work to the fandlies of such "men
proves to them that the Red Cross
has lost none of its sympathy nor will
to service manifested In wartime. Sim
ilarly the service go*s ont to the men
still in the Army and Navy, 11,087 of
whom were under treatment in Gov
ernment hospitals on Juno 1, 11)22.
Greater'Domestic Program
This year-after live years of con
j structlve effort during the war and
lifter the armistice-brings with lt a
I greater responsibility for domestic
! service to the American Red Cross.
1 The budget for foreign > operations,
however, totals $8,404,000, but of this
amount $1,831,000 is for medical re
lief and hospital supplies for Russia,
which is a part of the gift made by |
the American Red Cross in 1921 to
! the Russian famine relief work of the
American Relief Administration pro
: gram. The child health service In Eu
! rope continues, moreover, and $854,
000 ls appropriated for this work un
' dertaken in 1020. Other items In the
stringently diminished foreign pro
gram include $200,000 to support the
Leaguo of Rod Cross Societies, $22,
: 000 for nurses* training schools lnstl
j tuted by the Red Cross abroad, and
I $000,000 for liquidation of%the general
, Red Cross foreign r%llef program.
Prepared for Emergencies
For disaster relief tho Red Cross
has set aside $7f>0,000K and for emer
gencies in bhapter work $500,000
to be available for domestic, Insular
and foreign demands. This ls more
than $395,000 above lay year's expen
ditures. Por service nnd assistance
to tho 8,300 Chapters and their;
branches $1,25)3,000 Is provided by the
Eut lonni organization.
Other budget Rems of importance
in the domestic program include $200,
000 for assistance to mother organisa
tions and education Institutions for
training Rod Cross nurses and work
ers; $190,000 for Roll Call assistance
furnished to Chapters; $100,000 for
unforeseen contingencies.
Of the total budget less than $500,
000 lu allotted for management In the
National organization. No cash esti
mate, of courae, ls possiblo to weigh !
tho value of the service by volunteers!
In the Chapters.
Subscribo for Tho Courlor. (Best.)
(Continuel from Third Page.).
feet-of well, the water of which ls
likely to be used for drinking or do
mestic purposes.
Sec. 52.-Iron Hangers-All hori
zontal lines of wnlor pipes, except
tboso laid in ground, to have Iron
hangers of su file ion t strongth, or
brick piers af ovory flve-goot joint
for soil pipe, and ovory ten feet for
wrought iron pipo.
Soc. .ft!)-Sand in Mortar.- All
sand used In Inying term cutta sowor
must bo sharp and clean, free f/oin
dirt and clay. Bnck-illling on sewers
roi allowed until comont has; thor
oughly sol and hardoned.
Sec. fit.- Soda Fountain Connec
tions.- Soda fountain connections
will ho subjoct to provisions of this
ordinance, and tho size of waste shall
not be less than three-Inch, with ono
three-Inch trap, into which all waste
and drips may empty, whore in iivo
feet of trap. All fountains larger
than size of two fountains shall be
four-Inch trap with wasto construct
ed same as above.
Hoc. fi.*?.-Bottom Supplies,-Sup
plies to any fixtures shall not con
nect below underflow of sumo, above
known as boll or bottom supplies.
Soc. fid.-Two Fixtures on Cross in
Stack.-Two fixtures will bo allowed
on a cross In a vertical or doublo Y
InNa horizontal line when the .waste
is ventilated in full. Samo must com
ply with othor provisions of ordi
nance as lp size and distance.
Soc. tf7.t*-Drinking fountains and
cuspidors may ho 'trapped and indi
rectly connected through vented trap
to wasie. Distance to trap may not
be extended over twenty foot to llx
ture, and the wnsto pipe must not he
less than one and one-quarter inch
when of Iron, or ono inch when of
Sec. fi". - Loop Vent on Stack
Through Hoof. - Where tho main
stack of .four-Inch pipe extends
through roof, tho loop vent of the
samo size may bo used connecting
back into tho malu vont stack, or ex
tending soparatoly through tho roof
from the horizontal waste. Not. more
than olght closets can be connected
by Y's with branch to closet not to
exceed two feet six im I:es In longth.
No vent pipo shall terminate nearer
than twenty feet to a window.
On these perpendicular vonts
small fixtures may be placed as sot
out In this ordinance, where the main
stack ls larger1 than four inches, hy
special permission. Moro closets may
ho used hy substituting a plan to the
Plumbing Inspector.
Soc. fi?. - Copy of Chapter to
Plumbers. - A copy of this diopter
Shall be mailed or handed fn person
to each contracting plumber and
each licensed journeyman plumber
in the town of Walhalla, so thai they j
may have notice thereof, but failure
to receive said notice shall not tn
any way prevent prosecution under
the provisions thereof, nor bo made
a condition of its on forcement.
Sec. (IO.-Calculation of Fixtures,
Etc.-In tho calculation of basins,
bath and similar fixtures toward wa
ter closets, lt shall be reckoned that
four basins, bath or similar fixtures
shall equal two closets, and so on at
that ratio. When moro than sixteen
basins, bath or similar fixtures on a
line, and situated in a building fivo
stories high or more, and below the
fifth floor, then tho vertical vent from
tho fifth coop up must not be less
limn four inches. When vent pipes
branch Into ono another, and-where
they branch into soil pipe, tho branch
fliting must not be less than threo
feet and six Inches above the floor.
Sec. Ol-Water Supplies.- Tjhe
main water supplios, both hot and
cold, shall bo of' load or galvanized
Iron pipes, and in no case less than
% -inch when of iron, and %-inch
when of lead, these branches not to
extend ovor twenty feet to supply
one fixture, All lead pipes lo bc of
quality known as extra strong,
Sec. 02.- Connections Between
Metal to bo Wiped, Etc.-All connec
tions between lead and Iron to bo
made of wiped joints on brass nip
ples or one-half brass solder unions.
All water pipos to be put under
ground two foot, at, loast.
See. 03-Sbut-ofVs.- Besides, tho
shut-off at proporty lines, there muijt
be n shut-off between tho house and
the antt-freezlng hydrant, or stand
pipe, so that when tho wator from
tho house is shut off for any purpose
wnler may still bo obtained through
\ho standpipe hydrant over tho kitch
en sink.
Sec. 04.-No horizontal runs of ex
posed pipes will be allowed where lt
can possibly ho avoided, and' any
such put in must havo a fall towards
drain of at lea?l one-fourth inch to
the foot. --
Sec. fifi.-Expos/Ml Pipes in Build
ing. Exposed pipes lu, the house
must ho neatly pul lu oii planks put
up for that purpose, and if of iron,
to bo fastened by tin straps and
screws: if of lead, by tags securely
soldered to pipe about two foot opart
and screwed to board. Horizontal
runs ol* load pipe mny rest on strip
of wood put in for that purpose. In
no caso shall pipos be put in plasterod
partitions that aro Inaccessible.
Sec. 00.-Accessibility of Interior
Shut-on Drains.'-The shut-offs and
drains emptying In houso to prevent
fr oozing must bo located in such n
manner as to be accessible from with
in, tho houso. No globo valves allow
ed to ho used' as drains or shut-offs
in dwellings. When lt is possible the
shut-offs and drains should bo locat
ed tv 'ther. They "should not ho
placed whero they aro liable to be
come i ( vorod nj) with mud or trash.
Squared Iron rods with Whoo! han
dles, or bend 4 inches long to he ex
tended through Hoots tor cut-offs, no
check valyos to bo us?d.
Sec. 07.-Trappings Between Fix
tures and Drains.-No pipes allowed
trapped above tho ground between
fixtures ania drains.
Sec. 08.-Boiler Conned lons.--All
boilers shall bo properly connoctod
with nhove nhd supplied with drain
to ompty same. Tho pipos must not
bo trapped bet ween klthccn sink and
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Hair--Ends pandruff!
Delightful Tonic s
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ornte destructive dandruff.' A little
Danderine now will save your hair;
thicken and stienglhen il*; douhlo Us
Falling hair m ver slops by itself!
Dandruff 'multiplies until it fenns a
crusty scale, destroying tho. hair,
roots pr.d all, resulting In baldness.
Your druggist will teil you that
"Dnndoriuo" (!s Ibo JftVCOSt selling
hair saver in the world because it
corrects ;.nd hmcg sick, ailing hair
cf men and women every time. Use
ono bottle of Danderine, then If you
,find ? single falling hair cr a particle
of dandruff, you can ba\c your money
-1---U- i
boiler,x whore il can possibly be
Sec, ?0.-W a t o r I? l p o s Under
Moors.-Water pipes placed under
lloors or in recesses of walls shall be
so covered with plank and put in
with screws or door put down with
screws, so as to be easily accessible.
The plumber In charge of tho work
to see that this is dono.
Sec. 70.-Pines in Basement of
Hotels, Ftc.-In hotels, factories and
buildings where there is no dango?
of frost, being always occvipied and
having engineer in charge, the pipe
may bo hung in basement from joist.
Sec. 71-Anti-Siphon Traps.-Dis
tance from main vent to roof for an
ti-siphon trap be live foot, and
waste pipe from tap iiot to bo less
than one-half inch larger than diam
eter of size of trap served, ono and
one-fourlh Inch trap for lavatory.
One and one-half Inches for bath
tubs and two inches for sink. Anti
siphon trap novor to he used for
sinks whero possible to avoid it. No
flxturos allowed one over the other
on tlie samo waste line without vent
ing lower fixtures, unless slzo of
stack is increased.
Sec. 72.-Brass Cy! o n n -O u t s to
Traps,- Whore two-inch cast Iron
traps aro used, same must have brass
clean-out inside, one inch In diame
ter. This trap may bo used under
sinks and bath tubs in exposed places.
See. 7il.-Lead Head Under Fix
tures.-Lead bend under brass fer
rules, wiped on, musfbe used under
closets or other fixtures except, whero
vertical or horizon'.di stack is swung
lo building free of ground or other
Sec. 74-Y.vnt for Hath Tubs, Ftc,
Less than Twenty Feet High.- Ono
and one-half inch galvanized? vent
bo permitted on sinks, lavatories,
bath tubs and urinals whero not over,
twenty feet from main stack through
roof; otherwise two-inch vent must
he continued through roof. Two fix
tures of one and one-fourth waste
allowed as above sot out,' if directly
on stack with P trap, both on same
Sec. 75.-Water Pip.o Connections
with Main, Ktc.-All water pipo con
nections with mains in streets to he
mndo with AA lead connections not
less than 18 Inches long, heavy brass
nipplo and corporation cock to bo
wiped on; no connection (to bo less
than %, and all curb cocks must bo
heavy standard pattern with curb
cock box or iron, and of approved
No water pipe connection allowed
made and covered up before equipped
with automatic Hush tanks.
sec. 70.- Failure ol Plumber to
Complete Work.-Whore' a plumber,
either by contract or omployment,
bas boen entrusted with tho work, or
has secured a contract to connect a
building or lot with tho public sow
ers, and, after securing this contract,
fails to complete said work or con
tract within a reasonable time, ft
shall be ibo duty of tho Plupihing
Inspector to notify sand plumber of
his default, and said wdrk or con
tract must, be carried ,on expeditious
ly to completion, and should Said
plumber or contractor, after receiv
ing said notice, fail or refuse to carry
said, work or contract to completion
within n rensonnble time theroaftor,
or falls or refuses to nttcmpy?to com
pleto said work or contract, ho shall
bo deemed guilty of a .violation of
this ordinanco, and on conviction in
tho City Court, shall bc punished T?y
imprisonment, not exceeding ' thirty
days, or fined not exceeding $ ino. 00.
Sec. 77.-"-Penalty for Violation of
. bis 'uipter.- A ny person who Sh sj I
viola.,., or shall neglect or refuso to
comply with any of tho requirements
of this' cbnptor, or any nmondmont
thoroto, shall, upon conviction In tho
City Court, bo punished by a fino of
not more than ono hundred dollars
or by imprisonment for 'not more
than 30 days for ovory*??ch offense
In addition thereto, ho shall bo conV
polled to causo the work to conform
to thp provisions of this chapter as
amended, and each day's unnecos
[sary delay in complying shall bo hold
i sopnrate distinct offonse and
ilia ll bo punished accordingly
Seo. 78.-Depth of Certain ripee,
[.'tc.-All water, gas, service or o.thor
dpes, intended for viso to a consumer
.harare placed in or under any street
>r public p'la'ce in tho city shall bo
?iacod nt a depth of not lens than
wd "foot^beneath the'.surface of the
established'grado, from tho point of
?mnoctlon to,the curb lino, and if no
irnde has. boon eslablishod, thou tho
irado sholl bb ascerialncd fronitho;
numbing Inspoctor. lt shall bo tho
iii ty of,tho owner of tho lot whoro
mch pipo or pipos entor lo havo such
[)lpo or pipes placed In accordance
iVith tho provisions of this ordinance.
If any such pipe ls not so placed, lt
mall bo the iluty of tho owner, or
person for v^nom tho pipe or pipes
.vere placed, to liavo tlucsamc placod
n accordance herewith; and if such
:)orson"'fnilo> so to do nf tor twon ty
'our hours' notice, ho or she shall ho
?able, omconviction before tho May
.n\ to a Imo not to oxcooVl one huh
Ired dollars, or to Imprisonment not
.o oxcoed thirty days; and any per
son, who shall place any such pipe at
ess' depth than herein ' required, or
tv h o' shall ? pormj'i. or cause tho santo
iq bo don?, shnll bo punlsltod as
??i'?in ahovo proscribed.
See. 7?-Penalty,- Any poison
tvho shall,??attempt to mahn, or who
diall malro connection with the water
n\ sewertvgo system outside of tho
jqrporato limits, o'v uso same, with
out, permission first badland obtained
is nereid provided! or any person or
persons who shall violato-or " dosro
Bjard any regulations in making con
nection thereto, or In using tho sumo,
ir any person who shall in any man
ner interfere with, injure or destroy
the sewerage system, or any part
thereof, 'whether tho same bo within
ir.without the corporate limits, shall
lio deemed guilty of a misdemeanor,
uni shall bo liahl'o lo a lino of not, ex
ceeding ono hundred dollars, or to
imprisonment not exceeding thirty
Done, and ratified ttl Council ns
' , sembled, under, tho Cor
(Senl.) poratc ?eal of the Town
. of Walhnlla, St C.. on tho
2d day of October, A. D. 1 !?22.
JAS. M. MOSS, Mayor.
Clerk and Treasurer.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
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Hull Cuts Farmer's Throat.
Valdosta, Qa., Oot. 19,-Hugono
Carter had his throat cut from ear to
ear by an infuriated bujl late yester
day while trying to drive tho animal
Into a dipping vat. Tho bull caught
lils victim by tho Hp of tho born inl
ier his chin and tossed him into tho
air, tearing a great gash under his
chin and to the left ear, and also
tearing out a number of teeth. Mr.
Carter's condlti m is regarded as crit
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